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ROBINPT1 girls her age Dr Sally told



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature,
and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further, if perusal
of such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by
your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass this
story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an original
work of fiction, which involves some adult and incest sexual
situations. The author does not promote in having sexual relations
with anyone under legal age.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy and repost so long as any
such action contains these disclaimers and no attempt is made
to profit from this story and no changes are made to the story
during reposting.
Robin's dive trip Part 1 of 5B (MFf, teen, incest) By Sammie

John and Susan a thirtieth couple had a 14-year-old daughter
named Robin. Robin was your typical 14-year-old girl with many
friends and liked to play sports. John and Susan had planned for
a long time a two-week trip to the Caribbean with Robin during
her summer vacation. John owned a very successful architect firm.
An important client of the firm asked John to attend a big meeting
during the same time frame as their trip to the Caribbean. Susan
suggested to John that her brother Sam take Robin to the Caribbean.
Sam was 26, a certified scuba instructor and a computer software
whiz. Susan called her brother Sam to explain the situation.
The trip was pre-paid and Sam had flextime at his job so he
accepted the opportunity to take his 14-year-old niece on
a trip to the Caribbean. They told Robin the good news, that
thanks to her Uncle Sam that her trip would not have to be
canceled. Robin liked being with her Uncle and couldn't
wait to be alone with him for two whole weeks at a romantic spot.

Sam and Robin flew out first class and arrived at their hotel.
Since a family trip was planned, a beautiful 1BR suite with a
king size bed and a double size bed was reserved. They checked
in and got ready for the beach. She was hoping to get her Uncle
excited and maybe have him teach her more then scuba diving so
she un-packed her most sexy 2-piece white thong, skimpy top
bathing suit and changed into the suit. Sam could not believe
how cute his 14-yr. niece could be and started getting hard.
They went to a small beach past the hotel that Sam knew about.
You see Sam has been to St. Martin many times to take his diving
students on open water dives so he knew the Island very well.
Typical to St. Martin this beach was clothing optional. You see
Sam also had plans for seducing his young virgin niece during
this trip.

Robin and Sam found a nice spot on the beach. It was late and
the beach did not have many people on it. Robin and Sam spread
out their towels and Robin asked her uncle to spread on some sun
lotion. Sam spread the lotion all over her body and massaged it
into her very slowly. It felt very good to Robin, she was starting
to relax, and she just laid down onto the towel in a dreamy state.
About an hour, later Robin went in for a swim with Sam. The water
was great and Sam noticed that Robin's white bathing suite became
almost transparent when it became wet and he was able to see her
small nipples let alone looking from behind at her cute ass
exposed via the thong. When they got back to the suite, Robin
went into a shower to get ready for Dinner. Sam told her to
get dressed fancy tonight as he was taking her to a special
place to eat. Dressed for dinner in thigh high stockings,
short dress no bra, Robin emerged from the bedroom looking
like a beautiful 18-20 year old. It was hard for Sam to imagine
that his niece looked this good at 14. It reminded him of his
sister Susan at that age. At the restaurant, Robin turned many
male heads and Sam was glad he was the man with her tonight.
Since they thought Robin was over 18 they served her drinks
and Sam and her drank, ate and talked about school, his job
and her wanting to take scuba diving lessons. When they got
back to the hotel Robin was tired from the drinks at dinner
and the plane ride to St. Martin so she changed into a T-shirt
with her g-string, style blue panties underneath for bed. She
kissed Sam good night, thanking him for taking her on the
great trip and went into the double bed.

She was glad her Uncle Sam came on this trip instead of her
parents. He treated her as an adult rather then a 14-yr.
old child. Sam was tired from the trip and from the drinks
at dinner but he wanted his niece to sleep first before he
got into the King size bed in the room. He was excited
about sleeping in the same room as this 14-year-old
beauty but knew he wasn't going to fall asleep without
masturbating first on the couch in the living room.

At about 2:00 am a tropical storm hit making thunder and
lightening and Robin woke up in a dizzy, sleepy state and
without thinking twice jumped into her uncle's, king size
bed, snuggling close to her uncle. Sam woke up also in a
sleepy state (in his typical bedroom attire - nude) and
thought it was his girlfriend in bed with him rather then
his 14-year-old niece. Sam started massaging Robin's bare
back and raised her T-shirt exposing her g-string panties
and back. He started rubbing from her bare back down to her
panties and legs to calm her down from the storm. Robin's
head was still foggy from their dinner drinks so she didn't
think anything of her uncle rubbing the back of her body and
calling her Mary, plus she was enjoying the attention her
uncle was paying her. Sam started rubbing under her panties
on her buttocks and the back of her legs, while he was still
in his dreamy stage. He asked Mary to roll over and without
thinking that her young breasts would be exposed for the first
time to a man especially her uncle she rolled over. Sam started
rubbing her front, Robin was already excited form the back
massage and was starting to get funny feelings down below,
but she just laid there and enjoyed the attention her uncle
was giving her. Sam was rubbing her small breasts and was
going up and down her body. He even went over her g-string-covered
mound and had his finger go under the thin material a few times.
Sam then rolled over and started licking Robin's young breasts,
still calling her Mary and thinking it was his girlfriend's
breasts he was licking and teasing. Since he was nude under
the covers his penis brushed against Robin, she never saw a man's
penis before so she was scared but excited at the same time. She
was hoping to get a better look at it before the night was out.
Robin started moaning and panting and all of a sudden, Sam woke
up and realized it was his sister's 14-year-old daughter next
to him and not his girlfriend. He thought he was dead and their
trip was ruined. He started apologizing to Robin explaining
that it was the booze and he shouldn't be doing this to a
14-year-old let alone his niece. She told him that it was
ok, that it felt good and not to worry about it but he was
still embarrassed and rolled to the other side of the bed
and went to sleep.

The next morning they woke up in bed together Robin's leg over
Sam's. Sam got up since he slept in the nude, very slowly and
careful so he didn't wake Robin, to make coffee, still thinking
of the night's events with Robin. He saw her young body exposed
but decided to just get out of the room quickly, so he put on a
pair of thin running shorts, before she woke up and saw his nude
body and left the room. He figured he would see if Robin remembered
or said anything about last night. Robin got up with her T-shirt
wrapped around her neck and her breasts and panties exposed in her
Uncle's bed and figured she had a bad dream from the storm. She
brought her T-shirt down and went out to meet her Uncle for coffee.
They talked about what they were going to do today and none of
them brought up last night's events. Robin asked Sam if she
could start her, scuba diving class and Sam took her over to
his friend's Pete dive shop.

Sam introduced his niece Robin to Pete and explained why they
were in St. Martin together and asked if it was ok to certify
his niece for scuba diving. Pete told Sam that since he was a
scuba diving instructor that he would let him teach his niece
to dive and will provide them the equipment. However, since
she was only 14 years old he asked Sam about her medical and
physical condition. Sam was unsure about this matter and
asked Robin when she had a medical exam last. Robin told
Pete and Sam that her last physical was a year ago for
school sports. Pete told them he needed a more recent
exam and gave them the name of Sally a doctor friend of
his, Dr. Sally, as she was known in the area. Pete called
Sally and explained to her that his friend brought his niece
to his shop for scuba diving instruction but did not have a
current physical exam certification and could he get her
right in. Sally told Pete that she could make an opening
for them in two hours. Sam and Robin went into Sally's office
and introduced themselves. Sally could not believe how lucky
she was to get to exam this young beautiful girl. You see Sally
usually has the older locals and some of their kids as her clients.
Robin was to good to be true and she was glad she was able to
make an appointment for her.

Sally directed Robin into her exam room and told Robin to remove
her shorts, tank top, and panties and to put on the examination
gown. Dr. Sally stepped out of the room so Robin could change and
spoke to Sam about Robin's medical condition. Sam explained that
Robin was his niece and that he wasn't sure when she had or if she
even had periods or anything like that. Dr. Sally told him that he
could go back to Pete's and return in about two hours. Dr. Sally
went back into the exam room and saw Robin in the next to nothing
exam gown and started getting feelings throughout her body. She
couldn't believe how lucky her boring day turned out to be. Dr.
Sally had Robin sit on the exam table and started asking her
medical questions. Robin explained that she started getting
her periods about a year ago and her next friend as she called
them wasn't due for another 3 weeks. She asked Robin about boys
touching her in her private parts and Robin told Dr. Sally that
no one has touched her private parts except her family doctor.
Robin's family doctor was a man, and Robin was glad that she was
able to see a pretty, young female doctor in this strange country.
She was nervous that she was going to be stuck with some old
medicine man type doctor. Dr. Sally took the Stethoscope from
around her neck and started the exam. During the exam, Robin
explained the situation that brought her to St. Martin with her
Uncle Sam and told Dr. Sally that the trip was for two weeks.
She knew she had at least two hours with this beautiful young
girl and she was going to take her time seducing her.

She was going to try to see her again within the next two weeks.
Robin felt comfortable around Dr. Sally and thought she was quite
friendly. She wasn't nervous and thought this would be a basic
exam that would be done in about a half-hour and starting her
scuba lessons shortly, however she was wrong. Sally was a
certified scuba diver, which is how Pete and her met; she
was a student of Pete's so she started explaining to Robin
about scuba diving. Dr. Sally mentioned to Robin that because
of her age and that, it has been a year since her last physical
that a complete gynecological examination including a breast
exam to check her breasts for any signs of lumps, growths or
things like that and that she would need a temperature reading
and urine sample. Robin was nervous about all Dr. Sally was
saying but she was so excited about being able to scuba dive
with her Uncle Sam that she just told Dr. Sally to do whatever
was required so Pete would let her take the lessons.

Since it was only Dr. Sally and Robin in the exam room, she
asked Robin to remove the gown so she could look over
her body and start the breast examination. Robin didn't think
anything was wrong with Dr. Sally seeing her nude young body,
after all Dr. Sally was a woman and a professional doctor. Dr.
Sally started pinching, rubbing and massaging Robin's young
breasts explaining that she was looking for lumps or growths.
She asked Robin if she rubbed her breasts like this or has
anyone else in the past. Robin told Dr. Sally that the only
one that touched her breasts like this was her doctor last year
but the only difference and Robin didn't tell Dr. Sally was that
Dr. Sally was getting her excited and touching her more then her
male doctor did. She wasn't going to tell the good doctor about
what she dreamed her Uncle did - rubbing and sucking her breasts
last night. Robin just figured that since Dr. Sally was a female
doctor she knew more about young girl breasts so she just enjoyed
the feelings she was experiencing with Dr. Sally.

Dr. Sally was enjoying this herself and could not wait to get to
the exam of this young girl's virgin pussy. She had to keep pacing
herself. After the breast exam, Dr. Sally told Robin to get up because
she needed a urine sample. She handed Robin the cup and told her she
could pee over the small toilet located to the right in front of the
exam table. Robin never peed in front of anybody before but thought
since Sally was a doctor and no one else was around that, she would
just do it to get this exam over and start diving with her uncle.
Dr. Sally was enjoying the view of this young girl's ass as she
walked over to the toilet and started peeing into the small cup.
As Robin walked, back over to Dr. Sally, to hand her back the cup,
she noticed that this girl had very light soft silk like pubic hairs
that barely concealed her vaginal lips to almost no hair on her pussy
lips yet. Dr. Sally took the sample, put it on the side counter, and
had Robin get back on the table but this time on her front so she
could take her temperature rectally. Dr. Sally loved this part of
the job especially with this young girl, she could tell by looking
at Robin's pussy lips that she was being turned on and so was the
good doctor. Dr. Sally hoped that Robin didn't notice her nipples
getting hard and poking through her thin blouse plus she was getting
very wet just thinking of what she was going to be doing with this
young girl. Dr. Sally put on a glove, lubricated her finger with K-Y
jelly, and started to move it in and out of Robin's rectum explaining
that this will make it easier for the thermometer to go in.

Robin started getting funny feelings like those that she had last night while
sleeping with her uncle but didn't say anything to Dr. Sally she just
let out a moan occasionally. Dr. Sally knew she would give this
girl her first orgasm by the end of this complete examination, then
she would masturbate herself thinking about what she did with and to
this young 14-year-old girl. Dr. Sally left the thermometer in for three
minutes while she prepared for the examination of this girl's virgin
pussy. She took off the glove and put a pair of fresh latex gloves
on her hands to get ready to remove the thermometer and have Robin
turn over to start the balance of this gynecological examination.
She had Robin put her legs into the stir-ups then got some paper to
wipe Robin's ass of the K-Y jelly accidentally touching her pussy.
However, since Robin was a little sensitive and turned on by all the
attention, that was given to her pussy, ass and breasts, she lifted her
hips a little in the air. She could not believe this was required just
to go scuba diving but she had heard from her Uncle Sam that you do get
weird pressures in your body from scuba diving so she thought that this
must be required to make sure the pressures didn't hurt her young body.

Dr. Sally started lightly touching the outer mound of Robin, similar to
what she remembered her Uncle did to her but this time she wasn't wearing
any panties. Dr. Sally was asking Robin if she felt ok and in a dazed
state of excitement Robin just nodded her head yes. She asked if Robin
was having any pain in the area and Robin said no. Dr. Sally then started
going in and out of her pussy and asked if this felt ok and all Robin could
do was breathe out a small yes. Dr. Sally knew that Robin was extremely
wet in her pussy and turned on by this part of the exam. Even her
panties were soaked. She then took Robin's clitoris in her fingers
and started playing with it explaining to Robin that this was all
part of the exam. Robin was glad that Dr. Sally was doing this to
her, turning her on rather then her male doctor. He just did an overview
of her pussy and touched it a little. Dr. Sally being a woman doctor
was giving her a much more detailed exam and it was turning her on.
Robin stopped thinking of the scuba diving lessons and was thinking
of the pleasure, she was getting from this doctor. She never had
feelings like this except in her sleep last night. Dr. Sally kept
up the exam (massaging) Robin in different parts of her pussy
until all of sudden Robin started tensing up, breathing heavy and
let out some loud moans; Dr. Sally knew that Robin had experienced
her first orgasm. She slowly started letting Robin down from her
orgasm and after a few minutes Robin looked up at the doctor
telling her that she was sorry that she was yelling out and
apologized to Dr. Sally.

Dr. Sally told her not to worry and explained to Robin that
she was just experiencing her first of many orgasms in her life
and after the type of exam, she had to get approved to go scuba
diving it was a normal reaction of girls her age. Dr. Sally told
Robin she could get dressed and to meet her in her office for the
results of the exam and doctors note to Pete. Robin thanked the
doctor for doing the exam and started getting dressed. Dr. Sally
looked out into the waiting room and noticed that Robin's Uncle
Sam was not there yet to pick up Robin so she went into her office
to get her friendly vibrator going and start to relieve the pressure
that built up in her pussy. Robin heard the doctor go into the
office and then started hearing a low buzzing noise but thought it
was a piece of medical equipment in the doctor's office so she
didn't think anything of it. Robin went into the office and
saw the doctor was behind her desk sitting in her chair smiling
at Robin. Robin asked Dr. Sally if everything was ok and Dr.
Sally replied that all is ok now. She wrote out a note to Pete
certifying Robin to be physically fit for scuba diving but told
Robin that she may want to come back next week for a recheck
after she went scuba diving. She told Robin that maybe she
would get time to join them on a scuba dive trip.

Robin was very excited by the news, she was hoping that she
would get an opportunity to have another orgasm with Dr. Sally
or from her Uncle Sam before she had to head back home. Little
did she know what was planned for her in the week and half to
come? Uncle Sam came to pick up Robin and asked Dr. Sally if
Robin was good and if everything was physically fit. Dr. Sally
told Sam that all was ok with his niece and that she could go
scuba diving but would have to come back in next week for a
re-check. Sam told the doctor to set up a time next week for
him to bring in Robin and to let him know when to bring her back.
They set up an appointment and Sam took Robin back to Pete's
place to give him the doctor's note and start the basic lessons
beginning with snorkeling.

The end of Part 1

Part 2 The dive and Robin get her cherry popped
Part 3 Dr. Sally, Robin and Uncle Sam go to dinner
Part 4 Robin's Flight home
Part 5 Robin Sailing Trip

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