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RP6 sucked her labia and pink


Adults Only Rape's Progress Part 6

The continuing adventures of Sebastian X. A fictional tale of sex and
violence, and in this episode, incest. Ozmanga stories are unsuitable for
children, puritans and those prohibited from thinking about such things by
government regulation or superstition.

I was waiting at the front door of the Manse when my sister-in-law
arrived. I had not met her before and was surprised to find my brother's
wife was petite, beautiful and of Vietnamese descent. She was also quiet
and aloof, treating me with the degree of affection usually reserved for

I was anxious to depart without any fuss but Kim insisted that she must
say 'Thank you' to Mary, the Vicar's wife who, she said, must be
responsible for my reported reform and consequent early release. Kim would
not go until she had met Mary and obliged me to take her to the bedroom
where my sponsor was sleeping.

As she silently opened the door I thought that Kim's obviously low
opinion of her rapist brother-in-law would sink to new depths. Mary and
her daughter were sprawled naked on the bed as I had left them. It was
clear, from their swollen labia and glistening cum-streaked thighs, that
both had been fucked recently. Sophie's wrists were still tied to her
ankles and she whimpered when her mother's hand brushed her bruised

Kim stood quietly for a moment taking in the scene then she turned to me
and whispered, 'You raped both of them?'

'No!' I protested, without raising my voice, 'Only the daughter. Mary
was willing.'

To my surprise and relief Kim smiled broadly and gave me a hug.

'Let's get going,' she said.

As we drove towards the city Kim questioned me closely about my exploits
with Mary and Sophie. I explained that the vicar knew, and condoned, what
was going on with his wife and that Mary was on tape tying up the girl,
offering her to me and encouraging me to spit her ewe lamb. Remembering
how the Vicar's wife had tenderly kissed my balls as I creamed her
daughter's pussy for the last time, aroused me. My growing erection was
obvious to Kim.

I looked speculatively at my sister-in-law.

'Don't even think it, Sebastian!' she said, 'If I didn't kill you, your
brother would!'.

She outlined my brother's plans for me. Now that they knew I was the
same nasty bastard I always had been, I was to be given the chance to join
their specialist export and import business. When I asked how a taste for
rough sex was considered a good qualification for employment, Kim laughed
and said she'd show me.

We passed a pair of back packers, thumbing for a lift. Kim slowed down
and stopped the car. As they jogged towards us, eagerly, Kim patted the
bulge in my pants and said, 'You'll soon be able to put this to good use,
Sebastian. Trust me!'

'Ve are heading for the city!' declared the girl.

'You're in luck,' said Kim, so are we. You'll have to take your boots
off, though. I'm very fussy about the carpet.'

So, with boots and back-packs stowed in the trunk, the pair made
themselves comfortable on the back seat. Hans and Greta were eager to
practice their English and soon we were listening to the interminable story of their extended holiday and the various jobs they had done en route -
everything from fruit-picking to photographic modeling. It seemed that
Hans had spent most of their trip preserving Greta's virtue from lecherous

'My Schwester - sister - was even offered a part in a movie!' laughed

'Ja,' said Greta, 'But it vas a blue movie. They vanted me to take all
my clothes off and do things vit my brother!'

'And did you?' asked Kim.

'Nein!' said Hans, shocked, 'That vould be Blutschande - how you say
"interest."! Ve vould never do that!'

'Don't bet on it!' muttered Kim.

After an hour's drive Kim turned off the road onto a dirt track and
explained that it was time for a break.

'I know a perfect spot for a picnic,' she said. 'It's along here and
under those trees.'

She parked the car off the track and, after telling me to bring the
picnic basket from the trunk, led the way through the wood. The hamper was
very heavy and clanked metallically. I tried to peep inside but it was
secured by a small combination lock.

'Here we are!' she said as we entered a clearing in the trees. 'Put the
basket down there, Sebastian, and let's see what we've got.' She quickly
opened the hamper and took out what I now know was a .44 pistol. At the
time I thought it was a small cannon and so did Hans and Greta! They were
as stunned as I was when she turned the weapon on them.

'Strip!' Kim barked, 'Sebastian, help me!'

I was surprised by what Kim was doing but, having just been released
into the care of my brother and his wife, I was in no position to object. I
hoped she wouldn't kill anyone with the cannon but I did just what she told
me to.

When the hikers were slow to undress she told me to take a knife from
the picnic hamper and speed things up. Hans shed his lederhosen before he
started to protest. Kim clipped him behind the ear which put him out long
enough for me to fasten his hands behind his back to a broad leather belt
and attach a rigid hobble to his ankles as directed by my sister-in-law.
The restraints were part of an impressive array of hardware from the picnic
basket which, I learned later, always accompanied Kim on her car journeys.

Hans regained consciousness, and his voice, in time for me to finish
undressing him with the knife. When he was naked Kim put her cannon back
in its box and took the unfortunate young man by the foreskin - his prick
had shrunk from fear - and told him he'd better shut up and do as he was
told or she'd circumcise him.

There was no need to threaten Greta with gun or knife. She was
paralyzed with fright. Kim turned to me, smiled, and said sweetly, 'She's
yours first, Sebastian - a little blonde fuck-toy to celebrate your release
from custody.'

I didn't argue. I took Greta by the hand and helped her out of her
shorts and started to play with her tits.

'Vat vat is happening?' she asked in a tremulous whisper.

'I'm going to fuck you,' I said, as I fondled her firm young breasts through the thin material of her halter, 'As directed. So get undressed or
I'll have to beat you until you're black and blue as well as bare!'

She understood 'fuck' and 'get undressed' and started to sob. I raised
my hand to slap some obedience into the sulky bitch but she cried, 'Nein!'
and undid her top to expose her nicely rounded tits and pink, button-like,
nipples, just in time to save herself a thrashing.

'Good!' I said stripping off my top and unzipping my pants.

She eyed my already large but growing erection with a mixture of
curiosity and alarm. I took her hand and laid it on my swelling dick.
Greta's palm was cool and soft. Tentatively she explored the length of my
prick. Her forefinger and thumb wouldn't go round it. Despite the fear
the girl must have been feeling, her nipples began to harden. I rolled one
quite gently between my finger and thumb and felt it stiffen further.

'Very tasty,' I said, and bit it. Greta squawked. Her brother, still
held by Kim, turned to protest. Kim drove her fist into his stomach and
snapped,'Keep your eyes on me! Unless you want me to put them out!'

She made a claw of her free hand and hissed like a cat. Hans tried to
back away but couldn't. Kim tightened her grip on his penis and the
helpless hitch hiker screamed like a woman.

'Please,' cried Greta, 'Don't let her hurt Hans!'

I was about to say 'Hans is a big boy, he can look after himself,' when
Kim's voice was heard, cold, cruel and calculating. 'Kneel, you blonde fuck-boy, kneel in front of your mistress!'

There was a pause and I turned to see Kim smile as she drove her knee
into his unprotected groin.

I winced. Greta sobbed. Hans knelt.

Kim started to undress as Hans knelt in front of her. He was wheezing
and gasping trying to recover from the blow to his genitals.

My sister-in-law wasn't wearing a bra or stockings so, once she had
removed her dress, she had only to step out of her knickers to be stark

I made Greta stand in front of me so I could see what Kim was up to.
While we watched pressed my erection against the small of her back allowing
a trickle of pre cum to moisten the crease between the cheeks of the
blonde's arse. I made Greta roll down her cotton pants so I could fondle
her blonde-furred cunt. I thought Kim intended to mount Hans and wondered
how she planned to get his prick stiff enough to do the job after kneeing
him in the nuts.

Greta must have been thinking along the same lines because, as Kim
slowly slid her pants down over her slim, smooth, legs the blonde hiker
blurted out, 'Vat is she doing to my brother. He is going to be a priest!
He has no interest in vomen! He is a virgin.'

Kim stepped out her white cotton pants to reveal a pussy totally devoid
of hair. Not shaven, but as bald and as smooth as a marble statue. She
told me later that she had her pubic hairs removed one at a time with an
electrified needle.

She stepped close to the kneeling Hans and positioned her hips close to
his head.

'Is that true?' she asked, 'You've no interest in things like this?' And
she ran a finger around her pubic mound and between the outer lips of her

Hans nodded. 'Please I am to be priest, maybe! After holiday I go to
seminar... seminary I try to keep poor...pure..I never had sex!'

'You will today, Hans!' said Kim softly. 'We'll start by giving you a
demonstration of who does what, to whom,' she said grammatically, 'and with

I guessed what was coming.

'Sebastian,' Kim called, 'Bring your little play-mate over here and give
Hans a practical lesson in fucking!'

I wasn't sure what to do about the situation. In my other sexual
encounters I'd always been the one calling the shots. I wasn't sure that I
liked being second fiddle in Kim's orchestra. I had only met my
sister-in-law a couple of hours before and here she was, involving me in an
al fresco rape which could land me back in the Juvenile Detention Center.

I hesitated, and Greta, feeling my grip slacken, tore herself free and
dashed for the trees.

She didn't get far. Her knickers, which I had pulled half-way down her
thighs, hindered her movement and I caught her before they ripped and
allowed her to stride out.

'Hell,' I thought, 'It's Kim's picnic! Who am I to spoil her fun?' and
I slapped the runaway a couple of times across her breasts to bring her to
heel. Then I dragged the howling blonde over to where her brother knelt,
and threw her to her knees in front of him. He was howling too. Kim was
holding him by the hair forcing his head down to where he could see his
sister's twat framed between her chubby buttocks.

Before his horrified gaze, I inserted my oversize dick in her tight
blonde fringed vagina and pushed.

'We call this "doggy-fashion"!' I said.

I had hardly pushed in a few inches before Kim rolled Greta onto her
side and dragged Hans down so his head was between his sister's legs. From
this position he got a ring-side view of the action. It was awkward and
uncomfortable but I ploughed steadily on as directed by Kim. Greta stopped
sobbing and gradually resigned herself to being fucked. She put up no
further resistance. She was tight and dry at first but my juices soon had
us banging away without too much friction.

Kim raided the picnic hamper for a large vibrator which she used on
Hans' anus with one hand while pumping his dick with the other. I settled
into a rhythm, taking my time from Kim's meat-beating - which coincided
with Hans' grunts - and after a while I saw Greta's eyelids flutter and saw
her nipples stiffen. I pointed out these encouraging signs to Hans. 'Look
at your little sister, Hans, she likes it! I think Greta is getting close
to her climax!'

Kim panted, 'Fuck her harder Sebastian! She's the sort who likes it
rough! Make the little tart cum!' And she was right. I forgot about
keeping pace with Kim and cut loose on the hapless Greta, driving deep into
her vagina and gripping her left tit in a bruising hold. She responded
automatically, thrusting her hips at me to meet every pounding stroke and
starting a wail which grew louder as she approached orgasm.

'Neineineinneinniennn...Nh...Nh...Nh!' she cried as she shuddered and
twitched on my throbbing dick. I felt the muscles of her vagina spasm as
she came.

Greta's surrender to carnal desire, despite the humiliating fact that
she was being raped, caused her brother to cry out in German. I don't know
what he said, but it caused Greta to burst into a fresh flood of tears and
she struggled to get away from him. This suited me and I slid my still
erect penis out of her. We both got to our feet. I turned Greta to face
me, and she gave a wail of despair when she saw that I was still rampant
and intent on further fun and games. I was eager to finish what I had
started but I meant to take my time fucking the little blonde traveler.

I put my hands between her legs and under the cheeks of her arse. With
one smooth motion I hoisted Greta to waist height and then impaled her on
the head of my prick. She begged me to stop (Well, that's a guess - she
was babbling in German) I slowly lowered her onto its full length. Her
cries and tears added spice to my enjoyment as I buried my cock in her
churning guts. Her wild struggles grew less as I waltzed the sobbing
blonde around the clearing, sliding her up and down my erection.

Kim, meanwhile, had kept on pumping Hans' dick which was, at last,
beginning to stiffen. She had found a pen-knife in his lederhosen and was
making him eat her ultra-smooth sex. He was performing to explicit
instructions under the threat of being cut and he seemed to be doing a good
job. I had glimpses of his long damp tongue flicking in and out of Kim's
slot and his lips puckering as he sucked at her labia and pink, hooded,
clitoris while I hammered his little sister around the glade. Never having
(at that time) indulged in cunnilingus myself, I was interested to see that
the task was having an effect on the prostrate hiker. Munching on Kim's
muff seemed to be helping Hans grow bigger.

At last I filled Greta's cunt with jets of warm cream and let her fall,
sobbing bitterly, to the grass.

'Bring the little tramp over here!' commanded Kim, 'Let's see how much
Hans has learned about gash gobbling!' So I dragged Greta over to where
Hans lay bound. Kim and I sat her on his chest with her legs wide spread
so he could demonstrate his new found skill on his sister's cum-streaked
twat. Soon he was nose deep in her sticky bush, tonguing like a trumpeter.

Greta tried to back away from her brother's probing mouth. When she
found that we would not let her, she went rigid and started to shiver.
'Shock,' said Kim, and slapped Greta's face. 'Incest is a strong taboo!'

The shivering stopped and once again the little blonde dissolved into
tears. Hans seemed to be relishing his task caressing Greta's vagina with
a lover's tongue. Kim and I held her fast as Hans, with apparent gusto,
continued to lap up the cum oozing from his sister's swollen cunt.

After a time this tender treatment of the young woman's bruised labia
began to take effect. Just as she had when I first fucked her, Greta
started to forget the humiliation. Her eyes closed. The weeping gave way
to deep, trembling, breaths. Her nostrils dilated and her nipples firmed
into fleshy pink spikes. Her hips began to swing rhythmically as she
responded to the powerful urges Hans' tongue had awoken. She began to fuck
his face.

'Enough!' said Kim after a few minutes of this, 'It's time to finish the
game.' We dragged the rutting girl off Hans' face, and made her kneel
between his thighs, then mount his erect penis. Greta continued to swing
her hips in a desperate bid to satisfy her itch. Seeing that I was again
ready to play, Kim tossed me a foil packet from the picnic hamper. It
contained a lubricated textured condom. 'Put it on,' she said, 'I think
they need some muscle!'

I'm not sure whether it was Greta's frenzied attempt to escape anal
penetration which excited him, or the fact that I roughly fed her tits to
her horizontal brother who browsed hungrily, but within a few minutes of my
splitting her tight little ring Hans was jerking and grunting as he
ejaculated deep inside his little sister.

Kim dressed as quickly as she had stripped. She took two red rubber
ball-gags from the hamper and silenced first Hans then the panting,
distressed, Greta. She took the spreader off Hans' legs so he could walk
and we made our way back to the car. Greta struggled to carry the heavy
picnic basket while I brought up the rear with an armful of clothes.

Hans was persuaded to climb into the trunk. There was plenty of room.
Kim told me to tie up the girl while she made arrangements for our
reception. While Kim was talking softly into her mobile 'phone I laid
Greta on the ground behind the car and tied her up as best I could.

'Your brother would have you in irons for tying such dreadful knots,
Sebastian!' said Kim, regarding my handiwork.

'Maybe, I'm no sailor!' I replied. The bonds were messy but I had tied
Greta in a way that exposed her pussy to my still tumescent dick and it
seemed a fitting end to our adventure that I should give her a final fuck.
Hans had the pleasure of watching as I raped his sister once more and
seeing her, yet again, give in to the sexual imperatives of her young body.
She came like a summer storm and when it was over was calm but wet and

I lifted her into the trunk alongside her brother and closed the lid.

On our way once more Kim asked me, 'Well, how does the apprentice like
his new job?'

I replied, 'I guess I'm in the business of white-slavery, eh? I like it
very much! Is it always this easy?'

Kim smiled. 'You don't miss much do you? No, today was a cinch. It's
not often you'll find a young couple with no fixed address, bona fide
travel documents and a history of taking whatever work is available. I
even have a buyer who is looking for a blonde brother/sister act. They'll
be out of the country by tomorrow morning.'

'Oh!' I said.

I had been hoping to have Greta as a fuck-toy for a while. My
disappointment must have shown because Kim laughed and said, 'Don't worry,
Sebastian, the business is quite diverse. You won't be idle. Tomorrow you
can try your hand at debt collecting!'

'Oh!' I said again.

'We have the debtor's wife. She is to be made an example of ...'

End RP Part 6


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