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RP7 thick rubber sheath decorated with four


Adults Only Rape's Progress Part 7

The continuing adventures of Sebastian X. A fictional tale of sex and
violence, and in this episode, the dreadful misuse of two ounces of Semtex.
Ozmanga stories are unsuitable for children, puritans and those prohibited
from thinking about such things by government regulation or superstition.

Rapes Progress - Part Seven by Sebastian X

Night was falling when we arrived at the security gates that marked the
entrance to Kim's and my half-brother's business premises. These comprised
an old warehouse sitting on a rocky peninsula at the shallow end of the
harbor, a jetty just big enough to take a small vessel and an antique
diesel driven crane. From the outside the lot seemed old and dilapidated.
Inside was a different story. We entered the warehouse through
electronically controlled steel doors. The well-lit ground floor was half
full of crates; strange looking, big, wooden carvings and great lumps of
stone. The rest of the space contained at least six automobiles. I
noticed a police car and a taxi before Kim had me open the trunk and help
our terrified captives out of the car and onto their feet. We were met by
a bulky dark skinned man wearing a fez. 'Turk, meet Sebastian, Conrad's
brother,' said Kim. Turk grunted. 'These are the hitch-hikers I phoned
you about,' Kim said, indicating the bound, gagged and naked pair. 'We'll
put them in Cell Two. The girl's a natural but her brother is a bit
inhibited. You can work on him tonight. No rough stuff mind.' 'Nice!'
drooled Turk not at all surprised that Kim and I had abducted and raped a
couple of tourists. He stroked Hans' buttocks as he ushered the duo into
an elevator hidden behind a stack of boxes. Turk held the door open for
Kim, before pressing a code into a numerical pad which operated the lift.
Kim explained that the middle floor was mainly offices, storerooms and
staff quarters. The top floor contained Conrad's and her apartment, a
gymnasium, a 25 yard small arms range and - our immediate destination - the
'cell bock'. The cell-block was a group of five sound-proofed, windowless,
rooms off a short corridor behind the gym. Hans and Greta were put in Cell
Number Two. I saw one of the rooms was equipped with a about twelve closed
circuit tv monitors which showed only one other cell was occupied. This by
a woman, dressed only in her underwear. That's the debtor's wife I told
you about, Sebastian,' Kim said. Tomorrow we'll start to persuade her to
tell us where her husband has gone. You can try to fuck the truth out of
her!' I slept soundly that night in my own comfortable room on the top
floor and had breakfast with Kim on a verandah overlooking the harbor. I
was keen to start my duties - what I had seen the night before on the tv monitor had whetted my appetite - but had to wait until Kim was ready.
'She is a very small woman,' said my sister-in-law, smiling, 'Quite dainty.
But she's tough. British aristocracy. married for money. Sadly the money
wasn't her husband's. He was a banker for the people who have employed me
- us - to recover the bulk of what he has taken. I don't think she'll tell
us where he is, but if she's sufficiently humiliated I think she will lead
us to him when released.' 'And my job,' I chorused, 'Is to fuck her
witless?' Kim smiled and nodded. 'But, Sebastian, beat the shit out of the
stuck up little bitch first, eh?' I entered the cell naked, carrying a
small bamboo cane and two items which I put on the shelf above the
prisoner's cot. Lady Felicity was chained by the neck to a ring-bolt above
the cot. Her prisoner's coverall was undone to reveal that she was still
wearing the expensive lingerie in which she had been taken. She gave me an
icy glare and gestured with her hand. 'Is that meant to frighten me,
little man?' she sneered. 'I warn you, I bite and scratch!' 'You also talk
too much,' I replied. 'Please remove your shirt.' She laughed. 'My! How
polite! I'll bet your Nanny is very proud of your good manners. No, I
won't! And kindly tell that chinky cow I want my clothes returned this
instant!' I stepped across the cell and slapped her hard across the face.
She was a head and shoulders shorter than me and the blow startled and
stunned her. I removed the blue prison coverall while she recovered her
wits. 'Get your kicks out of hitting defenseless women, do you?' she
hissed. 'What next? You fuck me? Well, I'm no virgin - go ahead!' 'Oh,
I'll fuck you alright,' I said, 'but first you'll have to ask me politely
... like your Nanny taught you.' She regarded me with a mixture of
surprise and loathing. 'I am not likely to ask you to do anything of the
sort!' she said. 'In that case,' I replied, 'I'm going to treat you as a
disobedient and recalcitrant little girl. Just like your Nanny did.'
'Don't be preposterous ' began Lady Felicity but I had her by the neck and
was forcing her head down. 'Touch your toes!' I demanded, I'm going to
give your arse a flogging that you'll never forget!' Lady Felicity (not her
real name) struggled but to no avail. With the chain drawn tight between
her neck and knee, and secured with a turn around her left leg, she
presented a sweet target. Firm muscular cheeks framed the black-lace clad
bulge of her mons veneris, which I felt to see whether she showed any signs
of sexual arousal. She did not, but my gentle touch sparked another
torrent of abuse. 'Damn your eyes, you ignorant peasant, have you never
had a woman before? You thick, clumsy boy...' I gave her buttocks a
preliminary cut with the cane and she shut up. 'I've had one or two, your
ladyship,' I said, 'and I've also had some experience with butt-warmers.' I
gave her a harder cut. She stayed quiet. 'The first woman whose knickers
I removed by force was my English Mistress,' I said, whacking the noble
lady's tail again. 'Of course, it was easier with a riding crop,' I said
hitting harder, 'and probably less painful for her.' I began to get into a
rhythm landing a blow every ten seconds or so. I tried to make each stroke
a little bit harder than the one before. She was tough. red weals started
to mark the pink smoothness of her upper class bum. At last she began to
flinch before the cane landed, anticipating the pain. I sensed victory.
'I used a belt on the next - until she asked me - Oh! so nicely - to fuck
her. Just as you... are...!' I finished with a flurry of
really hard slashes that parted the thin fabric of her panties and exposed
her cunt to the bamboo. 'N..No!' she gasped and tried to protect her
exposed sex with her hands. 'Naughty!' I remonstrated and flicked the tip
of her left tit with the cane. The next five strokes were directed below
the curve of my lady's tush and striped her labia major. She was jerking
uncontrollably and beginning to sob each time the cane marked her flesh. I
tugged at her bra to expose more breast meat and alternated between hitting
her arse and aiming for her nipples. 'No! No! No!' she screamed at last,
'For God's sake stop it, you barbarous little monster. I'll let you screw
me!' 'That's not what I want to hear,' I informed her and, drawing back my
arm to its fullest extent I hit her as hard as I could along the line of
her twat. Lady Felicity screamed. 'I hope I've done no permanent damage,'
I said. She burst into tears, 'Fuck me!' she sobbed, 'Fuck me Please!' If
she thought I would be satisfied with such a curt request, Lady Felicity
was mistaken. 'Good!' I said, 'But not really good e ... fucking nuff!' I
gave her a savage cut after each word then I laid into her with gusto. I
beat the sobbing woman to the ground. I ripped off what little material
remained of her lace panties and made her discard her bra. Her stockings laddered as she scrabbled away on her knees to avoid the slashing bamboo
rod. After about five minutes of this treatment I paused. My dick was now
fully erect in anticipation of the rape I was about to commit. I looked
down on my nearly naked victim and smiled. 'Let's try that again, Shall
we, Lady Felicity?' I asked. She was almost hysterical with the pain but
had enough nous to realize what she must do to postpone further punishment.
'Please, please, M... Master ...' 'Let's settle for "Sebastian",' I said
magnanimously. 'A woman of your exalted rank shouldn't have to call a
teenager "Master". 'Please, Sebastian,' she corrected, 'Please, fuck me!'
I frowned. Lady Felicity started to gabble. 'I really want you to fuck
me, Sebastian! Any way you want! Don't hit me any more ...' She shuffled
forward on her knees and threw her arms around my thighs. Her upturned,
tear-stained, face was just below my throbbing prick. I think it was the
first time she registered what she was asking for. I am abnormally well
endowed. 'Oh!' she said. I dragged the kneeling woman to her feet and
spun her around. 'Bend down. Touch your toes!' I commanded. 'Spread your
legs wide!' She must have thought that I was about to thrash her again
because she began to howl in protest. She didn't stop the noise until I
forced the head of my penis between her battered cunt lips and began to
push hard into her trembling body. 'Aren't you going to thank me?' I
growled. 'I'm doing what you begged me to!' The Lady realized her mistake
and she tried to pretend to enjoy being raped. 'Thank you thank you,
Sebastian!' she screamed. But her pussy had taken a pounding and every
thrust of my cock caused her more pain than she could easily bear. She
passed out just before I reached my climax. When the diminutive blue-blood
recovered her senses her treatment continued, as instructed by Kim. I sat
on the bunk and made Felicity crouch between my knees. My cock dribbled
the tail end of the recent orgasm down the woman's flanks. She was not
comfortable. I reached between her legs and smeared her puffy cunt lips
with some of the excess juices which were trickling from between them. I
rubbed them vigorously with, first one, then two fingers. Lady Felicity
squirmed under the probing. She gave a number of little yelps when I
pressed too hard on the sore places and welts raised by the caning she had
endured. 'Does your husband do this?' I asked, suddenly poking three
fingers into her sticky pussy. 'No!' she shouted and began to weep as the
fingers probed deeper.. 'Ah!' I said pretending to misunderstand her. 'So
what does he do? Does he fuck you up the arse?' 'No!' she said and it was
clear from the fear in her eyes that she knew where this conversation was
heading. 'What, never?' 'Never,' she whispered. 'So you're an anal
"virgin", so to speak?' She nodded. 'Not for much longer,' I snarled.
'I'm going to ream your tight little ring until you'll wonder if you'll
ever be able to squat again.' Lady Felicity's eyes filled with tears. She
could feel my dick starting to harden again and, naked and chained as she
was, she could do nothing to avoid being buggered. 'Unless you tell us
where to find your absent bed-mate?' I offered, knowing she would not.
From the shelf I took down a catalogue which Kim had provided. 'Which one
of these would your Ladyship prefer?' I said, doing a fair imitation of a
butler. 'Wha what are they?' she quavered. 'Ass Bustahs, Modom. The tip
is a stiff, generally cylindrical, penetrator, lubricated to facilitate
trouble-free insertion into the anus. The shafts are all different, bein'
adorned with knobs and rings and the like. Or perhaps your Ladyship would
like it raw? My victim sobbed, 'Please No ...Sebastian!' I dropped the
butler act and grabbed a condom and rolled it on (The Ace Supreme with a
Mickey Mouse Head penetrator, recommended for experienced users only) then,
forcing Lady Felicity's head down and her tail up, I began to sodomize her.
Mickey and I found it difficult to part Lady Felicity's tightly clenched
arse-hole. After a tense struggle Disney's darling was in, but his entry
was only a beginning. What followed was a painful - for Felicity - battle
to fill her back passage with my cock. She resisted for every inch of the
way, possibly because my member was made even more daunting by being
encased in a thick rubber sheath decorated with four strips of hard felt.
These were shaped a bit like saw-blades. Although they looked formidable,
they softened once moist. Felicity had stopped crying but the effort of
fighting the inexorable advance of my monster prick had caused her to sweat
and tremble. 'Just relax. Let it happen. Hell, you might even like it
this way!' I said to my little catamite. I dragged her over to the cot
and, without surrendering an inch, managed to sit down and pull the little
Lady onto my lap. Gravity now was on my side and she began to slowly slide
down my condom-clad erection. At this point, and on cue, Kim entered the
cell. Kim was naked. From the fact that her cunt lips were swollen and
slightly parted I deduced she had been masturbating while she watched poor
Felicity enjoying sex. 'I knew it was difficult to get into Burke's
Peerage,' Kim joked, 'but not this hard!' Then she placed her hands on Lady
Felicity's shoulders and pressed down gently. Something fleshy gave way
and I thrust upwards fiercely. Within seconds the little prisoner was
impaled on my tightly gripped cock. She struggled to get free but only
managed to drive the penetrator deeper into her guts. I started to piston
and Felicity began to scream. 'So where is Joseph, your husband, now?' Kim
asked in a conversational tone. 'Tell me and all this will stop.' Felicity
heard her and shook her head. 'You're being very brave,' said Kim. 'I'm
sure that hurts!' 'Don't know! Don't Oh my God I'm ripping!...No!!' 'O.K.
Sebastian,' said Kim, ' Get out of there. She's had enough!' Obediently I
withdrew. Felicity was pathetically grateful to Kim. 'Oh...thank you,
thank you!' she whispered as Kim eased onto the cot and put her arm around
the sobbing woman. 'There, there!' she comforted, 'don't thank me! Just
kiss my cunt! And make it good or I'll get Sebastian to finish what he
started!' Felicity hesitated for an instant, unsure that she had heard
correctly what Kim had said. 'I mean it, Sweetie!' said my sister-in-law,
kneeling astride the chain fastened to the prisoner's collar. 'It's time
for your oral examination!' As Kim gently guided Lady Felicity's head down
between her thighs I disposed of the unused contraceptive which had caused
her such distress. Returning from the stainless steel sink which served as
wash basin and toilet for the cell I joined the two women on the cot. My
cock was still uncomfortably swollen and watching Kim teach Felicity
cunnilingus did nothing to lessen the pressure. Felicity's pink lips were
pressed against Kim's totally hairless quim and her tongue was darting in
and out of my sister-in-law's vagina. Kim was assisting by toying with her
clitoris and slowly rotating her hips. Their movements gathered momentum
as Kim took a fistful of the captive's hair and forced her head back and
began to fuck Felicity's face. I was tempted to mount Kim's naked,
heaving, body but remembered that the cell was being monitored and it's not
a good idea to rape the boss on camera. When Kim had finished she had a
surprise for me. 'I know you're nervous about getting bitten,' she said,
'and her ladyship does have a very small mouth for such a big boy, so I
brought this!' It was a ring-gag! It looked a bit small for my dick but we
nearly dislocated Felicity's jaw fitting it into her mouth behind her sharp
little teeth. 'Nargh! Nargh! Nargh!' she said as I got ready to squeeze
my prick into the ring of stainless steel which held her mouth wide.
'You're not enunciating clearly,' I teased, as a drop of seminal fluid
oozed from the tip of my erection and landed on her lower lip. 'Nyu
ahst'd!' she gargled, 'Nyu eel ahst'd!' That was the last thing she said
for a while. Kim asked me not to go too deep. 'Linda Lovelace went into
training for Deep Throat,' she said, talking about some old movie classic.
So I didn't push it, but let Felicity's lips and tongue massage the tip of
my tool until I came, copiously, in her mouth and sinuses. She swallowed
most but did a nose-trick before she choked and passed out again. On Kim's
commands, I carried the unconscious woman to the largest room in the cell
block which Kim called 'the dungeon'. It was nothing like the popular
image of a torture chamber but reminded me strongly of a visit to the
dentist. The floor and one of the walls was tiled in white and pale blue
ceramics. Cupboards covered the other three. I put Felicity on an
operating table of sorts. It had a large drain in the center and was
equipped with restraints. Kim secured our victim, tightened her bonds
using the table's electric winch and told me to hose her down. I used cold
water on, in and up Lady Felicity, which not only washed her clean of
blood, cum and other bodily secretions, but also revived her. 'Nger anh
ih?' she said. Kim took a roll of commercial adhesive tape from one of the
cupboards and, from another, a towel which she gave to me. 'Dry her bush,
Sebastian, then watch!' she said. As I roughly toweled Felicity's pudenda
Kim cut several strips off the roll. When I stepped back she pressed the
sticky surface of one strip over our helpless victim's cunt and made sure
it was well in place. Then, with a quick hard jerk, Kim ripped off the
tape, effectively deforesting a patch of Felicity's muff. Felicity
screamed. Her screams didn't stop until her ordeal in the 'Dungeon' had
finished. 'You carry on Sebastian,' said Kim 'I will get the other stuff
we need.' Quite a lot of tape was used before Kim was satisfied and ready
to continue. I didn't know what Kim intended and was surprised when she
produced a kidney dish containing a small padlock and what looked like a
tool used in lacing footballs. 'I hope you're not squeamish,' said Kim,
gathering the outside of Felicity's now bald twat between the forefinger
and thumb of her right hand and squeezing the puffy cunt lips together.
'It's a bit like preparing a turkey for the oven!' she said as she drove
the skewer through the pinched flesh. Felicity bucked and squirmed as the
steel penetrated her labia but the restraints never yielded an inch. There
was some blood, which I washed down the drain in the table. Kim quickly
extracted the metal spike and pushed the hasp of the small padlock through
the open wound. The lock was clicked in place. 'It's gold-plated, Honey,'
she said, 'Helps to keep it clean. You'll heal faster, too!' Kim finished
the operation by pouring a generous quantity of antiseptic over the sobbing
Felicity's plucked, skewered and secured pussy. It was several days before
I saw Lady Felicity again. She was recovering quickly from her 'operation'
and Kim was anxious to talk to her. 'It's time,' she said, 'to let our
little aristocrat know why we've padlocked her pussy!' 'As soon as you are
mended we are going to let you go!' Kim informed the prisoner. 'You will,
no doubt contact your husband, who after your absence will wish to assert
his marital rights.' 'He'll want to fuck you, too!' I chipped in, but
nobody laughed. 'He can purchase the key to your cunt-lock by settling the
debt he owes my client,' continued Kim, scowling at me, 'Otherwise you stay
locked up!' Felicity said, very quietly, 'That's crazy! Any competent
locksmith even bolt-cutters ...' Kim shook her head. 'That's no ordinary
lock. It contains a small amount of explosive. Any attempt to open it
without using the specially coded key will cause it to detonate. Anything
within a couple of feet of the blast will be badly damaged. You might
live, Honey, but you'd never love again!' Lady Felicity received the news,
that the lock we had stapled to her cunt was also a small bomb, with
remarkable calmness. 'What if I can't find my husband?' she asked. 'What
if he can't return the money you say he has taken?' 'Then you will have to
redeem the debt yourself!' replied Kim. 'As I have no money, and no real
assets, that would be very difficult, if not impossible,' said Felicity.
'I think that an attractive little aristo like yourself would be able to
find a rich protector,' said Kim, sweetly. 'You'd make a sweet little
whore for some socially ambitious man, or woman, with new money. I think
you must spend your remaining few days with us perfecting your oral and
anal technique. Sebastian here will be happy to help!' And so I was! Kim
even gave me the key to Felicity's box. This allowed me, on her last night
in the cell block, to unlock the little bomb between her legs, and - after
she had lubricated my prick with a gentle tonguing - lay the little lady on
her back and give her a farewell vaginal fuck. She wept softly and did not
reach a climax. I locked the door before leaving. Kim had not been
strictly truthful concerning the small padlock which adorned Lady
Felicity's pudenda. It was, as she had stated, an explosive device which
could only be switched off and removed using a unique key in Kim's
possession. What Kim had not revealed was that the lock also contained a
miniature radio transmitter, a locating device capable of being accurately
tracked from within a radius of half a mile. Our 'clients' wanted her
ladyship's husband. They needed to ask him what he had done with their
money. It was Kim's idea to attach a homing device to Felicity. All our
clients had to do was follow the wife from a distance and sooner or later
they would get their man. That was the idea. It nearly worked. The star
crossed pair met in a remote country motel. Felicity showed her husband
what we had done to her and asked for help. He offered her a box of Ass
Bustahs and a set of bolt-cutters. She quietly accepted the heavy metal
tool, hefted it once or twice, and beat his head in. The followers had
managed to lose their way and it was several hours before they, once again,
detected the homing device. They burst into the motel bedroom to find
their quarry dead and Lady Felicity covered in blood and brains, sitting
quietly on the bed, finishing the mini-bar. They brought her back to Kim
for disposal. The papers on the body implicated one Hildebrand-Smythe in
the scam. As Jerome Hildebrand-Smythe, a banker, was known to be a friend
of the deceased the clients were not totally pissed off and Kim was again
retained to recover the money. In order to cover expenses - and to get rid
of a slightly mad member of the British peerage - our one-time prisoner was
sold at auction. I saw the event on the cell block monitors. Our
homicidal widow with the bomb in her cunt looked stunning in her weeds.
Lady Felicity strutted and postured like a top model, throwing out her
breasts and flaunting the little gold lock which dangled between her
thighs. She was eventually knocked down to a Japanese gentleman who was
missing a little finger on his right hand. Kim said he intended to instal
Lady Felicity in a penthouse in Tokyo and lend out the key as a special
reward to deserving members of his gang.

End of RP7


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