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Archived Sex Stories

Restless Nights 2


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write some my
own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel) more character
development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It is
based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any similarities to
anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the names have been changed
to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available at my
web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for access"
sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out (including these
comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

PS: My thanks to the lovely lady who gave me the inspiration for this
story, you know who you are.

Restless Nights II

I was just finishing up brushing my hair before bed, and decide to log
onto the internet before I went to bed. I was so thrilled when my parents bought me a computer for my birthday the month before.

Right after my friends found out that I had the internet, they
immediately started to tell me about the chat rooms. I logged on, and
fired up my ICQ. I spent the next 20 minutes responding to messages from
my friends, and then attacked the messages from strangers.

3 messages were nothing but spam. I immediately placed those on ignore.
There, will not be bothered by them again. Then 2 messages from guys, both
from the same town I live in, and obviously trying to hit on me. That was
the last thing I needed right now.

I politely responded though, and let it be known I was not interested.
If they responded equally nice, I might have some new friends. If they
continued to push, I could place them on ignore also. Easy thing to do.

I then checked my e-mail. Damn, just junk mail. I placed them in my
trash can, and activated MIRC.

I logged onto DalNet, and popped into my usual room. A chorus of "Hi
Pixie" appeared as I entered. Pixie was the nickname I used in IRC, and I
was fairly well known in this room. TeenSex was a room I found by accident
one night when I was bored and wandering around.

While I was constantly propositioned, there were some nice people in
there too. Dolph was a guy from New York that I chatted with fairly often.
While we would flirt, nothing else normally happened. LongTallSoldier was
a 19 year old guy that was in the army and stationed in Washington state.
He tried to get me to do the cyber thing a few times, but I always politely
turned him down.

"Hugs there girlie! Long time no see! Can't sleep again?" That came
from Scarlet, a girl I chatted to fairly often from San Jose. She was one
of my best friends on-line. Two months ago, I would have laughed at the
thought of having "good friends" that I had never even met. But now, I
realized how these things could happen. Scarlet was a lot like me, 18 and
a junior in High School. But unlike me, she had bright red hair (we had
traded pictures before), and was a real tease.

Well, maybe tease is not the right word for Scarlet. "Slut" might be
better, if the truth were told. At least once a week, it seemed like she
would leave the room with some guy, and do some cyber with him. Once, I
even came into the room, and they were well past second base right in the
room! Things were going good, until a jerk tried to jump into the middle
and ruined it. Many times, I remembered back to that evening, and if she
would have gone all the way with us all watching.

I spent the next 20 minutes turning down offers to cyber, guys pestering
me to "show us your tits", describe the color of my panties, and other such
things. In the last few weeks, I discovered a teasing aspect inside of
myself that I never knew I had. Sometimes, I would even answer these
questions. Of those that came into the room, roughly 20-30 were
"Regulars". I was one of the newest of the regulars.

We were the ones that came in at least several times a week. We were
the flirters, the jokers, the ones that were sick enough to come night
after night after night.

Now I am by no means a shy virgin in the room. The long T-shirt I often
wear to bed turns into a silk teddy once I enter. I had even tried to
cyber a few times, but it was never all that great to me. I would rather
masturbate to my own imagination or a good erotic story.

Scarlet was in rare form tonight. She was sitting in some guy's lap as
she talked about a party she had gone to the night before. It seems like I
came in half-way through the story, but she sent me a private message on
the side, and helped bring me up to speed.

Even I was in shock reading THIS story. She actually went down on 2
guys the same night? One of them while his girlfriend watched! She
quickly brought the story to a conclusion, and we started to chat in
private while the guys commented on her "storytelling" skills.

While we chatted on the side, she continued to wiggle on Nevada Kid's
lap. Occasionally one of them or the other would get a little more bold,
which was interesting, considering our conversation was centering around
other things all together.

"Pixie, I got that new silk blouse I have been wanting for so long."

Pixie was my on-line name, in consideration of the fact that I am so
short. "Oh really, cool! The forest green one?"

"Yea, it's great. I even wore it to the party last night. Hehehe"

"Oh really? Wow, I bet you looked hot!"

"Well, I didn't get any complaints, that's for sure! For some reason, I
forgot to put my bra on before I left."

"You didn't! Oh my god Scarlet, really?"

"Oh come on Pixie, you know I leave it off all the time when I go to

"Yea, I know that. But in a silk blouse? I mean, you must have been
obvious, it was so thin."

"Uh-huh. But that made it even easier, if you know what I mean.

At this time, Scarlet and Nevada Kid got into an argument, and she left
the room. It seems that he was trying to go from sliding his hand inside
of her nightie, to inside of her panties. Even though it was not real,
Scarlet seemed upset at his liberties without her permission. She pushed
his hand away, only to have him put it back.

Finally, she tired of his antics, slapped him, and left the room. The
others in the room started to jump on Nevada Kid's case. He was a newbie,
and it was not appreciated that he hassled a regular like Scarlet the way
he did.

I was watching this with one window, while Scarlet and I continued to
chat in another. She continued to tell me about her evening the night

She got to the party with a friend of hers, and immediately started to
flirt with an old boyfriend of hers. Before long, the two of them were in
his car, and she was sucking him off as he fingered her. She had worn a
skirt that night, so he had fairly easy access between her legs.

I was kinda quiet reading this. "Oh come on Pixie, I know you're a
virgin. But you also know that I'm a slut."

"Oh no, I would never say that Scarlet." I protested.

"You may not, but I will. It's OK, I'm a slut. I lost count last year.
But by then, I had slept with over 40 guys, and had done other things with
another 40 more at least."

"Oh my god, 80 guys?"

"And that was last year. I think I am with at least 1-2 different guys a week. By now, my count is easily over 100 men."

"Scarlet! Oh god, I mean... that is kinda dangerous, isn't it? I
mean, you can get pregnant, or AIDS or something like that."

"Oh Pixie, thanks for your concern (HUG). But I rarely do it without a
condom. Those times I do, is either with somebody I know and trust well,
or with a virgin."

"Virgin?" I asked. "But is that really safe?"

"Well, it has worked so far for me. I 've been on the pill since I was
15. And I get myself tested at a local clinic every 3 months. So far, in
over 5 years I have never gotten anything worst then a yeast infection.
And I don't think I got that from sex."

"Wow" was all I could say. I mean, I had known that Scarlet was
experienced, but not that much! 100 men, the number boggled my mind.

She then proceeded to tell me about some of them. She had done
threesomes, even a few all-out orgies. And last week she got involved in a
"circle jerk", with 2 guys and herself and 2 other gals masturbating

"I mean, there is nothing like watching somebody else masturbate. We
all do it differently."

"We do?" was all I could think of saying. It had never thought about it
like that.

"Oh yes, of course! Angie did it lying on her back, with her knees bent
and her ankles crossed. I could not see much, but she seemed to just slip
her hand between her legs and rub her clit. Her other hand would be wiping
sweat from her face, or squeezing her breasts."

"Oh wow" was all I could say to that. But I could picture it in my

"Yea, I had never tried that before, but I am gonna do it soon just to
see how it felt. When she got off, her back arched up and she gasped and
shuddered. It sure looked strong. Kattie was more like me. She had her
legs spread wide, with her knees bent slightly. One hand would vary from
rubbing her clit, and slipping 2 or 3 fingers inside of herself. I could
almost swear it was me if I did not know better."

"What about the guys?" I was now squeezing my legs slightly, and could
feel my nipples tighten up even more. I was definitely getting turned on

"Well, I had done both of them in the past, so nothing there was totally
new to me. Gary is average in size, maybe 7 inches long and kinda skinny.
He just squeezed and rubbed along the length as he watched me and the other
girls. He was also the first to cum, after maybe 5 minutes. But like when
he was with me, he got hard again, and came a second time about 10 minutes

"Wow, he came twice before you came once?"

"Well, hehehe, kinda. I actually had a small orgasm about the same
time. But I hid it and kept going. Then I held back for as long as I
could. That second one knocked my socks off, I tell ya!"

"Hmmmm. Wow. I imagine it would, watching those guys jacking off. Did
they shoot out a lot?"

"Well, Gary shot maybe 2-3 tablespoons worth of cum, the furthest spurts
hitting around his neck. The rest of it reached from his belly down and
covered his hand. Johnny shot a lot more. His cock was about the same
length as Gary's, but MUCH thicker. He was holding himself out away from
himself, and it seemed like a hose when he came. I came right after he
did, seeing that thick white sperm shooting out like that. There was a
huge puddle of it on the floor, it seemed like about a quarter cup of the

Just reading those words had me SO excited. I imagined myself watching
the 5 of them, horny teens like myself pleasuring themselves as each
watched the other. I hardly noticed that my right hand was caressing my
breast through the long t-shirt I used as a nightie. In fact, I reread the
last thing Scarlet had written, not realizing how long it was taking.

"Pixie, you there? I didn't loose you, did I?"

I quickly moved my hands back to the keyboard and typed in "No, I'm
here. Sorry, was just thinking."

"Uh-huh, sure. And what were you thinking of Pixie? (wink)"

"Oh, you know. Thinking of what a room with 5 horny teenagers must have
been like."

"Oh, it was GREAT! In fact, I have relived it myself several times
since then. But none of the times were as great as that was."

"I can imagine" I replied. "Ya gonna do it again?"

"What, relive the experience, or actually do that again?"

"Hehehe, do it again I mean, of course! I imagine that you can relive
it whenever you want, as long as you are alone (grin)"

"Well, that all depends, of course. In fact, I may be doing the other
VERY soon."

As I read this, I realized that I had crossed my legs very high up, and
was squeezing them together. And I was also leaning forward, putting more
pressure then usual on my groin. I reminded me that I had not done it
myself in several days.

It is strange. Just like my girl friends in real life, we would talk
about masturbation. But at the same time as we talked about it, we never
actually talked about it. We all knew that we all did it, but at the same
time, we never actually admitted to it. "The Deed" or "It" normally took
it's place.

"So, want me to let you go then Scarlet? (grin) Sounds like you may be
busy real soon here (wink)"

"Naw, it's ok. I will let you know if I have to take a short break

I actually read that 3 times, wondering if it said what I think it said.
I mean, was she saying that she was actually doing it now, or that she was
going to be doing it soon?

"Why do you say that girl?" I asked. "Are you doing something you

"Well... That all depends on what you mean sweetie" she replied. "I
mean, the Surgeon General is the one that told me that this is OK.
Besides, there is only the two of us here, after all. (grin)"

Oh my god! She was actually doing it! Masturbating!

"Uh-huh" was all I could think of to say for a moment. "Well, if you
are gonna do something, make sure you do it right."

"Hmmmm, I think I'm doing it right Pixie. At least, I am sure I am
gonna get the desired result."

"Oh you slut" I said. "You mean that you are doing it as we talk?"

"Well, that depends on what you mean by 'it' my friend."

"Oh, come on, you know what I mean!"

She was obviously teasing me, but now I was curious how long I could
draw it out. I had tried the "cyber" think a few times before, but never
with another girl. I had never seriously considered any lesbian activity,
other then the natural curiosity that all teens go through. But at this
moment, I felt a vicarious thrill at the thought of chatting with Scarlet
while she masturbated. I was now curious how far I could push her.

"Oh, so you mean that as you are talking to me, your virginal friend,
you are letting your fingers do the walking?" Maybe by being a little more
explicit, maybe I could get her to admit it. Maybe having somebody else
actually admit to doing what I did when alone, it might help me relax when
the right time came.

"Hmmm, kinda. Right now, am just wiggling a bit in my chair, and my
fingers are caressing my nipples. Is amazing how hard they can get, ya

"Oh, I hear you there. Sometimes, mine almost hurt when I am turned
on." There, I had finally admitted something I had never told anybody else.

"Oh yea! Same here. Sometimes, I can almost cum just from stimulation
on my breasts."

"Yea, me too."

"Oh yea, like when? I know that you could almost be a nun you are so

I then found myself telling her again about my most extreme sexual
encounter almost 2 years ago. When Mark had sucked my breasts as we ground
against each other. She listened to the entire story as if it was the
first time I told it, then after about 20 seconds, finally responded.

"You mean that was your first orgasm? Wow, that sounds so great! I
wish my first time had been with somebody else. Instead, I was alone in my

"Yea, like me so many times" I said. "Well, other then occasionally in
the shower, that is about the only place I get off."

"Well, you should try other places then. The girl's room at school can
be fun, as well as at the computer."

"What, you mean cyber? I tried that a few times, was not all that great
to me."

"Well Pixie, you never looked at a hot picture or movie while you did
it? Or read a hot story? I think I masturbate in front of the computer
more then anyplace else."

"Well, I sometimes look at those things. But I have never actually
masturbated to them before. I just go to bed and remember them as I do
it." What was I doing? Telling somebody who I had never actually met about
my most intimate sexual secrets! Then again, this was getting real
exciting. I could feel the swelling in my groin for sure now. I knew that
before the night was over, I would have to get off also.

"Well, you should try it some time then. It just takes some practice is

"I guess you are an expert, eh?"

"(grin) You could say that. It is a technique that I have perfected
over the last few years. Just make sure that you have a towel handy."

"Yea, you sound like an expert" I said. A towel, if this kept up I
would need to sit on one as well. I could feel my panties starting to grow
damp now. And when not typing, my hands had drifted back to my breasts several times now.

"Well, I should be. I have probably done this here several hundred
times by now."

"Oh wow, you are a slut!" I exclaimed.

"You know it girlfriend! If I don't cum at least once a day, I tend to
get cranky."

"And how many times has it been today?"

"Well, this is gonna be my first one. Last time for me was yesterday
morning before school, and I really need it." Yes, that is as good as a
definite admission that she was masturbating as we talked. And her typing
was noticeably slower. One handed?

"Uh-huh" was all I could think of to say however.

"How about you? When was the last time you got off?"


"Oh, come on! If I can admit it, so can you!"

"Well, I think it was Tuesday morning in the shower."

"That was what, 4 days ago? What are you waiting for? A personal

Being the smart-ass I often am, I said "Yea, that is exactly what I am
waiting for."

I was floored when she replied "Well, then you have one. Skin off those
clothes and join me (grin)"

I just looked at the screen for a moment, then replied "What, I suppose
that you are doing it now?"

"Uh-huh. As I said, without at least one good cum a day, Scarlet gets
to be a cranky girl."

"And what, may I ask, are you doing?" Was this me being this bold?

"Well, since you asked, I am sliding my index and middle fingers up and
down my slit."

Wow! This was starting to get to close for comfort to me. It felt
wicked, exciting, and erotic. But it also felt depraved, slutty, and
almost a lesbian thing. How far was I willing to let this go? I knew if I
did not stop it somehow now, it might go to far.

"Pixie, you still here?"

"Yea" was all I could think of to reply. This was my best on-line
friend, and I did not want to hurt her. Yet at the same time, I wanted her
to both stop, and also to continue.

"Come on girlfriend, is this bothering you?"

"Well, kinda. I am not to sure about this."

"Oh, the little straight girl. Wait, I did not mean that the way it
sounded, honest! I just thought that you might enjoy something different.
I do not want to make you mad or anything."

"Well, I'm not sure what it is, to be honest Scarlet. I mean, part of
me is enjoying it." Oh, how part of me was enjoying it! I could feel how
damp my panties were. And I was aching to do a little of that myself.
"But another part of me says it is wrong. I mean, I am not a lesbian, and
this is not something I have ever really done before."

"Well, if you are worried about becoming a lesbian, don't worry. To be
honest, I have done this several times with other straight girls." What,
she has? "Let's see if this makes sense. All we would be doing is
pleasuring ourselves. I would not 'touch' you in any way uninvited. It
would be similar to you or I watching a movie of another girl, or sitting
in the same room. I mean, just like last week. Angie is perfectly
straight, but she seemed to enjoy watching me as well as watching the guys.
I think it was the enjoyment of watching somebody else receiving pleasure
that she enjoyed. Kinda like bio-feedback, ya know what I mean? It is the
feelings and emotions that feed back upon itself, not the actual act."

"What about the other girl? And the guys, did they watch each other

"Well, Kattie is bisexual like me. We have even gotten it on together a
few times. But she is more straight then I am. Gary and Johnny are both
straight as arrows (as well as pointing like arrows at the time hehehe). I
caught them looking at each other a few times, but you know how guys are
more hung up on that sort of thing then we are. You will almost never see
2 guys hugging or kissing cheeks when they meet, but we do it all the time.
I guess that we are more physical in showing our feelings in that way then
they are. Sometimes, I even feel sorry for them for that."

Well, she was certainly right about that. Many times I had hugged
girlfriends just saying hello, and I proceeded to tell her that. In many
ways, I guess she was making sense. I was still not sure about this
though. But I also noticed that I was starting to rock slowly back and
forth. The pressure in my groin was escalating, and I would need some sort
of relief soon, or a cold shower.

"Yea, you are right about that girl. But if you want a hint, those of
us like me have a little code you might want to follow. If you are
referring to a friend that is female, you call her a 'girl friend'. If she
is a lover, you call her a 'girlfriend'. Notice the difference?"

"Yea, I guess I do. I just never thought of it in that way before.
Wait, CutiePie does that also at times. This last weekend, she spent the
night with her girlfriend, but tonight, she went bowling with her girl friend. Is she bisexual?"

"Well, I am not sure if it is my right to say, but she has also never
really made a secret of her preferences. If you were to ask her, she would
admit to being a lesbian. But like me, she also does not go around
advertising the fact she prefers other girls."

Wow, what was this? I had known that Scarlet was bisexual for months.
But this was the first time she hinted she was more into girls then guys.
This made me think of her in a different light.

"Scarlet, did I read that right? I thought you preferred guys."

"Well, not really. I love sex in almost any way that is not demeaning
or painful. But if given a choice, I would much rather make love to a soft
gentle girl then a rough quick-shot boy. So if given a choice, I will take
a girl most of the time. But also I would not turn down a guy if he
appealed to me, or if I was in the mood to have something nice and hard
inside of me."

"Wow, really? Why not just use a vibrator then? Would that not give
you the best of both worlds?"

"Not really. I enjoy toys at times, but something hard cold and plastic
will never take the place of something soft warm and made of flesh.
Besides, I get a real sexy feeling when a guy lets loose and cums inside of
me. I love to feel the throbbing, and the wetness. And a hard chest
against mine is nice also at times. Not to mention that a sweaty guy can
just smell so dammed sexy at times!"

Dang, I could appreciate that thought! Although I had never had a guy
cum in me, I could appreciate those thoughts. I barely realized that my
left had and wandered back down to my groin, and was caressing myself
through my panties. I just stared at those words as I slowly started to
sink into my own little word of pleasure, waiting for her to continue.

"Pixie, you here?"

"Yea, sorry about that. Just thinking."

"Uh-huh, sure you were (grin). I bet you were doing the Jocelyn."

"(giggle) Well, to be honest, I guess I kinda was." Wow, again I wonder
at what I was saying. An hour ago, I would never imagine that I would
admit to masturbating. Now I was telling her that I was doing it as we
spoke. Has this gone to far for me to stop now? And more importantly, did
I want it to?

"Does that feel good my friend?"

"Well," I said. "I would be lying if I said it didn't. But I can't
believe I am actually doing this Scarlet."

"Well, just relax and let what happens happen. I mean, you are only
doing something that you were gonna do tonight anyways. And I was going to
do the same thing. You and I both know that. But think of it this way: if
it felt good by yourself, imagine how good it may feel to share it with
somebody else."

"Yea, guess you are right there. I remember when I was with Mark. I
came harder knowing that he was with me then probably any time since then.
Well, I have cum harder, but not very often."

"There you go Pixie, you are getting into it now. Damm, this is getting
to me something fierce also. I can hardly believe how wet I am talking to
you right now. Knowing that this is going to be your first time, and I am
the one that is sharing it with you. This may sound like a cliche, but
what are you wearing?"

"Well, I am already dressed for bed. I got on one of my dad's old t-shirts. It is dark green, and it rides down to about mid-thigh when I
stand up. And a pair of white cotton panties."

"Hmmm, almost the way I had you pictured already, other then the color
of your tshirt. And let me guess, the panties are medium rise, comfortable
and practical?"

"Uh-huh (giggle) What else do you think I would wear?"

"Hehehe, true. Not like you got anybody in your life to show them off
to. And let me make another guess: That t-shirt is not exactly resting
under your bottom, is it?"

"(blush) No, not really. I guess you can say it is gathered around my

"(grin) I knew it. Look down, can you see your nipples poking out?"

"Oh man, can I! They are so hard, I think I could cut glass with them.
How about you Scarlet, what do you have on?"

"Just a smile sweetie, just a smile (grin)"

"Really? Were you planning on seducing me here tonight Scarlet?

"Well, yes and no."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, if you mean to ask if I was planning on seducing you tonight, the
answer is no. But if you mean was I planning on seducing you someday, the
answer to that would be yes."

Oh wow! I sat there for just a moment and re-read what she said. Me?
What have I ever said to her that is sexy? I mean, sure, we had talked
about sex many times. And to be honest, I had often gone to bed and
masturbated after one of our chats because what she had said turned me on.
But why me, when she could probably have had her pick of almost anybody
from our room, or any other room she wanted to go to?

"Wow, really? Why me?"

"Well Pixie, for several reasons. For one, you are so nice to me. And
I always enjoy talking to you. You are smart, funny, and even sexy in your
own way."

"Oh come on now! Sexy? Me?"

"Yes, you. Don't you dare put yourself down girl! You just have
something about you that seems to scream sensuality. The first you told me
about you and Mark, I was creaming my jeans the way you described it. It
was so clear, I could almost feel it. And even though I have never told
you this, I actually came when you were telling me about it."

"OH MY GOD! You mean that you were actually masturbating as I told you
that story?"

"Oh I hope you are not mad. But it was so honest, and so intense, I
could not hold myself back."

"Well, that was a while ago, and how can I be mad now? In a way, I
guess I am flattered. Was it a good one? (grin-wink)"

"Oh lord yes! If you remember, I had just gotten home from school when
we started to talk that day. After a few minutes, I had to open the front
of my jeans and reach inside. You were telling me about how you cleaned
yourself up when Mark went to the bathroom when I came. It was all I could
to do to say something so you would not get suspicious. Back then, it
probably would have totally freaked you out if you knew that."

"Yea, you're probably right. To be honest, while I have never
masturbated while we talked, several times I had gone to bed and done it
right after I logged off (blush)"

"Oh wow. Let me guess, was one of the times just over a week ago, when
I told you about how I let that guy finger me on the bus?"

"Uh-huh. I logged off, and laid on my bed and imagined it was me he was
doing it to, and that my fingers were his. I came like crazy in just a few

"I kinda thought so, you left so quickly. Was it good? (giggle)"

"Oh yea. I was so wet, I could hardly believe it. I actually came 2
times, the second time was even better. But I had to go and take a fast
shower afterwards, because dinner was almost ready."

"Yea, woulda been kinda obvious if you had gone downstairs smelling like

"Well, I know that has happened a few times. On more then one occasion
my sister had come into my room right after I finished (or even interrupted
me during it). But she has never said anything about it, no more then I
would ever say anything from the times I had probably done the same to

"Wow, you are so lucky in that area. Your sis is 15, right?"

"Yep, 15, and really starting to understand now how to use her body.
She has this poor guy at school doing almost anything she wants, saying she
will go out with him 'sometime'. I am thinking of having a 'big-sister
little-sister' talk with her to help in that aspect."

"Oh wow, I wish you were my sister! All I have is my older brother.
All he ever does is try to look down my blouse, or up my skirt if I am
wearing one."

"Uhhh, can we change this please? Sorry, but talking about my sister's
sexuality kinda ruins the mood, if you know what I mean."

"Hmmmm, so you wanna get on with it then sweetie? (leer)"

"(blush) That is not exactly what I meant by that..."

"Hehehe, I know that, just had to tease you there. Well, I guess I am
glad you are not my sister, because I would not be able to do this with you
now. And it feels so good."

While I was waiting for her response, I was gently mauling my breasts. I
could feel how taunt my nipples were, pressed against my palms through the
t-shirt I was wearing. Wow, I am really gonna do this!

"Yea, that is true. Whenever I do this, I have to be real careful. If
somebody else is here (like now), I make sure I have a scented candle lit,
and some music playing on my stereo. A few times in the past, she actually
knocked on my door, seeing if I was ok. Strange, since I think that when
she started doing it also, those knocks seemed to have stopped."

"I bet, now that she probably does the same thing herself. I am glad I
have a room to myself in the attic. It gets hot in the summer and cold in
the winter, but one thing I definitely have is privacy."

"Yea. Come to think about it, I think she does the same thing. She has
like 8 candles in her room now, and often has the stereo going when she is
in her room."

"Ahhh, the horniness of youth! When I was 15, I think I did it more
then now if you can believe that! I still find it hard to believe that
before last year, you never did this."

"So am I," I said, realizing that I was sliding my pelvis back and forth
against my chair. "But I think I am making up for lost time now!"

"No joke sister!" I think her typing is getting slower now. I took
advantage of waiting for her response to remove my t-shirt, sighing as I
felt the cloth rub against my hyper-sensitive nipples.

""Well, once I discovered how good this felt, I just had to have more.
Kinda like driving. Once you start, you never want to give it up."

"Hmm, never thought of it in that way before. How are you doing there

"Well, I just removed my t-shirt. But tingly all over."

"Oh wow, you better hurry up then girl! I am starting to go
full-throttle here. Kinda getting hard to hold back if you know what I
mean (wink)"

"Ohhh, really? Maybe I should, hold on a second, am gonna go grab my
towel from earlier. If I get any wetter, I am definitely gonna leave a
spot on my chair."

I stood up and got the towel from the foot of my bed. It was slightly
cool and still damp from my shower earlier, but I didn't mind. I smoothed
it down on the seat of the chair, then pulled my panties down my thighs and
let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, I sat back down and
started to read what Scarlet had sent while I was away.

"Yea, you do that. I am already starting to dampen my towel here. I
got my legs spread apart, and the middle and index fingers of my right hand
are sliding slowly in and out."

Oh wow! I felt a new surge in my depths, reading that. I reached down
with my right hand and slowly slid it back and forth, feeling my engorged
labia parting slightly under the touch. I lightly shuddered as my fingers
grazed across my clit.

"Hmmm, you go girl! I just finished getting naked myself, and am
starting to caress my pussy here. While I had never thought of it before,
this is really exciting Scarlet."

"Oh yes, it is. I had my right thumb caressing my clit, but stopped
when I realized how far behind me you were. I want to time it as close to
your orgasm as I can. I think it would be best if we can cum at the same

"(shudder) I think so too. I just separated my labia with my index and
ring fingers, and slid my middle finger inside. It feels so good, feeling
how hot and wet I am inside."

"Oh Pixie, I bet it does! You must be real tight too, I bet. How many
fingers do you usually use?"

"Well, normally I use 1 or 2. Once in a while I manage to get 3 inside,
but that is not very often. It still kinda hurts to use that many. I
tried 4 once, but it hurt to much, and I actually spotted my panties for a
few days after that."

"Well, I guess I got you beat there too. I often have 3 or 4 inside of
me by the time I cum. I just feels so good to be full like that. Almost
like a short, fat cock is inside of me."

"Scarlet, what does it actually feel like to get fucked? I have never
had the nerve to ask anybody that I know what it really feels like, and I
wanna know."

"Well sweetie, when the head presses against my vulva, there is a
resistance at first. Then the head presses between the lips and against
the opening. I spread my legs as wide as I can, and the inner labia part,
letting the head slip inside.

"I like it when my partner slowly slips into me" she continued. "I feel
the head only inside, and my pussy squeezing against just the head. Then
the pushing begins. On each thrust in and out, I feel his shaft grow
wetter and wetter as I cover it with my own cream. If the guy is nice and
slow, it takes 9 or 10 slow thrusts to get all the way in."

I was panting heavily now, imagining the feel of this, a man's hard
penis slowly pushing in and out of myself. I took my middle and ring
fingers and slowly pressed the two of them inside. I shuddered, taking 4
or 5 strokes until I was fully impaled on them. I slowly slid them in and
out, picking up the speed each time. I finally realized that Scarlet was
still talking, so resumed reading as I fucked myself.

"I like guys that are not to big. Maybe 6 or 7 inches long, and a
between a quarter and half dollar in thickness. I can feel them deep
inside of my body, scratching those deep inside places. And long slow
strokes like that, I can feel the sensitive opening of my pussy getting
rubbed in and out, constant friction that changes direction on each thrust.

"And that thickness is just enough to cause my labia to pull away from
my clit, and let the shaft rub against it when we fuck. I like it best
when the guy presses down hard when he is fully inside me, and I can feel
the base of his cock mash against my clit. I can even feel the long pole
inside of me, and I push down on it, squeezing it inside of me, letting him
know how much I enjoy it. I get so hot, thinking of how I loose myself on
those thrusts, each time growing a little faster and more rough."

Oh wow! By now, my fingers were going crazy on my clit, and I knew that
an orgasm was imminent. With a shaking hand, I reached up to the keyboard
and typed in "Scarlet, how long does it normally take you to cum like

"Pixie, you mean doing what I am doing now, or when somebody fucks me?"

"Well, I mean when a guy is fucking you."

"Well, that depends on a lot of things. But normally, somewhere between
5-15 minutes. About the same it takes when I am masturbating. But at
times like now, 30-45 minutes is more normal. When I masturbate like now
with somebody else online, I try and drag it out for as long as I can.
Right now, I think it is about 30 minutes, but I can cum just about any
time. I do not want to rush, because it feels so good. Right now, I have
3 fingers inside of my pussy, thrusting in and out about 2 times a second.
My clit is aching to be rubbed, but if I do that I will go off for sure."

"I am getting close now Scarlet. I pulled my fingers out, and am just
rubbing my clit now. About 4 times a second though, very fast. Getting
harder to type too. I am getting real close now."

"Hmmmm, me too. How long, one minute or so?"

I could feel the contractions starting, and I shakily typed "Less I
think, maybe 30 seconds."

"Oh Pixie, this is going to be so special! Stop typing now, but do
this. Go ahead and type in that you are cumming, but do not hit enter until
you start to feel it wash over you. That is normally what I do. This way
you can let me know and not distract yourself. OK?"

Gee, that makes a lot of sense. "OK Scarlet, Will do that, am so

"Oh, I am sure you are baby. Just read now. I am sitting here, the
ring middle and index fingers of my right hand thrusting in and out. And
the scent of my pussy is filling my room. And you know those wet slapping
noises we can make? I am making them now. The cream is literally dripping
out of my cunt, and flowing over my ass and onto the towel. I occasionally
brush my clit as I slide in and out, and I almost jump each time, is so

At this time, I totally lost it. Following her directions, I had
entered in 2 words and now hit the enter key, sending them across the
internet for her to read.

"I'm cumming!"

I felt the squeezing begin inside of my tube as I arched my back and
thrust harder against my sliding fingers, my orgasm starting at my pussy and nipples simultaneously, rushing up my spine until it hit my brain,
exploding in a fountain of pleasure. I realized I was biting my lower lip
to keep from moaning out loud as I came, hips bucking and index and middle
fingers sliding back inside, trying to drag out my cum. I looked back at
the screen, seeing Scarlet's reaction.

"Oh yes Pixie, cum my friend. I am rubbing faster now, my wet fingers
on my clit, rubbing as fast as I can. Am almost there, so close, thinking
of you cumming also, feeling the same pleasure I am. Oh, here it is, here
it is! Oh Pixie, me, too, I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg"

"Oh god" was all I could type, as another climax washed over me. I bit
my lip to keep from making any noise, and came again. Finally I felt worn
out, exhausted, satisfied, and glowing. I think I was out of it for a
minute or so. The air in my room smelled strongly of sex, and my fingers
were so wet. I took the towel and used it to wipe my hand clean as I read
what was on the screen.

"Oh god, that was so good Pixie... I can't remember the last time I
came so good. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have (hugs)"

"**hugs** back my friend, and oh yes. I never thought that sharing my
orgasm with somebody else, especially another girl, would feel so good. I
am still kind of amazed."

"Not freaked out I hope?"

"No, not really. In one way, yes. But mostly at myself. I know that
this does not make me a lesbian or anything, but now I can't help but
wonder what it would be like if we were actually able to watch each other."

"Well, if you were actually here, I do not think I could resist not
touching you at all. I would at least want to hold your hand as we did
this. (wink)"

"Uh-huh, sure, sure..."

"No, seriously Pixie, I would just hold your hand (but I get to choose
which hand to hold)"

"Oh my god Scarlet, you're incorrigible! Are you saying that you would
actually hold the hand that I have inside of myself?"

"Hmmm, uh-huh. What can I say, I love the thought of lying next to you,
looking into your sweet innocent face, and feeling your fingers doing such
lovely things to yourself. And I bet I could even teach you a few new

"Oh, I bet you could. I think I should go though... this is kinda
starting to go somewhere I am not sure I wanna get into at this time."

"(hugs) Hope I have not offended you my friend."

"(long tight cuddle-hugs) Oh no, not offended, honest Scarlet. But it
does make me think... but we can talk about this another time, ok?"

"Hmm, you got it. *closing eyes, leaning forward to give you a gentle
kiss* Another time..."

I am still not sure why I did it, but I found myself sending back to her
"Eyes closed also, kissing you back with just a hint of tongue... Another
time it is Scarlet."

Before she could have a chance to respond to that, I entered my classic
~~~poof~~~, and logged-off. With the stream of secretions finally
stopping, and my upper thighs starting to get chill, I reached down between
my legs with the towel to dry off. But the feelings of the rough
terrycloth against my labia caused another bolt of electricity to surge
between my legs.

I barely suppressed a moan as I pulled my hand away, then decided to
surrender myself again. "After all," I thought to myself as I stretched
out on my back on my bed, my fingers seeking between my legs again. "After
all, I'm only young once."


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