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RP9 panties down expose the pink


Adults Only

Rape's Progress Part 9

The continuing adventures of Sebastian X. A fictional tale of sex and
violence, and in this episode, nasty business in the woods. Ozmanga
stories are unsuitable for children, puritans and those prohibited from
thinking about such things by government regulation or superstition.

By Sebastian X

Madelaine Hildebrand-Smythe dangled, naked, from the hook of an electric
hoist three feet clear of the tiled floor of Kim's ultra-modern 'dungeon'.
Present at her interrogation was my sister-in-law, her clients' accountant
and the Turk. The Turk had a stock whip ready to help Madelaine remember
things. I watched the performance on the closed-circuit tv which recorded
multiple views of the facility.

The woman I had so recently fucked answered every question promptly.
She confessed to planning to abscond with her husband's partner with a
fortune belonging to the clients. She didn't give the Turk the excuse he
wanted to flay her but recited details of bank account numbers, passwords
and timings without hesitation. After about an hour the accountant said he
was satisfied. The Turk grinned and flexed his muscles but he was not
permitted to satisfy his sadistic urges. Instead, Madelaine was made an
offer she couldn't refuse.

The accountant explained that the costs incurred in recovering the
stolen money would be recuperated by the sale of all Hildebrand-Smythe
assets - cars, boats, house, the lot.

'If you cooperate fully in the disposal of said assets, you and your
daughter will be - er - permitted to live,' said the little man.
'Employment will be found for both of you and there is no reason why you
should not - er - eventually, prosper.'

Madelaine croaked her agreement and Kim whispered something to the
grey-suited representative. He smiled thinly and nodded. Kim lowered the
naked woman, unhooked her from the hoist, and led her to where the
accountant sat.

'On your knees!' ordered Kim. 'Show your gratitude for such generous
treatment by fellating our friend here!' Madelaine didn't hesitate. As the
accountant unzipped his pants she leant forward and, tenderly it seemed,
took his rather soft-looking dick in her mouth. He came within a minute or
two and wiped his sticky, limp, prick in Madelaine's hair. Turk led her
away to join Mellissa in the cells.

'You're right, Madam,' said the accountant, 'She will make an excellent

It was necessary for Madelaine and Mellissa to be seen at their mansion
while the estate was parceled up and sold off. Once the servants had been
dismissed, the presence of a Hildebrand-Smythe was required only
infrequently to answer the telephone, sign a paper or brush off a curious
acquaintance (they had few friends). I was appointed jailer.

Most of the time the women were secured in the cellar next to the boiler
room. They shared a large mattress brought below stairs for their comfort
and my pleasure. After a couple of days they learned that their tears only
fueled my taste for rough sex and they began to accept their new status as
fuck-toys with a degree of resignation.

I found that if I fucked Madelaine first it made her daughter hornier
than an alley-cat. As a preliminary I usually made the erstwhile virgin
help me spread her mother's legs apart and stroke her exposed pubic mound
before giving it a French kiss. The women's pubic hair was trimmed to a
neat stubble, which made it easier for me to see Mellissa part her
'Mummy's' labia major and tongue her inner lips and clitoris.

When Madelaine was moist, Mellissa was permitted to guide my prick into
her prostrate parent then watch. Sometimes I'd make Mellissa pleasure her
mother, with the vibrator from the older woman's bed-side locker, before I
raped her again. At other times I'd nibble her tits until her nipples
peaked or make her blow me until Mellissa was panting with barely hidden lust. At first Madelaine could not believe her daughter was aroused by
witnessing her humiliation and rape. But there was no disguising the
teenager's wild climaxes when I switched my attention from mother to
daughter and impaled her on an erection slippery with her mother's juices.

One way of deciding which woman would stay locked in the cellar, while
the other had the run of the house for most of the day, was to have a
competition. I dreamed up several but my favorite was one of the versions
of Russian roulette, played with a penis not a pistol.

The idea was simple. I would fuck mother and daughter together, stroke
and stroke about . Whoever I came in, or on, won the prize and was free to
bathe and dress and do the domestic chores. The loser stayed in the cellar
as hostage for most of the day. Once the women got used to the idea they
became very competitive. Their efforts to please gave me a great start to
the day.

My favorite version of the game was to have Madelaine adopt the
missionary position and Mellissa (ring-gagged for safety) place her cheek
on her mother's cropped bush. I would start by forcing my erection into
the teenager's mouth. She would respond with a mixture of revulsion and
eagerness. Unable to grip with her teeth she would struggle to keep my
prick in her mouth by trying to get her lips around the leather-wrapped
metal of the gag and pressing the organ against the roof of her mouth with
her tongue. When I withdrew from the daughter and drove hard into her
mother's proffered cunt, Madelaine would tighten her vaginal muscles and
try to retain possession by wrapping her legs around me. Mellissa would
retaliate by clawing 'Mummy's' tits until she let go.

After ten days, the business of disposing of the Hildebrand-Smythe
family assets was completed. Kim informed Madelaine that arrangements had
been made to fly her and Mellissa to Thailand the following day. There
they would be trained to qualify them for an important position in the
entertainment business. When asked, 'What position?' Kim smiled sweetly
and said, 'Mainly on your backs, Dear!'

Madelaine was not happy at the prospect of life in a Bangkok brothel
but, as Kim pointed out, it was that or no life at all! The clients were
ruthless when it came to dealing with people who cheated them, so, said
Kim, she'd better get used to being a whore, and Mellissa too!

I decided my prisoners would spend their last night with me in the
master bedroom. It was very comfortable and the big brass bed would make
an ideal base for what I had in mind - a role-playing game in which
Mellissa was to be a French courtesan and Madelaine a lady's maid. I was
going to take a 'Joy ball' and fuck them both until dawn.

I had Madelaine squeeze into one of her former maid's uniforms. This
made her even more unhappy and she complained bitterly that I had no cause
to humiliate her further by making her wear a servant's outfit!

'Haven't you demeaned and shamed me enough, already?' she whined.

I took her lead, bent her over a chair, rolled the tight black skirt up
to her waist, ripped off her knickers and raped her savagely doggy fashion
while she wept and Mellissa looked on. When I had finished I let her lick
me clean.

'I guess the answer's "No"' I said. Then turning to her daughter, whose
nipples were as stiff and pink as a dog's erection, I asked, 'How would you
like your maid to service you, Mademoiselle? Dildo or tongue?'

Mellissa, sexually aroused as ever by witnessing Madelaine's forced
penetration, licked her lips and stammered, 'I think la languette?'

So, the final evening got off to a promising start. Madelaine undressed
her 'Mistress', who rolled her panties down to expose the pink lips of her
vulva. She stood, legs partly spread, allowing Madelaine's soft mouth to
cover her smooth, slightly swollen, sex. As the older woman's tongue and
lips massaged and lubricated her cunt - Mellissa's eyes glazed. She took
her 'maid's' head in her hands and rythmically forced her groin into the
kneeling woman's face until, with a little squeal of delight, she climaxed.

Things started to go wrong when I took a sip of the wine into which I
had crumbled half a 'Joy Ball'. After the earlier experiences with booze
and the aphrodisiac I should have been more careful. The first time I'd
mixed the pills and scotch I ended up in the cooler, having raped an
unsuspecting housewife off and on for about six hours. The last time I'd
used the stuff, only a few weeks before, I had fucked a highschool girl senseless and made a procuress of her mother.

I started to get a hard on at the thought of those previous misdeeds.
As the chemical took effect, the erection grew mightily. My testicles,
too, began to swell and soon I was primed and loaded for another marathon

I hastily chained both women to the brass bed and reached for Mellissa's
firm young breasts. She whimpered as I squeezed her nipples but made no
other protest. The hours spent as fuck-toys, near naked, on the big
mattress in the cellar, had blunted both women's sense of shame. Both of
them knew that the 'nasty, amoral, schoolboy-jailer', as Madelaine had
called me earlier, would enjoy forcing them to do whatever took his fancy.

As I played with her tits, Mellissa thumbed through a book of erotic
illustrations she had found in the study. She had been told to pick one
which we would re-enact to start the night's entertainment. I rolled on a
studded 'Ass Bustah' in anticipation of her choice. Given Mellissa's
reaction to seeing Madelaine raped and humiliated, and Madelaine's aversion
to sodomy, 'Mummy' was bound to get it in the end!.

'I think this one,' said the teenager, picking a drawing which showed a
young woman on her back with her legs over the shoulders of her maid. The
servant was dutifully munching muff and was in turn being spanked and butt
fucked by a lecher with an impossibly long tool. I felt Mellissa's nipples
harden as she viewed her selection. She felt the tough rubber condom on my
prick, licked her lips, and said,'Yes!'

'Good choice!' I said and turned to drag the 'maid' into position. But
all I saw was her black clad bum disappearing through the door! Madelaine
had slipped the leash!

Madelaine had planned her escape well. She had waited until I was
naked, apart from my boots, and occupied with lustful thoughts and
Mellissa's tits. During the day she must have had forced one of the window
locks because she was out of the house and running for the woods by the
time I had reached the open window. I quickly pulled on a track suit and
hustled Mellissa into the cellar where she was once more securely locked up
. Then I grabbed a torch and set off in pursuit.

The track from the house through the National Park led to a minor road
about two miles away. I guessed Madelaine was hoping to use the trees as
cover while she made her way to the road and begged help from a passing
motorist. If she succeeded, the clients would accept no excuses, and I
would be in grave peril!.

The path was heavily overgrown and I made poor progress. Even with the
torch it was difficult to make out the path. My only consolation was the
thought that it was probably twice as hard for my quarry, who had no torch
and was wearing high heeled pumps.

Thanks to the 'Joy Balls' I had a permanent and painful erection and
testicles which felt as though they would cripple me unless I could ease
the pressure.

After a while I could hear the woman crashing through the undergrowth. I
knew then that I was gaining on her and promised myself that when I caught
her I would fuck her till she dropped, then drag her back to the cellar for
some serious punishment. No sooner had I made this comforting decision
that I saw, to my dismay, that there was a camp fire flickering through the
trees and Madelaine was heading straight for it!

'Help!' she cried 'Oh! Please help me!'

I saw her stagger into the clearing where she was steadied and supported
by a young man. Madelaine started to babble and another man joined them.
As I crept nearer, I could make out what was being said and my stomach

'We should call the police at once...'

The second man seemed to agree. 'Yeah!' he said,'that's what we should
do ' I was close enough now to see and hear what was going on in the
fire-lit clearing. 'But,' he said, 'we ain't gonna to do that. Are we,

Zac, who was supporting the panting runaway, shook his head. 'No,
Cyril, we're not.' He turned to Madelaine and said, 'I guess you're a maid
from the big house. I thought they was all Latinos. Who fucked you,

'I bet the butler done it,' interjected Cyril with a leer as he started
to remove his pants.

'I'm not a servant!' sobbed Madelaine. 'I'm the owner! My home was
invaded. I've been locked in the cellar for over a week! I've been,
beaten and raped and raped over and over again and now...' Zac didn't let
her finish but reached between Madelaine's legs. Madelaine squealed as his
hand roughly explored her tender pussy.

'Now , why aren't you wearing any panties? Going around with a bare
sweet pussy like that's a sore temptation to us - er - forestry workers.
You're just asking to be fucked, Sugar!' said Zac.

'Yeah!' drooled Cyril, by now naked from the waist down and showing
signs of sexual arousal.

'Please,' wailed Madelaine, 'If you're not going to call the police just
let me go!

'If you've really been raped like you said,' he drawled, 'you won't mind
a bit more of the same from Cyril 'n me. Say! Your outfit's torn!' Zac
put his fingers into one of the many small tears caused by the briars and
began to rip off Madelaine's maid's uniform.

'Oh, God!' she cried, 'No! Please don't do it!'

'Nice tits you got!' Zac said, unzipping his jeans. 'I'll bet you suck
like a vacumn cleaner Maids do!'

Madelaine started to cry as she realized that she had jumped from the
frying-pan into the fire. I watched as Zac took off his red spotted
bandana and blindfolded her. I guessed he meant to prevent the woman
making another dash for freedom. I began to circle the camp looking for a
way to rescue her and, at the same time, save my arse.

Cyril, his cock ram-rod stiff, came up behind the sobbing, near-naked,
Madelaine and stroked her firm round buttocks. His hands moved between her
thighs and he roughly fondled her twat, causing her to yelp with pain and
to, once again, beg for mercy.

'Oh! Please, no !' she began pathetically. Her pleas seemed to bring
out the animal in the pair.

'Legs apart and touch your toes, Cunt!' Cyril ordered and when the
bewildered woman did not immediately obey, Zac punched her in the stomach.
Madelaine bent over and retched, giving Cyril the opportunity to hammer his
cock into her exposed pussy, doggy fashion. Cyril fucked her to her knees
then, somehow, hoisted her onto his lap where he made her slide up and down
his erection in time to a chorus of grunts and curses!

'Ride - it - you - UNH! - big - titted - UNH! - whore! Get - some -
fucking - UNH! - rhythm - Slut! - Come - on - UNH! - move your godamned
ass - UNH - you horny bitch - UNH! - say you love me - UNH! ...'

Zac, meanwhile had dropped his jeans and was playing with the weeping
woman's breasts with one hand and his dick with the other. I could see her
tits bouncing as she rose and fell in time with Cyril's chant. When Cyril
came Zac stuffed his cock into Madelaine's mouth and moments later was
banging her head hard enough to blow it off.

While the pair were playing with their captive I found their truck. The
tray was stacked with vegetation - marijuana I guessed (it certainly wasn't
lettuce) - and in the cab I found a shotgun and a box of cartridges.

Waiting for an opportunity to put my plan into action was almost
unbearable. I was like a man with mumps, with balls so swollen and sore
that I had to waddle rather than walk normally. I also had a permanent
erection which threatened to poke a hole through my track suit pants. Once
again I vowed never to mix booze and drugs.

The two pot-harvesters gave Madelaine a hard time. When they weren't
screwing her, they took perverse pleasure in tormenting the naked,
blindfolded, woman. They thought it hilarious when she staggered into the
fire after losing her shoes in a briar patch. Zac tied a stick to her
ankles so her legs were spread apart and he and Cyril had fun fisting the
helpless captive while she squirmed and screamed for them to stop.

When, after an hour or two, they tired of their sport Cyril suggested,
quite casually, that they 'get rid of the cow!' Zac didn't agree. They
tied her to a tree by the side of the track while they argued the toss. It
was the opening I had been hoping for.

I crawled painfully towards the fire, took a burning branch and tossed
it into the tent. I added a handful of shotgun cartridges to the blaze
then waddled off to one side of the camp firing the shotgun and yelling in
the deepest voice I could muster 'Alright, Sergeant, I think the perps are
by the track!'

The blaze, the sudden wild explosions and my bellowing had the desired
effect. Zac and Cyril bolted, bare-arsed, for their truck. Zac's wallet
fell out of his jeans. He didn't stop to recover it. They drove away with
a squeal of tortured rubber.

My ruse also took in the blindfolded Madelaine. 'Oh! Officer,' she
sobbed, 'Thank God you're here! They were going to kill me! They raped
me. Please help me!'

'Certainly, Ma'am,' I said in the same deep voice, 'Just one minute!' I
hauled down my track suit pants, lifted the stout stick which held her legs
apart and placed it behind my neck, then fucked her battered cunt with a
ferocity which seemed to shake the tree to which she was tied. When I had
creamed her pussy I switched to her arsehole ... by which time her
blindfold had slipped.

Before she passed out she sobbed:'Oh! No! Not you, Sebastian, you bastard!'

Madelaine Hildebrand-Smythe was semi conscious during our return journey
through the woods. Much to her displeasure I had nailed her several times
during the trip and by the time we got back to the house the effects of the
'Joy Ball' had dissipated. I was relieved and happy to have recovered the
runaway but couldn't overlook the fact that she had nearly cost me my neck.

Mellissa and I cleaned up the older woman before proceeding to her
punishment in the cellar. While we showered and shampooed poor Madelaine I
told Mellissa what had happened in the woods. Listening to my account of
Zac's and Cyril's mistreatment of her mother was a real turn-on for the
girl, although she tried to hide the fact. But when I described how they
had taken it in turns to fist Madelaine, and how her mother had wriggled
and screamed as first one, then the other had punched up her cum filled
cunt, I saw Mellissa's hand stray to her neatly cropped pudenda and
absent-mindedly finger her moist, pink, slit.

I tied the naked Madelaine's wrists with a stout rope and threw the end
over several pipes which crossed the cellar ceiling. She was hoisted high
enough so her toes could take some of her weight before I made the end of
the rope fast to one of the rings in the wall. She hardly raised a whimper
as she waited for her punishment to start.

I beat her with a long thin whip I had found earlier in the garage,
while Mellissa pumped my cock and rammed the vibrator up Madelaine's sore
and abused pussy. I only gave her ten strokes but they set her howling,
much to her daughter's secret pleasure. The teenager was clearly aroused
before the punishment began so, as a favor, I let Mellissa rub herself to
orgasm on my erection before I instructed her to insert my cock into her
mother's tender arse-hole. As I sodomised Madelaine I had Mellissa lick
the underside of my cock and scrotum. In this way mother and daughter shared my parting gift of gism.

In the morning Kim collected the pair and, after breaking the sad news
that Jerome - Madelaine's cuckolded husband and Mellissa's 'Daddy' - had
failed to return from an extended fishing trip, started them on their
journey to Thailand. I was a bit sad to see my sex-toys spirited away but
consoled myself with the thought that there would be a never ending source
of reluctant nookie for young Sebastian to play with from Kim's cell-block
and the white-slaving operation.

Which only goes to show how wrong one can be.

End of Part 9


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