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Record Deal



Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

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In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!


Record Deal (M/f, f/F, F/F, oral, spank, sub)

By Phoenix Arrow


My name is Shine Banders and when I was 17, I had a tremendous voice.
Every person I sang for told me I was too good of a talent to go to waist.
So with my mother's help, we embarked on an effort to get me a manager and
a Record Deal.

The recording manager we decided on was Peter Clark. He was supposedly
a big time manager in the business and we had heard good things about him.
After the first time he heard me sing, he said he was truly amazed. He got
me very excited when he told me a girl with my good looks, and awesome
talent would be famous with his help.

I thought I did look good. At 5'8 I had long black hair and a thin,
attractive figure. So I could see what he meant.

Soon he had drawn up a contract to our liking and we were eager to sign.
However, right before my mother could put the pen to paper, Mr. Clark had
one more thing to tell us.

"Shine, your going to become a terrific young star, and will become very
famous. But before you can sign these forms and become that star, you must
first pay the price."

mother and I looked at each other, then watched as Mr. Clark walked
around the front of his desk, and lowered his pants. There standing tall
and proud was his big fat dick.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe what he had just done. I looked up
from his cock with a mixture of fear and confusion. He wanted me to go
down on him? I had never even been with a boy until then.

"Come on girl, if you want a recording deal, you have to pay your dues.
A young pretty girl like yourself cant just join the music business without
providing service. Any where you go you'll have to do the same."

I couldn't believe he was uttering these words. I was broken hearted.
All I wanted to do was sing, not put a man's thing inside my mouth. My
eyes stared to water as he sat himself on the edge of his desk, Dick up in
the air.

I wanted to leave. I wanted no part of this man. I looked over to my
mother. I was sure she'd say the same thing.

But she just looked at me, not saying a word. She turned her head and
looked at his cock, then back to me. My eyes grew wide as I shook my head
franticly NO. I started to cry as she held me in her arms. Whispering
into my ear, she spoke..."Shhhhh, its ok. This is how's its done sweaty.
You have to pay your dues."

With that, she kissed my forehead, and gently brought my face down to
his cock. While I bobbed my head up and down his tool, mom signed the
record deal.

Needless to say that sealed the deal and I did go on to become an
overnight sensation. Over the next few years I became a big star and won
numerous awards as legions of fans idoled me. For many years I was such a
happy woman for doing what I loved.

However, I still had to continue "paying my dues" as I climbed the
charts. I visited Mr. Clark on a few more occasions, in addition to the
other head honcho's that required my vocal services.

As the years went by, I saw many new female singers become stars, and
saw them pay the price as well. It seemed that this was indeed part of the
music industry, and I had come to accept that.

My music career went very well never the less. And I had a great time
singing to my fans. Even though 70 percent of my money went to the record
label, I still lived a very comfortable life.

But after 15 years, people tend to move on and find someone newer to
idolize. I simply adapted. 15 years in the business taught me a thing or
two, and I wanted to become a manager myself.

I knew the business was tough, but I was banking on the fact that I was
a known name in the industry.

My very first client was Sara Star. She was an unbelievable talent, and
the most prettiest thing. She almost resembled Brittany Spears with her
large breasts and slut appeal.

This 16 year old had what it took and I easily saw her becoming the next
teen sensation. I also saw her pretty young face in my pussy. You see
even though it was a horrible experience that I went through as a teen, I
had never the less "paid my dues". If this little vixen wanted to become
the next teen idol, she'd have to pay hers as well. I earned it.

On the day of the contract signing, she and her mother came to my
office. Sara had on jewel studded jeans with a very nice tube top which
accentuated her breasts. Her mother Becky dressed very conservatively in

They sat before my desk and we began to go over the contract. Within no
time, both Sara and her mother had agreed to the majority of the it and
were ready to sign. But there was just one more thing left to take care

I came around to the front of the desk and looked Sara in the
eyes..."Now Sara, I know how badly you want to become a professional music
singer but right before you can sign these forms and become a music star,
you must first pay the price."

She and her mother looked at me quizzically, then I smiled, lowered my
panties, and lifted up my dress. They both stared at my exposed pussy as I
patiently waited for what would surely come, Sara's mouth. I had seen this
be done countless times. Either by me, or other young teens. All I had to
do is make my speech, expose myself to the young girl, and either she or
her mother would ensure service.

I looked at Sara, her face was expressionless. Not a sense of fear or
confusion in her body. I looked over to the mother and she looked the same
way. Then she spoke to me in a very controlled, condescending
manner..."Miss Banders, why may I ask do you have your dress held up and
exposing yourself?"

I drew to the response I had heard echoed for years..."Well I am very
sorry to have to tell you this, but if you want your daughter to have a
recording deal, she has to pay her dues. A young pretty girl like yourself
Sara can't just join the music business without providing service. Any
where you go you'll have to do the same."

Sara's face didn't change a bit and neither did her mother's. They both
just stared at me as I held up my dress. I was beginning to get a little
uncomfortable. This wasn't going the way I had expected. By now Sara
should have been going down to her knees and approaching my pussy. But
instead they continued to look at me as if I was the stupidest thing on the

"Miss Banders, what exactly is it that you want my daughter to do?"

" want her her mouth" I just
couldn't say it. I never saw another manager actually have to tell their
clients to give them oral sex before, and I just couldn't find the right
way to ask for it.

I was now really beginning to look and feel foolish standing half naked
in front of a 16 year old and her mother.

"Miss Banders, do you feel that perhaps my Sara owes you something.
Owes you something for being such a good talent and not working for it?"

"Well um...." I was getting confused. I wasn't sure what to say any
more. Why couldn't they just accept it. Why were they making this so
difficult. As the mother spoke, I failed to notice the daughter walking
behind me and sitting on the edge of my desk.

"Miss Banders perhaps it is you that owes something to Sara. Since it
is she who will be making you so much money. How about instead you show
her how much you appreciate her."

By now I had already lowered my dress. As I turned around, I noticed
for the first time Sara sitting on my desk with her legs spread and pussy exposed. How could this be? I was supposed to be sitting there, not her.
For 15 years I had to suck cock and eat pussy, and now it was my turn to be
serviced, not this 16 year old. She hadn't earned it. She hasn't even
made one single record. I did it all. Now it was my time.

Then I felt Becky's hands hold me by the shoulders as she whispered into
my ear..."Shhhhh, its ok. This is how's its done sweaty. You have to pay
your dues."

In a daze I allowed myself be lowered to my knees. The young girls pussy was now just inches away from my face. "This was wrong!" I screamed
to myself. It should be her on her knees, about to eat MY pussy. How
could I be the one instead on my knees?

Gently Becky began pushing my head forward and my mouth soon enveloped
her daughter's moist cunt. I slowly began running my tongue up and down
her slit, the same way I had done for countless female managers before her.
Sara grabbed the back of my head and pushed it further into her vagina. As
my tongue began sliding in and out of her daughter, I could hear Becky
tearing up the original contract. The same contract that was worth
millions to me.

"I don't think this contract fits the new arrangement that I have in
mind." She began pulling out new forms from her bag. "I really don't think
that you deserved 70 percent of all profits. After all, she is the one
with all the talent. Instead I think that you should be getting just 5
percent as her manager. Also, it is clear that Sara may be required to
further "pay her dues" down the road to other people. As her manager, I
think you'll have no problem servicing that department for her."

I moaned at these words.

"And finally, Sara will be under a lot of stress in her music career.
Since your doing such a great job relieving her tension, you'll be expected
to continue showing your appreciation for your new client before and after
every show, and when ever we have meetings."

I shoved my tongue deep into her daughter at these last words and Sara
erupted against my face, covering it with her juices. After a minute of
squeezing my head with her thighs, she rose from my desk, but was quickly
replaced by the new contract.

A pen was inserted into my hand as I stared at the papers. How could I
sign? It wasn't supposed to be like this. I had spent years sucking cocks
and eating pussies and now it was my turn to get it back. My turn to be
the mean manager. How could I instead agree to be the one servicing a 16
year old girl who hadn't earned a thing?

Sara's mother began lifting up the back of my dress as I leaned over the
desk staring at the forms. My panties long since discarded, she began
gently messaging my ass as I wiggled in response.


I jerked forward and heard Sara giggle as her mother again raised her


Soon the up and coming 16 year old super star was watching her mother freely slapping the ass of her 32 year old manager, as I signed each and
every form.

The End!


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This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and
keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights
reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.



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