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ROBINPT2 panties were exposed her Uncle



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further if
perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area or
immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise
bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an
original work of fiction, which involves some adult sexual, and
incest situations. The author does not promote in having sexual
relations with anyone under legal age.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy and repost so long as any
such action contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is made to
profit from this story and no changes are made to the story during
a repost.
Robin's dive trip Part 2 of 5B (MFf, teen, incest) by Sammie

Robin and Sam took a small boat from Pete's dive shop and went
out to a local shallow dive site that Sam knew about. Uncle Sam
asked Robin during the trip out about her medical exam with Dr. Sally
and Robin explained that it was the best exam she has ever had by
a medical doctor and that she wished Dr. Sally were her doctor back
home. Uncle Sam had a small crush on the good doctor and he said
the same to Robin. They arrived at the snorkeling site and got ready
for the swim. As Robin started to undress she realized with all the
excitement of her physical exam that she forgot her bathing suit.
All she had on was her tank top and shorts so she told her Uncle
that she forgot her suit. Uncle Sam took out a T-shirt from his
dive bag that she could wear, so she turned her back from her Uncle
and changed into his t-shirt which was a little short on her so her
panties were exposed to her Uncle. Sam could not believe the body
and ass on this young girl and his luck that they were diving in
the Caribbean alone. Uncle Sam explained to Robin about the mask,
fins and snorkel and how she should breathe through the snorkel
after they dive into the water. Sam also advised Robin to follow his instructions. As they were swimming around in the shallow water
Uncle Sam was pointing out different fish to her. It was so
beautiful the water plus it was very clear however it was a
little chilly for this time of the year.

Uncle Sam was starting to notice that Robin' little nipples were
getting hard from the cool water and of course the t-shirt was
transparent from the water. Uncle Sam started getting hard in his
short Speedo suit, which of course Robin noticed. After about an
hour of snorkeling around and each noticing the other, Robin got a
cramp in her left leg. She pointed the problem out to her Uncle
and he immediately rushes over to her and swam her back to the boat.
The water was shallow so he was able to carry her onboard the boat.
He started massaging the cramp out of Robin and noticed that her
panties were hugging her crotch rather tightly from the water.
As Sam was massaging out the cramp on the boat his penis slipped
out of his Speedo and Robin let out a yell upon seeing his penis
head. Uncle Sam apologized to Robin then explained that with her
t-shirt becoming transparent and her panties pushing into her
pussy that he became very turned on. Robin told Sam that she
was hoping to see her first male penis during this trip and she
was glad that it was his penis that she first saw. Robin also told
Sam that because of the massage on her leg and seeing his penis
that she also became a little turned on.

As Robin was telling Sam this, he started rubbing her leg a
little higher, up towards and around her panties. The wet panties
and t-shirt were starting to itch so she asked her Uncle if it
would be ok if she just took off her clothes. No one but her
Uncle was around, so she lost some of her modesty and at this
point she didn't care if he saw her nude young body. All Robin
wanted at this point was to get that feeling she had last night
in bed with her Uncle and at the doctor's office earlier. Since
her Uncle's bathing suit was not covering his penis any longer
he decided to take them off so both of them were lying in the
boat nude. Robin was nervous and excited about being nude in
front of her Uncle and seeing him nude but she thought since
they were in St. Martin and people swam nude all the time that
it would be no big deal.

Robin started getting red from the sun so Uncle Sam offered to
rub sun tan lotion all over her nude body. So that her Uncle
could rub the lotion on her nude body she laid a towel down on
the floor of the small boat, then placed her body on top of the
towel. He started rubbing her back first with the oil not missing
any spots including her thighs and buttocks and then had her roll
over so he could cover her front. Sam made sure to get close to
Robin's pussy lips and cover her small tits with oil. Robin was
moaning slightly and all of a sudden she was moaning louder and
then started shouting "Suck my tits Uncle Sam, just like you did
last night. Her Uncle wasted no time in sucking Robin's tits he
didn't know what took over him but he had to have this 14-year-old
virgin this moment. Both of them started getting turned on, Uncle
Sam then placed his finger on Robin's mound and started rubbing in
and out of her pussy just like Dr. Sally did only this time it was
her Uncle and no latex gloves. Uncle Sam knew he had her at her
boiling point, her pussy was dripping wet and he was about to
explode so he asked Robin if she wanted to go for a skinny
dip to cool off.

Robin breathy agreed and they both hopped carefully over the side
and started swimming together like two long lost lovers who have
been doing this for years rather then minutes. They were playing
in the water swimming together and Uncle Sam was gripping various
parts of his niece's body. They would hug and kiss, Uncle Sam even
stuck his tongue in her mouth, which she readily accepted. His penis
was enlarged and started rubbing between Robin's legs, brushing her
labia which was sticking out from the cool water and as she was
jumping up and down was pushing against her pussy lips. They were
both getting very turned on so Uncle Sam thought it was time his big
thing met her pussy. He suggested to Robin that they get back on
the boat and they both jumped on board with Robin to lying back on
her towel. Since it was her first time, Uncle Sam asked Robin if he
could eat out her pussy not understanding her Uncle started to muff
dive Robin. Out of nowhere her Uncle told her she has to keep all
this to herself and not to tell a sole or else he could go to jail
for this. In all the excitement of being licked in her pussy and
labia by her Uncle she told him that nothing that happened on this
trip would be brought back to the states.

What she didn't say was that included the Dr. Sally exam, however
she may tell her best girlfriend about all the sex she had on her
Caribbean vacation with her Uncle Sam and Dr. Sally. Uncle Sam knew
that he had Robin excited enough that is was time for him to insert his
penis in her virgin pussy and break her cherry. He explained to Robin
what he was about to do to her and that it may hurt at first but the
pain will go away shortly. He slowly entered her with his 8-inch penis;
just putting in a couple inches of his penis at a time so her virgin pussy
could adjust to his penis. She was all wet and hot from his pussy licking
so, he just slides into her. All of a sudden, his penis stopped at her
hymen and Uncle Sam told her to get ready for what might be a little pain.
As he was telling her this, he then pushed his penis in all the way until
her hymen broke. With the mixture of her juices, his pre-cum and her
blood he was moving quite well in and out of her now non-virgin pussy.
Robin was moaning away getting ready for first orgasm with a penis
in her pussy. All of a sudden, Uncle Sam could not hold on any longer
and he started ejaculating into Robin with no concerns to the
possibility of getting her pregnant. After they both came, Uncle
Sam let Robin relax on the towel for a few moments letting her
enjoy this first sexual experience with a man. Sam used the towel
to clean up Robin's blood, his semen and her juices from between
her legs. After they wiped the sweat from their bodies, Uncle Sam
asked Robin how she felt about her own Uncle popping her cherry
and Robin told him it was a dream come true. What she didn't say
was that it was similar to the feelings she got from her "exam"
by Dr. Sally.

Robin and Sam hugged each other, got dressed and since it was
starting to get late, Uncle Sam drove the boat back to Peter's
place for the trip back to the hotel. When they got back to the
hotel both of them immediately striped their clothes off and ran
into the shower where they immediately started soaping each other's
bodies. Uncle Sam made sure to clean Robin's breasts and pussy,
occasionally slipping a finger into her hole and rubbing her
clitoris. Robin made sure to soap her Uncle's penis getting
him hard and horny again. Then came out of the shower and took
their time to dry each other off, making sure to get all the
important spots "dry". Robin and Sam then went into bed and
this time Uncle Sam entered Robin's slippery pussy, pounding
against her under-aged cervix and after Robin had her first
orgasm, Uncle Sam started coming right away.

After they were finished with their sex, coming several more
times they both cuddled and fell off to sleep. They woke up
several times into the night for some more lovemaking. The next
day they got up to finally start Robin's scuba diving lessons.
They drove over to Pete's place to get the boat and scuba equipment.
Pete noticed that Sam and his niece looked like they were friendlier
to each other then the other day and that Robin had an excited look
about her. Pete was thinking to himself how lucky his friend Sam
was spending so much time with this young beauty. Uncle Sam took Robin
to a very secluded spot, that he knew about which also had some excellent "diving" conditions. Since they were in a secluded spot and the sun was
hot both Uncle Sam and Robin wore only a T-shirt to protect their backs
from getting, sun burnt and getting rubbed from the scuba tanks. Uncle Sam explained to Robin all she needed to know about scuba diving, helped her
get the equipment on and then had Robin jump into the water. Sam soon
followed Robin. Sam checked over Robin's equipment making sure he rubbed
her breasts and pussy, they were both excited about scuba diving together. Uncle Sam took Robin to a depth of 24 ft and had her remove her mouthpiece
for a short kiss. To get Robin use to breathing, he had Robin swim around
for 10 minutes before beginning her underwater lovemaking lesson. To start Robin's introduction to an underwater sexual adventure he then wrapped his
arms around her body.

Robin's and Sam's T-shirts were flowing in the clear water so each had a
great underwater view of the other's genitals getting both of them very
excited. Sam then kissed Robin and started feeling up, around all the equipment, her body and she in turn started playing with his penis.
Sam then entered Robin's pussy and starting fucking his niece. Robin
was starting to get very excited and lost her mouthpiece, so her Uncle
stopped their lovemaking session long enough to let her calm down and
get her mouthpiece back in to start breathing. Sam then entered Robin,
so they could start swimming entwined together, he set their buoyancy at
the same level. Robin and Sam were enjoying the underwater sites and
the thought that they were having uninhibited sex among the fish and
other creatures of the sea. Robin and Sam came to a clearing in the
sand where they could stand and still be 18 ft underwater. Sam made
sure, that he was in Robin's pussy and since the water caused limited
movement, Robin moved her hand down touching her labia and around her
clit. After a few minutes of this Robin and Sam starting coming with
Sam's semen, leaking looking like string in the water, out of Robin's
pussy. Sam looked at his watch and determined they better get back to
the boat before their air ran out.

Sam and Robin came up slowly and Uncle Sam helped Robin place the
equipment on the boat. Robin took her wet T-shirt off and continued
working on an all-body tan. Sam stored the gear and started the boat
towards Pete's place. When they were 10 minutes from Pete's place he
stopped the boat and both he and Robin put on some clothes. When they
got back to Pete's place Pete asked Sam how the lesson went and Sam
told him that Robin is a natural diver. Robin and Sam both thanked
Pete for everything and then headed back to the hotel to get ready
for dinner. Robin and Sam were starving from the day's events. When
Robin and Sam entered the room they didn't notice a the time that
their message waiting light was blinking. Robin asked her Uncle
to lay face up on the bed and proceeded to give him a good tongue-
lashing, which he enjoyed to a shattering orgasm from her oral

Sam asked Robin what brought that on and she just told him that
she wanted to thank him because she felt lucky to be on this
romantic trip with her favorite Uncle. Robin swallowed his
semen and gave her Uncle a big kiss so he could taste his own
cum. Robin then went into the shower to get ready for dinner
and Sam noticing the message waiting light blinking, called
for the message, which was from Dr. Sally. Dr. Sally wanted
to know about the dive and if they could join her for dinner.
end of part 2.

Part 3 Dr. Sally, Robin and Uncle Sam go to dinner
Part 4 Robin's Flight home
Part 5 Robin Sailing Trip

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