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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Rachel's Special Afternoon - (Friends > mf / mff)
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Rachel awoke to the near deafening sound of someone watching
the tv out in the living room. Rising slowly, rubbing her aching head,
Rachel opened the door to her bedroom to see Chandler sitting on the
couch watching some loud tv show.

"Could you turn it down," she hollered over the noise.

"What?" Chandler yelled back, turning down the volume.

"I'm trying to rest so please keep the tv low, ok?"

"No problem," he said, turning back to his program.

Rachel closed the door and returned to her soft bed. Resuming her
sleeping position she tossed and turned, trying to fall asleep; yet, it was no
use. As happened often in the late afternoon, Rachel was horny. Thoughts
of sex and pleasure filled her head. She finally gave into her desire,
unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her skirt, she lay on the bed in her
underwear. Her confining bra was off and on the floor in seconds,
allowing her large, perky breasts to stretch out across her bare chest.

Gently rubbing her pussy through her panties, Rachel closed her
eyes and envisioned being on a warm sandy beach. She let her hand slip
under the waistband and explore the forest of pubic hair that led to her wet
pussy. Slipping two fingers into her cunt, Rachel slid her panties down
with her other hand. Unable to contain her urges any longer she reached
over to the night stand and opened the drawer.

"Damn it," she muttered quietly. Rachel suddenly remembered she
had loaned her vibrator to Phoebe.

Slipping a nightie over her naked body, she opened the door a
crack to peer out. Chandler still sat on the couch, glued to the tv.

"Hey Chandler, you know if Joey's home?" Rachel asked.

"No, he went out shopping."

"How about Ross?"

"He's with Joey."

"Monica and Phoebe?" she questioned; right about now anyone
would do.

"Out somewhere, I wasn't really listening."

Rachel closed the door and thought a moment. She had gotten
horny right when all her close personal 'friends' were out. Then she
remembered someone, Chandler. She had never had sex with him before,
though she imagined it wouldn't be too great. Rachel was down to no other
options, she had to go for it.

Opening the door, she ventured out and walked over to where
Chandler sat on the couch. Lifting the small nightie over her head and
dropping it onto the floor, she finally got his attention. His eyes went wide
and his crotch grew big. Rachel bend down and took hold of Chandler's
pants, removing them from his body in record time. Pulling his boxers
down quickly, too, Rachel froze. Chandler's cock had to be at least ten
inches, far bigger than she'd ever thought.

Chandler couldn't believe what was happening. Rachel stood
naked in front of him and was undressing him. He felt her attempt to wrap
her small hand around his cock while she gently stroked it up and down.
Her other hand drew him towards her, her lips meeting his midway. While
still locked, Chandler felt Rachel climb on top of him then lower herself
onto his erect cock.

Chandler's giant dick felt far better than any vibrator or dildo
Rachel had ever tried. She broke the kiss only because she needed to
breathe and let out a moan as his cock burrowed into her. Finally reaching
the base of the beast, Rachel again embraced Chandler in a passionate
kiss. Slowly, she began to grind her hips and raise herself up. Again she
broke the kiss, concentrating on her pelvis movements.

Chandler wanted to cum the moment he entered Rachel, but he
held back that feeling. Her warm cunt was like none he had had before;
granted he hadn't had that many. He started to thrust his cock up to meet
her every time she came down. She moved her hips like no amateur
possibly could, her skill was unrivalled. Chandler couldn't ignore her
gorgeous tits bouncing in front of him. Leaning forward his tongue ran
across her lucious mounds, sparking contact at her nipples causing little
moans from Rachel.

Neither one of them heard the door open and close, nor did they
see Phoebe standing there, frozen in shock. She wanted to run out the
door, but a strange curiosity drew her closer. She found herself getting
excited as she watched Rachel bounce up and down on Chandler's cock.

Chandler gave into his deep desires, he pulled Rachel down one
final time and let loose his hefty load. He shot stream after stream of cum up into Rachel as his dick pulsed and his balls drained. They sat there a
moment, both panting heavily. Then Rachel started up again and in
moments Chandler was back into it. Chandler felt another orgasm
approaching, yet he owed it to Rachel to let her climax before he did

Rachel could feel her own impending orgasm as her body lept up
and down on Chandler. A couple more thrusts and she'd be there.
Suddenly, as Rachel pushed down once again, she felt something round
and large enter her ass while Chandler's cock filled her cunt. The feeling
of both her holes filled sent Rachel over the edge as she orgasmed. She
collapsed forward onto Chandler, her body trembling and juices spewing
from her moist cunt. With the last remnants of her climax leaving her,
Rachel felt Chandler shoot his sticky liquid into her one final time.
Gathering the strength to turn around, she saw Phoebe, naked and holding
the vibrator she had lent her.

"Mind if I join in?" Phoebe asked in a half joking, half erotic tone.

Phoebe got a nod from Chandler and Rachel as they remained
locked together, both trying to catch their breaths. She removed the
vibrator from Rachel's tight ass and Rachel climbed off of Chandler.
Phoebe finally saw Chandler's cock and like Rachel, gawked at its size.
Bending down, Phoebe took Chandler's cock into her mouth, slurping up
the mixed juices of Rachel and Chandler. Inch by inch, Phoebe slid
Chandler's cock down her throat; her tongue sliding up and down his shaft,
while her hands fondled his balls.

Rachel sat staring as Phoebe some how took Chandler's massive
cock into her mouth. She watched her go from the head down to the base
then start to move back out. Rachel picked the vibrator up off the floor
and positioned herself behind Phoebe. She touched the head to Phoebe's
pussy lips then with a big push, sent the vibrator deep into Phoebe's cunt.
Phoebe let out a muffled moan, encouraging Rachel to push even harder.

Chandler had his eyes closed as his blond friend took his entire
cock into her mouth. He felt her tongue run circles around the head of his
dick then begin a slow dive along his shaft. Phoebe sucked, licked, and
drooled all over his cock, causing Chandler to grab Phoebe's head and
push her down even more. He guided her to his base one final time then
let his third load of the day go flying down Phoebe's throat.

Phoebe felt the warm liquid hit the back of her throat as she began
to expertly drink it down. She had learned to suck cock back when she
was fourteen and living on the street; only Chandler's cock was a lot
cleaner and bigger. Carefully she licked up every drop before releasing
Chandler's dick from her mouth. She was suddenly overwhelmed with
pleasure as again Rachel pushed the vibrator into her. She was too horny
to hold out any longer, her knees wabled as she kept herself from falling
while she orgasmed. Her sweet juices leaking out and onto the carpet.

All three sat on the couch, naked and exhausted. They all felt
great, yet all three knew what Monica's reaction would be when she saw
her couch and carpet.


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