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ROBINPT4 sucked and Sam told her no



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area or
immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise
bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is
an original work of fiction, which involves some adult sexual,
and incest situations. The author does not believe adults should
have sex with teenagers that are considered minors or promote
this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission
is granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost
so long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and
no attempt is made to profit from this story.
Robin's Flight Home Part 4 of 5B (Mf, teen, incest) by Sammie
After leaving Sally at the terminal, Sam and Robin boarded
the plane. The outfit, which Sally was admiring, that Robin
wore special for her plane trip back home to the states was a
wrap skirt with a Danskin top, snap crotch without any panties
or bra for undergarments. Since you could make out her small
breasts through the material the male passengers were staring
at this 14-year-old girl. Robin and Sam continued boarding the
plane heading to the first class section where they both took
their seats. The first class flight attendant asked if she could
get them anything and Robin asked for two blankets. When the
flight attendant brought Robin the blankets, she noticed
that this young girl with this older man was a. not wearing a
bra or panties and b. was too friendly with this guy to be a
normal family or friend relationship.

However, the flight attendant had to take care of the other
boarding passengers, so she put it out of mind for now to go
about her duties. Uncle Sam and Robin were settled in their seats
with Sam placing his hand under Robin's blanket to start feeling
Robin up. Sam started rubbing Robin's leg, then heading towards
her pussy. Robin started giggling so the other 1st class passengers
started watching Sam and Robin. Uncle Sam started picturing
Federal Marshals meeting him at the plane and him being arrested
for statutory rape of a minor in a foreign country and on-board
an airplane if he didn't remove his hand immediately. Sam told
Robin that they are going to have to behave on-board the plane,
so Robin agreed for now to his request. Into the flight, Robin
noticed that the people in the 1st class section including her
Uncle were starting to sleep, so Robin started playing, under
her Uncle's blanket, with his penis through Sam's shorts.
Uncle Sam's dream just got better. Robin unbuttoned his shorts
then unzipped Sam's fly, then placing her hand directly on
his penis. Sam was enjoying Robin's handy work on his penis
plus being sleepy, he forgot he was in a public place with a
4-year-old masturbating him.

Sam started dreaming about the time his sister Susan, Robin's mom,
masturbated him when he was only 11 about a month away from his
12th birthday. Sam saw Susan in the shower and went back to his
room to start playing with himself. Susan knowing what her brother
Sam was up to came out of the shower, saw him masturbating and
since his eyes were closed wrapped Susan's hand around Sam's penis.
Sam opened his eyes in shock and saw his 17-year-old sister, Susan
Very nude, playing with his penis. Susan asked Sam if he ever
had his penis sucked and Sam told her no. Susan placed her mouth on
Sam's penis and very slowly licked only the top then slowly and
lightly started going down his 6-inch shaft. Since this was Sam's
first time having his cock sucked, plus seeing his beautiful sister
totally naked, Sam couldn't hold off any longer and started cuming
in Susan's mouth. Susan swallowed every drop of her brothers cum.

This started a beautiful relationship between brother and sister.
All of a sudden Sam felt himself actually coming and woke up from
his dream to see Robin's hand still masturbating him. Sam didn't
want to cum on the plane so he told Robin to stop. Of course being
the young 14-year old kid that she was, Robin continued rubbing her
Uncle's penis until he squirted his cum under the blanket including
all over himself and Robin. Sam was very excited by the attention
his penis was getting on the plane however, in the back of his mind
he kept thinking about the Federal Marshals, instead of his sister
meeting the plane. Sam noticed that the flight attendant was busy
getting their meal service ready and the other passengers were having
their own dreams so he decided it was time for Robin to enjoy his
attention on the flight home.

Sam placed his hand back under her blanket and unsnapped the snaps to
Robin's Danskin, which lead to her crotch. Robin knew what her Uncle
was up to so she spread her legs to allow for easy access. Sam
slowly started to enter two fingers into Robin's pussy, taking his
time going in and out very slow and deliberate to get her more
excited then she already was.

Robin was enjoying the public display her Uncle was giving her
therefore, she placed her seat back to enjoy the feelings she was getting
in her pussy. Sam kept things going rubbing his thumb every so
often over her clit and sliding his fingers in/out of her wet pussy.
Robin's pussy was so wet that you could smell the musk odor in the
first class section onboard. Sam told Robin to relax and stay quiet
when she cums. Robin bit her lip as she started slowly moving her hips
under the blanket. Sam wanted to touch her tits but he was afraid
someone might see him touching this young girl's tits. Prior to
Robin coming, Sam looked for the flight attendant only to see her
watching the two lovebirds playing with each other. Sam started
getting nervous but he noticed that the attendants hands were
under her skirt with her eyes closed a little, Sam knew then
that the flight attendant was all horny watching them, that
she started playing with herself so Sam figured they were safe
from the flight attendant. Robin came hard, moving her hips up
and down to meet Sam's fingers, so she didn't disturb the other
passengers, Sam had to use his other hand to hold her down.

After Robin came, she gave Sam a quick kiss with some tongue and
thanked him for a great trip. Sam told her that she was quite
welcome and that he had a great trip also. They rested for a
little while until the flight attendant came over, a smile on
her face and the meal service. She offered champagne to the both
of them, which they greatly accepted with a smile and a wink back.
When they arrived lucky for Sam, there were no Marshals waiting for
him in the lounge since John had to work late at the office, only
his sister Susan, with her arms wide open came to greet them. Susan
knew right away from the new sexy outfit that her 14-year old daughter
wore that she was no longer a virgin and that Sam deflowered their
daughter. You see when Sam turned 12, for his birthday gift, Susan
at the tender age of 17 going on 18, allowed her brother to pop her
cherry and both were no longer virgins. Since Susan did not think
her brother, Sam had any baby making semen in him, no protection
was used and therefore Susan became pregnant with a daughter - Robin.
They both got a present on that evening. Sam fell in love with
his first piece of ass, his sister Susan. To cover up the fact
that her brother, Sam was the one to knock her up, Susan met John
who was a few years older then her. Susan and John went out a few
times and after the third date, Susan decided it was time to let
John "knock her up". Susan seduced him in the back seat of John's
car and they had sex a couple of other times in her bedroom with
Sam home listening to his sister being plowed by John.

Sam knew that his sister, Susan loved him also, but she had to
make everyone in the family believe that John was the father
of their baby. Several months in to the pregnancy, before Susan
started showing, John and Susan got married in a small wedding
ceremony and since John's family had money, they set him up, as
the President, in the family business - a successful architect
firm that John's father started many years ago. Robin was a
little nervous with her mother seeing her in this sexy outfit,
when she left for her trip she was a 14-year old shy virgin.
Now Robin is a horny 14-year old who fell in love with her
26-year-old Uncle. Susan came back to reality to notice that
her daughter was staring at her. When Susan hugged Robin again,
she noticed a beautiful tan on Robin's un-exposed body parts
and was jealous that Robin had an all over tan and was
with Sam alone for two weeks.

Susan couldn't wait to hear all about the trip. Robin mentioned
to her mother that her Uncle Sam certified her in Scuba Diving
and Susan wondered what else she was certified in. To go to the
bathroom, Robin had left the two of them alone. Sam told Susan
that he had taken their daughter's cherry on the trip and Susan
hugged her brother, gave him a big wet kiss and said thanks.
You see Susan had thought that their daughter would be deflowered
on this 2-week trip and who better then the one who deflowered
Susan and fathered Robin. The reason Susan suggested her brother
take Robin on the trip was that Susan knew her brother, Sam was
a great lover. Robin came back from the bathroom and noticed she
still hadn't gotten her friend yet. Robin figured that she
calculated her period off by a few days. They got all their
bags and Sam loaded up the car. Susan noticed during the ride
home that Robin was acting weird towards Susan so she asked
Robin if anything was wrong. Robin told her all was ok, that
she couldn't sleep on the flight home but all was ok.

Susan turned towards her brother with a big smile. Susan asked
Robin if anything exciting or different happened on the trip and
Robin said no. To calm Robin down from the events from the trip,
Susan asked Sam if she should say anything about the trip to Robin?
Sam gave his sister permission to speak openly to Robin. For now
Susan planned to leave out the part about Sam being her father.
Susan told Robin that she knew that her Uncle popped her cherry on
the trip and that she was no longer a virgin. Robin looked at Sam
with a surprised but a confused look on her face. Sam explained
to Robin about how he took her mother's, his sister's, cherry over
14 years ago. Robin was shocked at this news but thought about
the two weeks Robin shared with Sally and Sam and understood how
two people especially relatives could get together, falling in love.
Susan asked Robin now that she was back home, if she planned to
continue having sex with her Uncle. Robin looked at Sam and then
her mother and said if it is ok with them, Robin would love to
continue this great relationship with her Uncle Sam. Sam looked
at Susan and told her all about the trip including the parts that
included Sally and Robin.

Sam then asked Susan if she would like to join Robin and him the
next time John leaves for a trip. Susan looked very quick to Robin
in the back seat and said as long as Robin didn't mind it was ok
with her. Robin thought about having sex with her mother and
Uncle-Father and said sure. Robin would love to be part of
Susan and Sam in a sexual relationship. If only Robin knew
the truth of it. They arrived back to the house where John
was waiting for them. Robin ran up to her father giving him
a big hug and kiss. Robin was warned not to say anything to
John about what happened between Susan, Sam and Robin. Robin
was tired so she gave her Uncle a kiss on the lips, thanked him
for the great trip then went upstairs to get ready for bed. Sam
wished he could stay for the night but he had to get home for work
so he left to start another computer project.

John couldn't believe how much his little 14-year-old girl had grown
in only two weeks. If only John knew. Susan told John that Sam took
great care of Robin, she was no problem and their relationship
together grew during the trip. Susan told John that Sam said
he would watch Robin anytime they needed a sitter. John thought
that was great news. John also mentioned to Susan that he had
to go out of town next week leaving on Saturday. Susan started
planning her week together with Robin and Sam.

The end of part 4.

Part 5A and 5B, Robin's Sailing Trip
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you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted
with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.


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