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Return To The Office


Return To The Office by Telephoneman

This work is the intellectual property of the author Telephoneman and he
claims the copyright. Permission if requested WILL be granted for this
story to be posted or archived to any free site. Permission MAY be granted
to any commercial or pay site or organisation. Requests for such
permission should be sent

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WARNING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of adult
fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults
and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside delete
this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of material
where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Return To The Office

I headed for my office in a hurry. It was Friday evening and I needed
my laptop for the weekend. The time was about 7 o’clock and I was on my
way back from the latest trendy wine bar, where a few of us had retired to
at the end of the usual hectic day. As the bar was only a few hundred
yards from the office I’d decided to leave my car in the office car park
and my laptop in the security of my locked desk.

As I walked past a colleague’s office I heard an odd noise coming from
inside. I hesitated before pushing the door open. The lights were off but
I could clearly see a woman standing silhouetted against the window. The
noise I’d heard was coming from her. She was moaning and it was definitely
not from pain. Because of the dim light it took a good few seconds for me
to recognise Abby.

Abby was one of the older managers in the company. She was probably
nearing 40 but still ten years my junior. She was a quiet woman, good at
her job and uncommonly, well liked by her staff. She always wore her dark
hair up in a bun and I’d never seen her in anything other than a suit,
either trouser or skirt. Today she had on a pinstripe trouser suit.

Even from the back I could tell that her hand was between her legs and
that she was masturbating. I didn’t really know Abby that well, but from
what I did know this just did not seem like her at all. I wouldn’t have
called her prudish but her severe attire tended to point that way, I
certainly didn’t expect to see her like this. She was staring out of the
window, so I tried to follow her gaze. This office faced in to a courtyard
and I scanned the offices on the opposite side. Whatever was affecting
Abby was obviously coming from one of those rooms. Eventually I saw what
was attracting Abby. A young couple was having sex on one of the desks.
My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light and I could just make out a young man thrusting into what I assumed to be a woman who was lying on the desk.
I could not make out exactly who the couple was but they were certainly
enjoying themselves, as was Abby.

Abby’s arm was moving rapidly keeping in time with the young man’s
thrusting buttocks. In her state of excitement Abby was completely
oblivious to me so I decided to just watch her. Abby’s actions started to
cause my cock to tingle and swell. From my position the couple was too
distant for me to see anything, other than the man’s bare arse as he fucked
the woman. Abby on the other hand was only ten feet away from me and was a
lot more interesting. I’d never considered myself a voyeur but the idea of
watching a woman masturbate was more of a turn on than I would have
imagined. Up until now I’d never really considered Abby in a sexual way,
probably because I had little to do with her at work other than the odd
meeting. The fact that there were so many other younger women, who openly
displayed their assets, around the office, probably had something to do
with it too. As I couldn’t see her properly, I mentally pictured Abby and
found that, facially; she was quite attractive, especially considering her
usual stern appearance. She was about 5’5’ and slim with breasts that I
assumed were small, simply because I’d never noticed them. I turned my
attention to the real Abby standing in front of me and was pleasantly
surprised. She had a good firm backside and what promised to be good legs.
Her moans were intensifying as her fingers brought her closer to
release. I was now quite hard from watching Abby and from the occasional
glance at the young couple. The man was showing his youthful vitality and
was still pumping away with the unknown girl.

I quietly walked up to stand right behind Abby. Her breathing was now
very erratic; she must have been quite close to her climax.

‘I don’t have his youth or physique’ I whispered to Abby ‘but I do have
a very hard cock if you need one’

Abby spun around; her hand was still down the front of her trousers.
The shock on her face was evident. She struggled to pull her hand out but
I gripped her arm to prevent her. ‘Please don’t stop’ I felt her arm relax
and so released my grip. ‘You look so, so sexy like that’ I added.

It took a few seconds for Abby to recover some composure when she
finally said ‘God David. Are you trying to give me a heart attack sneaking
up on me like that?’

This simple question was at odds with her hand, which once again was
moving up and down her pussy. I was amazed at how calmly Abby, once over
the initial shock, was acting. It was as if it was normal to be caught
masturbating at work. I assumed that it was her state of arousal that was
causing her to act so strange.

‘I wasn’t sneaking nor was I that quiet but your mind seemed somewhere
else’ I answered laughing, ‘probably the same place as your hand.’

Abby blushed slightly and smiled, and like most women immediately looked
ten times better, ‘Yes you bastard! You could have at least waited until
I’d finished. Have you seen them pair?’ she asked nodding in the direction
of the other couple.

‘Oh yes’ I replied ‘but I was more interested in you’ I looked down at
Abby’s crotch and could see her hand still feeling her pussy. I could feel
my cock aching with lust. ‘Why don’t you carry on watching them and let me
look after your pleasure’ I suggested hoping to progress beyond voyeurism.

Abby hesitated before nodding ‘Mmm that sounds nice’. She then turned
back to face the window.

I moved to stand behind her and reached my right hand round her to
stroke her lower arm. I then let one hand move down her arm to join her
hand inside her trousers and panties. With my other hand I enjoyed the
feel of the soft smooth skin of her flat stomach. I lingered momentarily
enjoying her warm flesh and to pull her body back against my erection,
before moving my hand further down. My fingers encountered her hairy bush
as they glided towards their goal. Abby moved her own hand away to allow
mine to replace it. I skirted her clit and made straight for her wet
entrance. And wet she was, immediately her female juices soaked my fingers
as they probed her pussy lips. My finger slid into her and I was rewarded
with a long moan of pleasure and a command for more.

I gladly obliged, letting my fingers explore her hot pussy. At the same
time I moved my other hand inside her jacket to cup her breast. Her
breasts were quite small, probably a ‘B’ cup but felt quite firm beneath
the supporting bra. I used my thumb and forefinger to pinch her nipple and
at the same time I moved my fingers to rub her clit. Abby’s own
ministrations had brought her close to the edge and now my simultaneous
attack on two of her erogenous zones was enough to bring her to orgasm.
She screamed and her whole body trembled as the pleasure rampaged through
her body.

I‘d been much too involved with Abby to watch the other couple but Abby
had been watching then intensely. I now looked towards the other office.
The man had obviously come and he was now facing the window with his cock
wet and flaccid. Abby’s scream of ecstasy had been loud enough to reach
them. The man, who I now recognised as someone from the Sales team, was
trying to see what had caused the scream. I decided to give him a pleasant
surprise so once I was sure that he had located us and was looking at Abby
I pulled her trousers and panties down. I was watching his reaction to
Abby’s body as I knelt down to remove her shoes and discarded garments. He
pulled the girl to his side and guided her attention to Abby. Still
standing behind Abby I removed her jacket and undid her blouse. Finally I
stripped off her bra and left her standing naked at the window. I could
see through the reflection in the window that Abby was reveling in the
situation. I reached round to caress her small firm breasts. I was
surprised at the size of her nipples. They appeared to have grown even
more since I’d last touched them. The other couple was watching Abby as
intensely as she’d watched them earlier. Abby’s hands guided mine to where
she wanted them and showed them how much pressure to exert. I was still
fully dressed and my cock was so hard it was hurting. Abby guided my hands
down her delicate flesh, across her firm stomach to once again cup her
pussy. As soon as I made contact with her clit she jumped, obviously still
very sensitive after her recent orgasm. Abruptly Abby turned to face me
and to my delight undid my trousers and freed my aching cock. Her hand
sent shivers through my body as she gently rubbed my manhood.

Abby looked up at me and said ‘I was going to suck you to make you
really hard, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Do you?’

It certainly wasn’t but I had to decide whether I wanted my cock in her
mouth or her pussy. Her pussy won by a narrow margin and only because her
mouth would be needed later, or at least I hoped so. I replied ‘No. Now
get on the desk so that I can bury it deep inside your hot pussy’

Abby quickly obeyed. She took up a similar position to that taken by
the young girl in the other office. I’d momentarily forgotten about them
but as I turned to look it appeared that hadn’t moved from their position
at the window.

As Abby lay on the desk I walked between her spread legs and positioned
my cock against her sopping pussy lips. I rubbed it up and down her
pussy’s length getting it covered in her love juices but also keeping Abby
stimulated by teasing her clit.

‘For God’s sake fuck me’ demanded Abby.

I laughed as I looked down at her pretty face now contorted with lust.
‘How can I possibly refuse such an order?’ I asked as I pushed my rigid
member deep into her cunt. Abby let out a gasp of pleasure and brought her
legs round to grip me and prevent me from escaping. As if I was going

Abby was not the only one lost in lust as I thrust fast and hard into my
sexy colleague. Abby used her virginal muscles well as she squeezed my
cock with each thrust. It took only a few minutes before Abby started to
come again.

Somehow my brain noticed the door open and the other couple come into
the room. Both were still naked. My eyes lingered only momentarily on the
man’s body. It was enough to see that he was hard again and that his cock
was roughly the same size as mine. I spent a lot longer admiring the young girl’s fabulous body. I finally recognised her as Cherry, one of the
juniors in the sales department.

She’d only joined our company a month or two ago straight from school.
She had a fabulous body. She was of mixed race and had inherited the best
of both her parents. She was exceptionally beautiful and her dark slender
body just demanded attention. All the time I was admiring Cherry I was
fucking Abby. Abby was ignorant of anything except her pleasure and as she
started to come yet again I felt myself ready to join her. My eyes
compared the two naked females and despite Cherry’s youth Abby did not
suffer that much in comparison. As Abby screamed her release I grunted
mine as I shot load after load of hot come into Abby’s delicious body. It
took a few seconds to mentally recover and it was then that I noticed that
the man, whose name I could not remember, was pulling hard at his very
erect cock.

I pulled my shrinking member out from Abby’s love hole and indicated
that he should replace me. He needed no second offer and swiftly moved to
take my place between Abby’s legs. For the first time Abby became aware of
his presence and for a brief moment looked worried. The powerful urges
emanating from her sexually heightened body quickly took control. She held
her hands out to him and helped guide his rigid cock into her waiting cunt.
With one hard thrust he plunged his full length deep into Abby’s grateful

My desire to watch these two fucking was shared by Cherry as she came
and stood by my side, her eyes glued to her boyfriend’s cock as it thrust
into this older woman. My need to watch was soon overridden by the urge to
see and touch Cherry’s young body. I moved to stand behind Cherry and
moved my hands to her taut young breasts. Her breasts were just a little
larger than Abby’s but a lot firmer. My fingers and hands had a mind of
their own as they fondled Cherry whilst I watched Abby being fucked by the
relative youngster.

I was pleasantly surprised that even allowing for the tactile and visual
stimulation I was receiving that I was becoming hard again less than ten
minutes after coming. It had been years since I’d managed that. As my
erection grew it pressed against Cherry’s naked arse. She began to rub
back against it helped by my fingers, which were now alternating between
rubbing her clit and finger fucking her. As both of us became more and
more aroused I moved her behind another desk and had her lean forward
against it. She was still facing the other two. This meant that she could
watch her boyfriend’s cock pumping into Abby as she prepared to feel mine
thrust into her. I quickly guided my cock to her cunt’s entrance and with
one quick push entered her young body. Even after the fucking she’d just
received she was still amazingly tight and I was glad that I’d just come,
otherwise I’d not have lasted long.

I looked down at where our bodies joined. The sight of my white, hard
cock as it appeared and disappeared below Cherry’s dark, very firm buttocks
were one of the most erotic sights I’d ever witnessed. I whispered my
thoughts to Cherry telling her how great she looked.

A loud scream from Abby signaled her orgasm but the young man had no
intention of letting up. He withdrew and quickly turned Abby around to
face us and bent her over the desk. He was swiftly behind her with his
hand gripping his still hard cock. He stood behind her and we could see
the lust in his face as once more he thrust his cock into Abby. Abby let
out a shriek of surprise and maybe a little pain. I guessed that the man’s
cock was now in Abby’s arsehole and not her cunt.

Abby, though initially surprised, seemed to relish the man’s cock up her
arse as soon she was shouting for him to continue harder.

Abby’s demands heightened everyone’s desires. The man obeyed and
started to thrust harder and faster. Cherry pushed herself back to meet
each of my own thrusts and echoed Abby’s demand with her first words ‘Oh
yes. HARDER’ With the scene before me and Cherry’s pleading nothing could
have prevented me from propelling my cock into Cherry’s hot, young cunt as
fast and hard as I could.

The man looked at me and I sensed a challenge in his eyes. I think his
challenge was who could last the longer but I chose my own challenge of who
could give his partner the most satisfaction. Here I had the advantage for
whilst Abby was lying on the desk Cherry’s only contact with a desk was her
hands. This meant that I could reach around her fabulous body and play
with her clit. Cherry responded instantly to my first touch and I felt her
cunt squeeze my cock with each touch of her clit. I tried to time each
touch with my thrusts but I was not balanced enough to do it to Cherry’s
satisfaction. ‘Please use your own hand’ I asked. Cherry immediately
moved her hand down to replace mine. My hand, now redundant, went to her
firm breasts and began to pinch and squeeze her hard nipples.

I felt Cherry stiffen as her climax approached. I continued to fuck my
beautiful young partner as her orgasm rocked her body. Cherry did not
scream like Abby but let out a long continuous moan as the waves of
pleasure rocked her body. I took an unjustified pride in the length of
Cherry’s orgasm as if it was my prowess that had caused her to come better
than before. (I later found out that Cherry rarely climaxed but when she
did it was always hard and long)

I tried for some minutes to make Cherry come again but my efforts and
her cunts tight grip on my cock forced me to give up and give in to my own
need. The sensations in your body, when after fighting an orgasm you
finally give in to it are beyond my ability to describe. But those
feelings ran through me as I filled Cherry’s red-hot cunt with my seed.

I looked across at Abby. The salesman had won his challenge for he was
still thrusting into Abby. For both of them it was an all-consuming animal passion.

With great reluctance I withdrew from Cherry and collapsed onto a chair.
Cherry sat on my lap and I hugged her to me.

‘That was lovely’ she told me, ‘it was nice that you thought of my needs
as well as your own.’

‘Your partner’s enjoyment should enhance your own. The more you enjoy
me the more I can enjoy you’ I replied. ‘To be honest I didn’t spend
enough time on your pleasure, as I should have done. You have a fabulous
body that requires a man’s full attention and devotion.’

‘Are you married?’ Cherry asked.

‘Divorced’ I answered, puzzled at her question ’why?’

Cherry smiled and then planted a long tender kiss on my grateful lips,
‘then there’s nobody at home to stop you showing me what you mean’ she

It took a few seconds for me to realise what she meant. ‘No. I live
alone.’ I answered. ‘Are you sure? What about your boyfriend?’

‘I’m sure and he seems to rather preoccupied’ Cherry said with a laugh.
‘Besides Lee is not my boyfriend. He just thinks he is’

We both swiftly dressed. The situation seemed surreal. Lee was still
fucking Abby for all he was worth. He seemed to be able to go on forever.
Abby certainly wasn’t complaining. But although they were only a few feet
away it seemed that they were in a different world. Lee noticed us leaving
but said nothing and Abby was ignorant of everything except Lee’s cock.

I led Cherry to my car (I never did get to pick up my laptop) and drove
quickly home. Cherry really pleased me when she kissed me as we got in the
car then snuggling up next to me. I live about twenty minutes away and we
both were quiet during the drive. Our time together in the car was not
sexual but was erotic in a way. I was very aware that she had not put her
underwear back on. I was surprised at how quickly we could relax together
not needing to fill the silence with mundane comments.

The sex at the office was fantastic especially because it was so
unexpected but it had one missing ingredient. It was now with me in
abundance and it was of cause, anticipation.

Once inside my house Cherry immediately kissed me again. It was a soft
tender kiss that lingered for minutes. Her sweet young lips tasted divine
and her tongue gently played with mine with promises of things to come. I
started to kiss her with more passion but Cherry broke the kiss.

‘Not yet’ she said softly, ‘How about a shower first’

‘Not only beautiful and sexy but clever too’ I retorted. ‘Follow me’

Cherry giggled at the complement as she followed upstairs. I led her
into my bedroom, where I slowly undressed her. First I removed her blouse
to reveal her naked breasts. I reached out to cup one but Cherry knocked
my hand away. ‘No touching’ she said before adding mischievously ‘at least
not yet’

I reluctantly agreed and moved my hand away, but I quickly leaned
forward to take a nipple into my mouth and suck it for a few seconds.
Cherry’s sigh told me that she enjoyed the moment but she still pulled
away, though not immediately. I then undid her skirt and let it fall to
the ground leaving her naked before me. She was an absolute gorgeous
sight. Her breasts were small but perfect globes and the nipple I’d just
sucked stood nice and erect. Her waist was thin leading to shapely hips
and long, long legs. Her skin was the colour of milk chocolate and looked
a damn sight more tasty. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed pointing down
to promise below. I did not know why Cherry had chosen to come home with
me but I certainly wasn’t objecting. ‘You like?’ Cherry asked.

It was my turn to laugh ‘You really need to ask?’

‘No, your chin on the floor gives it away somewhat’ Cherry replied
joining in with my laughter. ‘Now let’s do you’

I stood still whilst this beautiful young woman undressed me. As she
removed my shirt she broke her own rules by running her fingers over my
chest and tweaking my nipples. The sensations were marvellous. I kicked
off my shoes as she undid my trousers. She then removed all my remaining
clothes in one swift movement. Teasingly she stroked my balls and
semi-hard cock just long enough for me to savour but not long enough to

‘Ok. Now we shower’ Cherry ordered.

I was really looking forward to this. I turned the jet to a fine spray
and the temperature to hot and stepped into the shower. Cherry joined me
and stood facing me. She put her hands behind my neck and drew me into
another soft tender kiss. Once she backed away I grabbed the shower gel
and started to wash the exotic young body in front of me. I started with
her neck and shoulders rubbing hard into her firm young frame. I moved to
her hard flat stomach my fingers relishing the softness of her skin
contrasting with the solid muscle below. I then knelt down and began
washing her hips and thighs, getting close but always skirting her pussy. I
lifted one of her feet onto my knee and washed and caressed her leg and
foot. I massaged her remarkably small foot, which Cherry seemed to enjoy.
I repeated the procedure with equal pleasure on the other foot before
turning her around. I then worked my way up the backs of her legs to her
firm, well-defined buttocks where I lingered for a long time. I washed
each cheek and the valley between, allowing my fingers to just touch her
sweet pussy occasionally. I stood up to clean her back loving the feel of
her supple body. I reached around her and cupped her pert breasts; pleased
to feel the nipples rise to meet my hands. Cherry let out a low moan and
turned her head to kiss me. I began to squeeze her breasts and play with
her engorged nipples. Up until now my cock had not been erect, my actions
being sensual rather than sexual. Now with Cherry pushing back against me
I felt myself start to swell. I moved my cock away from her very desirable
body and moved my hands to her pussy. Pausing to get a handful of gel I
began to create lather around her sex. Once or twice I “accidentally”
touched her clit feeling her jump with each contact. I allowed a couple of
my fingers to enter her womanhood, which gladly opened up to greet them.

Abruptly I stopped and reached for the showerhead. Turning the setting
to pulse I began to use it as a massage tool, holding it a few inches from
her body. Cherry turned around to face me so I aimed the jet of water at
her nipples watching her face as the new sensations hit her body. Moving
it down her flat stomach to her pussy I aimed at her hot cunt letting the
stream try to enter her body. I used my fingers to open her lips to reveal
her hard little clit. Then keeping my fingers there I aimed the water
straight at it. Cherry let out a yell of surprise but was soon moving her
hips towards the jet. I saw her legs begin to quiver and guessed she was
about to come but was proved wrong as Cherry leaned against the glass
cubicle and said ‘Shit! That’s awesome’

‘Do you want me to continue?’ I asked.

‘God yes’ Cherry gasped ‘but I can wait. It’s your turn now’ she spoke
she offered her hands to me and helped me stand. She took the shower and
pointed it momentarily at my balls laughing as I recoiled. She then put it
back into its holder. Cherry then grabbed the gel off me and began to wash
my chest and stomach. She poked a finger into my paunch and said ‘That’s
got to go, and I know just the right exercise.’ (It wasn’t until the
following day that it occurred to me that Cherry had hinted at a future for

‘And what would that be’ I asked innocently.

Cherry giggled ‘You’ll just have to wait and see’

Cherry’s hands were small like her feet. I stood still watching this
beautiful young woman caress my not so beautiful old body. I don’t believe
in heaven but if I did then this would be it.

Her hands covered every bit of my delighted body lingering in different
places each of which suddenly became an erogenous zone. Her travels ended
at my cock, which was treated to attention that up until now only I’d
thought it warranted. It was of course standing at full mast and relishing
her soap covered fingers moving along its length. Cherry reached up and
used the showerhead to rinse my body. She then knelt down in front of me
and, with the spray hitting her hair, took me deep into her mouth. The
sensations her hot mouth aroused were amazing. I’d had numerous blowjobs
before but never one like this. Whether it was the build up or the way
Cherry had taken all of my cock straight into her mouth I don’t know (or

Within seconds I could feel my orgasm approaching. This was way too
soon so I gently lifted Cherry and kissed her tender lips. We embraced and
held the passionate kiss for a good few minutes. I could feel my erection
pressed against her firm young body and knew it was time to fulfil my
promise to her.

I stepped out of the shower pulling Cherry with me. I took a fresh warm
towel and began to dry my young lover. I took several minutes to dry each
of her hands, rubbing each finger carefully. The towel gently caressing
each arm took another minute or so. A similar amount of time was spent on
her feet and legs although I deliberately avoided going too near her sex. I
regularly looked up at Cherry’s beautiful face, partly to see her reaction
but also to remind myself that this wasn’t just another pleasant dream. I
moved to stand behind her and used the towel on her back. I applied little
pressure, allowing the towel’s gentleness to stimulate her flesh. I
wrapped the towel around her waist and dried her front from her damp pubic
hair and firm stomach to her fabulous breasts. Surprisingly I found it
easy not to linger at her pubes or breasts. I was enjoying this as much if
not more than Cherry. Next I moved my attention to her neck and shoulders.
Here I did apply pressure giving her a massage as well as drying her. I
also gave in to the temptation to plant a kiss on the back of her dainty
neck. Finally I knelt down behind her and used the towel to pat her taut
buttocks. I placed a towel wrapped finger between her legs and slowly
pulled it up between her cheeks.

Cherry, apart from her hair, was now completely dry. During the drying
neither of us felt the need to speak, all our communications were done
quite adequately through touch. Because I’d taken so long I was virtually
dry myself so I led Cherry to my bed.

Cherry lay down on her back and held her arms out to me. When I look
back at the evening’s events I find that this image was the one I find the
most erotic. Like most men I’d often fantasised that such a beautiful and
young woman would share my bed. Cherry’s expression of complete happiness
and the way her arms held out in a genuine request for me to join her was
beyond my imagination. I complied.

Once in her embrace our lips met and stayed together for an eternity.
My mind seemed to focus on three separate sensations at once. The touch of
our lips and tongues were foremost. The softness of her skin beneath my
roaming hands and the tingling of my flesh where her hands touched me
competed for second place. I declared a draw.

Eventually I did break the embrace, but only because I needed to taste
the rest of this amazing woman. I positioned myself above her prone young body and began to use my lips on her face. I kissed each of her closed
eyelids, her nose, her chin, her cheeks and each individual lip. I nibbled
and sucked each sensual ear and used my tongue to trace a line on her neck.
I was on my fourth or fifth pass when I felt Cherry’s hands pushing me
further down her waiting body.

(As I write this I have just had the astonishing thought that I had no
idea whether I was erect or not. In fact I’d forgotten about my cock.)

Acceding to my lover’s wish I moved my lips slowly towards her breasts.
Again I took my time kissing and licking all of Cherry’s flesh. I selected
her right breast for first attention. I started on the outside and my
mouth worked in a spiral gradually getting closer to her blood filled
nipple. When I finally kissed and sucked the nipple deep into my wet mouth
Cherry let out a moan of such intensity I thought she must have been
holding her breath for minutes.

To her dismay I quickly switched to her other breast and repeated the
process. This time I gave her nipple the attention it deserved. Swollen
to nearly half an inch I used my mouth to suck firstly the nipple and then
her whole breast, all the time using my tongue’s tip to stimulate the
swollen bud. The pressure from Cherry’s hands at the back of my head and
the low murmurs from her mouth told me I was doing something right.

After giving the other nipple similar consideration I moved my mouth
down to her stomach and abdomen. Again I was careful to cover as much
flesh as I could reach. I kissed her dark skin, I licked her belly button
and I gently bit where her firm body allowed. Cherry, to my delight, just
lay there allowing me total freedom. She let out the occasion moan and a
couple of giggles when my ministrations tickled her. I was in my element.
My hands and fingers where not still but their sphere of engagement
remained close to wherever my mouth was.

When I reached the soft down of her pubes I halted. I returned briefly
to her golden lips before turning around and starting at her feet. I have
no particular fetish for feet but I wanted to attend to all of Cherry.
Cherry on the other hand (or should I say other foot) loved this attention
so I was only too happy to prolong it. I switched from foot to foot about
a half a dozen times before moving up to her calves. Cherry had very
recently waxed her legs judging by the baby soft smoothness. Now my hands
and fingers were my prime weapon, caressing, rubbing and stroking her
fabulous legs with an occasional kiss for emphasis. My fingers moved to
her thighs lingering first to tenderly touch the back of her knees.

Cherry undoubtedly enjoyed all this attention but once my hands and
mouth got to within a few inches of her pussy her excitement increased
dramatically. Her breathing changed and her passiveness disappeared. Her
hips lifted from the bed pushing her sweet young pussy toward me. Somehow
I managed to resist that temptation and let my mouth circle her calling
pussy. Cherry, however, had other ideas and her hands forced my mouth to
her desire.

Forced to concede I set about my task with reluctance (and if you
believe that you’ll believe anything!) The musky aroma was like a narcotic.
I couldn’t get enough. My tongue traced each swollen lip occasionally
darting into the valley between. At the head of this valley of flesh I
flicked and sucked on her clit bringing louder and longer sighs of
pleasure. At the valley’s base my tongue explored the wet cave with
increasing anticipation. I revelled in the pleasure I was giving my young lover.

My mouth returned to the sensitive bud squeezing it between my lips. At
the same time I pushed a finger as far as it would go into her cunt. It
was enough. Cherry orgasm was so loud and hard. For the only time in my
life I was unable to keep contact with a woman’s pussy as her body
violently climaxed.

My own desires were now making themselves known. My cock was so full of
blood it was beginning to feel painful. I knelt between Cherry’s dark
thighs and once again looked on the fabulous young body before me. Even
with her dark skin it was possible to make out the orgasmic flush around
her neck and breasts. Her face was more beautiful than ever in her lust. I
lay down on top of her and almost without effort I was inside her red-hot
pussy. I kept my cock still whilst I kissed Cherry and concentrated on the
exquisite sensations I was enjoying.

Cherry wanted action and used her hands on my hips to make me thrust
into her. I quickly picked up her rhythm and was soon pounding into her
body for all I was worth. I lost track of time in the intense pleasure
deriving from my cock. Without feeling the usual build up to an orgasm I
was suddenly coming. I thrust even harder and pressed my mouth hard onto
Cherry’s. I felt my balls explode as they released their load into
Cherry’s demanding pussy. I kept thrusting until every last ounce of come
had been forced out. I then collapsed, totally drained, onto her nubile

A few minutes later I’d recovered enough to apologise as I realised that
she had not come with me.

Cherry laughed it off saying that she’d already had her turn and anyway
the night was still young. Wasn’t it?

I rolled off her and pulled her into my arms and there we lay before I
drifted off to sleep wondering how long I had with this fabulous young woman.


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