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ROBINPT3 sucked her Uncles penis and let



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area
or immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should
likewise, bypass this story. This material is strictly for
fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which involves
some adult sexual and incest situations. The author does not
believe adults should have sex with teenagers that are considered
minors or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no
attempt is made to profit from this story.

Robin's dinner Part 3 of 5B (MFf, teen, incest, anal) by Sammie
Uncle Sam spoke with Dr. Sally and accepted her dinner offer.
They were to meet in 45 minutes at a small restaurant on the
French side of St. Martin that Dr. Sally knew about, so Sally
gave Sam the directions of where to meet. To enjoy another view
of Robin's nude young body, as Sam looked through the shower
glass he started thinking back to when he was 11 going on 12
and his sister, Susan was 17. You see Susan never closed the
bathroom door when she was taking a shower. Susan was hoping
her brother, Sam would start to get feelings about her, and she
was right Sam started falling in love with his 17-year-old sister.
(However this is part 3 and you will learn more about Susan's and
Sam's relationship in Part 4) When Robin got out of the shower,
she noticed that Sam was in a dream like state, so she started
shaking him up. Robin asked him what his was dreaming about and
Sam told Robin that he was thinking about her mom. Robin asked
her Uncle for more details and all he would say was "it is a
long story", someday we will tell you all about it.

To change the subject, Sam told her the news about Dr. Sally
joining them for dinner and they had to be on their way shortly.
Robin was extremely excited for more reasons then her uncle knew.
They wanted to get a quickie in before dinner, but Sam told Robin
that they didn't want to keep the pretty doctor waiting and that
they better get a move on. Robin chose her outfit carefully for
tonight, she was hoping to introduce her Uncle Sam to one of Dr.
Sally's medical exams. Robin picked out a short black mini-skirt
without panties and her halter-top with a touch of some local
perfume. As Robin and Sam were driving to the restaurant Sam
put his hand under Robin's mini-skirt to play with her a little,
only to find out she had no panties on and was very wet. Sam
inserted his finger in her pussy and started massaging her clit.
Robin came just as they were pulling up the driveway of the

Robin had the smell of sex on her and she didn't care one bit.
Robin and Sam found Dr. Sally in the back of the restaurant,
sitting in an intimate corner table. Sally got up from the table
and first gave Robin a kiss on her lips, then gave Sam a peck on
the cheek. Sam wondered why he got only a peck and Robin got a
long kiss on the lips from Sally! He started wondering why the
"medical exam" took over 2 hours. They all sat down with Robin
placed in the middle of Sally and Sam. Dr. Sally asked Robin
about her scuba diving, lesson and Robin first giggled a girlish
giggle, then told Sally all about the fishes and stuff she saw.
The waiter took their drink order and once again, Robin was served
a hard liqueur drink at the age of 14 without any ID being checked,
this waiter thought this girl looked so hot he could have cared less
how old she was. After the waiter served their drinks, he told them
he would be back in a little while to take their order. Robin and
Sam continued talking about the day's events less some details.
While they were talking Uncle Sam and Dr. Sally, each started to
rub one of Robin's thighs. When the waiter came back to take
their dinner order they ordered another round of drinks and told
the waiter they will need more time to decide on what they wanted.

The waiter brought the drinks and left them alone. Without any
food in her system Robin started to feel the drinks kicking in
and also started getting more turned on by the hands rubbing up
and down her thighs. Each thinking their own hand was turning
Robin on, Sally and Sam each headed for her pussy and touched
hands. Sally and Sam then exchanged knowing smiles and confirmed
the other's thoughts. Sally had a feeling that Sam was screwing
his niece and Sam had a feeling that Sally gave Robin a very
intimate "exam". Sam placed two of his fingers into Robin's
pussy and Sally used her fingers to rub Robin's clit. Between
the booze from the two drinks and the attention Robin's pussy
was getting by these two adults, Robin was getting very turned
on. As the waiter started back over to the table to check on
their status, the waiter noticed that the young girl at the
table was getting very turned on and decided to watch the
excitement from a distance.

Robin started coming and her cunt juices were flowing onto
her Uncle's fingers. Sam and Sally kept up the action under
the table, and each of them started to be turned on. To let
Robin relax from her small orgasm, Sally and Sam each removed
their hands from Robin's body. The waiter noticed the action
was stopped and with a large bulge in his pants returned to
the table to take their dinner orders. Since they were all
excited and horny, they ordered sandwiches to go and after
the waiter left, Sally, Sam & Robin started talking openly
about the actual events that transpired over the last few
days on Robin's and Sam's trip.

With a big smile on his face, the waiter brought them the food
to go and Sam paid the check. Dr. Sally was now called Sally and
she had them follow her to her house on the Island of St. Martin.
Sally's house had 5 rooms a pool and spa. You see Sally has done
well for herself on this Island plus her dad, who was the head of
a major hospital with a private practice of his, own, left her
some money. Robin, Sally and Sam all started stripping as they
walked into Sally's house, following Sally to the pool. Sam &
Robin noticed that Sally's pussy was totally shaved, Sally explained
that she liked the feeling of having no hair on her pussy, plus
it was easier for her to wear her thong bikini's or no bathing
suit at all on the beach. Sally, Robin and Sam started playing
around in the water. To let her Uncle and Sally get to know each
other better Robin got out of the water and started placing the
pads from the pool lounge chairs on the deck. Sam slipped a
finger into Sally' shaved pussy and Sally started to manipulate
Sam's penis. Sally and Sam were each enjoying each other and
decided to join Robin on the lounge pads.

They all laid down on the pads and Robin reached down to feel
Sam's rigid cock entering Sally's liquid cunt. Sally then started
running her fingers around the circumference of Sam's erection and
then Robin zeroed in on Sally's clit with a fingertip while Sam
kept slamming his shaft into the hairless hole between Sally's
Widely spread legs. They then switched positions, Sam entered
Robin's pussy and Robin ate her first women's pussy. As Sam's
cock was fucking Robin's cunt, Sally reached to rub Robin's swollen
clit with a finger, they could soon hear Robin groaning with pleasure,
although her groans were muffled by all that soft, wet, hairless
pussy-flesh that Sally was pushing against her face! Soon Sally's
body convulsed as though she was having an epileptic fit, or
something like that. Robin and Sam smiled at each other, knowing
that, Sally had just enjoyed one of those unbelievably intense
orgasms women dream about. All of sudden Sam started yelling,
and then he started spewing his semen all over the two women.
Robin felt like she was in heaven and then her pussy juices
started flowing.

They all relaxed on the lounge pads not saying a word, when Sally
asked Robin if she thought her Uncle could use a "medical exam",
Robin looked at Sally not understanding her but said yes anyway.
Sally wanted to deflower Sam and Robin's assholes so she left the
pool area to get an enema bag, K-Y jelly and her dildo. When she
came back, Robin and Sam were in a "69" position eating each other
out, Sally watched for a few minutes and then interrupted them for
the next step in her seduction game of Sam and Robin. Sam was so
turned on by Robin sucking his penis that he didn't think twice
when Sally asked him to roll over on his stomach. While Sally got
the enema bag ready, she had Robin lube up her Uncle's virgin
asshole with the K-Y jelly.

Robin had fun inserting her finger in and out of her Uncle's
asshole while Sam was enjoying the weird penetration in his ass.
Sally had Robin remove her finger and then placed the hose into
Sam's rectum. Sally had Sam hold in the liquid from the enema
bag for 5 minutes and then had him run to the bathroom to discharge
the contents of the bag. Sally sent Robin to the bathroom with Sam
to help him clean himself up for the next step. When Sam returned
Sally had him lay down on the lounge pads again and then she re-lubed
up his asshole and using a vibrator, had Robin deflower her
Uncle's Virgin asshole. Sally thought that since Sam could
deflower his niece, his niece should have the right to
deflower her Uncle's asshole. With the dildo vibrating
away in Sam's asshole, the women started playing with Sam's
penis. Sam was going wild as Sally and Robin would not let him cum.
Finally Robin sucked her Uncle's penis and let his come start
flying into her mouth. Like Robin had been sucking cocks for
years, she swallowed every drop.

Sally then told Robin that it was her turn for the enema bag
and dildo so Sam and Sally prepared Robin. While the dildo was
working it's magic in Robin's asshole, Sam took Robin's breasts
in his hands and mouth while Sally inserted three fingers into
her pussy. Robin enjoyed the feeling so much that she started
cuming and coming. Both Sally and Sam continued what they were
doing to Robin. It was getting late and everyone was getting
tired so they cleaned up, removed the vibrator from Robin and
went to Sally's bed to sleep. In the morning they all played
together, sucking, kissing and screwing each other. Robin and
Sally did another "69" while Sam watched and played with himself.

Both Robin and her Uncle moved out of their hotel suite and moved
into Sally's place until it was time to go. When Sally wasn't
seeing patients, she joined Robin and her uncle in whatever activities
they were doing. Prior to their two-week vacation ending, Robin
did receive her scuba certification. The night before Robin and
Sam were to leave the Island, they made Sally promise that she would
come to the USA and visit the both of them. Sally agreed and
told them she was looking forward to spending more time with the
two of them. Since this was their last night together, Robin
allowed Sally and Sam to sleep together just the two of them.
Sam plowed into Sally like it was his first time having sex with a
woman. Sally was enjoying all the attention from Sam but felt
sorry, that Robin was alone downstairs. Sally told Sam to hold
off what he was doing then, Sally jumped out of bed to get Robin.
When Sally found Robin, she was sound a sleep on the couch,
nude, so Sally brought her head between Robin's legs to
start sucking on her clit and outer lips. Robin started moaning
in her sleep, so Sally started pinching Robin's nipples as Sally
slowed down on her sucking. Robin came so hard that her juices
started leaking on Sally's couch. Sally started sucking, as fast
as possible, Robin's juices.

After Robin rested a moment, Sally brought her upstairs to join
Sam and her for their final threesome together. The next morning
the three of them showered together, of course soaping every inch
of the other's body and then they got dressed for the trip to the
airport. As she drove them to the airport Sally noticed and admired
the sexy outfit Robin was wearing for her trip home. After Sam
and Robin boarded the plane, Sally started thinking about the
shy girl who stepped into her medical office about two weeks
ago and the fun they had. The end of part 3.

Part 4 Robin's Flight home
Part 5 Robin Sailing Trip

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for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted
with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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