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RUNNER hurt little first but


DISCLAIMERS ------------------------- This story contains scenes of an
erotic and/or controversial nature, and is not intended for the perusal of
minors. Further if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your
area or immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise
bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an
original work of fiction, which involves some adult sexual situations with
a minor. The author does not believe adults should have sex with teenagers
that are considered minors or promote such action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is granted to
download, copy, archive and repost so long as any such action contains
these disclaimers, and no attempt is made to profit from this story.

Authors Note: To introduce you to my new story site, I wrote this story to post. It starts off slow but then picks up. You can now find all my
other stories posted at

Rey thanks for allowing me to post on your site!

Please don't ask me to e-mail any of my stories everything you need is
on the ASSTR site.

The Runner by Sammie (Mf, young teen, cons, anal)

Sam, a 34-year-old salesman, was stuck over the weekend at a hotel with
no plans for Saturday until he met the young runner in the elevator. Sam
pressed the button for the elevator and when the door opened he saw the
most beautiful girl of about 18/19 years old standing there in runners
gear. Sam noticed the teen was leaning against the wall of the elevator
holding her right leg up and rubbing her calf.

Sam said hello and asked the teen what was wrong. The teen, which Sam
learned, was named Missy, told him she had just came back from running and
that she pulled her calf muscle real bad. Missy was wearing a black sports
bra with runner tights that covered her beautiful 5 ft 6 inch young body
quite well. The sports bra just held in her size 34C tits and her dark
brown hair was tucked into a baseball style cap. Sam could not believe how
beautiful this girl was and he could not see any panty lines under her
runner's tights.

As they rode up the elevator, Missy explained to Sam that her parents were at the hotel all weekend for a business convention and she was stuck
on her own. Sam advised Missy that he was a massage therapist and that he
would be happy to work on her calf muscle if it was hurting her real bad.
Missy gave Sam a strange look, that was saying you're a stranger, but as
she started putting weight on her leg to get off the elevator she tripped
into Sam's arms. Missy apologized to Sam then asked him if he really was a
massage therapist and if the offer still applied? Sam told Missy that yes,
the offer still applies and that nothing would happen to her during the
massage except that her calf would no longer hurt.

Because her parents could come back to their room at any time, Missy
told Sam that she would have to meet him in his room so Sam gave Missy his
room number and told her to meet him up there when she was ready.

While he was waiting for Missy to come up to his room, he laid out some
towels by the bed, then went to get his massage oil from his suitcase. Sam
heard a knock on the door and answered it to find Missy wearing the same
sports bra from earlier but she changed into very short running shorts and
her long dark brown hair was exposed. Sam and Missy talked a little bit,
Sam telling Missy about his massage experience and that he will be working
on her right leg, calf, thigh and foot for this session. Missy told Sam
that it sounded innocent enough, so Sam told Missy to remove her sneakers,
then to lay face down on the bed. Sam placed the towel under her right leg
and started at her foot.

Sam lifted her leg to start work at her foot and could not see any
panties under her running shorts, Sam knew that this massage was going to
allow him to confirm that she was not wear anything under her shorts.
Missy was just laying down on the pillow, relaxing and listening to the
radio playing in the room. After Sam finished with Missy's foot, he
decided to rub up and down her entire right leg, so he added some massage
oil to his hands and proceeded with an up and down motion going from just
under the bottom of her ass back down to her foot. Missy gave out a low
moan, so Sam knew that she was started to relax. Sam then started rubbing
Missy's calf area, where he felt her tight muscle. Sam asked Missy about
the pressure and Missy advised him that all was going well. Sam's 7-inch
cock was bursting with a major hard on and here he was with a beautiful
18-year-old alone in his room, massaging her leg.

Sam would move along the back of Missy's leg occasionally going under
her shorts to rub her butt. Sam confirmed that Missy had no panties on
under her shorts. Sam knew that he had to take it slow with Missy and that
he had all day to try and seduce her into having sex with him. Sam could
tell from listening to Missy's breathing that she was drifting off into a
light sleep so he decided to start massaging her left leg. Sam repeated
the same massage he gave her right leg but this time he got braver and
started to massage Missy's inside thigh, just stopping at the junction of
her private area. As Sam's hands massaged her thigh, Missy did not move,
so Sam went back to her right thigh and Missy's leg spread a little further

Missy was moaning a little and Sam could tell that she was enjoying the
massage, so he started rubbing her thigh area higher into her shorts just
stopping before her pussy. Sam went up and down a few more times on both
legs rubbing her inner thigh areas and then started rubbing her butt over
her shorts leading towards her back. Sam started rubbing her butt and her
back. The sports bra was in the way, so Sam rolled it up a little telling
Missy that it would be easier if he could remove the sport bra from her.
Since Missy was laying face down and she was very horny, she told Sam that
he could roll the sports bra off completely. Sam started massaging her
back, shoulders, and neck. Missy was getting very relaxed and even
hornier. Sam could smell that her juices were flowing.

Sam started massaging her legs again leading back under her shorts
brushing her pussy area and after doing this several times, then asked
Missy to roll over. Missy's eyes were closed and she was so horny that she
didn't even care that her size 34C tits were exposed to Sam. Sam took
notice right away that her nipples were hard and that she hardly had any
tan lines around her tits. Sam started massaging the front of Missy's
legs, then went straight up to massaging her tits. Sam was rolling one
nipple in one hand and the other nipple in his other hand. Missy was
moaning and moving her body around responding to Sam's touch.

Sam decided to go for it, so he slowly started massaging around her
skimpy running shorts moving them down off her body as he massaged her
body. Missy was totally nude and made no movement to cover up. Sam noticed
that Missy had very few whispers of brown hair around her pussy. Sam moved
his head down to Missy's pussy and started licking at her pussy. Sam
started from the outside of her vulva, then was licking her clit, then
brought his tongue into her pussy. Missy was responding to Sam's tongue.
Sam's tongue was moving up and down Missy's body from her pussy back up to
her tits. Sam then inserted two fingers into Missy's pussy.

All of a sudden Missy tightened her body and a loud moan erupted from
her mouth. Sam knew that Missy had her first of many orgasms for this
"massage session". Sam's fingers were not stopped but her hymen, so Sam
assumed that this 18-year old was not a virgin. As Sam continued to finger
Missy's pussy, he started to undress himself not wanting to miss a beat,
Sam undressed himself very clumsily until he also was nude. Missy's pussy was very wet, and since Sam was so horny he decided the time was right to
enter her pussy. Sam started thrusting slowly at first then decided to
move faster in this hairless young pussy. Sam was so horny that he started
cumin and cumin into Missy. While he was cumin, Missy started on her 2nd
or 3rd orgasm.

After Sam was done, he cuddled next to Missy and relaxed from this most
unexpected but pleasant experience. Missy got up on her elbow and looked
up at Sam, thanking him for this wonderful massage. Sam told Missy that
she was welcome. Missy then rolled unto Sam's body kissing him on the
lips. Missy and Sam started talking about her sex life and the fact that
she had whispers of hair on her pussy, did she shave? Missy further
explained that she was only 15 years old Missy and had a boyfriend that was
16 years old. Missy's boyfriend never went down on her like Sam did and
all he did was just play with her tits then push into her pussy. Missy
told Sam that other then playing with herself, this was the first time she
had an orgasm from a man.

Sam looked into Missy's beautiful brown eyes and told Missy that he was
sorry to seduce her and that he thought she was 18/19 years old and not a
minor. Sam further explained to Missy that if she told anybody about what
just took place in this room that he could be arrested. Missy assured Sam
that as soon as she saw him on the elevator that she decided she wanted to
be seduced by him and that is why she agreed to getting the massage and
wore her running shorts without any panties. Missy started rubbing her
body over Sam's, making sure that her pussy rolled over his penis several
times. Sam started getting hard again and with Missy on top entered her
pussy that was wet with their mixed juices. Missy rode Sam's 7-inch penis
like a cowgirl in heat. Up and down Missy went riding Sam's penis until
she finally came.

After Missy came again, with Sam still hard, she asked him for a big
favor. Sam asked her what she wanted and Missy asked if he ever fucked a
girl or women's asshole. Missy heard about it from girls at school that
their boyfriends wanted to fuck their asshole but none of them did it with
them. Missy was telling Sam that since he gave her the first of many
orgasms today that she felt he should deflower her asshole. Sam told Missy
that it would hurt a little at first but if she relaxed it would feel real

Sam got the massage oil and started rubbing it into her asshole, placing
his finger into her small opening. Sam then rubbed the oil around his
penis, then had Missy get on all fours so he could proceed slowly into her
asshole. Missy's sphincter muscle would not relax to allow Sam to enter,
so Sam started to finger her pussy, massaging her clit. As Missy started
to relax, her sphincter muscle started to also relax and Sam was able to
enter the 15-year-olds virgin asshole. Sam went in and out of Missy's
asshole several times when Missy yelled out to Sam to start thrusting as
fast as he could. Sam picked up his pace on Missy's clit and started
thrusting faster into Missy asshole. Missy and Sam started cumin together.
Sam saw that his dried semen was on Missy's leg from when he fucked her
young pussy and now his sperm was leaking from her now de-virginized
asshole, so he suggested that they take a quick shower. After the shower,
Sam dried off Missy's body very gently and lovingly. Sam thought that
Missy's parents would be calling the hotel security looking for her so he
told Missy to get dressed. Missy put her running shorts and sports bra
back on while Sam put on a pair of shorts and tee shirt
After they exchanged e-mail address's and phone numbers, Sam then walked
Missy back to the elevator where they kissed each other good bye.

The end

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