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ROAD thick Sarges but only about

Copyright 1999 by B. Peale. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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My Lord, that was painful! The things we do for art :-}


One For The Road by Bob Peale (1/1)
The 14-hour days were killing her, nine in as many days. At least this crisis
was over, but Vanessa knew that there was another one waiting around the
corner. This was not at all what she'd thought she signed up for when she'd
sold her business to those morons from New York.

Initially, she thought she was getting a sweet deal: $3.5 million for a
business that had taken 10 years to build. She'd be able to lounge around for
a few years, and then maybe start up another one with whatever money was left.
She and her husband would finally be able do a lot of the things they'd always
talked about.

In the eleventh hour, the "investors" realized that they didn't know anything
at all about the market or the business, so they'd restructured the deal:
$3.75 million, plus 10% of the profits for the next 5 years, but she had to
stay on for 18 months and teach someone else the ropes.

It didn't take long to spiral downward. The people she had to train knew
nothing about how to run her business. Everything she'd built started to
crumble, and she found that more often than not, she was working as hard if
not harder than when she first started the store. Thank goodness she only
has three months left before she can cash out and get the hell out of there.

It was after 11 PM by the time she pulled into her garage. Inside the house
she walked to the bathroom, stripping off her clothes as she went. Her
husband was in Phoenix on business (hopefully for the last time), so after
taking a long hot shower, she climbed right into bed. Soon, today would just
be another in a long line of bad dreams.

After 3 hours of tossing and turning, Vanessa realized that she was still too
wound up to fall asleep. Growing up, she would go for long drives when she
couldn't sleep, but she hadn't done that in years. Kicking back the covers,
she swung her legs over the side of the bed and foraged around for some
clothes. The first two things she found were an old tank top she liked to
wear around the house, and a short skirt she'd worn a couple of days ago.
She didn't bother with shoes or underwear; she wasn't planning to stop

She drove along the interstate for a while, just happy to have the windows
down, the radio playing, and the road behind her. As the miles ticked off on
the odometer, she felt the day's tension to drain away. When she got bored
with the highway, she exited, and began winding through little towns and back
roads, no real destination in mind.

Driving along a particularly desolate road, a sense of isolation washed over
her. She felt the irrational need to be anywhere but there. Looking at the
clock, she noted that it was 3:00 in the morning. Up ahead, the road
stretched endlessly into blackness. She had no idea where she was, but was
confident that she could backtrack. She turned her wheels sharply to the
left and made a u-turn, speeding back the way she came.

If she hadn't been so concerned with getting away from there, she might have
noticed the speed limit sign, or at least the unmarked police car hidden in
the bushes next to it. As soon as she sped by, the car lurched onto the road
behind her and snapped on the blue and red lights. There was no way she was
pulling over by the side of this road; she kept going until she came upon a
roadside diner that was closed for the night, a well lit parking lot
prominent in front.

The unmarked car pulled in behind her, and out stepped a state trooper. He
was a bear of a man, at least 6'4", full and broad in the chest, with a
chiseled jaw and shoulders you could easily rest a house on. The look on his
face as he approached quickly led Vanessa to the conclusion that her best
option was to take the ticket, and get home as soon as she could.

"Evening ma'am," he said deeply. "License and registration, please." She had
to reach over to the glove box to retrieve them, causing her skirt to hike up
and reveal a significant portion of her upper thigh and hip. She opted not to
pull it down, hoping to draw as little attention to the fact that she wasn't
wearing any underwear. She sat back up and handed it to the trooper.

While he went back to his car to run her information, Vanessa closed her eyes
and took several deep breaths. She needed to calm down; otherwise she was
going to get in all sorts of trouble. The sudden intrusion of the trooper's
voice startled her.

"Ma'am, do you know why I stopped you?" he asked, shining his flashlight in
the car. She shook her head. "The speed limit on this road is 35; do you
have any idea how fast you were going?" Again she shook her head. "Have you
been drinking this evening?" Before she could shake her head again he
barked, "Speak to me!"

His tone made her jump "No sir, I haven't," she answered meekly.

The whole time he'd been passing the beam of the flashlight over her body,
trailing along her breasts, her crotch, up and down her bare legs. When she
looked up at his face he seemed to be wrestling with something.

"Step out of the car please, ma'am," he said finally, moving back to give her
room to open the car door, hand on the butt of his weapon in the event that
she made a sudden move.

Vanessa's heart dropped to her stomach. Taking another deep breath, she
unlocked the door and pushed it open.

He gestured with his flashlight. "Please walk that line, and stop in front of
the porch."

The parking lot gravel was warm and pebbly under her bare feet. She walked
as best she could, but her nervousness made her shake badly enough to step
off the line several times. When she'd reached the end, she turned and
looked back at him. He stood for a few minutes evaluating her performance,
and then joined her.

"Not so good. We're going to try another one." Stepping back slightly, he
continued, "Please raise your right foot as high as you can, bending it at the

She was aware that her skirt was rising at a rate much faster than her leg was
moving. She started to lower her leg, but thought better of it after the
trooper shot her a menacing glare.

"Now, please lower it and raise the left one." Was that a quiver she heard in
his voice? She looked over at him as she raised the other leg, and noticed
that there was a sizeable bulge in the crotch of his uniform pants. Under
other circumstances, she'd be incredibly aroused.

"Okay, lower it," he said gruffly. She did. "Now, turn and face the railing.
Stretch out your arms parallel to the ground, close your eyes, and touch the
tip of your nose with your right index finger."

"Now, with the left," he said from immediately behind her. She hadn't heard
him move.

When she was done he said, "Now, with your eyes still shut, place your hands
on the railing."

As soon as she did, she felt the cool steel of handcuffs on both wrists. Her
eyes shot open.

"What is this?" she sputtered. "Am I under arrest."

"No," he said, lifting her skirt over her hips and moving her feet apart with
his boot. "This'll just make things a little easier."

Before she could ask what he was talking about, he began slowly rubbing her
ass, moving up and around the cheeks, and down between her crack.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her voice starting to rise. " I'm going to

He chuckled. "Go ahead. This road is deader than a cemetery at this time of
night. Counting your car there's been one car on it all shift, and only four
across the same shift all week. Make all the noise you want. Hell, that'll
make it more fun!"

So she did, at the top of her lungs, as well as kick and jump, and pull
against the handcuffs. She kicked vigorously behind her, but he easily
sidestepped them. He slapped her ass, his large hand stinging both cheeks.
"Not smart," he admonished. "If you connect and I pass out, you ass is
chained here until I wake up." He slapped her a few more times across the
ass. "Just relax and enjoy," he continued, running his fingers along her

She quieted down and closed her eyes, biting down on her lower lip and trying
to imagine that she was anywhere but here. She concentrated on the movement
of his hands, following it's path with her mind, trying to distract herself
from the humiliation she was suffering. His hands followed a path along her
crack, stopping to tease her asshole, then moving down to her outer lips and
back up. Slowly, her pussy started to moisten under all the attention, and
she began pushing back, trying to mount his fingers when they got close

"That's it," he hissed. "That's a girl."

Vanessa gasped when he replaced the fingers with his tongue, swirling it over
her pussy lips from behind. His tongue was hot and hard and slippery, coating
her with a mixture of saliva and the juices she was dripping on it. She
started fucking it, trying to grab it with her pussy and draw it in. Her
nipples were rock hard and standing out from her tits. She rocked forward so
that she could rub them against the railing. After a bit she had a rhythm
going, grazing her nipples against the railing, and pressing her cunt into his
tongue. It felt wonderful.

She was so lost in the feeling that she didn't realize he'd stop licking her
until she felt something new against her pussy. Hard and round, at first she
thought that it was his cock, but her mind insisted that it was much too big
and stiff for that.

"What are you..uugghhhh!" Her sentence was cut short.

He'd removed his nightstick from his gun belt and had thrust it in her pussy.
She was not a small girl, but she'd never fucked anything like the nightstick
before. It was at least twice as big around as a broomstick, with ridges on
one end to make a better grip. It was the ridged end that he was fucking her
with, and she could feel each ridge strain past her inner lips and burrow deep
inside. At first, he limited just used the grip, spreading her wide and
stimulating the walls of her pussy. Involuntarily she squeezed down on it,
trying to limit its motion; however, all that did was increase the friction,
which made her even wetter. Despite herself, she started to moan.

The moans spurred the trooper on. He began to maneuver the nightstick deeper,
working more and more of it in, and then withdrawing the whole length. It was
so big! She was seeing stars, but she was getting hotter and hotter, and had
begun rubbing her nipples against the railing faster.

"Oh yes, oh yesssssss. Fuck me. Ohhhhh." She chanted.

Vanessa increased the rocking motion, fucking the nightstick back while she
teased her nipples. She didn't care anymore that she was outside next to the
road being taken advantage of. She could feel all the tension she'd been
trying to release start to bubble up, to boil, pushing her toward an earth
shattering orgasm. And she couldn't wait for it's release.

As if reading her mind, the next time he withdrew the nightstick, he pulled
all the way out. He pussy stood gaping and twitching, trying to grab at the
nightstick that had filled it a short while ago. She began to shake
violently, her orgasm cruelly interrupted.

The trooper laughed. "Don't worry sweetheart, we're not done."

He left her chained to the front, while he jumped into his car and drove it
around back. A few minutes later, he came back around to her. Deftly, he
unlocked the handcuffs, then quickly repositioned her hands in font of her and
locked them back before she even realized that she was free of the railing.

"Let's see what these really look like," he said, pulling her tank top over
her head and down around her arms. "Holy shit!"

To say that Vanessa had great tits was like saying the Grand Canyon was a big
ass hole. Large and firm, the size of ripe melons, no matter what she wore
they seemed to spill out. She'd never worn a bra because she couldn't find
one that was comfortable enough, or for that matter covered her, so she just
favored blousy clothes. She wasn't at a point yet where they sagged under
their own weight, so they stood firm and beautiful against the rest of her
frame. When she was horny (like now), the nipples stuck out in two jagged
points growing in length between and _ inch. The normally pink nipples
turned a deep red. Right now, the constant rubbing against the railing had
made them a dark crimson, and they looked swollen and ready to explode.

Enticed, he bent over and took one into his mouth, sucking on it, getting it
nice and wet. She responded by mashing it into his mouth. He began to nibble
on it and her legs buckled, the sensations shooting through her groin too much
to withstand. Effortlessly, he bent over and scooped her up. She was a big
girl.almost 5'10" and easily 160 lbs, but lifted her like she was made of

"Uh uh, little lady. Stay with me now."

Making his way with her around back, he put her down next to the police car,
taking care to stand her up. Forcefully, he ripped the tank top from her
arms, and pulled the skirt down, leaving her totally nude in the approaching
morning air.

In the dawning light, she realized that there was another man lying on the
ground on a blanket next to the car, cock pointing straight up in the air.
The damn thing was 14 inches if it was an inch, and thick around as a

"Whose that?" she asked, eyes glued to the man's cock.

The trooper smiled. "Oh him? That's Sarge. I was just getting you ready for
him. You picked the wrong night to get stopped for speeding.he hasn't had any
pussy in almost a month."

She could see why. He had the largest cock she'd ever heard of.he put the
porno films she'd seen to shame. He had a medium build, maybe six feet tall,
blonde hair, and smooth body. He looked average; she'd probably pass him on
the street normally.

"Again, feel free to make all of the noise you want; no one will hear you."
He grinned while he kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. "And I've
never seen a woman yet that didn't squeal when Sarge puts in `em. But don't
worry; I'll help you a little."

He bent over and roughly ran his tongue back and forth over Vanessa's
nipples. Once they were rock hard again, he started to suck and nibble at
them, making her moan and starting her pussy juicing again. Sarge scooted
under her so that he could position his cock right under her pussy. In
addition sucking, her nipples, he also used his finger to massage her crack
and his thumb to apply pressure to her clit. She was out of her mind; the
pussy juice was actually dripping from her pussy onto the cock below her.
Without warning, Sarge reached up and grabbed her hips.

"Hold tight," he grunted, ramming his cock head and first few inches of his
cock into her.

She must have passed out momentarily, because one minute it felt like she'd
ran face first into the sun, and the next it was like someone was pushing
their arm in her up to their elbow. Also, there was another large cock
hanging in her face that she didn't remember ever seeing before.

"Open wide."

The trooper's cock was almost as thick as Sarge's, but only about half as
long. The slow, steady thrust of the huge cock in her pussy awakened the
orgasm that had been denied her earlier. Greedily Vanessa sucked on the cock
head dangling in front of her, stretching her mouth to make it fit. She
could feel the blood pumping through it, keeping it hard. Like a woman
possessed she tongued at his piss slit, tasting the precum as it worked it's
way to the surface. The handcuffs rendered her unable to support herself
with the trooper standing there. Her head, held between his hands as he
fucked her face, was actually the only thing holding her upright. As her jaw
got used to the size of the cock in her mouth he worked more in.

"Relax your throat and breath through your nose," he snarled. "I want to get

Without waiting for her to adjust, he leaned into he, pushing the head over
her tongue and toward her throat. She struggled to open her throat, afraid
that she really would suffocate. But after a few moments, it slid easier,
and she felt like the two cocks in her were working toward a common meeting

Sarge switched his tactics suddenly, making her groan loudly, and allowing the
cock in her mouth to lodge firmly up to the pubic hairs. He started ramming
the entire length of his cock all the way in until they pressed pelvises, then
slowly withdrew, only to ram it back in again. He hit so hard he rubbed her
clit with every forceful inward thrust, and teasing it, bruising it.

Also without warning, the trooper released her head and pulled his cock out,
stepping away. She had to throw her hands in front of her quickly to keep
from hitting the car he'd been leaning against. Through the haze of pleasure
and pain she felt coming from her pussy, Vanessa became aware of movement
around her asshole. The fucking she enduring made her incapable of any
speech except moans and groans, so she began shaking her head. She arched
her back as a thumb probed past her anal ring and began to move in and out,
in time with the fucking she was receiving. She began to moan deep in her
throat, the initial pain giving way to a pleasure as she adjusted to feeling
of something in her ass. She'd often toyed with the idea of anal sex, but
had never been brave enough to try it. Almost as soon as she got used to it,
the thumb popped out, only to be replaced by the head of a cock. Slowly but
steadily he pushed, until the head slid in.

"Uuunnnnngggghhhhh," she groaned, stretching toward the sky. The trooper
waited, his cock head stretching her asshole, while she got used to the feel
of something so large in there. The motion of the pounding in her pussy helped to work the cock in her ass deeper in.

"uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh," she moaned over and over as it continued in.
Finally, his pubic hair brushed the cheeks of her ass at the same time Sarge
hit bottom, and a rocket exploded in her head.

"Oh MY GOD!!!" she screamed.

The two men began pounding into her with renewed energy. The trooper reached
around to squeeze her nipples as he drilled into her, while Sarge to great
care to make sure that he hit her clit every time. The three of them moved
frantically in sync as the sun slowly rose, sweat covering their bodies, the
smell of sex mixing with the smell of outdoors and early morning. Both men had a firm hold on her hips, pushing their cocks in as far as they would go.

It was amazing that she hadn't cum earlier; it had taken her body a little
while to adapt to the punishment it was enduring. Deep in the pit of her
stomach, her orgasm broke loose, and she could feel the tingle start to
spread, first out to her toes and fingers, then up toward her neck. It
reached her clit and her nipples at almost the same time, and erupted in a
ball of sensation that felt like the rush you feel when you open the door of
a burning building.

"Uh huh, Oh God, I'm.yes.yess..yes..AAAHHHHHHH!" she screamed, startling the
birds in the trees around her.

Her pussy and asshole both contracted with the force of her orgasm. The
pressure pushed both men past the breaking point, and they flooded both of
her holes with hours of pent up cum. They were both large enough to continue
fucking her while they pumped stream after stream of cum into her, getting
each hole more lubricated as they filled her. The slippery sensation of the
cocks sliding effortlessly into her brought her quickly to a second orgasm
almost immediately as the first one ended. When they were done, both men lay
still, cocks thickly embedded in her holes, all three breathing deeply. They
stirred as the sound of traffic grew constant around the other side of the
restaurant, a sure sign that the people would soon be arriving.

The trooper stood up, his cock slipping out with a pop. Wordlessly, he picked
Vanessa up, freeing Sarge's cock from her pussy in the process. Shakily, she
stood while he unfastened the handcuffs, the cum dribbling thickly out of her
pussy and asshole, both red and enflamed and gaping from the pounding.

Reaching down, he picked up his uniform tunic. "You'd better wear this," he
said, tossing her his uniform tunic.

While she slipped it on and buttoned it, the other trooper stood, his cock
swinging massively between his legs, and gathered the blanket and threw it in
the car. Then both men pulled on their pants and their windbreakers, and
climbed in the car. As they were turning the car around to leave, the one
with the huge cock rolled down his window and held out a business card.

"If you ever get to feeling like speeding again, give us a call," he said

Rolling the window back up, they drove away. Vanessa picked up her skirt and
walked around the side of the building, where she got in her car and continued
down the road, the sun now firmly up in the sky.

She realized she still didn't know exactly where she was, or how to get home.
Maybe she would run into a cop along the way, she thought, as she
unconsciously reached down and started to play with her clit.
The End.
I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am currently
at work on others that will be posted as soon as they are finished. Thank
you for all of the constructive comments and words of encouragement. If you
have story ideas, feel free to email them to me; I can't promise anything,
but I'm always looking for things to write about.

As always, please drop me a line with your comments.

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