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RP2 panties well her usual


The RAPE'S PROGRESS - The Adventures of Sebastian X Part 2

Having 'broken in' Miss Howard (not her real name) in the box-room, I
looked forward to more sex with the big breasted blonde teacher. I was
sure she would say nothing to the school authorities. I had pointed out
that it was her word against mine and if she cried, 'Rape!' I would whisper
'seduction' - and what's more, 'seduction of a minor'

The stupid woman took no notice. She reported me to the Principal. She
accused me of rape!

My performance as the innocent victim was, I thought, most convincing.
My phoney account of how she lured me into the box-room, fed me wine and
took my virginity made the Principal blush. The upshot was that Phoebe
Howard was given leave without pay 'until the matter could be resolved'.

I too was sent packing. My guardian, my much older brother, had failed
to pay the school fees. This gave the school reason to get rid of me and
avert a potential scandal. Which put me on the street, broke and homeless
until my brother's ship came in. (Literally, he was at sea when this
happened.) I decided to make Phoebe Howard pay for her stupidity. I found
out where she was living from the Bursar's Office before leaving the
school. She had rented a run down little terrace house in the industrial
area. That night I waited in the shadows until she came home, then I
jumped her.

I grabbed her key. As she struggled, I lifted the hem of her summer
dress and, sliding my hand over her smooth belly and into her pants, I
roughly seized her cunt. She merely whimpered as we entered her shabby
little house.

Phoebe Howard stayed dumb with shock as I ripped her dress off her back.
I made sure she stayed that way by gagging the frightened woman with some
of the resultant rags and some silky material from her bra-cups. I tied
her hands behind her with the same rope I had used in our first encounter.

'You silly bitch!' I said with feeling as I peeled off the dark colored
track-suit I had worn to stalk my victim. 'You've ruined your career and
my education! And I'm going to make you pay! You're going to provide me
with board and lodging and other creature comforts!'

Her eyes grew round as, to illustrate my point, I discarded my
underpants and thrust my erect penis under her nose. She shook her head. I

'Yes! But first I'm going to punish you for your silliness and teach
you who is master in this house!' I said and took my riding crop from the
sports bag.

I flogged her knickers into scarlet tatters.

Each cut raised a livid welt on her smooth round bottom. To my surprise
- remember, I was at this time quite young and inexperienced - Phoebe
Howard's muffled cries of pain eventually took on an eager note. Her
nostrils dilated, her eyes half closed, her breasts heaved and her plump
pink nipples sprang to attention like guardsmen. It occurred to me that my
erstwhile English mistress was becoming sexually aroused!

I reached for the damp vee which showed through the torn panties. She
pressed her knees together but I gave the front of her thighs a tap with my
whip and she opened her legs. Her cunt was juicy.

'You're eager to be fucked again, aren't you?' I asked.

Phoebe's eyes filled with tears. She didn't move.

'You must answer when I speak to you!' I said, and to give emphasis to
my words I slashed the crop across her swelling breasts three times in
quick succession..

Phoebe threw herself backwards in an automatic response to the sudden,
shocking, pain. Her scream was muffled by the gag or it would surely have
been heard even in the sparsely inhabited industrial suburb where she had
found shelter. red ridges marred the creamy whiteness of her large

I stood over the trembling figure, whip in hand.

She scrabbled at the remnants of her knickers with her bound hands,
pulling at them until the ruined material parted. She spread her legs to
show her neatly trimmed blonde bush and pinkly glistening twat. Her eyes,
wide with pain and fear, begged me to spare her tits further punishment.
She raised her hips, offering me her cunt in surrender.

I bent over Miss Howard's recumbent form and gently flicked each nipple
with the leather loop on the end of my riding crop. She stiffened,
expecting the worst.

'So you are eager to be fucked again?' I repeated.

She nodded furiously.

'Whenever, and however, I say?'

Phoebe nodded again. I knelt astride her waist ignoring the proffered

'Because if you once show the slightest reluctance to oblige me, Miss
Howard, I shall take my little whip to these!' I said, putting down my
riding crop and grabbing two fistfuls of tit. She tensed as I lay my
erection between the throbbing mounds and squirmed in agony as I squeezed
them together either side of my swollen penis and rode her hell for

The tit-fuck didn't last long. I was too excited. I came quickly and

I smeared the warm gism over Phoebe's battered breasts, which seemed to
soothe them and when I removed the gag she thanked me!

She had little to be thankful for. I had brought with me a stout
eye-bolt and a length of chain which I attached to a strong point in the
wall above her bed. She said nothing as I wound the end of that chain
around her middle and padlocked it in place.

'Well, Phoebe,' I said as I fastened her upper arms together in order to
force her breasts to stand proud, 'you have only yourself to blame for your
present predicament. You should have kept quiet about our little, er,
encounter in the box-room.'

'You raped me!' she said tearfully, 'I had to report you! What did you

'I expected you to use your common sense and be like Dad, keep mum!' I

Miss Howard didn't laugh so I thoughtfully rolled on a condom and tested
the sleeping arrangements. Things were a bit tight, but I wasn't

Money was tight, too. Phoebe had spent most of her savings and I had
none. The next morning I left her chained up and took Phoebe's few jewels
to a pawnshop. Mr Isaacs (not his real name) gave me a fraction of their
value but showed he could be relied on to take 'hot' items. He thought
they were stolen. When cash ran short during the weeks that followed I
stole jewelry and small items from houses and cars and Isaacs took them

I also took any sex toys I found during my burglaries. Phoebe dreaded
my return with yet another harness, whip or strange vibrator which I would
oblige her to use. During the day, when I was in the house, she was
unchained - naked, of course, and in high heels lest she should be tempted
to make a dash for freedom. She was writing a novel.

At night, my sex-slave and erstwhile tutor was fastened to the bed in
one position or another for my pleasure and amusement. She seldom climaxed
during my rough 'love-making'. Afterwards I'd beat her and make her
masturbate until she did. She dreaded her nightly ordeal by rape and never
became inured to the shame and humiliation she endured at my hands.

Phoebe particularly disliked being sodomized. It was only necessary for
me to hint that I intended to penetrate her anally for my blonde sex slave
to become very distressed. With her neck chain attached to her strapped
ankles she was in no position to object, but she tried. She begged me,
sobbing, 'Not that way! Please, Sebastian! F..fuck me properly. In my
c..c..cunt!' (Phoebe still had problems saying the 'F' and 'C' words as she
once called them)

Her tearful pleas only increased my intention to bugger her.

How she wept as I warmed up her tight little sphincter with my riding
crop! The tears flowed even faster as I unrolled a thick walled ribbed
contraceptive - marketed under the trade-name 'Ass Bustah' - onto my
swollen prick, scant inches from her eyes. She was still begging me to
'spare' her as I parted her tightly clenched buttocks and smeared a dollop
of lubricant on her arse hole. Phoebe howled as I inserted the hard rubber
tip of the special condom into her rectum and screamed with increasing
intensity as each rib was forced into her trembling body. She passed out
as I rode, booted and spurred, to my climax.

While she was recovering from her latest ordeal, I told Phoebe that we
were going to have a visitor the next day. Rebecca Isaacs (not her real
name), the fence's daughter, had decided that I would make a satisfactory
boy-friend. Rebecca was a self-confident little brunette. She wore a ring
in her nose and, she hinted, other parts of her anatomy. It had been all I
could do to stop her following me back to Phoebe's sad little house, 'to
get to know me better'.

When I explained to the eighteen year old that I was in a special
relationship with an older woman - a masochist who demanded to be treated
as a sex slave - she expressed disbelief. Rebecca suggested that she be
invited in to meet '... your fantasy female! Cos' if you're lying you're
gonna need to find another outlet for your stolen goods, Sebastian, honey!
If you're not, we could have some fun together, eh?'

For the occasion I dressed Phoebe in a French Maid fetish outfit I had
stolen on one of my burglaries. Beneath a short black tightly-fitting
dress she wore a red bustier and stockings. Phoebe was mortified when made
to serve Rebecca a drink but took the opportunity, when I left them
together, to beg the fence's daughter to report her unlawful imprisonment
to the police. I listened at the door as Phoebe Howard blurted out her
story and pleaded with the surprised girl to help her escape my clutches.

Rebecca, who had suspected me of telling untruths, was quickly convinced
that Phoebe's version of events was genuine. She first pretended to be
shocked by the whispered revelations of my brutality to the frantic blonde and when I entered the little room she turned on me and cried dramatically,
'You monster! What have you done to this poor woman. She claims you are
holding her a prisoner. A sex slave! She says you beat and rape her
without mercy! Is this true?'

Her denunciation would have been more believable if she hadn't been
grinning like the Cheshire cat and holding Phoebe fiercely by the wrists.

'Would you like a demonstration?' I asked and saw Phoebe stiffen with
fear as she began to suspect what I was going to do.

'I'll get my riding crop from the bedroom,' I said. Rebecca nodded and
licked her lips in anticipation of the blonde's humiliation. She did not
release her grip on Phoebe's wrists.

'Please...' whimpered my sex slave as I raised the hem of her dress to
expose her naked buttocks but I was not about to be merciful. I flogged
her while Rebecca looked on.

The fence's daughter unzipped her jeans and began to masturbate as I
made Phoebe offer her freshly shaven pubic mound and her full, round,
breasts to the horny teenager.

'Let's fuck her!' Rebecca whispered huskily.'Christ, Sebastian, Honey
...' she panted as she stripped the maid's dress off my blonde bed mate.
'Christ! I've always dreamed of doing this!'

'On your knees, bitch!' she yelled at Phoebe and made sure she was
obeyed by pulling savagely at the woman's tits.

I was almost as surprised as Miss Howard at the ferocity of Rebecca's
sexual assault. She made the kneeling woman browse on her gold-ringed twat
as she took off her sweater then tweaked her pierced nipples until they
stood up like red and gold candles.'Fuck her! Doggy fashion!' she ordered
and I did as I was told - driving deep into Phoebe's cunt while Rebecca
forced the ex-teacher's lips onto her out-thrust mons veneris and hissed,
'Tongue it, cow!'.

That was the start of what was a very long evening. Rebecca relished
every bit of pain and humiliation we inflicted upon poor Miss Howard. I
fucked and sodimized her as Becky directed while she pinched and clawed at
our blonde victim's tender parts. Becky gradually inserted one, then three
fingers into Phoebe's vagina before bunching her whole fist and pistoning
my sex slave into a screaming heap. After this Phoebe did exactly as
Rebecca told her, agreed with everything the fence's daughter suggested and
took to calling her 'Mistress Rebecca.'

When I made a move to screw our guest, Rebecca declined and suggested
Phoebe could fellate me. I told her 'No!' I was still concerned that
Phoebe had enough spirit to bite! I settled for a tit fuck which Rebecca
orchestrated so my climax coincided with yet another heavy bout of fisting.

Becky said she would return the next day with a gift for both of us.

Becky was true to her word and the next evening arrived with a present
for both of us. For Phoebe she had brought a pair of antique pearl drops.
I thought at first they were ear-rings for pierced ears. The hooks were
rather large but otherwise the drops were quite beautiful and very

'Your present, Sebby,' she said stripping naked apart from ankle socks
and pumps, 'is a special fuck!' Like Phoebe's, her pubic mound had been
clean shaven, but her labia sported a heavy gold ring (Which was both
inconvenient and bloody uncomfortable for someone my size). Rebecca
stretched out, face down, on Phoebe, who was secured to the bed, and
arranged herself so she could stare into the blonde's eyes. Her cunt was
just above my slave's, sometimes rubbing against it. I started to screw
Becky - she wasn't interested in foreplay - but my balls, slapping against
Phoebe's twat, got my former English teacher all excited and soon I was out
of one and into the other, stroke on stroke about.

Both women were moaning with pleasure as I neared my orgasm. When I
felt Phoebe's muscles contract as she came, I withdrew and drove hard into
Rebecca's twat. The girl was grinding away at Phoebe, hurting her to
induce her own climax. She came too and while the two were moaning in
mutual ecstacy, I spread Rebecca's cheeks wide and, without invitation,
roughly bored my way up her arse.

'You bastard!' she screamed as I exploded inside her. 'You filthy
rotten sodding son-of-a-bitch! I hate that. Get outa me!' But I didn't.

I held Rebecca impaled for a minute or two while she cursed me and
thought of adding her to my harem. In the end I decided that one sex slave
was fast becoming one too many and let the fence's daughter go. She glared
at me as she stomped off to the poky little bathroom but seemed quite happy
ten minutes later when she returned.

'It's time,' she said, 'for Phoebe to try on her present. Help me get
her untied.'

Miss Howard, shaken that she had climaxed under such odd circumstances,
was pleased to be relieved of her bonds. Rebecca presented her with the
pearl drops.

'What lovely earings. They look old and valuable. Are they really for
me, M ..Mistress?' she cooed.

'Oh yes!' replied Rebecca, 'They are early Victorian, English and very
valuable. But they are not ear rings.'

'Not?' queried the teacher. 'Then what . . . '

'They are nipple rings,' smiled Rebecca wickedly, 'and it will give me
great pleasure to help you put them on!' She waved a slender steel spike,
like a small bradawl, under Phoebe's nose.

'It won't hurt very much!'

Phoebe went very pale and tried to get away but I held her tightly by
the snatch in a grip which she feared and loathed. Rebecca was surprised
at how amenable poor Phoebe became in my capable hands. She screamed as
Rebecca pierced each plump nipple and slipped an antique jewel onto each
magnificent breast.

There was surprisingly little blood but Phoebe blubbered like a baby
until obliged to repay her generous benefactor by performing an extended
act of cunnilingus. Shortly afterwards Rebecca departed for home.

The next morning Rebecca was back again in our dingy little house in the
back-blocks. This time she had what she said was the perfect job for me.

Through her father's antique dealings she knew of a wealthy collector
and his wife who had gone on holiday leaving their house unguarded. There
was, she said, a whole pile of tax-free dollars in the bedroom safe. She
even had the combination for me.

I was suspicious, of course. I couldn't think why she would want to
help me after my sly trick of the night before. When she offered to 'baby
sit our own blonde fuck-toy' I put her motive down to unrequited lust and
decided to accept her intelligence and do the job.

'Better start right now!' said the pushy little hustler.'There's no
telling when that family may return.'

Her eagerness to get stuck into Miss Howard again was making her
shrewish. Phoebe didn't look too happy at the prospect of a day with
Rebecca. The weather was turning cold and I had allowed her a t-shirt and
panties as well as her usual high heels. It didn't look as if she would be
able to keep them on for long after I had gone to collect the easy pickings
promised by Rebecca.

Rebecca couldn't wait until I'd gone before starting on what I guess she
hoped would be a day of satisfying her wildest sexual fantasies without
interference from me.

As I changed into my working clothes - dark track suit and sneakers -
the girl whipped off her skirt to reveal she was wearing a double ended
dildo. Phoebe regarded her with horror while she fitted spurs to her
cowboy boots and demanded that the former teacher display her bosom.

'Show us your tits, Bitch!' she smiled, 'I've heard it said that pearls
take on a deeper luster when worn close to warm flesh. Wanna see if it's

I waved goodbye but they were busy. It was the last I saw of either for
some years.


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