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Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content, and unless you are at least
eighteen years of age, you shouldn't be reading it...thank you.

Author's Note: This particular story is set in the "Spells R Us"
Universe. It has more than my usual transformation, and I promise a "good
read". It is my fourth story in this genre.

Additional Thought: If you deem my story is worthy, I'd love to hear
some feedback!

Spells R Us: "Rings of Transformation" by JR Parz


"Damn!" Bart Stearns muttered under his breath. This was the third time
Tara Seavers rejected him. As Bart watched the girl walk away, he gazed at
the sway of her buttocks. Tara then turned the corner and disappeared out
of sight.

Bart's attention was then drawn to the laughter behind him. He turned
around and saw both David and Ray laughing at him. They had warned him
only moments before that he'd be making an even bigger fool of himself this
time, than before...but he ignored their advise. He just wasn't in the
mood for 'I told you so'. He looked over at the exit sign and decided he'd
had enough. Bart headed for the door and walked right out of school.

It all started less than a month ago. It was his buddy, Ray, who first
told him about the beautiful new transfer student. 'Wait to you see her,
she's a knockout.'

At the time, Bart was going steady with Lisa Templeton. Had been for
nearly a year, and he had absolutely no interest in ruining a good thing.
When he did eye Tara for the first time, she proved to be everything Ray
said she was...and more. Bart decided to eliminate the temptation, by
avoiding her.

Tara stood about 5'6" with long wavy blond hair. Curvaceous, yet slim,
weighing 120 lbs. Her face was beautiful, and sexy. Highlighted by
sparkling blue eyes. Her breasts, although not as large as Lisa's, did
fill a 'C' cup, and jiggled and bounced with every step she took. Tara
instantly became the talk of Cheshire High School, and most likely, the
fantasy of every male's wet dream.

It was a Sunday morning when Bart woke up to something different. He
reached down to find the longest and hardest erection of his young life.
This wasn't what was different, though, as he often woke with a hard on.
What was different was that his mind was consumed with someone other than
Lisa...and her name was Tara Seavers.

Bart couldn't understand his sudden obsession with Tara, but the
intensity of his feelings wouldn't be denied. Initially, Lisa reaped the
benefits of his increased passion. Every time he entered her, he thought
of Tara. The harder he pounded into her, the more he visualized Tara
underneath him. Despite Lisa's sexy response, who was enjoying the best
sex ever, it was becoming harder and harder for him to come. His arousal
didn't dissipate, just his ability to come. When Bart wasn't in bed with
Lisa, he was privately masturbating. It did nothing to slake his unholy
passion, and he found his obsession with Tara getting the better of him.

Bart knew Lisa was well aware of the effect Tara was having on the other
guys throughout the school. Lisa understood this more than anybody, given
her own beauty and similar effect. Lisa was the school's head cheerleader,
and before Tara's arrival, she was without question the best looking girl in school. Lisa stood five feet - eight inches with shoulder length brown
hair. She possessed huge, dark brown eyes and a vivacious amazon-like
figure. In fact, some of her friends nicknamed her Xena, after the Warrior
Princess from television. Lisa would comment that she felt she was
prettier than Lucy Lawless, and Bart and everyone around would agree. When
Lisa performed various cheers, which included bridge kick overs and back
hand springs. Every set of male eyes would be drawn to the bounce and
jiggle of her tremendous breasts!

Bart remembered the night he first had sex with Lisa. It was nearly a
year ago. He remembered his excitement when he stripped off Lisa's bra,
setting free a set of tits that took his breath away. He reached down and
kissed each nipple while cupping each breast in the palms of his hands. He
later couldn't resist looking at Lisa's bra tag, and noted the size. Out
loud he proclaimed '36DD!' and Lisa smiled. Lisa loved having the nicest
set of tits in her school, and she got the biggest charge when the guys,
and even girls, would be distracted from what they were doing to gaze at
her tits.

Bart still found it hard to believe that Lisa and him were no longer an
item. They broke up about a week ago, when he accidentally yelled out
Tara's name during sex with her. It happened while he was sliding his dick
in and out of Lisa, and just as he was about to shoot his load, he cried
out Tara's name. "You bastard!" Lisa responded and then proceeded to go
ballistic on him. As Bart rushed to put his clothes on, he heard Lisa
shouting; "We're through!".

Bart tried to rationalize that maybe the break-up was a blessing in
disguise. As much as Bart enjoyed fucking Lisa, he thought that now he'd
be able to concentrate all his energies on Tara. Never, in his wildest
nightmares, did he ever imagine how difficult this would be.

Bart wasn't used to rejection. As a child, he always stood out as the
cutest boy in his class. The girls just flocked to him, and he took them
for granted. Not only was he considered cute, he was the town's best
athlete, and in his freshman year, he made the varsity in all three sports;
Baseball, Football and Hockey. Bart quickly became the school's most
popular boy, and it was in these early years of high school that Bart
litterally played the field. It wasn't until mid way through his junior
year when he fell for Lisa.

In addition to this strange obsession he felt for Tara, he found himself
extremely nervous whenever he was around her. Why was he so nervous to
talk to her? Why did he feel she was so much better than him? Was he ever
this nervous? The thought brought him back to his first time. Her name
was Sally Springs. He was only thirteen at the time! Now, Sally attended
USC, but at the time, she was a very sexy seventeen year old. Sally lived
next door and would often tease him by sunbathing nude in her back yard.
Of course, she did this when neither his or her parents were home. Her
fence was tall enough where no one from the street could see, but his
bedroom was on the second floor, so he saw everything. She always wore
sunglasses, so he never knew if she saw him gazing down at her.

One day, she waved, gesturing him to come over. It didn't sink in at
first, but when it did, he practically flew over there. Bart smiled at the
memory of Sally stripping him of his jeans, tee shirt, and finally his
Calvin underwear. Sally quickly laid his naked body back on the recliner,
and mounted him. All seven inches of his throbbing erection slid into her.
It didn't take but a few humps for both of them to orgasm. Sally then
lifted her rump and turned around. While Bart felt Sally take his soft
dick into her mouth, she lowered her lovely rounded ass on his face. It
didn't take long before Bart was hard and ready again, while Sally basked
in yet another orgasm. They would end up doing fucking fourteen more times
before she left for college. By the time Bart entered his freshman year of
highschool, he was reputed to be the school's stud. He possessed the
ability to charm the panties off of any girl and collected five cherries
before settling down with Lisa. What Bart learned, was that girls didn't
say 'no' to him. Not until Tara, that is.

Bart stood stunned. Tara actually smiled at him while shaking her head
'no'. It was almost as if she expected him to ask, and she couldn't wait
to shoot him down. It took a few moments before Bart's face regained its
original color. As he walked away, he couldn't for the life of him,
understand how any girl could say 'no' to him.

Bart let three days pass before finding the nerve to approach her again.
This time he told his friends about his interest in her, and they joked
that she was quickly gaining a reputation as the school's ice queen. Bart
wasn't aware that there were others trying to go out with her, but the news
didn't surprise him. Apparently, they were dealt the same blow he was, but
at least his initial failure wasn't public knowledge. Bart spent some
money on a dozen roses, and approached her in the hall way next to her
locker. He could see that Tara saw him approaching, and he also noted that
she glanced at the flowers. He remembered stumbling over his words; "Tara.
These roses are for you. May I follow them up with dinner, tonight at 7:30
p.m.?" Tara didn't smile this time, she smirked! Her hands never left her
side as she replied; "No. I really don't want to go out with you." then
she walked away. Bart stood there speechless, holding flowers in his

Now Bart officially joined the rejected list. Dave and Ray gave him
hell. They laughed so hard they cried, and he knew that this was payback
for all the times he laughed at them. Bart hated this girl now, but it
seemed the more he hated her, the more he had to have her. He just
couldn't understand his obsession with her.


Bart pulled his sporty blue firebird into the Sterling Mall parking lot
without any real conscience thought as to why. He got out of the car and
headed for the entrance. It was as if his legs belonged to somebody else.
They propelled him along, but he had no idea where he was going. As he
made his way towards the food court, he abruptly stopped dead in his
tracks. He looked to his left and there it was; "Spells R Us".

Bart never saw this store before as his legs pushed him forward to take
a look. A jingling sound announced his arrival. It took Bart a few
seconds to locate an olderer gentleman, wearing what appeared to be a
bathrobe, kneeling down at the far end of the store. The man was stocking a shelf while Bart stood there in confusion.

"Hi Bart. I've been waiting for you. Please, come in...I'll be with
you in a moment."

Bart wondered what was going on as he slowly approached the man. He
realized that he moved closer due to the same mysterious force that brought
him here in the first place. "How do you know me...and what's going on?"

The old man stood up and looked him over; "You did note the store's
name, right? I'm a wizard and knowing who you are is the very least of my far as what is going on, let me have a few seconds to finish
stocking this shelf."

Bart stood still, not sure if he should run out of the store or stay.
The wizard finished and turned to him; "So, you've been having problems
with a certain girl named Tara...haven't you?"

"Wh....what?...How do you know Tara?"

"Listen Bart. If I'm going to help you, the least you can do is pay
attention. I'm a wizard, remember?"

Bart nodded.

"Now, let me put this in simple analogy if you will.
Wouldn't you agree with the saying; 'three strikes and you're out?"

Bart continued to stare at the older man in astonishment. He hadn't
even told his friends about his first did he know about any
of them!?!

"Don't feel too bad. Tara hasn't really been playing fair with you. In
fact, you didn't have a prayer of getting into her pants...that is what you
wanted, isn't it."

Bart actually blushed when the man made reference to sex; "What do you
mean by Tara isn't playing fair?"

"Tara has been hiding her true motives. You see, Tara isn't into
guys...she's into girls."

Bart's eyes lit up with disbelief; "You mean...she's a lesbian?"

"Yep...and she's used witchcraft on you...well, voodoo to be more

"Huh?...I...I've been under a spell?"

"Yep...think back to that morning when you woke up lusting for her.
Ever since then, you've been totally obsessed with her...right?"


"Incidentally, how do you feel about her now?"

Bart's eyes lit up. Now that he thought about it...the desire to be
with her was gone. "Great! I'm okay!"

"Yeah, for the time being...but that's only because you're in my shop.
The second you step outside my shop, this protection you feel from her
magic will come back full force."

"Then I'm stuck like this forever?"

"Nope...I would venture to say that she'll be lifting the spell real
soon in order to use the doll on her intended subject."


"Her real desire."

"Real desire?...who?"

"Your ex girl friend."


"You see, Bart, your obsession with Tara was due to voodoo. She owns a
voodoo lust doll and with a simple incantation, the doll has been
transformed into your likeness. She used your desire to break-up the two
of you, and as a bonus, she decided to publically humiliate you."

"Wh...what is Tara going to do to Lisa?"

"I would say she's going to be placing the same type of spell on Lisa as
she did with you...I would guess sometime tomorrow. You'll know when it

"But wait, Lisa's not a lesbian...she's sickened by the idea of being in
the same bed with another girl...I can't see how she can just change...and
what do you mean; 'I'll know it when it happens?"

The wizard smiled at Bart. "You'll know because she only has one voodoo
doll. In order for Tara to place the spell on Lisa, she has to lift the
spell off of you. Second, if you are talking about the time Lisa became
upset when you proposed the idea of a two on one with her and her best
friend. Think again. Under normal conditions you'd be right...but
remember, we aren't talking about normal conditions?"

Bart just gave the wizard a stupid confused look.

The wizard continued; "It doesn't matter what Lisa is or isn't. She'll
find herself fighting the same intense attraction for Tara as you did. In
fact, given Lisa's the object of Tara's desire, I would expect she'll use a
more powerful spell. All of Lisa's thoughts will be centered on Tara. She
won't understand them and I expect she'll try fighting them, but it won't
help her."

"This is unbelievable! I can't let this happen to Lisa! What can I do
to stop this?"

The wizard looked at him with a grin. "I'm glad you asked. In fact, I
was hoping that you'd want Lisa back...I can help you get Lisa back and
take care of Tara in the process...interested?"

"I...I...think I love Lisa...I'll do anything to get her back...but why
are you helping?"

The wizard smiled; "Anytime supernatural powers are being used, I'm
notified and must take appropriate action. Tara doesn't have any real
powers herself, but the voodoo doll and the knowledge of how to cast the
lust spell is enough for her to cause problems. She was a sweet innocent
girl before she received this voodoo doll. Tara's aunt gave Tara the
voodoo doll at her sixteenth birthday party...along with the knowledge. We
think there has to be some evil influence at work. Tara was a perfectly
normal sweet girl before the gift, and over one year's time she's used her
voodoo powers to sexually enslave three girls. Two are from her previous
high school, and although they are no longer under Tara's spell, they are
still going to counseling from the experience. The other girl is a
waitress Tara met the first night she arrived. Not counting you, Lisa will
be the fourth."

Bart watched the wizard pull out a small box he had in his bathrobe
pocket. He handed it to Bart, who in turn, opened it. Inside the box laid
three rings. The rings were made of gold.

"The rings are already charmed and ready for use. It doesn't matter
which ring is used, the spells are triggered by the wearer and the

Bart looked at the rings and asked; "What will the rings do?"

"First, the other rings will only work if you are first wearing yours.
Then Lisa's will be activated and finally, Tara's. The spells take effect
immediately. I must warn you...make sure the ring isn't forced off any one
of you. This is absolutely imperative."

"What happens...I mean, what does the ring make happen...and what
happens if I force a ring off?"

"Each action triggers a reaction. Each ring is set up the same way.
Everything depends on timing and circumstances. The spell will handle all
the variables and alter whatever is necessary to succeed in its mission.
If the ring is forced off before the mission ends, you would all be stuck."

Bart felt nervous. Stuck? What did the wizard mean? Before Bart had a
chance to ask, the wizard continued; "You'll understand everything as it's
happening....just let the rings dictate your next move. Well, are you

Bart pictured Lisa with Tara, and felt anger; "Alright, I'll do it!"

"Good." Replied the wizard.

Bart extended his hand for a handshake, sealing their agreement.


It wasn't until later on that evening when Bart was finally feeling
relief from Tara's spell. With his sexual hunger subsiding, he knew it
meant Lisa would soon be feeling hers. Just as the wizard had said, the
spell enveloped him the second he stepped out of the store. It took every
ounce of his will power to stop himself from going to her. It wasn't until
after dinner that he felt the desire dissipate.

Bart went over to his dresser, and picked up one of the rings. He
looked at it closely for a second and then slipped it on. Almost
immediately, he felt drowsy and needed to sleep. Usually, Bart slept in
the nude...tonight, was no different.


Lisa had been tossing and turning in bed. All night her mind was going
in directions she never ever imagined before. Why was she thinking of that
new girl, Tara Seavers...and why was she thinking of her in a way that made
her blush? Lisa stripped her teddy and panties off. Maybe being naked
would help her sleep. She felt 'hot'. When she closed her eyes, she
envisioned Tara. Lisa let her hands roam over her body, and finally down
to her vagina...her thumb and a couple of her fingers found her clit.
Lisa's mind vividly pictured Tara laying beside her naked. Lisa tried
shaking the picture out of her mind, but it didn't help. Tara's sex stared
at her in all its glistening beauty, and Lisa responded with even a greater
desire. Lisa's free hand played with her huge tits, alternating back and
forth, while her mind pictured Tara bring her mouth up and bite one of her
nipples. Lisa gasped as a rush of pleasure flooded her groin. Lisa
continued its ministrations on her clit, while her mind saw Tara use her
tongue. "Unngghhhh." Lisa squeezed her thighs together, tight, trying to
make her orgasm last.

Lisa felt the tears slowly come down the sides of her cheeks. Despite
the orgasm, she felt an emptiness without Tara. Lisa didn't want to go
back to playing with her clit, but her hunger for sexual satiation
overruled her mind. Soon her cries of sadness, turned to cries of passion.
Lisa finally fell asleep with three fingers buried deep inside herself.


Bart woke up slowly, not even opening his eyes. He was curled up in a
fetal position and reached down with his hand to scratch his groin area.
The difference in his pubic hair and the lack of his male genitals didn't
even register. When he turned over, he noticed a heaviness on his chest.
This however, did register. He opened his eyes in confusion.

"Oh My God!" Bart screamed in a feminine voice! "Oh my god!" he again
cried out, realizing his feminine voice.

Bart cupped both breasts with his new feminine hands...and squeezed.
They were huge! He quickly shot his right hand down to his crotch
again...nothing! Just a...a...female vagina! Bart sprung up off the bed
and the quickness made his new huge tits bounce and jiggle around while his
long blond hair whipped around in front of his face. He looked down at his
female nudity and couldn't believe what he saw. He ran over to the mirror
and again was shocked! He wasn't just any girl...he was TARA! "Oh My

Bart walked over to his dresser and started looking through his drawers.
What would he wear? How would he get to where he needed to go? Bart had
to think. Was this permanent? It better not be, and decided he wouldn't
dwell on that. He then went over to his closet and threw on his bathrobe.
He looked into the mirror. He had to admit, Tara's body looked spectacular
in his bathrobe. He slowly opened the door and peaked down the hallway.
No sign of his Mother. Bart pranced down the hallway to the phone.
Quickly he called Lisa.

"Hello." said Lisa's mother.

" Mrs. Templeton...can I speak with Lisa?"

" is early. I think she's still sleeping."

"Could you please tell her its important...tell's

"Alright...wait a second."

Bart was nervous while he waiting for Lisa. He kept on looking down the
hallway at his Mom's room, praying she wouldn't wake up. How would he
explain this, he wondered? He looked down to see his new female breasts poking out of his bathrobe. Now that he looked at them closer, they
weren't as big as Lisa's...thank god he didn't have to deal with a set like
those! While Bart waited, he envisioned Lisa's breasts...and then
envisioned her completely naked, and felt himself getting horny. What a
strange feeling he thought...female arousal. He used his free hand to
reach down to his crotch...he was wet.

"TARA!" Lisa's voice rang out with excitement.

"Hi Lisa...have you been thinking about me?"

"Please Tara...I don't understand it, but I need to see you." pleaded
the sweet voice on the other end.

"I know Lisa...listen, what I'm about to tell you will seem strange, but
you have to trust me. I don't want you asking questions over the phone, so
just do what I ask. Go over to Bart's and use the fire escape entrance.
I'll be inside on his bed waiting for you. Trust me and do this."

"Why are you're with him, aren't you!?!"

"Lisa, behave yourself...I haven't slept with him and don't plan too. I
want you, and only you...I just need you to meet me in Bart's room. Come
now...don't even shower. I want you as you are. Okay sweetie?"

"Okay...I...I...think I love you...please be there...I'll be right
over." Lisa stammered, and then hung up the phone.

Bart suddenly heard some noise coming from his mother's room and he
quickly ran down the hallway back to his room. His breasts bounced the
whole way. The only thing he could do now was wait, so he went back over
to the bed and laid there. He figured it would take Lisa about fifteen
minutes to get here. Should he confide in Lisa? He thought about telling
her everything, but then thought against it. The trip to the SpellsRUs
shop, the rings, how Tara used voodoo to break up their relationship, and
the spell she was under at this very moment would send her right over the
edge. Stuff like this only happened in Internet stories.


When Lisa came through his window, Bart was laying on top of his covers
in his unwrapped bathrobe. He smiled when he saw her, and thought she was
the loveliest sight in the world. He could tell by Lisa's eyes, that the
spell Tara placed on her was working. Lisa had no idea he was inside
Tara's body as she slowly approached the bed.

"Hi Lisa...join me." Bart said with a female giggle.

Bart couldn't believe how horny his Tara body was feeling. His eyes
basked in the sight of his girl friend stripping out of her jogging suit,
followed by her panties and sports bra. Bart's eyes lit up at Lisa's huge
tits. He missed those the most during their brief break-up. Lisa quickly
climbed on top of the bed and settled in between Bart's female legs.
Lisa's mouth didn't waste time in finding Bart's clit and proceeded to lick
and suck the wet juices inside his vagina. Bart didn't want to make noise
in fear of his mother hearing, but he found he had very little control over
his female excitement. He ended up using a pillow to muffle his screams
when he felt his first female orgasm.

As soon as Bart recovered from Lisa's tongue lashing, he repositioned
himself in a sixty-nine. Bart loved going down on Lisa when he was male,
and felt even a greater excitement doing it as a female. When Bart dove
in, he was quickly assaulted with a raunchy sweaty smell coming from her
pussy. Instead of wanting Lisa to go shower, Bart found her smell work on
him like an aphrodisiac, and he shoved his pretty nose and mouth down on
her wet crotch. Lisa responded with a whimper, as she thrashed and moaned
with every stab of his tongue. Soon both of them cried out another orgasm,
as they licked and lapped every drop of each other's come.

About an hour later, Bart finally broke the sated spell they were in;
"Lisa...I have a ring here that I want you to will always show me
how much you love me. It will be our sign...our bond."

He watched Lisa take the ring, and slip it on her finger. Moments
later, Bart watched his girl friend begin a transformation...


Initially, Lisa was basking in the afterglow of sex, feeling too sated
to really notice the changes going on...until of course, a flush of heat
flooded her breasts. Lisa looked down at her chest and gasped. Were they
getting smaller? Lisa loved her breasts, and she quickly grabbed them with
both hands as if to stop their shrinking. It didn't help. "My
tits...what's happening to them!?!"

Lisa looked at Tara, who only smiled in response. As the last of her
breasts disappeared, Lisa then felt a movement in her hips...then a
shifting around her buttocks. Everything grew tighter. Lisa caught her
hair strands also appear to shrink, as he shoulder length hair quickly
became a page boy style. Her hands confirmed this...and while doing this,
she noticed her arms. In fact, hair sprouted all over her body, especially
around her now muscled defined chest. Then it 'hit'. The feeling was so
intense, and centered down in her groin area. Lisa looked down and
whispered. "Oh my god."

Lisa felt and watched the shifting in her crotch. Within seconds she
recognized a male penis and testicles form. She reached down to touch it,
as the growth continued...the mere contact of her hand, sprung her new dick
to life. Her eyes grew wide as her dick grew long and hard. "Oh my God!"
she proclaimed louder, and this time in a male voice.

Lisa bounced off the bed and ran over to the mirror...her gaze lasted a
few seconds before fainting.


Bart had quickly bounced off the bed to watch his girl friend's
transformation. He stood stunned as he watched his girl friend alter shape
and transform from a female to a male right before his very eyes. When the
transformation was complete, he gaped at Lisa, who was now wearing his old body. How would Lisa react to this? Lisa then jumped off the bed and
headed straight to the mirror, and Bart quickly moved up behind her. A
mere second later, Lisa feinted and Bart was there to ease his old body
down to the floor. Bart tried to move Lisa to the bed, but found it too
difficult. Just then, Bart started to feel a strangeness envelope him.
His last transformation happened while he was sleeping, so he wasn't
familiar with the sensation...but he somehow knew he'd be changing. Bart
moved in front of the mirror to watch.

Bart stood still in amazement! Tara's body shimmered right before his
very eyes. The first sign of his new transformation was his breasts, as
they began to grow. He took his female hands and cupped them, feeling a
pleasure with the growth. In seconds, his breasts went from a handful and
perky to huge. Then he felt himself grow slightly taller, and fill out in
all the right places. Where Tara's slim curvy body stood seconds before,
now stood an amazon like body. Bart watched his long blond hair climb up
his back to his shoulders, and turn darker. His sparkling blue eyes
changed shape and turned to a dark brown. The final transformation was his
face itself, as he watched his Tara face become Lisa's face. He was now
Lisa! Then the other feeling flooded his being, and he gasped at the

The intense feeling flooded his new body with a painful arousal. Much
more than he had to deal with when he was in his male body. He recognized
it immediately, having to live under a much smaller version of the spell.
His Lisa body was under the effects of Tara's spell.

Bart knew he'd have to hurry. First, he took advantage of Lisa's much
stronger body to pick up his old body and placed Lisa on the bed. As he
laid her down, he couldn't help notice his old erection poking up at him.
He quickly threw the sheet over it. How long would Lisa sleep? Bart knew
what he had to do...didn't understand why, he just knew. The only one that
could possibly get close enough to her would be Lisa. He'd have to hurry
before Tara's spell made it impossible to rationalize.

Bart threw on Lisa's sports bra first, encasing his new set. They were
beautiful, but at the moment, Bart wished he didn't have them. He reached
down and put on Lisa's dirty panties, followed by her stinky jogging suit.
His arousal was climbing by the second, and he quickly exited the same why
Lisa had come in.


Tara stretched and yawned, feeling spectacular. She reached down and
woke up the pretty brunette, who was sleeping between her legs.

"Tina...wake up honey. You need to leave."

The girl woke up, and after realizing what Tara had said, she pouted.
Tara loved that look and debated whether or not that was the reason she
cast a spell on her in the first place. Of course, Tina was no longer
under a spell. It had been lifted several weeks ago. Nonetheless, this
cute college girl, who had been a closet lesbian, begged Tara to let her
continue seeing her. Tara found Tina adorable and decided to keep her.
What was it about this girl that captivated her so much? Tara watched the
cute girl slip on her panties and jeans. She was way to small to need a
bra, and when she put on her tight halter top, it almost rendered her tits non existent. Maybe it was Tina's short page boy haircut? Maybe it was
her cute waitress outfit she wore the first night she spotted her? Tara
really couldn't pin it down...but she was happy to have her as a pet.

Tara's mind then wandered to her new trinket...Lisa. The spell should
have her squirming with passion about now. She would call her. Tina
interrupted her thoughts to kiss her goodbye. Her lips were soft. Maybe
it was her lips? Tara told her that she'd call her next week sometime.
The girl's eyes misted up...but such was life.


Bart couldn't believe how difficult it was to sprint in Lisa's body, and
it wasn't because Lisa was out of shape. In fact, Lisa's body was in great
shape. It was due to Lisa's tremendous breasts! The sports bra did very
little as his new breasts bounced and jiggled with every sprint forward.
He concluded that girls paid a big price for having huge breasts.

Bart wasn't sure how he knew Tara's address, but like everything else
during this ordeal, he just seemed to know. Ten minutes later, Bart stood
outside Tara's apartment door. He felt his female vagina lubricating being
this close to Tara. He was about to knock loudly, but changed his mind.
He felt a sudden fear of upsetting her. Bart tapped on the door.


Tara thought maybe Tina had forgotten something when she heard the
knock. She yelled it was open and in walked Lisa Templeton.

"Lisa! What a did you find me?"

"I...I...need you...please don't make me go. I..." Lisa stammered, not
sounding at all like the confident amazon girl she was reputed to be.

Tara walked up to the girl. She looked a mess...with the sweat dripping
off her body. "What a mess! You stink! How dare you come to me looking
like this! Get out of those clothes, now!"

Tara loved the fear she saw in Lisa's eyes. The girl was quite a sight
as she quickly stripped out of her jogging suit, bra and panties. The
clothes pooled around her feet in a heap. Lisa stood naked awaiting
further instructions.

"Go in the bathroom now and take a shower...take your time and make sure
you clean yourself real good...especially down there." Tara said while
pointing to her crotch.

Lisa replied in a soft voice; "okay..."

Tara went over to the heap of clothes in the middle of the floor. God,
they stunk. As she went to lift them up, she heard a 'ting' hit the floor.
Tara then saw the glint of gold. She reached down and picked up the object was a ring. Was this Lisa's? Was this intended for her? Tara
slipped the ring on to see how it looked on her and in the next instant,
she felt a strange disorientation. 'Wha...what's happening to me?' Tara's
dizziness forced her to the couch. When she looked down at her body, she
noticed how her nightgown appeared larger for some reason. She peaked
inside her gown. 'My tits! They're shrinking.' she screamed to herself.
Although she wasn't wearing a bra at the moment, she figured that she had
shrunk a whole cup size. Tara ran over to the mirror, and as she ran, she
felt how loose her panties felt. Tara gazed in the mirror for a second
before stripping off her gown. Her panties followed, and then she


Bart felt something give in him, and it made him gasp. Something was
happening. He heard a scream come from the next room, and jumped out of
the shower. Bart's gorgeous female form was dripping wet and completely
naked, but it didn't stop him from running out to see what happened.
Standing before him was Tara...and in the process of changing.

Bart quickly realized what was happening. Tara was age regressing. At
the moment, she couldn't have been much older than twelve, and getting
younger by the minute. Bart looked down to Tara's hand. The ring glowed
and Bart smiled. Tara had taken the bait...just as he somehow knew she
would. Good thing, because the second he entered the apartment, he had
felt powerless to do anything other than what Tara told him to do.

Bart gave Tara space as the girl continued to age regress. When Tara
appeared no more than ten, she started crying. Bart went over and hugged
the girl against his huge breasts. He wondered when the age regression
would stop. Or would it stop? He looked down at the Tara, who had now
lost all her pubic hair and her breasts were no more than little bumps with
nipples. The girl's crying subsided a little as Bart continued hugging
her. As he did this, he started to feel a tingling spread throughout his
body...he knew the feeling. He was changing again...but to what?!?

Bart now gazed at himself in the mirror. His image shimmered and soon
he felt some shrinking. Not too much, but enough to notice that he no
longer carried the same vivaciousness as Lisa's body possessed. Bart
looked into his eyes, and watched them turn blue. His shoulder length dark
hair grew down past his shoulders and turned blond. His face turned from
Lisa's into Tara's. The transformation was complete. Bart then felt
something not quite right and looked down at his breasts. His eyes lit up;
"What!" His breasts remained the same size. Tara didn't have breasts this
big? Lisa's breasts on Tara's body!?! Why?!?

Bart turned to Tara, and saw the girl looking at him in confusion. Then
little Tara smiled, and yelled; "Mommy"! Bart was a bit surprised, but
welcomed the now toddler anyway. He stroked her long blond hair in a
comforting manner, while softly stating; "everything is going to be
alright, Tara."

Bart saw the ring on the child's finger and thought that maybe he should
break the spell by taking the ring off...but remembered the warning. Bart
watched as Tara regressed further. She looked about two. Bart then felt
something shift in his own body. What? He had just transformed, why would
he be doing it again. His huge breasts seemed to feel heavier. His
nipples felt really sensitive. Bart didn't notice a drop of milk form on
each nipple, because his attention was drawn to the shifting he felt around
his hips and buttocks...they were getting bigger! Bart then felt a strange
compulsion to lay down...and then spread his legs, while lifting his knees
up. Tara was an infant now, and somehow managed to crawl between his legs.
It didn't even dawn on him that an infant wouldn't normally be able to
crawl. Bart felt baby Tara poke at the entrance of his female vagina, and
then he passed out.


Lisa wasn't sure what woke her. She smiled. A dream? NOT! Lisa
reached her right hand down and cupped her balls...then wrapped her male
hand around an erection that wouldn't quit! Lisa felt a flush of pleasure,
mixed with some fear. God was she horny! She couldn't help tug at her new
pole and the sensation was heaven. She had stroked Bart's dick a few times
during their relationship, and now that she was doing it to herself, she
understood why he didn't ask for it to be done. Lisa had been doing it all
wrong before...this way felt much, much better. While Lisa stroked her
throbbing erection, she wondered what was going on...but the thought didn't
seem to alarm her.

Two things happened at the same time...and Lisa turned red with
embarrassment. Just as she stroked her dick to an humongous orgasm, which
spurted globs of come all over her male chest and face. In walked Tara
from the fire escape entrance. Tara witnessed the whole thing!

"Well, well, well...I see one of us in enjoying this switch of bodies."
Commented Bart.

"Tara? Bart?" Lisa replied, not realizing she was still holding her
dick. Then Lisa noticed Tara's breasts and she exclaimed; "How did you get
so huge!"

"'s me, Bart. Inside Tara's body...and that isn't the only
thing inside my body, which will answer why I'm so huge." Lisa saw Bart
look closely at the position she was in. He then added; "So, how did you
enjoy masturbating with my body?"

Lisa blushed and used the bed sheet to wipe herself. While she was
doing this, she didn't realize that Bart was beginning to take off his
clothes. When Lisa turned her attention back up to Bart, she was startled
to see a naked Tara standing before her. "I want you to see this for

"Oh my god!" Lisa gasped. "You're..."PREGNANT!"

"Correction...You're pregnant. As sexy as Tara's body is, I'm looking
forward to getting my old body back...and I'm sorry I got you knocked up.
I'd say you're about three months along."

"What do you mean, I'm pregnant? I'm Lisa, not Tara! What do you
mean!?!...and how did you get pregnant in the first place?!?" Lisa
responded with alarm.

Bart stated; "Tara age regressed from a seventeen year old to an infant,
and in the meantime, I was transformed from your body to Tara's seventeen
year old body. Then, don't ask me how, little Tara climbed into my new
body and then into a womb that formed inside of me. I passed out, so I
missed my reverse pregnancy. When I woke, I saw I was three months

"You mean...Tara's inside of you?!?"

"Yep, but in a few minutes, she'll be inside of you. We're going to go
through a final transformation. It's only right. You're really female,
and that is my body you're wearing. Well, you understand, right?"

"NO! I don't think so! Where's my body?" Lisa responded. She didn't
like this at all! Then she felt a sudden panic. Whatever was going to
happen, she had to stop it. Lisa looked down at the ring. It was the
ring...that had to be the answer! When it began to glow, Lisa quickly
reached down and yanked it off...

"NO!" yelled Bart as he rushed to stop Lisa. Too late. He saw the ring
in Lisa's open palm. "Why?" he asked Lisa, with tears forming in his
sparkling blue eyes. Then they both watched as Lisa's ring disappeared.
Bart looked down at his own ring, and that, too, disappeared.

"It's over...we're stuck." stated Bart in a defeated tone.

"Wh...what do you mean, stuck?" Asked Lisa, inside of Bart's body.

Bart felt his new female hormones flood his system, and he began to cry;
"I'm a pregnant Tara...and your me. I'll be delivering a
baby...a baby girl named Tara. Why did you do this to me?"

Lisa stared at Bart...wait! She was Bart! She had to start getting
used to that. Lisa went over to hug Tara...yes, how could a girl this
lovely be Bart. Impossible. While Lisa hugged the beautiful pregnant
Tara, who continued to cry, Lisa felt arousal at the contact of their naked
bodies. Lisa looked down at herself and smiled...she was getting hard.
Correction...he was getting hard. Lisa led Tara over to the bed, and laid
her down. God, Tara was very beautiful. Lisa climbed on the bed, opening
Tara's legs. The sobbing girl looked up at her confused. Lisa wanted to
make sure the pregnant girl was ready, so Lisa used her fingers to play
with Tara's pussy. In seconds, Tara was moaning. Lisa now understood why
Bart was so impatient sometimes...her erection throbbed with anticipation.
Lisa then moved herself up against Tara, and felt a tight friction as she
entered the girl...what a feeling! The desire to pump in and out of the
girl underneath her overwhelmed Lisa, as she quickly grasped the male
ritual of fucking a girl.

"Tara you..." Lisa stammered, while continuing her

"I...I...never knew...god...never knew it felt this good....this good
for you...." responded Tara's voice, cracking with emotion.


Bart woke first. His felt a soreness, and then a feeling of
nauseousness. Morning sickness! Bart slowly got off the bed, with his
newly enlarged tits swaying proudly in front of him.

"What's a matter, sweetie?" his old voice asked from the bed.

"I...I feel like I have to throw up." replied his soft female voice.

"Hurry up...I'm feeling horny." Stated Lisa, already getting used to the
male role.

Bart looked at his old body, noticing the growing erection. He looked
down at his new body, and smiled. Maybe this won't be too bad after all,
he decided...feeling a hint of arousal.

The End


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