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RIVERGIRL sucked the juices off her finger


RIVER girl

{m/f m/f first times, mast/fantasy/voy }

By Typoman

Edited by Harry.

Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

Larry Sanderson

Many thanks to Tyger for his advice and for
getting me back on track with my stories. I'm
always open for criticism and advice.

My stories contain graphic descriptions of
sexual encounters.
Various ages from adult to children may be
described in sexual acts, either willing or
coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or
adult material, close this file. If you are
offended, or even think that you might be
offended by reading material such as this then
go find something else to read.
By continuing to read this material, you have
agreed that you are of legal age and material
such as this is legal to have in your
A word about fantasy: My stories are just
that, a FANTASY! They might contain a thread of
an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself
seriously contemplating abusing an innocent
minor, then go seek help. Our children are our
future. Don’t start (or continue) the cycle of
sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

During my late junior high school years, a
friend of mine and I rode our 10 speed bicycles
from the middle of Mesa out to the Verde River.
Phon D. Sutton point was the first place where
people could turn off the road and get to the
river and that was where we stopped. My friend
Karl and I met a whole group of retired people
who lived there for the most part. They used
the spot as a practically rent free place to
live with their limited incomes. The folks were
very friendly and just loved to talk to
strangers. We only stayed for the afternoon,
but had a great time.
Karl was a bit chunky and had just moved
to Arizona from Minnesota with his family. He
wasn't all that acclimatized to the warm spring
days in the Valley of the Sun. School would be
letting out for the summer and Karl and I were
looking forward to starting High School in the
fall. Before we left on our long ride back home
Karl and I got the idea of riding back out to
Sutton Point and camping a couple of days.
As luck would have it Karl wimped out on
me as the time of our departure grew near. He
had a rough time handling the ride back and I
halfway expected him to renege on our plans,
but I still got pissed at him. I was determined
to go, even if it would have to be on my own.
The biggest stumbling block to going it alone
was that there was no way I could take all the
stuff I needed for camping all by myself. My
mother saved the day when she agreed to meet me
at the river with all the camping stuff I
Tuesday morning arrived and I took off on
my bicycle with only my backpack. I had
appropriated a bottle of peppermint schnapps
from the storeroom of the steakhouse that I
worked at and had the bottle with me along with
my water, a snack and a few choice dirty
My mother was waiting for me at the Sutton
Point turnoff and helped my unload my stuff at
a great camping spot right next to the river.
She took off after extracting promises about
being careful. I stood there waving goodbye
until she was out of sight then set up the four
man pop tent that was too heavy and bulky for
Karl and I to take on our bicycles. It weighed
45 pounds as compared to the little 8 pound two
man backpacking tent that we had planned to
bring. The pop tent was a really great tent. It
stood about 5 feet tall and used fiberglass
rods to hold itself up. An adult could almost
stand up in the pop tent. If dirt or sand got
inside it all anyone had to do was to take out
whatever was inside, unzip the door net and
flap, then lift up the tent with the door
towards the bottom and shake all the dirt out.
Stakes weren't necessary so moving the tent to
a more desirable spot was a cinch. After
setting up camp, I set off in search of
firewood. The spot that I had picked was well
away from the group of retired folks that Karl
and I had met a couple of months earlier. When
I went by the area where they camped, none of
the people that Karl and I had met earlier were
there. When I asked some of the new old timers
they told me that every couple of months, they
had to move to another spot. The rules of the
forestry service were set up so that people
couldn't squat in the same place forever, but
all they had to do was move to one of the many
other places down the road to be legal. So all
the old timers just moved up and down the Verde
and Salt River's camping areas and stayed there
year round.
Firewood was pretty scarce because of the
constant use of the camping area. I had to
wander quite a way downstream to find anything
worthwhile. I had been dragging several large
branches back to my camp when I decided to cool
off in the river. Naturally I was still fully
dressed and had left my cutoffs back at camp.
There wasn't a soul in sight so I stripped down
to my BVD's and started wading into the cool
water. Luckily I had the forethought of putting
on my old sneakers that I had saved for just
such a purpose because the rocky bottom of the
river was loaded with broken bottles.
"Ahh, what the hell!" I said out loud to
the empty wilderness. I shucked my undies off
and threw them on top the heap of clothes I had
left on the bank. My 15 year-old cock came to
attention right away when the slightly naughty
thrill of my nakedness came to mind. Cold water
hitting my balls didn't even knock down the
blue steel five and a half incher that stood
proudly from my crotch. After the water was
past my navel, I ducked completely under the
water then stood up quickly, whooping and
hollering to the empty Manzanita forest. The
shock of the cold water felt great along with
the private joy of being on my own with nobody
to scold me for my nakedness.
After I got my share of swimming and
wading, I stopped and took in my surroundings.
I was one happy teen-ager, standing chest deep
in the cold river with my youthful erection.
The best part of my life was ahead of me. I
felt the familiar nibbling of fish on my legs
occasionally. When one little scaly rascal
nibbled my nut sack I jumped, then laughed. My
hand went to my woody and squeezed, then slowly
started stroking up and down.
My mind wandered back to the time when my
Dad took my three older brothers and I on a
hiking trip into the White Mountains. Even
though I was just as much a virgin as I still
was standing in the river, I had gotten
incredibly horny. The bark on the Aspen trees
that we hiking through had marks where the
trees had shed their lower branches. They
started looking like pussies to my fertile mind
and I just had to do something about it. My
regular masturbation schedule had been forced
to a dead stop because of the close confines of
the little tents we carried. From on top of
Mount Baldy we chose one of the many little
lakes we could see from our 9,600-foot vantage-
point. I thought my Dad was crazy and was sure
that we would get lost when he took a compass
reading and broke away from the trail that we
had followed.
After a day and a half of following my
Dad's compass we came onto the little road that
led to Hurricane Lake. We were only a half-mile
off after hiking up and down the many ridges on
the way to the lake. Those ridges were the
worst part. Instead of climbing straight up
those ridges, we had to walk almost parallel to
their direction. The tilt of the land meant
that we would hike for hours on tilted ground
with our ankles straining to hold us up. Once
we finally made the top of the ridge, then we
had to walk slightly downhill with the same
sideways ankle torturing tilt in the opposite
direction. Had my father given into my logic of
going the shortest route up the ridge then
following the compass, no telling where we
would have ended up.
We spent an entire day and night at
Hurricane Lake, enjoying fresh trout and
resting up from the rough hiking we had done. I
walked by myself into the forest, took off
every stitch of clothing I had on and
feverishly spanked my monkey. After a few
minutes I did it again, but taking my own sweet
As my mind went back to the naked taboo
act in the White Mountains, my hand went to my
teenaged cock with the familiarity of a long
partnership. I waded out of the river and
spread my pants and shirt out to protect my
back, took a leisurely piss in the river then
laid down. As a precaution, I listened to the
surroundings to be sure I was alone. Once
satisfied, I started slowly massaging my tool.
After a while my mind went to one of my
favorite true sexual adventures. I only had to
embellish the ending of the time that I almost
got to third base with Colleen McKenna.
Cheryl McKenna lived at the dairy across
the road from my parent's farm. She was my age
and had one hell of a set of ta-ta's. She was
sweet on me too and it was only going to be a
matter of time before I got brave enough to
make out with her. Much to my chagrin, her
cousin Colleen had come to spend the entire
summer with her. Colleen was at least three
years younger than I was and as flat as a
board. When my brother and I would go riding,
Cheryl always rode behind me. That all changed
with the arrival of Colleen. My asshole brother
insisted that Colleen ride with me and Cheryl
reluctantly agreed with him.
I tried my damnedest to discourage the
almost immediate crush that Colleen had on me.
The girl was way too young to want to try the
things I wanted to do, or so I thought. After
about a month of putting up with the little
girl with no tits clinging to me, my asshole
brother suggested we go into an orange orchard
we were riding by and make out. Cheryl agreed
right away, but I said no because Colleen was
too young. To make a long story short, Colleen
insisted that she was old enough.
Determined to show Colleen just what she
was getting into I grudgingly took her hand and
headed into a secluded spot. I couldn’t have
cared less whether my actions hurt Colleen's
feelings or not. My supposed real girlfriend
was somewhere in the same citrus grove making
out with my very own brother!
Colleen started eagerly kissing me almost
as soon as we lay down together. Her lips were
tight against her teeth and it almost hurt when
we kissed. Being only about 10 years old, she
figured that making out was just kissing. She
got quite a shock when I felt her flat chest,
but didn't protest. Because she had nothing on
her chest I went right for the crotch of her
jeans, fully expecting her to get scared and
stop me.
The already prepared, "See! I told you
that you were too young!" words would never
have the satisfaction of passing my lips.
Colleen's body stiffened in surprise but she
had figured out my strategy and countered my
brash groping with her submission.
I took the challenge one step further and
unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her flat
chest. I didn't even have so much as an inkling
of an erection until my eyes fell upon the
bumps on Colleen's chest. The evidence that her
young body had started it's struggle into
puberty. Colleen blushed and apologized for
being so flat up there. Like an asshole, I
agreed with the assessment of her chest that
she admitted.
Even though Colleen had only dollar
pancake sized swells, her nipples were a lot
larger in diameter than I was expecting. They
stood erect like scaled down pencil erasers,
eagerly awaiting my attention. I felt a twitch
of excitement in my pants. My attitude began
to change about the slightly scared but willing
girl in my arms.
Colleen took in a sharp breath when I
leaned in and put my mouth over one of her
little nipples. I was still bound and
determined to prove just how young and
unprepared she really was when it came to boys
and sex. I had done a lot of thinking, and had
worked out a plan of action if I were to make
out with a girl. I would go very slowly, giving
her plenty of time to stop my advances. My plan
would also give me time to build up the courage
that I would need to actually go farther,
slowly strengthening my fragile ego. With
Colleen, it didn't actually matter whether she
stopped my brash advances or allowed me to
continue. As a matter of fact, I was almost
positive that when I boldly ventured to third
base, Colleen would draw the line right there
and stop me.
While still suckling on her nipple I
reached down and unsnapped her pants, then
pulled down her zipper. I used enough force to
be sure that Colleen would have no doubt as to
what my intentions were. Without giving her the
time to say no I slipped my hand into her
pants. When I felt Colleen's body stiffen, I
knew that she was getting nervous. Sensing that
victory was near, I decided to bypass the usual
half step of feeling her pussy from the outside
of her panties. My fingers slipped under the
elastic band of her panties and downward, to
the soft fatty pad of flesh of her mons. When I
explored a little farther, my middle finger
found the top of the cleft between her labia. I
couldn't easily get my hand any farther down
her pants because her tightly closed legs
blocked my progress.
My own 12-year-old cock had just a little
ring of pubes at the base. From what I could
feel of Colleen's pussy, it was totally
hairless, as I had suspected. I briefly
considered trying to force my hand further down
her pants but the voice of my hormone-enhanced
reasoning spoke up.
It said, "Hey you idiot! Here you are with
your hand down a girl's pants for the first
time! You can even feel just a little of her
pussy! She may be a little young, but so far
she's let you do whatever you wanted! Stay
right where you are and explore what you've won
already. You know she'll open her legs and let
you go there if you give her a little time to
get used to the idea!"
I stopped sucking her nipple and tenderly
kissed her lips, then spoke my first tender
words. "You're so soft and smooth down there
Colleen! I guess I was wrong about you. You
know, being too young and stuff."
Colleen smiled, "I told you so Eric!"
I looked into her eyes while my fingers
explored the territory I had conquered so far.
Colleen attempted to gauge my intentions before
giving more ground.
Finally she asked, "Eric, do you want to
really go all the way?" Her carefully
constructed sentence had just a hint of "Yes
you can fuck me if you only would start
treating me nicer.", but more of "I'll let you
do just about anything but that."
I told her, "No Colleen, we don't have to
do that."
As I lay there on the bank of the Verde
River, the true recall stopped with my hand
down Colleen's pants only to be stopped short
by my brother and Cheryl's noisy approach. The
pace of my masturbation gained its tempo as my
imagination kicks in.
Colleen smiles a little worriedly and
parts her legs just enough to allow my fingers
to work about half way down her little pussy.
My middle finger presses inward gently and is
met with wetness. She holds me tighter and
shivers slightly when I find her button and
press on it. Her breath quickens in my ear and
she lets herself float with the pleasure,
opening her legs enough for more freedom. Now
the tightness of her blue jeans is the only
resistance against my hand. I work my fingers a
little farther down and find the source of her
moisture. My finger slipped between her pussy
lips and found the opening of her pussy.
Colleen flinches a little when my finger
hits the limits of her virginity.
I asked, "I'm sorry Colleen, did that
"Kind of Eric. It feels more strange than
"Okay, I'll be more careful then. I really
want to see what you look like down there, can
we take your pants off?"
"Okay Eric, But I don't have any hair down
there yet so don't laugh!"
"That's okay Colleen, I only have a little
bit myself so far."
I sat up and pulled her sneakers off, then
started working her pants down past her slim
hips, pausing for a moment as her hairless
labia came into view. I slipped off my tee
shirt so her butt wouldn't have to be laying in
the dirt under the grassless shade of the
orange tree we had chosen.
Colleen demurely covered her privates with
her hands as I worked her jeans down her legs
then completely off. When I gently took her
hands away, she pressed her legs together
tightly. From where I knelt, I could see the
slightly protruding bulge of her mons and the
juncture at the top of her labia. Gentle
pressure from my hands slowly parted her legs.
The gradual unveiling of her most private place
really turning me on as Colleen allowed her
legs to be spread apart a little bit at a time.
My wide-eyed expression gave Colleen the
approval she wanted of her private beauty. I
moved slowly between her legs and lay on my
stomach, caressing the smooth pinkish folds of
her center with the back of my hand. It was
hard to tell whether she knew my intentions as
I moved in closer. I was hoping she thought my
closeness was for a better look. I had
fantasized and planned what I wanted to do
next, but wasn't sure how a girl would answer
if I asked permission ahead of time. Getting a
blow-job was high on my list of priorities that
I wanted to experience, so why not be the first
one to show my willingness to please in the
same way?
The taste from Colleen's pussy remained a
blank to me, even with my eyes closed. One
can't conjure up a sensation they have yet to
experience. My fantasy was getting to the grand
finale. I switched from the teasing strokes I
was giving to my cock and balls. I wrapped my
fingers around my cock and started the methodic
up and down motion I had come to know and love
so well.
Colleen gave out a surprised gasp when my
tongue pushed its way between the folds of her
pussy and found the slightly protruding button
towards the top of her cleft. She started to
protest that I would do such a disgusting thing
as placing my tongue in the same place where
she peed. After the good feelings hit her, she
started having the somewhat sketchy orgasm that
I had only heard and read about.
I could feel the familiar buildup of
sensations that my own hand was giving me, so I
had to do a quick fast forward through the rest
of my fantasy.
I moved back beside Colleen and pulled
down my pants. She gasped and covered her mouth
with a hand when I pulled my underwear down and
my cock sprang out. She said that she had never
seen a boner before. I took her hand and guided
it to my cock, then showed her how to jack me
off. I tried to slow my own jack-hammering
motion down to prolong my fantasy but it was
too late for that. Colleen's imaginary hand
matched my rhythm perfectly. My legs tensed up
as I tried to hold back the inevitable gush of
semen for as long as I could. Moments before my
cock erupted with a vengeance I imagined
Colleen putting her mouth over my cock and
bobbing her head up and down while I shot wad
after wad of goo into her mouth.
The last fragments of Colleen swallowing,
then lifting her head away from my cock and
smiling at me drifted away. I opened my eyes to
see how much I had shot. My sperm squirted far
enough to hit my chin only three times before,
and this was one of those times. My body
relaxed and my hand slowly fell away from my
cock. I had just experienced the most powerful
and longest lasting orgasm of my youthful life.
It was definitely not the three to five second
blasts that I had become so accustomed to when
I jerked off in my bed at home. There was at
least three times my usual amount of sperm
slowly thinning out and spreading. There was
puddles and stringers of jism from my belly to
my nipples, not to mention the one that got my
I figured that the intensity of my orgasm
must have been because I had done it right out
in the open. The risk of getting caught was
much more likely than in the privacy of my
locked bedroom.
As I leisurely milked up the last remnants
of ejaculate from my slowly deflating cock I
heard the distinct sound of a horse blowing
through its nostrils almost directly behind me.
In an instant I jumped up and ran back into the
water, stopping only when I was waist deep. I
spun around wondering why a horse would be
running around loose at the river.
Much to my dismay, the horse wasn't loose.
There was a rider, a young girl sitting astride
the horse. She looked to be maybe 12 or 13
years old as far as I could tell. Her blondish
hair was stringy and dirty looking. The dress
she wore looked to be about two sizes too
small, judging by how short it was and the way
it hugged her body so tightly. It looked like
it was yellow in color but was now dirty and
When she moved her horse to the edge of
the water I could even see a light film of dirt
on her sun-browned legs and arms. I was trying
to read her face, to possibly gauge how much of
my stupid solo act she had witnessed when she
"Are you the one that was looking for
firewood? My Grampa sent me off to see if'n you
might be needin' help."
I was still more than a little flustered
when I asked, "How long were you spying on me
before your horse gave you away?"
The dark skin on her face flushed a
little, but she gave me a bold retort. "Well
for one thing I didn't go sneaking up on you if
that's what you're figgerin! I been here long
enough to see everything you got!" She paused
for a moment. "And this ain't my horse neither!
Hoss just kinda lives around here like the rest
of us folk.."
I looked at the bridle the girl was using.
Someone who knew horses had made the bridle out
of a length of rope. My only hope was that the
girl hadn't seen me spanking my monkey. If she
had seen me, she was at least kind enough not
to rub it in my face. I don't know whether it
was the hospitality that she offered or her ice
cream scoop sized breasts that made me decide
to back down from my original thought of
chasing her off. I calmed myself then said,
"Hoss huh? That's a good name."
"Well that's the name I gave him and he
seems to like it. I don't know what his real
name is. Gramps said that pretty soon the
rightful owner'll come a looking for him. Until
he does though, Gramps don't see no harm in
riding him, neither do I of course and Hoss
must like bein ridden cause he's always a
hangin' round camp. I hope the owner takes his
time a lookin for him cause there ain't nobody
around here my age. It was getting kinda boring
around here for me till I found him. Oh, by the
way my name's Cheri, what's yours?"
"I'm Eric, glad to meet you Cheri".
I started to come out of the water to
shake hands but remembered my naked condition
and stopped in the nick of time. Cheri noticed
my mistake before I caught myself. Her hopeful
expression showed slight disappointment that
she didn't get another look at my nakedness.
Colleen said, "I just turned 13 last
month. How old are you Eric?"
"Who me? I'm uh 16, or I will be in a
couple of months. I'll finally be starting High
School in the fall. What grade are you in?"
"Fifth grade I guess. I missed a year
since my Grandpa had to come and get me. Gramps
says that maybe I can start school again next
fall. Since my daddy went to heaven, it's just
been Gramps and I."
"I'm sorry to hear about that Cheri. I
hope things will turn out okay for you guys."
Cheri smiled, "Gramps taking me to raise
is about the best thing that coulda' happened
to me! We take good care of each other too. My
daddy was meaner'n dirt and took the belt to my
backside just about every time he come home
drunk. You remember seein' an old green pickup
with a big white camper on the back? That's my
Grandpa's truck."
"Oh okay. He's the guy with the big fluffy
white beard right?"
"Yeah, That's him." Cheri's eyes scanned
the river for a moment as she thought to
herself. Then she said, "Well, I brought some
rope so we can drag some wood back to your
tent. You ready to go now Eric?"
I said, "Uh, Yeah, I just gotta get
dressed and I'll be ready."
We stood there looking at one another,
waiting each other out. Finally Cheri asked me,
"I guess you don't want me lookin huh?"
"Cheri!" I asked. "What would your grandpa
say if he found out I exposed myself to you?"
Cheri smiled devilishly, "I can keep a
secret Eric, besides who's gonna tell on me?
Ain't I been real hospitable so far? I coulda
mentioned a coupla things back when I first
laid eyes on you, but I didn't now did I?
The realization that she had seen me while
I was choking my chicken almost floored me. I
stood there slack-jawed, not knowing whether to
run and hide or just die right then and there.
Cheri cast her eyes downwards. "I'm sorry
Eric, I shoulda just kept my trap shut. It's
none of my damn business anyway."
She looked back to me. "I ain't never seen
one that was all primed and ready like yours
was. I mean.....Oh shoot, I done it again! I
guess what I wanted to say is that I gotta
sneak off sometimes too! You know, whenever I
get..... well, you know. Gramps bed is within
an arms reach of me and he sleeps like a bird!
I tried doin it once and he woke up! If he'd a
said something I'da died right then and there!"
I felt better after her admission. I told
her, "It's okay Cheri, but a guy just can't
stand up and show a girl his privates,
especially when it's....I mean like it was when
you saw it."
Cheri smiled then said, "Oh! You mean it
done got all standy up again! If'n I was a boy
and I had one as big as your'n, I'd be right
proud of it, but I ain't no boy neither. I kin
just ride off a ways and you kin call out when
you're proper. How's that sound?"
"Cheri, it's not that I don't want to!
It's just.....Well what would you do if a
stranger catches you in the river without your
clothes on? Then he asks you to just walk right
out in front of him completely naked?"
She pondered only momentarily then smiled
knowingly. "I rekon that'd all depend on who's
doin’ the askin’. Why don't you go and ask me
what I'd do if'n it was you that was doin' the
There it was, the opening any smart boy
would jump right on and see where it leads. I
however, was too scared to go that route. I
took the chicken's way out and got belligerent.
I regretted my words before they came pouring
out of my mouth.
"All right little miss smarty pants! Why
don't you just go ahead and take off all your
clothes then? Come on, its time to either put
up or shut up!"
Cheri set her jaw. "No Eric I ain't gonna
do it now! Not since you're bein' so snotty to
me all of a sudden!"
"Yeah that's just what I thought you'd do
little girl."
Cheri's eyes watered momentarily, but she
straightened her shoulders then turned her
horse and rode away without saying another
For a few moments I felt like I had won a
victory by making the girl back down. I got out
of the water and started getting dressed. As I
slipped into my Levi's, I started feeling like
a complete heel. The girl may be dirt poor, but
she's got a lot of pride. All she was doing was
a little harmless flirting. Here I was all by
myself at the river and I meet a girl who's
interested in me. What the hell did I do about
it? I chased her off! What an idiot!
Just as I was pulling my tee shirt over my
head I heard the approach of Cheri's horse.
When I turned our eyes met. We were quiet for a
moment, hoping the other person would speak up
first. Cheri was giving me a second chance. I
started seeing her under a new light. Under all
that dirt Cheri was a great looking girl. Not
only that, she was honest and open when she
talked to me. It was up to me now and I knew
that second chances don't happen all that
I finally broke the ice. "Cheri, I was way
out of line a couple of minutes ago. Do you
think we could, well maybe we could kinda
start over again?"
Cheri fidgeted a little on Hoss's back.
She looked to the ground and said, "No Eric. It
ain't your fault. Gramps tells me all the time
that I go after things like I was killing
snakes or something. If I hadn'ta been so
pushy, you wouldn'ta needed to get defensive
like you done."
"That's okay Cheri. I should have taken
your interest as a compliment. It's just that I
get hard-ons all the time. My Dad says that it
happens to all guys when they get to be about
my age. It seems like almost every time I get
one in class, the teacher calls on me or
there's some other reason why I gotta stand up.
Then if one of the girls notices my problem
they'd start whispering to each other and
giggling. So I spend a lot of time trying to
hide it when it happens. I've never gotten
caught with a tent in my pants so far, but I
know a couple of other guys that it happened
to. A guy's boner is kinda personal. When it's
not hard, nobody can tell how big or small it
really is. It's hard to explain, especially to
a girl."
"I think I get what you're drivin', at
Eric. I ain't the gigglin' or whisperin' type
Cheri swung one leg over Hoss's neck then
slipped off his back. She glanced at my eyes
to see if I had seen the free panty show she
gave me. Her smile told me that she wanted me
to look and that my slight embarrassment also
pleased her. As she smiled I wondered if she
knew just how much she had actually shown me
during the instant that she had lifted her leg
over Hoss's neck. The panties she wore were
more than a bit too small for her. They hugged
her butt and pussy like a second skin. I
expected them to be as dirty as her dress, but
they weren't. The well-worn crotch, was a
little wet from sweat. The thin cloth molded to
the shape of her pussy lips and allowed just a
hint of pinkish transparency through the
material. When she swung her leg up and over,
the material of the crotch of her panties was
not wide enough to cover her pussy. I had all I
could do to keep my jaw from dropping when I
got a glimpse of about half of one her hairless
Cheri walked over to the pile of branches
I had gathered and squatted down with her rope
in hand to tie them together. She was facing
towards me with her feet planted together, but
that didn't stop the show she was giving me.
Her dress was so short that I could see her
white panties at her hips, plus her crotch
through the gap between her legs. As a finale
Cheri shifted one knee to the ground to reach
for the last and largest branch. I went over to
help her drag it on top of the pile, squatting
directly in front of her. After a quick glance
at me, she opened her legs just enough to make
the movement seem natural. My eyes were glued
to the open space between her legs and the
white strip of cotton that covered her pussy.
After she finished tying the knot that held all
the branches together, I stood up then held my
hand out to help her stand.
She took my hand and stood up, then looked
at me worriedly, "You ain't afraid of horses
are you Eric?"
"Not at all Cheri. As a matter of fact we
have 16 Welsh ponies on our farm. Does that
answer your question?"
She grinned, "You're a farm boy?"
"Well not exactly, we live in town. My
dad's a doctor and he does the farming. My mom
breeds the ponies. Naturally, I'm the one that
has to help with both."
Cheri smiled her approval, "Fair enough
Eric! Why don't you hop on up first and I'll
hand you the rope then I'll mount up behind
Taking my cue, I went over to Hoss and
patted his neck and spoke a few soothing words
to the old gelding. Cheri grabbed the reins
while I hopped onto his back. I took the loose
end of the rope and Hoss's rains from Cheri,
stiffened my ankle then patted my lower leg.
Cheri smiled at seeing my gesture. It was
something that only fellow horseman that are
used to riding bareback would know. She took my
hand, planted her foot on the top of mine, and
then hoisted herself up behind me. We both knew
full well that I would be getting quite a
visual treat before Cheri raised her foot to my
instep in order to mount up behind me. She
looked me in the eyes and lifted her foot and
set it on top of mine and grasped my hand. I
knew that all I had to do was to take my eyes
away from hers and look only slightly downward
to directly see how the crotch of her tight
panties had to shift in order to accommodate
her new leg position. I also knew that she
wouldn't mind, even might have wanted me to
look, but I couldn't. I don't know why, other
than it just seemed like a rude thing to do,
especially while she was watching me.
Cheri paused for a moment, then let go of
my hand and looked down at how her foot was
situated on my instep. She grabbed my heel in
one hand and her foot in the other to
reposition her foot to a slightly better
position. It was a clever ruse to allow me a
momentary direct line of sight look at her
crotch instead of a peripheral one. The
somewhat sketchy patch of lighter colored flesh
that only stood out because if it contrast with
white panties came immediately into clear
focus. It was the entire top half of a single
delightfully pink-tinted labia. The color of
her labia turned into a rosy red as it turned
inward. That was where the crotch of her
twisted askew panty crotch still managed to
hide the rest of her pussy from view. I saw
Cheri's hand heading back towards mine and I
quickly tore my eyes away from her pussy. I
know that I had to look guilty as sin because
that was the way that I felt when I grasped her
hand and pulled. She only glanced at my face
quickly as she rose upwards and deftly seated
herself behind me. I felt a flush of relief
that Cheri was acting like I had not stared at
her pussy or that she had caught me.
Cheri wrapped her arms around me and said,
"My clothes may be dirty, but at least I can
keep my unmentionables clean without those
dirty old men in camp sneakin' around and
lookin’ at me when I'm bathing or washing my
"What?" Cheri used a round about way of
saying that her panties were at least clean.
Because it was a given fact that I had seen her
panties, I surely must have noticed that they
were a lot cleaner than her dress. My reply was
worded more to keep up the pretense that she
was not flashing, therefore I had not been
looking, rather than to find out the reason for
her remark. Cheri either missed my attempted
evasion, or ignored it.
She replied, "I know how trashy I look
Eric, but it ain't cause I like it! I'm
surprised you even give me the time of day,
seein' as what I look like."
Cheri's admission piqued my interest.
"Well who am I to judge you? Especially after
you saw what I was doing and didn't hold it
against me."
As I dug in my heels and clucked Hoss into
motion Cheri told me about her predicament.
Most of the men around here are good
folks, but there's three or four that scare the
bejesus outta me. They keep looking at me like
they want to eat me up or drag me in the
bushes. There ain't a whole lot I can do about
it neither. They don't try anything where folks
can see cause they know they'd be run outta
"Did you say anything about it to your
grandpa Cheri?"
"I don't dare Eric! You see folks around
here kinda depend on each other, especially
Gramps. I won't mention their names, but
they're the ones that help us out the most.
It'd break Gramps heart if'n I told him. I just
discovered what the old goats was up to a
coupla weeks back."
"What were they doing then?"
"They was spyin' on me when I took my bath
and washed my dress in the river! One day I got
a creepy feelin and decided to get out of the
river and have a look in the bushes! When I
finally seen where one of em was hidin, he
jumped out and tried to grab me. That's when
the other two come out. I screamed and ran back
to the water. They tried to get me to come out,
sayin' they was just havin' a walk and heard
somethin' and went to check. I don't know how
long they been follerin' me neither! It was so
easy for them to know when I'd go bathe cause
I'd grab my soap and towel like normal and head
to the river. After that it didn't matter how
far I went down river cause I could feel them
following me."
I could tell how upset Cheri was by the
tone of her voice. The poor girl was on the
verge of tears. I asked her, "I can keep a
lookout for you if you wanted to bathe. I
promise not to look either cause of what those
old farts did."
"Would you Eric? That would be wonderful!"
Cheri hugged me from behind. "I ain't ascared
of you. If'n I was I'da never shown you what I
shown you! As a matter of fact I ain't had
nobody wash my back since I left home."
"Cheri leaned in close. "I bet you'd be a
right passable back scrubber if'n I asked you
real nice."
I was getting more accustomed to Cheri's
easy going manner and directness. She wasn't
like any girl that I'd ever been around, both
older and younger. She no longer intimidated me
as much as when I first laid eyes on her. I
knew now that I could entrust my delicate
teenaged ego to her without it becoming
bruised. She was a girl whose words were meant
to be taken and acted upon with honesty. When
she suggested that she would like me to scrub
her back, I knew it wasn't a girlish bluff. I
could picture her completely naked in the river
and myself standing behind her (Wearing
cutoff's) with soap and washcloth in hand.
I asked jokingly, "Who's gonna be the
lookout if I'm in the river with you Cheri? My
eyes won't be scaning the bushes for nasty old
goats if I'm in the river with to you!"
Cheri chuckled, "I know where your eyes'll
be Eric! Besides, I got a plan!"
"A plan?"
"A goodun too Eric! I seen your ma drop
your stuff off, so I figger she packed some
soap and a washcloth, right?"
"Yeah, a couple towels too! Hell she even
made me take a bottle of shampoo too!"
"You got shampoo? Oh Eric, your my hero!"
Cheri laughed and patted my shoulder.
"Anyways, I figger I can just head out of camp
on ol' Hoss like I'm just goin fora ride. I'll
leave all my stuff behind cause that's what
they look for when they see me headin' out.
Those old goats won't suspect a thing till I
come back all squeaky clean!"
"What about your grandpa? He's gonna start
wondering about you and I. Especially if you're
gone a while."
"Eric! Gramps may be old, but he ain't
stupid! Don't you worry about him none."
Cheri's had placed her hands precariously
close to the constant erection that the close
proximity of her body had caused. I almost
creamed my jeans when she laced her fingers
together then let them rest loosely in my lap.
When we had to duck down in order to clear an
overhanging tree branch Cheri tightened her
grip around me. Her interlocked hands pressed
down and discovered the vertical hump in my
pants. I felt the pressure of her contact then
the ever so slight reactionary jerk her body
made when she realized what it was that she had
felt. I think that Cheri was afraid of
embarrassing me because of what I had told her
about boys and their constant boners.
I had been kind of hoping and about half
dreading that Cheri might put her hand or even
hopefully rub the bulge in my pants that held
back my woody. For some reason a sly feel or
accidental contact of my cock through my pants
was a lot different than someone actually
looking at it standing out from my naked body.
Maybe it's the typical seventh through twelfth
grade nightmare of being caught in the school
showers with a boner. To my dismay, Cheri moved
her hands up to my stomach afterwards. Cheri
had been doing most of the talking up until
then, but afterwards she got quiet.
I just had to see if I could get Cheri's
hands back to where they were before. If my
assumption was correct, Cherie would be willing
if I showed her what I wanted. I started
talking about a gelding pony that I used to
have, named "Arizona". As Cheri listened to my
story I reached up and put my hand on her arm
and guided it back downwards. When her
interlocked hands were laying back over my
erection, she turned her head to the side and
nestled her cheek on my back.
"Cheri asked, "What happened to your pony
A short while after I started talking
Cheri pulled her arms in enough so that I could
feel the pressure of her hands against my cock.
I glanced down being careful not to move my
head and saw that she no longer had her fingers
laced together. She had one hand with her
fingers pointing down cupping my balls and the
other was horizontal across my cock.
I told her about when Arizona was sold to
some family whose dumb kid let him have his
head to stop and eat grass whenever he felt
like it. He soon was barn sour too and I had to
back over to their place and break him of his
bad habits. As I talked, Cheri cautiously felt
her way up and down the length of my Levi
incased erection.
Cheri was playing the opposite role that
teenagers sometimes play while at the movies.
The boy would act like he was stretching then
end up with his arm around the girl. As the two
of them pretended to watch the movie he would
ever so carefully inch his hand down as close
as he dared to her breast. If he was brave
enough he might go farther than letting the
tips of his fingers rest against the soft upper
swell of her breast, he would go lower. During
this time the girl pretended to be wrapped up
in watching the movie and not noticing that she
was being ever so lightly felt up. There are
many different variations and degrees to this
game. The girl might place her hand on his leg
to let him know that what he was doing was
okay. She might do exactly what the boy feared
and physically remove his hand from her breast.
Cheri knew that as long as I continued
talking she hadn't stepped over my limits. Of
course the limits for a teenaged boy are far
broader than for a girl. I would have loved it
if she would have taken my cock out and played
with it until I spunked all over Hoss's mane.
As long as I just didn't have to stand there
and strip in front of her with a raging woody
ready to spring out of my pants. Of course
seeing as where her hands were right then, I
probably would have done even that.
I told her about when Arizona ended back
up at our farm for a few months while I tried
to cure his love for the barn. He was a smart
pony and soon figured out that he had to tow
the line while I was riding him, but as soon as
we brought him back to his new home he would do
whatever he damn well pleased.
I finished up telling her how Arizona
developed a really devious trick to unseat me.
If I had him at a lope and he figured that he
was as far away from his pasture as he wanted
to go home, he would somehow take a sudden jog
sideways and I would end up with my face
planted in the dirt. There was no defense for
his trick while riding bareback either. I
always managed to keep hold if his reins so he
never was able to run off. After getting dumped
a few times I lost my love for him. The owners
sold him to someone else and I never saw him
again. By the time I saw the red color of my
tent through the trees, my balls were beginning
to ache. The thickness of my Levi's filtered
out any sensation from Cheri's hands other than
the pressure of her fingers when she
occasionally squeezed me there.
When we arrived at my tent, Cheri and I
dismounted from Hoss's back and untied my load
of firewood. Cheri hopped back on her gelding
and I coiled up the rope then handed it back to
her. Cheri had an eager gleam in her eyes and a
smile that spoke volumes.
"I'll be back in a jiffy Eric! I gotta
tell Gramps that he's gotta fend fer himself
for supper. That way he ain't gonna fret so
"Okay Cheri. I'm gonna bust up some of
this wood for the fire. I should have stuff
ready when you come back."
Cheri gave me a conspiratory grin, then
turned Hoss around and kicked him into a
gallop. I watched her disappear through the
trees, my mind in a daze, wondering what might
happen when she returned. I started breaking up
one of the big branches and making a pile close
by the ring of rocks some previous camper had
made. As I worked, I began to wonder if Cheri
had any more clothing than the one dress that
she had on. Once I had broken enough wood for
the night I went to the box of stuff my mom
insisted on packing for me and opened it. She
sure had loaded me up with all kinds of stuff.
The box contained soap, three towels,
washcloth, shampoo, and some extra clothes
including an old swimming suit. There was other
stuff in there too. I made a mental note to
give mom an extra hug when she came to pick me
Just as I finished packing my backpack
with goodies I heard Cheri call to me from
outside the tent.
"Hey Eric! You in there?"
"Yeah Cheri, Hang on a sec!"
When I came out of my tent Cheri was
sitting astride ol' Hoss. We smiled nervously
at each other, knowing that the time for
advancing our game to the next level was almost
at hand.
"Hi Eric, I'm back!"
"Yeah, Uh.... Cool!"
Cheri nervously scanned the surroundings.
I could see that she was having second thoughts
about bathing at my campsite but I had already
ruled that idea out. We were much too close to
the others for either one of us to feel safe.
I held out my loaded backpack. "I was
kinda thinking we could get a little farther
away from here. I already got the stuff we need
packed if that's cool with you."
Cheri's expression brightened. "Now why
didn't I think of that! Where do you want to go
"Well, I was kinda hoping you might be
able to think of a good spot Cheri. I figured
seeing as you been riding your horse around for
a while, you'd be pretty well aquatinted with
the area.
"You said your daddy's a doctor, didn't ya
"Yeah. He's an anesthesiologist. That's
the one that puts patients to sleep during
operations. Why do you ask?"
"Well you sure got a way with using those
big words."
I gave out a quick nervous laugh. "Well,
you're definitely not the first person to tell
me that Cheri. I hope you don't think I'm
talking this way on purpose, cause I'm not."
"Naw, I know you're not tryin' to be
uppity." She broke eye contact, feeling like I
might think she was ignorant.
"Now hang on a minute Cheri! I can see
what you're thinking and it's not true! Not
true at all! You have a great way of talking
yourself! Did I use any word you didn't know
what the definition was except maybe
"No. I knew what you were saying."
"All right then!"
"I sure hope I kin start back to school
again this fall, that's all."
"Yeah, I'm not all that crazy about it
myself, but I think I can understand the way
you feel about it. Maybe I can help you think
of a way to do it."
"Well, two heads are better'n one. That's
what they say."
"Slicker than greased owl shit!" I said
with a smile.
"What? Where'd you hear that sayin' Eric?"
"That one came from an old cowboy that
lives with us. Uncle George works out at our
farm. That old man speaks a whole lot like you
do Cheri, but I bet he's forgotten more things
than you or I will ever know! My Mom's from
Alabama and she's come up with some good ones,
but her sayings are a tad less earthy."
Cheri laughed, her funk broken. "Well
you're just the sweetest thing Eric! I could
eat you up!"
"I'm better than sliced bread?"
"Ha! I ain't never heard that one. Okay, I
know a good spot but we gotta cross the river
to get there."
"Good! The Indian reservation side doesn't
have but a couple of roads that I know about.
No roads, no snoopy people!"
"We gotta go a ways downstream where it's
shallow enough for ol' Hoss to cross. I'll show
you the way."
"Why don't you sit up front Cheri. That
way I can show you my famous Lone Ranger
running mount!"
Cheri beamed at my suggestion. I handed
her my pack and went up to Hoss to talk to him.
Cheri took the hairbrush she had in her hand
and put it in my pack.
I looked the gelding in the eyes, "Now
Hoss, all I'm gonna do is a running mount. You
probably know all about it all ready, so don't
get spooked okay?"
The old gelding bobbed his head and blew
just like he understood what I was telling him.
Carla and I both got a chuckle out of it. I
walked around his flank and patted his rump to
let him know where I was. Taking a few steps
back, I ran up behind him, placed both hands on
his rump and landed perfectly behind Cheri.
Hoss's head came up and he took a few steps,
but didn't spook. After handing the backpack to
me Cheri prodded Hoss into motion. Cheri
reached back and took my hand and placed it in
her lap.
"So tell me about your Uncle George Eric"
"Okay. To begin with, he's not our real
uncle. We just call him that. I remember one we
were trying to get Bonnie, one of the breeding
mares into the back of our horse trailer cause
we were going to a horse show. For some reason
Bonnie decided she just wasn't gonna cooperate.
I just didn't have the balls to try and
feel up Cheri's pussy. Her skirt was stretched
out fairly tight across the top of her legs and
tucked under the bottom of her legs. About the
lowest my hand could go was the very bottom of
her abdomen. I would have had to try and put my
hand under her dress to get anywhere so I
started inching my hand up her chest. As I
inched my hand upward, I continued on with my
"We tried just about everything but Bonnie
just wouldn't go. Finally Uncle George had
enough. He took off his hat and threw it on the
ground then he yelled "Get up there you
sonofabitching......." Well as my mom liked to
describe it, she said "The air turned blue with
his words." That old cowboy let out a stream of
My fingers found their way to one of
Cheri's soft cupcake sized breasts. Being
taller than her, I got the added thrill of
looking over the top of her shoulder and
watching my progress. I continued with my
"About half of the cusswords he uttered
I'd never heard before either. When Bonnie
turned her head to Uncle George, I could swear
her eyes bugged out. It was as if she was
saying, "All you had to do was ask!" She
stepped right into that trailer all by
When my story was over, we talked easily
for the rest of the ride to the place that
Cheri had in mind. It was a great spot for
privacy too. There was an island in front of
the place that blocked the view from the
opposite bank. Any tubers that happened to be
floating down the river would most likely take
the other side where the river was wider.
After we dismounted, Cheri took the rope
bridle off Hoss and let him roam free,
confident that he would stay close. I was
nervous and started taking the stuff out of the
backpack. Out of the corner of my eye I saw
Cheri strip. She stood there and waited until
my delaying tactic had played itself out. I
finally had to turn and look directly at her
unabashed nakedness. It was clear that she
wanted me to know that she wasn't in the least
shy about being naked in front of me. After a
moment she walked up to where I'd set down the
soap and washcloth, picked them up and headed
towards the water. Cheri's 13-year-old body was
developing nicely for a girl her age. Her
cupcake sized breasts looked larger than the
tight old dress she wore had allowed to show.
Her legs were still thin and hadn't filled out
yet from the recent growth spurt her body had
gone through. The mound of her vulva had a
small thin patch of black hair that extended to
the lips of her pussy, but wasn't thick enough
to hide the pinkish skin beneath it. Her hips
flared nicely from her small waist. There was a
stark contrast between the pale skin where her
clothing stopped and her dark tanned face,
neck, arms and legs.
She said, "I'll see you in the water
Cheri and I both were aware of the
erection that I had gotten almost as soon as
our bodies came together on the back of her
horse. To let me know she knew and approved,
she had snuggled against my bulge while I
caressed her breast and talked about Uncle
George. Seeing as she evened up the score by
stripping right beside me, I had to strip out
in the open in order to save face. With my
rigid member bouncing to my quick steps I
entered the water. It was not easy holding back
the howl I wanted to let out when the cold
water met my balls. To make matters worse, I
couldn't even stop and prepare myself for the
shock. Cheri laughed as I circled my arms and
grimaced, but I didn't stop until I was belly
deep with my privates finally hidden from view.
Cheri said, "You forgot to fetch the
shampoo Eric!"
The look on my face must have been
priceless because Cheri snickered then laughed
while I slowly turned, still circling my hands
to get the shampoo for her. Her hand brushed my
butt as the waded past me, still laughing.
"I was just ribbin' ya Eric! I'll get it,
but you gotta do my hair okay?"
"How come you're makin' such a fuss? This
here water ain't that cold!"
"Well to tell you the truth, I usually
stop before the water reaches my.... Well you
know, so I got time to get myself ready for the
"Are you're balls really that tender?"
"All I got to say is that after hitting
this cold water what was once about the size of
a couple of figs in a bag is now the size of
two peanuts!"
"Really? Show me!"
Cheri had already retrieved the shampoo
and was coming towards me when I made my
analogy. When my feet refused to move she took
my hand and pulled me into motion.
She covered her mouth and giggled. "Well
I'm sure glad the water didn't do the same with
the best part!"
Wading past me, Cheri's fingers
accidentally (on purpose) came into brief
contact with my erection. She took my hand and
led me like a dog on a leash into the deeper
water. She ducked completely under water to get
her hair wet and tried to hand me the shampoo.
My attention was focused on Cheri's breasts.
The previously dry flesh of her nipples were
reacting to the cold water and becoming erect
right before my eyes. I watched the small
rivulets of water from her wet hair cascading
down the front of her body. Some were diverted
by the swell of her breasts, meeting and
running as one below her wide cleavage. I
waited with anticipation as water gathered
under one of her now fully erect nipples to
drip off, but then took the easier path and ran
down the underside of her breast.
"It's okay Eric, I want you to!"
I tore my eyes away to look into her eyes.
"I was watching your nipples react to the
coldness, then the way the water ran down your
body. You're beautiful Cheri!"
As she blushed and smiled, my resolve
finally overcame the insecurity I felt. My
inexperience and hesitation cloaked in a veil
of shyness I pushed aside and pulled her into
my embrace.
It no longer mattered to me that my urgent
need would be pressed against the flesh of
Cheri's abdomen. I knew that the contact could
only heighten our arousal. I used my erection
as an expression of my desire for her, rather
than the merely the result of my raging teenage
Cheri melted into my arms and eagerly
accepted me. She wrapped her legs around my
waist and squeezed, pressing our flesh together
even tighter. Our lips met and we began the
first explorations of each other's
I had kissed a few girls before I had met
Cheri, but never with the knowledge before hand
that we would become lovers. I came to realize
that kissing is a way of unspoken
communication, of feeling out and probing each
other's personality.
Compatibility, can one person be a
horrible kisser to every person when they take
that first step of intimacy? I doubt it.
Colleen to me was a bad kisser, but she was too
young. Was I a bad kisser to her? Probably so
Was Cheri a bad kisser? We wouldn't have
finally broke our first kiss and enjoyed each
other's wordless expression of "WOW!". It
seemed like a wonderful eternity of exploration
until we were satisfied enough to attend to
matters at hand. With her legs still wrapped
around me, Cheri held my arms just above the
elbows and leaned back, submersing herself.
When she pulled herself upright, I took the
shampoo she had handed me earlier and begun to
work it into her hair. We ended up moving into
shallow enough water to where I could sit down.
Cheri's legs had never released her hold upon
me until I sat down. As she relaxed her legs
and settled into my lap, the soft folds of her
pussy lips opened for my youthful erection to
settle vertically between them. I had tried to
ignore my building excitement, while we were
standing but having her pussy against me almost
sent me over the edge.
Cheri sensed my dilemma, "I want you to
make love to me Eric, but not here okay?"
"Are you sure you're ready Cheri? I don't
want to hurt you if you're not."
"I ain't no virgin Eric, if that's what
you're thinking. I done it twice before."
"Oh, Okay then, I can wait till later."
"What about you Eric?"
"Who, Me? Well, I... Uh...."
"That's okay, I'd be right proud to be
your first if'n that's the way you want it."
"YES! I want to make love to you really
"That's what your Willie's been tellin' me
for a while. I think it's takin' a shine to me,
don'cha think?"
"Oh yeah Cheri! There's no denying that!"
"You poor boy, you're in misery right now
ain't you?"
"No, I'm okay. I'll make it."
"Don'cha think you'll feel a lot better
if'n you let out some of that head o’ steam you
been building Eric? I ain't never tried to do
somethin' like that, but I bet all's I gotta do
is kinda' move around a little. If'n that don't
do the trick maybe you might let me try what I
seen you do earlier."
My face flushed red with embarrassment
when reminded of the humiliation of getting
caught masturbating.
Cheri started slowly gyrating her hips
working the soft insides of her pussy against
the tender nerve-rich underside of my cock.
"I know it weren't proper, me spyin' on
you durin' your private moment, but I couldn't
help myself! That thing o' your'n was so big
and looked so hard! Do you forgive me Eric?"
"YES! Don't stop Cheri."
"When did I happened upon you, is that
what you wanted to know? You was layin' there
just kinda gently playin' you're fingers up and
down. Then you wrapped your hand around that
big ol' hunk of burnin' love and started goin'
up an' down kinda slow like. Do ya know what I
said to myself when I saw ya doin' that Eric?"
"Uggghhh, No?"
"I said, now there's a boy that likes
takin' his time! Not like that Clayton. He's
the boy back home that did it with me before.
It weren't much fun fer me both times we done
it. I waited till it was dark and snuck out to
the barn where we planned to meet and it was
over just like that! Same way a couple of days
later after the soreness went away. At least
the second time didn't hurt like that first
time, but he spunked off just as I was
beginnin' to like it! I never even got a look
at his Willie neither cause it was so dark."
Cheri's slow but steady gyrations were
driving me crazy. Her story registered
somewhere in the back of my mind, then filtered
through my concentration on the sensations she
was giving me, adding it's own thrill.
"I'm so close Cheri, Don't stop please!"
"Okay Eric. Anyways, I think ol' Hoss knew
what watchin' you was doin' to me cause he was
real quiet like too. Then I seen you was goin'
faster'n faster! Hoss and me watched you
tensin' up to hold your spunk back."
"Oh God! It's happening Cheri! Go
Cheri stopped talking as her gyrations
picked up speed. When I opened my eyes, I saw
the reason for her silence. Her expression
shown intense concentration. She was chasing
after her own climax. I reached around her
lower back and pulled her tighter against me.
The revelation that Cheri's excitement was
reaching it's peak delayed my own long enough
for her to almost catch up to me. I reached the
point of no return when I heard Cheri vocalize
the approach of her own release.
My body shook as the pent up sexual
desires of my adolescent years released
themselves. Cheri's own release followed on the
tail end of my own climax. We cling to each
other desperately, trying to heighten and
prolong the incredible experience we shared.
Cheri's climax outlasted mine considerably, a
new lesson for me in female sexuality. I held
her against me until she satisfied herself
completely. When the tension in our bodies
finally drained away, we relaxed in each
other's embrace.
Cheri slid herself away from me slightly
and looked between us. "Whoa! Looks like
someone I know had a bit of juice built up! I
reckon you're feelin' a might better now!"
"WOW!.... That was incredible Cheri!"
Cheri kissed me long and hard. "Thank you
Eric!" she said when our lips parted.
"Thank me? Thank you Cheri! That was the
first time I ever had one with someone else!
Gawd! So powerful too!"
Cheri smiled demurely. "Same here Eric!
Clayton just rutted in me till he got his. I
can't wait till I get you back in your tent!
Reckon you'll be able to go a little longer now
that you worked off some of that steam Eric?"
"I'll try, but I can't guarantee anything.
Don't worry though Cheri, there's a few things
I'd like to try before we do that?"
"Yeah? Like what?"
"You'll just have to wait Cheri! I think
you're gonna like it though!"
After a little more small talk, we moved
into deeper water so I could continue
shampooing Cheri's hair. It took two more
treatments before I was able to get up a good
enough lather to get all the oil out of her
hair. I took my time, especially after she
steadied herself by holding into my erection.
The soap and washcloth was a new experience in
eroticism for both of us. The sun was getting
low by the time we finished. When I gave Cheri
one of my tee shirts and my old swimsuit she
hugged me tightly with tears streaming down her
cheeks. I had intended to loan her the clothes
but decided that idea was out. Ol' Hoss was
grazing on the nearest patch of grass and
didn't mind the interruption when we put the
halter back on.
We hopped on the back of Hoss. Using
Cheri's words. we skedaddled back to camp as
fast as Hoss could go to take advantage of the
remaining light. We arrived with just enough
daylight left to make a fire and heat up some
beans and hot dogs. While I prepared the fire
Cheri brushed out her hair then went into my
tent without saying a word of explanation. I
called to her when the dogs had browned
When Cheri came out, she had put on one of
my button-up shirts. It had tails on front and
back and the top three buttons were undone. As
Cheri walked by me I couldn't help but notice
the bare skin of her legs exposed from under
the hem of my shirt. The swimming trunks I gave
her would have been visible, at least from the
sides where the shirt tails ended. My
imagination went into overdrive wondering what
if anything Cheri was wearing under the shirt.
She was very careful about the way she walked
and sat which stirred my interest even more.
When I asked her about it, she just smiled.
Cheri ate heartily sitting next to me in
front of the campfire. The taunting view of her
breasts whenever she leaned forward to spoon
beans into her mouth kept my attention away
from my food. Naturally Cheri finished her meal
first. She waited patiently for me to finish
When I was done Cheri said, "Okay now. I'm
gonna go to the river and wash up the dishes.
When I get back, your butt better be in that
tent Eric! Completely starkers too, you hear
"Yes'm." I responded to her devilish grin
and bright eyes. "You want me inside my
sleeping bag or on top of it?"
"You ain't got much of a choice Eric cause
I got it all zipped apart and spread out!"
Cheri gathered up the dishes then stared
me down until I got up and went into my tent.
Within a few minutes I heard the mosquito net
door unzip. Cheri stepped inside, zipping the
door up after her. The three quarters moonlight
filtering through the window and door gave off
just enough light to see a taunting glimpse of
flesh as she stepped over me. When she
straddled my hips and sat herself down upon my
erection the smooth flesh of her pussy against
my cock gave me the answer to what she had on
under my shirt. As I had hoped, it was
absolutely nothing.
Cheri bent down to kiss me. "Well Eric,
didja guess right about what was under this
shirt of your’n?"
"Hell yes! I knew all along it was a sexy
girl with one hell of a seductive way of
expressing herself!"
My hands went to her breasts, then to the
buttons of her shirt. When I got the last one
undone Cheri shrugged it off her shoulders. Her
pale skin and small breasts gathered the
moonlight as she straightened her back and
shook out her clean hair.
Cheri slowly gyrated her lower body while
I explored her body with my hands.
"When does your grandpa expect you back
"Oh... Tomorrow! I promised to make him
"Yes, really! You silly boy! Didja think I
was gonna let you go that easily?"
"Wow! You're gonna spend the entire
"Not that we'll get that much sleep mind
you! I'm gonna ride you like a Christmas mule
By now the wetness from her arousal had
coated and slickened both of us. Cheri leaned
forward for a kiss allowing my trapped erection
to spring free. She moved her body back
downwards until her pussy lips met the head of
my cock. She pushed back just a little and I
felt her labia part. My cock started into the
gates of heaven.
Cheri giggled seductively and moved
forward to whisper into my ear. "Are you ready
lover boy?"
I jumped a little when she nibbled my ear.
My mind was in turmoil. Long ago I swore to
myself that I would try oral sex at my first
opportunity. As much as I wanted to make love,
I didn't want my first oral experience to be
tainted with the taste of my own semen. We
could go to the river and wash ourselves up
then I could try it. No. I made my decision.
When Cheri started back down my body I sat
up and crossed my legs Indian style. Cheri
settled into my lap, but my cock ended up under
her butt.
I whispered a question. "Do you want to be
on top Cheri?"
Her tone betrayed her disappointment,
however hard she tried to cloak it. "No Eric,
You should be doing that."
"Cheri!.....Do you want to be on top?"
"It's okay Eric, honest!"
"The truth Cheri!"
"Yes, but it's okay if you want to."
"From now on tell me what your desires
are! Okay? Whatever they are, please tell me so
I can please you!"
"Okay lover, I promise!"
"Thank you. Now there's something I swore
to myself that I'd try whenever my first
opportunity came. Will you trust me and let me
fulfill my desire first?"
"It ain't got nuthin' to do with the way
your Willie is pointin' does it Eric?"
"What? NO!.... I'm not a pervert!"
"Okay then, I'm all yours."
Holding onto her, I rocked forward and got
to my knees. I leaned down, holding myself up
with one arm and lowered Cheri to the spread
out sleeping bag. She relaxed her hold around
my neck and settled onto her back, then
released her legs at my bidding. For a brief
moment I lay on top of her to share a
passionate kiss, then rose off her naked body
until I was sitting on my knees.
Cheri's head was pointed towards the
doorway to the tent. The moonlight coming
through the mosquito netting allowed ample
light for me to enjoy the beauty of her female
form as I knelt between her open legs. Her eyes
were open and trusting as she waited for my
next move. I kissed my finger and slowly
brought it to her lips, then trailed it down
her body, circling each of her pert breasts in
turn. I wet one finger in my mouth and circled
her left nipple, then leaned in and blew on it.
Cheri giggled. "If I'da known you was
wantin' to play like this, you needent ask!"
"I kind of figured that making love is a
two way street Cheri. If it only goes one way,
nothing will ever come back. This is kinda fun
for me too, just watching your reactions."
Cheri's right nipple was looking like it
felt left out so I put my mouth over it and
gently sucked.
"Mmmm!" Cheri cradled my head in her
hands. "That's really nice Eric! I can feel it
all the way down to my button!"
"Hmmm, button huh? That's the next stop on
my tour. If I get my flashlight would you show
me where it is?"
"ERIC! That's indecent! You want me to
just spread myself open while you go pokin'
around with your fingers?"
"Well, I guess not."
"I never done somethin' like this before
lover, where's that light you was talkin'
"Cool. Hang on!"
I dug around in my bag and came up with my
flashlight, then placed it between Cheri's legs
and turned it on after I lay on my belly
between her legs. In the dim light before I
illuminated her pussy, I could tell that her
hand was between her legs. The light revealed a
whole lot more than that. She was playing with
herself and continued stroking her clit for a
moment before pointing her clit out to me.
Using three fingers, she parted her labia with
the outside two, then used the middle one to
point out her clit.
"Right here Lover, ya see it?"
"Oh, that's it huh? Show me what you were
doing before okay?"
"You mean this?" Cheri switched fingers
and started massaging her button for me. After
a few seconds she slipped her finger inside her
pussy then went back to her button. She giggled
a little, obviously embarrassed. After that she
rubbed her pussy lips once then stopped. I took
her hand before it was out of my reach then
sucked the juices off her finger. The taste of
her gravy was mixed with the slightly salty
taste from the skin of her finger. There was a
slight tang to it, but nothing I couldn't learn
to enjoy. I switched the flashlight off and set
it aside.
I figured that by then Cheri must have
guessed what I wanted to do. She remained quiet
while I sampled the taste of her pussy juices
off of her finger. I reached out and lightly
brushed her sparsely-haired pussy lips with my
fingers and delighted when her body reacted
with a shiver. My head was level with her knees
so that was where my kisses started while my
fingers gently stroked her labia.
"Oh Eric Wait!"
Her hand covered my mine, but only
lightly. Her protest wasn't a request to stop,
it only meant that the sensations were more
than she was used to. When my kisses reached
the tenderest part of the inside of her leg,
she jumped and grabbed my head.
"It tickles Eric! I can hardly take it!"
I turned my head towards Cheri's
glistening pussy. Both of her hands were on my
head now. Her legs involuntarily flexed to
close but my body stopped her. Her hands
allowed my head to move in close enough to
smell her excitement. I didn't try to force my
head that last inch or so to reach my
objective. After a moment her mind calmed then
she eased up her hold on me. I went directly
in, ditching my original plan to smother her
labia with kisses.
Cheri took in a sharp breath when my
tongue cleaved between her puffy labia. I
searched around until I found the protruding
point of flesh I had wanted to taste and her
body twitched when my tongue found it. It
seemed like a game of tag to me. Cheri held my
head tightly, the elusive clitoris I sought
danced around as her pelvis rotated and bucked
in and out of reach.
I wondered if all girls pussies were as
sensitive as hers. I decided that both of us
were trying to take the lead by chasing each
other around. Cheri knew how much stimulation
her button could take, she could seek out and
gauge her own intensity. My tongue stood still
and waited for her clit to come to me.
Cheri waited a moment or two before she
allowed her over-sensitized nubbin back into
the range of my tongue. Cautiously at first her
clit moved across the tip of my outstretched
tongue. I felt her flesh stretch then pop past
my immobile organ of speech. She gasped
quietly, then repeated the movement. Her body
started quivering in response.
I slipped my arms under her legs and
gently grasped her hips, silently beckoning her
to lay still. With a slight hand movement she
released her grip on my head, but kept her
fingers lightly in contact. She was ready to
let me take the lead. This time I covered the
upper part of her pussy with my mouth and
gripped her hips while gently tonguing her
clit. Cheri moaned and pushed at my head, but
without the conviction I had felt in her grasp
like before. Her body began quivering and
convulsing in earnest while she voiced the
quick approach of her climax through clenched
teeth. Sounds travel across water very easily
and she knew to be careful not to cry out too
Cheri's hands clutched at my head once
more, but this time it was to pull me in rather
than the opposite. Her hips bucked up and down
erratically, but was hindered by my firm grasp.
All of a sudden Cheri arched her back.
It almost seemed to me as if someone had
hit her body with a sledge hammer. All of her
muscles reacted with a jerk at the same time
when her climax broke loose. After that one
singularity of movement Cheri could only thrash
about in the throes of ecstasy. She voiced her
release to me and to the surrounding woods, no
longer able or even caring if the world knew
how powerful her release felt.
I clung on to her writhing body and
continued with my tongue until she planted her
feet and tried to arch herself away. My tongue
found, then probed the opening of her pussy
when it was clear her button could take no
more. The intensity of her orgasm seemed to
change when I tongue-fucked her tight pussy.
Her cries changed from almost pain right before
I moved to her pussy to wonderful pleasure. I
took that as my cue to tongue-fuck her as deep
and as hard as I could. I released my hold on
her hips and pushed her legs up into the air
for better access.
When Cheri could take no more she moaned
loudly and turned away from me. She ended up on
her side facing away from me, lying there like
a limp rag. I nestled in behind her reveling in
the gift I had given to her. My cock was so
hard it almost hurt, but I waited there
snuggled in close with it pressing into the
small of her back.
After a few minutes her breathing
softened. I noticed her body start to shudder
occasionally. It was soft at first, almost
unnoticeable. It dawned on me what her body was
betraying. Cheri was sobbing quietly, trying to
hide her tears from me.
"Cheri, what's the matter? What did I do
to hurt you? Tell me!"
She turned around into my arms then cried
even louder, burying her head into my chest. My
mind raced back and forth through the latest
events and came up with nothing I could point
to as the cause of her dismay. The only thing I
could do was to hold her until she calmed down
enough to tell me herself.
When she got quiet, I apologized. "I'm
sorry Cheri! Tell me what I did to hurt you."
"Just hold me Eric! I'm sorry, I ain't
usually such a crybaby!"
I held her some more, then asked. "What's
wrong baby? Is it because I held on to you too
hard or something like that?"
Cheri let out a half sob, half laugh.
"Ain't you never seen a girl cry just cause
she's happy you silly oaf!"
I let out a sigh of relief. "I thought
maybe I hurt you, or even offended you."
"Well I gotta ‘fess up about one thing
Eric. I was fixin' to pull your ears clean off
there at the last! But then you moved to,.....
Well you know."
"Pretty intense huh?"
"Eric, I feel like I been rode hard 'n put
away wet! Only I ain't been rode hard yet, but
that's gonna change right directly!"
Cheri grasped my cock in both hands and
squeezed. "My but that's a whopper you got here
"Shoot Cheri, you oughta see some of the
one's I've seen in the shower after PE! I'm
only average sized!"
"That Clayton Moore's a lyin' dog then! He
said.... Well never you mind what he said,
don't matter much more no how."
Cheri pushed me onto my back. "Now where
were we before the train of love went down the
other track." She climbed on top of me. Once
again trapping my cock between the folds of her
pussy. With a naughty expression, she put her
hands on my shoulders and pretended to hold me
"Now Eric, we ain't gonna have no more
interruptions out of you, nasty boy! I'm gonna
have me some of that burnin' love you been
savin'. You ain't gettin' away with any more of
your tricks, you silver tongued devil!"
I said to myself, "Here's the moment I've
been fantasizing about ever since I started
"Silver tongued? I suppose that's a good
lady-like way of telling me you liked it?"
"We'll talk about that later Eric. Right
now I need to have you up inside me."
"I'm afraid I'm not gonna last very long
"That's okay Lover, you just go on and do
it. I'm gonna ride you till the cows come home!
When I'm done, you ain't gonna have no spunk
left. Then maybe we can go cool off in the
river. After that no tellin' what might
Cheri started slowly gyrating her hips to
work her juices back up again, running her
hands over my chest. She smiled when the dry,
skin sticking friction eased away, turning into
slippery delight. She closed her eyes and let
her mind drift along with the added benefits
her increasing wetness produced.
"I'm not gonna last Cheri! It's just too
much to control!"
"You just go on and let it happen Lover,
that ain't gonna stop us!"
"It's gonna make a mess Cheri! Oh Gawd,
Cheri continued her steady gyrations. "Let
me do everything Eric, you just relax and let
it happen and don't fret about no mess."
Cheri took my hands away as soon as I put
them on her hips. She pushed my hands to the
ground and held them in place. Her agonizingly
slow place delayed that final moment when my
sensations reached their peak. I lay there
obediently under Cheri's slowly writhing pussy
right on the edge of orgasm for what seemed
like an eternity.
Cheri hadn't planned or known the effect
her slow writhing would produce. She expected
me to start squirting right away. When I stayed
there shuddering, my brain becoming filled with
sensations, she kept it up to see what would
I finally cried out and thrust my hips up,
my cock gushing copious amounts of sperm. Cheri
was nearly bucked off from her perch atop me
but I easily broke her token hold and held her
in place. When it was all over, my body went
limp. I was useless, my cock deflated shortly
Cheri bent down to kiss me. She moved from
on top of me, then rummaged through my
backpack, produced a towel and wiped up the
mess I had made. I closed my eyes, then heard
the zipper to the tent door. I opened my eyes
and turned my head to the door.
"I'll be right back Eric, don't you dare
"Okay Cheri. Gimme a little time and I'm
sure I'll be ready to rock and roll."
Cheri disappeared before I could finish my
sentence. I was beginning to wonder if she was
pissed that my cock went limp. I'd never seen
it happen like that before, but then my
previous experience was based on solo
masturbation. My thoughts were interrupted when
Cheri came back into the tent and zipped the
mosquito door back up. She smiled reassuring to
me then her hands moved to my cock. In the dim
light I didn't notice the wet washcloth she had
in her hands but I sure felt the coldness of
the water when she used the washcloth to clean
me off.
I jumped in surprise. "Whoa! You oughta
warn me the next time you got something that
cold Cheri! Especially when you're using it on
my privates!"
"Did that bring you back to your senses
Eric? You looked like you were kinda driftin'
off on me for a bit."
"Oh yeah, I'm wide awake now!"
"Goood. It'd be a real shame if'n you
missed this!"
Cheri pitched the washcloth into the
corner and bent down from her kneeling
position. She took my now half-erect cock in
her hand, then turned and smiled at me.
"I'da never even dreamed of doing this
before today. As a matter of fact If'n you'da
asked me bout it yesterday, I'da slapped your
face so hard you'd be seein' stars. Things seem
a might different now though, so here goes."
Cheri first took a tentative lick then
another. She considered the taste for a moment
and decided it was okay. My cock was already
stiff when I felt the warmth of her mouth
envelop the head of my cock, then her tongue
moving deliciously across my glans. She took
her hand away and took more of my cock into her
mouth, then slowly bobbed her head up and down.
I was once again hard as a rock when Cheri
took her mouth away and grasped my cock with
her hand once again. She let a big gob of her
spit drop onto the head of my cock and smiled
her approval then swung her leg over my body
with my cock still in hand. She moved into
position and guided my cock to her pussy and
lowered herself. My cock went into her
tightness, then stopped.
Cheri looked a little uncomfortable. "My,
but you got a real whanger Eric! It might take
a bit before I get all of this monster you got
in me, but I'm gonna! You can bet yer hat on
"Good thing you're the one on top huh
"Mmmm Hmmm!"
Cheri moved up, then back down. Her
tightness squeezed my cock. I thanked
providence for my previous satisfying orgasm,
knowing I might have blown my load about now if
I hadn't. After a few more strokes I felt her
wetness starting to ease the friction of our
"There now, that's a might better Eric!
You feel the difference?"
"Oh yeah Cheri! Your pussy's getting
"Mmmm Hmmm! It ain't gonna be long now
Cheri's prediction was proven to be right.
Each time she made another up and down stroke,
her pussy allowed more of my cock inside her.
She took her time working my prick into her
pussy, occasionally wincing a little and easing
off. It was frustrating and highly stimulating,
all at the same time. My lower self wanted me
to flip Cheri onto her back and fuck her until
she bled. Fortunately that baser desire had
been partially quelled and was only calling to
me from the shadows of my mind.
I felt the lips of Cheri's pussy settle
against my pelvis briefly, then once again,
lingering there a little longer. By the fourth
time, Cheri settled into place and stayed
"There now, I wasn't fibbin' now was I
Eric? Here I thought I weren't no virgin no
more. No doubt about that now I reckon, right
"All I can say is WOW Cheri! You feel
wonderful! I'm sure glad I relieved some of
that pressure I'd built up earlier cause
there'd been no way I'da lasted!"
"Gawd but you sure got me all filled up
Eric! Now this girl's gonna show you what
making love is all about!"
Cheri started off with a slow rhythmic up
and down movement. After a few minutes I could
see by her expression that her pussy had opened
up enough to where she was completely
comfortable with my cock inside her pussy. She
began to experiment with her position on top,
finding what gave her the most pleasure.
When I felt the first stirring of an
orgasm building within, I willed my cock
muscles to relax. The relaxing helped me
considerably. As a further step I started
thinking about other things, like how much
cooler the nighttime air was. I became
entranced with Cheri's facial expression. Her
eyes were closed and she was off in her own
world of sensual delights. My own sensations
were drifting through my filter of inattention,
which bought precious time for me.
Cheri leaned forward, propping herself up
with her arms on my chest. I knew I was in
trouble when she started moving her pussy in
circles and other patterns other than the
straight linear movement she had been doing.
She threw her head back and started making
little pleasure noises.
My best stalling tactics went out the
window when Cheri's breathing became ragged and
her movements became faster. I flexed my cock
muscles and grabbed her hips. There would be no
turning back for me now. We both discovered
that when I pressed Cheri's hips down our
mutual pleasure increased.
We spoke no words to each other, but the
sounds of pleasure that we made communicated
far better. I held Cheri tightly to me and made
the unmistakable but impossible to put to paper
cry of my release, filling her pussy with the
fruits of my passion.
Cheri's orgasm was more elusive. She
redoubled her efforts, becoming more vocal. Her
breath became ragged as her goal came within
reach. She fucked me like a wildcat, digging
her nails into my chest. The slight pain from
her nails blended with my pleasure and became
When I raked her back with the nails from
both of my hands Cheri cried out her surprise.
Her elusive orgasm ran through her body. She
was still caught up in her pleasure when her
muscles betrayed her. The movements of her
lovemaking became sporadic. Cheri wanted more
and vocalized her frustration. She collapsed on
top of me with a final sigh.
The thrill of feeling Cheri's pussy grasping
around my cock while she came brought out the
animal in me. She needed to be fucked, and
fucked hard! In a flash she found herself on
her back. Her eyes opened wide when I held on
to her shoulders and thrust into her wet
snatch. I used my grip as leverage and ground
my pelvis against her pussy. She started coming
all over again and continued coming as I rammed
myself into her sopping wet snatch.
When I came, our mutual cries of passion
fully sated filled the night air. Even the
crickets outside our tent stopped their mating
calls for a moment. The sweat from our
lovemaking chilled our skin as it evaporated
into the dry Arizona desert air. Neither of us
moved until at least an hour later. I awoke
when I felt Cheri shivering slightly in her
sleep. She cooed and snuggled in closer to the
warmth of my embrace.
The night sky was beginning to give way to
the pre-dawn when the need to urinate brought
me out of my sleep. I felt somehow empty and
then realized that Cheri was gone. The sound of
twigs breaking gave me a momentary start. When
I sat up and looked out the door to the tent
there was Cheri, stark ass naked feeding twigs
into the remaining embers of last night's
campfire. When I came out of my tent she gave
me her best smile before her eyes came to rest
on my piss hard-on.
"Now that's what a gal like me just loves
to see from her lover first thing in the
mornin', but don'cha think we oughta eat a bite
or two first?"
"Oh this?" I made a motion towards my
middle appendage. "I know it looks threatening,
but it only looks that way cause I gotta take a
whiz. I'll be right back."
I slipped on my old river sneakers and did
my business in some nearby bushes that were out
of the line of sight. The morning chill had set
in. When I came back to camp Cheri was on her
hands and knees blowing into the embers to coax
up some flames. Her pussy was pointed right
towards me. The highly enticing sight caught my
immediate attention.
"Whoa now! You better watch where you're
pointing that thing Cheri, especially before
Cheri laughed, "Not before I get this fire
goin' Eric! I'm gettin' chilled to the bone!"
"I think I can help with that. I'll go get
the sleeping bag."
After I came out of my pop tent with the
sleeping bag, I took the only chair and moved
it close to the fire. I wrapped the completely
unzipped bag around me and sat in the chair.
Cheri smiled seductively when I spread the bag
open, wordlessly inviting her to sit on my lap.
We snuggled together, enjoying the warmth and
closeness of each other. The fire gradually
came back to life while we made love with Cheri
facing me in my lap.
It was a slow, sensual fuck. While Cheri
slowly bobbed up and down on my cock she told
me that she wanted to suck me all the way off.
I came into her pussy as she quietly described
in detail how she would blow me. Even after I
had my orgasm she kept my cock inside her
thoroughly spunked up pussy. I wanted to try to
get her to come but she said we could do more
later, she was content with giving me pleasure.
We dug through my ice chest and came up
with bacon and refrigerator biscuits. Cheri
didn't know what dog bread was, so I elected
myself to make breakfast. After the bacon was
done, I popped open the roll of biscuits,
flattened raw dough, then threw them in the
bacon grease. At home, dog bread isn't that
appealing but when camping it's great. I came
up with some peanut butter and jelly and we ate
like royalty.
We left the dishes for later and went for
a quick dip to wash away the remnants of our
lovemaking. By then the sun had come up and
Cheri had to go see her grandpa. After repeated
assurances that I wouldn't be shot, I agreed to
come with her.
Gramps was a little bit gruff at first,
but he softened up some when Cheri brought him
the left over bacon and dog bread we had made
for our breakfast. Cheri was wearing the tee
shirt and swimsuit I had given her. Naturally
the shirt was too large for her and its length
hid what she was wearing underneath it. Gramps
was an old man, but his age didn't stop the
furtive glances towards his grand daughter's
He finally had to ask, "That there shirt
all you got on girl?"
"NO!" Cheri huffed. She lifted the hem to
show her grandfather. "Eric's loaned me one of
his swimsuits! I wouldn’t be caught dead
walking round here without no drawers on with
some of these horny old goats here about?"
"Now don't be gettin' all snippy girl!
They been mighty helpful in keepin' us goin' ya
know! Why, without Earl'n Joe-Bob's generosity
we'd be in a world of hurt bout now!"
"You're right Gramps. I didn't mean
nothin' by it, they're right good folks."
Cheri gave her grandfather a hug to settle
his ruffled feathers. He was a proud man and I
could see the difficulty he had with accepting
charity. When Cheri told him that she was gonna
be gone most of the day he put up a halfhearted
fuss. He and Cheri had already locked horns
over her independence and he had lost out on
the war of wills. Cheri and I promised to show
up for the game of Pinochle, that had become a
twice a week ritual.
Finding Hoss was not a problem. We found
the old gelding contentedly grazing on a patch
of grass no more than 200 yards away. We had
packed up a few necessities for our outing.
Some snacks, a blanket, bathing stuff. As a
last thought I remembered my bottle of
schnapps. With Cheri astride Hoss in front of
me, we rode off into the Mesquite forest. It
was the first time Cheri had tasted peppermint
schnapps. After a couple of swallows each, we
had a healthy buzz going.
old Hoss seemed to have someplace in mind
to take us to because after I started nibbling
on Cheri's neck and ears, we let the reins go
and paid attention to our own desires. We
stopped long enough to strip off all our
clothes. When Cheri remounted she was facing me
with my cock buried to the hilt inside her
snatch. It was a slow sensual fuck. The steady
cadence of Hoss's gait gave his two riders a
new lesson in sensuality. When I finally came
Cheri was so worked up that she leaned back
into my interlaced fingers and furiously
masturbated. With her legs wrapped around my
waist, she bucked and writhed on my cock while
as her fingers did their magic on her puffy
reddened button. I held her upper body in check
while I watched her pursue her pleasure.
Hoss arrived at his destination and
stopped just as Cheri was starting to come. We
were in a nice grassy area right next to the
river with plenty of trees ringing the clearing
and cat tails at the waters edge. I slipped the
shoulder straps of my backpack off one at a
time and let it fall to the ground. Cheri was
in full orgasm mode and squirming on my cock as
I swung one leg over Hoss's neck. I slipped off
his back with my cock still lodged deep inside
Cheri's clasping pussy. The inertia of our
descent drove her against me when my feet met
the ground. Cheri let out a shrill cry as the
impact drove my cock deep into her pussy.
Watching Cheri masturbate herself had
stirred up my libido once again. When she
started coming I knew that I needed to give her
the fucking she so richly deserved. She twined
her fingers together behind my neck to support
herself while I grasped her by the hips and
started driving myself into her with wild
abandon. We looked into each other's eyes and
shared the intensity of our pleasure. After I
climaxed, I barely managed to carry her into
the water before my knees buckled. We howled in
mock agony at the cold water of the river, then
came back together for a lingering kiss.
Cheri and I spent the day at that secluded
little spot at the river. We managed to put a
decent sized dent in the bottle of schnapps
before relaxing for a nap in the soft grass
under the shade of a large Manzanita tree. That
afternoon I was awakened by wet lips on my
crank. When I opened my eyes I saw Cheri on her
knees with my cock in her mouth. She looked at
me and smiled then went back to the job at
hand. After scraping my dick with her teeth a
couple of times and a little coaching from me
she got the hang of it. By the time I was ready
to come Cheri was getting turned on. She pulled
her mouth away and jacked me off as my cock
spewed its wad all over my belly and chest.
Cheri's lips were shiny with my pre-come
and her breathing was heavy as she climbed on
top of my prone body. I looked into her lust
glazed eyes and knew the girl was really worked
up. As badly as Cheri wanted my cock inside her
pussy, I wanted to lick that hot little pussy
of hers first. She voiced her disappointment
loudly until my tongue darted into her
slickened pussy hole. I deliberately stayed
completely away from her clit until I had her
half crazy. Cheri cried out loudly when she
came. Her body thrashed about under my firm
grip. My face was shiny and slick with her
juices when I moved to her clit. Her orgasm
rose to new heights at the new stimulation to
her most sensitive spot. I had to release her
before I drove her out of her mind.
Cheri ended up flat on her belly with her
arms and legs splayed out like an abandoned rag
doll. She let out a moan of relief, then went
limp. My cock cried out for more when I saw how
her gash looked. It was crying out to be fucked
really hard, beckoning to my engorged cock
between the blades of grass that tried to block
my view. I climbed onto her body and used my
weight to press her body into the soft carpet
of grass. The head of my cock parted her pussy
lips, then after a few tentative strokes I
thrust myself completely into her pussy.
Cheri gasped in surprise at being taken
from behind. I fucked her long and hard, raking
her back with my fingernails when I came. Later
the two of us cleaned ourselves up in the river
then dressed. We ate a light lunch then headed
back towards her grandfather's camp.
Cheri fixed the three of us a simple
dinner. I gave her grandfather the last of the
schnapps which made him a friend for life just
like Cheri had predicted. We played Pinochle
with the group and suffered the leering looks
of the other old men at the table. That night
in my tent Cheri gave me a complete blow job
including swallowing my spunk. My mother was
due to arrive in a little while so Cheri helped
me break camp and pack up my things. I promised
to come back as soon as I could and made
tentative plans for the next weekend. It was a
month later when I finally was able to make it
back. Karl rode with me, never knowing what he
had missed out on when he had chickened out
Neither Cheri nor her grandfather were
around. When I asked around, I was told that
they were camped further upriver. I tried in
vein to talk Karl into going with me even
though I knew the trip was too far to go with
the time we had left. I never saw Cheri again,
even though I tried several more times to find
her. I finally gave up when school started that
I'll never forget my first lover. I hope
she'll remember me too.


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