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This story contains mature content and is intended for the exclusive use of
consenting ADULTS ONLY. If you can be offended by pornographic
descriptions, or if you are a minor, it is illegal to view, download,
access or acquire this file by any means.

Copyright (C) 2000 by All rights reserved.

This copyrighted story is made available for your own personal,
non-commercial use only. The story can be reposted IN ITS ENTIRETY only,
including this copyright notice. Any other use is illegal without the
prior written consent of the author.

CODES: M/F, oral.

Random Chat Partner

Hi! I'm Jenny, ready for quick chat?

I'm all-alone right now and I feel quite lonely. My man is away for the
whole month, so I thought I'd turn my computer on and try to find a random
chat partner. My random chat program found a couple of guys before you,
but reading their description was a complete turn off. I mean, I'm not in
the mood for a stupid, friendly conversation. What I need right now is a
real man. It looks like it might be you...

I don't want to know much about you, really. Just knowing that you are
there, reading as I type those lines make me wet. Yes, I know. But I'm
not always like that you know? Most of the time, I'm a pretty normal wife,
actually. Maybe too normal.

I'm not sure if it's my husband being away for so long, but I feel horny
as hell right now. I guess the novel my friend Tammy gave me was a bit too
descriptive. It's the first time I read anything like that. Sure it was a
beautiful love story, as she had told me. She had just forgotten to point
out the fact that the heroine got fucked in almost every chapter! I had
never read anything explicit like that. Guess what? I couldn't stop

I am the first one surprised by the way I feel right now. It never
happened before, I tell you. I have never cheated on my husband and I have
no plans to do so. But we're just chatting, right? You can't even touch
me, so it's not like cheating or anything.

Actually, the fact that we don't know each other is very exciting. I
feel much freer to express myself. Not that John is a bad husband, but we
have come to settle in our daily routines, you know what I mean? When I
first met John, we were wild like most young couples. We fucked many times
a day, on the couch or anywhere else. I gave him blowjobs in his car and
we even fucked in the open, at the beach.

Then you get back to reality, go to work and start to act like a decent,
respectable woman until there's no turning back. You can't be respectable
and horny at the same time, can you? I miss those days now. I didn't
think about it much often, but reading that book was a revelation. You
wouldn't believe all the things they did in that story. Well, I want to do
it, too! I'm just fucking tired of being "miss straight." I'm still only
thirty-one year old, surely there's still time? Wouldn't you like to fuck
a thirty-one year old woman? Don't answer that, please. I'm sure that you
do! I can imagine just how horny you must be.

Your description didn't say much about you, except that you were a man looking for a "sexy" conversation. At least you're honest with that, not
like the other bozos, pretending to look for friendly conversations, but
only with women. I guess you like the anonymity of the Internet anyway.
You didn't say much because you exploit ambiguity to suit your own goals,

I wonder whether you are younger or older than me? I think I'd like it
very much if you were in your early twenties. Since you don't know me, I
can tell you how much I'd like to be fucked hard by a young stud like that!
I remember some ten years ago or more, when the guys I met spurted their
cum after only a minute of licking and sucking. young guys are so easily
aroused. Whatever they say, it's not everyday they get a blowjob from a
girl. When they do get it, they are just so fucking excited, they come
before much happens.

Quick shooting guys are funny because the girl sees just how much effect
she has. You could call that "instant feedback." It wouldn't be much fun
in the long term though. Hopefully, guys that age get their dick ready
again for action in a matter of seconds. I have seen one keep his dick
hard nonstop for three ejaculations in a row! At least, on the third
instance he could fuck me for some time before cumming.

Are you young and hard like that? I wonder how long you would hold with
your dick in my mouth. I can be quite effective if I want to, you know? I
can imagine you as a young, strong man. You'd certainly have a seven inch
cock, or maybe more. I know, you didn't tell me how long your cock was.
Don't tell me! It's part of my fantasy that a strong man like you would
certainly have a long, thick dick. Please leave me to my fantasy...

I never had a boyfriend with one like that. Not that I would have liked
to be penetrated by too big a thing. But I can almost feel the power that
comes with the manly ideal of a 9-inch cock. You would be very
self-assured, having a bigger dick than most woman would ever get to touch.
Knowing that you could impress anyone who got to see you. Feeling your
dominance as her closing fingers failed to meet each other around your huge

How could I not surrender my vulnerable body to you? I would feel so
secure in the strong arms of a well hung man like you. Of course, I would
have to be submissive and obedient. A man of your stature can get any
woman that he wants. I would learn to please you before you even asked.
If I felt any stress in your body, I would make sure to kiss you, to
massage your body and make you feel like a God. I can see myself go down
on my knees right now and work my way to your pulsating cock, already hard
and ready to be relieved from accumulated tension.

I pull open an opening in your underwear, just large enough to show the
underside of your hard manhood, which I lick now. Unable to reach the
whole of your shaft, I begin untying the button on your pants. I would
pull them down and do the same with your underwear, slowly, first revealing
your cock's head, followed by the very long shaft. I savor this moment
until I see your hanging testicles, at last exposing your entire male

I'm trilled when I think of the large pouch of skin hanging under your
extra large rod. My cunt is slowly wetting my chair when I see myself
holding your shaft in my left hand, tilting my head between your thighs to
lick your right ball. Yes, I begin with the lowest of the two. I love the
sensations I get on my tongue as I move your testicle around. I look at
you and I see that you like it.

I'm sure you feel on top of the world, having a woman at your knees,
licking your balls. I love to do it. I start licking your other testicle,
going from one to the other, teasing you. After bringing every nerve of
your scrotum to its highest level of arousal, I start my way up on your
shaft. Always looking at you in the eyes, I slowly move my tongue while
keeping enough pressure to feel the veined surface.

When I finally get at the top of it, I refrain from my desire to engulf
it. I rather swirl my wet and flexible pleasure instrument around your
glans. I stay longer on your slit, tasting the small but exquisite drop of
pre-cum you unknowingly put there for me. I am so grateful that you let me
suck your cock. A cock that could get any woman it wanted, instead of the
other way around.

I know when to stop pushing my luck and so I end my teasing and swallow up your swollen, purple head. I'm sure I hear you groan as I eat your sex,
alternating between licking, sucking and pumping your shaft up and down. I
must be doing fine because your moaning is getting more insistent.

I squeeze the base of your rock-solid shaft and use my other hand to
hold your balls. As I stroke you, I spit my saliva on your rod so its
easier to rub. I can feel your balls lifting out of my hand, you thighs
stiffen and your whole cock tenses up. I pull back just a little bit and
open my mouth, still squeezing and stroking. You no longer look at me, but
rather frown and grimace.

Then at last comes the event we were both waiting for. A column of
translucent white cum is thrown out of your slit and into the air, before
it arcs back toward my opened mouth. It is quickly followed by another,
discharged with more force and much thicker than the first one. Milky
white strands of gooey begin to fall back from my parted lips and back on
your own cock and on my stroking hand.

We can both hear the sound of the stroking on the cum-drenched skin of
your dick and my moving hand. Strands of sperm extend from my dripping
lips, suspended some inches above your manhood. I'm sure nothing can make
you feel more like a man than seeing me dominated by you, submissive and
full of your cum. Marking your territory like an animal. Ahhh, I come
too! My body is shaken by violent spasms as I play with myself and imagine
all this! Hmmm, it's so good!

Thank you so much for letting me chat with you. I know I might seem a
bit perverted, talking like that with a man I don't know. But I feel like
I know you more already. Thinking of me playing with your dick is like
getting to know you, isn't it?

I know, I know. Maybe I'm all wrong and you are no young stud at all.
For all I know, you might be working on your office computer right now. Is
that it? You must be a manager, if you have the liberty to do that, but
then maybe not. I would sure like to be the new recruit, having you as my
mentor. I can imagine myself needing your help with my work... You
wouldn't take advantage of a newly hired young female employee would you?

I would start by bending over your desk to look at the computer screen
while listening to your explanations. I am sure you wouldn't resist
looking under my blouse from your vantage point. Can you imagine that? I
can see it as if it would be happening right now. You can bet I don't have
a braw, so you get a much better view of my tits. When I think you've had
enough time, I pull a chair beside you and sit as close as I can.

You are my prey and any attempts to escape would be futile. But why
escape? You want nothing but being my quarry don't you? You don't give a
damn about your wife or anything, with a beautiful woman like me so near.
You don't even have time to start dreaming of having me touch your body
that it happens already.

I use every possible excuses to pat you. I touch your hand on the
computer mouse to show you something, then I hold my balance with a tight
grip on your left thigh. I never stop touching you, teasing you, to the
point where you have no choice but to shift your pants so your erection
doesn't show too much. It doesn't work well, let me tell you, but I feign

I ask questions which you don't seem to mind explaining twice or even
three times in a row. It's true that I move my hand ever so higher on your
thigh as you repeat yourself... As we develop our "friendship," you
develop a large bulge in your pants. I finally stop to get a good look at
it and then stare at you. You blush and try to excuse yourself, but then
hold your breath in mid-sentence as I move my hand straight to your crotch
and gently squeeze what I find there.

Just to confirm my move, I start rubbing your shaft through the fabric
and smile. It is obvious that you don't know what to do and I like it. I
feel in control. Without thinking too much about the office people with
your closed door, I unzip you and start unbuttoning your boxers with my
right hand. I getting wet just looking at you gaping like you do. Your
surprise is obvious and it gives you a sweet, charming look.

Your eyes twitch when you feel my hand taking a good grip on your hard
shaft, but you say nothing. Without giving you any time to recover, I
lower myself behind your desk and take most of your shaft directly in my
mouth. I hold my position for some time, looking at you in the eyes while
rubbing your rod in my mouth and on my tongue. I can barely move anything
with a big pole like that filling my jaws. I start taking it out slowly,
sucking it until it pops off my lips. I certainly look like a perverted
nymphomaniac, but you don't seem to mind the new trainee's enthusiasm about
her new job...

With my mouth an inch above your cock, I let my saliva drip on your
glans until I feel there is enough of it. Then I lick your dick with my
wet lips and tongue until the whole of it is drenched with the juices of my
warm mouth.

Can you imagine me down there between your legs? Can you see your
opened office door? Can you hear the people moving in the corridor while
I'm holding the hard rod protruding from your unfastened clothing. You are
taking much more chances than I do, but you wouldn't dare to stop me would
you? I can feel how much you like having it out of your pants, seeing me
licking and sucking it.

Your eyes close as you near climax. You can dream of nothing more
important right now, than letting me finish the job. You want me to
release your accumulated tension. You want me to squeeze your shaft and
your balls until every last drop of cum is emptied from your filled
testicles. You are totally at my mercy, dependent on my willingness to let
you cum.

I wouldn't fail you at a moment like this, because I know you'll be at
my feet after that. Begging for more at every opportunity; wishing only to
help the little rookie woman with her work, getting me out of trouble, all
the time hoping for yet another chance to climax.

I squeeze your shaft at the base and screw you, extending the opening in
your garments with my other hand so as to reach your balls with my tongue.
With my eyelash and vibrant lipstick, it must be quite a view to see me
work so hard on your fully extended rod.

That's when you lost control and your engorged purple cock head swell
even more. Being so near of it, I could see it was glistening with sweat,
as big as it could ever get. Then I felt the whole length of your shaft
push on my wrapped fingers as your first load of sperm got ejected
forcefully out of your slit. The strand made it way above my head, at
least a foot in the air and must have landed on your computer keyboard.
You would care about that later, because for now you just wanted to eject
your gooey ejaculate out of your manhood.

Another spurt went after the first one. It was just as thick and went
just as high into the air. That's when I decided it was getting hazardous
for me to stay there while you unloaded your jism over my head.

As soon as the second spurt ended, I clenched my mouth over the
mushroom-like tip of your prick. I felt it safer to swallow your spunk so
as not to risk my dress. I didn't wait long, as you next spasm brought
another load of you creamy ejaculate. I could taste it as it filled the
inside of my mouth and my tongue. If it didn't taste as good as a
chocolate bar, I really didn't care, because it gave me so much thrill
knowing it was sperm. There was nothing more "forbidden" to have in ones
mouth and I liked the excitement of doing something illicit.

In all, you shot two large bundle of jism in my mouth before it started
to drop in intensity. You pulled out while I maintained a good grip on
your rod with my lips. This had the effect of forcing what was left of
your gooey towards the tip of your cock. I tasted the last gobbles of
sperm oozing from your slit as you pulled the veined shaft out with a pop.

Damn! Too bad this is only a chat with a computer between the two of
us. After imagining you and your big cock in my hands, after tasting your
intimate juices in my mind, I would feel ready for the real thing! But I
won't feel the warm wetness of your thick white cream today. At least you
made me cum, stranger. I hope you had fun chatting with me. You're not
writing much, let's hope your keyboard still works with all that white
cream of yours ;-)

The End

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