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RP11 video Was Lesbian Cop


RAPE'S PROGRESS Part 11 by Sebastian X

On my sixteenth birthday I moved out of the warehouse complex from which
my half-brother, Conrad, and his wife, Kim, ran their 'import and export'
business, into an isolated studio above an old boathouse further up the
harbor. Conrad - home from a long voyage - had decided I was too young to
take part in their debt-collecting and white slavery activities. I was to
attend night-school to learn basic bookkeeping and navigation! After my
adventures helping Kim, life was dull.

I sent a message to Joy, through her policewoman lover and ordered her
to parade at my new address for some serious housekeeping duties. The pair
had no choice, because of a compromising tape made at our last encounter. A
tearful Joy was delivered to my new address by an angry woman cop, who
didn't stay to lend a hand.

Without being told what to do Joy began to strip off her dress and
undies to the strains of Mozart, which I had thoughtfully put on the CD
player in memory of our first encounter. Then, weeping, she knelt, naked
but for a floral hat, stockings and pumps, in front of me and took my
swollen cock between her trembling lips. Joy spluttered and coughed having
failed to swallow all my jetting cum. She let the strings of white,
beaded, gism trickle between her heaving breasts. I made her rub it into
her cunt in anticipation of the next fuckbreak and we set to, cleaning and
polishing my apartment.

She was scrubbing the floor in the backroom when I next took advantage
of my reluctant little hausfrau. The sight of Joy's naked buttocks flexing
and her full, fleshy, tits swinging as she tearfully plied the scrubbing
brush was too tempting. I raped her doggy-fashion being careful not to
knock over the bucket. Throughout the day, Joy spread her legs for me in
both the bedrooms, and finally in the kitchen. This last time happened
because she was washing up and broke a plate. As punishment I spanked her
until she begged for mercy then I rolled on a ribbed 'Ass Bustah' condom
and sodomised her at the sink.

Joy was still blubbering when her girlfriend from the city's finest
arrived to collect her. I felt no guilt at using poor Joy to satisfy my
lustful urges. Only a short time before she and her lesbian lover had
tried to qualify me for the 'Eunuch of the Year' award!

* * *

Living in the boathouse was convenient but lonely. For the first week I
motored down the harbor in my aluminum dinghy each day to attend technical
college and back again each evening. Most days, I dropped in to the
'warehouse' to use the gymnasium or the miniature range (the 'dungeon' was
off limits) and to chat up my sister-in-law. She was sympathetic but
carried out Conrad's dictates to the letter. She offered me no sexual
gratification or offer of employment in the role of white slaver, general
bully-boy, which I had come to relish.

The thought of demanding Joy's services on a regular basis didn't seem
wise. Her girl-friend might decide to risk charging me with some offence
if I made her life too difficult, despite the hold, my compromising
home-video "I Was a lesbian Cop", gave me over them both.

I had lewd thoughts about Miss Throsbie who took a class in Computer
Assisted Accounting Systems. She reminded me of the first woman I took
against her will. Miss Howard, an English teacher, who became my sex
slave. One day, I thought, I would teach the oh-so-prissy blue-stocking a
new definition of 'contra-entry'.

At a loose end that Saturday evening, I decided to return a wallet which
had been lost in the National Park a few weeks before. It had been dropped
in panic as two thugs, Zac and Cyril, abandoned the woman they were raping
and fled from a group of totally imaginary police conjured up by me. I
took the runabout to the Water Taxi jetty then a cab to the address shown
in the wallet. As the cab approached the house, a detached weather-board
building in one of the seedier suburbs, I saw Zac and his off-sider, Cyril,
get into a van and drive off.

'Follow that vehicle!' I told the cab driver. He grinned and said,
'You're kidding?' But was happy to comply when shown the color of my money.
Zac's van drove back into the city and into the car park beneath a block of
stylish apartments. I followed on foot. I guessed the pair were up to no
good when Zac, still sitting in the cab of the van, pulled a black beanie
over his blonde hair and donned a silly looking mask. I stayed out of
their sight and waited for the fun to start.

After about twenty minutes a smart looking woman parked her red BMW in a
'Residents Only' slot and stepped quickly to the elevator, her high-heels
tapped crisply as she crossed the smooth concrete floor of the car park.
The noise alerted Zac and Cyril, who left their van and moved silently and
swiftly after her, arriving at the elevator as the door, obedient to her
security coded signal, opened.

The thugs moved with ruthless efficiency. Zac whipped out a wicked
looking blade and pushed the woman into the elevator. As the door hissed
shut I heard him say 'Floor three, right?'

I took the stairs and was in time to see the woman being bundled into
one of the apartments by Zac and Cyril, before the door closed behind them.
I waited for a few minutes before cautiously opening the door. My burglary
skills were equal to the task. The muggers and their victim were busy in
the main room and I was able to find a comfortable hiding place in an
adjoining bedroom where I could hear and sometimes see, reflected in the
mirrored wardrobe-door, what the pair of hoodlums were doing to the
attractive brunette.

Zac could be heard searching the woman's beautifully furnished apartment
while his partner in crime could be glimpsed holding her from behind and
giving her breasts an occasional squeeze. She was terrified and kept
repeating, in a low voice, 'Take anything, but please don't hurt me! Take
anything! Cash Cards anything, but please don't hurt me!'

Cyril snarled at her 'Shut up, you stupid bitch! We'll take what we
like when we like!' And gave her tits an extra hard pinch. The woman
gasped and started to cry. She shook her head to get her long, dark, hair
out of her eyes. 'Oh god,' she sobbed, 'Please! Don't ...'

'Can't you keep her quiet?' I heard Zac complain.

'Sure!' said his off-sider.

I heard the dull sound of a blow followed by the noise of ripping cloth
and when I next risked a look in the mirror the woman could be seen sitting
wide-eyed on the floor, her dress torn to reveal her bosom. She was no
longer making a noise louder than a whisper. Her bra and the hem of her
outfit had been used to gag her. Cyril was pulling a skein of washing line
from his pocket. I could hear Zac opening and closing drawers and decided
that this was not the simple mugging and sexual assault I had first thought
it to be.

'I've found what we came for,' Zac said. 'It was in the desk drawer.'

I risked another peep but was unable to make out just what he had found
before he added, 'You got a good video set-up Miss ... What the fuck's her
name?' There was a pause while he rifled through her pocket book.'...
Evangeline! This digital recorder is top of the range. Let's have a shot
of Evangeline, tied-up, topless and begging for it!'

There was a whirring noise and I guessed the woman's humiliation was
about to be recorded for posterity.

'And now,' I heard Zac say, 'a shot of Evangeline's knickers being
slowly pulled down to reveal a pretty little pussy and a pink, virginal,
arse-hole.' There was a further pause before he continued, 'Open your legs,
bitch, that's all the fore-play your gonna get!'

Zac and Cyril spent two hours playing porno stars with the reluctant
Evangeline before leaving. When they departed they took only the digital
recorder, the discs of the rape and whatever it was Zac had been looking
for. They left their victim gagged, bound, naked and available - but I
didn't fuck her straight away.

I came up behind the sobbing woman and gently cradled her naked breasts in my hands. She flinched at my touch and began to shiver. Tears filled
her eyes and ran down her cheeks. I murmured, 'I'm going to undo that gag
so you can talk. But if you raise your voice above a whisper, I'll rip you
tits off! Understand?' She nodded. I removed the gag but immediately
recycled the cloth to blindfold her before getting her a drink and holding
it to her lips.

'What,' I asked, 'was he looking for? It was in the desk.'

'A list just a list of new clients. I work for an accountant.' She
began to cry again. 'They didn't have to to I'd have given it to them!'

I found a disc which the rapists had left behind and put it on the DVD
player. It showed Evangeline kneeling astride the coffee table which was
splashed with the produce of earlier activity. Zac dabbled his finger in
the pool of viscous fluid then used it to lubricate her tightly clenched
sphincter. He struggled to fit his helmet shaped glans into the tight
opening. Her muffled grunts of pain and his of effort gradually grew
louder and more frequent until, with a yell of 'Jeezus Cries I'm cummin'
I'm cummin!', Zac rammed the full length of his cock into the helpless
woman. In the background Cyril's voice could be heard saying, ' My turn
now, Zac, lemme have the slut's ass. There's nothin' like a buttered

Evageline listened in horror as the disc continued to play. During the
purely action sequences I described what was happening to the blind-folded
woman.'Oh! No!' she whispered as she heard again Cyril's stream of abuse
as he ravaged her ruined anus. 'Fucking slut! Filthy whore! Cum-sucking
Mother fucker!' You like it up ya ass, don't cha!' He withdrew just before
he climaxed, smearing her buttocks and cunt.

The final shot on the disc was one of Zac who spoke to camera. 'If you
report this, Evangeline, I'll put the discs on the net. And we'll be back
to make the sequel!'

She guessed I was going to rape her too. I was breathing heavily and
she had felt the pressure of my erection against her body. She was
surprised, however, when I made her wear a ring gag - a present from Kim
designed to accommodate my exceptional diameter - and gave her a taste of
what she had been missing while playing with Zac and Cyril.

* * *

The next day I introduced myself to Zac and Cyril in their shabby
suburban house. I returned Zac's wallet complete with credit cards,
driving licence and only $50 lighter than when I'd picked it up. They were
immediately suspicious. I was questioned closely.

Where had I found the wallet? In the forest, on the ground next to a
naked woman. (True)

What was I doing in the woods? Looking for the woman - who I had
abducted and who had been wearing her maid's uniform when she got away from
me. (Truish)

How had I found her? I had heard shooting and seen a fire in the
distance. Investigating, I'd stumbled across her tied to a tree - her legs
lashed to an improvised spreader. (Mostly False)

What had she said? That she had been repeatedly raped by two men - Zac
and Cyril. (True)

What had I done? What I'd meant to do before she ran - fucked her
stupid then beat her! (True)

Where was she now? Don't worry, I've disposed of the body. You'll
never see her again. (True - Madelaine Hildebrand-Smythe and daughter were
now the star attraction at a Thai brothel)

Why had I returned the wallet? Because I was bored and was looking for
a bit of action. (True)

They didn't press me about the disposal of the body but I had the
impression that it was a big plus in my CV. They went into a huddle then
Zac said, 'O.K., Kid, we could use a bit of help tonight. There's a chick
we need to question. She may need encouragement. So why don't you meet us
at six and bring a whip!'

Cyril drove the van to an upmarket area of the city. Our destination
was on the eighth floor a newly built block of apartments. Zac rapped on
the door which was opened by a well developed red-head of about twenty-five
summers. 'Zac!' She exclaimed nervously, 'Hey! Welcome to my new place!
Er, how did you find the address? We've only just moved in.'

'Hope,' said Zac, 'You are a lying, cheating, conniving bitch and I'm
going to punish you!'

'Yeah!' Echoed Cyril, 'We're gonna teach ya what happens to stinkin'
ingrates!' Zac turned to me and said, 'Sebastian, Hope here, used to work
for us. We taught her all the tricks of cultivating marijuana in the
National Park. How to sow, grow and harvest under the eyes of the park
wardens and other pigs. We taught her how to process and market the weed
without being arrested and we paid her very well. But she left our employ,
Sebastian! She said in order to look after a sick relative. But she lied!
She went into competition with us! Didn't you, you silly cow!' Zac pushed
Hope and she stumbled backwards into her apartment. We followed her in..

There was a younger woman in the flat dressed in the grey skirt and
white blouse of a college girl. 'Who the fuck is that!' demanded Cyril.
'She's my little sister,' replied Hope, 'She has nothing to do with the
business. Please, Zac, let her go. I'll tell you whatever you want to

Zac smiled. 'No,' he said, ' she stays. Sebastian can have her. Kid,
why don't you show us what you can do to make Hope's little sister remember
her visit to the city?'

'What do they call you?'I said taking the young woman by the arm and
pulling her gentlly towards me, 'Don't tell me it's "Charity"?'

She nodded and, encouraged perhaps by my mild tone and friendly smile,
began to babble. 'I'm on holiday. From college. I don't know anything
about Hope's business. Honestly!'

'I'll bet your mother is called "Faith"', I said conversationally.

Charity nodded and smiled back at me.'Yes!...' she began.

'And if she were here we'd fuck her witless, too!' I yelled suddenly,
making Charity jump. 'But only after we'd flogged her panties to tatters -
like I'm going to flog yours!'

I grasped the waist-band of Charity's skirt and gave it a powerful jerk.
The button and metal clasp parted and the skirt slid down her long bare
legs to the floor. I told her to pick it up and stroked her shapely tush
as she did so. She was wearing tight, white, light-weight cotton pants
which stretched invitingly over her pubic mound and rounded buttocks. I
fingered her Mount of Venus through the soft material. She tried to push
my hand away and I gave her wrists a crack with the riding crop I had
brought to the party. I worked the material of her panties into her
slightly moistened crack and began to massage her hooded clitoris. She
squirmed away from my probing fingers. 'Don't do that!' she cried, 'Hope!
Stop him!' She began to cry.

Hope tried to intervene but Cyril grabbed her arms and twisted them
behind her back. Zac dropped his Mister Nice-Guy manner, whipped out his
blade and began to undress the older sister. 'Not a squeak, Bitch!' He
growled, 'Or you both get cut! And that goes for you too, Cupcake!'

I felt Charity's firm bosom through her blouse. She wasn't wearing a
bra. I took a fistful of tit and dragged the frightened girl to an upright
chair, bent her over my knee and gave her elevated buttocks a series of
mighty slashes with the riding crop. The tightly stretched cloth ripped
along the line of each red raised welt which soon crisscrossed her pretty
pink bottom. She must have wanted to yell in agony as each stroke broke
her skin but the sight of her sister held at knife point helped her to
stifle the screams and Charity writhed on my lap, her hands clasped in
silent, if tearful, prayer.

When her knickers had been reduced to no more than a ragged micro-skirt,
I hauled Charity to her feet so she could display her tight little twat.

'Who's going to be the first to give to Charity?' I quipped.

Hope was beside herself with rage at my treatment of her little sister.
'For God's sake', she begged Zac, 'Leave her alone. I'll do whatever you
want! You know how good I can be, don't you?...' She undulated her hips
and pushed out her breasts (which were still supported, but not concealed,
by the remains of her bra). 'You can all take me! Not her. Any way you
want. I'll be good for you!'

Zac didn't hesitate for long. 'O.K.!' He said, unzipping his jeans and
letting his erect penis fall out. 'You can give me a blow job! Get on the

'Yeah, but on ya back, fuck-slut,' sneered Cyril, ' 'Cos I'm gonna eat
ya pet beaver before it gets all messy!'

'Let Charity watch, Sebastian,' said Zac, as Hope took his shaft in hand
and began to run her tongue along the thick-veined underside. 'Hope's
always given good head. Charity couldn't get a better teacher'

I positioned Charity so she could take it both Hope's skillful
exhibition of fellatio and Cyril's rather nasty version of cunnilingus.
Cyril's practice involved a great deal of biting and not very much of the
tongue and lip action I had recently been forced to perform on Joy and her
Policewoman lover. Neither Zac nor Cyril were in a hurry to finish.

I opened my fly to give my cock room to expand, which it did readily,
fitting snugly between the cheeks of Charity's well beaten buttocks.
Whether it was this intimate pressure, or the sight of her older sister playing the whore and seeming to love every sticky minute,Charity's nipples
began to harden. They grew, pushing out the material of her linen blouse,
inviting a gentle squeeze. She gasped as I let my hand wander down her
naked belly to her exposed pussy. Her juices had started to flow. Two
fingers slipped between her labia with ease.

'Masturbate!' I whispered in her ear. 'I know you want to!'

Charity shook her head. 'Do it or I'll beat your blouse off the way I
did your pants!' I hissed.

She sobbed but her hand strayed between her legs and she began to stroke
herself. She was gentle at first but rubbed with increasing vigor until -
scarcely believable under the circumstances, and much to Hope's disgust -
Charity climaxed noisily.

Cyril looked up from his labor of love and laughed. 'Ya kid sister likes to watch, Hope. Hey, I bet this'll turn her on!' He pulled down his
pants and waved his erection in the direction of Charity's exposed quim.

Hope managed a strangled yell of, 'No! Me! Not her!' Before Zac forced
his dick into her mouth again and Cyril said, 'O.K., you asked for it.' And
obliged by doing as she requested.

Taking advantage of Hope's preoccupation with the two rapists I threw
Charity to the floor, kicked her legs apart and entered her tight but
lubricated vagina. The girl barely gave a whimper.

I banged Charity's whipped backside against the carpeted floor with
every thrust, which caused her some discomfort. She was no virgin, but I
doubt whether she had experienced a lover with a tool as big as mine - or
one so rough. Charity began to squeal in time to my savage pounding and
tried to wriggle away. The deeper I delved into her, the more agitated
Charity became. The muscles of her vagina gripped my erection with
increasing force. When my balls were slapping against the cheeks of her
arse I reached out and grasped a heaving breast. Her nipples were erect
again. I took one between forefinger and thumb and rolled it. I felt and
saw it lengthen like a piece of pink play dough.

Charity's squeals of alarm gradually turned to mewls of sexual
satisfaction and, for the second time that evening, she climaxed noisily.

While I was debating whether to finish the job by flooding her womb with
a gill of warm cum or forcing my still erect penis up her arse, I felt
claws on my back. It was Hope who, having satisfied Zac and Cyril, was
horrified to see me matching pubic hairs with her kid sister, who was still
twitching from her second orgasm.

They pulled Hope off me before she could do any damage.'You said you'd
leave her alone you filthy, lying sons-of-bitches,' Hope screeched.

'We lied!' smirked Zac, then, seeing I was still upright he suggested I
shoot my load into the older sister. They pinned her to the kitchen table
and held her cheeks apart to facilitate my entry, which was slow and, for
Hope, painful.

The party went a bit flat after I had finished sodomising Hope. The two
sisters were raped again by each one of us. The pain and humiliation
ensured that Charity enjoyed no more orgasms that night. Zac and his mate
were amused at my unwillingness to put my prick anywhere near either Hope's
or Charity's mouth unless the woman was wearing a ring gag. Fortunately I
had slipped mine into my pocket earlier. When we three guys were done Zac
took particular pleasure in making the sisters shave each other's heads and
pubic triangles. This bit of nasty bastardry knocked most of the remaining
fight out of the women. The party had long since stopped being any sort of
fun, despite a further demonstration of sexual athleticism by Zac. But, as
he was at pains to explain, tonight was not a friendly fuck-fest but a
serious matter concerning his and Cyril's business.

Hope had not merely gone off to do her own thing in the forest but had
raised capital and formed an all female co-operative company - cleverly
called Amazon Pot Com - which, because it was run professionally and on a
larger scale than Zac could manage, threatened his local monopoly.

Our visitation, Zac explained, was the second act of a campaign of
terror which he was certain would dissuade the backers of Amazon Pot Com
from continuing in the vegetable supply trade. The first act had been a
raid on the company's accountant's secretary which yielded a list of all
Amazon Pot Com's principals, their names and addresses. Zac said he
planned to visit them all!

He intended to take Hope into the woods the following day and make her
show him the locations of her new plantations. Her fate after that
remained a bit vague. When I asked what he was going to do with Charity -
who really had just arrived for a holiday in the city with her big sister -
he said I could do us all a favor by giving her the same treatment as I had
'the maid from the big house.' In other words he expected me to dispose of
the body!

I agreed, and suggested that when he'd finished quizzing Hope I should
look after her too. Zac regarded me with a mixture of fear, and respect.
Since my ruthless de-knickering and rape of Charity he was convinced I
really was a sadistic killer who had already done away with one woman and
was now looking for fresh victims. In fact I intended to save the sisters
by turning them over to my sister-in-law, Kim, for export to one of her
client brothels in asia - but not straight away.

As we motored away from the jetty later that night with Charity huddled
in the bows of the runabout she was certain she was bound for a watery
grave. She begged me to spare her and promised to be a most obedient
slave. Of course I was persuaded to be merciful. An hour later she was
secured in the main bedroom of my studio boathouse. I didn't contact Kim
straight away as I was busy playing with my new eighteen year old sex

Charity quickly learned how to position the big red leather cushion so
as to raise her buttocks or hips on demand. She said she liked the feel of
the latex underwear I made her wear about the apartment. Charity expressed
no preference for whip, rod, belt nor paddle but experienced them all as a
prelude to sex in the first few days we were together - then she was joined
by a greatly chastened Hope. But that is another story


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