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RP10 video camera asked her why


Adults Only

Rape's Progress Part 10

The continuing adventures of Sebastian X. A fictional tale of sex and
violence, and in this episode, police brutality. Ozmanga stories are
unsuitable for children, puritans and those prohibited from thinking about
such things by government regulation or superstition.

By Sebastian X

When my brother's ship came in, things changed. He thought I should
learn the legitimate side of their import/export business before getting
stuck in to the sex and violence I was doing so well, under my
sister-in-law's supervision. I was banned from the ‘cell block', told to
find accommodation elsewhere and enrolled in night school - accountancy and

I was also told to get a driver's licence. My instructor was a shapely
blonde lady of about thirty - we'll call her ‘Polly' - who was happy to end
each session with a kiss and a cuddle on the back seat, provided, she said,
there was no penetration. She was pleased to give me what she called,
‘hand relief' and made nervous jokes about the size of my member while
stroking it to a sticky end.

On our last session - my licence signed, sealed and delivered - I
planned to nail Polly's arse to the dashboard. When she joined me on the
back seat I told her that as this was our final fling I was going to make
it ‘special' for her. She giggled hesitantly as I unbuttoned her soft
cotton top and slid her skirt down her legs. While I played with her tits she fondled my erect cock. She protested when I ripped her panties off and
begged me to stop as I stroked the outer lips of her blonde fringed pussy with the head of my prick.

‘Sebastian! You are going too far! Oh...God! Please stop!' she said.

‘No!' I replied, ‘I'm going to "penetrate" you till you drop, and then

‘That's Rape!' she said.

‘That's right!' said I, and I positioned myself to rip into her slightly
lubricated cunt.

There was a pounding on the roof of the car. A loud voice said,
‘Police! Get out and spread 'em! Move!‘

We did as we were told. The city's finest had a reputation for
mistaking any hesitation to obey their commands as an invitation to shoot.
Polly, wearing only an unbuttoned cotton top and me with my pants around my
ankles, spread for the big voiced lady cop. We leant against the car and
admired the view from the secluded scenic lookout I'd chosen as the site
for Polly's penetration. The cop took her time ‘patting down' my former
driving instructor. Polly squirmed against the car gasping as the cop
fingered first her anus then her blonde snatch. ‘O.K.!' said the
policewoman, ‘You got any complaints to make about this animal? Looked
like he was gonna rape you.'

‘N … No, officer,' Polly stammered, ‘We were just … er heavy petting …
er. Can I get dressed?' The cop nodded and turned to me. I was still
bare-arsed and my less than full erection was swinging in the breeze. The
cop's hands moved over my shirt, between my buttocks and fastened for a
moment around my scrotum. She gave this a mighty squeeze which brought
tears to my eyes.

‘I only keep a couple of things in there, Ma'am, and I'm really attached
to them,' I managed to gasp. My humor was not appreciated.

‘You,' she snarled, ‘are under arrest!' She whipped my arms behind my
back and cuffed me.

‘What charge! What about my rights? I haven't done anything. The
wise-crack wasn't that bad!' I protested.

‘You've done plenty,' she hissed, ‘... and fuck your rights!'

Polly hurriedly pulled on her skirt. She too was aware that something
very irregular was going on. But she didn't want to get involved. ‘I'll
go then, shall I?' Polly quavered.

‘Yeah,' said the policewoman, ‘I'll just get your name and address. If
you say anything about me and lover-boy I'll run you in for statutory rape.
You know how old this fucking ape is?'

Polly knew because we'd had to fudge my age to obtain the driver's
licence. ‘No, surely he's an adult?' she said.

‘This,' said the cop, tapping my cock with her nightstick and making it
go up and down,'... this horny little bastard hasn't yet turned sixteen.'
Polly looked shocked.

‘I'm big for my age,' I offered as Polly drove away. ‘Is that what
attracted you towards me.' The cop just glared and said nothing. ‘I
noticed you‘ve removed your identity numbers,' I continued, ‘So I don't
know what to call you. Would "Dyke" do?' I didn't hear the answer because
she hit me over the head with her truncheon and I lost consciousness.

When I came to I was cold. My clothes had been removed and I was lying
on a concrete floor in a garage. I guessed it was the garage of a suburban
house. There were oil stains on the floor. A large green-painted metal
trunk stood against one wall. A saw-horse was the only other furniture.
Opposite the closed roller door there was a smaller door, open and from
what I could see, leading into a house. I couldn't see much because I was
still handcuffed and I was tethered to the floor by a short leather strap
attached to a collar around my neck. My head ached. I felt sick.
‘Water!' I gasped.

The cop answered my croak. She came through the small door, undid the
strap and hauled me to my feet. She was in her underwear, plus cap, belt
and uniform stockings. ‘Haven't you forgotten something, officer?' I

‘You mean my uniform, smart-arse? Nah. I don't want it spoilt with
your blood.' I tried to raise an eyebrow - what the novelists call a
quizzical gesture. ‘True, you're not bleeding yet. But when you do,
Sebastian, you little shit, you'll bleed bucketfuls!'

‘How come you know my name … and age?' I asked.

‘Don't you remember me?' the policewoman asked.

I shook my head. ‘Can't place your face,' I said, ‘but take your
knickers off. I never forget a cunt!' She hit me several times about the
body. I was glad the daily workout I'd enjoyed at Kim's warehouse
gymnasium had hardened my gut a bit but, even so, I was on my knees before
she stopped.

The policewoman stood over me, panting. She said,‘I was one of the
officers who was called to Mrs Joy ****'s house the night you were
arrested. You were still playing with her breasts when we arrived. You had
serially raped her for over six hours! Vaginally, anally, orally! You'd
used her sweet breasts to slake your bestial lust! You made her beg you to
fuck her or be beaten! I took her statements. I attended the trial. They
should have taken you out and wrung your neck! Instead they sent you to a
Juvenile Correction Center. Well, I'm going to put that right! I'm gonna
give you a taste of what you gave Joy before we cut you cock and balls off.
You'll bleed to death! You wanted water?' I nodded. She stripped her
panties off, ‘So eat me, you nasty little roach, If I'm feeling kind I'll
piss on you!'

Cunnilingus is an acquired taste. I'd seen it done but had not chosen
to go muff-diving, pussy-munching or whatever myself. Now there was no
choice. The policewoman attached a tight wire-reinforced leather band
around the top of my scrotum and from it led a thin rope through a small
metal hoop set into the concrete of the garage floor. I either did as she
told me or risked losing the family jewels.

Any slacking on my part earned a whack from the policewoman's
nightstick. She kept me at it for what seemed hours. She moaned with
pleasure. Her hips began to gyrate and I thought she was going to
suffocate me as she ruthlessly fucked my face. As she climaxed she
belabored my back with her nightstick. I passed out again. When I
recovered she was still there.

‘Well, Sebastian,' she cooed, as she removed her top and massaged her
full, white, tits, ‘How does it feel to be the victim?' I was struggling to
think up a cutting rejoinder when I heard someone else enter through the
small door. I managed to turn my head and was surprised to see Joy.

‘Better ask her,' I croaked, ‘She loved every minute!'

‘You low-life!' yelled my tormentor, dragging the cord attached to my
balls and jamming her pussy tight against my face so I couldn't speak.
‘You ruined this woman's life! She spent months getting over the ordeal
you put her through! Her marriage failed! She lost her job! She couldn't
eat or sleep or even think about sex!'

‘Until I met you, Judith!' Joy spoke for the first time. ‘I came as
soon as I had your message. It is him. What are we going to do?'

‘Geld him, Joy! Pickle his cock and balls to put in your trophy
cabinet! I've planned it all. There's a scalpel in that kidney dish! And
acid to clean blood off the concrete. We'll dump his body in the bay.'

‘Isn't that a bit ... extreme?' I heard Joy say hesitantly.

‘Hell! It's what you said you wanted to do."I'd cut his balls off, and
make him eat them," were your exact words! But get undressed, we don't
want your dress bloodstained.'

I twisted my head and saw Joy begin to take off the floral dress she was
wearing. She didn't seem as keen as the policewoman on the proposed
slaughter but I needed to cause a distraction. ‘Play some Mozart,' I
suggested, pulling my mouth free of its fleshy gag. ‘Joy does a really
sexy strip to the Marriage of Figaro!' Judith hit me again and I went out
like a light.

I wasn't unconscious for very long but lay on my side and played doggo
while I thought of how to escape with my balls intact. The effort gave me
a more intense headache and the result was zero. I listened to Joy and her
policewoman lover debating my fate.

‘I don't know that I can … do … that to him.' Joy was saying. ‘I know
it's what I've said I'd do, if I had the chance but, Judith, I didn't
expect you to go out and hunt him down. He has been punished, you know!'

‘Punished!' snorted Judith. ‘You call a couple of years in a Juvenile
Correction Facility punishment for what he did to you? Anyway the little
shit got out on good behavior after no time at all. I heard he conned the
padre into thinking he was a saint!'

‘He's not so "little" even now,' said Joy and I felt her foot nudge the
tip of my tool. I groaned. ‘What were you doing to him when I arrived?'
Joy asked.

‘Trying to teach the bastard some respect for the sisterhood!' said the
policewoman. She gave a tug on the rope which made me open my eyes. Then
she brought me to my knees once more by taking a fistful of hair and
heaving. ‘Sebastian likes gash gobbling, don't you? You evil god-dammed
mother-fucker!' Before I could reply with some stinging repartee she
slapped me twice. ‘How about he face-fucks you, Joy?

‘Yeah!' I groaned, ‘Why not … I've fucked her every other way!' This bit
of bravado earned me a kicking and I missed seeing Joy haul her panties down to expose her neatly trimmed pudenda. ‘Using the same scent ...' was
all I could manage before my erstwhile victim thrust her pussy hard against
my lips and conversation became difficult for me.

Joy was trembling slightly as she rubbed her cunt against my face. I
sensed that she was still afraid of me, so I went at it fiercely, nipping
at her labia and clitoris with my lips and teeth and plunging my tongue as
far up her vagina as it would go. Under the circumstances it was as close
to force fucking her as I could manage. When she protested Judith tugged
on the rope tethered to my scrotum and I desisted.

‘I … I can't do this!' Joy stammered pulling up her pants. She was
shaking but her nipples were stretching the tight fabric of her bra and I
suspect part of her reluctance was because she was becoming sexually
aroused. Judith must have had the same idea. She put her arms around Joy
and said, huskily, ‘Why don't we discuss the whole idea over a relaxing
drink in the house, Darling?' Joy nodded.

Judith hastily tied the ball-tether to my collar before leading Joy
away, comforting her by massaging a tit.

I couldn't believe my luck! Judith had left the kidney dish and scalpel
on the floor, not a yard away! I was able, by rolling onto my side, to get
the sharp surgical instrument between my teeth and, within seconds, the
rope attaching my neck to my nuts was severed. It wasn't hard to ease my
feet and legs over the cuffs and so bring my hands where they could
unfasten the ligature around my scrotum.

Judith had left her uniform hanging on a peg and in one of the trouser
pockets I found the key to the hand-cuffs. By the time the lesbian lovers
returned to the garage I was free of all encumbrances and aching to get my

As the policewoman came through the door I pounced from behind. I
lifted her pistol from its holster with my left hand and gave her an
almighty crack on the side of her head with my right. She went down and
stayed - groggy but not out.. Joy screamed and froze. She was carrying a
video camera. I asked her why. Joy was so nervous she found it difficult
to speak. Her eyes flickered between the pistol and my fast growing

‘We... she … was going to video your … humiliation. She … we … weren't
going to kill you or cut ... Just keep you here for a while … make you
suffer ...'

‘And did this suffering and humiliation include the use of Judith's
nightstick, I wonder?' I asked taking the video camera from Joy's trembling
hand. ‘I'll bet it did! A tight fit in any orifice! Just how tight it's
hard to judge. So this is what we'll do. We'll make a video called
"Lesbian Cop" starring Joy, Judith and the Nightstick!'

Judith struggled to her knees but with the revolver pushed into her
temple didn't try any heroics and stayed put when ordered.

‘We'll start with you, Joy, stripping off your pants and bra before
introducing your co-star - Mr Stiffy. Make it look sexy! You understand?'

Joy nodded. She slowly lost her knickers, then her bra, as I operated
the camera with one hand and covered Judith with the pistol in the other.
Joy rubbed between her legs and played with her nipples - not very
convincingly, as the video shows. I expected Joy to weep, as she had when
I last made her strip before fucking her, but she didn't, at first. It was
when she tried to insert the nightstick up her vagina that the tears began
to flow. ‘Oh God!' she wept, ‘I can't! It's too big! I'm too dry!
Sebastian … please ...'

Whether Joy meant to ask for my help in impaling herself on her lover's
nightstick I don't know. It suited me to assume she did. I stopped
filming and made sure Judith was secured. I cuffed and collared her and
fastened her to the wall while Joy just stood and wept. Judith had fully
recovered from the blow to her head and glared at me with real hatred.

When Judith realized what I was going to do to her tearful lover she
began to rant and rave. I took the truncheon from Joy and made Judith eat
it while I told her that, if she didn't keep quiet I would use the thing to
remove her front teeth - a threat which shut her up more effectively than a
gag, Then I turned my attentions to Joy.

‘I'm sure you remember what this tastes like,' I said, tapping the side
of my erect cock. She nodded and without further prompting tottered
forward, knelt in front of me and gently took the knob of my penis in her
mouth. While her tongue tentatively massaged my glans I chatted to Judith.

‘Joy did this the first time we met, you know - stripped naked and gave
head. Then we fucked. She didn't want to play at first but in the end she
was begging for it! But you do know! You said you were at the trial and
she must have told you all about it when you became lovers'

‘You evil bastard!' hissed Judith, careless of her teeth. I smiled and
eased out of Joy's mouth.

‘Tell her how you pleaded, Joy. I'm sure you remember!' My prick was
dripping precum.

Joy backed away shaking her head and sobbing, until she stumbled over a
blanket covered crate in the corner of the garage. I dragged both her and
it to center stage. I gripped the terrified woman by the cunt lips and
squeezed. ‘Tell her, now!' Joy howled in pain and terror.

‘Please...' she began, ‘Please, Sir ...' Judith swore at her but Joy
continued hysterically, ‘fuck me again, with your big prick. It feels so …
it feels so GOOD!' She screamed the last word as I pushed her back over the
crate and fell on her, driving my erect penis deep into her cunt. When I
withdrew a while later she was well and truly lubricated.

It's not often a "young offender" like me gets to re-enact the crime
that had him locked up. I made the most of this second bite at the cherry
- although I'd popped Joy's anal, oral and mammaral cherries first time
round. In particular I spent some time playing with her breasts, laying my
swollen dick between them while she pressed them together to form a fleshy
tunnel. This was a feature of the earlier rape which had the prosecution
all steamed up, but which I could not remember. (At the time I was under
the influence of booze and pills.) Joy, however, recalled in detail how I
tit-fucked her and was eager to oblige me again. She was, once again,
totally obedient to me and needed little encouragement to thank me when I
covered her slightly bruised breast-meat with warm, sticky, cum.

The display, of course, infuriated Judith who, nevertheless, agreed that
she would co-operate in the making of "The lesbian Cop" providing I left
Joy alone. I agreed, but made sure I had the angry dyke tethered to the
floor and covered by her pistol when filming began.

The idea of using Judith's police-issue video camera to make a home
movie of my earlier victim and her lesbian lover was not, of course,
motivated by any artistic urge. The tapes of "Lesbian Cop", produced,
directed, cast and scripted by the talented Mr Sebastian X were to be my

I hoped that the video would never be on the market. But my actresses
didn't know this at the time. To them it must have seemed like evil young Sebastian getting his rocks off by making them perform a variety of sexual
acts in revenge for being threatened with castration. I guess they thought
I was just humiliating them by making a record of their most intimate acts
of passion.

Judith was made to wear her policewoman's hat, shirt and belt - without
the .38 Smith and Wesson. She was incredibly tender with Joy at first.
She slowly withdrew the slimy nightstick, from where Joy had managed to
insert it during the opening masturbation sequence, then lovingly fingered,
then fisted Joy's moist cunt.

Joy was less enthusiastic. She was still suffering from the shock of
encountering a rampant Sebastian X for a second time. She kept looking at
me with wide, staring, eyes expecting, no doubt, to be subjected to yet
another prolonged sexual attack. Despite her fear, Joy was eventually
brought to orgasm after about twenty minutes of manipulation by her
skillful lover.

Then it was Judith's turn to be satisfied. I was surprised how clever
Joy was with her mouth. She combined cunnilingus with analingus and had
the larger woman hopping about like a frog on a barbeque as the tip of her
tongue traced the circumference of Judith's tightly clenched sphincter.
Judith eventually succumbed to a clitoral tongue lashing that left both
women breathless.

I loaded a fresh tape and gave the women their business for the next

‘Joy, you sit on the saw-horse,' I directed, ‘with your legs apart. The
cop kisses you on the lips, and the neck, then starts to lick your tits until all that dry cum has been cleaned off. You'll like that eh Judith?'
The cop scowled at me but said nothing.

‘Then she goes down on you for another session of beaver biting. Joy,
you play with your tits while Judith munches muff, O.K.?' Joy didn't seem
to take in half of what was being said but she was anxious to please and
nodded mechanically.

‘Good!' I smiled, ‘Judith then inserts the nightstick into her quim and
use it as a monster dildo. She bends you back over the saw horse and
violently rapes you!'

That got through. ‘Oh!' wailed Joy, ‘No! Not rape. Not again!'

Because of Joy's tearful protests, and Judith's plain refusal to hurt her, the scene did not work out the way I had directed. Judith gave her
lover six inches of the state's best mahogany and not an inch more. It was
enough to bring Joy to a screaming climax before the tape ran out. Looking
at the torrid action had given me yet another boner and, as I had decided
it was about time I gave Judith something to remember me by, I called,
‘Cut! It's a wrap!'.

I made Judith tie Joy's wrists to her ankles - a position the red-headed
housewife had been forced to adopt during our earlier acquaintance. She
was very nervous and eyed my fresh erection and bruised and swollen
testicles with a fascinated stare. Bent over, as she was, her breasts swung with every move and quivered when her buttocks were slapped.

‘O.K.! Lets get 'em rolling!' I said in what I thought was a
Spielberg-like manner, ‘In this scene Joy is subjected to further police
brutality. The dyke in blue is spanking the suspect whose tits are
wobbling in a very sexy way. Driven to a sexual frenzy by the sight, the
cop takes up her nightstick once more and uses it to penetrate the
suspect.' I paused. Judith glared daggers at me and I was glad of the
pistol and the time I had put in on the miniature indoor range in Kim's
warehouse. Joy started to sob.

‘You may use either end and either orifice,' I instructed the furious
cop. ‘Once you've got it up her, you will take the other end in your cunt and fuck her really hard! Do you understand, Judith?'

‘Bastard! Evil little bugger!' she growled. ‘Shit-eating vicious
sodding mother-fucker!'

‘Maybe,' I said, ‘But you're getting off lightly for statutory rape,
false arrest and imprisonment, and attempted murder - not to mention using
obscene language. So get on with it before I change my mind and do
something you'll really hate.'

Reluctantly, Judith began to slap Joy's firmly rounded rump causing the
sobbing woman's tits to swing and shiver with each blow. I zoomed in on
the action and would have created a pornographic masterpiece but, just as
Judith inserted the end of her truncheon in Joy's vagina and the handle in
her own, the camera ran out of tape.

It was, I thought, a sign I should join in the fun. So, with pistol
leveled at her head, I placed the head of my penis against Judith's ring
and gave a push.

Judith found that she was between a cock and a soft spot. She did not
want to drive her nightstick deep into her lover's pussy and there was only
so much timber she could take up hers. So she stood her ground as best she
could. She gripped the truncheon with both hands and, as I pounded on the
back door, fought to prevent further penetration by pushing her ass
backwards - much to my satisfaction.

I drove the pair around the garage letting my anger at being tortured
and nearly killed boil over. I pounded the Policewoman's butt savagely,
taking pleasure in the screams of protest from both women.

Joy was crying and howling as my thrusts into Judith's rectum were
transmitted to her tender twat. Judith was swearing and begging me to stop
as she struggled to protect both her and Joy's cunt while her arse was
being reamed. I was yelling in triumph. Eventually Joy stumbled. Her
collapse coincided with my coming. My withdrawal from Judith's ravaged
arse-hole marked the end of their ordeal.

I secured them both in the garage before exploring Judith's house. I
found a pile of my things - shoes, wallet, watch - and a police track suit,
which I put on before returning to the scene of the crime.

‘Let me tell you why I have videoed your antics, Judith,' I said.

‘I intend to make a number of copies of "Lesbian Cop" and leave them
with certain people.' I continued, ‘Should anything untoward happen to me -
like a sudden disappearance, an unfortunate accident involving the police,
even a suspicious arrest - they will be released to the media. You can
imagine how your colleagues would enjoy the explicit nature of the footage,
and how much your superiors would appreciate your contribution to the
public image of the force,' I said. ‘ So you have a vested interest in
keeping me in good health and out of trouble.'

Police Officer Judith was too exhausted to raise more than a snarl but
she had got the message. She didn't resist my demands that she pose with
her lesbian lover for a few minutes of video to round off the movie.

While the two women obliged me with ‘open beaver' poses and some lusty
licking I had a final word with Joy. I told her how much I had enjoyed
renewing our acquaintance despite the strange circumstances. I promised
her that I would drop by some time soon and have another chat about old times.

She didn't seem at all pleased at the prospect.

End RP Part 10


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