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ROAST camera that film


He finished tying the ropes off and then sat back to admire her gorgeous
young body, so sleek and smooth, a tight little teen if ever there was one.
She looked at him anxiously. "Will it hurt much?" He laughed at her. She
was such a dumb little bitch. "Baby...this had better hurt a lot," he told
her, "you know Daddy likes to see you hurt." She closed her eyes and
shuddered. She was on all fours, hands and ankles chained to the ground; a
metal collar around her neck was attached to the ceiling by a thick chain,
as was a steel band that circled her waist. These were to stop her from
collapsing. "Ready?" he asked and she nodded, "kiss your tits goodbye." He
plugged in the grill and slid it under her chest, right below her fat
melons. They were going to taste so good...nothing better than young fresh
meat. At eighteen, she was perfect, her teenaged ass unblemished,
untouched, and she was his. So she wouldn't stay fresh for long. He
grinned as she closed her eyes and sighed. A quick check of the little
cunt's pussy told him all he needed to know...she was dripping. The little
slut had no idea what pain was and she thought she wanted to be a
submissive. He wondered how she would feel after he cut the roasted flesh
from her body.

The grill took a while to heat up and as it did, he stroked her hairless
little slit, enjoying how wet she was getting. "Fuck me?" she asked, but
he shook his head. "Not until it starts to hurt." She shuddered at that
and humped back at him as best as she could. Her tits were sweating now,
little drops falling onto the grill and hissing as they hit. He gave her a
little bit to drink, to keep her hydrated and injected some stimulants into
her. Her tits were bright red now...not long. She arched her back gently.
"Oh God...I feel like my boobies are melting," she whispered. "That's good
honey. That means they're cooking," he replied and she groaned with
desire, "you know, they probably are melting. Or at least, all that fat
is." She was moaning constantly now, in pain and desire and he thought that
now would be a good time. He got on his hands and knees behind her and
pushed his cock into her cunt. She squeaked a little, unused to his size,
but pushed back against him, forcing him into her tightness. He gasped,
stroking her tight little ass. "Good girl, fuck me baby. Fuck me while
your tits cook." And she did, her muscles spasmed in pain, milking him
gently, he knew he wouldn't last long and sure enough, it wasn't long
before he exploded inside her, fucking her hard. He pulled out, leaving
her hot and bothered still. "Please," she whined, "please finish me
off...let me come." "Not yet," he said, "we have a few more preparations."
"Preparations?" "Yeah. Number one, those tits need some flavouring in them
and number two, they aren't gonna cook all the way through without
something to conduct the heat right into the middle of them." She nodded
slowly. "Here's how we do it...." he took out some skewers, "we slide two
of these through the middle of each tit, one left to right, one top to
bottom." He took the grill out and checked her tits. They felt extremely
hot so he used gloves while he put the skewers in. She moaned as he pushed
them through, her eyes wide. "How do we flavour them?" she asked when he
was done. "We inject some sauce," he said, showing her the thick syringes
and their fluid. He pushed the needles carefully through her nipples and
into her breast. She screamed as he injected the fluid slowly, the sauce
was flavoured with both salt and chilli, which meant that she would be
burning inside now, her tits throbbing. He smiled as the firm flesh
swelled with the fluid; she definitely gained a cup size or two. He
repeated the process on the other one. Her tits had cooled a little now
and he cupped their weight in his hands, massaging them, feeling the liquid
spread through them, inflaming the tender tissue. After a few minutes they
were even more swollen, the liquid had dispersed throughout her glands,
flavouring every part of her tit flesh, irritating the sensitive tissue,
burning from the inside out... She whimpered as he gave them a final
squeeze and then released them. "I'm not sure I can do this anymore..."
she whispered. "I'm sorry to hear that darling, because we have now ruined
your beautiful tits. Even if we don't cook them, they're gonna die. So
you may as well you know. Either way, you're going to be a titless little
bitch." She started to cry. "Okay Daddy, put the grill back," she said
softly and he did, stroking her ass gently as she cried and groaned. But
she couldn't fight the heat in her loins and soon she was begging him to
fuck her again, her little cunt quivering and dripping. "Oh baby," he
sighed as he slid into her, "can we cook this little pussy of yours too?"
She was quiet for a moment. "But how would you fuck me? And wouldn't I
die if you cooked my cunt?" she groaned, her cunt gripping him tightly as
he fucked her. "No baby, we just sew you up, no more clit, no more hole and I use this," he told her fingering her asshole. "Could I still have
orgasms?" Another stupid question. "No, you couldn't. No more orgasms to
worry about, you would just think about me and how to please me..." "O-Okay
Daddy, whatever you want..." He grinned. The smell of roasting girl was in
the air now, and his mouth watered as he fucked her. Yes, he decided, he
would cook her little cunt as well. He'd do it himself with a blowtorch.
His little baby would enjoy that. He felt her pussy grip him harder now
and she cried out as she came, fucking back hard. He kept fucking her,
feeling the tightness build and finally he came again, flooding her cunt with his juice. She was quiet as he checked her tits. "Are they okay?"
"Yeah, they'll be about another hour," he told her, feeding her some more
water. She was clearly in pain now, her brow furrowed, sweat dripping off
her body. "Daddy?" "Yeah honey?" "Will I have a baby before you cook my
pussy?" "No sweetie. No babies for you. We're gonna take you to a special
doctor to take care of that." "Okay." She was panting softly, her brow
creased in pain. "You don't like me having orgasms do you?" she asked
suddenly. "What makes you say that?" "Because it makes me not want to have
sex anymore." "That's true. I don't like it." "Can we cook my pussy soon
then? I just want to please you." "Okay. We can do that." He smiled to
himself; she was coming along VERY nicely. "And Daddy?" "Yes sweetie?"
"Will I still be a woman?" He frowned, "how do you mean?" "I mean will I
still be a woman after you cook my breasts and my pussy and I go to the
doctor?" He thought for a moment. "Sweetie, you will never be a woman. A
woman is someone who's free to do what she wants, have babies get married.
No one owns a woman. But I own you. You do what you're told, when I tell
you to do it. I am going to have you spayed, because that's what a master
does to a bitch to stop it from having babies. The master doesn't ask the
dog, he just does it. You're my little bitch, my little dog." She groaned
and arched her back when he said that. He knew her little cunt burned when
he said that. She wanted to be his bitch. "What will happen to me?"
"Well, we're going to finish cooking your tits and then slice them off.
After that the doctor will fix you up and in a few weeks I will cook your
little cunt. Then the doctor will sew you closed and take out your womb,
to stop you from having babies or even sex. After that a special man will
come and he will put shackles on you wrists, ankles and neck and weld them
into place. After that you will be an animal forever. You will let me
fuck your ass whenever I want, keep the house clean and serve me however I
want. You will do that until I decide to sell you." "Sell me?" "When you
are thirty or so, you will start to loose your looks. You'll start to get
old and ugly. I won't want you when that happens- no one will. So before
that happens I will sell you for a lot of money." "To who?" she gasped. He
didn't answer her, but checked her tits. They were going a golden brown
colour now, the nipples leaking some of the special sauce. The little
bitch was panting softly, trying not to scream, obviously in pain. He
rubbed her slit and she humped back weakly. She was dripping back there,
her juices running onto the floor. "Probably to someone who makes a snuff
film," he finally told her, "most women who are sold as slaves are young and pretty, with a long life of servitude in front of them. But at that
age, most slaves get sold for slaughter. They are tortured to death in
front of a camera so that a film of it can be sold and their meat is sold
to rich men who like the taste." She shuddered at the thought, but her hips
were still rolling. "Do you want a life like that?" he asked her softly,
"a life spent serving me with your ass because you have no cunt left, no
tits either? A life without orgasms because I took your little clit off?
Would you like me to spend the next ten years destroying your body, using
your ass as an ashtray, putting out my cigars on your ass?" "Yes Daddy, do
it...ruin my body." "Would you like to be sold to someone you don't know?
Killed slowly, painfully?" "Please..." she whispered, her hips rolling, her
roasting tits jiggling below her, "Daddy...please. I'm so hot... I want
to be yours... I want you to sell me... I want to be a bitch...." "Good
little slut." He patted her ass and then went and got the big butchers
knife and a tray, pulled out the grill and turned it off. She was swaying
a little, held up by the chains. He set the tray down below her and then
slid into her tight little cunt, his cock hard again. She humped back at
him weakly. With a practiced hand he reached below her and sliced her
right tit off, listening as it hit the tray with satisfaction. Her cunt went crazy around his cock then and the little bitch squealed with
new-found vigour. The blade came up under the other one and he began
cutting slowly this time, small slices as her cunt went crazy. He felt her
begin to come as he finished cutting through the flesh and then she went
limp. She had passed out at last. He pulled out and picked up the tray,
savouring the wonderful smell. He went to call the doctor, leaving his
little bitch chained and unconscious. He couldn't wait to toast that


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