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ROBOT movies with Jeremy The guy looked


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Lisa, the Robot (robot.txt)- Jeremy wants to build the perfect
woman and he starts with a real, live girl. He has some fals starts, but
everyone is pretty pleased with the result. M/F, M+/F (MC)- fill service.

Lisa, the Robot
She lay flat on the table, her legs spread uncomfortably wide. Her
hands lay helplessly at her sides as Jeremy used her like a masturbation
He didn't seem to have much more interest in her than that either.
It was only important that she was tight and had that 'true to life'
feel of a vagina molded from an actual woman. Being the real thing made
her cunt the best substitute available and Jeremy was enjoying the feel
as he fucked the unmoving girl.
His words rattled around in Lisa's head as she lay there while he
used her. It was as bad as being in hell.
"It's a neural inhibitor. All you have to do is take it off. It
doesn't clamp on very tight. You could probably shake it off," he
informed her when she found she could not move a muscle and then taunted
her, "But that's the problem, isn't it? You can't move to do that, can
Even asking the questions was a torture because Lisa couldn't
answer. He stripped her like a rag doll and then laid her out on his
table. She had to lay there as he pushed his cock in her and fucked her
helpless body.
Had that been all, it would have haunted Lisa the rest of her life
but she may have found some peace after a time. Instead it was the very
beginning and a mild beginning at that. Jeremy wanted a much better toy
than an unmoving vagina.
Lisa was afraid to move, afraid to eat, afraid to shit, because
every thing she did gave him a clearer map of her brain. He didn't even
have to be there. His system relentlessly noted patterns and matched
them to her image in the digital camera.
She thought sleep would be a refuge, but instead she granted the
probe access to her dreams as she slept. Jeremy didn't really want some
arcane control of her muscles and skeletal system. He wanted to map the
architecture of her thought and the hierarchy of her emotions. Her
dreams built that data at an astounding rate.
Then there was the short unconsciousness as Jeremy planted the
transmitters sub-cutaneously under her hair at the base of her skull.
She was about to enter a new reality where she was in total thrall to
the wishes of her abductor. She was about to become confusion on two
"Why, Lisa, I think your choice of dress is alarming," Jeremy said.
Lisa had been preparing for a romantic someone who was the man of
her dreams as she slipped on the sheer babydoll and band-aid sized
panties. She was very aware of the way the transparent top and nearly
nothing panties exposed her body to him. Still, she had no emotion about
the fact, despite his chiding.
"You look like you're ready to screw an entire football team," he
went on.
She was dressed for uninhibited sex and she had dressed for a man covered in the misty ideals of perfection. Lisa felt a faint stirring in
her crotch as half-formed ideas of perfect love floated in her mind.
"I wonder if you know what to do with this?" he asked as he pulled
his cock from his pants and let it hang out of his fly.
Lisa only remembered her point of view changing as his hips became
larger and then his limp penis was right in front of her eyes. She did
know what to do with that, even if she didn't know how she had gotten
on her knees in front of him.
She lifted the limp stalk to her mouth and sucked it in exclusion
of all other distractions. She had an organ to excite and her mind was
dedicated to every wrinkle and bump on Jeremy's cock as she explored him
with her tongue. She was alert for some speed or pressure or style that
made him twitch in her mouth so she could do what he liked best as she
sucked on his cock.
It was a marvelous test run of a successful experiment. She
needed little guidance, Jeremy noted from the read-out on his
transmitters. It shouldn't be too daunting of a task to learn enough
that he would be able to move her outside the high-tech environment.
And best of all, she was performing to the highest expectations.
Lisa was industriously raising his cock using her own experience and
altering it on her own to fit with his deepest desires. She was sucking as good as she could suck without meaning to or wanting to and she
would fuck in the same way.
Her 'want to' had been derailed down the siding of 'will do' and
she was being manipulated into being an eager and needy sex partner
without her desires getting in the way.
Lisa was consumed with the struggle to quell her gag reflex as she
took him all the way into her throat and made him batter her tonsils. He
responded best to fucking her deep with the last inch of his cock and
she was consumed with giving him that pleasure. It was enough to occupy
her mind as her throat fought to cough out the offending stranger.
She gagged, gagged, and gagged again when Jeremy switched off the
computer control. She suddenly couldn't handle the cock rubbing deep in
her throat, but she didn't pull away.
Her struggle became panic as she kept impaling herself on the
uncomfortable prod, but she couldn't stop herself. She hung in some
mid-world decrying her actions and doing nothing to stop them.
Jeremy finally moved back and she ran through a series of
distances to bob her head and threw in a crazy bobble of her head as she
searched for what he wanted now. Hard on the head with her tongue
working underneath the glans was the answer. He urged her faster and
faster until he filled her mouth with semen.
She had no thought, only reflex. His cum was in her way and she
swallowed it as she took a little more of his cock on her swoops into
his groin. His softening cock slid easier into her throat as she
followed the end of his eruption with another deep-throating suck on
his satisfied organ.
Just the way I like it, Jeremy thought, and without the cyber
control. He hadn't planned on it being this easy. There were
modifications he wouldn't need and mind training that was an
unnecessary extra now. It was the best possible news coming with the
best possible blow-job.
Lisa was the one left with questions, or rather, troubling
recollections to go with the salty taste in her mouth. She was vaguely
aware that she had been sucking a dick, but it didn't square with her
enslavement to Jeremy. There was no memory of force. Indeed, her
thoughts about the cock that had been in her mouth were strangely
neutral. She remembered doing a damn good job and little else. She
wouldn't have had that blank spot with her abductor- it didn't make
Jeremy felt like king of the world now. He had turned Lisa to
servitude without resistance. That should have been enough to amuse him
for a long time, but Jeremy had to show off. What good was an earth-
shattering accomplishment if he kept it secret?
Lisa knew she had to go. She couldn't think what was so important,
but she had to go. It would be much more terrible for her to refuse to
appear than the embarrassment of her costume at the 'come as you are'
party. Social rival? Employer? Lover? She didn't know what pressed her
so surely to go, but she knew she had to appear even in the towel they
allowed her for being caught in the shower by the invitation.
It wasn't a sexy feeling. Lisa felt on display. She knew all the
eyes would be on her, at least until they tired of embarrassing her or
having their fantasies about the woman in the towel. It was the
excitement of danger, not sex that made her nipples press erect and
button-like against the towel around her naked body.
Jeremy knew how she felt. And unlike Lisa, he knew why she felt
that way. He didn't have to be particularly discerning with the emotions
he triggered in her. Broad categories would give him the response he
wanted and it was so easy to put a different thought in her head if the
first one wasn't working.
She rode quietly beside Jeremy out of the lab and across the
compound to his quarters. That would do for the drive to the party
she thought she was summoned to.
The party was a struggle. As she had feared, she felt all eyes on
her. That made sitting an act of exhibitionism. And too often she felt
a move open the towel to flash flesh at the party guests.
Jeremy's friends were truly amused at her robot-like performance.
She was unaware of their hands lifting the towel, but she felt their
eyes on her. For them, this secretive peeping was a charge like no other.
They exposed her ass and stared. They parted the towel over her crotch
and giggled. Lisa blushed, but gave no indication she was aware of
their hands altering her skimpy costume.
They were very bright men, Jeremy reminded himself. Their lives
were caught up in their own projects and they didn't have any more time
for a social life than he had himself. Hence their timidity and
sophomoric approach to Lisa. He was going to take them beyond puberty
tonight. He was going to drag them moaning and groaning into adulthood.
Lisa was mad at the skinny bitch. Every man there was NOT her
private property. She was ugly and flat-chested and Lisa knew the only
reason she was getting the attention was her acting the easy slut. That
attention was going to end, Lisa resolved.
She was careful to contrive the slippage. She wanted it to look
accidental when the men got their glimpse of a real woman and turned
their attention from the skinny whore.
Jeremy's friends were fascinated with the shimmy that was causing
the towel to slip. The engineer was calculating the number of full arcs
of her breasts it would take to cause the fold to open and the rest were
mesmerized by the swinging round weights under the terry-cloth. There
was a general intake of breath as they waited for her motion to take its
The breath came out in a unison sigh when the towel fell. Lisa
threw her hands up in mock surprise as they surveyed her naked charms
and then covered- her mouth with both hands in mock shock.
Lisa didn't expect a challenge from the bitch. When she was
stripping in competition to Lisa's show, it brought up her competitive
juices. The tit-less whore was barely a woman. She didn't know sexy when
she saw it. Lisa had crossed the line when the towel 'slipped' off and
now she felt no shame in using the body she had flashed at the guests
to put the skinny slut in her place.
Lisa had bent to retrieve the towel and hold it in front of her.
That had left her rear exposed to the gawking men. Now she was using it
like a veil to cover and reveal one part of her and another as she
broke into the sexy dance. There was not a pair of pants without a
substantial bulge among the viewers.
Jeremy was pleased with the reaction. At the level he probed, his
suggestions were ultimatums. He was deeper than her cognition and she
accepted his scenes as the product of her faculties. She thought they
were her thoughts. And Jeremy was finding her emotions fiery and
therefore easy to manipulate her through. Now what would prompt her to
gang-bang all his friends?
Lisa forgot the towel in the flush of victory. She accepted the
skinny whore's tears as the championship trophy. They knew what a real
woman was now. The attention was pleasing now. She was a winner. She
was special and none of them could get enough of her.
Those thoughts made her parade naked, but they didn't encourage
her to fuck the men. Her reaction was shock when her tit was grabbed.
She jumped about like spit on a griddle as the hands groped her. She
obviously was not in the mood to fuck them all.
"Look, I'm afraid you're going to have to go one at a time,"
Jeremy told his friends.
That didn't seem to disappoint anyone. There was even a general
consensus that someone else should go first. Finally the chemist was
pushed forward.
Lisa was glad to escape the rude guests. She knew it was her fault
for getting into the contest with the other woman, but she was glad to
escape the attention she had drawn. It was arousing in some backwards
way to have so many men lusting for her, but she wasn't ready to give
up her self-respect. In fact, it was extremely arousing to think of
being served by a mass of men- touched in every place and satisfied on
every hand. But it was best that remained a fantasy for now.
That left-over lust now settled on her rescuer. He was caring and
understanding to have seen her distress and get her away from the
pressing throng. And he was being such a gentleman sitting beside the
naked woman and not acting like the other animals. She needed relief
from her illicit excitement and he deserved a reward.
Her performance couldn't have been better. This was his goal and
Jeremy had achieved it. Lisa began slowly, placing the chemist's hand
on her breast and leaning over to kiss him. He was a bit shy in front of
his colleagues- well, he was shy in any case, but the audience made that
more intense- but Lisa was willing to take charge and seduce him.
She didn't hear the ooohhs and aaahhhs from the group in her
concentration on the chemist. She opened his shirt and ran her hands
over his chest as she kissed him. Then she followed her hand with her
mouth and licked over his nipples as her hands worked on opening his
The boys were getting raucous as she demonstrated her art. They
were far from expert observers of sexual technique, but every one of
them was fantasizing how it would feel and agreeing that it must feel
pretty damn good. They'd become more discerning after the edge came off
their lust.
Lisa crushed her tits into the chemist's crotch as his hard-on
jerked and came alive. His cock found its way between her breasts and
she rubbed him with them before dipping down to take his cock in her
mouth. He was impatient, or quick-triggered, according to respect you
felt like paying him and Lisa could tell he didn't need much more of
her mouth work.
She climbed on top of him to preserve his reserve and sat quietly
down on his pole. She was having warm feelings toward him and she
didn't want it to be over too quickly for him.
Her good intentions aside, a paucity of experience made it
impossible for her partner to restrain himself. It took less than a
minute of her sitting on his cock for him to go off.
He would bounce back quickly, however, in the body of the
engineer. Lisa only knew that her lover now wanted to be on top between
her legs. His rapid resurrection didn't seem strange to her. She was
glad she was getting to show her appreciation.
Nice guys were hard to find and Lisa thought they could really
have something. She wanted to be the best fuck he ever had. She threw
her hips up to him as he fucked in and out of her rapidly and with no
Jeremy was afraid his control wasn't strong enough to make her
think these guys were great lovers. He only urged her to think of the
stamina he (they) were showing. Jeremy's friend Billy wanted to suck her
tits and then have her suck his dick. He tried to impress her with
Billy's consideration for her feelings.
Lisa couldn't believe how wet she was. Moistness was streaming
from her slit. Maybe her dream lover had tapped an eroticism in her
breasts that she didn't know existed. She was probably so far gone that
she didn't remember her orgasms.
Since he had obviously served her so well, Lisa was happy to
indulge him when he knelt over her and pushed his dick in her face. It
was a sign of his desire for her when he fell forward to lie over her
and fuck her face. He was out of his mind with lust for her. That was
why he couldn't restrain himself as he fucked deep into her throat like
he was fucking her cunt.
It was much as she could stand, more than she could stand, and she
worked eagerly with a sucking mouth and active tongue to give him the
release he so badly needed. He deserved a great climax and she wanted
him to have it quickly so her battered tonsils could rest.
This man was a god or at least an immortal. She had no more than
swallowed the generous outpouring of his semen and sat up and he wanted
her again. It was a great thing, truly, even if she was a little tired
from his energetic bouts with her the first time.
Donnie wanted a '69' with her and Lisa was docile as he pulled
her on top of him. It seemed reasonable that he would need a little
help getting it up, but Lisa found he was swollen and throbbing already.
Perhaps that indicated the depth of his passion for her. A girl couldn't
help but be flattered by a man that wanted her so much.
Donnie quickly changed his mind when he saw the cum dripping from
her snatch. That wasn't his trip. It was grossing him out. He rubbed her
while he noted the feel of her mouth on his cock as carefully as any
datum in his experiments. Then he wanted to get on with it.
He crawled up through her legs to keep her in position and then
came up behind her. This was the position that always turned him on
when he watched porno movies with Jeremy. The guy looked like a real man when he was fucking a woman from the rear.
He sank into her and found that it was even better in person. He
wasn't an authority on pussy, but hers felt fine and it was his mastery
of her that mattered anyway. She was an upturned rump aching for his
cock as far as he was concerned.
Lisa squirmed under him, but it wasn't from the power his pecker
had over her. Jeremy was fooling around in her head again, sending her
the terrible thought that her true love was just warming up to use her
like a boy. As Jeremy had suspected, that set up quite a conflict in her
He was a wonderful man- perhaps her true love. But she didn't want
anything in her rectum. She'd do anything for him- even that, she
guessed- but she'd do anything else with energy and art- anything else,
whenever he wanted, without pause or complaint.
Jeremy knew she was co-operating in dread. She was giving Donnie
the fuck of his life as she rocked her hips to make it good for him as
he drove his cock into her from behind. Jeremy wished he could hear her
thoughts as she bargained with god to keep her anus virgin.
"Jeeze! She is so hot!" Donnie grunted, "She's sucking the cum right out of my balls with the way she's moving her ass. Good one,
Good was the last thing Lisa was thinking about Jeremy when he
drew back his suggestions and froze her muscles again. Donnie was
pulling out of her and the reality of her all-fours squat on the couch
was apparent to her. He removed only her large muscle control and she
slumped to the couch and twitched.
He wasn't in her head anymore. She almost wished he was. She was
able to look around and see the group of men staring at her naked
exhibition on the couch. She could feel the leakage between her legs
and saw one of them putting on his pants. It didn't take much thinking
to fill in the blanks. She was glad that she didn't remember anything.
She didn't even consider the other things that may have gone on. It was
too horrible to contemplate her powerlessness to Jeremy's control.
"You turn her off or something?" Billy asked.
"Just thought she'd like to be alert to hear the critique of her
performance," Jeremy said, "Alert, but unable to run away. So, how did
you guys like her."
"She's a machine, man," said Donnie. "Where did you get all those
moves she uses?"
Jeremy had to explain to their delight and Lisa's horror that the
moves were all hers. The fine points were as far from them as DNA maps
were from Jeremy, but they understood the basics. They were like voyeurs
being fucked by a woman that didn't know they were there. They were
seeing into her bedroom.
"The only thing I can think of is that it would be neat if she'd
talk," said Billy to a question about improvements.
That was a project as it turned out. Cognition and language rested
close and Jeremy struggled with keeping the blessed amnesia and
stimulating her urge to talk.
If it was a trial for Jeremy, it was hell for Lisa. She had been
comfortably unaware before and now she was being prodded and poked into
doing things she hated from inside her own head. She had to watch
horrified from within herself as Jeremy played his games.
"I love sucking on your big dick," Lisa said.
Her hand still manipulated him expertly and her mouth was just as
excellent as it had been, but her dialogue was corny and still sounded
wooden. She wasn't any better at 'nice' dirty talk, like, 'Take me, I
need you so'.
Then her mouth took his cock in and he was confronted with the
real time drain in his process. He couldn't bring himself to stop her
when she was sucking him like that and the feel of her mouth drove all
his plotting of neural networks from his head.
Now he would stand there as she sucked and licked, licked and
sucked until he finally erupted in her mouth. Then he would recover for
a while before putting his mind back to the problem. It slowed the
process, but Jeremy couldn't bring himself to give it up.
Just fucking make her like it. It was that simple. Jeremy was
past the careful trial and error. He was casting about for the thought
that had eluded him. Just fucking make her like it.
Then it was obvious as day. Not: just fucking MAKE her like it,
but: just fucking make her LIKE it. Instead of a devious path through
cognizance, use outcome based methods. Don't find a way to convince her
she wants it, just make her want it. Endorphins. Pineal stimulation.
Now Lisa's memory was more convenient. Things hadn't always been
a rose garden, but she hadn't always been this confident. The bad
things were because she didn't know what she wanted. Now she knew and
it was pretty nice to want something and then just go out and get it.
Like now. Lisa felt she wanted something warm and cuddly.
"Yo, Einstein," she called out, "Your baby wants to cuddle."
It was easier to call herself his baby. He didn't need to know she
was in control. And it made him proud to have a woman as hot as her.
Jeremy waited on the bed, his hard-on just lifting from its rest
on his belly as she threw off the robe and walked toward him.
"Now you be good to me and I might even let you kiss me," she
teased as she straddled his thighs and reached for his prick with both
She kneaded and tickled at first, but he was soon at full
"Look at that nasty thing. It looks like it needs a good tongue
lashing," she said and maneuvered into position to send her tongue
scurrying over his erect pole.
"Now it looks like it will just fill my need," she giggled and
moved over him.
She was not as ready as she believed and Jeremy was glad for the
saliva to ease his way. She ignored that and struggled herself down
onto his cock. There was honey inside.
"Now you be a very good boy," she said in a whisky baritone as she
ground her hips around with his cock all the way inside.
She was more driven and a little demanding now, but she still had
all the moves. Her hips moved at a brisker tempo as the first growl
escaped her chest and echoed out her throat.
"You can kiss me now," she sounded almost pleading, "you can kiss
me now."
She stretched out over him to jab at his mouth with her tongue as
her hips hammered down on his cock. Jeremy lunged up and put his mouth
on hers to enter the contest of tongues. Her breath was sweet in his
mouth when she gasped in mid-kiss and he felt her cunt contract on his
ecstatic cock.
His hand gripped her butt cheeks and he lunged up from the bed
to keep his cock running in and out of her as she quivered in orgasm.
Then she wasn't helping at all and it was too much work for Jeremy to
keep fucking her until he came.
Now she could show him how real women handled men, Lisa suddenly
thought. She would tease him until he was almost insane and then she'd
fuck him until he was a whimpering mass.
"Look at that poor little thing," she said as she slid back until
she was eyes to eye with his cock. "All excited and no place to go."
She licked him slowly from his nuts to the top of his prick. She
kissed the head lightly and then looked up and smiled. She looked like
she was having the time of her life.
A little more feel-good endorphin and she would be desperate and
begging for him to fuck her. There was a pretty good range to get the
reaction you wanted and Jeremy was pleased with how vocal she was when
she wanted it. A little more testing and he'd be ready to make his
On the immediate level, she was driving him a little crazy with
her now I lick you, now I don't attack on his hard-on. His thumb
strayed to the dial of her control, but then he pulled it back and
abandoned himself to her own devious plan of attack.
Robot-fucking had been great, but he decided that he should see
her self-activated seduction to its conclusion. It was great to see her so
eager to make it hot for both of them. Except that it was driving him
nuts with the need to put his cock in her and fuck her well and truly.
"You're trying to sneak it in my mouth, aren't you?" she smirked
as his hips jerked involuntarily off the bed. "I bet you're dying for
some of the best pussy in the world."
After a bit it became apparent that she was waiting for a
response. That was a plus Jeremy hadn't thought of. She was a totally
interactive sex robot. She wanted his input before proceeding.
"I want your pussy because it's the best in the world," Jeremy
Those were the magic words. She finally covered his cock with her
mouth and sucked him twice.
"That's for being a good boy," she said as she lifted her head
again, "Now come over here and don't make me sorry for letting you put
that thing in the best pussy in the world."
It was a private snicker for Jeremy to hear her sound so
demanding. She sounded like she felt she was in control and he was the
one lagging back from fucking her. He pounced on her and drove his cock
deep in his need to finally get off.
"Don't hurry," she teased him, "I'll lie here for another ten
seconds at least."
She had to be a great fuck in her natural state, Jeremy thought
as he drove his cock inside her. At least she was when the mood took
her. All he was supplying was the mood, and maybe a little dampening
of her inhibitions. She certainly seemed eager and even demanding now
when he wanted her.
The ten seconds she promised was almost long enough for him to
finish the orgasm he had been withholding since she had climbed off him.
It was a huge relief to feel his balls jerk and pump his cum inside her.
then it was interesting again as he observed how she reacted to his
quick finish.
"I guess my pussy is just too good for you," she chided, "I think
I have to give you the chance to try again after that."
Jeremy thumbed down the dial on her control. It was excellent she
was still aggressive, but he was a little wiped out after her
Lisa looked like a sleeper awaking from a dream. Jeremy looked
at the dial. He hadn't taken her all the way to sleep. He saw the terror
pass over her face.
Lisa vaguely remembered her lust. She clearly remembered being a
perpetrator and the way she had given herself to this man. He had done
something to her that she couldn't resist. He could make her do things
she had no control over. He could make her do anything he wanted.
Jeremy thumbed the control to sleep. Her turmoil faded as she
was pulled into unconsciousness, but she had remembered enough to
populate her dreams with monsters having their way with her in
perverted and unnatural ways.
"C'mon, baby, shake it for us!"
Lisa wondered what had led her down this path, but the natives
were restless and she better start to dance. It felt better and better
as she began to move. It wasn't much of a costume, but the men didn't
seem to care.
By the time she was down to the string bikini top and the thong
bottom, she was feeling real good about the leers she was getting. She
couldn't get a better compliment than the bulges she saw in their
trousers. In fact, she felt more than good. She felt horny.
She looked around again and saw only friendly faces. She didn't
think any of them would complain if she broke a law or two with them. She
felt real horny. She remembered a lot of money- a lot, that had been shoved
into her thong while she was dancing. You always want to be nice to good
"How about you, buddy," she said to a geeky guy in a tie, "You
like a lap dance?"
"How much will that cost me?" the geek asked nervously.
"I'll whisper that in your ear when I get situated," Lisa told him.
She stepped down off the stage (table) and straddled Billy's lap.
She just touched the bulge in his pants with her crotch and then rocked her
hips. She leaned down to his ear.
"Just shut up about what I'm doin' and I'll guarantee 'full
satisfaction'," Lisa whispered as her hands reached between them to open
his pants and find his hard cock.
She held his naked cock to her moving pussy for a moment and then
snaked the thong aside so she could point him to the juicy opening of her
twat. She found the angle and settled down on him while still in her squat
over his lap. She shook her breasts at him as she slowly sat down.
The other guys supposed that this was supposed to be surreptitious.
It was only a subtle difference from a lap dance. Now that Billy's cock was
inside her, Lisa moved her body like a lap dancer. But she didn't shoo
Billy's hands away when he grabbed her tits. She was obviously ignoring
the don't touch rule.
This was just awful goddamn pretty fucking marvelous good as far as
Billy was concerned. Lisa had come down from dancing on the table and
sat on his cock. Now he was leaning back in wonder as he felt her cunt do things he didn't think were possible as she tried to coax his cum from
his balls. She didn't need any help. All he had to do was sit there and
groan as her cunt gave his cock a workout.
This was one goddamn fucking hell of a sex toy. Billy groaned again
because he knew he would never be able to afford something this high-tech.
Lisa wished the guy would relax and shoot his load in her. He was
touching her nicely, but she had picked him when she stepped off the stage
because she thought he would cum quick. She had a bunch of other guys to
do if she was going to be fair and she didn't want to be doing it all
She worked her hips very hard when he came because she wanted to
do the job right. She wasn't going to be half-assed just because he took
longer than she wanted. She changed her plans a bit when she lifted off
his lap.
She threw off her thong and lay on the stage with her legs in the
air. Her bikini top was pushed up above her breasts where Billy had left
it. She was naked and willing.
"If anyone wants some, they have to come here," she announced.
It was like she had gone from Lisa I to Lisa IV in one leap to
Jeremy's friends. They didn't see him flitting around like an anxious hen
watching Lisa's performance. They couldn't, as they would say, see the
wires any more.
This time Donnie was ready to be at the head of the pack. He was
expecting the cum-dripping slit and put his cock between her upraised legs
without skipping a beat. She really seemed to like it when he put his dick
in her. She seemed to need him to fuck her.
Donnie wasn't all she needed. Lisa watched cowboy Bob, as she thought
of him, mount up and then looked at the others. She knew Jeremy. To her,
Jeremy was the guy in charge. He was the owner or bartender or something.
He had control of her for some reason and he'd get his when she was done
with these guys. It was part of the deal that let her dance and make real
big money on the stage.
She fixed her gaze on an overweight guy and gave him a toss of her
head. Then she called him over.
"Come on, big guy, I'm hungry for some big dick and I can see you're
trying to hide one in those pants," she invited him. "Get over here and
stick that cock in my mouth."
She couldn't believe how good this guy between her legs was. He was
making her so horny. She had to have something to suck on or she'd have
to scream. The man pushed his cock in her mouth and she sucked it.
Lisa lay writhing on the table as Donnie fucked her and she sucked the engineer's dick. It looked like she was quite motivated to be good
for them. It was a great side-effect of Jeremy's two-pronged attack. He
no longer had to cover for his friends' inadequacies. She was horny like
never before and they seemed great to her.
Donnie finished with her and the chemist looked at the engineer.
The engineer ceded her cunt to the chemist. He came over and took
Donnie's place on the other end of Lisa. They were coming down the home
stretch of the after of 'before and after'.
Lisa tickled her fingers under the man's balls as she felt him
throb in her mouth. She was going to suck a big load out of him and
swallow it. That should be good for hundreds of dollars in tips from him
alone. The engineer groaned and started to cum.
She tightened her hand on his sac and sucked as the goo spat out
against her tongue. He didn't squirt out much more than a teaspoon, but
Lisa sucked him as if he was spouting a pint. Then she turned her
attention to the man pumping in and out of her pussy.
"Oh yeah! Give it to me!" She urged, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna
She had been more excited buying shoes, but she was an actress- of
sorts. She wanted this guy to think he was the best thing since John
Holmes and get off quick. She had been strangely excited coming down off
the stage to take them all on, but that was wearing off.
Jeremy had learned to see the change. The endorphins he had
stimulated were losing their effect. She was still convinced she was a
stripper- er, exotic dancer, but she would quickly turn into an evil-
tempered, foul-mouthed bitch without another jolt of happy hormones.
The chemist was done with her. Jeremy decided to let her stew while
he got their reactions. He would crank her up again when he wanted to fuck
her himself.
"I can't think of another thing," Billy said.
"The difference is like she was a whole other woman," the chemist
"Well, you've made the perfection of AI pointless," the engineer
They liked her better. She was totally interactive and Jeremy could
make her believe she was anyone they wanted. They couldn't think of a
Jeremy changed his mind. After that review, his plans changed. He
didn't want to fuck the stripper backstage because she her job depended
on it. That was a nice fantasy, but now he wanted the same kudos from
Lisa he had gotten from his friends.
He turned her dials down and started putting a new memory in her
What a rush! It was definitely better than sex! Lisa held her
hands up in victory before the cheering throng. They were her people in
a lot of ways. They loved her. That's why they were cheering. And they
were her subjects, now that she was officially the first woman President
of the United States.
She remembered to lift the First Husband's hand in one of hers as
she accepted the adulation of the crowd. She even turned and gave him a
stage kiss, poor thing. Then she had important matters to attend to.
She met with Jeremy, the head of her campaign, in his suite at the
Watergate. This was the man behind the woman. He had turned their
opponents' smears into victories for them. He was the one that put her
cute little butt in the chair of the Oval office.
Acutely aware of her power, she knew how that would enhance her
decision to kneel in front of Jeremy and slide down his zipper.
"Mrs. President! What are you doing!"
His shock gave her another tingle between her legs. She was doing
something very special for him and they both knew it. She gloried in
her ability to grant such exclusive favors. It was such an honor that
he was already hard when she closed her mouth over the head of his cock.
She gave him a Presidential blow-job worthy of the most powerful
woman in the world. She was firm, but not fanatical as she caressed his
cock with the insides of her cheeks. She used her silver tongue to stir up
support in his cock like she had her constituents. And she sucked him, not
as a power-mad dictator, but with the sureness of compulsion covered in
the self-deprecation of noblesse oblige.
Jeremy was gasping at the wonder of her mouth work. It was the
perfect blend of gentle, yet firm. He was highly stimulated, but it was
clear her intention was only to give him bliss and not to hurry him to
a quick climax.
Lisa was going to give him the ultimate gift. He would forever
cherish the memory of rolling around naked with the President. She stopped
sucking his cock and stood up to take off her blazer.
"Mrs. President! What are you doing!"
She loved the way he deferred to her. She gloried in being able to
grant him favors no one else on Earth could. He was appreciative of her
body, as a powerful figure and as a woman. He was clearly in heaven.
She wasn't done with her marvelous favors by a long shot.
"Don't keep the President waiting," she teased him gently, "Get out
of those clothes."
He was satisfyingly hurried in getting naked for her. The speed at
which he disrobed spoke louder of his desire than his professional words
in her appreciative ears. Of course he wanted her badly. The thrill was
knowing how much of an honor she granted him when she granted him her
She lay him down like he was the woman being seduced. She kissed him
hard and played with his nipples. Then she got over him and sat abruptly
down, like so many men had thrust themselves in her when she had been a
lowly intern and law student.
She was the one fucking him now. And he was loving anything she did
to him. How could he help loving having his cock in the President?
She rode him hard, like a man, hoping to avenge herself on the men that had used her for their pleasure and then cast her off like an old
shoe. That only evoked the memories. She decided she would do something
only the President could do.
The idea seemed to come to her fully grown, with even the dialogue
in place. Jeremy would never forget this day with her.
"I'm going to let you do something every one in the world will want
to do, sooner or later," she purred. "Only you will be the only one to
have actually done it."
She rolled off him and put her Presidential tail in the air.
"Get some lube and grease me up. I want you to fuck me in the ass,"
she hissed at him, "You're going to fuck the President in the ass! Think
of that!"
Jeremy was impressed. He wasn't as impressed as Lisa in her dream,
but the thought of her offering her rear entrance to him without any
particular prodding was great. It was great on both the personal and
marketing level.
It was a little more than Lisa thought the President should have to
bear, but she gritted her teeth and considered it the price of power. God,
his cock hadn't looked that big, or felt that big when she was fucking
It felt huge as he eased it against her sphincter and slowly slipped
it into her asshole. She concentrated on the magnanimity of the gift she
was giving Jeremy to get her through the uncomfortable process.
She felt his balls slap against her pussy and it was hard to
remember she was the most powerful woman on Earth. It was hard to feel
powerful when a man had his cock to the roots in her asshole. She felt
more like a bitch dog with her tail in the air getting it from a cur.
"Oh god, Mrs. President, your ass it so tight and so hot!" Jeremy
Lisa gathered all the imperiousness she still had to answer.
"You can call me President Lisa, Jeremy," she said with her last
shred of command.
She tried not to moan like a common slut as he fucked her ass. She
wasn't entirely successful. His cock was overwhelming as it filled her and
then sucked out her guts before it plunged back to fill her again.
Only the weight of her dignity kept her on her knees and stopped her
from crawling away from the prod of his cock. She had the courage of her
convictions to honor her Presidential order that he take her that way.
Jeremy didn't draw it out. He had enough fun watching his friends
fuck her as a stripper. Now he wanted to cum and sticking his cock deep
in her ass was making that easy.
Like a reward, he thumbed the feel-good button as he pumped his load
into her ass. Lisa reacted.
"Jeremy! My God!" she spat out in gasps.
"Just your campaign manager, President Lisa," Jeremy quipped as she
registered the effect of the joy jolt.
He kept his dick in her ass so she could jerk through her orgasm with
that for support. Lisa knew she was superwoman now. She could cum with a
cock in her ass. She could will herself power and happiness.
As she rolled onto the bed to issue some proclamation about the
sexual vibrancy of her new administration, Lisa couldn't even will herself
to stay awake.
Jeremy went to wash his cock. She was only limited by the user's
imagination. But Lisa was only a used prototype of a technology that was
worth most of the money in the world.
He had made missteps. There were tons of useless data. In the end it
was both simpler and more complex. He needed some of his personality neural
pattern studies, to customize idea for the brain, and then he need the
stimulation of the limbic region.
He didn't need all the research to reach this endpoint, but what parts
did he need?
Jeremy walked back in the bedroom to the inert figure on the bed.
"There's only one way to tell how to make another you," he told
the unconscious girl. "I've got to make one to see if I can do it again."

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