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Rescue at Open Sea complete

This is my very first erotic story in English.
I am a male in my 30'ies who is not a native
speaker of English. Any and all comments -
good or bad - are encouraged. Please mail me at


Rescue at Open Sea (MF, FF, Mf, nc, reluc, oral)

By Dr. D the un-known

The small cargo vessel Neptunia was an altogether
strange ship. It was crewed entirely by women, but
that was not in itself what made it strange; several
other ships in the North Atlantic Ocean were equally
'manned' at that time.

Its' cargo bays were always filled to the brim with
articles produced and distributed by small firms also
run entirely by women. This too was not the main
reason for Neptunias strangeness.

Several feminist millionaires, one of whom had sent
her young daughter on that particular voyage as a
working passenger, backed the vessel financially. The
regular crew was a select group of hardheaded hard-
working women who believed totally in the feminist
cause. To simply call the atmosphere on board
feministic would be like calling the sun hot: true,
but hardly definitive. Again, this was not what made
the Neptunia strange.

What was really and truly strange about this 90 ft
ship and its' relentlessly feministic crew and cargo
was that it worked. Trip after trip Neptunia and its'
crew performed like clockwork and always managed to
find a new suitable cargo.

Presently the Neptunia was freighting a high-tech
cargo of advanced infrared detectors. Though quite
valuable, it was a very light cargo and they were
making good time. The trip was planned to take 23
days, but only 10 days out of Charleston, South
Carolina, they were more than halfway to their
destination, St. Malo, France.

Mary Lou Reffa, known on board only as Malu, loved the
trips to her namesake, St. Malo in France. Though
spelled differently, the French pronounced the name of
the city exactly like her pet name and she always got
special attention there.

She rarely did watches on the bridge, but with a crew
of only 5 trained seawomen everyone had to be able to
do most tasks. Malu was still learning and was not
exactly up for Most Promising Student Ever. This was
not for lack of trying either. At the time our story
starts Malu was doing night watch on the bridge. She
was sitting bolt upright, constantly scanning the
horizon for movement. In a modern vessel, what with
GPS, radar and all, that is, strictly speaking, not
necessary. Malu had been told so on several occasions;
that she should trust the ship and get some shuteye
when on night watch. The captain had never told her to
sleep on watches, though, and Malu was not about to.

Curiously enough that meant that young and somewhat
dim Malu was the only one aboard who could have caught
sight of the slight movement and reacted on it. If
saving him was a good thing, Malu was about to do a
good thing. The crucial moment was still about 10
minutes off though. Meanwhile all the fun was going on
in the captain's quarters.

You would probably expect those to be the roomiest
quarters on board. You would be wrong. The good ship
Neptunia was built in 1982 for diving and stone
fishing jobs. Then it held quarters for 9 people.
Bought and refitted by the captain, it now held 5
quarters for crewmen and a passenger's quarter and had
been rid of the useless crane. The reduced number had
allowed for more spacious quarters for all.

Still the captain's quarters were the only ones above
deck, which took it somewhat away from the smell and
the noise of the engine. Inside were two people,
Captain Jane Street and Catharine Nix. Cathy was
originally hired as a cook, but had turned out to be a
decent machinist too. Presently, none of those skills
was what the captain was enjoying.

Cathy was firmly lodged between the legs of the
somewhat larger Jane Street. She was pumping two
fingers in and out of the captain's moist sex while
her tongue was slowly caressing an area between Jane's
thigh and hip. Cathy knew exactly what she was doing;
if she moved to Jane's clitoris at that point, Jane
would quickly orgasm and need not to be clitorically
stimulated for a while. The orgasm would be okay, but
not great.

If she held off for a while, just stimulating
vaginally with her hand and keeping her tongue on Jane
but away from the clitoris, excitement would continue
to grow and eventually the orgasm would be phenomenal.
Cathy was the virtuoso and Jane was her instrument.
When Cathy felt the muscles of Jane's cunt beginning
to contract on her fingers, she quickly flicked her
tongue at the clitoris, just to remind Jane of what
was coming. Jane's hip swirled wildly and, though not
a very verbal person in bed, she cried out, "Yes!
Please, I want it! Do me, do me!!"

Smiling a little, Cathy returned to licking in the
general area of the clitoris, never actually touching
it. Cathy and Jane had been a 'couple' for close to
two years - since shortly after Cathy joined the crew
in fact. They had become the permanent part of
Neptunia's crew. While every other crewmember was
regularly replaced, Jane and Cathy had found lesbian
heaven on board and neither had missed any of
Neptunia's trips since they pared up.

Jane Street, who was currently quivering under the
knowledgeable treatment of her lover, was Cathy's
junior by 4 years (which made her 29). Rather than
being the hardcore lesbian she appeared at that
moment, she was actually a practicing heterosexual
until she met Cathy. Never truly satisfied by a man,
the shapely brunette had taken to lesbianism like a
fish to water and had become almost as technically
competent as Cathy; practice really does make perfect!

Momentarily, though, Cathy had the floor. At 5 foot 4
inches she was almost 5 inches shorter than Jane. She
was of a more sturdy build and could hold Jane down if
she had to, and had, on several occasions, when Jane's
orgasms threatened to throw both of them out of the
custom build oversize bunk. Cathy's short blond hair
was totally encircling her head and she was operating
entirely on touch.

Her right hand picked up speed again as she heard her
lover's breathing quickening: Jane was close now. She
could orgasm just by vaginal stimulation, but not very
strongly - these were the only orgasms she knew until
she met Cathy. When she had her clitoris licked
simultaneously, her orgasms brought down the sky.
Cathy moved her head away shortly; this was her
favorite view - Jane with her long hair ruffled, her
arms flailing, closed eyes and grinding hips. Jane
desperately wanting to get off. Seeing this and
hearing Jane's low constant moan, Cathy was once again
overcome by love for her beautiful Texan.

She knew that she must not miss Jane's point of no
return and reluctantly cut the moment short and
lowered her head to Jane's throbbing clitoris. Ever so
gently, she covered it with her tongue and massaged it
lightly. Jane was very sensitive at that point and
would loose excitement if her love button was handled
to roughly - that was what had prevented her male
lovers from completely satisfying her: men are
unlikely to solve a problem that is not about 'more
power'. Her pussy had no sensitivity problem and Cathy
was ramming three fingers in and out at full speed.

Closing fast, Jane grabbed Cathy's head with both
hands, fighting desperately to get off. This of course
made it harder for Cathy to stimulate her just right,
but the critical moment had passed - it could not be
undone now. Jane's neck was turning purple, her legs
were vibrating madly and her moaning had turned into a
constant shrieking. Suddenly there was a sharp intake
of air and she became totally rigid for a moment. Then
Jane spasmed wildly. Cathy buried her three fingers in
the pussy and just hung on with her left arm swung
around Jane's belly.

Jane's orgasm seemed to last almost a full minute.
Then she wound down. Cathy untangled, got up and
washed her hand and face at the sink in the corner by
the door. Tiptoeing back to the bed, she noticed the
movement and was immediately alarmed. Jane had not
nearly recovered from her orgasm, but she also felt

"Who is on night?" she said without moving her head or
opening her eyes.

"Malu, I believe." Cathy needed say no more. They both
knew that if Malu had taken the Neptunia off autopilot
(and the movement indicated that, indeed, she had),
then something extraordinary was up. Jane opened her
eyes and they enjoyed a single, slow kiss, then they
dressed hurriedly.

A few minutes prior, when Jane was just getting ready
to explode, Malu thought that she caught sight of
something brightly orange maybe a few hundred feet of
starboard. The Neptunia was doing a little more than 5
knots, the waves were slight and the moon was full,
lighting up the night. Had the conditions been any
less optimal, Malu might have ignored the possible

As it was, she was fairly sure of what she had seen
and immediately turned on the searchlight. At first
she could not find anything, but then she caught the
bright orange of a lifeboat. That was when she
disengaged the autopilot. She never considered getting
the captain first; all she thought about was the poor
soul in the lifeboat; getting there and helping. That
she could not both steer the Neptunia and secure the
lifeboat never did cross her mind.
To save a sailorman

It would be a romantic and classical turn of events if
we were now to switch our sights to the poor,
exhausted sailorman in the lifeboat. View him as he
lay there, barely breathing in two inches of water
that had entered the raft through the canvas sides,
which he had never managed to zip and secure. And
linger for a while on his rugged, but handsome, looks,
concealed as they would be under several weeks of
grime and facial hair.

We cannot. The events that led to Lomax Pierris
predicament happened less than 3 hours earlier and he
had not even had the opportunity to develop a five
o'clock shadow. In fact, he had problems of an
entirely different category: Being abandoned at sea is
never a laughing matter, but being stripped naked and
placed in a lifeboat that has been emptied of all life
sustaining remedies including water would be
considered worse by most people - Lomax would have
agreed. You could probably even say, that being in
such a situation reflects on one personally: One would
presumably have had to do something pretty despicable
to get in trouble like that. This was exactly what
Lomax feared that any potential rescuers would deduce,
uhm. think. When he heard the Neptunia, Lomax quickly
recapitulated his story in his head and prayed that it
would hold.

When Jane and Cathy reached the bridge, Biannka was
already there and had taken the helm from Malu. As
second mate, Biannka was indisputably the most
knowledgeable seawoman on the Neptunia. She stepped
back a little and offered the captain the helm (in her
own rather stiff manner), but got it right back with a
little wave. Jane had already spotted the lifeboat in
the manual searchlight that Malu had manned on the
main deck and she knew her own abilities well (as any
good leader must); if anyone on board could maneuver
alongside the raft at night without sinking it, it
would be Biannka.

Fortunately, the sea was light and the moon was out.
Otherwise even someone with Biannka's abilities ought
not to have attempted the maneuver. The sudden
movements of the boat had awakened the last member of
its' crew, who climbed directly into the bridge via
the narrow ladder. She started speaking long before
she reached it, though:

"Malu, you crazy bitch, what are you up to? You can't
just." With that Isidora finally reached the bridge
and saw that Malu had already been dealt with. Taking
in the rest of the scenery, she quickly caught on,
and, without a second glance, slid back down the
ladder. Shortly thereafter, she emerged on the main
deck with a boathook and took up position next to
Malu, where Biannka could see her clearly.

The lifeboat was now directly ahead and about 200 ft.
away. Biannka reduced the speed to less than a quarter
knot and started a series of maneuvers that would
hopefully enable Isi to grab the lifeboat without
being pulled overboard. Jane turned halfway and caught
Cathy's eye:

"Would you get Rich Kid up here? What ever is in that
raft, she is going to bunk with it. It is only fair
that she is forewarned!" Cathy flashed her one of her
little smiles and said:

"Consider it done!" With that she flung herself down
the internal ladder and hurried down the main corridor
with cabins and storage rooms left and right. At the
end on the right she stopped at the passengers'
quarters, which consisted of a single, though rather
large cabin. It was positioned almost directly above
the main engine and Cathy could not believe that Rich
Kid had slept through all the racket of the last 10
minutes. Just the absence of noise (caused by the
reduced speed) should have easily woken her.

Inside Shirlynn, who had for the last week been called
only Rich Kid, was far from asleep. She had always
been a slow and thorough masturbator, and since her
plight aboard the Neptunia began, she had perfected
this trait to an art. One hand covered her clitoral
hood, rubbing slowly, and the index finger of the
other hand had just exactly penetrated her anus. This
second hand never moved further. Shirlynn had just
discovered her anal cavity (as a means of pleasure,
that is) and while any rash movement hurt her, the
steady pressure of a single finger heightened her
pleasure and felt quite wicked too.

Hastened footsteps that paused less than a heartbeat
at her door were all that warned her, and then the
door burst open and the captains little sextoy rushed
in. Shirlynn had only just had time to take the finger
out of her ass and throw her hand at the blanket on
the floor, and then Cathy was standing in the room.
They both froze for an impossibly prolonged second
during which Shirlynn realized that her right hand was
still gently rubbing her clitoris, then the spell was

Shirlynn cried out and dove fully for the blanket.
Rising, now somehow covered, she got her natural
spirits back:

"How dare you burst in here like that? When my mother
hears of this she will."

"Probably be very interested to hear how you tried to
seduce a known lesbian!" said Cathy and granted her
one of her irritating half smiles.

"Lying here undressed and moaning, just waiting for me
to walk in on you. I am surprised that you didn't have
a finger up your ass to!" The shocked expression on
Shirlynn's face told Cathy that she had guessed right.
She had just won yet another battle against Richy
without even unpacking her weapons.

"Get your ass up on the bridge on the double - the
captain wants you." Cathy paused in the door and
looked back at Shirlynn:

"Be sure to put some clothes on your bones before you
grace us with your presence - we can't have you
exciting the captain." With that she left Shirlynn
standing with tears of anger in her eyes. Almost out
of earshot Cathy decided to cut her a break and
shouted back:

"It might even interest you, princess. We are taking
on extra passengers!" 'Extra passengers in open sea?'
Shirlynn wondered. 'But isn't that impossible?' 17-
year-olds are nothing if not curious, and curiosity
overcome this one totally. She dressed hastily, not
even glancing at the mirror, and rushed to the ladder
that lead to the bridge.

For a 17-year-old, Shirlynn was not badly built.
Reminiscing her total nakedness, Cathy watched her as
she emerged from the main access-ladder to the
quarters. First came the long blonde hair (bleached)
and clear blue eyes in an oval face that was just
asymmetrical enough to make it seem not made of
plastic. Paper white hands pulled her up more and her
pert breasts came into view (now covered by a white t-
shirt). They seemed about full-grown and matched her
current build perfectly. At about 34 B and pear shaped
they were the most beautiful breasts Cathy had beheld
in a long time. Her lover had about the same size
breasts, but, Jane being nearly 30, they were not as
pert as they used to be.

Finally reaching the bridge Shirlynn stood like
Isidora before her, slowly taking in the scene.
Meanwhile Cathy ended her observations: When
Shirlynn's hips came into view, it became clear that
she was too skinny to be the fully-grown woman that
she appeared otherwise. Height, facial features,
mannerism, breasts and, if the tales were true, sexual
maturity was all that of a grown woman, but the hips
had not caught on yet. They were slim and un-curved
and could easily have belonged to a 16-year-old boy.

The complete strangeness of the situation made
Shirlynn uncharacteristically docile and, without even
the slightest comment, she went to a window where she
had a good view of the impending rescue attempt, but
did not stand in Biannka's line of sight.

The raft was now less than 30 feet away and Biannka
was fighting to match its' speed and direction while
still closing the distance. If the Neptunia came in
too fast she could easily sink the raft before it
could be secured. On the main deck Isi had already
secured the rope of the specialized boathook to the
rail. This reduced her danger of being pulled
overboard, but meant that when she hooked the lifeboat
it would be torn apart if the disparity in speed or
direction of the two vessels was too great.

At that exact time Lomax peaked out of the raft. He
saw the two women on the deck, both relatively young
and not unattractive. They did not look like any women
he had ever sailed with. Such women belonged at tea
parties in land, talking about knitting and bearing
children; they did not belong at sea. Though born in
the last half of the 20. Century, in some ways Lomax
had not entirely gotten over the pattern of sex roles
of the 1850's.

The two women, and the fact that they were the main
operators in a task that he knew to be extremely
risky, spoke volumes. A very strange ship was about to
rescue him. In the spur of the moment he decided to
change his plan. Sure that he had not been seen, he
lay back down, closed his eyes and waited for his

On the bridge the captain was not impressed:

"It's empty! Even at this speed it's thrown around by
us, and that close to sea level the engine noise must
be clearly discernable. Nobody's home; we are just
wasting time, juice and sleep!" With that she looked
at Cathy who gave her a wink. It was Biannka who

"We have to make sure, Captain. Somebody could easily
be in there, maybe even barely alive. We have to
check. It's even the law." The last word was spoken so
that there was no doubt that were she to write it, it
would be with a capital L.

"As you well know, I'm aware of that." the captain
said maybe a little too harshly. She had grown
somewhat tired of the older woman's correctness and
general stiffness. Great seamanship or not, Jane had
already decided that Biannka was on her last trip with
the Neptunia. But at that moment Jane was quite glad
that she had not ditched Biannka stateside. Biannka
was working the ship expertly, slowly nearing it to
the lifeboat - the two vessels were now nearly
touching and in perfect sync.

Isi quickly hooked one of the leading strings that ran
from top to button round the raft for exactly this
purpose. Not even looking to see if it held she
grabbed and secured a second hook to the rail. Shortly
thereafter the lifeboat was connected to the Neptunia
by both lines and was as secure, as it was about to
get. Malu had unrolled a rope ladder in the right spot
and had just fastened a lifeline to a life west when
Isi was ready for it.

Descending the ladder quickly but cautiously, Isi was
soon at the lifeboat. Finding the zipper only half-
closed, she opened it and disappeared into the raft.
She was not in there more than maybe 90 seconds, but
to the others it seemed like an eternity. Then she
reappeared and ascended the ladder with a mixed facial
expression, which Malu could not read. Stopping
shortly to let Malu help her out of the west, she
ignored Malu's questions and said:

"Prepare a second lifeline and west, and secure it. I
will be right back." With that she hurried off to the

On the bridge Jane smirked:

"So? It is empty, right?"

"No!" Isi said in a voice indicating that that was not
even the beginning of it. "There's a single man down
there. Naked and apparently unconscious; at least I
can't get any life into him."

"Naked?" Jane said.

"Unconscious?" Biannka added.

"How will we get him on board?" the always
constructive Cathy asked. Isi thankfully grabbed on to
this last part.

"Malu is preparing a west as we speak. I will go back
down and dress him up and you will have to pull him
up. He is a big boy, it will probably take all of
you." she said and indicated with a nod that she
doubted Shirlynn's ability to pitch in. Jane made a
dismissive hand gesture indicating that she would
handle it and said, still not quite able to accept it:

"Naked! Out here?"

"I know!" Isi said: "And he isn't even cold. Can't
have been in the raft long." Already moving back
outside Isi looked back and said:

"And if you think that is strange: Somebody took extra
special care to clear out the raft. Blankets,
medicine, provisions, water, all is missing." With
that she sprinted back down to the main deck. She
stopped to get into her life west, grabbed the second
west without checking it (Malu was nothing if not
thorough, and, with simple tasks, Isi trusted her
implicitly), and threw it overboard. Tugging its
lifeline in her elbow, she descended the ladder once

The rest of the crew (including Rich Kid, but except
Biannka who was keeping the boat in place) was now at
the rail. All were wearing gloves (or in Malu's case:
was in the process of putting them on). They looked
expectantly over the side as Isi finished suiting up
the unconscious sailor and started unzipping more
parts of the canvas.

Vocal communication was impossible but looking up, Isi
got a "thumbs up" from the captain, who had lined the
rest of them up behind her - they were ready to
attempt the actual rescue.

Unable to lift the large man out into the water, Isi
left the raft and, standing on the ladder, gave the
sign to start pulling. She then steered the man as he
was slowly raised by the lifeline and slipped out of
the raft and into the water. At that point Isi was
glad that the man was unconscious; the water was close
to freezing out here and being half submerged in it
was one experience she was sure he would prefer not to
remember. Not being unconscious Lomax was glad that
the female was too busy to observe him closely, but
all in all he succeeded in hanging loose and awaiting
the development of things.

Soon he was dragged totally out of the water and began
his slow ascend to the ship. The lifeline was secured
at the front of the life west at about the same height
as the heart. As Isi guided him on the way up, she
grabbed hold of the west just south of the lifeline.
This placed her elbow in the general area of his
genitalia, and she brushed against it several times.
Absurdly, he felt himself beginning to react to this
slight skin contact. Getting a hard-on then was about
as far from unconsciousness-like behavior as he could
imagine and, determined to learn more about the ship
before he had to answer questions, he focused all his
willpower on fighting it down.

A little higher, his right leg was brushed against the
rough surface of the ship hard enough to draw blood
and the other problem solved it self. When he was
finally drawn over the rail he was almost ready to
give up the act and just drop and kiss the deck. With
great effort he remained in character even when he was
placed on his back on the cold deck and felt the eyes
of who knows how many women on him.
Now what, Popeye?

There was an uncanny silence around him and Lomax
wondered if he had been left on the deck to freeze to
death. Soaked with cold water and exposed to the cool
night air, the problem with controlling his erection
was now definitely a thing of the past. Lomax did not
know if unconscious men could shiver from cold, but he
had no choice in the matter and shivered away.

The 5 women had each been lost in their own thoughts
for a moment, but seeing the large body shiver, Cathy
sprang into action. Kneeling to free him of the life
jacket, she looked up at Jane.

"Got any good ideas where to put him?"

"Yeah!" Jane said. "For tonight we'll stick with plan
A, but please let him keep the life west for a while."
Cathy stopped undressing him.

"But why? It's soaked, he'll catch his death."

"Not because of another five minutes, I expect." Jane
said. "It'll give us something to grab onto when we
move him. Naked men are so un-handy." Looking down at
the man's shriveled genitalia, Cathy smiled:

"I can see what you mean!"

With Cathy above him hanging on to his legs and Jane
and Isi below him each grabbing the west they slowly
hoisted him down the stairs to the cabins on his back.
When Cathy actually reached the top of the stairs, the
man was stretched out over the entire length of the
stairs. 'Oh, my God', Cathy thought, 'how big is this
guy? He must easily be 6 foot 6 inches'. She shortly
considered the women on board, of whom none were more
than 5.75. 'Let's just hope he is friendly!'

Trying to get a good hold on the man while descending
the stairs proved impossible for Cathy. Instead she
lay on the deck holding on to him as long as she could
and then let go, leaving it to Isi and Jane to steer
him while he bumped the rest of the way on his ass.

Cathy quickly joined them and together they dragged
and carried him to the passenger cabin, wich held
three folded-up bunks in addition to the one Shirlynn
slept on. Mounted on the wall, one was quickly folded
down and dressed, while Cathy was finally allowed to
strip the man of the life west and towel him dry. At
six feet the bunk was not nearly long enough for the
huge man, so they folded down the one next it. The
bunks being four inches apart, the man's feet easily
reached into the new bunk. Then they sat him up and
succeed in giving him water by pouring it slowly into
his mouth and having him swallow it automatically.

His right leg was bleeding a bit and while Isi
bandaged him, Cathy and Jane adjourned to the door.

"Isn't that the biggest fellow you have ever seen?"
Cathy said, whispering for no good reason. Jane nodded
and whispered back:

".and he's naked, unconscious, found under strange
circumstances and is on my boat, so whether I like it
or not, he's my problem."

"Our problem!" Cathy said sternly. "Let's get some
coffee; I bet Malu has already put the kettle on."
Jane smiled:

"That, or Biannka is yelling at her in German for not
thinking that far ahead! Either way, we'd better get
up there!" They told Isi to join them in the galley
when she was done dressing the man's slight wounds and
left her with the apparently unconscious giant.

As the woman dressed his wounds and he warmed up, the
problem with his cock slowly returned. Every time she
came around underneath his leg, her hand brushed
against the insides of his thigh, where he was
particularly sensitive. As he felt himself growing
again, he totally abandoned any hope of preventing it.
Lomax had no idea if hard-ons happened to the
unconscious, but was ready to wager that neither had
the woman. For a while the woman continued to dress
his wound, but then she brushed her hand against his
semi-hardened cock and all her movements stopped.

Isi looked down with keen interest. She knew exactly
what she had just brushed against (though she had
modestly covered his midsection with the blanket), and
was quite sure that it was not in that area a minute
ago. drawing back the blanket she saw that his cock
had indeed grown and was still filling. It looked like
a nice one, but she could not really tell because it
was trapped between his thigh and his scrotum.

Isi felt sure that was quite uncomfortable for him,
unconscious or not. Checking the door, she carefully
clutched it with two fingers and lifted it out into
freedom. The sound of it hitting his stomach was
amazingly loud. They would be expecting her in the
galley shortly, and the rich brat would most likely
get to sleep in the room with him, so this might well
be her only chance. Checking the door again she
tickled his balls with the index finger of her right
hand. His scrotum immediately contracted and there was
a visible increase in the size of his cock.

Frightened that someone might enter, she ran and
checked the corridor. No one was there and she closed
the door, careful not to make any noise. There was no
lock on the door to the passengers' cabin, so closing
it did not help much. Running back to the bed, Isi
quickly checked his face, suddenly frightened that he
might wake up. There seemed to be no change about him
and abandoning all caution she bend down and gripped
him firmly with her right hand.

It was a nice cock. Not too thick and quite long, it
was exactly like she liked them. She almost forgot
where she was while she stroked him dreamily, thinking
back on other cocks just like that one.

A sound in the corridor roused her. In a second she
had finished his dressing, covered him up and was
moving toward the door. When she opened it there was
nobody there, but the spell was broken and she made
her way to the galley.

In the galley everyone but Rich Kid was smoking and
coffee was being drunk all around. Isi shook a
cigarette out of her packet and joined the others. It
sounded like the excitement about the new passenger
was far from over.

Isi sat down between Malu and Biannka where there was
easily room for her. Malu and Biannka were her two
favorite people on the crew, but though they both
seemed to like her, they just could not get the hang
of each other. Jane and Cathy were kind of OK too, but
Isi was never 100% comfortable around lesbians - she
had no idea why.

As Isi sat down, Biannka was saying:

"Is that what we are going to do with this gentleman
then! Feed and entertain him for 10 days and just kiss
him goodbye when we reach St. Malo?" It was always
easy to tell when Biannka was angry; her German
heritage shone through and when she said "the" it
sounded like "zee". On these occasions Isi had
sometimes called her "doctor" because she sounded
almost exactly like Dr. Strangelove in that movie with
Peter Sellers. This time she seemed really upset
though and Isi settled for her other pet name:

"What's wrong, Binn? You want to send the bloke on his
way after all the trouble I had with getting him up
here?" Isi smiled her cutest smile at Biannka,
indicating to the older woman that even if that were
the case, she would understand.

"No!" Biannka almost yelled. "It's just that the
captain wants us to clean out the last crew cabin for
this pirate! I say 'let him do it himself, if he is so
hot on privacy!'" Isi sent Jane a puzzled look.

"It seems the only way!" Jane said. "Even if he
remains unconscious, he's a man among women and should
be allowed some kind of privacy." Isi felt her cheeks
beginning to burn with embarrassment; she could hardly
argue as she had just violated the guy's privacy
herself. To hide it she smiled and quickly said:

"He'd better stay unconscious! What is he going to
wear if he wakes up? I have nothing that fits him!"
That started a discussion of the man's size that was
clearly not the first of its kind. While Malu and
Shirlynn had a passionate discussion about whether the
man's upper arms were thicker than their thighs (which
undoubtedly they were!), Cathy and Jane met at the
coffee-machine for a tąte-Ö-tąte.

"So, say we do move him into the extra crew cabin."
Cathy whispered, ".shouldn't we get going so that we
can get some shut-eye too? "

"Right!" Jane whispered, "You haven't seen that cabin
lately, have you?" Cathy shook her head.

"It's been unoccupied since you moved in with me. A
lot of things have gathered in there during these two

"But, how would you know?" Cathy asked puzzled. Jane
smiled at her:

"I'm the captain!" she whispered, "It's my job to
know. Trust me! It will require at least 4 hours of
work to clear it out. Tonight we sleep as usual.
Tomorrow we change the arrangements." Cathy almost
forgot to whisper:

"But you can't let the child sleep in there!" Just
barely whispering, "Not when you know that men are
what brought on all her troubles and got her sent out
here!" Jane did not agree:

"I doubt if even Rich Kid can get in trouble with an
unconscious man, even if he is huge!" she whispered,
"Besides, I'm busted and I really don't want to have
to order someone out of their cabin to let Rich Kid
sleep in there. What we have now will have to do."

Cathy almost tried again, but then she got a good look
at her lover and realized that Jane was not just
busted. She was literally fighting to stay on her
feet. Cathy laid her arm around Jane, who gratefully
placed some weight on her. Cathy whispered:

"Let's just tell them then and go to bed, shall we?"
Jane nodded and the two of them said their goodnights
and headed off to bed. Not much later the rest of them
broke up too. A long night seemed finally over.
No more Sleeping Beauty

Shirlynn was the next to leave. No one really looked
up as she got up and silently left the galley. Malu
was the only one on the crew who was genuinely sorry
that Shirlynn was having such insurmountable
difficulties in fitting into the crew, but not a high-
status member herself, there was not much she could do
about it.

Slowly making her way to the back-cabin, Shirlynn
pondered the extraordinary happenings of the evening
and marked Isidora down as a heroine, but did not
really think about sharing a room with the sleeping
giant. Far from being chaste, she was also not the
sexual predator her mother had made her out to be, and
she would have had no idea what to do with an
unconscious man.

She entered the cabin silently, as if afraid to wake
him up. The room was pitch-black and she had no choice
but to turn on the light. Quickly making her way to
her bunk, she turned on the highly focused, battery-
operated spotlight by the bunk and killed the main

Having actually fallen asleep after searching the room
(and finding nothing), Lomax was awakened by the
gentle scraping of the door. He kept his eyes closed
and heard somebody entering the room. Shortly the main
light was on, and then there was just a faint light
and the rustling of someone getting into the other

Given the size of the ship, Lomax had really expected
to be left alone in the cabin. He wondered shortly
what to do if he needed to take a piss, but realizing
that the masquerade could not go on forever in any
case, he decided not to worry.

Shirlynn quickly stripped down to T-shirt and panties,
slipped under the covers and turned off the spotlight.
At first it just felt great to be back in bed. It had
gotten pretty late and she should really have been
exhausted, but was still psyched from the eventful
evening and rest did not come easy.

It was not really under her conscious control: her
fingers just crept down to her panties and under the
rim. Slowly massaging the outer lips, she felt the
fire returning and remembered how close she had been
when the captain's toy disturbed her. Quickly she was
back in the mood and had pushed the panties down and
off, the slumbering giant in the next bunk long

At first Lomax was sure that his strained nerves were
playing a trick on him. Reacting to a distinct female
odor that he could almost sense, he felt himself
hardening significantly. Some time passed before he
picked up on the rustling of her blanket. Even later
he heard her breathing getting heavy and deliberate.
Fully realizing that he was in a room with a
masturbating woman, Lomax jr. quickly hardened to full

Opening his eyes, Lomax tested the darkness. It was
not entirely black. The moon was still out and the
porthole let in just enough light for him to see the
silhouette of the woman. Sure enough, she was
masturbating. Moving surprisingly quickly and silently
for such a large man, Lomax removed his blanket and
sat up on the bunk. The woman was now moaning
continually and did not appear to hear him. There were
less than three full steps to the other bunk; taking
two, Lomax got as close as he dared and crouched on
the floor.

At first he thought the light and his nerves were
playing a trick on him: The woman masturbating on the
bunk was no woman; she was a child. Her eyes closed,
blonde hair flowing over her shoulders and shining
white teeth biting her lover lip, she appeared 16,
maybe 17 at the most. Lomax quickly decided that she
probably just had one of those young faces; after all:
what would make a teenage girl travel with a
commercial freighter?

Even if he had known that she really was just 17 it is
highly unlikely that anything would have gone
differently. Lomax was many things, but picky was not
one of them!

Given the circumstances another man might just have
grabbed his dick, whacked off and gone back to bed,
but Lomax had never gotten the hang of masturbation.
Instead, acting on the spur of the moment as was his
nature, the naked Lomax rose and yanked the blanket
off the girl.

She was slim and beautiful. The T-shirt covered her
upper body, but the tits seemed nice and firm. Her
hips were kind of narrow and she had long, shapely
legs. For almost a full second, time appeared frozen
and Lomax just enjoyed the image of the exposed,
flustered girl. Then she inhaled sharply, apparently
preparing to scream.

Again moving with an impressive, almost impossible
speed for such a large man, Lomax covered her mouth
(actually her entire lower face) with his left hand
and wagged his right index finger in her face. The
hand on her face was so heavy and felt so powerful,
that she could actually imagine him crushing her face
in just by applying more force.

Lomax had that raw and keen instinct that drives most
large predators. Looking down into her large
frightened eyes his instincts told him that she was
already broken and was his for the taking. He let his
large right hand move slowly down her body, around her
private parts and down her thigh in one long caressing
movement like a lover would, sending the implicit
message perhaps, that she could have it light or
rough, but that she would get it either way. Holding
her eyes with his, he said:

"I'm going to take my hand away. You won't scream,
will you?" Feeling her trying to shake her head, he
moved his right hand back up her body, and said,
"We'll have a great time!" and let go of her face with
his left hand just as the right hand reached her
pussy. She had never gotten around to closing her legs
entirely and his hand reached the area of her mons
finding it totally bare, though not smooth. There was
a slight scraping that suggested that her last shaving
was perhaps 3 or 4 days hence. Moving downward he
heard her suddenly sucking in air and her hips
buckled. There was the same slight roughness on her
outer labia, but, reaching the opening of her pussy,
he forgave all: she was entirely and totally soaked!

Shirlynn had been undeniably frightened when she
suddenly found the giant man looming over her. Many
simultaneous thoughts had occurred to her all at once:
The man had most likely been faking his
unconsciousness, which could mean any number of things
- most of them bad.
She was all alone with him and had not a chance in
hell of defending herself against him.
His cock was rock hard, long and slim. She had never
had a cock that long, she was sure. She was just as
sure that in a minute she would have.
Realizing that, she also realized that she would give
it willingly, even eagerly. It was this that she was
about to indicate, when he assumed that she was about
to scream.

She had then been really frightened when she felt the
immense power of the hand that covered her mouth. What
if he was an insane killer and would not settle for
straight sex? With his hand caressing her pussy with
surprising softness they were rapidly getting on the
same page and she reached out to caress his cock.

When her hand connected with his slim shaft, he looked
down approvingly and got down on his knees to ease her
access. With that he moved both hands to her neck and
grabbed hold of the neck of her T-shirt as if he
wanted to pull her somewhere. After a short bulging of
his massive arms, the T-shirt ripped and he tore it
all the way to the bottom where he ripped the rim too
and released the sides exposing a pair of nice, round
tits with large dark red areolas and small, but stiff

"I'd have taken it off, you know!?" she said smiling.

"Faster and more impressive" he said granting her one
of his predatory smiles.

'And a reminder that I am all at his mercy' she tried
not to think. The knot of fear from being alone with a
total stranger returned. She studied his features as
he fondled her newly exposed breasts lightly. In the
half-darkness he had classical facial features that
looked like something sculpted in marble. For an
instant the kind face of a potential lover and the
shadow of something immensely cold seemed superimposed
on that face, then the illusion was gone and he smiled
at her with wide even teeth and moved his hand back to
her crotch.

The moment his hand reached the area of her clitoris,
she tightened her grip on his cock, closed her eyes
and starts making small moaning noises in time with
his caresses. At first he just rubbed the clitoral
hood and let his fingers trail the slight roughness of
her outer lips, sometimes just touching, but not
entering her moist opening.

After a while he felt her slowly beginning to rub his
cock, which she had just held until then. One cannot
just pull aimlessly back and forth on an eight-inch
cock; the skin cannot move that much and pain will
incur where pleasure was intended. He had had to
educate a lot of women to this fact, but she did it
just right from the word go. 'Born slut' he thought,
'Just can't beat bad genes!'

He was still massaging her slowly and lightly, but now
moved his hand directly to her clitoris and rubbed it
directly with two fingers. She immediately inhaled
sharply and flung open her eyes that now seemed nearly
as predatory as his. Moving purposely to the rim of
the bunk and bowing her head, she stepped up the
stimulation too.

He did not move to accommodate her plan but even given
the somewhat awkward angle there was more cock than
she could possibly fit in her mouth. It was not very
wide; maybe little more than two of her fingers side
by side, and that dimension caused her no trouble. The
length was another matter entirely and she gripped it
firmly by the base to prevent him from pushing too
much of it into her mouth. She had never attempted
deep throating a cock and was not about to. Throwing
up on him would, she felt, be a turnoff.

Given the circumstances, most men would have stopped
what they were doing, gripped her head with both hands
and have given her as deep a scull-fuck as they would
have been allowed. Lomax was not, as has been implied,
like most men and he was already beyond blowjobs. He
moved his hand back down to her hole. Her outer lips
framed tiny inner lips, which only just protruded from
the outer ones.

Feeling her tinyness Lomax hesitated slightly. In his
life, he had done many things that he was not proud
of, but to the best of his knowledge he had never
raped a child. He experimentally inserted his index
finger in her pussy to the first knuckle and felt a
heavenly tightness. He even had to apply force the get
a single finger into her. This was going to be great!

Lomax got up abruptly, causing his cock to make an
audible 'plop' when it left her sucking mouth. He went
to one of the unused bunks and examined it shortly.
The 'mattress' was an unmovable leather contraption
applied directly to the wood. He took hold and simply
tore it out of the wall. Then he placed it centrally
on the floor and indicated with an inviting hand
gesture that the bed was ready.

Shirlynn had followed him intensely and was already on
her way when he placed the torn bunk. Going there she
shed the torn T-shirt (after wiping her mouth in it).
Lomax was kneeling at the end of the mattress (nee
bunk) and she stopped a foot away from him, straddling
the mattress. They were nearly eye-to-eye and she
marveled again at his hugeness.

"Where do you want me?" she asked coyly. Instead of
answering her, he put his right arm behind her back,
grabbed both her ankles with the other and swung her
off the ground. Thinking that he would drop her, she
gave a shriek and went rigid, but almost immediately
it became apparent that she was not falling anywhere -
he just held her level for a second while she got used
to the thought that he could easily carry her weight.
When she relaxed, he let go of her right leg and,
still supporting her back and her left leg, pulled her
slowly toward him.

When she realized what he was planning, she
immediately bent both her legs and arched her back to
grant him access. His cock was still hard and ready
and after only a couple of tries it connected with her
pussy. Moving forward from there proved much more
difficult that he had expected though. Her flesh felt
totally unyielding, his cock bent and slipped but got
no further.

Laying her down he gave her a strange look:

"Are you a virgin?"

"No!", she said and laughed, "I'm definitely no
virgin. I was flying for the first time and was half
bent over! Can you blame a girl for cramping up?" She
smiled coyly, "Try it now, sailor. I've got room!"
With that she spread her legs and her arms invitingly.
He quickly moved up and placed himself at her pussy
again. She looked tiny enough to crumble under him,
but there was no way back now.

Applying only the faintest pressure they both enjoyed
the pre-fuck intensity. He put two fingers up to her
mouth and into it. First she just sucked on them, but
then she caught on and assembled as much saliva as she
could. He took the dripping fingers out of her mouth
and applied the moisture to his cock without taking it
away from her hole.

Then he clearly decided that the wait was over and
pressed into her in one long steady movement. She had
told the truth, she was no virgin. She was just
incredibly young and tight. Luckily she was quite deep
and Lomax could almost get his entire tool into her.
When he hit bottom she gasped and grabbed his arms
trying to pull him down on top of her. He let her have
her way and bent down to her. Supporting himself by
his elbows he covered her entirely and she was in the
perfect position to bite into one of his nipples.

Placing just a little more weight on her, he seemed to
forget about her and just worked his cock in and out
of her without lifting his upper body. She worked with
him, finding his rhythm and accepting his weight. 10-
15 strokes he gave her, and then he rose again and
locked eyes with her. Bending down he kissed her full
on the lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth. She
accepted this new intrusion into her body and suckled
on it slowly and deliberately.

With this he stepped up his pace and rammed his cock
into her with total abandon. She lost all remaining
control and just moaned in sync with his thrusts. He
rose entirely, grabbed her ankles and pushed her knees
to her chin. With free access he could get deep enough
to hurt her, but at exactly that time she had an
orgasm and her legs started to spasm wildly.
Incredibly Lomax had to fight just to stay inside her.
When the flexing reached her cunt muscles Lomax lost
control and started spewing his load into her. He
pumped twice and then just stopped deep inside her
unloading thick jets of sperm for what seemed like
minutes on end.

Then he came to and realized that he was still
pressing her knees down around her ears. He quickly
let go and her legs fell powerlessly to the floor. He
pulled out of her slowly allowing himself to enjoy the
now almost painful tightness of her pussy.

"That." he said, ".was what I needed. Thanks honey!"
He bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead.
Without further ceremony he got up, wiped himself on a
spare sheet and went back on his bunk. Within a few
minutes he was snoring away.

Shirlynn felt run over and remained on the floor for a
long time. She might even have napped a little, but in
the end it got too cold. She rose on shaking legs and
took inventory. She had at least 10 sore spots that
were just waiting to turn into bruises. Sperm was
running down her legs and into the cracks of the
wooden floor. The room was a mess and smelled so
heavily of sex that you could have carved the smell
out with a knife. Shirlynn abandoned all hope of
straitening out the room and just opened the porthole
to get rid of the worst stench. Then she staggered
over to her bunk, lay down and passed out.
The plot thickens

Shirlynn's inner watch mercilessly woke her at a
quarter to seven, just in time for breakfast. In
daylight the room looked and smelled even worse. There
was no way she could ever hide what had happened
during the night. Also for some strange reason, that
she could no even identify herself, she did not want
her slumbering lover to wake up while she was there,
so she dressed silently and made her way to the

Everyone was there, already busily gulping down the
first meal of the day. When Shirlynn entered the room
went quiet and all looked up at her. At first she
thought that they could all tell that she had gotten
laid, but then she realized that she was simply their
only source of information. If anything had happened
during the night, she would know. She decided to play
it cool:

"What are you all staring at? Did I grow and extra
head during the night?" she said and made her way to
the breakfast table.

"Don't be snide, Richie", Cathy said, "We just want to
know if there are any signs of our mystery man
recovering!" Shirlynn gave them her most blank

"He was still out when I left him."

"We'll go and check on him when we are done eating and
have planned the empting of crew cabin 5." Jane said.
With that apparently Shirlynn was off the hook and she
sighed silently with relief. Soon the crew was
discussing cabin assignments and workloads again and
Shirlynn was back to being totally ignored. Or almost
ignored. Isi was not participating in the discussions,
but was observing her silently instead. Shirlynn tried
to ignore her, but felt Isi looking right thorough her
and had ample time to consider her own situation: When
her mother learned, that she had even been able to get
in trouble in the middle of the Northern Atlantic on a
boat with only women, there was no telling what she
would do. Send her to the moon probably!

Shirlynn could have contemplated endlessly, but at
exactly that time the door was suddenly opened from
the outside.

It is hard to describe the effect of this, but
consider if you will, that to the knowledge of
everybody but Shirlynn, each and everyone on board who
could open doors was already 'in' the galley. Malu and
Cathy shrieked and everybody turned to the door.

Ducking to get through the door their enormous refugee
entered and smiled at them. Evidently he had found the
linen closet. One sheet he had folded and applied like
a giant diaper and another he had ripped open and wore
like a poncho. By ripping a third sheet, he had made a
piece of cloth to tie the 'poncho' around his waist.
He should have looked ridiculous but he did not; he
looked like a Greek god.

No one seemed to know how to proceed for a while and
then Jane's sense of responsibility boosted her into
action. She got to her feet and went to the giant man.

"I am the Captain on board. My name is Jane Street."
The man smiled widely and shook her hand.

"Captain. Hi! Larry Johnson. Mighty glad to be on your
ship, mighty glad." He gave her no chance to get a
word in, "Thought I was dead and gone to heaven, when
I woke. How long have I been here? Where are we
anyway? And.", he looked longingly at the breakfast
table, "could I have some chow? I'm starving? Haven't
eaten for days!"

'Lie nr. 1' Jane thought, ,There is no way you were
out there more than 24 hours!' Aloud she said, "It's
the morning of the 18. Do you know how long you were
adrift?", and invited him to the table with the
extension of her arm. Immediately Isi moved to the
side of Shirlynn making room for 'Larry' across from
them. He appeared to think shortly:

"3 days!" he said and proceeded to load his plate
heavily while the crew observed him in barely
concealed excitement. When he sat down Jane took the
lead again.

"Mister Johnson, we found you floating."

"Larry" he said, "Call me Larry." Jane started again:

"Larry. Last night around 01.00 AM Malu here spotted
your raft at about 300 feet." Poor Maul blushed from
head to toe by the honorable mentioning and would
probably have crawled under the table if Shirlynn had
not grabbed her. Jane proceeded to tell the story of
their daring rescue while 'Larry' ate, skipping
lightly over the parts that seemed strange to her
about Larry's previous predicament.

He had finished eating and was smoking a borrowed
cigarette when she finished. She knew that she was a
god storyteller and this particular story should have
captured him even if it had been told badly. Still she
had the feeling that he had not been listening at all
and that something was going on between 'Larry' and
both Isi and Shirlynn. She could not imagine that Isi
would have kept it from her if the man had woken up
when she was dressing his wood the previous night, but
there was 'something' there. She resolved to find out

"Well.", she said, "tell us your story!"

He spread his big hands and shrugged:

"Isn't much to tell. Set out from Amsterdam on the 2.
with a pal of mine and his wife. The sailboat was his,
but I was the only sailor. We got into a storm down
south 4 days ago. It didn't seem too bad and I just
slept on - it 'was' his shift. I guess the fool got us
turned out of the wind for the only big blow in the
storm. We went round and sunk - cant have taken more
than 10 seconds." His voice did not waver during his
tale. In fact he seemed a little bored by it, just as
he had seemed by hers. During it all he kept smiling
and winking at Isi and even before his tale became
improbable, Jane had decided that she did not trust
him as far as she could throw him.

He bummed another cigarette and continued his story,
occasionally taking long breaks where he just smoked
and appeared to be thinking. The core of the matter
seemed to be that his idiotic friend had purchased a
life boat but had, instead of filling water in the
tanks and servicing it regularly, emptied the raft of
all provisions for theme-party that he had held half a
year earlier. Jane was pretty sure that the provisions
of an inflatable life raft were unreachable until it
was in fact inflated. She grabbed on to one of the
other oddities instead:

"You said, that you 'got into a storm south of here'."
She looked at him quizzingly, "How would you know
that, not knowing where 'here' is?"

"Watched the sun, didn't I?" he said, "Any fool knows
sun rises in east, don'tey? Drifted north like honkey
dory, saw it all along, I did!"

"Right!" Jane said sarcastically, "Was that before or
after you became unconscious?"

The reaction was immediate. He flew up and slapped her
across the face yelling:

"Don't make fun of me bitch! I'll fucking kill ya!" He
did not seem to exert himself to hit her, but she was
lifted off of the stool and flew backwards. Isi and
Cathy both threw themselves at the man, but they were
empty-handed and he waved them away like flies.
Bending down he grabbed the stool he had been sitting
on, turned it over and broke one of the legs of.
Weighing it in his hand he tossed the broken stool.

"Sit down!" he shouted. Isi got off the floor slowly
and sat on the bench. Cathy ignored him and crawled to
Jane, who had still not moved since he hit her.

"Sit down now!" he yelled again, "I 'will' bash you
fucking head in, bitch. Sit!" Jane had begun to move
and Cathy got up to the table slowly and sat down,
eying him with burning hatred.

"As I see it." he stated, "you girls are lucky. Out
here all alone, no man to tell ya what to do? I figure
I was sent by God to keep an eye on you gals!" Jane
had gotten up and was wiped her bleeding mouth with
the back of her hand:

"I figure you were sent too, " she spat, "but it sure
as hell wasn't from above." He feigned hitting her
again, but then he laughed; a surprisingly friendly
and nice sound.

"Are you fucking stupid?" he said, "I am the captain
and this is my fucking boat. You can stay as my bitch,
or you can sleep with the fishies - I really don't
give a fuck! Just make up your mind now. I have no
time for this bullshit." He glared down at her and
pointed to a stool with the piece of wood. Jane sat

"You are the captain." she almost whispered through
her broken lip, "I am your bitch." Tears of pain and
anger were flowing down her face.

"Better!" he yelled, "Much better! We're are going to
Africa and you can come, if you behave." He smiled
brightly at the women around the table. They each
squirmed under his look.

"If you don't." he said, "I'll beat the mother-loving
shit out of you! Will you behave?" They all nodded,

"Good!" he said and smiled at them, "Now was that so
hard?" They all met his eyes and his instincts told
him that they were not broken yet. He would have to
break them one by one; he could hardly wait.

"Now." he said and looked at Jane, "are there any
weapons on this boat?" Jane shook her head.

"Pistols, shotguns, semi-automatics, anything like
that?" he continued in case she did not know what
'weapons' meant. She shook her head too violently and
winced at the pain.

"There are no guns. I can't stand them. Won't have
them on my ship." she said. He immediately cautioned
at her by pointing with his stick.

"Your ship." she corrected herself.

"I believe you." he said, "I really do." He grabbed
Isi with his left hand and made his way to the door
half carrying, half dragging her.

"We will just check to make sure!" he said as he
opened the door, "If we find any kind of weapon, I'll
come back and rip you a new asshole!" He pulled Isi
through and slammed the door. Just right of the door
lay a wedge used to hold the door open in sunny
weather. Lomax slammed it in tight just by the knob.
It would not hold them forever but he was not planning
to look long. He had practically grown up on ships and
knew his way around them. There were rarely weapons on
ships of this size, but then he had never been on a
ship with an all female crew before, and he needed to
be sure.

"We will start on the bridge." the large man said and
let Isidora go. She looked up at him, craning her neck
just to make eye contact. She almost told him off on
general principle, but then she remembered the ease
with which he had ripped the stool apart. One might
not get a chance to apologize to a man like that!
Silently she pointed in the right direction. He
beckoned her to lead on and followed.

When they got there he told her to sit in the middle
of the room while he checked all closets.

"So do you have a name?" he said when they moved on to
the captains quaters.

"Isidora Jemayne" she said, not looking at him.

"Isi!" he yelled, "Thought I heard a name like that!"

"You never were unconscious were you?" Isi asked
rhetorically and then suddenly blushed when she
realized what that meant. The guy could still have
been sleeping of course.

"You 'dressed my wound'." he said in a tone of voice
indicating that he had been all there all the time.

'Had I known you then as I know you now.' she thought
angrily, 'I would have made a few instead. Given you a
reason to be in a coma!' Most of all she was angry
with herself for having touched this disgusting man
and for having invited what she knew was coming. They
reached the captain's quarters just on cue.

"Groovy bunk" Lomax said when he eyed the rebuild,
oversized bunk. Throwing out his arms he nearly
decapitated Isi and burst out, "Home, sweet home!" Isi
made her way to the center of the room and proceeded
to sit down but had her worst fears confirmed when he

"No, the bed now." Resigned to her fate she went to
the bunk and sat down. He was already unfastening his
poncho and pulling at the giant-sized diaper.

"We don't have long." he grunted and stepped up to her
with half an erection. "Just blow me!" The fit was
nearly perfect with her sitting and him standing. She
grabbed his cock with her right hand and, pressing,
gave it enough substance to enter her mouth. She was a
great cocksucker and soon had him rock-hard and had a
good suction going.

"Fucking wild." he said hoarsely and started swaying
his hips. The man had a long, beautiful cock that was
a fucking waste on an asshole like him and Isi caught
herself almost beginning to enjoy it and her own
competence. Instead she grabbed him at the base of his
cock to keep him from pressing to deep. She could
deep-throat, but it required mutual thrust, patience
and love. This fellow was so far of the mark it was

"Oh bitch." he moaned, "Oh you bitch! You made me
come. I'm coming!" Groaning he placed his big hands on
either side of her head and pulled but thanks to her
hand he stayed out of her throat. Then he came.

'The asshole even tastes good' Isi thought. 'Why is
all this does potential wasted on such a shithead?'
She let him finish him business and pull out. She knew
better than spitting (he would have made her lick it
up) and just let the semen drip from her lips while he
got back into his ridiculous costume.

He quickly searched the quarters afterwards (finding
nothing) and led her back to the galley. He was
smiling big and actually winked at her before he
removed the wedge and opened the door. Everyone was at
the table, but Jane sprang up.

"Larry! I have been thinking. I say we can work
something out, which will be accepta." He held out his
hand silencing her.

"First: Call me Lomax, that's my name. And: don't
think, you'll wrinkle." He grinned at them.

"We are not done. The little whore wanted lovin so we
had to stop. Wanted to se you were behavin. See you
later." He turned and pushed Isi out of the room. She
was bright red from anger and embarrassment.

This time nearly an hour passed before the door was
opened again. Isi was pushed into the room ahead of
Lomax. The 5 women had been talking about attempting
to overpower him and the more they talked about it,
the more they all agreed that they had to try. Nobody
had mentioned what it meant that he had already
molested Isi, but it was clearly on everybody's mind.
When the big man entered bowing heavily to fit through
the opening, Jane realized that all their plans were
naught. They had simply forgotten just how big this
guy was. He would kill 3 of them before they even
reached him. She looked around the table wanting to
caution everybody not to act, but saw in their faces
that they had all realized the same thing.

"Well." Lomax said "Good news. You can keep the number
of assholes you have!" Isi had moved to the table and
was still standing.

"Sit down!" he said to her and went to the table as
she did.

"We are almost done here, but I have a few rules." he
was still carrying the wooden leg and whacked it
strongly against the table in timing with the word
'rules'. Kops and rattled but nothing fell over.

"If I catch you with a weapon, I kill you. If you plot
against me, I kill you." Every time he said 'kill' he
gave the table another good whack.

"If you hide from me, I kill you. And rule number one:
If you change the course of the boat or try to use the
radio - I kill you bad. Believe me, you don't want
that!" They believed him.

Lomax took Jane and Biannka to the bridge and sent the
rest of them to make whatever preparations were
nessary to accommodate Jane's movement from the
captain's quarters down below. On the bridge he wanted
the radio moved to the captains quarters.

"Impossible" Biannka said. Jane nodded in agreement.
"The radio is an integrated part of the bridge. You
can no more move that than you can move the rudder."

"I will not sleep here." Lomax said, "and I will not
have you bitches calling the cops on me! If you can't
move it, I'll destroy it." He moved forward raising
the club.

"Wait." Jane shouted, "I may have an idea." She went
to the radio and pulled a panel that came away in her
hand. Inside was wiring and assorted electronics.

"The radio will not work without these." she said and
placed something in his hand. He tried activating the
radio a few times. It was indeed dead.

"You keep these." Jane said, "and the radio is under
your control."

"Why are you helping?" He asked her doubtingly.

"I don't want you smashing up my. the boat." Jane
claimed, "Also you might hit some other vital system.
I definitely don't want to be dead in the water with
no radio!" He seemed to accept that and closed his
hand on the two pieces of electronics.

"I want you two to plot a course to St. Louis" he
said, "I'll stove these away." He gave them just
enough time to misunderstand and start complaining
then he said:

"St. Louis, Senegal!" with a big grin and left the two
bewildered women.
The Plan

The two women stared at each other wide-eyed.

"Africa?" Jane said, "Does he think we'll just go to
Africa with him?" She tried to sound angry, but fear
and confusion made her voice tremble. Biannka placed a
comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I have been thinking about an idea." She half
whispered and looked dubious, "It might not work and
it could be quite dangerous!" Jane assured her:

"Lay it on me, Biannka. Right now the best plan I have
heard is going to fucking Senegal with a mad sex-
offender. I am open to all suggestions." Biannka laid
it on her. It was bold and ingenious, and it was
assured to piss Lomax off big time if it did not work.
But it might actually work, Jane realized. The biggest
problem was avoiding getting caught preparing it.

"Even presuming the healing pump can compensate for
moving the cargo around." Jane said, "and we don't tip
over, we'll probably need an hours worth of work.
He'll hear or feel or both."

"So we'll have to make sure that he does not." Biannka

'Easy for you to say' Jane thought, 'you are not the
one who is going to have to entertain him are you? But
of course." she admitted to herself, ".it wont be me
either, will it? He'll pick Cathy or Malu or even the
child, if he hasn't already had her!" Her heart aced
at the thought of her gentle lover in the grips of
that predator. Aloud she said:

"I'll talk to the others. Lets get this course
plotted." When Biannka passed her to get the charts,
Jane put a hand on her arm and said:

"If you get us out of this, the job as second mate of
Neptunia is yours for life." The older woman smiled:

"Thank you, captain! I'll hold you to that!"

By four in the afternoon, Jane had talked to everybody
and the plan had formed. Cathy had gotten the biggest
steaks out of the pantry and was preparing a real
feast with wine, two courses and massive amounts of
food. They were betting that he had not had a decent
meal in quite a while and would eat and drink too
much. He probably would not be daft enough to get
drunk or anything, but even delayed reactions would

For whatever reason Malu and Shirlynn were in the
passenger's quarters, talking too loud and not exactly
in their own voices. On the bridge Isi was attempting
to have a conversation with Lomax. He had requested
her presence, apparently believing that the others
would behave as long at he had a hostage. In a way he
was even right. Ultimately, the plan could not
commence if they were not all together for it.

Jane was in the engine-room running a complete check
on the healing pump from hydraulic pressure to manual
override. It was working at peek efficiency and should
be able (as was its function) to shift ballast fast
enough to compensate for the movement of the cargo,
thus keeping them level in the water.

Biannka was checking the cargo. She banged her fist
against the sides of the crates. They were large
wooden crates of a very sturdy build and weighed about
1.200 pounds each. Stacked two and two, there was less
than 7 inches between the top one and the main deck
(which of course was the ceiling down here). It seemed
perfect. Naturally, a million things could still go
wrong: He could hear or feel her working on the
crates, in which case he would probably bash her head
in. Or he could decide not to go look for them, in
which case they would look really stupid, with their
trap all set and lying in hiding. They'd just have to
hope for the best, she guessed.

When dinner came they were as ready as they were ever
going to be. Lomax ate more than any of them had ever
seen one man consume - admittedly most of them did not
have much of a reference, but still. On top of that he
drank more than an entire bottle of wine. When dinner
was done, if anything, he just appeared refreshed.

"That." Lomax said and smacked his lips, "was one of
the best meals I've ever had! I almost feel like
making the cook happy in return, but that will have to
wait a little." He rose and reached out to Maul, who
stood and took the offered hand.

"We don't want to be disturbed!" He said, as he pulled
Malu out of the room, "You behave now!"

They had known that this was coming and had agreed
that whoever got picked would have to entertain him
for at least an hour, to give Biannka time to set the
trap. They had not discussed what to do if she got
picked herself (she was the only crewmember who had
the nessary prowess with the forklift to even attempt
the reshuffle of the crates) -past forty and not
beautiful by any conventional standard, the chances
that he would pick her were considered slim at best.
Even Shirlynn was taken into confidence, everyone
hoping that she would not be the one picked (though
after their talk, Jane felt almost sure that Lomax had
already licked that particular pot of honey).

Biannka rose the second the door shut behind Lomax and
his victim of the hour:

"I will need someone to call the distances." she said
and left without waiting for the election. Isi jumped
from her seat and followed Biannka saying that she
would handle it. The remaining three began clearing
the table more to pass the time than anything else.

The minute the door closed, Malu changed. She pulled
away from him and sat down on the bunk, straightening
her back to show off a pair of very nice, well-formed
breasts. Her attitude was that of a person who was in
complete control and indeed that was how she felt.
Among women she often felt immature and daft, but here
she was on her home-turf. Men, she had always felt,
were her special area of expertise!

"I was hoping you would pick me." she said and curled
one of her light red locks around her index finger.
Lomax had gone to the corner for a beer but jerked his
head up and looked over at her at that. She smiled:

"We have been out for weeks! A girl gets urges, you
know?!" Malu claimed and removed her T-shirt. She was
wearing her best underwear, a dark brown and flimsy
thing that was exactly the right shade for her fair
skin. When she looked up again Lomax was staring wide-
eyed at her ample breasts and she knew that she had
him right where she wanted him. Basically she had
never met a man who would not rather receive than
take, and apparently Lomax was no exception. If you
could pretend to give it up freely and maybe even like
it, you could make them do anything.

Anyway they 'had' been at sea for 10 days and a girl
'did' get urges. The guy was build like an Olympic
athlete and wanted to get down - she was all with

Lomax was shedding the ridicules costume and moving to
the bed. When he got there, he almost stabbed her in
the throat with his all but fully erect dick and took
a large swig from his beer. Things were moving way too
fast - it would never take an hour that way - and she
would get no release. She slipped sideways away from
his meat-dagger and stood.

"Can I have a beer too? I am a little dry." she said,
already moving for the corner with the beer. He made a
'suit yourself gesture' and pouted a little. She
smiled back at him:

"Why don't you lay down and get comfortable?" Still
clearly feeling put down he did. His erection had
dwindled a little. Opening her beer Malu eyed it
worriedly; she liked her meat strong and big and was
not impressed yet. Still, it was what she had to work
with, so it would have to do.

She drank form her beer and put it down on the floor
at the end of the bunk and knelt. His feet were less
than clean. There was nothing on board that he could
have used for shoes and he had walked around barefoot
all day. She skipped over his feet and planted a wet
kiss on his left ankle. At that exact time she felt
and faintly heard the movement of the forklift in the
cargo area. Naturally she was expecting it, waiting
for it even, but she could not believe that he did not
register it! She increased her pace a little and
kissed her way up his right and left leg faster than
she would have normally done.

Apparently what she did do was good enough for him.
When she reached his crotch, he was back at full mast.
He was quite long, but not as thick as Malu liked
them. A lightly pungent smell rose from him and Malu
quickly jumped to her feet and ran to the sink by the
door. He eyed her suspiciously as she wetted a towel
and returned to the bunk. She gave him the basic
rubdown; cock-head, testicles and asshole. Then she
sniffed experimentally, threw the towel away, smiled
up at him and planted a big kiss on the purple head.

She then widened her mouth and took him in. She was
immediately forgiven for her tardiness. He moaned and
jerked his hips from the word go. She sucked him
directly into her mouth and played with the cock-head
with her tongue. Then she almost let him out, released
suction and teased him lightly with her teeth. sucking
him in again she bobbed her head hard and fast like a

When that almost had him cumming, she let him fall out
and licked his shaft and balls while she masturbated
him with slow deliberate stokes. She alternated like
this for minutes on end, until finally he was
breathing hard and getting more persisting in his
movements. She grabbed the base of his cock hard
enough to get his attention:

"If I lets you come in my mouth," she said, "will you
be able to get it up again soon?" He nodded quickly
and enthusiastically, closed his eyes and tilted his
head back again. She would have chanced it anyway.
There was no way that she could spend an hour with the
guy if he could only come once. In her experience all
men could be 'resurrected' within 5-10 minutes if they
had not worked to get off. Needless to say, her
statistical evidence for this assumption was somewhat
tainted; she had never tried it on anyone older than

She took him as deep as she could and did another
short sprint. This time when he started jerking, she
let him come. His semen had a nice, almost sweet taste
to it. Malu was a natural come-lover, but even she had
never had anything like it. It went down like

He lay still for a while and she just drank from her
beer and enjoyed the sheer massiveness of his beauty.
When she lit a cigarette he opened his eyes and smiled
at her. They shared the cigarette in silence. She let
her hand play lightly on his colossal thigh and even
before the cigarette was gone, he was more or less
ready again.

What would really have got her going at that point was
a long-lasting, rough cunt-licking, but her female
instincts told her that Lomax was not that kind of a
guy. Instead she pushed him down on his back and sat
on his cock - locking it between his stomach and her
sex. She then proceeded to grate her clitoris against
the entire length of his cock. Adjusting the angle a
little she covered him with her abundant juices
(sucking cock would always get her wet) and resumed
the rubbing.

Keeping their sexes together she lowered her lips to
his and they kissed. One deep kiss was all he got. He
badly needed to brush his teeth and kissed too roughly
for her tastes. Instead she placed the palms of her
hands on his massive chest, rose from his cock and
caught it with her vagina when it tilted upwards.

She pushed down on it and sighed deeply as it
penetrated her. This was exactly what she had needed.
She ground her pelvis against his and felt him banging
roughly against her uterus. Rising and falling she
soon found a good rhythm. Her inner lips were
unusually large and meaty and every time she rose on
his dick she felt them dragging along his shaft. She
had had that sensation before of course, but the
length of his dick made it especially wild.

Now totally lost in the moment, her movements got less
deliberate and faster. Digging her sharp and strong
nails into his chest she almost drew blood. Her pace
was now controlled solely by her oncoming orgasm.
Despite his impressive length she almost lost contact
with him twice. Then it hit her. She thrust herself
down at him hard once, went totally rigid and
screamed. Her cunt-muscles worked up and down his
shaft while she came and came, but having just spewed
his load, he held back. Finally she relaxed her steel-
grip on his chest and sunk off him onto the bunk.

She had no idea how long they had been at it, but even
before she went into overdrive, she felt the movement
in the cargo bay stopping. She was sure that it had
been at least 5 minutes since the last trip of the
forklift. It was time to move. She took a swig of the
beer and lit another cigarette. One drag she took, and
then she gave it to Lomax and lay with her right arm
and leg across him, caressing his chest.

"That was great!" she whispered in his ear. "I don't
know what you fancy, but I would really love for you
to finish up in my ass if you like!" A sudden
stiffness told her, that she had his undivided

"You would? Great." She said. Then the gamble:

"Only I have to clear out the canal, if you know what
I mean. There is a hose in the other bathroom. I would
be 5 minutes tops!" He did and said nothing for maybe
10 seconds during which she fought to act and breathe
normally. Then he nodded:

"Hurry up then." She rose and quickly slipped into
panties and T-shirt, blew him a kiss and went
unhurried (she hoped) out the door.

The trip down the stairs and along the corridor was
one of the longest she had ever made. She did not dare
to run, lest she fell, but finally reached door to the
cargo bay. Inside the entire gang was waiting.

"Are you OK?" Jane asked even as she pulled her
through a tight crevice between two stacks of crates.
Malu told her that she was fine and joined the others
by the outer hull. Quickly activating the forklift
Biannka backed the stack of two crates back towards
the group. When the crates were level with the other
crates she stopped and almost, but not quite lowered
the stack. Then she turned of the forklift. They had
to hope that Lomax would not notice the discrepancy of
half an inch in height. There would not be time for
both turning the forklift on 'and' raising the stack.

The trap was set.

There were 5 feet from the wall to the row of crates;
just enough to accommodate the forklift. At this end
of the passage the crates were stacked against the
wall and at the other end it narrowed in to just a
couple of inches from the outer hull. On the other
side the crates were stacked in the same fashion,
creating a narrow corridor by the door that widened
out further down the 45 feet long cargo bay. In this
fashion they had created an area up front that could
not be surveyed from the door or by moving less than
halfway down the corridor.

They were hoping that Lomax would walk down this
corridor, allowing them to box him in with the two
massive crates on the forklift.

"How long do you think?" Cathy whispered to Malu, who
was shivering next to her.

"He 'really' wanted me back." Malu said and in the
darkness Cathy could hear her smiling "can't be long

Exactly on cue there was the loud bang of a door being
hit with the improvised club. Lomax also yelled
something threatening but he was still too far away
for them to make sense of his threats.

"OK" Jane whispered to Shirlynn who had been put in
charge of the tape recorder, "Turn on and let go!"
Malu and Shirlynn had produced a tape recording that
was basically human noise. It was designed to convince
Lomax that there really was somebody at the end of the
passage. Shirlynn hit 'play' and let go of the small
square recorder. A length of sting went from it to the
top of the last most crate. The recorder swung
downward and outward until it ended up outside the
narrow passage where, hopefully, it would sound to
Lomax like several woman discussing.

They all held their breath. Lomax was slowly and
methodically making his way down the corridor checking
quarter by quarter, storage room by storage room. All
the while he was banging his stick and yelling
obscenities. When he finally reached the cargo bay, he
was so mad, that all the finer points of their plan
were void.

The door flew open and he stormed down the corridor.
It all went so fast that he had reached the end and
found the cassette recorder before Biannka even had
time to react. An angry roar and the sound of the
recorder shattering accompanied the sudden rumble for
the forklift as Biannka finally threw the switch and
accelerated the heavy crates.

Lomax had less than two seconds to register the
situation and react on it. He was 30 feet away from
the rapidly diminishing gap and still he almost made
it! Had Biannka reacted half a second slower, he would
have gotten through. Instead he crashed against the
side of the two crates with his entire weight,
actually tipping them and the forklift backwards. The
top crate touched the roof and tipped back down.
Biannka immediately released the fork placing the
crates firmly on the deck.

Roaring Lomax crashed into the crates again, but even
he could not move the 2.400 pounds of sturdy wooden
crates; there just was a kind of a wet 'thud'. With
that he suddenly fell silent. The woman did not dare
to move - the gigantic pressure of the past 10 hours
was taking its toll and they simply did not dare to
believe that their tormentor had been contained. Cathy
was the first to snap out of it.

"Somebody should be on the bridge!" she said. Jane
nodded and found Isi's eyes in the semi darkness.

"Isi, please take the helm." Jane said. Isi moved for
the door immediately, but Jane caught her arm, "Under
the main access-panel of the radio two fuses are
missing. Replace them, and put out a general distress
call." Isi gave the briefest nod and hurried away.

At the same time Biannka killed the engine of the
forklift. In the sudden silence they could hear Lomax
moving around in his improvised cage. Now and then he
banged his stick against crates or hull, but already
appeared resigned to his fate. Biannka got off the
forklift and put a hand on Jane's shoulder. On
Biannka's other side Cathy put her arm around her and
pulled Shirlynn into the huddle. Soon a group-hug

They were still hugging when the first blow hit. The
noise was incredible. It resonated around the steel-
hull of the Neptunia and was still there when the
second blow hit. Jane and Biannka looked at each

"I don't think that Lomax wants to go to France."
Biannka said. Jane stared at her in incomprehension
for a second, then she said:

"But how? With what?" She looked at nothing, thinking
hard. Then, "Jesus! The old loading hatch." They all
looked at her.

"He is banging the old loading hatch. Is probably
using the batten!" Jane explained, "But it doesn't
make sense! It is welded shut. There is no way he
could." At that time she was cut short by a sudden
freezing sensation by her feet. She looked down at
them, but her overworked nerves did not allow her to
identify what she saw.

"Captain," Biannka said in a slow and insisting voice,
"would the old hatch be below sea level with this
load?" Jane looked up at her and down at her feet and
finally back up at Biannka.

"Jesus, Mary and Josef!" Jane whispered, "He is
sinking my ship!" She flung herself at the crates that
separated her from Lomax and screamed:

"You are sinking my ship, you insane psychopath! We'll
all die!" Biannka grabbed her by the shoulders and
moved her toward the door. Shirlynn, Cathy and Malu
were right behind them. The water was rising rapidly
in the cargo bay but had not yet spilled over into the
main corridor yet. Malu quickly closed and locked the
door. It was not designed to withstand pressure and
was not watertight. It would not buy them much time.

"Get to the main deck." she called to the three
youngsters, taking control where the captain could
not, "If he gets through that hatch I want you to make
damn sure that he doesn't get back on board. Clubber
him if you must!" They rushed away immediately, Cathy
hesitating to cast one quick worried glance at Jane.
Biannka knelt by Jane's side:

"I have to go to Isidora now. Can I leave you here?"
she said clearly worried about the younger woman. Jane
made a hand gesture indicating that she would be fine.
Biannka was not so sure, but had no time to discuss it
and rushed away to the bridge. Jane remained on the
floor, staring wide-eyed at nothing, trying to get her
mind around their impossible situation. A little later
a huge groaning noise indicated that the superhuman
giant had finally broken open the antiquated hatch.

Biannka reached the bridge in a short time and found
Isi at the helm looking worried.

"What is going on down there." Isi asked, "She's gone
all sluggish and is responding weirdly to the rudder."
Biannka did not answer immediately.

"Isidora," she said, "Did you place that distress
call? Please say you didn't!"

"I didn't. I had no time! Haven't even replaced the
fuses." Isi's brow furrowed, "Bin, what the fuck is
going on?" Biannka moved to the controls and quickly
turned all emergency pumps on. Then she activated the
ballast pumps, shedding all possible ballast-water in
order to raise the boat in the water. It would
probably not bring the old hatch out of the water, but
it had to do.

"He's banged a hole in the starboard bow. We are
taking water into the cargo bay." Biannka explained,
"That's the point about the distress call. If he gets
out, we might have to kill him! Can't have people come
looking for him after that." At precisely that moment
a long groaning noise was heard all thorough the ship.
Lomax was in the water!

On the main deck Shirlynn, Malu and Cathy were ready
for him. Shirlynn was holding the sorry remains of the
stool that Lomax tore apart; the other two held
boathooks at the ready. He was naked again when he
slipped into the water. The second he emerged Shirlynn
lost her nerve and threw the busted up stool at him.
It flew well over and past him, doing no damage.

He ignored them and swam directly for the life raft,
which the Neptunia was still dragging. Cathy and Malu
raced him to the ropes. As he reached the raft they
were already frantically cutting at the ropes. He
slipped into the raft and strangely just sat there
watching them as them cut him loose. Once free the
life raft quickly fell behind the Neptunia, which was
still under power.

Absurdly Lomax got up to the canvas and waved at three
women on the main deck. Malu felt a crazy urge to wave
back at him, but fought it down. Soon the life raft
was just an orange speck on the horizon. Lomax had
left them.



They did not sink. Dumping ballast and pumping water
out of the cargo bay eventually raised the hatch above
the waterline. After that they were able to pull the
hatch shut and batten it down. It was not watertight
anymore, but the pumps were easily able to combat the
light trickle. The pumps were designed to operate
constantly, but taking no chances Jane Street called
in their position and the situation with the hatch the
next day.

She stated that cargo had shifted in rough weather and
caused the damage. Even when the Neptunia was in dry
dock in France and the workers insisted that 'no way
could cargo do that', Jane and her crew were adamant.
It seemed even stranger when the captain insisted that
the hatch be replaced with solid steel plates, which
was more than four times as expensive as unbending and
welding the hatch.

No one ever called Shirlynn 'Rich kid' again and when
her mother forgave her and called her home, she stayed
on the Neptunia for two extra trips and got off in
Canada. More than a year went by before she showed up
back at her mothers. But that is an entirely different

When the Neptunia disappeared on the horizon, Lomax
zipped the canvas, lay back and was soon drifting off
to sleep. A new ship would come along soon. One always

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