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ROBINPT5B camera took pictures everyone The


This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your
area or immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you
should likewise bypass this story. This material is strictly
for fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which involves
some adult sexual, and incest situations. The author does not
believe adults should have sex with teenagers that are
considered minors or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no
attempt is made to profit from this story.

Author's note:

This is the continuation of the 5th and possible final part
of my series "Robin's Dive", to understand this story, please
make sure to read parts 1 through 5A. If you were familiar with
my other story, "The Great Massage" you would have noticed that
part 5 of that story was in two parts and so this story will be
no different. I hope you enjoy the story, I tried to keep it
flowing without any parts getting boring?

Robin's Sailing Trip Part 5B of 5B (MFFf/M, teen, incest,
lesbian, shaving, anal) by Sammie

Sally came back to the deck with a small bowl of water, wash
cloth, scissors, razor, shaving gel and proceeded to ask Sam
and Susan what the big discussion they had was about? Susan
replied nothing worth repeating at this time and the subject
was dropped. Sally had Susan lay down on the towel face up
and then using the scissors; proceeded to trim Susan's pussy

into Sally's slippery wet pussy and he proceeded to mount her.
Susan rolled over to Sally to place one of her nipples into her
mouth and started sucking on Sally's one nipple then the other nipple.

Sally was enjoying the feeling of Sam filling her pussy with his
penis, while having Susan sucking her nipples. Sam was so horny
that he came quickly, squirting his semen into Sally's pussy.
Since Sally did not have an orgasm yet, Susan brought her head
to Sally's pussy to start sucking her clit; tasting Sam's semen
mixed with Sally's pussy juices. From watching the action on the
deck from the helm, Robin inserted a couple of fingers into her
own pussy, rubbing her clit until she brought herself to a small

To return the favor to Susan's pussy, Sally lifted Susan's legs
over her head. Sam took his turn sucking on Sally's then Susan's
breasts. Sally and Susan both came at the same time each drinking
in the other's juices with Susan still tasting her brother's
semen in Sally's pussy. Upon hearing yelling and screaming
coming from the helm, Sam, Susan and Sally looked over to see
Robin's fingers rapidly moving in and out of her own pussy,
and her other hand vigorously rubbing her breasts, bringing
herself to a major orgasm. So, Robin could join Sally and Susan,
Sam decided to relieve her at the helm, thereby allowing the
females to relax from their orgasms and continue playing with
the other if they wish.

That evening, which was the night before John was to join the
group onboard the sailboat, Sally and Robin were off in a cabin
enjoying themselves with each other's vibrator. So Sam and Sally
had a private discussion in the galley area about whether or not
John and Robin should be told that Sam is her real father. Sally
and Robin were finished in the cabin and started to leave to get
some refreshments in the galley, when they heard some of the
conversation taking place by Sam and Susan. Robin had a feeling
that by the way her Uncle Sam treated her growing up that he acted
sometimes like a father to her. Robin guessed it was because he
didn't have any kids on his own but she heard bits of pieces of
a similar conversation several years ago but didn't think too
much of it at the time until now. Sally and Robin retreated back
to the cabin, they were both glad that Susan and Sam were not going
to tell John or Robin about it on this trip or ever. Sally agreed
and she told Robin that she still loved Sam even though she could
become Robin's unofficial step mom. Both girls laughed and then
Robin said to Sally, come on mom eat your new 14-year old daughter's
pussy some more. Sally laughed at her comment and then placed the
vibrator in Robin's pussy bringing her head back into Robin's pussy
for Robin to have another orgasm before they went back, to the
galley for refreshments.

On their way to the galley area, this time to alert Sam and Susan
that they were on their way, Sally and Robin made some noises.
Sam and Susan quickly changed the subject to Susan telling Sam
that when John comes onboard that all group nude and sexual
activities will be placed on hold. Sally asked them about the
comment Susan was making and Sam agreed that they would all have
to behave on board. Cabin assignments were made with John and
Susan getting the master cabin, Sam and Sally sleeping in the
guest cabin and Robin getting the smaller cabin, which is usually
the crew persons cabin, to herself. Hopefully something will happen
that will change the situation with John. Robin thought that since
she would be stuck in the smaller cabin by herself that she would
work on John to change his attitude on sex especially since
everyone else was able to have sex with a partner vs. her
with the vibrator.

In the BVI's Friday night "The Escape" was able to stay in port,
so, the group decided to go out together for Dinner. Robin's small,
perfectly shaped, breasts were showing through the diaphanous, silk
tank top she wore, with her nipples poking sharply outward. As Robin
walked up the dock from the sailboat, every male and even some female
heads on the dock in the BVI's were turned. They went out to a
place called "The Froggy" where drinks were served and they all
had a nice quiet dinner. After dinner, in front of the group, Sam
proposed marriage to Sally. Sally accepted, so Sam placed a ring
he picked up in one of the ports, on Sally's finger. Everyone
congratulated the couple, then hugged and kissed each other. The
group decided that it was getting late and they went back to the
boat. On board the boat everyone got ready for bed, but since
John was onboard, they had to sleep in separate cabins that night.

While John was in the main cabin with Susan, Sally and Sam were
in the 2nd cabin, Robin was alone in the 3rd smaller cabin.
Robin could not stand listening to the sexual sounds coming
from the other cabins so she decided to play with herself. Robin
inserted her fingers into her pussy getting herself wet then
located the 5-inch vibrator her mom gave her, while the vibrator
was in her pussy, with one hand rubbing over her breasts the
other hand slid down to the top of her, hairless slit and teased
her clitoris. Her pussy was clenching the vibrator like it was
like a cork stuck in too tight of a bottle, Robin was thinking
of her father John's thick penis in her pussy so not wanting to
let anyone know that she was coming, Robin moaned softly. After
Robin came, her cunt relaxed enough to release its clench on the
vibrator; after relaxing a few minutes she then decided to join
Sam and Sally. So Robin left her cabin and went into Sally and
Sam's cabin, where she found Sam plowing away into Sally's pussy.
Robin joined the fun and then in the morning, left their cabin
before John got up.

At 7am Robin was the first up so she made coffee, smelling the
fresh brewed coffee, John got up, threw on a pair of running
shorts and headed for the galley where he found Robin sitting
with her knees up and her T-shirt covering them. Robin got up
to serve her father a cup of coffee and John was able to see
through the thin T-shirt material that she had no panties underneath
and her ass was bare. John hasn't seen Robin's bare ass since she
turned 10-years old so after seeing his daughter's bare ass at the
age of 14-year old, John got an erection in his shorts. Upon bringing
the coffee to John, Robin noticed the tip of his penis sticking
out of his running shorts and Robin knew she had her father
hooked. Since the sun was out and everyone else was still
sleeping on board, Robin invited John up on deck to finish
his cup of coffee. Robin was telling John about the trip so
far and how much fun they all had and that she was glad he
was able to join them. She then invited John to join her in
a swim and without giving him a chance to say no, she dove
over board into the crystal clear water. John yelled out to
her but when he noticed that her T-shirt became even more
transparent from the water, he decided to join his daughter.

John was still wearing his running shorts when he swam to
meet Robin in the shallow area she found. John noticed that
he was able to see Robin's nipples more outlined in the T-shirt
and he started getting hard so the tip of his penis came out
from under his shorts. Robin again noticed that John had an
erection, so she ripped the wet T-shirt off her body and she
attacked John in the water. Robin located her father's penis
underwater and against his will shoved into her waiting pussy.
Robin told John that she has noticed that he has wanted her body
since she was 12-years old, so she told him to just relax while
she gave you the ride of his life and to stop arguing with her.
With that John relaxed and mounted Robin until he spewed his
incest semen into what he thought was his daughter's young pussy.
After they both came and rested a little bit, John mentioned to
Robin, that he was able to notice that she had no tan lines.
John asked her how she was able to obtain an all over tan on
a sailboat with her Uncle onboard? Robin told John the whole
story of her dive trip with Sam to St. Martin. John was
horrified over what Robin told him but then he started to
think to himself how he himself just screwed this 14-year old,
his daughter's pussy. John understand how Sam could have been
seduced by Robin's young beauty so he decided not say anything
more about it to Robin and figure, he would enjoy having sexual
relations with his daughter.

By now Susan, John and Sally were up on deck watching Robin's
young magical powers of seduction work on John. Susan was happy
because life onboard could now return to what it was before John
joined them. However when John returned to the sailboat, Susan to
make it look good decided to read, when they boarded the sailboat,
John the riot act about screwing their daughter. So when John and
Robin came back to the boat Sally, Sam and Susan were waiting for
them, John was a little embarrassed having an audience to his
session with Robin, but then Susan started in on him about what
took place out there in the water. Robin quickly came to John's
defense by telling her mom, Sally and Sam that John knows the
whole story of her sexual experiences of this trip plus the trip
with Sam. Susan asked John if he was upset and John told the group,
how could he be, she just seduced me into this family incest sexual relationship.

Before the group pulled out of the BVI's to head to St. Martin
for Sally's & Sam's wedding, they called Pete with the great
news and he suggested the wedding be held at a beautiful spot
with a coral reef at 30 ft below - underwater he knows about.
Sam asked his friend about communicating the wedding vows and
Pete told him that he has an underwater communication system
that he uses for teaching diving, underwater construction or
rescue dives. Sam told Pete that it sounds like it will be a
great wedding. They departed the BVI's to head towards a cove
that Sam knew about, that they could stay Saturday night that
was just off St. Martin, so he pulled anchor and started heading
to the cove. Meanwhile, John joined the females in nude sunbathing,
because his skin was still white, he asked Robin and Sally to rub
the sun lotion over his body. Of course Sally and Robin took their
time and had some fun rubbing John's pure white body with the lotion.
Once at the cove, the group went swimming, snorkeling and did other
fun activities. While Sam and Robin were snorkeling together,
Sam noticed some lobsters by some rocks on the bottom and decided
that the group should have a lobster dinner before they hit
St. Martin the next day.

So they could get their dive gear on, Sam signaled Robin to head
back to the boat, which she did. When they got back onboard the
sailboat, Sam told Robin and Sally to get ready to scuba dive,
fresh lobster is on the menu for tonight. So, John helped them
get the scuba gear and helped put it on Robin, then Sally and
Sam last. Sam jumped overboard with Robin and Sally following
him. Once at 25 ft of water, Robin went over to Sally and gave
her bare butt cheeks a squeeze and Sally took that as a signal
that Robin wanted to fool around underwater. While Sally and
Robin played like kids, squeezing breasts, twisting nipples,
grabbing the other's ass cheeks and pussy, with an occasional
placement of a finger in one or the other's hole with Sam
watching the two of them tenderly play with each other.

Sam let Robin and Sally continue playing with each other,
so, he went down to the rocks, looking for lobsters. When he
found where the lobsters were hiding, so he could give them
the nets to hold, he signaled Sally and Robin to join him.
Robin and Sally joined Sam and as he grabbed the 3 to 5 lb.
lobsters from the back, Sally held one of the nets wide open.
Sam placed two large lobsters into Sally's net and to get two
additional lobsters, had Robin bring her net over, where the
lobsters were placed. Sam figured that about 15 lbs. of lobster
should be enough for 5 people plus they could always save any
leftovers to make fresh salads for lunch. So Sam, Robin and
Sally headed back to the sailboat with their fresh catches.
To keep the lobsters fresh, the nets were left in the water
and the three of them re-boarded the sailboat with John and
Susan helping them with the dive gear. Since the beach in the
cove was really nice and deserted, Sam told the group that dinner
would be served on the beach. They can lower the Zodiac off the
back of the sailboat and take the food into shore. The group
thought that was a great idea.

That evening with the sun still up, the Zodiac was lowered into
the water, some of the food and cooking supplies were loaded and
Sam brought John and Susan over on the first trip to the beach.
Once on the beach, John and Susan started a fire, and then so
they could cook the lobsters, filled the large pots with fresh
water and beer to start the water to boil. Meanwhile Sam, with
Robin and Sally brought over the lobsters and the rest of the
food and refreshments for dinner. Robin brought her battery-operated
boom box so they could have music on their deserted beach. While
the water was boiling, refreshments were served and then the
lobsters were lowered into the large pots. When the lobsters
were cooked, dinner was served and everyone enjoyed their fresh
dinner treat. After dinner, Robin and Susan decided to repeat
their dance performance from "The Lime" restaurant on St. Lucia,
so they got up and started dancing to the Caribbean music playing
on the radio. Robin and Susan in a sensual way, started bumping
and grinding their naked bodies together, moving their bodies in
very sexual dance movements.

Everyone was getting excited from the sexual tone of the dancing
Susan and Robin were doing with each other's bodies that Sam, John
and Sally got up and started dancing with them. From the dance
movements mixed with the refreshments and lobster dinner, John
got an erection and decided it was time he mounted his daughter
Robin again. So he had Robin lie down on the sand, licked her
pussy a few times, then inserted his penis into her now slippery
cunt. After John came once in Robin's pussy, he withdrew his shaft
from her tight cunt, centered it on her rose-petal asshole and
deliberately pushed into her ass-end. Robin started strumming
her tiny clitoris rapidly and started moaning hysterically until
she bleated out her several orgasms. Then Sam, to join the two of
them, entered Robin's pussy. Robin became a sandwich between her
father, John and her Uncle/real father Sam. By now Robin was
marveling at the extraordinary feeling of two penis' sticking
up between her legs into her tight woman-child cunt and asshole.
The two men gripped her by the ass and legs, and bounced her
lithe body up and down on their stiff cocks.

Robin already had several small orgasms; John and Sam could
tell by the way her holes tightened upon their lust-filled
penises. Each of the men could feel the other's cock thrusting
in and out of the adjacent channel. Sam and John knowing that
this delicious, young girl, their niece or daughter getting
screwed by another man at the very same time made the fuck
that much more carnal to each of them. They all came at once
and both men released their penises from Robin's wet pussy,
John's and Sam's juices mixing as they were dripping down her
legs. Meanwhile, Susan and Sally joined together in a "69" position
licking and sucking at each other's pussies, while their hands played
with the other's tits. After John was done with Robin, he went over
and mounted Sally's wet pussy while Sam mounted Susan's pussy.
After John came in Sally's pussy, he stuck his penis up into
Susan's asshole, sandwiching her between Sam and himself.
Meanwhile Robin and Sally got together with Robin licking
out her father's semen from Sally's pussy. The orgy went
into the night with everyone sleeping on the beach that night,
wherever they wound up and with whomever they were with.

Sunday morning after Sam brought everyone back with all the
supplies to the sailboat; he headed off for the short trip to
St. Martin where Pete will be meeting the group. The wedding
was planned for that afternoon. Sally had asked Robin to be
her maid of honor, and Sam had asked John to be his best man,
Pete will be an usher escorting Susan. On the trip into St.
Martin everyone changed into their wedding attire with John and
Sam wearing a Speedo type bathing suit, Sally and Robin wore a
string bikini top with matching thong bottoms, but Sally's was
all white, Robin's was bright Red. Susan decided to wear an
emerald green tube top and matching bikini bottom bathing suit.
Pete met them at the dock in his Speedo along with the justice
of the peace. The day before the wedding, Pete met with the local
justice of the peace (JOP), to tell him about the wedding
ceremony that Sally and Sam had planned underwater. Since
he was a scuba diver, he thought it would be a great experience.
To head to the dive spot that Pete had picked out, they all
boarded the large sailboat for the trip to the reef.

When they arrived at the reef, they all got dressed in the
gear that Pete supplied and prepared for the dive underwater.
When everyone reached 15 ft, they waited for a communication
check from Pete. Pete check in with everyone's radio, just
like they were made to work, all radios were working well
and were very clear underwater. They swam over about 100
yards from the sailboat's anchor to a depth of 30 ft, where
Pete knew of the perfect spot for the ceremony to take place.
It was one of the most beautiful coral spots in the Caribbean.
There was a nice rock area for everyone to sit, with the coral
reef behind the bride and groom as a backdrop. Pete using an
underwater camera took pictures of everyone. The justice of
the peace (JOP), using a special underwater board with the
marriage vows on it, started reciting them to Sally and Sam.
Do you Sally take this man Sam etc., Sally answered the JOP yes,
and do you Sam take this woman Sally etc., Sam answered yes.
With the power invested in me by the Ministry of St. Martin,
I now pronounce you husband and wife. If you can, you may
kiss the bride. Everyone in the wedding party heard in their
earpieces, Sally and Sam take a deep breath of air from their
mouthpieces before releasing it for a long kiss. The kiss
lasted for a while before they had to go back to their mouthpieces
for more air. Sally then went to Robin and told her to take a
deep breath so she could give her a kiss. Sally repeated this
with John, Susan and Pete. Sam meanwhile went to Robin and Susan
to kiss them but gave John and Pete a bear hug, which was clumsy
do to all the gear on them.

Robin, Susan, John and Pete all yelled out a loud congratulations
in their mouthpieces, Sally and Sam then yelled back a thank you.
They then thanked the JOP. Robin, John, Susan, Pete and the JOP,
left the newlyweds down at the coral reef, and started heading
back up to the sailboat. While they swam back to the sailboat,
Sam and Sally stayed down an extra 20 minutes, with Sam moving
the strip of Sally's thong that covered her pussy to the side.
Sam then inhaled some air and brought his mouth down to her
pussy for an underwater tongue bath, which of course didn't
last long. Sam did discover that Sally was wet down there,
so, he brought his Speedo down to expose his penis and get
in an underwater quickie with Sally while everyone else was
heading back to the boat. The group continued to the boat,
listening in on the communications system to the newlyweds
starting an early honeymoon. When John, Pete, Robin, Susan
and the JOP boarded the boat they stowed their scuba gear
and prepared the boat with Just married signs on the back
and side then added paper bells to the sailboats mast.
A few bottles of champagne were also brought on deck waiting
for the happy couple to come up from their "dive".

Sam disconnected his communications gear then Sally's gear;
he didn't feel the JOP needed to hear them come. Sam continued
floating with Sally joined at his groin area underwater with
Sam coming first then Sally came shortly after with each of
them having a small orgasm. To start their trip back up to
the sailboat, Sam removed his penis from Sally's pussy and
they put their bathing suit bottoms back in place. If it
weren't for the JOP, they would have stayed nude for the trip
up. On their way back up, Sam noticed his semen leaking out
of Sally's, groin area and floating in the water.

Sally and Sam, when they reached the surface, were greeted by
everyone onboard, with loud shouts and cheers. To open the
champagne bottles up, Pete and John aimed the bottle's cork
toward the couple in the water. As they boarded the sailboat
the champagne was poured over their heads. Towels were provided
and John opened another bottle of champagne for a toast. To pick
up the food and since the JOP had other business to tend to that
day, they had to bring him back in, so the group finished getting
the sailboat ready for the trip back to the dock, they raised the
anchor and headed in.

When they got back into the dock, they thanked the JOP again for
performing the wedding and then picked up the fresh seafood for
their private catered reception at the dock, onboard the sailboat.
During the reception, Pete had to leave to get ready for a large
dive party coming into St. Martin the next day so he started
packing up his gear from the boat and then said his good byes.
Sally, Susan, and Robin gave Pete a big hug and kiss to thank
him for everything while John shook his hand. Sam gave Pete a
big hug and told him that Sally and he, will take him as a thank
you for everything he did for them, out to dinner when they return
from their honeymoon. Pete told them he planned to take them up
on that offer and to have a great trip back to St. Lucia. Sally
was able to change her schedule to take a honeymoon on "the Escape"
with Sam and help, him bring the sailboat back to St. Lucia. Pete
left the dock waving good-bye to everyone, the group responded back
with waves and good byes to Pete.

After the orgy, celebrating the wedding, John, Susan and Robin
left the sailboat to head to Sally's house where they were staying
the night for their early flight, home the next day. To allow Sally
and Sam a honeymoon, they changed their plans to head home from St.
Martin instead of St. Lucia. When they arrived at the house, Robin
gave John and Sally a tour with the tour ending in Sally's master
bedroom. John, Robin and Sally took off their bathing suits for
some more screwing action that ended with everyone falling a sleep
exhausted from the day events and previous orgy. The next morning
they took Sally' car to the airport for their trip back home. John
told Robin and Susan that this was the best and most relaxing
vacation that he has had in a very long time. Robin and Susan
agreed with him, then each of them at the same time gave him a
hug with a long French kiss right in the airport terminal. They
then boarded the plane for their uneventful, compared to Robin's
trip home with her uncle from St. Martin, First Class trip home.

Meanwhile, back on the sailboat, Sally and Sam decided to continue
their underwater screwing session into the morning with Sam plowing
into each orifice (mouth, asshole and pussy) of Sally's. The next
morning Sally made coffee and breakfast onboard for her new husband.
They showered together soaping the other bodies and before the action
heated up in the shower, Sam told Sally that they had to meet the
customs inspector shortly for the paperwork to return the sailboat
to the Mooring's Company in St. Lucia. Sally decided Sam was right
so she hurried up with her shower and got out with Sam following her
to towel each other dry. Sam got dressed in just a pair of cutoffs
with a T-shirt and Sally dressed in a regular bathing suit bottom
with a short mid-drift T-shirt and they headed up the dock to the
dock master's station. Sam and Sally met with St. Martin customs
then went to the ship store for provisions to start their trip
back to St. Lucia with the sailboat.

Once back on board the boat the provisions were stowed by Sally,
while Sam prepared the sailboat for the trip back to The Mooring
Company in St. Lucia. Before they left, Sam sat Sally down to
make a confession to her. Sam said to Sally that now that they
are a married couple he must confess something to her. Sally
told Sam that no matter what they are married and she loves
him, unless Sally told him that you are confessing to me that
you married me for my money and house. Sam told Sally that she
was right, he was marrying her for the house and money and Sally
was marrying him to be close to his sister Susan, Robin and John,
that she couldn't wait until the next family reunion for more wild
hot sex with them. They both laughed and then Sally told Sam to
tell her what was on his mind. Sam told Sally that he didn't
know how to word what he has to say, so he will just say it.
He has a daughter that is 14-years old and her name, Sally
interrupted him and said her name is Robin and we both know
all about it. Sam looked at Sally and asked her to explain.
When Robin had her medical exam, we talked a little about you,
John and Susan. Some how, Robin had heard about you and your
sister playing together when you were younger, so she did some
math and guessed. However it wasn't confirmed until Robin and
I overheard you and Susan discussing about whether, John should
be told about it or not when the three of us were on the sailboat
together last week. Robin and I were glad that John wasn't told
and Robin doesn't plan to tell John or treat him any different.
Especially after this trip, they are closer then before the trip.
Sam told Sally that he loved her more then ever for understanding
his incest relationship with Susan and now with Robin. So they
could start their honeymoon, they left the dock to get on their
way towards St. Lucia. As they left the dock, you could still
see, on the back of the sailboat, the sign that said "Just married "
on it.

The end of part 5B and end of this story.
If you enjoyed my story, write me at because
of spam, I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any other address.
E-mail address used for posting is just that a story posting address.
I appreciate positive input. Thank you for reading my story, I hoped
you enjoyed it!

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted with
all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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