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Rayuen's Journey 2


Feedback is always appreciated, while flames will be ignored. Stories: Emulation E-mail: (c)2002 Raysyde Productions All Rights
Reserved story #2 - Completed on December 10, 2002 at 8:03PM

Disclaimer: The following is an adult oriented story. Anyone under 18
years of age or offended by these stories should not proceed any further.

This story contains: mind control, breast expansion, penis enlargement,
and male-female sex.

Rayuen's Journey: Episode 2: The Organization By The Ryder of Raysyde

Chapter 1: Enlisting the Help of a Friend

Last night was the best day I could remember, but revenge was the only
thing on my mind. I pondered meeting the man who in his mind was
responsible for all the misery brought in is life. Bringing this man to
justice were the only thoughts in my mind until Kyra shifted in the bed.

"I can't believe that a couple of hours ago that we were fucking the
brains out of each other. I can't believe that we are lovers now, oh well
can't question fate. I need to find a source of cash for the time being so
we can accumulate a new home and wardrobe and get down to business at

"How to get cash... cash... cash... aha... I forget all about
Rayuen! I'll ask him for some money till we can get on our feet. I grabbed
the phone and gave him a call."

At Rayuen's place


"Not now I'm tying to sleep."


"Damn, where is that dang-blasted phone" Scourging around the room he
finally laid a hand on his phone "ellooo"

"Hey Ray its Kit"



I wipe the sleep off my face and looking at my watch "Man, you better
have a good reason for calling me this early in the morning"

"Can you meet me at Flaria's in a hour"

"Flaria's, in a hour?!? What For?"

"Well, you know I've been talking about going after my father..."

"Don't tell me you're actually going to do that"

"Yeah I have found a tool that'll help me out, but I need your help as

"A tool ...hunh... what "

"You won't believe it till you see it"

"My help; won't believe it till I see it.... You're not making much
sense here. You've got one hour, one second later and I'm gone"

"Thanks, you won't regret it"


"This better be good Kit"

Almost hour later at Flaria's

'All right Kit you've got 2 minutes and 39.5 seconds till I leave....
Man I hope I didn't waste my time on this kid. I hope he knows my sleep is
important. An officer must get enough sleep to stay on his toes.' Just as
I was ready to call Kit a no show I see a boy who resembles Kit but
slightly taller and muscular and someone who resembled Kyra but taller and
more curvaceous walk though the door. After saying hi to Flaria the
diner's owner they walked over to my table and sat down.

I studied the pair and could not believe what I saw. "Hi Ray", the one
that looked like Kit said. Could this be the frail young man that I knew?
How did the athletic girl I knew become such a stunner? Could this be the
tool that he was talking about? Before I could think any further, Kit
interrupted me "Earth to Rayuen, Earth to Rayuen anyone home?" I regained
my composure, "Yes, I'm here"

"I can tell that you're intrigued at how we got this way"

"The tool, right"

"Why yes, you catch on quickly"

"I didn't come here for your sarcasm, K.E., get to the point, I have
school you know!"

Kyra giggled. "Okay, okay, tell him"

I began expressing my dissatisfaction with the two.

"Okay Rayuen you know that I've been wanting to find my father ..."

"To get revenge on killing your mother"


"I finally have the tool to locate him"

"The same tool that gave you the bodies that you have"

"You're too smart for your own good"

I glanced at my watch 7:30AM 'I should be asleep still' "You want some
cash to go and find him"

"How did you know?"

"Every time we come to this restaurant you usually want something and
it's usually cash"

"Kit, he's picked up on you r spending habits"

"Predicable am I?"

"Yes bro"

"Look" I reached in my wallet and grabbed a couple of hundred dollars
and gave it to Kit "Don't do anything till I come over later. You may have
a new tool at your disposal but you don't know what you may be getting
yourselves into.

"Okay, Okay so after you get off"

"Yes, if you're going to do this you're going to do this right!"

Kit and Kyra thanked me and left.

"Those two" I began shaking my head "are getting themselves into
something they might not understand."

Little did I know then that I would be right.

At Flaria's (A woman across the room)

"Hmmm... a couple of MC'ers"

"Oh well, I guess orders are orders, too bad I could have used that
piece of meat"

Chapter 2: Tragedy

Flaria's Parking Lot "Kit, he's a good friend after all, you didn't have
to be like that with him"

"I know"

"He isn't the National Bank of Kit Edas"

"Okay I'll apologize when he comes by later. Still he didn't have to
talk to me like that"

"He knows what he is talking about after all he's studying criminology
and is a officer with the police department."

"That program may have give you the intelligence but Ray knows how to
use it"

"Okay, okay, I'll apologize, sheesh, do you always have to give me so
much grief"

"Let's go" They hop in their car and proceed home not knowing they're
being followed.

In the Woman's Car

"This is too easy" The woman says while listening to hard rock on the
radio. "They have no idea they're leading me to their home and to their
deaths; you'd think they put up much more of a fight."

Just as she was thinking a call came in on her cell phone.



"This is she"

"Where is your current position?"

"I'm traveling west on 90; I've got two possible MC'ers"

"I thought you said Raysyde had no MC'ers left"

"So did I, I thought I eliminated the last ones yesterday. They must be
new in town or just travelers, either way I'm going to eliminate them
either way."

"So we can proceed as scheduled"

"I see no reason not to, they don't even feel my presence"

"Must be amateurs... anyway Axetara expect you to be a HQ by 2100 for

"She didn't say"

"You know how she is"

"Okay I'll try to make this quick"

At The Edas House

Kit and Kyra pulled up to their home pondering what they should do when
a car pulled up to their house. They turned to see a woman wearing nothing
but a black business suit with a matching skirt approaching them.

She spoke while scanning their minds "Hello, I assume you are Mr. and
Ms. Edas"

Kit took an aggressive stance "Who wants to know?"

"Feisty" Infiltratia replied

"Look if you don't tell us who you are we'll be forced to kick your ass
off our property" Kyra boldly stated.

'They're not MC'ers but a couple of Master PC users who haven't figured
out its potential' Infiltratia thought when she finished her scan 'This'll
be easy, however Axetara could use the guy. I'll just get rid of the girl.

"LOOK LADY' Kit shouted Infiltratia looked at Kyra and with lightning
speed pulled out a gun and shot her in the head and the brain.

Even with her enhanced speed and reaction time Kyra could not avoid the
bullets that emptied from the chamber of Infiltratia's gun.

She landed against the pavement and died.

After watching the sight, Kit immediately launched an attack landed
several punches and knocking Infiltratia and her gun to the ground.

"You're going to pay for doing that"

(Laughing)"You've got spunk, Axetara's going to love you"

"I'm not going anywhere" Kit lunges a punch and is stopped in

"Oh yes you are, you've been chosen to become a member of The

"Kit tied to continue with his punch but found his mind clouded by other

Kit put his hands on his head and began trying to fight what Infiltratia
was doing to him.

"That's it Kit, give in to me" She said as she rose to her feet feeling
that her prey was succumbing to her mental attack.

Kit fell to his feet as he succumbed to the suggestions.

"Now sleep kid"

Kit fell to the ground and began sleeping.

With a raise of her hand Kit rose off and began floating towards
Infiltratia's car. She opened the door mentally and set him inside and
closed the door.

"Step one completed. Now for step two."

She looked towards their house "There goes the neighborhood" She thrust
her hand out away from her body and towards the house out came a ball of
flame, which struck the house and started a huge inferno.

"There goes the Master PC Program and The Edas household. Infiltratia
then goes to her car and drives off with Kit, his sister dead and his house

Chapter 3:Axetara the Succubus-2

The Organization Headquarters

"Raven, where is Infiltratia, I thought I told you to tell her to be
here by 2100"

"She called madam. She said she'd be late because she had a present for

"A Present? This better be good"

A short time later Infiltratia appeared with Kit floating behind her.
"I'm sorry for being late but I thought he could be of some use to you"

Axetara looked over at Kit "place him in my chambers I'll deal with him

Two of the workers exited the chamber with Kit.

"What did you want to talk about?"

"I'm moving up the time table, I want to take over this city by the end
of next week. When this city falls into my hands taking over this state
will only be a matter of time."

"Okay I'll call up the Force and fill them in."

"Good meet up here at 1000 tomorrow"

"Yes, madam" Infiltratia left.

"Now let's see the present"

Axetara's Chamber Kit woke up in a daze unsure of where he was when he
looked up and saw a woman staring over him. She was looking as if she was
prodding for information I his mind as once again he felt the sensations of
being bombarded by thoughts.

"A Master PC user... enhanced himself and his sister"

"STOP, get out of my head"

"Your head, okay you asked for it"

Axetara began ripping clothes off of Kit until he was nude. She then
grabbed his penis and began stroking it.

"Sto... uhhh... Stop"

"Enjoying this are we Kit"

"Stop, feels good, must get out"

"Get out, what a good idea"

Axetara mentally activated her mental Master PC Program.

[Personal Statistics] Subject's Name: (Axetara) Tara Rae Lyre Sex:
Female Location: Subject's bedroom Age: 27 Birth date: 8-23-1975 Sexual
Preference: Male Height: 71" (5' 11') Weight: 151lbs BWH: 36-24-36 Hair
Color: Black Hair Type: Straight Natural Hair Color: Ice Blue Hair Length:
Mid Back Eye Color: Brown Natural Eye Color: Ice Blue Blood Type: O- Body
Type: Ideal Curvaceous Penis Length: N/A Cup Size: DD Intelligence: Genius
Speed: Normal Strength: 27/100 Aggressiveness: 80/100 Sexual
Aggressiveness: 75/100 Attraction To Females: 49/100 (Friend) Attraction To
Specific Female: 49/100 (Friend) Attraction To Males: 84/100 Attraction To
Specific Male: 77/100 Submissiveness: 10/100 Dominance: 78/100

'Activate true self'

Axetara yelled out as she began transforming her shimmering black hair
began to change colors Her bust began to rip off her clothes as she became
taller. Her muscles become denser and well defined. Her eyes began
changing colors and her face became more angelic, lips became fuller.

Kit could hardly believe his eyes. His mind already being probed to his
maximum, he found some sort of admiration for the change that took place
before him.

When she finished transforming he saw what he could call a goddess: a
tall woman with breasts that look like a watermelon, areolas that are the
size of small saucers, nipples the size of corks. She had eyes that looked
like ice but soft as the ocean blue. Her body was rippling with muscles
but as curvaceous as any porn star that he'd ever seen. Then her hair, the
same color as her eyes, thick and shimmering flowing to the bottom of her
thick heart shaped ass.

[Personal Statistics] Subject's Name: (Axetara) Tara Rae Lyre Sex:
Female Location: Subject's bedroom Age: 27 Birth date: 8-23-1975 Sexual
Preference: Male Height: 75" (6' 3') Weight: 187lbs BWH: 52-28-40 Hair
Color: Ice Blue Hair Type: Straight Natural Hair Color: Ice Blue Hair
Length: Buttocks Eye Color: Ice Blue Natural Eye Color: Ice Blue Blood
Type: O- Body Type: Curvaceous Penis Length: N/A Cup Size: FFF
Intelligence: Genius Speed: Maximum Strength: 100/100 Aggressiveness:
90/100 Sexual Aggressiveness: 100/100 Attraction To Females: 45/100
(Friend) Attraction To Specific Female: 45/100 (Friend) Attraction To
Males: 100/100 Attraction To Specific Male: 77/100 Submissiveness: 10/100
Dominance: 100/100

And she did all of that while stoking his penis to maximum hardness.

"This will not do," She said as she began to suck on Kits throbbing
member. Kit's thoughts were finally begin to clear when he felt a warm
sensation on his cock. His throbbing member began to enlarge. "Ahhh...
better" as she began to go furiously began going up and down his now
enlarging shaft.

Axetara then positioned himself above the foot long cock and impaled
herself on it.

"No... stop... uhh...feels too good.... got to be strong" Kit
stammered trying to refuse the pleasure that the tightest and juiciest
pussy that he hade ever felt in his entire life was bringing him.

"Why do you continue to resist?" She said before forcefully kissing Kit,
shoving her extra long tongue down his throat.

"It's not so bad being the slave of a succubus-2. You'll get all the
pussy, all the breast milk and pleasure no normal could give you, besides
my daughters and henchwomen are going to take over the world in a matter of
weeks. You're the first to witness the dawning of a new age on Earth."

"Must stop" Kit still refusing but succumbing to the succubus-2

"No must suck the milk from my tits, must come in Axetara's pussy and
give me the sperm that my body desires."

Axetara's pussy began tightening its grip on Kit's dick as Kit moaned.
She then grabbed Kit's head and shoved her watermelon teat in his mouth and
he began sucking and drinking the milk then rushed from it.

"That's it, don't fight, give in to the pleasure I can give you." Just
as she finished her statement Kit's dick became an iron rod as he spewed
forth what she wanted. "Ooooooo... shit" As then she had her first
powerful orgasm in weeks. Kit was coming like a fire hose shooting jet
after jet of life giving juice inside Axetara's pussy which began milking
the rod inside it. "So much.... You've used the program well my child as
she collapsed on top of Kit."

She entered his mind and erased who he was and she then placed what she
wanted him to be her personal love slave and sperm factory.

"I don't like Kit, your new name is Dick," She said as she rose and
began rubbing Dick's dick. "You had a lot in you... hmmm... I wonder how
much you got left; I'll need a lot of energy for the weeks to come. She
began convincing Dick's dick for go for round #2.


Inspiration came from the Master PC stories by JR Parz and Xanatos
Pendragon as well as several stories read at the B.E. Archive, The
Overflowing Bra and The Erotic Mind-Control story Archive.

If anyone knows of a better site to publish adult literature to the web
please contact me.


FUTURE stories IN THIS SERIES Episode 3: Rayuen's Awakening Episode 4:
The Agency's Downfall Episode 5: Rayuen's Isolation Episode 6: Realization
Episode 7: The End of The Organization

Rayuen's Journey: Episode 2: The Organization By The Ryder of Raysyde
(TROR) (c)2002 Raysyde Productions All Rights Reserved


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