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Recollection (MF MFF Rom)

WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if you are offended by
this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance
between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are
imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those
portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should
not be emulated in the real world outside of a healthy relationship.

Recollection (MF MFF Rom)

by Christopher Andrew (christopherandrew@hotmail.com)

She wasn't sure if it was the hot night, or perhaps some sexy dream, but
when she woke up the desire burning in her loins was furious. Rolling over
she was delighted to see his morning glory standing tall and pointing
directly at her. She spent a minute taking in the wonderful sleeping man next to her. She was pleasantly surprised, as always, how sexy he was and
how lucky she felt to be with him.

Lucky indeed, that pole pointing right at her was just what she wanted
inside her right now. She reached over and gave it a gentle caress,
enjoying the slight jump it gave at her touch. Rolling over, with her back
to him, she slid back into his body, curving her body to fit within his -
giving his hard cock a warm home between her ample ass cheeks. Her actions
cause him to stir a little and reflexively he pushes his cock deeper into

"Hey," she says, just above a whisper. "Do you remember that time you
came home early from work?"

He stirs some more, but give no real reaction.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten?" she continues teasingly. "It was our
first time."

"First time what?" he mumbles as he comes to the surface.

"You have forgotten... Surely not our first time with another lover."
she teases grinding back into him.

He's coming to the surface faster now. The memory of that afternoon,
combined with the warm curves of her beautiful ass has roused him very
quickly indeed. Wrapping his arms around her, "If I recall correctly, I
walked through the back door to see your beautiful ass waving in the air."

"Mmmm... yes you did. She and I had been warming up for sometime, and
by time you arrived we were on the kitchen table and I had a mouthful of
bald pussy and two fistfuls of tight ass. I thought you might be a little
shocked, so I tried my best to put you at ease."

"I'm not sure if thatís how I'd put it - but reaching out for my cock
certainly had the right effect. Standing there watching you eat that
delicious mysterious brunette, with her long legs running around you, all
the time you stroking my cock, I wasn't going to complain or even ask

By now the space between her cheeks was very slippery and his cock was
sliding effortlessly over her hot ass hole. His hands started to run over
her breasts, cupping her full mounds, and squeezing her nipples. Arching
back into him she says, "Ohhhh... you feel so hot, I love your long hard
slippery cock... you know I don't think she even knew you were there"

"If you eat pussy anything like you suck cock I'm sure she had no idea
who was in the room. I introduced my self soon enough though."

"Yes, nice and hard you walked up to the end of the table, where her
head was hanging off the end, and started to tease her mouth with the head
of your cock. She froze up and I thought it was all over, but she got the
idea and took what looked like your whole cock almost straight away. I
imagined it sliding all the way through her and I buried my tongue in her
cunt trying to reach you."

He slides his hand down her belly and cups her pussy in his hand. "She
gave great head, but I could not take my eyes off you as you pushed your
tongue into her." Sliding his finger between her lips he finds her very wet
clit, which he circles continually as he grinds his cock into her. "but
she almost bit me in half when you slid your fingers into her and started
fucking her like a demon." He used this moment to finger her own hole now,
sliding two fingers inside her while still riding her clit he began to
finger fuck her.

"Ohhhh... she didn't last much longer. Almost immediately I felt her
begin to quiver, and the spasms of her cunt milking my fingers grew
stronger and faster. I swear... she... would have... oh fuck... cried
out.. u.. if she wasn't so full... of your... u, glorious cock...
ohhhhhhhhh...... and when she came... ooo... the taste of her... Oh...
juices running down my face... u... U... OHhhh...."

At with that vision in her mind, his cock on her ass, and his fingers
fucking her cunt, she exploded in orgasm. Still stroking her through it he
continued, "That sight almost made me come on the spot, but she lost her
head and my cock at the same time. You took advantage though - with one
hand in her pussy you took my cock in your mouth and gave it a good

"uhh... I had plans for it."

"That you did!"

"I wanted you so slippery, I wanted you rock hard to make sure she got
the best of you. With my fingers still in her cunt I used this live dildo
to work her over - rubbing you over her clit, around her cunt and down to
her ass. Using just the head of your cock to fuck her was great. She
could not stop bucking for more of you."

Lifting her leg he slid his slippery cock between her pussy lips and was
using his dildo now in a similar way. She arched her back and he could not
help but slide his cock all the way in to her hot cunt and, with the utmost
restraint, began to fuck her slowly using the whole length of his slippery

"Oh baby... I love you inside me... mmmm.... she wanted you inside
her too, but I took my man a little lower and started to push into her ass.
With a little effort you were soon fucking her ass with the head of your
cock and then she wanted you even more. She grabbed your cock from me and
somehow she seemed to throw her self towards you and impale herself on your
whole cock - crying out to the world in a mixture of pleasure and pain."

"That was it for me. I had to have her, I fucked her with everything I
had, grabbing her legs, slamming my cock into her wet pussy as she cried
out. I don't remember if she came, but I do remember how tight she was
around my cock as I shot load after load of cum into her."

Cupping her breast in one hand and still holding her leg in the other he
pushes hard into her, his cock threatening to cum right then. While he
continues to fuck her slow, deep and hard he licks and nibbles her neck and
back remembering what happened next.

"I loved watching you fuck her, it was nice to take a back seat and
enjoy you from a distance, and I loved kissing you afterwards. You tasted
all salty and sweaty."

"It was great to be watched, an extra incentive to perform well and your
kiss was so sweet. I took your sweetness and planted it between her
breasts, lightly stroking her with my tongue, working my way down her
belly, eventually reaching her freshly fucked pussy where I lapped up
mixture of our fluids. Having my fill I came back to you."

"That taste was like heaven, the pussy I had just licked and the cum which I love more than any other right from the mouth of my man. I could
have kissed you for hours. You moved onto my neck and down to my breasts,
cupping each in one hand and slowly, succulently sampling each nipple until
it almost could stand it no longer."

"You know you have the perfect breasts," he reminded her as he released
her leg and began working on both breasts while intensifying the kissing on
her back, and the pressure of his cock buried deep inside her.

"Haaaa... but you've always been biased - lucky for me! Just when I
thought my nipples were about to explode you moved down, cupping my ass in
you hands and taking my whole pussy in your mouth, sliding your tongue up
the whole length of my slit and sending shivers right through to the tips
of my fingers. Your slow ministrations were devastating."

"By then your friend had recovered and rejoined us. I had so much
enjoyed the earlier display, that I had to see you eat each other."

"We were happy to oblige you. From memory your cock was almost fully
hard the moment I climbed onto her. You couldn't help but stroke yourself
as you watched us, and the more I watched your cock the more I wanted it in
me. When you started teasing my cunt, while she devoured my clit I thought
I would cum on the spot. What a view she must have had."

"It was pretty good from my point of view too - teasing your wet hole,
and occasionally sliding into her mouth was simply divine, but you were the
one I wanted and I knew you wouldn't take long. I'll never forget your
muffled call as I grabbed you ass and pushed all the way into you, and
started to fuck you as hard as I could."

"Fuck me hard now! Let me feel what it was like. Yes... ughhh...
fuck yes... harder.... Oh fuck me, fuck me... Ohhhh. Uhh. Uh. Uh.
Ohhhhh..... "

With a firm hold on her delicious tits he fucked her cunt as hard and as
quickly as he could, knowing that she was replying the scene in her head.
Remembering the orgasm she had with her friend licking her clit while he
pounded her pussy. Very soon he felt her cunt begin to spasm and grip his
cock tighter. He fucked her as hard and as deep as he could sending her
right over the edge into her second orgasm for the morning.

Still stroking her slowly as she was coming down he asked, "Do you
remember what happen next?"

"Ohhhh.... not right now..."

"Let me see if I can remind you." he said as he slid his still hard cock
from her cunt and pulled her up on to all fours, positioning himself behind
her and sliding his cock between her ass cheeks.

"I wanted you both at once, I got you both up on all fours on top of the
table, both facing away from me with your legs spread in waiting. I took a
firm hold on both of your very pink very wet pussies. Massaging your clits
and lips, I worked my hand all over your lovely round buttocks spreading
cum of all sorts all around."

Using his cock he spreads her cum all over ass cheeks, spreading and
massaging her buttocks with his firm hands. When she is very wet, and
starts to push back into him, he lines up his cock on her pussy and gently
fucks her wet pussy with the head of his hard cock.

"When you were both ready, I slipped one middle finger into your cunt and then my other middle finger into hers, sliding my fingers between both
of your pussy lips and started to massage your slippery cunts." He
intensifies his fucking and rubs his thumb around her ass hole. "Then with
you both squirming I pushed my thumbs into your ass holes and squeezed you
hard as I fucked all four holes at once." With this he pushes his thumb
into her ass hole and begins to fuck her using his whole cock.

"You bastard! That feels fantastic.... I remember how good it felt...
having both of my holes filled with... your magical fingers and then
looking over to see the look on her face... I didn't know what to do...
didn't want to know... you were so good... ohhh you are so good...
looking over at her like that I wanted us both to come together... you
took us so close and left us there for so long..."

"But it wasn't to be, I wanted too be a bit closer to the action. When
I pulled out my fingers you both started to kiss and I encouraged you both
together and she ended up dropping onto you. You both looked so sexy,
kissing, breast to breast, cunt to cunt, both trying to hump each other.
The space between you was just too inviting."

"I couldn't believe it when I felt your cock between my lips, you were
fucking me there so easily and then it clicked and pushed me right over the
edge. Ohhhhh... You were fucking between both of our pussies, doing us
both at the same time with the one cock. I had never had such a hard cock
rocketing over my clit before... u.... it was unbelievable and at the
same time having this gorgeous girl... ohhh, ohhhhhh, uuu.... kissing and
fondling me no wonder we didn't last much longer." And with that thought
she came for the third time her pussy strangling his cock in long slow

"Fuck you feel good when you do that." Pulling out he rolls her over and
kneels between her legs stroking his long hard cock.

"Oh yes baby, let me feel your hot cum on my belly just like that
afternoon. Spray me with your cum. Remember how hot it was. Remember how
we both came when your shot your hot cum between our pussies and between
our bellies. Remember how you licked us clean afterwards. Oh you look so
hot stroking your fantastic cock. Oh yes. cum babby Oh. Ohhh. Oh." He
shot his huge load all over her breasts, her belly and onto her wet pussy.
"Oh baby your so hot come down here and clean me up."

Without hesitation and still dripping cum between her legs he leans over
her and begins the long slow process of licking his own cum from her
gorgeous body.

The End.

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http://www.asstr.org/~christopherandrew/ (c) 2002 Christopher Andrew.

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