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RP5 enormous dick Mary slid three fingers


Adults Only Rape's Progress Part 5 The continuing adventures of Sebastian
X. A fictional tale of sex and violence, unsuitable for children, puritans
and those prohibited from thinking about such things by government
regulation or superstition. It was funny that the first time Mary, the
vicar's pneumatic wife, dropped the pretense that I was raping her, and
acknowledged that I was her lover, she was seen and heard by Sophie, her
teenaged daughter. Sophie had returned early from boarding school and had
surprised her mother browsing on my swollen cock. Mary was giving me a
farewell night to remember as I was due to depart the Juvenile Detention
Center the very next day. 'Mother!' she cried, 'How could you! With one
of them!' I guess she meant a member of the criminal under-class - me - and
I didn't like her tone. Besides, I still had an unrequited erection and
aching balls which, thanks to a glass of sherry reinforced with a 'Joy
Ball', were demanding attention. I grabbed Sophie's arm. 'Come here, you
snotty-nosed little bitch,' I said seductively, 'and I'll show you just how
your mother could!' Mary, thinking (correctly) I intended to deflower her
darling daughter there and then, intervened and held onto one of Sophie's
legs. The result was that the girl tripped and fell. Her skirt waist-band
parted and, before I'd even thought of doing so, I had half-undressed the
young woman. I completed the job by gripping the collar of her
school-uniform blouse and giving it a mighty tug. The buttons flew off and
I was soon able to remove the garment to reveal a very pretty bosom
demurely covered by a sensible sports bra. At this stage Mary recovered
her wits. 'Yes!' she cried, 'Undress her. She won't go running about with
no clothes on. But please, please Sebastian, don't rape my daughter.
She's still a virgin!' I really think she meant it. Which shows how little
she knew what I was really like despite the fact she'd been my pretend
'victim' for months. 'Of course, Mary,' I said taking my time rolling
Sophie's sports bra up and away from her firm young tits and over her
blonde, pony-tailed, head. 'But I've never had an eighteen year old virgin, and I'm sorely tempted.' Sophie was winded from her fall, otherwise
I think she would have put up a more effective resistance. As it was I
sustained only minor scratches before I was able to give those naked,
perky, tits a slapping which stopped her struggles and reduced her cries of
outrage to a low, tearful, mutter. My erection was more pronounced than
ever, sticking out from the unbuttoned cassock. In the struggle it had
left a sticky smear or two on Sophie's glowing skin. 'I'll just take her
to her bedroom,' I said, 'and make sure she is unable to get out.' I had
noticed that Sophie's bed was a sturdy wooden structure strong enough to
hold a struggling girl, provided she was properly secured. 'I'll be there
as soon as I'm...' Mary had been about to say 'decent' 'dressed,' she
amended. Mary was so eager to join us - perhaps with the idea of
protecting her ewe lamb - that she was getting dressed in the French Maid's
outfit she had chosen for our farewell sexual encounter and not some
matronly outfit which may have served to soften her daughter's bitter
criticisms. 'How could you!' the girl repeated, '... and dressed like a
porno-queen!' I slapped her tits some more and told her that unless she was
quiet I'd ram her knickers down her throat - a threat I'd made to her
mother just a few short months before. Sophie glared at me but stopped her
complaining. Mary looked at me with growing concern as I began to march
the girl towards her bedroom. 'You're you're growing bigger!' she
exclaimed. 'I spiked the sherry with an aphrodisiac,' I growled. 'Why
don't you try some? If you want to save her maidenhead you'll have to fuck
for the two of you!' Sophie hardly struggled as I led her to her bedroom. I
think she may have been in shock. She sat quietly on her bed while I used
a silken dressing gown cord to tie one wrist to the stout timber frame
which formed the foot of the bedstead. To match her nudity I took off the
crimson cassock which was the church uniform for the establishment's young offenders and stood, hands on hips, in front of the frightened girl. Her
eyes grew big at the sight of my blood engorged prick and swollen balls.
They filled with tears as I told her to stroke my genitals. The touch of
Sophie's cool trembling hand on the throbbing flesh acted as a further spur
to my raging lust. 'That's very good, Sophie,' I whispered. 'If I hadn't
promised your mother not to take your virginity I'd fuck you witless here
and now!' Sophie sobbed and turned away from me as I pounced. Her attempt
at evasion left her vulnerable to an attack from the rear and before she
knew what was happening I had slipped the crotch of her white cotton
panties to one side and was forcing my cock into her tight little arse.
She screamed a long, low, 'NAAAH!' as I entered her. Her anal sphincter
gripped my tool and only slowly yielded as I struggled to impale her on it.
Then, when I was about half way in, something tore and with a grunt of
animal triumph I drove home. Sophie twitched and twisted, begging me to
stop, as I butt-fucked her without mercy. I withdrew just before her
mother joined us. I was prepared to swear Sophie was still virgo intacta
and, despite what the sniveling teenager might say, I hadn't even had her
pants down. When Mary did join us in Sophie's bedroom she was a changed
person. Gone was the nervous, guilty, woman we had left covering her
nakedness and pleading that her daughter's maidenhead be spared. Instead
she strutted through the bedroom door, swinging her hips, her eyes ablaze
and her nipples threatening to poke their way through the tight black
material of her French Maid's costume. 'I don't know what you put in the
decanter, Sebastian,' she panted, 'But it packs one hell of a punch! I
haven't been this horny since... since...Christ! I've never been this
horny!' She was carrying a hip flask in one hand and a large double ended
dildo in the other. 'I thought we might give some to Miss High and Mighty,
here,' she said, 'so she could enjoy the rest of the evening.' I took the
flask from her. One nymphomaniac was enough and I didn't want Sophie to
enjoy what I planned to do to her. At this moment 'Miss High and Mighty'
decided to accuse her mother of pandering to the depraved tastes of a
monstrously deformed criminal (she indicated me and my still impressive,
sticky and none too clean, erection) who had just sodomized her. Mary
considered Sophie's tearful accusations for a moment then reached out and
seized her daughter's left breast in a claw-like hand. 'It's true, Sophie,
he is a dirty bugger. Now, clean him up for me!' And with that she forced
the girl to lick my prick and swollen balls until they were spotless. The
sight of Sophie's pink tongue caressing my genitals, albeit in order to
save her left tit, aroused Mary further. She rolled up her skirt to reveal
a neatly groomed pubic bush atop a slightly swollen pink lipped vagina,
into which she inserted the dildo. It fitted snugly and soon Mary was
sliding up and down its length with an ease which amazed and appalled her
daughter. Seeing Sophie's look of disgust I insisted the girl take over
the task and soon I had the pleasure of seeing the Vicar's wife brought to
orgasm by her daughter's hand. Mary gave a great sigh of pleasure and
satisfaction as her climax subsided. Her grip on Sophie's breast gradually
relaxed and the girl slowed, then stopped, pumping Mary's cunt with the
double-ender. 'Quite the little mother-fucker you turned out to be!' she
said to her wide-eyed daughter. 'I think you ought to be punished for such
wickedness. Go get your cane, Sebastian.' I did as she asked. When I
returned to the bedroom I found that Mary had untied Sophie from the bed
head and had secured the teenager's hands behind her back. She rolled the
girl onto her stomach and pulled Sophie's knickers down to her knees.
'Give her six of the best!' Mary ordered, and I did. Sophie endured her
brief flogging stoically but started to howl in earnest when Mary, seeing
evidence that the girl's arsehole was already lubricated, put the end of
the dildo against it and gently thrust inside 'Let me help!' I cried,
ramming my prick into Mary's exposed arse with such vigor that she drove
the dildo hard and high up her daughter's fundament and was, in turn,
spiked by it's other end. I encouraged the pair with the occasional blow
from my swagger cane (actually it had belonged to the vicar's
soldier-uncle) and by manipulating Mary's nipples while she did the same to
Sophie. After we had finished our joint butt-fuck of the unfortunate
Sophie, Mary and I needed a breather. The one 'Joy Ball' I had put into
the sherry decanter didn't give quite the staying power of the pills when
swallowed whole with scotch. After a sandwich, and another glass of wine,
we were ready to continue. During the break Sophie had been able to visit
the bathroom and under Mary's guidance had liberally applied soothing
ointment to her sore and tattered backside but not to her
yet-to-be-breached pussy. 'I'm going to do that for you, Sophie,' said her
mother, 'While you help Sebastian insert his wonderfully long, fat, dick
into Mamma's cunt!' So while Mary performed a slow and careful cunnilingus
on Sophie, the teenaged girl was made to moisten both the glans of my penis
(once again unflinchingly erect) and the lips of her mother's vagina with
her tongue. Cool tears splashed on the tight skin of my prick, adding to
my pleasure. 'Slide it in, Kid!' I said in fact at eighteen Sophie was
somewhat older than me. 'See how your Mamma takes it right up to my
balls!' But Sophie's eyes were screwed shut with pain as Mary, in ecstacy,
once again drove the dildo up Sophie's arse. Poor Sophie! She had not
expected to become an unwilling participant in an orgy of rough sex. Her
mother, who had been so protective at first, drowned both her guilt and her
inhibitions with drug laced booze, and used and abused her offspring with a
savage delight. Sophie was made to fellate me before, during and after my
mounting her mother. When her tongue wasn't busy on my genitals it was
employed on Mary's and, for most of the evening we took turns in abusing
the girl anally. Sophie's arse, so neat and tight and pink at the start of
her ordeal, became red, raw and slack enough to accommodate the full length
and breadth of my prick, and most of Mary's dildo. This did not stop her
howling with pain and humiliation each time she was penetrated. Sophie was
still, technically, a virgin. It was only when Mary was finally satiated
that she decided the time had come for her daughter to share the pain and
pleasure of my rampant prick. Mary held her daughter close, pinning her
arm in a powerful grip. With her free hand Mary caressed Sophie's vaginat,
parting her labia and gently fingering the pink, hooded, clitoris until the
girl began - quietly at first - to respond. 'I think she wants you to fuck
her, Sebastian,' said Mary. 'Oh! No! Mother! Please!' gasped the
frightened teenager as I parted her legs and positioned myself to take
advantage of Mary's kind offer of her daughter's virginity. She whispered
to her daughter, 'It's bound to hurt the first time because Sebastian has
such an enormous dick.' Mary slid three fingers into Sophie's crack and
widened it for me. I forced my way, inch by inch, into the girls tight
walled vagina. If she had a hymen I must have brushed it aside without
noticing. Mary again massaged Sophie's clitoris as I pressed ahead and
soon Sophie was pushing back at me. Tentatively at first but with growing
vigor until, at last, she was writhing and moaning with undisguised
pleasure as the tip of my tool banged against her cervix and I exploded
inside her, baptizing her vagina with a flood of thick warm cum.

Around midnight Mary began to tire of the games we had been playing with
her daughter. Sophie, her arse ablaze and her pussy sore and puffy, was
allowed to drift off to sleep. The vicar's wife, too, was getting sore but
I kept her on the boil for another hour or so before she called for a halt
to the night's activities. 'I don't know what I'll do without you,
Sebastian,' she said, wistfully stroking my still tumescent prick and
fondling my heavy balls the way she had that night, months ago, when I had
first 'raped' her in the Chapel. I did. She had been a nightly
masturbator before I became her 'lover'. She had dildoed herself to sleep
fantasizing over old copies of 'Detective' magazines. What she didn't know
was that her voyeur husband had installed a hidden camera in her bedroom to
capture her antics on tape or disk. And what he didn't know was my
cell-mate, Smee, had records of the vicar enjoying his secretly acquired
porn. 'As for Sophie,' she continued, 'I don't know whether I can stop her
complaining. After all, you really did rape her!' I guessed she was
preparing her defense 'He made me do it. He drugged me and forced me to
indulge in an incestuous rape of my darling virgin daughter!' I was to be
picked up from the Manse by my sister-in-law at seven thirty that morning
and Mary's words filled me with trepidation. They could hold me
indefinitely 'pending enquiries'. Mary stretched like a big contented cat.
I reached out to grasp a plump, plum-colored, nipple. 'No,' she purred,
'No more, Sebastian, I really must sleep!' 'Well, if you must,' I said,
'You had better move to your bed. This one's a bit of a mess.' Which it
was. The cover of Sophie's bed was ripped and the sheets were spattered
with various body fluids. Mary sleepily agreed and we all three migrated
to her larger, cleaner, bedroom. Mary was barely awake but needed only a
little encouragement to move. I had to carry Sophie who was still out of
this world. As we entered Mary's bedroom I switched on the light, which in
turn activated the hidden camera. From this point on we were being
recorded. I meant to make it difficult for Mary to later claim she was
innocent of Sophie's ravishment. I also thought it would be interesting
for the vicar to see both his womenfolk serially fucked. The vicar's wife stretched out on the bed and closed her eyes. I laid the unconscious
Sophie next to her. Then, without giving her a hint of what I was about to
do, I savagely mounted the older woman and proceeded to rape her
vigorously. 'Sebastian!' she spluttered, 'Oh! Sebastian I can't take any
more!' I paid no attention to her half-hearted pleas and before long she
was squirming in ecstacy as she temporarily forgot her pain and weariness
and came. I didn't stop. 'Please! Darling! Stop!' she begged, her tone
becoming more desperate as she saw me grin and shake my head. 'Nah Nah...
Nah...' she sobbed as I continued to pound her cunt. I stopped when she
passed out. When Mary came to, minutes later, I was still kneeling between
her legs, upright and ready to resume her punishment. 'Sebastian!' she
gasped, 'This time you really raped me!' She covered her mons veneris with
an unsteady hand. 'I still haven't come,' I replied indicating my
glistening erection. 'How do you want it?' Mary started to cry. 'Why me?'
she sobbed, 'Why not the girl?' I smiled down at Mary. 'Let's get this
straight,' I said, 'You want me to fuck your daughter instead of you?'
'Yes!' Mary gasped, blinking her tears of exhaustion away, 'You're too much
for me! You were happy to screw us both earlier, what's the problem?' 'No
problem,' I said, climbing off the bed. 'I'm going for a piss. When I
come back I'm going to screw one of you witless. But Sophie is out for the
count. If you want me to fuck her and not you, you'll need to wake her up.
While you're about it I'd like her served up the way I had Joy ...
remember how I showed you?' Mary nodded wearily and, as I left the room, I
saw her reach for the drawer where she kept the bondage gear. I took my
time before returning to the bedroom. I made sure my bag was packed and my
clothes ready to slip on. I intended to be away from the Manse as soon as
my sister-in-law appeared. Which gave me about four hours in hand. Mary
had done a good job of preparing Sophie for me. The girl's wrists were
securely tied to her lower legs above her ankles and she was awake. Bound
like this she was totally vulnerable. Mary sprawled in a wicker chair and
gestured to the bed. 'She's all yours, Sebastian. For God's sake get it
over with so we can get some sleep!' Sophie looked at her mother then at
me. She began to sob, 'Please don't ...' But I did. First up her ravaged
arse and then, when her screams became too loud, I punished her pussy,
doggy fashion. As I neared my climax, I got Mary to give my balls a
farewell kiss. So she had a close-up of my last orgasm of the night
spilling from her daughter's congested cunt. They were both fast asleep
when I was ready to leave at precisely 7.30 am the next morning. End RP5


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