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Reflections on a Dolphin

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Chapter 1 - No Signs Of Life

Hello. I'm Stacey Robinson and I'm sure you never heard of me.

A long time ago I worked in a bank and felt I was a tiny bit important.
Now I just stand at my husband's side and don't feel anything at all.

The good looking guy baking himself in the hot Caribbean sun is my
husband, Jake. Yes, I noticed several women approving the way his swim
suit highlights those well formed buns. A long time ago I used to take
quite an interest in his sexy body, too, but not anymore. These days,
Jake and I seem to be two lumps passing in the night. Not much going on
that's for sure.

He's pretending to be asleep now so he doesn't have to talk to me. He
never talks to me. Well, that's not completely true. We did talk a few
weeks ago. He told me he was bored and didn't know why. He said I
changed and he didn't like my new direction. He said his life was
simply bland and something was very wrong. I'm pretty sure he thinks
the thing that is very wrong is me. Maybe he's right.

Jake decided a cruise was just what we needed to renew our marriage and
so here we are. I didn't think it would change anything, but he usually
doesn't ask for my opinion.

For the first seven years of our marriage, Jake needed me to understand
him while he worked 12 hour days tilting at the windmills of corporate
litigation. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and became the
youngest partner in the history of the firm. After that, he discovered
those once imposing windmills had crumbling feet of clay and his
corporate adventures of a lifetime were nothing more than schoolyard
games. It must be very difficult for the knight in shining armor to
find out dragons are only a myth.

I have no life.

Jake is thinking about separation or divorce and so am I. It's just a
matter of who decides to make the first move.

No, its not always been like this. We've just been losing our way in
small degrees of freedom.

We used to talk. We used to laugh. We used to have fun. We used to
love. We used to, but not any more.


It was only 11 years ago, but it really seems longer than eternity.

We met in the Harvard Student Union. I was there to see a guy I'd been
dating for almost a year. I planned on breaking up with him and felt I
had to do it face to face. I guess the guy knew it was over because he
never showed up. I can't even remember his name now, but I do know I
was steamed and ready to go back to my dorm room at Radcliffe and throw
something big against the wall.

My attitude changed when I noticed a really cute looking guy sitting by
himself in a far corner of the room.

He was busy writing something on a legal pad and had surrounded himself
with a pile of musty books that looked like a fortress designed to keep
the world away.

On any other day I wouldn't have seen him. On any other day I certainly
wouldn't sit down next to a guy I didn't know and ask if the seat was
taken. On any other day, I would have done something else, but this was
not any other day.

"No, no, uh, the seat's not taken", he said, "not at all. Please, sit
down if you want."

I noticed that he turned his note pad face down and I wondered what
secrets he might be hiding.

He looked like a confused little boy when he realized no one was
sitting within 20 seats of him in any direction. He didn't seem to know
why I would be talking to him, but I could tell he liked the idea and
was trying to come up with something clever to say. He was so cute and
so shy. I just loved it, and decided to have some fun with this so very
serious guy.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you. I was waiting for someone, but it
doesn't look like the person is going to show." Smiling and beaming.
"What are you writing?"

"Oh, nothing important, really, just a hobby of mine."

"I love hobbies. Let me see." I grabbed the pad, turned it over and
started reading. Oops, I thought I made a big mistake when I read 'Neil
moaned softly as Janie sucked his fully erect cock. His dick could feel
her throat as her face pushed down, fully engulfing his throbbing

I tried to act very casual and said, "Creative writing? Where can I
sign up for this course?"

His face was redder than Harvard Crimson and he mumbled something about
a hobby and not a class.

"My name's Stacey, and I've never met a porno author, or even read a
porno story. Have you been doing this for a long time?"

"I'm Jake Robinson and I'm not really a porno author. It's just a
hobby. Something to do, just to see if I can." He was real flustered
and I could tell that he didn't like the way the conversation was
going, so of course I persisted.

"Do you have one of your stories with you? I'd just love to read it.
Have you ever been published? Where do you get your ideas? It's so
exciting to meet someone who writes stuff like this." I didn't care
what the answers were. I was just having fun and playing with a really
interesting guy.

Somehow we ended up back in his little one room studio in Cambridge,
not too far from school. He was tentative when he read the first story
out loud, but he soon got into it, and it was so much fun being turned
on by some geeky law student reading dirty stories no one had ever
heard but me.

"You know, Jake, that scene gave me an idea."

I crossed the few feet between my chair and his, and sat on his lap. I
felt something pressing into my ass and knew the story had worked some
magic on him, too.

My arms snaked around his shoulders as I forced my tongue into his
mouth. At first I thought he was going to try and get away, but he soon
got the hang of things. He finally took the lead and returned my kiss
with many more of his own.

Our clothes floated away as if taken by a magical power. We moved in a
dream to the bed where we took our passion to a more interesting place.
When we touched, a secret force emanated from his body and left me
weak. Burned my essence with a fire I never felt before.

Our kisses seemed to explode like a nova in a galaxy far far away. We
invented sex that day and made sure we took complete advantage of our
new creation.

I remember exactly how his cock felt as it slid easily into my wet
pussy. The touch of his slender body was so exciting. I explored the
contours of his back and then let my hands slide down toward his ass
and trailed my fingers in the crack between his butt cheeks. I found
his asshole and lightly moved my finger over his little target and
pretended that I was going to let my finger sneak inside. He shuddered
and I thought he was going to cum right then, but he got back into it
and really started to make things interesting.

My pussy thrust forward with each of his powerful strokes until we
coupled with a rhythm of lust that painted the room in colors of red
and gold and purple and other flavors too unique to name.

It could have been five minutes, or it might have been five hours, but
finally we both exploded with orgasms that had been waiting to be born
for the last million years. The sounds of lust continued until they
became the sounds of tenderness and holding and touching and caring.

The first time led to the next time and the next time to the many
times. The taste of his cock was sweet like big girl candy. His mouth
felt hot as he sucked my clit in a way that said he planned on hiding
it somewhere only he knew about. My nipples tried to reach out toward
his fingers as he squeezed and pulled them with something like a pride
of ownership. His hands touched the softness of my stomach and sent a
glow racing to every corner of my body and every secret nook and
crannie in my mind. I went to the place that is so very good and yet so
very hard to remember.

The sounds, the smells, the touches, the feelings and more, and more,
and more.

We didn't leave his room until the next day and we've been together
ever since.

Things got better and better for us until the day he met with the
Managing Partner of the firm that hired him right out of law school. A
fire of ambition was lit on that fateful day. A fire that raged on and
on for him, but only blew dark smoke into my little world.


The heat from the West Indian Sun reminded me that we were here, here
on a cruise ship that was supposed to change things. So far, it was
just a ship of fools with no meaning or purpose. Two days of living
with a person who wouldn't talk. Two days with a person who didn't seem
to notice me. Two days.

Chapter 2 - The young girl

I've gained a pound for every year we've been married, but the looks
I'm getting from the men around the pool make me think that not too
much damage has been done. I bought this tiny swim suit to get Jake's
attention, but so far he hasn't noticed.

Maybe he wants something different like that vision of grace and beauty
that glides across the deck and acts like a magnet for the eyes of
every man sitting around the swimming pool. She doesn't seem to notice
how incredible she looks in her tiny little swim suit, but everyone
else does. My body never looked like that on my best day. I've only
known one woman who looked so good, and she is a secret that I've never
told to Jake or anyone else.


In our Freshman Year we all stayed in the dorms, and had assigned
roommates. There were either two or three girls in a room and I ended
up in a room for two. Andrea was the two, or perhaps she was the one.

"Hi, I'm Andrea Desoreux, but all my friends call me Andi."

She dropped her suitcase on the floor, took off her back pack and threw
her baseball cap on the desk nearest the door. She was wearing a tee
shirt and denims that proved she had no secrets hidden underneath her
clothes. I never saw a more beautiful woman and I was lost somewhere
between envy and something else that I couldn't put my finger on just

"Hi ya back Andi, I'm Stacey Alexander and all my friends call me

It didn't take any time at all before we were school best friends and
then best friends forever.

We were almost inseparable that first year of college life. We both had
thoughts of International Banking and careers that would make us rich
and famous. We took a lot of classes together and spent all our free
time finding out how much we had in common. We had a lot more in common
than we thought.

O'Malley's is a pub in Cambridge that was favored by Harvard students
in those days. Just what we needed after a hard week in school. Noise,
people, playing, a few drinks and a few laughs. Andi and I drove there
in her old Fiat because Jake and her boyfriend, Paul, had both gone
home for the weekend. It was just the two of us having a girl's night

We weren't really drunk when we got back to the dorm, but we did have a
glow that might have had something to do with a couple of shooters more
than usual, or maybe it was just because we liked doing things
together. It always seemed so natural, I just loved being with her, and
she loved being with me.

"Andi, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'm so jealous
of how sexy you look." I'd never said anything like that before, but
something came over me seeing her standing there naked next to her bed.

"Bullshit, Stacey, you're every bit as hot as me. guys were coming on
to both of us at O'Malley's, as if you didn't notice."

By this time, I had all my clothes off as well and I was looking around
for the tee shirt I liked to sleep in when I felt her eyes climbing up
and down my body. A feeling of nervous excitement came over me and I
felt a warmness in my tummy that normally would only happen when Jake
was around.

Andi was standing next to me by then, and she tenderly put her hand on
my shoulder. "You know, Stacey, I think you're beautiful and for some
reason I want to kiss you."

She gave me a tiny kiss on my lips. I didn't know what to do, so I just
stood there until she gave me a real kiss. Her mouth smothered mine,
and her arms pulled me toward her, close enough so I could feel the
heat coming from every part of her body. Her tongue found my mouth
while her hands explored my neck and back and ass with a touch that was
so tender and so very sweet.

Somehow my body knew what to do and I joined her in touching, holding,
squeezing, feeling and loving every part of her.

Her breasts crushed my tits and I could feel her pussy pressing up
against mine. She was softly grinding herself against me in a way that
signaled my body it was time, but time for what?

We found our way to the bed, and lay next to each other, kissing,
holding and loving each other in ways I had never experienced before.

Her mouth was on my breast and while I savored that pleasure, I felt
her hand slide down toward my pussy where a single finger moved up and
down the secret passage hidden between my legs. It didn't take her long
to find my clit and tease it in such a perfect way. Tease it in a way
that said "I'm here. I'm what you've been waiting for. I'm really

She held my pussy with her hand and let one finger slip inside my love
cavern. As she moved her finger in and out, she let the heel of her
hand put pressure on my clit. Her other fingers caressed my pussy lips
until I knew I was going to cum, and then she stopped, but just to cool
me down before lighting an even bigger fire.

Her kiss burned my mouth with the flame of unbridled lust. Her tongue
probed to find all the secrets of my mouth. Her hand squeezed and
pulled and touched and caressed my nipples until they almost took on a
life of their own. Our bodies were conduits of desire allowing magic to
flow easily between our two souls.

Somehow her face was between my legs and her mouth sucked on my clit in
a way that seemed so different and so very right. She forced her tongue
inside my pussy while her hands moved up and down on my inner thighs.

I was able to pull her body to a place where I could taste the pleasure
of her juices in my mouth. She moved her cunt in a way that let me know
just what I should do, and I did it all until we both made sounds that
signaled our climax and then we did some more. I came over and over

She found every place of excitement on my body and I learned about all
of hers. I loved her as if I was loving myself and never felt such
pleasure. I don't know how many times I came. I just know the night
turned into day and found us both sleeping in each other's arms.

We didn't know it was okay for women to be lovers. We weren't
embarrassed, but we never thought to do it again. I've always wondered
what might have been, if we knew just a little bit more.


I thought of Andrea as I watched this beautiful girl stretch out beside
me. She was about the same age as Andi on that very first day I met
her. The same long blonde hair and blue eyes that fascinated me so
much. The swim suit was tiny, just a thong for a bottom that let anyone
who cared to look see the tiny dolphin tattooed on her left butt cheek.
I watched in fascination as she unhooked the top, and almost cried out
when she adjusted herself and let me view the complete splendor of her
gorgeous breasts. I wondered if anyone else had seen them, but she
didn't seem to care at all and soon was lying down next to me.

"Hi, my name's Kelly. Does the bar deliver drinks here by the pool?"

"Sure, all you have to do is raise your hand, which might be a little
hard for you to do right now. Let me get the waiter for you." I held up
my hand to signal the waiter, and told her my name as we waited for the
man to come over. I didn't introduce Jake because he'd really fallen
asleep by this time, and anyhow, I wanted to do something all for

"I'll have a tall rum and coke with a slice of lime please," she said
with a practiced voice that made it clear she had ordered more than one
of these drinks in her very short lifetime. I hardly ever drink, but
decided to join her.

"I'll have the same and just put the drinks on our bill." Jake had
downed a couple of red Stripe beers before falling asleep and we still
had an open tab.

We took turns buying rounds and getting acquainted. Kelly was still in
college and won a trip for two from a radio station. She broke up with
her boyfriend just before it was time to leave and decided to come by
herself. She said she was happy to have a woman to talk with because
she was getting hit on by a bunch of old married guys every time she
turned around and it was real downer.

An ancient memory surfaced when she asked me to put some oil on her
back. I started on her neck and slowly worked my way down toward the
rest of her charms. Her shoulders and arms were offered to my hands
next. I felt the silky firmness of her back and then started on her
legs. My hands moved from her feet to her calves to her thighs and then
I made a decision to apply the oil to her exposed butt cheeks. I could
almost feel the dolphin swimming around under my fingers as I massaged
her firm butt. She seemed to be purring as I applied the oil to her
slender frame. The oil made her body look even more enticing and I
soaked her up as she soaked up the sun. I could have stayed there

"Hey, it's time for aerobics, and the way I've been eating, I can't
afford to miss it." I looked at her perfect body and couldn't
understand where she was hiding the extra weight.

"I think I should join you. I could use a little exercise myself. I'm
going to run to my cabin and get my sweats." I was sitting up by now
watching her fasten the top of her suit.

"Don't worry about sweats. We both got tennies and a lot of the girls
work out in their suits."

We walked up one deck and joined 10 or 15 other women for an aerobics
class. The workout was fairly slow paced, but I could really feel it
start to heat me up. I could feel something else as I watched Kelly
bounce around in her tiny swim suit. Her boobs seemed to have a life of
their own. Even though her ass was very firm to the touch, it seemed to
vibrate as she jumped up and down. The dolphin seemed to be dancing in
time with the reggae music blasting out from the speakers in the front
of the room. I wondered if the song by Third World held any secret
meaning as they sang, "Now that we found love, what are we going to do
with it?"

The moment of truth finally arrived.

We were both wrapped in towels as we turned on the water in the shower
room. She threw her towel off first and I almost gushed when I had a
chance to look at her nude body. I decided to just do it, and removed
my towel as well. I thought I noticed her checking me out as we both
cleansed away the results of our workout.

"Hey, Stacey, let's hit the sauna before we get dressed."

I'd never been in a sauna before so really didn't know what I was
getting into. I went along with her and we soon found ourselves baking
in the hot little room. We were sitting on wooden benches and had a
chance to look at each other without being real obvious. We talked
about this and that and nothing at all. I felt like I was back in
school and liked the feeling very much.

A shower outside the sauna washed down our bodies with cool water. Our
nipples seemed to swell in anticipation of something new and unexpected
when the cold liquid shocked them to attention.

We were toweling off when she looked at me and said, "Can I ask you
something personal, Stacey?"

I couldn't imagine what she had in mind. I knew what I wanted to say,
but was afraid of what would happen if I did. I just nodded my head,
and waited.

"I just wanted to know if you like this."

Once again someone exciting had grabbed me and kissed me in a way that
started a fire somewhere deep inside me. This time I was ready and
returned her kiss with an equal fury and excitement. Our nude bodies
pressed against each other and turned the cold from the water into the
heat of lust.

"Let's go to your room, Kelly."
Chapter 3 - A Different Love

Kelly flipped the switch on the sound system and Bob Marley surprised
us with "I want to love you. I want to love and treat you right." Yes,
that's right. Yes.

We kissed and kissed again, a kiss that seemed to last forever, but
ended far too soon. What at first seemed like a fire, turned out to be
just a spark, a spark around a pool of gasoline.

Our tiny swim suits were gone by then and we luxuriated in the
experience of each other's bodies. I could feel her nipples boring into
my tits. Her hands were on my ass and back and neck and everyplace she
could reach. Her lips walked across my face until she found the warmth
of my mouth. Her tongue probed until it found me waiting to touch that
scout who was so cleverly inciting a riot of pleasure that sent a shock
of passion to all the far points of my body. She owned my soul just
then and I was glad she did.

We fell on the bed still locked in an embrace and I felt her leg
pushing up, easily forcing my legs to spread until her thigh was
rubbing on my pussy. My greedy hands lusted after her boobs, but it was
hard to concentrate on just one course of such an exciting menu. I kind
of lost track of what I was doing when I felt her finger slide between
the cheeks of my ass and start probing my asshole. She only went in as
far as her first knuckle, but that was enough to get my mind off of
what I was doing.

We bucked and rolled and moved all over the bed. We lost ourselves
somehow in a secret world known only to lovers where we remained locked
in a kiss, a kiss unlike any other my world has ever known.

I felt her hand move from my back to my ribs and then it traced the
outline of my waist and hips before it moved slowly back to my butt.
She squeezed my ass and then retraced her path and did it all over

She was on top and I was buried under the glory of her thick blonde
hair. Kiss, kiss, kiss and then kiss again. Her teeth nipped at my
nose, and pulled gently on the skin of my cheek. She lowered her head
so she could kiss my neck and then lower to kiss that place at the
intersection of neck and shoulder. The clandestine place with some
hidden value that causes me to almost scream with delight.

She slipped off the bed and was kneeling on the floor. She pulled me
around so my ass was right on the edge of the bed as she pulled my legs
apart. She crushed my pussy with her face. She crinkled my soul and
hung me out to dry.

She pushed my legs open wider and I felt I was offering her a private
banquet that only she could enjoy. She buried her tongue in my soaking
pussy, and I felt her taste my juices and lap up everything she found
waiting there just for her.

Her tongue moved gently up to my clit and she played it like a concert
violinist plays a Stradivarius.

She climbed back on the bed and smothered my face with her bare cunt. I
grabbed her ass and ate her hot liquid delight with a fury and lust
that I'd never had before. I moved my hands up her back and around to
her bouncing tits. I put my hands against those beauties and felt her
nipples trace lines of heat up and down the palms of my hands.

When she screamed, I came with an orgasm unlike any I ever had before.
When I tried to scream, she filled my mouth with her liquid treasure.
We came again, and again, and then again and again.

I thought we were done when she reached for something in a drawer near
the bed, but I was wrong. She turned the vibrator on and pressed it
lightly against my cheek. Slowly, so very slowly, she moved it down to
my neck. Somehow she rubbed my neck in a circular motion as the device
moved down to my shoulder and then to my chest. I lay waiting for the
excitement to touch my nipples as she moved the vibrator over each one
of my breasts. She came very close to touching the rosy highlights that
accentuated my tits, and yet she always seemed to move away before she
did. Finally, she rewarded my attentive nipples by first teasing one
with her magic device and kissing the other with her perfect lips. And
then she reversed the process and did it all again. And then again and

The vibrator trailed down my stomach and moved slowly toward my pussy.
My legs spread in anticipation and soon I felt excitement move up and
down my slit.

She paid close attention to my tiny clit that had grown quite large by
then. She easily slipped the cylinder into my eager pussy where she
moved it in time with the unconscious thrusts my body as I fucked all
the fantasies I ever imagined.

I came again in an explosion of juice and fire. When I finally fell
back on the bed, she removed the vibrator and licked off every bit of
cum. She tried to use her tongue to clean my pussy, but I found I was
too sensitive to stand any more excitement in my secret place.

She laid down beside me then and guided my hand to the sweet rosy
desire between her legs and slowly pushed my hand up and down over her
hot pleasure.

I took charge then and continued the motion as my middle finger started
to explore her pussy. I felt her hard clit under my hand and
experienced the soft lips of her pussy caressing my fingers. It didn't
take any time before she came with a sound that was so erotic, that
I'll never be able to forget it for as long as I live.

We could hardly move. We could only hold each other and apply little
kisses to ease the pleasure. We talked about serious things and little
things. We somehow knew what we had to do.
Chapter 5 - Food For Thought

"Hi Jake, I'd like you to meet my friend Kelly."

We'd both changed into dinner clothes by this time, nothing fancy, just
a skirt, blouse and sandals. We almost looked liked sisters, or best
friends who call each other up to find out what to wear. I guess we
forgot to ask about underwear, so neither one of us wore any. This was
different for me, but kind of fun having a secret most of the world
didn't know. We had another secret. A secret that could change
everything and I was hoping for the best.

"Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you." I didn't
think this sounded very true, but I didn't say anything to Jake about
the way he'd ignored me since breakfast.

"I met Kelly when you feel asleep at the pool. We've been hanging out
doing girl things ever since. You would've been bored, I'm sure." It
was obvious he wasn't bored by Kelly. Even though a lot of her was
covered up, anyone could see that she was a hot babe. Jake was trying
not to look obvious as he checked her out.

"Hi, Jake. Glad to meet Stacey's husband. We've had so much fun today.
She is such a neat woman, I just know that I'll like you, too."

Kelly could sure turn it on. I thought his tongue might just fall out
of his mouth when she turned on the charm.

"What are you and Stacey doing for dinner? Maybe we can get together,
I'm kind of tired of eating by myself and the people at my assigned
table are real dull."

It didn't take Jake any time to mention that we had an extra place at
our table and he'd make sure that she would be able to join us for the
rest of the cruise.

Dinner was served at 7 PM. Imagine seven courses of Italian gourmet
food with Jake ordering a different wine at each course. The food was
delicious, but we all were a little tipsy as we walked into the lounge
to listen to the music and continue the evening.

I decided to have a Sea Breeze which isn't a very strong drink and then
nursed it along for the rest of the evening. Jake had several Coronas
and Kelly seemed to really like her tall rum and cokes.

The combo played some slow dance music from the 80s and Jake asked me
to join him on the floor. I couldn't believe it. He danced with Kelly
next and just switched back and forth between the two of us as the band
kept playing all our favorites. I noticed that Kelly turned down
several invitations to dance from people who seemed to find her as
interesting. She seemed to like what we were doing and so did I. She
didn't seem to need anything else and neither did I.

The band switched over to some rock music "by request" and Jake said he
was too old for that sort of thing and escorted me off the floor. I was
ready for a rest by then and was looking forward to sitting down. Kelly
had other ideas when she heard that Jake wasn't going to dance any

"Okay, Stacey, it's you and me babe. Let's show this old guy how us
young people do it."

Before I had a chance to say anything she had pulled me out on the
floor and we were dancing together. I hadn't danced like this in quite
awhile, but after watching Kelly, I got the hang of it and pretty soon
we were getting a lot of attention from the spectators. We were dancing
pretty good, but I think our lack of underwear might have had something
to do with it, too.

We ended the evening in the karaoke bar. I couldn't believe it when
Kelly got Jake up to sing some Night Ranger song. Good thing everyone
was a little high by then so it sounded okay, I guess.

It was well after 2 AM when Kelly said, "I feel like I'm going to pass
out. I think I better go to my cabin." She sure wasn't going to walk
there. I saw her eyes close as she slid back into her seat.

"Well, Jake, looks like you can still drink everyone under the table. I
think we better help Kelly back to her place." We picked her up and
tried not to be real obvious as we helped her out of the room. It took
awhile, but we finally got her to her room and helped her inside.

Kelly was standing in the middle of the room and said, "I need some
water. Could someone please get me some cold water before I die."

Jake stepped into the washroom and turned on the faucet. He let it run
for awhile and then filled a glass while I tried to ease Kelly toward
her bed.

Just like me to have an anxiety attack. I was worried the plan was
going to fail and Jake would get pissed off and really get mad. I
decided it was time to be my own person and just do something.
Something to make a difference.

Jake returned with the glass and tried to help Kelly drink it. That was
a mistake. Somehow she managed to spill it all down the front of her
blouse which really got Jake's attention as it turned the blouse
transparent. He just stood there and watched her as she unbuttoned her
blouse and tried to take to take it off.

"I think maybe we should leave, Jake. Kelly looks like she's getting
ready for bed." I took Jake's arm and started moving him to the door.
He seemed to be willing to go with me. This was not going according to
plan and I hoped Kelly had something up her sleeve to get things headed
back in the right direction.

"Hey, wait a minute." Kelly seemed to have recovered some and was
looking at us with her blouse opened all the way by now. We both got a
real good look at her perfect boobs. "Hey, you guys took this trip to
spark up your marriage. I know you think I'm hot, Jake, and you seem
interested, too, Stacey. So, why don't we just fool around a little bit
and have something to remember?"

Even though this was probably just what Jake wanted, I could tell he
was very apprehensive and I felt him try to continue on out the
stateroom door. I didn't have anything to lose.

"Wait a minute, Jake. We're on vacation and won't probably ever see
Kelly again. Why don't we give it a try and see if we like it?"

I couldn't believe the look on his face. It was if he was a little boy
and just got a Santa Claus Gold Card.

Chapter 6 - Something New And Different

Kelly didn't seem drunk at all when she did a little strip tease as she
removed the rest of her clothes. Jake and I just watched her until she
finally said, "What's wrong with you guys? Are you just going to stand
there all night." Instead of waiting to see what was going to happen,
she walked up to Jake and started unbuttoning his shirt.

When Jake tried to help, she just pushed his hand away and went back to
stripping him by herself. She was taking her time and checking out his
wares as she first removed his shirt and then dropped his pants. She
got down on her knees to take off his shoes, socks and pants. She
nipped at the tent that formed at the front of his boxers and slowly
pulled them down. It must have taken her a minute to pull them down to
the place where his hard-on could be seen. She gave a little yank and
his dick sprung up and almost slapped his stomach. She gave his cock a
little kiss and then finished removing his shorts.

She pulled me into the middle of the floor and said, "Show us
something, Stacey." When she said this she moved in front of Jake and
pressed her ass up against his throbbing cock. She took one of his
hands and put it on her tits. She pushed the other one between her
legs. I watched in fascination as my husband felt up another woman.
Finally she said, "Take it all off, Stacey. It's time to see what you
got, babe."

I tried to take my clothes of as sensuously as she had done earlier. As
I slowly removed each garment, I watched her press herself against my
husband and rub herself up and down on his body. His hands were
exploring everything and both of them seemed quite turned on. I was hot
beyond belief myself, and almost rushed to get into the action.

I thought Jake would go into shock when Kelly stepped forward and
kissed me long and hard. He got to watch her explore my body in the
same way he just examined her. I wonder what he thought when I returned
the favor and showed some experience doing it.

We ended up on the bed. I was on the bottom, and Jake was on top of me.
Kelly got her hand between the two of us and was pulling his cock into
my pussy. It seemed to be a good fit and things started right away.
Jake hadn't put this much effort into fucking in quite awhile. Kelly
got on the bed and started rubbing her boobs on Jake as he fucked me.
When she started squeezing my tits, I thought Jake would come on the
spot. Well, he was able to wait until she put her hand between his legs
and started squeezing his balls. Next thing I heard was a low moaning
sound and then a sort of muffled animal scream. I could tell that he
got off and he was filling me with his cum.

"Oh, look what you did, Jake. You got stuff all over your dick and all
over Stacey's pussy. I'll just have to clean you guys up." With that,
Kelly started licking and sucking Jake's cock, making a pretense of
trying to clean off the cum that was coating it. By the time she was
finished, his dick was fully erect and seemed ready to go.

Before Jake had a chance to stick it in again, she got her face between
my legs and used her delicate tongue to clean every tiny bit of cum
from out of my pussy. I came with a lot of sound and movement. I wished
that I could have seen the look on Jake's face, but I was too busy
having my own good time.

"Let me show you guys a trick."

We'd both liked all the other tricks Kelly showed us, so I figured we'd
like this one two. She had me lay with my head at the foot of the bed.
She had Jake stand at the end of the bed while she gently rubbed some
lotion on his cock. Then she got on top of me in the sixty nine
position and said, "Okay, big boy, she if you can hit that brown target
with that great big spear you got pointing at me." As soon as she said
it, she got to work going down on me. I saw what I wanted and started
licking her box which was really ready for my tongue.

I was able to watch Jake tentatively slide his cock into her asshole.
She seemed to have done this before and he soon was pumping away in
time to a song that only the three of us could hear. I got to watch him
fuck her in the ass as I ate her wonderful pussy, and I finally used my
hand to tease his cock and balls as he drove his dick home into her
tight asshole. I felt Kelly working on my pussy and could hardly stand
the teasing and probing from her expert tongue. Since my mouth was
full, the sounds I made when I had my next orgasm were muffled, but
still obvious to the other two. They both joined in and we exploded

Kelly said, "I want you guys to wait right here while I get something
out of the bathroom." She came back with a hot washcloth and towel. She
also had a bag with something in it.

She washed Jake's cock with the cloth and said she would have to take a
long time to make sure it was real clean. She carefully cleaned his
dick off and then continued on playing with it and finally started
jacking him off as his dick once again rose to majestic proportions. He
was having a difficult just sitting on the edge of the bed, but when he
tried to do anything, she gave him a look that said you better not try
it or I'll stop.

She had me sit on Jake's lap, and when I did, she eased his cock into
my pussy. He held my by my hips as I bounced up and down on his
throbbing member. She pressed her face between our legs and licked my
clit for awhile. When she had me going just right, she lowered the
target and started sucking on Jake's balls. One of her hands started
traveling up toward my tits, while the other one slipped around Jake's
waist and grabbed his ass. She played with her new toys while we both
continued fucking each other at an even faster rate.

When I felt Jake cum in my pussy, I had another orgasm that was even
more powerful than the last one.

Kelly pulled a chair over by the bed and said, "Okay, now it's time for
me to learn something. Stacey, why don't you give Jake a blow job while
I watch."

I dropped to my knees and started sucking on Jake's dick. When he
suddenly jerked, I looked over toward Kelly and saw that she was
playing with her tits and fucking herself with a dildo she hidden away
in her little bag of tricks. Jake was watching her do herself while I
gave him head. I decided to go for it and soon we had him off again.

There are so many ways that three people can make love and we must have
tried all of them. We kept it up until the next day. When Kelly ordered
lunch for three to be brought to her room, the steward pretended that
nothing was amiss as he served the three people who were sitting there
in towels.
Chapter 7 - Stranger Than Fiction

We stayed together during the rest of the cruise. The sex was
unbelievable of course, but we all got along so well that everything
turned out to be fun.

We spent the next five days in our cabin getting in on, or outside our
cabin doing something to turn each other on. I never felt threatened by
Kelly even though I knew Jake lusted after her non-stop because he
lusted after me in just the same way. Once he got used to the idea that
I could easily get it on with a woman, he enjoyed himself by watching
and joining in whenever the time seemed right.

On the sixth day of the cruise, Jake remembered his digital camera and
we took a couple of hundred pictures to remind ourselves of all the fun
we had on the trip. We needed pictures because Kelly told us that she
had a wonderful time, but just couldn't see anything happening after
our cruise was over. She was heading back to New York and we were going
to be in Los Angeles. We would all have something to think about. We
would have something wonderful to remember forever.

I finally had to tell him.

"Jake, I want you to know something. Kelly and I talked about the
problem you and I were having before the cruise started. I told her how
close we were to getting divorced, and how neither one of us seemed to
know how to do anything about the problem except to sit back and

I could see he didn't like the thought that I would talk to someone
else about our problems. Well, once again, he doesn't understand how
women do things. He seemed to forget about his indignation as I
unzipped the fly of his pants.


We've been back from the cruise for over eight months now, and I still
can't get over what a wonderful time we had. Jake is taking it a little
easier at work and spending a lot more time at home. I've started
writing and find that it fills my time with something I consider
important. We look at the pictures sometimes and remember the cruise,
and get some ideas that usually mean heading to the bedroom.

We don't have a third person joining in on our fun now, and I really
don't think we will ever do that again. But, you know, I learned a lot
of different things from our vacation. I learned we could talk and be
partners. I learned that I could be in charge if I wanted to. When Jake
is really into being the master of the sex universe, I sometimes
whisper in his ear and tell him a little story about me going down on
Kelly or him fucking her in the ass or something else from our
excursion and pretty soon he can't help himself. Just like a teenager
having his first experience. I'm pretty sure I can think up enough
stories to keep him interested in me forever, unless I wear him out
first. I certainly plan on trying.
The End
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