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ROBINPT5A sucking and licking Sams 8 inch penis



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature,
and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further if perusal
of such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by
your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass this
story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an original
work of fiction, which involves some adult sexual, and incest
situations. The author does not believe adults should have sex
with teenagers that are considered minors or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no
attempt is made to profit from this story.
Robin's Sailing Trip Part 5A of 5B (MFFf/M, teen, incest,
lesbian, anal, shaving) by Sammie

Susan had something to discuss with Robin and Sam, so on Monday;
Susan called Sam to invite him to join Robin and her for dinner.
Monday evening would be good because, John was working until
midnight handling a late night business meeting. Some of John's
good clients were in town and he had to take them out for dinner
and entertainment. Sam could not wait to find out what his older
sister had in mind for Monday evening. Sam had a permanent
erection all day after the call from Susan just thinking about
having sex tonight with Susan and Robin.

Sam brought a bottle of wine for dinner and gave his sister a
big hug with a wet kiss. Susan's mouth responded by opening up
to Sam's darted tongue as it touched her on the lips. They stayed
like that for a while until, Robin greeted her Uncle Sam by running
into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and giving him a
big kiss on the lips. Susan yelled out to Robin that the night is
young that she needs to calm down. After they sat down for dinner,
Susan told Sam and Robin that John's trip was postponed for about
three weeks. However, John and her discussed how they missed out on
the trip to St. Martin, so John would like to invite everyone including
Sally on a ten-day sailing trip around the Caribbean. Susan told them
that John could meet them Friday on one of the Islands and Sam needs
to call Sally to invite her on the trip. Sam and Robin gave out a
big yell; they would look forward to a family vacation, leaving next
Monday on a ten day sailing trip with each other, Susan, Sally and
John. Since Sam is the sailor and diver in the group, Susan asked him,
if he would make all the arrangements for them to head out next Monday,
one week from today. Sam told Robin and Susan that he would do what
he could and would start calling around for a boat tomorrow then call
Sally to find out what her schedule was.

During dinner, Susan presented Robin with a 5-inch vibrator for nights
when her Uncle wasn't available. When she needs to be reminded about
having sex with her brother Sam, Susan explained that she keeps an
8-inch vibrator in a draw, and when no one is around she uses it,
while thinking of her younger days when Sam entered her pussy.
Sam told Susan that Robin and her wouldn't need any vibrators
tonight that they both can have a real 8-inch penis in their pussies.

Robin wasn't pregnant yet as she had just gotten her period, but
she would not be able to have intercourse with Sam for a little bit.
Robin's guessed that Sam and her mom would enjoy this chance to catch
up with each other sexually again. So after dinner Robin decided to
go to a girlfriend's house to show off the new vibrator that Susan
gave her. This would also allow Sam and Sally to enjoy the few hours
together before John came home. Sam brought his sister upstairs to
the master bedroom where he had her lie on her back so he could start
licking her pussy and asshole crack. Since time was limited, Sam
mounted his sister, Susan, who could not remember the feeling of
how it felt for the tip of her brother's 8-inch penis tip to bump
her cervix, she kept pushing allowing his penis to start penetrating
her pussy. With a little scream, stifled by his tongue in her mouth
she forced his penis through the gate to her pussy slit. Susan began
to set a rhythmic thrusting with her narrow hips, with each thrust
came the gut wrenching pain of her cervix being violently penetrated
accompanied by the overwhelming pleasure. After they both had several
orgasms together, to relax they both cuddled with each other until
Sam had to leave his sister's bed and head home before John arrived

On Tuesday, morning Sam made arrangements with his friend at the
Moorings to rent a 45 foot Beneteau Sailboat called "The Escape"
at the discounted rate of $ 10,000.00 for a 10 day cruise. The
Escape featured one stateroom with an oversized king bed, another
cabin with a queen sized bed, and then there was a smaller cabin
with a double bed. The sailboat would have to be chartered out of
St. Lucia. Sam called Sally to invite her on this family vacation
and to have her meet them next Monday in St. Lucia. Sally was very
excited about being invited on their family vacation, however she
had some patients to see that week, so she could not join them until
Wednesday and she had to be back by Sunday. Sam told Sally that he
was planning to chart a course to be in Antigua on Wednesday and he
can chart a course to return her back to St. Martin on Sunday! As a
matter of fact why, don't we have Pete join all of us on Sunday?

Sally told Sam that his plans sounded great and she looked forward
to meeting his sister and seeing Robin again. Hey, Sally what about
seeing me! Sally laughed and told Sam, of course lover; I look
forward to having your 8-inch penis in my hot wet pussy. Sally
told Sam that she would fly into Antigua on Wednesday, where you
can bring the sailboat into the Jumbo Bay club. Sally continued
telling Sam, I know some of the owners of the place, and in the
past, I have provided them with some medical care, so I'll make
the arrangements for you to bring the boat there. Sam told Sally
that he looks forward to seeing her next Wednesday.

Sam called Susan so she could let John, Robin and her know that
Sally will join them Wednesday in Antigua and John can join them
Friday in the BVI's. Sam continued this way sis, you, Robin and
I can have some fun together before Sally joins us and then all
of us can have some fun before John joins us. Susan told Sam,
that once John comes aboard that all the sexual freedom goes
away and Sam agreed. Sam then gave Susan the rest of the sailboat
trip that he charted based on those facts. Monday, we pick the
boat up in St. Lucia, Tuesday we are out to sea sailing so that
on Wednesday we can pick up Sally, then Thursday, we will be out
to sea, sailing so we all can pick up John in the BVI's on Friday,
then Saturday we set sail for St. Martin to deliver Sally back home
and meet Pete. Then Sunday we set sail back to St. Lucia to return
"The Escape" back to the Moorings Company and Monday, the family
flies back home. Sam told Susan that she better remember that Robin
and her must pack light for the trip and to remind Robin of the fact
that space is limited. Susan told Sam not to worry because until
John boarded the sailboat Friday, Robin and her, except to go to
dinner on some of the evenings, didn't plan to wear anything on board
"The Escape". Sam told Susan, it sounded like a plan. Oh by the way
Susan, tell John that I got the sailboat for $ 10,000.00 and I'll
need a check made out to the Moorings before we leave. Susan told
Sam that she would have John give her the check this week.

Monday couldn't come soon enough and; Sam, Susan and Robin had First
Class seats to Puerto Rico to pick up the smaller American Eagle
flight to St. Lucia. The plane landed and everyone got his or her
duffel bag off the baggage rack. The representative from the
Moorings was waiting for them in baggage claim with a sign that
had Sam's name on it. Sam, Susan and Robin brought their bags
over to the guy and introductions were made all around. So they
could get all the paperwork completed, the Moorings guy dropped
the group off at the main office. Susan gave the Mooring people
the check for $ 10K and Sam signed all the documents. They were
then brought to a beautiful 45-ft sailboat named "The Escape".
To make sure all the provisions he requested was onboard and to
make sure the boat was ship-shape, Sam checked the sailboat over
with the Moorings representative. Sam told the guy that all was
fine and so Susan and Robin could stow their bags, allowed them
to board. The responsibility of the sailboat was now turned over
to Sam. Because of the late hour, they stayed the night onboard
at the Moorings dock in St. Lucia's beautiful Marigot Bay, where
original Dr. Doolittle was filmed.

Since the main cabin had an oversized King Sized bed in it, Robin,
Susan and Sam settled their stuff in the main cabin. It was decided
that they would share the bed until John or Sally joined them. It
was getting late so since Sam, Susan, and Robin were starving they
went, via taxi to "The Lime" in Harmony Bay. Sam heard they had
good food and music. They changed from their travel clothes to
Robin wearing a black leather bustier with a micro-mini skirt,
Sally wearing a mini-shirt with halter top, and Sam was dressed
in a Tropical shirt with a pair of Docker shorts on. Sam could
not believe how hot these two girls in front of him looked but
instead told them that they were going to be turning some
Caribbean men's head tonight in those outfits! Both of them
responded that they planned they to turn an American's head,
meaning Sam, tonight.

When they arrived at "The Lime", the host took one look at
Robin and Susan and gave out a low whistle, saying boy oh
boy are these two girl's looking for a hot time tonight.
So he decided to take them to a corner table in the back,
and as he was leaving them with the menus, he looked at Sam
then said I am sure you all will enjoy your dinner here at
"the Lime" and your evening elsewhere. Drinks were ordered
and served, with once again Robin being served without anyone
questioning this 14-year old's age. The waiter then took their
dinner order and left them to be alone. Sam, Sally and Robin
talked about the trip ahead of them and the fun they all
planned to have.

During dinner, out of no where, Sam said to Susan that Robin
is an amazingly sensual and sexual girl. Susan was unaware
that under the tablecloth, Robin's foot was in Sam's crotch
at the restaurant. So Sam moved his foot into Robin's bare
pussy and started rubbing her with his toes. Susan was wondering
what was happening under the table so she made like she dropped
something and went down under to discover Sam's toes rubbing
Robin's bare pussy and Robin rubbing through Sam's shorts his
groin area. Susan decided to let father (Sam) continue to play
with his daughter (Robin). Robin started getting very excited
by Sam rubbing her pussy so before she had an orgasm in the
restaurant Robin decided to ask her mom to dance.

Robin started dancing with her mom on the restaurant's dance
floor. Their hips were hitting together to the demanding bass
of the Caribbean beat. The men in the restaurant stopped what
they were doing to watch the mother-daughter team dance together.
After several dances, the girls worked their way through the crowd
of gaping onlookers over to the bar for a drink. They each
ordered a frosty papaya daiquiri and were sipping away when
Sam joined them at the bar. Sam was extremely horny from
watching them on the dance floor, plus from Robin rubbing
his penis under the table and the fact that both girls were
drunk, so Sam told Robin & Susan that it was time to go.
They took a taxi back to the sailboat.

In the back of the taxi, Robin pulled down her bustier for
Sam to reach around her shoulders to paw the tits that were
sticking up. He pinched Robin's cherry-red nipples and Susan
stuck out her tongue to lick the nipple that Robin presented
to her mom. While driving, the taxi driver, was watching the
action going on in the back and was getting a hard on. Sam then
moved his head down to Robin's tit to join Susan's, their
tongues dueling over Robin's nipple while Sam slipped a finger
into Robin's panty less pussy. Sam continued to saw his fingers,
between her widely splayed legs, in and out of Robin's pussy slot
when Sam looked up to see the driver watching them in the mirror
so he decided to put a halt to the action going on in the back seat
of the cab. Sam did not want to take the chance of Susan and him
being arrested in the back seat of a taxi for molesting a minor let
alone one that was drunk.

When they got back to the sailboat, they immediately went down
to the main cabin's oversized kind bed. Sam said to Robin and
Susan that since you two danced so well at the restaurant, how
about Robin slowly strip out of her black leather bustier and
micro-mini skirt, then Susan can strip out of her mini-shirt
and halter-top. Both girls looked at Sam and nodded their heads
in agreement, with Robin slowly first removing her skirt, to
expose her bare pussy then slowly unsnapping the snaps of her
bustier to expose a tit at a time to Sam and Susan. When Robin
was completely nude, she jumped into bed with Sam to watch
Susan's strip tease show. Susan first removed her halter,
then used it to slide it, between her legs and then in and
out of her pussy, pushing her mini-skirt up, then she threw
her halter to Sam, who sniffed it. Then Susan slowly unzipped
her skirt, lowering it at a very slow pace, inch by inch down
her legs to expose her pussy with a hairy bush. Robin told Susan
that when Sally came onboard that Sally would shave the hair off
of Susan's pussy. Susan said that would be o.k. with her then
joined Robin and Sam into the oversized bed. Robin and Susan
started sucking and licking Sam's 8-inch penis, while Sam's one
hand massaged Robin's breasts and his other hand was in Susan's pussy.

It didn't take long for the action to get heated up, Robin and
Susan decided to let Sam watch them eat each other out, so they
moved into a "69" position. Robin's tongue entered her mother's
pussy for the first time while Susan's tongue entered her daughter's
pussy for the first time. Since Robin's ass was close to Sam's body,
he decided, using his mouth to lube up a finger, to inset it into
Robin's exposed asshole. Robin enjoyed the feeling of her Uncle's
finger in her asshole, moving in and out, while her mother's tongue
was in her pussy lapping away. With all the excitement of the day,
and the liquor at dinner, Robin couldn't last much longer so her
juices started flowing into her mother's mouth. Susan started sucking
Robin's juices, when her own orgasm took hold and her juices started
leaking into Robin's mouth.

Sam could not handle not getting any attention from the females,
especially with the heavy scent of their pussy juices flowing, so
he decided to mount Robin's ass by penetrating her rectum with his
8-inch penis. Susan saw Sam mount Robin's ass, so she started sucking
on Robin's tits. After Sam came in Robin's rectum, the group collapsed
on the bed and fell asleep from being exhausted from their orgasms
and from traveling today. The next morning Robin, Susan and Sam
woke up in a pile on the bed, with Susan being the first out of bed
to make coffee for the others. Sam and Robin joined Susan in the galley,
where two cups of coffee were waiting for them. Sam told them that since
hot water is limited to take short showers, then get dressed so that
they could have breakfast in the Mooring's Diner and then get ready
to head to Antigua to pick up Sally. Robin and Susan, answered in unison,
of course el captain, we will do anything you ask of us on this voyage.
Since the shower was in a small area within the head, first Susan, then
Robin and then being last Sam took showers. The girls dressed for breakfast
in shorts with a bikini top and Sam wore shorts with a tank top shirt.
His tank top was from a dive shop in St. Barts that had a pretty dive
scene with the name of Francine's Dive shop printed on it.

After breakfast, they checked in to the Moorings office to obtain
the latest weather forecast and found out that all was clear, so
they headed down the dock to board "The Escape" to start the 1.5 day
journey to Antigua. Everyone remained clothed until they left Marigot
Bay, then everyone on deck striped off their clothes and Robin brought
them down into the cabin then came back up with towels for her and
Susan to use on the deck. Sam was stuck until he could raise the
sails at the helm. Robin and Susan placed the towels on the deck
in front of Sam, then relaxed on the towels. Sam was not only
enjoying the sight of the Caribbean, now he was able to enjoy
the scenery of the nude females onboard the sailboat. Susan
asked Robin to rub sun lotion into her body, so as Robin started
slowly to massage the lotion into her mother's body, she noticed
that her mom had some tan lines that needed to be filled in.
After Robin finished rubbing her mom's back, she had Susan turn
over to start applying the lotion on her front, making sure to
get her breasts. Susan was enjoying the attention to her breasts
and let out a soft moan. Sam yelled out to Robin and Susan that
before things get carried away, that he needed help with the sails,
so both girls got up to help Sam raise the sails.

Sam went back to the helm to steer the sailboat, while Robin and
Susan went back to their towels. Susan then applied lotion to Robin
and both girls were now nude sunbathing on the deck. Sam noticed a
small island coming into view, so after he checked his charts to
find out that the Island had enough depth to anchor the sailboat
for the night, he headed the sailboat in the direction of the Island.
The sailboat was anchored safely for the night, so Sam decided to jump
into the water with Susan and Robin still nude joining him. The water
was over their heads, so they could not touch bottom. Sam, Susan and
Robin were splashing around like kids having a great time, when
Sam decided that fresh fish would be a treat for dinner. So he
headed back to the boat for his fishing gear and prepared to fish,
meanwhile cooled off by the water, Robin and Susan came back onboard
the boat to make a salad and get other items prepared for dinner,
just in case no fish were caught. However Sam did catch about six
nice size red snapper that he de-boned and cleaned to be cooked by
Robin and Susan.

Dinner was served with a bottle of red wine on the sailboat's large
deck area so after dinner Sam went below to clean up the cabin while
Robin and Susan stayed up on deck. Susan took her plastic glass
containing the red wine and threw it at Robin's breasts, then
immediately pushed Robin down onto the deck and started licking
the wine off her chest following the stream down to her now wine
scented pussy. Susan continued licking the wine off Robin's body
with her ass lifted in the air and her mouth at Robin's pussy.
Sam was finished in the cabin so he went back up to join Robin
and Susan, he found that Susan's ass was lifted in the air and
her mouth at Robin's pussy.

Encouraged Sam started licking Susan's exposed ass and when it
was wet enough for him, he pushed against the tight sphincter of
Susan's ass. It gave way, as she sucked in an involuntary gasp
with his hard cock sliding into her anal passage. With Sam's
penis in her ass, he began thrusting away at Susan's firm ass
as she bucked and shook, rocked with wave after wave of delicious
pleasure. Susan then arched her back against Sam's chest to allow
her nipples to jut out of her breasts. Robin immediately went to
her mother's breasts to start sucking on both her tits, while
Robin's hands found Susan's clitoris hood to gain access so she
could begin rubbing Susan's clit. With Sam in her ass and Robin's
hands on her clit and mouth sucking her tits, Susan started going
crazy as she was starting to have her first of many orgasms for
tonight. After Susan came, Sam decided to save himself for Robin's
pussy, which was hot from both the current action on the deck plus
the wine treatment her mother gave her pussy. Sam was still hard
from not coming so he cleaned his penis off to mount Robin's wet
pussy. After a while both Robin and Sam came together in loud
screams and shouts with Sam's semen mixing with Robin's pussy
juices. Because of the noise from this boat could have woken up
the dead, it was a good thing no other boat was anchored in the area.

They stayed on deck all night with Sam plugging each hole that
Robin or Susan brought by his penis or tongue. They were screwing
around until finally they decided to sleep on the deck for the night.
It was a beautiful clear night, the temperature was warm, and it
was great sleeping weather. The rising hot sun woke the group up,
to clean themselves up from the night's activities they jumped off
the boat for a swim into the water and to help them wake up.
Breakfast consisted of cereal and coffee. After breakfast,
Sam prepared the sailboat for them to sail for the final portion
of the trip to Antigua. After the anchor was raised, to get away
from the Island, Sam started the motor on the sailboat and headed
back on his GPS charted course. Robin and Susan went back on deck
to continue their nude sunbathe.

Sam made it to Antigua by late afternoon and prior to entering the
harbor, so he could use the motor to head the sailboat into the harbor,
he had Robin and Susan help him with bringing the sails down. Sam also
had Robin, Susan and himself put some clothes on before they located
the Jumbo Bay Club. Sam brought the boat to the main guest dock,
where Sally was waiting to meet them. At the dock of Jumbo Bay Sam
saw Sally and he thought she looked incredibly sexy wearing a pair
of gray cotton shorts with a crop top T-shirt. Introductions were
made of Sally to Susan with Robin and Sam then attacking Sally with
one big hug. Kisses were exchanged, so that they could stow the
additional fresh provisions that Sally brought for everyone plus
her gear, and to allow Sally to get more comfortable then she
already was, they all boarded the "The Escape" to head out for the
night's anchoring. The 45 foot Beneteau Sailboat could only dock
to pick up their special guest but was unable, because of its size,
to stay overnight at the private dock. Sam started up the motor to
head into the outside edge of St. John's harbor to anchor in an out
cove for the night. Once onboard, as they were heading out of port,
Sally removed her shorts to reveal .a black bikini thong, which
showcased her tight and high ass-cheeks to full advantage, and
circled up and around her impossibly thin waist. Sally then removed
her top to reveal bare breasts without any tan lines. Susan and Robin
decided that the two of them could also shed their clothes, so off
came their tank tops and shorts to reveal, since Susan's tan lines
got filled in during the trip to Antigua they also had no tan lines,
on their now naked bodies.

Sam brought the sailboat to the anchorage spot and asked Sally to
release the anchor, when it was set, they all relaxed in the warm
Caribbean sun discussing the trip so far and allow Sally and Susan,
a chance to get to know one another. Since the sun was going to be
out for another couple of hours, Sally asked Susan to rub some sun
lotion on her body. Susan had Robin get a towel for Sally to lay down
on, then proceeded to start slowly massaging in the lotion on her back,
then the tops of her legs and making sure to brush her inner thighs as she continued rubbing the lotion into the back of Sally's body. Sally
rolled over on her own accord for Susan to start massaging the lotion
in on the front of her body.

Susan rubbed the sun lotion over the front of Sally's body making
sure to massage Sally's breasts, giving an occasional tweaking to
her nipples. Susan then headed down towards Sally's feet, making
sure to brush her pussy lips and rub her inner thighs. While Sally
and Susan were together on the deck of the sailboat, Robin relieved
Sam from steering the boat at the helm and continued with the heading
to the BVI's. Susan noticed that Sally's pussy was bare of any bush
hair, so she asked Sally, that since it was still daylight out, would
she give her a bare pussy, like she and Robin have by shaving her
pussy hair off? Sally told Susan, that it would be her pleasure and
as a matter of fact, she brought her shaving supplies onboard the boat
and with that Sally got up from the towel to go into the cabin to get
her shaving supplies. To find out what Sally and Susan were up to, Sam
decided to join Susan on the deck. Upon seeing Sam on the deck with her,
Susan asked him who was steering the sailboat and Sam replied that to
give him some relief, Robin took over control of the sailboat. Sam
continued that Robin is a natural at the helm, you would think that
the 14-year old has been sailing boats for years and not days.

Sam asked Susan where Sally went and Susan told Sam that she asked
Sally to shave her pussy bare, so Sally went into the cabin for
her shaving supplies. Sam told Susan that he will stay on the
deck and help Sally shave his sister's pussy bare. Susan told
Sam that would be fine with her. Sam asked Susan, hey "sis" what
would you think if I decided to settle down by asking Sally to
marry me? Sam continued, I know Sally and I don't know each
other long but I have a great feeling about her, we like the
same things and she gets along great with you and Robin! Sam
continued telling his sister that he can do his computer job
from St. Martin and would love to relocate down in the Caribbean.
Susan replied to Sam, that it would be nice for her younger brother
to finally settle down that Sally would make the perfect mate for
him and we all get along sexually. Sam told Susan that he will see
how the rest of the trip goes and he will ask her in the BVI's
when John joins them.

End of Part 5A. 5B is next and the end of this story for now.
If you enjoyed my story, write me at because
of spam, I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any other address.
E-mail address used for posting is just that a story posting address.
I appreciate positive input. Thank you for reading my story, I hoped
you enjoyed it!

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted with
all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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