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Revenge Is Mine

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Barbara Luncefort graduated near the top of her class at Harvard
Business School. She is one of the sexiest looking women in investment
banking, and has a killer instinct when it comes to making a deal. Put
all of that together, and you can understand why she makes over $2
million a year, and scares the shit out of most of the guys who try to
compete against her.

Today she was driving the Jag. It seemed to say something to her.
Something like "You're there now and nothing can get in your way.
Nothing." She liked that something a lot.

The rain was starting to come down now as she pulled her car into the
street from the basement parking structure of the Stock Exchange Tower.
She turned right and found herself in the usual traffic jam that
plagued the financial district in Toronto this time of day. Traffic was
worse than usual because a car was stalled in the lane just ahead of
her. The driver was standing in the street looking down at the flat
tire, and didn't seem at all happy. She was soaked to the skin.

Barbara pulled around the car and hollered out to the woman. "Hop in.
I'll drive you someplace where you can get some help for the car."

As she got into Barbara's car, she said, "Thanks for stopping. Screw
the car. It's a rental and they can come and get it themselves. I just
want to get back to my hotel and into some dry clothes."

Her name was Marcy. She was an American. She was here on business and
staying at the Park Hyatt on Avenue Road which was fairly close to
where they were currently stalled in traffic. It still took a long 15
minutes to drive the short distance to the hotel.

"This traffic isn't going to get any better for awhile, Barb, so why
don't I buy you a drink and you can wait here until things clear up a
bit." Barbara said okay, but not because of the traffic. No, it was
something else entirely that got her attention. Even though she was
disheveled from being outside in the rain, Marcy was still one of the
most attractive women Barbara had ever seen. And, a beautiful woman was
something that Barb found very interesting indeed.

They decided that Marcy would change clothes and fix herself up a bit
before they went up to the Roof Lounge to enjoy one of the nicest
places in the downtown area.

Barbara had not been in one of the Suites at the Park, and found it
quite elegant. She took the room tour as she waited for Marcy to get
ready for their drink. She could see the CN Tower from the window and
remembered how much she liked looking at downtown Toronto.

"Barbara, could you come here and help me with something, please?"
Without giving it a thought, Barb walked into the bedroom and was

Marcy was lying on the bed displaying the most perfect body Barbara had
even seen.

"We could have the drink a little later, Barb. I've thought of a better
reward for a good Samaritan like you. Why don't you come over here and
sit on the bed?"

Sure, she had been with attractive women before, but not one of them
could hold a candle to Marcy. Barb moved toward the bed, and when she
got close enough, Marcy pulled her down and rolled over on top of her.

Marcy's blonde hair covered both of them like a secret cave. Her lips
found Barb's cheek and then quickly covered her mouth. Her tongue
probed easily, at first, and then started a relentless attack and it
soon entered and began to explore the hidden secrets of her mouth.

Barb felt an electric shock of passion move through her hand, up her
arm and into that mindless place where her sex waited to devour the
sensation. She could hardly believe the softness of Marcy's milky white
skin. She moved her hand down the girl's back and found her perfectly
proportioned ass waiting there just for her. She let her hand explore
this excitement as the two women continued on in an endless embrace.

Her dress had drifted a few inches above her knee and Marcy took
advantage of this to do some exploring of her own. Barb could feel the
excitement of a delicate hand moving up her stocking clad leg until it
reached the smoothness between her stocking top and her tiny panties.

"Oooh! I can't believe it. stockings and a garter belt. How sexy,

Marcy let one finger trail across the tiny piece of cloth that hid
Barb's pussy from view. Barb made a soft moan as the finger moved
slowly down the slit with just enough pressure so she could feel it
through the frilly material.

When the kiss finally ended, both women started to reveal the secrets
hidden under Barbara's clothes. Barb was lying on her back as she tried
to take off her wool jacket, at the same time her skirt was being
removed by Marcy who seemed quite experienced with this sort of thing.

The silk blouse was open now and then it was off, leaving Barb in
matching red bra, panties and garter belt. There were many people who
had talked to her that day who would have been quite surprised to learn
what was hidden under her business attire.

Marcy pushed her back onto the bed and said, "Let me finishe. Just lie
there for now."

It took a long time and a lot of touching and squeezing and fondling
before the rest of the clothes came off. Barb had a difficult time just
lying there and waiting, and yet, this felt so very, very nice.

Both women lay on the bed nude, and took advantage of the situation to
explore the wonders of each other. Barb found Marcy's body so very
exciting. She was slender, but not really athletic. Her breasts were
firm and jutted out in an impertinent way. She was just what Barb

Barb was more voluptuous, and had somewhat larger breasts. No one would
consider her fat. Just enough woman to make it quite interesting.

Time seemed to flash by in a jumble of lips kissing nipples, hands
caressing pussies, pubic hair rubbing on legs, fingers exploring love
caverns, and on and on and on. There was heat from a fire that could
only exist when two lovers were a perfectly matched pair. Soon they
were just one object of excitement and passion.

Neither woman knew how many orgasms exploded in that bed. When they
kissed, they tasted each other and themselves. When they touched, they
burned their senses with an excitement that couldn't be explained.

Again, again, again. More, more, more. Scream, moan, yes, Yes, YES,

It went on for hours, and then it had to end.

"Barb, I'm so sorry, but I've got to meet my partner in just a few
minutes. Look, tomorrow's Friday. Why don't I change my flight and stay
the weekend. I'm sure we can figure out how to get started again, and
make it last the whole weekend."

Barb left reluctantly, and as she drove home, she fantasized about the
exciting woman she had to leave. Her thoughts revolved around all the
things that they would be doing as they enjoyed each other in a way
that only women can understand.


"Miss Luncefort, someone is here to see you. Her name is Marcy and she
says you left something at the hotel."

Barb was surprised, but pleased as well and decided she could end the
day a little early. She was a little confused, though, when Marcy
walked into her office.

Marcy was wearing jeans, tennies and an NSync tee shirt. Her hair was
braided and she didn't look a day over 16. Quite a change from the
sophisticated business woman of the night before.

"My, you certainly look different today, Marcy. Hard to believe you're
a business woman from the States."

"Well, I'm not actually a business woman, but I am working now as you
will soon find out." She smiled at Barbara as she placed a small box on
the desk.

"Take a look at this stuff. You just won't believe it."

Marcy showed her a copy of a driver license that indicated she was
really just 16. She showed her a copy of the hotel bill which was paid
by credit card. The credit card belonged to Barb and the signature
seemed valid, even though she knew she didn't sign it.

"Whose signature is this on the bill?"

"Barb, it must be yours, or so it seems. Hmm, maybe someone came in
while we were having fun and took your credit card out of your purse.
Maybe that person had practiced you signature a lot before yesterday.
Could of happened that way, but I'll never admit it."

Barb looked at the young girl who sat there almost laughing at her. She
didn't know what was going to happen next, but knew it was not going to
be pleasant in any way,

"I know this all must be very confusing to you, Barb, so I'll just get
to the point. When you were in school, you pissed someone off. And,
that person decided to get some revenge, and I'm getting paid a lot of
money to help out with the plan."

"I'm not going to threaten you with going to the police even though I'm
a minor. Nope, that would be just too messy for me. Seems like it would
be a lot more fun just to send copies of these papers, and, oh yes, a
copy of this video to the managing director and the rest of the board.
I bet they would be shocked with the hot action, and certainly couldn't
allow any sort of scandal to ruin the company's reputation. You'd be
out in the street my dear and probably wouldn't be able to get a job
anywhere in the financial community."

Barb knew all too well that what the girl said was so very true. Her
whole life could end as soon as this information came to light.
Everything she worked for would be gone.

"Don't worry, the person who is paying me could care less about ruining
you. You have to be humiliated worse than he was and then he will call
it a day. He has it all figured out, and it can be handled over the

Ah, negotiation. This was something that Barb could understand and deal
with. Okay, let's see what we got here. "What do you want?"

"It's quite simple, really. There is a club up north a ways, where
there's nude dancing. No alcohol is served and it hasn't been noticed
by the authorities yet. Just 20 dollars admission, 5 dollars for soft
drinks and a lot of fun for the paying customer." Marcy seemed to be
just warming up, and Barb started to get impatient.

"What's all this to me, Marcy?"

"Well, you're going to work there tomorrow night. Yes, you have been
referred to Mr. de Pardieu, who seems to be quite a disgusting person,
but does need another dancer for tomorrow. You have all night and
tomorrow morning to come up with a good act. I'm sure you can figure it
all out."

"You simply work the full evening in this wonderful establishment, and,
at the end of your shift, my client will give you the original video.
You can keep this copy now, just so you know how hot it is. And, don't
worry, there are no other copies that will show up later. He's simply
not that sort of

Barb was stunned. She could never imagine herself dancing nude in front
of a lot of strangers, and certainly not in the sort of place she knew
this one would be. On the other hand, $2 million a year was a lot of
money to replace.

"That's it, one night and it's done? How can I believe you, Marcy?"

"I'm shocked that you doubt me, Barb. But, you know, you don't really
have a choice, do you? My client just wants to humiliate you. You can
decide how. One night as a nude dancer, or a hot gossip story in the
financial press. It's really up to you."

"Okay, what do I have to do?"

Marcy took a digital camera from her purse and had Barb stand in front
of her desk. She took two pictures and then said, "Okay, off with the
clothes. Come on strip, cutie. I need a hot pic for the client."

Barb couldn't believe she was doing this, but started removing her
clothes with images of managing directors and newspaper stories
flooding her mind. Soon she was standing in her office completely nude
with Marcy getting ready to take a picture.

"Okay, now smile like you're enjoying it. Come on now, you're just
wasting time. Look like this is what you want to do."

Barb somehow was able to smile and stand there while Marcy took her
picture. She felt like a fool, but apparently that part didn't show.
Marcy seemed quite pleased with the picture she took.

"Okay, Barb. Now lie down on your desk with your butt right next to the
edge. Look, I'm not going to tell you again. Get on the desk, or I'm
leaving. I make the same money either way, so don't fuck with me."

Barb was shocked at the change in the girl. She quickly sat on the edge
of the desk and leaned back until her back was resting on the flat
surface. Marcy moved her name plaque next to her. She took hold of one
of Barb's hands and rested it on her bare pussy. She put the other one
on her naked boobs. And stood back and readied her camera.

"Start playing with your boobs, Barb, and use that other hand to
masturbate yourself. Quickly now, fucking around time is over. I want
to see you come and no faking. I'll be able to tell cause I've seen you
come quite a few times as you might remember."

Barb was stunned. Only a few minutes before she was anticipating being
with an exciting woman. Now she was lying on her desk playing with her
tits and fingering her pussy. She knew the other girl would know if she
tried to fake it. She had to do it right, and decided to get it over
with. She started doing the things that normally would get her off in
two or three minutes. For some reason, she was quite excited and
reached her climax in only 90 seconds. She made a moaning sound which
signaled Marcy to snap one then a
second picture.

"How very nice. You better get out tonight and see how the nude dancers
do it. I'll pick you up in front of the building at 4 tomorrow
afternoon. You have to audition, and if you don't get the job, and last
the whole shift, it's time for plan B. By the way, you're expected to
have your own slutty clothes, so make sure you have something hot to

Marcy got up and walked out of the room. The copy of the license and
the bill were still there on her desk right next to the video. The
video showing her having a lesbian experience with a 16 year old girl.
Barb knew these were just copies and what she needed were the

She didn't go to a club, but rented some videos instead. She watched
the dancing parts and realized that it wouldn't be too hard to do what
the people in these videos were doing. It was simple. Slowly remove the
few clothes you had on. Touch yourself a lot. Make sure that everyone
could see everything, and that was it. Easy to do, but so embarrassing.
She had to concentrate on the $2 million as she practiced the routines
she saw in the film.


Marcy was almost 30 minutes late picking her up. Her outfit gave her
the look of a working girl. She had just about decided to leave after
the third car stopped and the driver asked her how much for a blow job.

They finally arrived at one of the sleaziest places Barb had ever seen.
She couldn't believe she was going to go into such a place, but soon
found herself in front of the owner, Georges de Pardieu.

"You look like a fuckin' socialite. We need someone who can get down
and dirty here, and you don't look like you're it."

Barb knew it was all over if she didn't get the job and so she said,
"It's just the act. I look this way and then get really raunchy. The
guys love it."

"Okay, babe, let's see you get real raunchy. Show me your stuff, and
make it good or you're out on your ass."

Barb realized that this was it. She either looked like she knew what
she was doing, or he would throw her out. When she asked about music,
he just laughed at her and told her to fake it.

She imagined one of the songs from the video she watched and got into
stripping off her clothes. Her tight spandex dress came slowly off. She
knew the Georges was getting interested since he hadn't taken his eyes
off her.

She undid the black bra and threw it at him as she let her big boobs
jiggle within inches of his face. She slid her black g string off by
sliding her hands slowly down the outside of her legs. When the tiny
panties touched the floor she stepped out of them and stood before him
in a garter belt, seamed nylons and very high slut heels. She started
dancing again, and this time made sure to touch every intimate part of
her body.

She got her nipples hard and excited. She moved her fingers over her
pussy and felt herself getting wet even though she couldn't imagine
getting excited under these circumstances. She arched her back and
turned around displaying her curvy ass to Georges. She kept this up for
a few minutes more, but realized that she had the job. It was pretty
easy to tell that he liked what he saw. He made no pretense at trying
to hide the erection that was so clearly pressing at the front of his

"Okay, one more thing and you got the job. Lay down on the desk and
spread your legs."

She couldn't believe he thought she would let him fuck her right there
in his office. Yet, he was standing up and unzipping his pants.

"Get your ass on the desk. No one works her unless I fuck 'em first.
You're gonna make a lot of money, but you're gonna share with me first.

Barb understood. She understood that if she didn't put out for this
scum, she would not get the job and that would be the end of her. She
could do anything once and positioned herself on his desk and waited.

She didn't have to wait for long. She felt his dick jam into her pussy
twice before it found its way inside her. Once it was in, he started
pumping away with a methodical motion that was a cross between boring
and disgusting. He fondled her tits a little bit and soon she heard a
grunting sound and felt his heat inside her pussy. He flooded her with
his cum and then pulled out. While he was wiping himself off with some
tissues from a box located somewhere behind his desk, he explained how
things worked.

"You pay me $50 an hour for every hour between 10 PM and 2 AM. That's
your shift. You'll make way more than that in tips. And, if you don't
I'll throw your ass out of here. One customer complaint and you're
gone. Understand?" She did.

"Now you start on stage at 10 doing just what you did here. Make it
last a little bit longer and make sure the guys get a good look at
everything. Lots of crack shots and let 'em see that finger workin',
understand?" She did.

"After you get off the stage, you do some table dancing. Get your ass
moving. I expect to see you workin' all the time. Understand?" Yes, she

"Now we got a private room in the back for feature numbers. A feature
number is anything a guy thinks up. You'll get 40 or 50 bucks for 20
minutes, so it's good money. Now, you've been around the block more
than once so I don't want to here no fuckin' crap outta you about
anything one of my customers may want. You understand?" She did, and
she knew she wouldn't like any of it, but it was only for one night.


Here she was on stage and completely nude. She was squatting down
giving some guy a crack shot. He'd rolled a bill up tightly and was
trying to shove it into her pussy. He finally dipped it into his beer
and was finally able to push it all the way in. She got up and moved
away, making a big deal about pulling it out and putting it on a chair
that was at the back of the stage. She had to do what it took to keep
working for the whole shift, no matter how embarrassed or disgusting
things got. She knew she could do it.

After 15 minutes on stage, she rotated to the audience where she went
up to each table and offered to do a table dance. She had a lot of
takers and found that the rules were quite different than what she saw
in the video. The guys could touch her all they wanted to, and they
did. Her boobs were being squeezed and fondled by everyone she danced
for. Fingers snaked into her pussy and asshole. A number of guys kissed
her, leaving the smell and taste of cigarettes and stale beer on her
face and inside her mouth.

She had been table dancing for about two hours when Georges told her to
take a break, get fixed up and report to the private room for a special
customer. Fifteen minutes later she was shocked to see who was waiting
for her. Richard Parnell. She knew just who was behind this now. The
guy was a complete jerk, who wouldn't leave her along in college. She
remembered the last thing she said to him in the Commons with quite a
few people listening in and laughing. It was something about his
limited endowment being so small that fleas would consider him tiny, or
something like that. Yes, he was laughed out of the place, and then
went on to make $500 million via an Internet start up. He still looked
like a geek.

She was not surprised to see Marcy sitting right next to him with a big
smile on her beautiful face. She was also not surprised to find that
she was being rented out for the rest of the evening by Parnell and

At first he only wanted her to table dance, and he wasn't even as
touchy as most of the guys in the main room. He started to get into it
a little bit, but by that time she had been touched and probed
everywhere so this didn't seem that bad.

Next he wanted her to table dance Marcy. Well, Marcy wasn't shy at all
and Barb soon felt like she was having a gynecological examination. It
was uncomfortable, but nothing that hadn't happened before this.

"I've always wanted you to give me a blow job, so on your knees." He
didn't seem tentative anymore, but she knew that this was what he was
waiting for and she realized that she had to deliver.

She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants. He was hard as a
rock and she had a problem getting his dick out of his pants. She
finally had it in her mouth and was sucking him as if she was enjoying
it. She really hoped to get him off fast, but the guy just seemed to
last forever.

He finally came with an explosion of cum that filled her mouth. This
was not the best taste she ever had, but not her first experience
either so she swallowed and hoped things were over. But, of course, she
was mistaken.

She had to do Marcy next while Parnell moved his chair closer so he
could watch everything. Marcy gave her instructions, telling her how
fast to move her tongue, where to put her hands and everything else she
could think of to humiliate Barb in front of her nemesis, Parnell.

After she finished going down on Marcy, they made her lie down on a
small table and spread her legs. They positioned themselves so they
could have a clear look between her long legs.

"Now we want to see you masturbate. You do it so very well. You'll just
love this, Parnell. She is so hot."

Barb tried to get it over quickly, but was told to slow down and take
her time. She played with her tits and fingered herself slowly, but
knew it was just a matter of time before she got off.

Just as she got close to cumming. Marcy told her to stop. She had to
lay there for over a minute until she was cooled down. Parnell told to
go for it again. Three more times, she got close, but was made to stop
just before she got off. She was in agony now and would have done
anything to cum.

While she was being tortured in such an exquisite way, several people
noticed what was going on and soon more than 15 people were standing
around watching her. She was embarrassed and yet would have finished
herself off as soon as she could regardless of who was watching, if she
was just given a chance.

The fifth time she was allowed to cum and did so was a scream that got
everyone's attention. The audience cheered and applauded, but Barb
could hardly hear them as she tried to make her orgasm last forever.

Parnell looked at her at told her that he thought she should take care
of her fans, too. It didn't take anytime before her "fans" had her
pushed down on the floor. The first guy to fuck her was a fat drunk who
slobbered over her as he stuck it in. Someone said, "Turn the bitch
over." The next thing she knew, she was on top and some guy was trying
to stick his dick into her asshole. It hurt terribly, but soon he
forced his way in, and started moving it in and out. Eventually she got
wide enough to take it without a lot of pain.

Someone grabbed her hair and forced a cock into her face. Once it was
in her mouth she started sucking on it. She was being fucked by one
guy, stuck in the ass by another, giving a third a blow job while
others pulled at her nipples, squeezed her tits, and made use of every
part of her body.

When one guy came, he was replaced immediately by another. It took over
an hour and a half before every one of them got off in her at least
once. She lost count, but seemed to remember seeing the same ugly faces
more than once.

Finally, it was over. She heard Georges announce closing time and the
customers were slowly moved out into the parking lot. She was left in
the building with just Marcy, Parnell and Georges.

Parnell said, "I'm a person of my word. Here is the evidence. All
original stuff, and no copies anywhere to show up later." Somehow she
was able to believe him, and, while this was the worst experience of
her life, it was finally over.

Parnell walked towards the door with Georges. It was obvious that they
knew each other. They were laughing and looking back at Barb who was
standing nude in the private room with cum streaming from her pussy and
asshole. She was trying to figure out what to do about the mess when
she heard Marcy talking to her.

"I'm not going to be able to take you home because I have a plane to
catch. Kind of too bad for you, cause I think some of those guys stole
your clothes and purse. I think you better sneak out the back door
while Georges is not looking. He's gonna be asking for his money. Oh,
and guess what? I knew you'd want to remember this evening so I've
video taped everything. But, don't worry. I'm not going to give it to
Parnell. No, I'm keeping it all for myself so whenever I'm in Toronto,
I'll know that I'll have a date with someone who will be willing to do
just about anything to keep me happy." She started laughing as she
moved toward the front door.

Barb wanted to be angry, but knew she better get out of there before
Georges came back.

Marcy and Parnell sat in their car and watched the drunk standing next
to his car throwing up. "Well, if you're right, it's got to happen now,

"Ten bucks says it will, big guy." Just as they agreed on the bet, a
nude woman in slutty high heels ran from the woods toward the drunk who
was now standing there trying to clear his head enough to drive home.
They could she her talking to him. He seemed to be telling her no.

Soon, though, she was on her knees unbuttoning his pants and pulling
his dick out of his pants. It took a long time for her to just get him
up. She did everything she could think of to get him off and after what
seemed like that longest blow job in the world, he finally came. He
also threw up again, covering Barb with what remained in his stomach.
He finally pulled her into the car, and after sticking a finger into
her pussy and asshole a couple of times, they left in the direction of

"Well big brother, that'll be ten please. And, how did you like it. I
told you I could get her in a place where she would be more humiliated
than you ever were. Pretty cool, huh, and with these tapes I've got, I
bet I keep having fun with her over and over again."

If you had been there, you would of heard Marcy laughing as they drove
from the darkened parking lot.

The End

Katie McN

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