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ROULETTE cum again then huh Graces body


Roulette (mc, nc, MF, FF, FD, MD, viol)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at The people and events in this story come from
my brain, not the real world. Regardless of what that tells you about my
brain, it means that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or
your friends' friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is the conclusion of Grace & Gina's adventure, following
"Ob-e-diens", "Afterparty", "Remix" and "House Party".

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

Faye is a mean drunk. She started knocking back tequila screwdrivers
the minute Erik left, and now she's drinking straight from the bottle,
smoking furiously. Gina and Grace are about to eat their dinner, on the
floor in the kitchen where they've been having all their meals for the last
couple of days. They're not allowed to wear clothes anymore, so they're in
the underwear that Faye bought for them: slinky black stuff devoid of
frills or lace. Gina watches as her sister begins to eat, and waits for
permission to join her.

"Drink your water first, slave." Faye puts the bottle of tequila down on
the kitchen table and turns a chair around so she can observe. Gina looks
at her quizzically, and recognizes instantly that she's made a mistake.
"What are you lookin' at?" Faye wipes her mouth, weaving as she attempts to
sit down.

"Sorry, Miss Faye." The smell of food makes her stomach growl, but she
meekly raises her glass and drinks her water, careful to keep her eyes on

"I'm sick of the sight of you. Both of you." Grace looks up at this,
but keeps chewing. "If it was up to me, we'd be rid of you by now." Faye
belches and hiccups. "Eating me out of house and home. Are you going to
take all night to drink that goddam water?"

"No, Miss Faye." Gina gulps faster.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-three, Miss Faye." Grace's plate is already half clean. Gina
has nearly emptied her glass.

"Got a boyfriend?"

"Yes, Miss Faye."

"How long have you been with him?"

"About eight months."

"Beg pardon?"

"About eight months, Miss Faye."

Faye lights up another cigarette. "I'll bet he's so sick of your shit.
I'll bet he hasn't even missed you yet. Do you miss him?"

Gina puts her hand to her forehead and whispers, "Yes, Miss Faye."

"I'll bet he dumps you as soon as we let you go, once he finds out
you've been boinking your sister, my boyfriend and everything else you can
get your snatch near." She takes another swig. "How's this? How 'bout I
hypnotize you before we cut you loose, make it so you tell him all about
how much fucking you been up to this week?" She laughs. The glass slips
out of Gina's fingers and bounces on the linoleum, then rolls under the
table. "What's the matter, slave? Feel a little lightheaded?"

Gina looks at her sister, who calmly regards her. The room starts to
spin. "I..."

"Am I boring you? Making you sleepy?" She's starting to sound like the
Wicked Witch of the West to Gina.

"It..." Gina sprawls onto her back, knocking her dinner over.

"Look at that, for cryin' out loud!" Faye doesn't get up. "Grace, clean
that shit up. No, leave her where she is."

A sigh breaks loose from Gina as she fades.

So far tonight she's avoided Faye's wrath, which is no small feat.
Grace dutifully cleans up the mess in the kitchen and even manages to haul
Gina up to bed before Faye starts hollering for her from the living room.

"Yes, Miss Faye?" Grace kneels before the couch, out of breath from
running down the stairs. The smell of tequila makes her queasy.

"I told you to leave your bitch sister where she lies."

"Sorry, Miss Faye. I didn't want her to get hurt." Grace arches her
back, letting Faye get a good look down her bra.

"Don't try that shit with me, I wrote that book," Faye says, but she's
talking to Grace's chest. "You're not so bad, though. Me 'n you, we
understand each other, don't we?"

Grace doesn't know how to answer exactly, but she likes the attention,
so she smiles shyly.

"Yeah, you're all right," Faye slurs, mussing up her hair. "I don't
mind your sweet ass so much. It's your goddam sister I don't like. Even
now that she's Erik's love zombie, she still acts like she owns the world.
Prissy little princess. But you," Faye slips her hand around the back of
Grace's neck. "You're quiet. And you got some meat on your bones." She's
staring at Grace's hips. "And you eat pussy like a pro. They teach that
in high school now?"

Grace wrinkles up her nose, smiling. "No, Miss Faye." She likes the way
she's being touched.

"That Anodyne stuff." Grace doesn't follow, raises her eyebrows
politely. "Those machines we been using on you," Faye touches Grace's
choker. "Does it make the sex better?"

"Oh, yes, Miss Faye." It's Grace's turn to dip her gaze, skimming over
Faye's flat stomach and navel piercing.

Faye laughs. "I expect it does." She claps her hands once and sits up.
"What say I do you in the ass?" Grace nods eagerly, making her chuckle
again. "Allrighty then. Follow me."

Grace follows at just the right distance so that she can watch Faye's
butt wiggle as they ascend the stairs. By the time they reach the top, she
can smell her own excitement. Once in the bedroom, Grace quickly loses her
lingerie, puts out her hands and bends over the bed. She knows that there
will be no foreplay. Faye digs around in her dresser, then undresses
behind Grace. Grace lowers her head, biting her lip in anticipation, then
she yelps as Faye slides a lubed finger into her asshole.

"Nice and tight." Faye smacks her asscheek, making Grace suck in air.
"We gotta make sure you're good and slick." She slides her finger in and
out, running her other fingers around Grace's crotch, occasionally teasing
at her vadge lips. "There we go," Faye encourages. Then she messes with
something Grace can't see, and her choker starts to tingle. She nearly
tumbles onto the bed, so she spreads her feet out further on the carpet to
steady herself. "That's it. We can't have you growin' a mind of your own
again, can we?"

"No, Miss Faye," Grace purrs.

"No ma'am. We have to keep you nice and tame, so you don't put up a
fight when we do stuff like this." Faye has donned her strap-on and slowly
pushes into Grace's ass. Grace sucks in through her teeth as she backs
into Faye's hipbones. Then she relaxes and lets her pull out. And thrust
again. This is the first time she's done anything like this and it feels
deliciously naughty. "What if I told you to cum, right now?" Grace squeals
at the word because she does just that. Her shaking elbows threaten to
dump her on the bed.

Faye turns up whatever's controlling that choker, then begins her
drunken assault in earnest. Grace is hoping that she can start breathing
again soon, and she wishes that Erik were here so that she could leap on
top of him and ride him for all he was worth.

Faye grabs Grace around the hips for better leverage and easily finds
her clit, so Grace has to yell very loudly, which only makes Faye drill her
harder and faster. "Who's Faye's hot little bitch?" she snarls.

"I am!" Grace affirms.

"Why don't you cum again, then, huh?" Grace's body efficiently complies.
Faye knocks her arms out from under her and lowers both of them to their
knees, and the blood rushes back into Grace's fingers as she's furiously
rocked against the mattress. She opens her mouth and finally manages to
gulp down some air, then she grimaces and takes firm hold of the bed
sheets. "Had enough yet?" Faye demands.

"Nmm-" Grace gasps again. "No, Miss Faye!"

"Do you need to cum again?"

"Oh, please, Miss Faye!" Her ass is starting to smart.

Faye's voice dips an octave. "Well, cum then."

Grace sounds to herself like she's being strangled, but she doesn't care
very much about what her mouth is doing, just then. Her nose is running,
and there's snot all over her face and the sheets. Mercifully, Faye
removes her implement from Grace's ass, very slowly. She plops down on the
bed and says, "Alright. It's Faye's turn."

When she can move again, Grace begins to do her duty. Faye has just
closed her thighs tightly around her head when the bedroom door opens. The
next thing she knows, Faye is shoving her away, and she's tumbling onto her
sore ass.

Erik has just walked in, with two very sleepy looking chicks in tow.
They're sweaty -fresh from a rave. Picked right off the tree, apparently.

Faye is taking this in, and Grace knows the look on her face very well
by now. She slides backward to cower by the dresser.

"What the fuck is this?" Faye hisses, pointing at the girls.

"Ow." Gina's head throbs as she sits up in bed, next to Grace. The sun
is up, and she works her neck in the warm light. She slips an errant bra
strap up over her shoulder and yawns. Her bladder is requesting attention,
and she hopes they come to tell her she can get out of bed soon. Gina
looks down at her sleeping sister's face, noticing the dark circles under
her eyes. Sensing the gaze, Grace's eyes flutter open.


"Looks that way."

Grace winces, slips a hand under the sheets and feels herself. "Jesus,"
she remarks.


"My asshole is on fire."

"Do I want to know?" Gina scratches behind her ear.

"Faye was really drunk. After she knocked you out, she... Omigod!"
Grace sits up excitedly like she has some juicy gossip. Gina leans forward
expectantly. "Erik brought some girls home with him last night!"

"No..." Gina wonders how much pussy a guy needs.

"Yeah! And they're cute, too." Naturally. Gina sighs, throws off the
covers and wiggles around Grace. "Hey! Where are you going?" Grace grips
Gina's wrist, horrified.

"Gotta pee."

"You don't have permission to do that."

Gina is scared to be out of bed, but nature calls. "I'll be sneaky.
They'll never know." She creeps to the door and opens it a crack, peeping out into the hall. Then she gives Grace the thumbs up and tiptoes down to
the bathroom. The door is shut, and the toilet flushes, making her blood
freeze. She'll catch hell if they bust her. Before she can run off, the
door opens and she's face to face with a strange naked girl. She's young -
Grace's age - and tall. She's standing in the doorway looking down at
Gina, glassy eyed. She's got really nice tits.

"Hi," Gina offers quietly.

The girl opens her mouth, frowning. She almost says something, but she
looks down the hall to the bedroom, then shuffles off.

"Hope you left the seat down," Gina mumbles, scratching herself.

Grace is attempting to make breakfast for her sister, who's very hungry
and more than a little bitchy. Hunger eventually won out over obedience as
she and her sister waited in bed for permission to rise, so they ducked
downstairs as soon as they heard Faye begin her tirade in the master

"I know you don't do this very often, but please scramble faster,
Kiddo," Gina says, twisting the tablecloth with antsy fingers. She begged
out of cooking because she says she's out of sorts from last night, but
Grace knows there's more to it than that, so she bravely forges ahead.

There's more muffled yelling from upstairs. Faye has arisen, hangover
and all, and the shit has hit the fan. Grace imagines the two new slave
candidates, kneeling on the carpet, being forced to witness the horrifying

She dumps the eggs out onto a plate, pleased with her creation.
Whistling, she grabs a couple of forks and sashays over to the table with
the goods. Gina brightens at the smell and gives Grace a funny look she's
been seeing ever since the party the other night. It's a look usually
reserved for Seth, and she doesn't know how she feels about that.

She lets Gina help herself to most of the eggs, then claims the rest.
They eat in silence, listening to the chaos overhead, trying to make out
what's being said. Grace feels an odd sense of relief that the fighting is
about someone other than her. Or rather, less focused on her and Gina, at
least. And she's glad to see her sister eat. That little game of Faye's
was getting scary.

Scrambled eggs being the extent of Grace's culinary skills, they raid
the pantry for convenience food, then clean up and sneak back to the guest

While Gina is nodding off in Grace's arms, the bedroom door opens down
the hall, and voices leap out.

"And I'm telling you, that I'll do what I want!" Erik is yelling. He
sounds past the point of reason, the way people do just before coming to
blows, or breaking shit. "If you can't hang, baby, you know where the door

"This is my house!" Faye is sobbing and spraying venom all at once.
It's a new high point of psycho hysterics, as far as Grace is concerned.
She pushes Gina's head off her chest without thinking, because she's
getting panicky. She sits up very straight in the bed and tries to breathe
deeply while Gina blinks and attempts to snuggle up to her, moaning a soft,
wordless complaint. "And I will not have you fill it up with a spaced out
harem!" Faye screams.

"The house is in my name, Faye!" Erik shoots back. "Paid for with my

There's the pause that Grace was dreading. She clutches her head with
both hands as the anxiety attack arrives in full force. Her only
consolation is that Gina knows her so well. Big sister sits up and starts
to calmly deal with her. "Breathe, please," she murmurs sweetly. Grace
tries, but she's halfway between hyperventilating and vomiting. Either
way, she feels she'll lose.

Faye's voice drops down to the register that Grace fears most. "Paid
for with your father's money, Erik. Good ol' Dad. So here's what we're
gonna do. I'm gonna round up these bitch children and deal with them, and
then I'm gonna destroy all these machines. And you're not gonna say a
goddam word about it. Got it?"

Grace hears footsteps in the hall before Erik screams something
unintelligible, then evidently breaks something very large in the bedroom.
She's pretty sure she's going to die now. Gina is still holding her, but
they're both staring at the door in anticipation.

Faye is terrifying to behold. She obviously passed out with her makeup
on, and on top of that she's been crying, so she's a ghoulish mess. The
scariest thing to Grace is the contradiction between the feverish glint in
her eyes and her eerie calm. She has a compact but hefty control unit in
her hands, and without a word she raises it and punches a few buttons.

Grace is reminded of the choker around her neck by the ugly surge it
gives off, but her panic melts away in a cool wash of numbness, and she's
so relieved to be calm again. She's a creature of habit now, stepping out
of bed to kneel down on the carpet next to her sister.

"Come with me, girls," Faye says, beckoning with a thin, crooked finger.
"Yes, Miss Faye," she intones along with Gina. They rise and fall into
step as they follow her down the hall. She holds out her hand to stop them
when they reach Faye's bedroom, and she ducks inside. Presently they're
joined by a second pair of doe-eyed girls, who turn toward Faye in front of
Grace and Gina. Grace recognizes the dark haired girl on her left as a
friend of a friend. She went to another high school, across town.

As the procession resumes its course down the hall, Grace sneaks a look
into the bedroom, and sees Erik sitting on the bed with his back to her,
head in his hands. She quickly snaps her head forward to stare at the back
of Faye's head, like the others.

One by one, they file into the room with the sheets, and Faye has them
kneel against the back wall, behind the chair that Grace knows so well.
"Who's going to be first?" Faye muses, looking at each of them in turn,
challenging. Grace looks down at the plastic covered floor.

"You..." Grace looks up, fascinated, to see that Faye is pointing to the
girl she knows, the one from the other high school. Not the tall one. Not
Gina. Not her. "Get in the chair."

The girl reaches up to tug absently at her choker, and regards the chair
with the weird helmet hanging from the back. She looks at Faye intently,
fighting a silent, inner battle. Finally, she shakes her head. "No..."
she declares. Grace stares at her, uncomprehending.

Faye is not in the mood to be disobeyed. She cranks a knob on her
control unit and the girl sits up very straight. "Get. In the chair."

The girl's watery gaze fascinates Grace. She watches her struggle with
an invisible thing in her head before she repeats, "No."

Faye calms down visibly, looking at the four barely clothed slaves. She
seems to reach a conclusion, then with eerie, childish calm says, "Fine."
And twists the knob on her little control box all the way to the right.

The girl makes a loud, choked noise, like she's trying to ask something
but she can't. Her body jerks spasmodically, then she slams against the
wall and slips down sideways, slowly. Awkwardly. She isn't breathing.

Something rises up within Grace, and she's dimly aware that under normal
circumstances, she would feel differently. That she'd feel something. As
things are, she looks away from the dead girl, toward Faye.

"You." Faye is addressing Gina. "Yes, you. Get in the chair."

Grace opens her mouth. Closes it. She watches Gina stand up and move
to the chair. She wants to say something, but she can't figure out what.

Gina dutifully seats herself and allows Faye to put the helmet on her
head and fasten the straps. Faye looks down at her, savoring the moment.
"Want a smoke?" she asks.

"Yes, Miss Faye."

Faye sticks a cigarette into Gina's mouth. Lights it. Gina inhales
blissfully, and it occurs to Grace that it's the first smoke her sister has
had in at least two days. She calmly takes it out of her mouth and
pretends to tap it, silently requesting an ashtray. "Anywhere is fine,
dollface," Faye permits, gracious on the eve of her mortal enemy's defeat.

Grace sits there watching Gina calmly finish her last cigarette,
wondering what the tall girl next to her is thinking. When Gina gets down
to the filter, she flicks it across the room, obviously out of habit.

Faye pushes a button, and the machine begins to whine in preparation.
She moves a dial all the way to the right.

Gina just watches her. Grace shifts uncomfortably on the plastic.

"Any last words?" Faye asks.

Gina regards her for a moment. "No, Miss Faye."

There's a strange sound downstairs, but Grace can't be bothered with
that right now. She even thinks she hears Erik yelling something, and
other voices.

Faye seems to hear them, too, but she's sharing a moment with Gina. She
cracks her knuckles, and lowers her hand to a console.

The door bursts open. "Freeze!" Grace is startled to see a man wearing
a lot of black armor, carrying a very large rifle, but Faye has already
produced a pistol and is aiming it at him.

"Back off, or I fry her!" she snarls, a cat with hackles raised,
squaring off against a big dog.

"Drop it!" the man barks.

"Am I not making myself clear, here? Back the fuck off!"

The man and Faye are staring at each other, and Grace is fascinated from
her place on the floor. She sees Faye's index finger move imperceptibly to
the console, then she hears a loud noise, sees Faye drop to the floor,
ruined, exit wound belching blood. Faye's eyes meet Grace's, from down on
the floor. Cold.

Fingers quickly remove her choker, and the first thing she does is look
up to see Gina, alive and well in the chair. The second thing she does is

Gina wakes up to see Seth again; next to a guy in a suit she doesn't
know. Her boyfriend is grinning like an idiot, which causes her to break
out into a dimpled, sleepy smile of her own. "Hey," she breathes, stirring
in the hospital bed.

The man in the suit smiles too. "Looks like she's coming along nicely."
Gina is just glad she has real visitors, instead of her therapist, or
the nurse or the doctor. Or anyone in white. "Come here..."

Seth leans down and gives her a tight hug, like he's going to lift her
out of her bed. "Mmmm. Kitten..." Then he seems to remember his manners.
"Babes, this is Special Agent Maxwell, with the NSA." He's acting like he's
just met David Duchovny. "He's the guy who figured out where you were!"

Gina gives Agent Maxwell a sunny smile. Apparently she's regained her
wattage. "Oh? Do tell."

The agent seems embarrassed, but he obliges. "Well, ma'am, I'm with a
special branch of the NSA. The MCC division, or 'mind control crimes'.
Ever since we shut down the local branch office of Anodyne SA, we've been
trying to put out all the fires." He looks out the window, then back to
her. "A good deal of their former clients' equipment went on the black
market soon after we shut them down, and your captors obtained the most
powerful items available. A few days after you were recaptured, you were
forced, if you remember, to perform at a party at the residence where you
were being detained."

Gina looks toward the foot of her bed. Maybe she's looking forward to
the next visit from her therapist after all.

Agent Maxwell senses that she's uncomfortable, so he keeps talking.
"The local police received an anonymous tip from an attendee of that party.
It took a day or so for them to contact us, but we were able to locate you
soon after." He pauses to exchange a look with Seth. "You're probably
wondering where you are..."

Gina laughs, causing the two men to brighten with her. "To tell you the
truth, Agent, as long as I'm not in that house anymore, I'm a happy girl,"
she confides. She sneaks her hand into Seth's.

Agent Maxwell smiles proudly and indicates the room with a grand sweep
of his hand. "You're at a secret hospital in Virginia. This is our
special Recovery Wing." Gina takes the opportunity to widen her eyes at
Seth in response to all the secret agent talk, because she knows he's
digging on it. He just squeezes her fingers as the agent continues.
"We're trying to keep a lid on all this mind control activity. It's
something that's growing at an alarming rate." Seth's grip loosens and he
looks at his feet, but Gina quickly takes up the slack. As far as she's
concerned, they've already dealt with the freakiness of their own
relationship. "By maintaining secrecy, we hope to prevent copycat crimes."
Gina cuts to the chase. "When do I get to go home with this cute boy here?"

The agent gets serious. "Gina. You and your sister have been through a
lot." Gina wonders how her little sister is doing, and when she'll get to
pop down the hall again for a visit. "We can help you recover from the
effects of the techniques used on you, but the rest of your healing will
take some time." Gina flashes on Faye, lying in front of Grace. Agent
Maxwell tries to lighten things up. "I'd say a few more days of bed rest,
though, then you can go home. It was very nice to meet you," he says,
lightly shaking Gina's hand. "I'll leave you two alone." He nods to Seth
and makes his exit.

She looks at her boyfriend. "Don't leave me please," she begs.

"Shhh." He brushes her bangs from her forehead. "I brought my

Grace blinks as the beautiful, petite woman comes into focus over her.

"That's right. You're going to be sick of me, before long," her mother says, playfully wiggling her pigtail.

"Take me home," Grace entreats, looking out the window.

"Soon, baby girl."

"Am I gonna be alright?" She's earnest; Grace has been worrying about

"Of course you are." Moms can seem so certain.

"But I'm afraid... of everything." She's only eighteen, and she's
afraid of fucking everything.

Her mother sizes her up. "Grace, you're a teenager. You're
indestructible. You come from a long line of fighters. Do you think the
sort of thing that's happened to you is something new?"

Grace is flabbergasted. mom doesn't usually talk to her so bluntly.

mom looks tired, but there's a familiar fire in her eyes. "Ask me some
other time."


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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