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Archived Sex Stories

Risk Factor


Disclaimer: The usual... under 18, scram.

The Risk Factor By JR Parz


Jonathan and Laura Darkling were brother and sister... Jonathan had
graduated high school back in June and Laura was getting ready to enter her
senior year. When they were toddlers their parents' died in an automobile
accident and as a result their great aunt raised them.

Jonathan was very average and a loner... he spent most of his free time
'surfing' the 'Net'... Laura, on the other hand, was very beautiful and
very popular... and a member of the high school cheerleading squad.

Three significant things happened during Labor Day weekend... Their
great aunt passed away... Jonathan turned 18 years old... and he received
a package in the mail.

I. (Laura)

Laura would be the first one to admit that she was feeling an extra
sense of freedom in not having her great aunt around and life appeared to
be running along nicely but all that changed the day Debbie Dixon knocked
on her door... asking for her brother.

"Who?" She replied, not believing her own ears. Debbie was blonde,
buxom, and last year's cheerleading captain. There was no way that a girl of her stature would be asking for her brother.

"Jonathan." Debbie replied again, blushing.

"Ah... sure... come in." Laura mumbled, allowing her former
cheerleading captain into her house. She turned and shouted for her
brother and then turned back to her. "So, what brings you here?" She
asked, curious.

"Jonathan." Debbie whispered for a third time without elaborating.

"Hi Debbie!" Jonathan greeted coming down the stairs.

Laura watched in stunned silence as Debbie ran into her brother's arms
and hugged him... and then was further amazed when Debbie followed her
brother up the stairs.

'This is crazy!' she thought to herself and couldn't resist the
temptation to find out what was happening. Quietly, she made her way
upstairs to her bedroom and used a glass to listen through the thin wall
that separated their rooms. "Oh... my... God." She uttered in absolute
shock. She could hear their grunts and groans and realized that they were
fucking. Why the hell was Debbie Dixon spreading her legs for Jonathan?!?

Later on that night she tossed and turned as she tried to sleep. In her
attempts to rationalize... she reasoned that Debbie had been promiscuous
throughout high school and never hid the fact that she loved to fuck...
but in the past her dates had always been 'hunks', so why now did she lower
her standards?

For the next three days Debbie was constantly over and every time she
came she spent nearly all her time inside Jonathan's bedroom. On those few
occasions when she saw Debbie she would try striking up a conversation but
Debbie would blush and turn away... almost as if she were ashamed of


The next day while she was having lunch with her best friends, Tara and
Heather, Jason abruptly sat down at their table.

"I don't recall anyone inviting you." Laura stated with a cold stare.
She hated Jason. He had always walked around like he was God's gift to
women and treating everyone like they were supposed to be at his beckon

"I want to know why my sister is suddenly crying over your brother." He

"What?" She replied, taken by surprise. Tara and Heather looked on with
equal confusion.

"Yeah... Your brother called my house last night asking for my sister.
He even made it a point to identify himself and I have to admit I was
surprised... I mean, what was last year's 'nobody' doing calling last
year's class Victorian? I asked Jenn this when she got off the phone and
she suddenly burst into tears and ran to her room."

"I... I don't know why Jon called." She replied, as she thought about
Debbie and her sudden attraction to Jonathan... The very idea that
Jennifer would be interested in him romantically was absolutely ludicrous.

"It doesn't make sense." Jason added.

"Would you like me to ask him?" She offered, welcoming the excuse to
confront him.

"Yeah... I want to know whether I need to kick his ass." Jason replied.

Laura spent the remainder of the day in a fog, trying to figure out what
it could possibly be that Jennifer might see in her brother.

Upon returning home she heard the usual grunts and groans coming from
her brother's bedroom and automatically assumed Debbie was with him... but
when Jennifer emerged a couple of hours later, she did a double-take and
started to feel afraid.


"What was Jennifer doing here?" She asked her brother after Jennifer

"She wanted to get laid." Jonathan answered, grinning.

Her eyes lit up at how cavalier he sounded. "What about Debbie?" She

"What about her?" Jonathan replied.

"Aren't you seeing her?" She asked.

"We fuck... but today I decided to fuck someone else." Jonathan

She was amazed at what she was hearing... Jonathan never talked this
way and just as she was about to 'drill' him with more questions the
doorbell interrupted them. This time, Andrea Fairchild was at the door...
a reputed bad ass biker girl and known lesbian.

"Hi Andrea... come on in." Jonathan greeted her.

The lesbian appeared unsure as to what she was doing here, but this
didn't stop her from entering and following her brother upstairs.


"I want to know what you're doing to these girls?" Laura asked the next
morning. Andrea had spent the night with him and had just left.

"What do you mean?" Jonathan responded, innocently.

"How come they're suddenly throwing themselves at you?"

"Oh... I have become rather popular lately, haven't I?" He replied,

"First Debbie, then Jennifer and now Andrea... and Andrea's a lesbian for Christ sakes!"

"Was a lesbian... now she's bi." Jonathan replied chuckling... and
then walked away.


That afternoon she heard a light tapping at the door and was surprised
to see her friend Heather at the door.

"Hi Heather." She smiled, letting her in. "You usually call... what's

"Um... I... I'm here to see Jonathan." She stammered, blushing.

Laura looked at her friend horrified.

"Hi Heather." Jonathan called out as he descended the stairs.

"Hi Jonathan!" Heather responded with excitement.

Laura just started at them with her mouth open in disbelief.

"Heather... go upstairs and wait for me in my room... you know where
it is, right honey?"

Heather blushed and nodded her head.

"And while you're waiting for me you might as well slip out of those
clothes... you won't be needing them for awhile." Jonathan added,

Heather glanced at her with embarrassment before heading upstairs.

"What... What did you do to her?!?" Laura asked, finally finding her

"I remembered what your blonde friend looked like in those tight Frankie
B. jeans and decided to have myself a taste." Jonathan replied, grinning.

"Have a taste?!? How can you be so crude!?!" She asked, shocked.
"That's my friend you're talking about!" She screamed in anger.

"Is there a law that says I can't fuck your friends?" He asked, still

"I don't know what you did to her... or all the other girls... but
what you're doing is sick and perverted!" She cried.

Jonathan just looked back at her with a goofy grin on his face.

"Heather's a virgin... or do you care? She's not like Debbie... She
wanted to save herself for marriage before having sex."

"Trust me... Virgin or no virgin... once they're under my power it
simply doesn't matter." He replied.

Later on... she heard Heather's cries of passion... much like she had
heard from the other girls... but this time she broke down and cried.


"This is crazy!" She exclaimed to her best friend over her cell phone.

"Is she still with him?" Tara asked.

"Yeah! They're upstairs fucking! I couldn't take listening to them
anymore." She replied, sobbing.

"What could Heather possibly see in him?" Tara asked.

"It's not her! I could tell from looking at her that she was
embarrassed to be here. I'm telling you, Tara, my brother has tapped into
something supernatural and it has somehow enabled him to control Heather
and the rest of the girls."

"The occult?" Tara asked.

"Whatever it is, it's powerful... Heather's whole demeanor changed the
second she saw him... it's almost like she's under a love spell. It isn't
natural and I'm worried that you might be next." She replied, nervously.

"Relax Laura... He's not my type and I'll be on my guard." Tara

"I... I don't think he was Heather's type either." She responded
feeling very afraid.

II. (Jonathan)

"How... How come I feel this way?" Heather asked him in a soft timid
voice. She was nestled up close against his body, naked and spent. They
had just fucked nonstop for an hour and now they basked in the aftermath.
There was something about this girl that oozed erotic innocence.

"Do you like the way you feel?" He asked in response, smiling.

"Yes... but... but I don't understand it." Heather admitted, blushing.
He lightly caressed along her curves before palming one of her plump
breasts. She cooed reminding him of Jennifer... another innocent.

"I shouldn't be feeling this way... Wh... what did you do to me?" She
asked again.

"I placed a spell on you." He replied, using this same story on the rest
of the girls.

"Like Jennifer?" She asked, still sounding timid.

"Yes, Jennifer... Debbie... and Andrea, too." He replied.

"But why?" She asked.

"Are you kidding?" He responded, genuinely surprised that anyone could
ask such a question.

"I... I hate you." She finally whispered... looking slightly surprised
that she was able to mouth the words.

"That doesn't matter... does it?" He replied, smiling. "Now, pay
attention because I'm only going to tell you this once." He commanded.
"You'll always have your memories and I'll never mess with what it is that
makes you, you... but understand that you are totally subjugated to my
will and will do everything I ask or command without question. I also
forbid you to communicate in any way to anyone about what I've done to you.
Be completely honest with me at all times and you must seek my permission
before doing anything out of the ordinary... and finally, act like you
would if you were happy and content with your life."

"I understand." Heather responded in a respectful soft tone.

"Just in case you're wondering... the spell can't be lifted but it can
be redirected." He smiled.

"I don't understand." Heather whispered.

"It means that I can either keep you or give you away." He replied and
saw a flash of fear cross her face as a result.

Then, without any prodding on his part, Heather reached down and began
stroking his cock... it didn't take long before he was hard and throbbing.
Then she shifted around and took him inside her mouth. He knew that this
was her way of letting him know that she didn't want to be given away.

III. (Heather)

"Hey Heather... how's it going?" Tara asked.

"Hi Tara." Heather replied, talking on her cell. She wasn't dumb and
figured that Laura had already filled Tara in with the details.

"So, I heard about you and Jonathan... what's the 'dealio'?" Tara
asked, sounding like Jessica Alba from the Dark Angel television show.
Given Tara looked a lot like Alba she was constantly stealing her lines.

"I... I think... I think I love him." She replied, lying, and wishing
she could tell the truth.

"Just like that?" Tara asked.

"Ah... Maybe I always have and just now realized it." She lied again.

"And just like that you have sex with him." Tara replied.

"Who said I had sex?" She responded, defensively.

"Duh... Laura heard you."

"So? You aren't a virgin... Laura isn't either... and there are a
whole lot of other girls younger than me who've lost their cherries...
what makes my cherry so special?" She replied, knowing she sounded

"What about saving yourself, remember? Remember how you made such a big
deal out of it?" Tara replied.

"I'm really not in the mood for any lectures... so if you can't be
happy for me then we have nothing to talk about." She responded.

"Do you know how out of character you sound?" She asked, then added.
"Laura and I think that Jonathan may have hypnotized you."

"You're both crazy." She responded and then cut off the connection.

Nope... this was much more than simple hypnosis. She glanced over at
the clock and saw that she had an hour before she was allowed to go see
Jonathan. She knew that he was with Jennifer at the moment and although it
bothered her to have to share him, she also knew there wasn't a damn thing
she could do about it. Well, she smiled... 'At least I'm allowed to

IV. (Jennifer)

"You're punishing me." Jennifer sobbed, feeling like the world was
falling apart.

She had just happily sucked Jonathan to an orgasm and swallowed every
drop of him before he told her the bad news. While she pouted she
reflected on her new life and how everything was happening so fast. First,
she remembered how hard she fell for Jonathan and blushed at the memory of
how she had begged him to be her first. Then there was the marathon of sex
and now this...

"Look Jenn... Heather is a little 'hottie' and I know you'll absolutely
adore her." Jonathan replied, trying to cheer her up. "She'll be here in
less than an hour so I suggest you start looking at all the positives that
a relationship like this could bring you." He added.

"I know she's pretty... I'm not blind... but she's a girl and I'm not
a gay. I don't' think she is, either." She whined. "Why can't I stay with
you and instead you match Heather with Andrea? Andrea is the one that
likes girls." She added.

"I'm already pairing Andrea and Debbie together." Jonathan replied.

"But... this isn't fair." She complained... looking ill at the
prospect of being with another girl.

"Don't worry... I'll make it where you have genuine feelings for one

"Does Heather know what you're about to do to her?" She asked.

"No, and I'd prefer she never know. I want her to think that these new
feelings are hers alone."

"I think she's going to suspect something is up if she suddenly starts
liking me like that." She replied.

"Look... You're going to be the dominant and Heather's natural
submissiveness will allow you to seduce her, love her, and take care of
her... just like you might do with a favored pet."

Jennifer knew she couldn't disobey Jonathan and would do as he asked and
then blushed with the realization that she felt a perverse pleasure from
having her own 'slave'.

V. (Tara)

Tara woke up all wet... and it wasn't from sweat. She looked at the
clock and saw that she had another hour before she had to get up for school
but there was no way she could go back to sleep. She could tell from her
sticky fingers that she'd been fingering herself and she wondered what it
was that made her so horny.

Slowly, she crawled out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom. She
blushed when she realized she was dripping down the insides of her thighs.
Then she remembered her dream and how she had been standing on a stage,
naked, and being ogled at by all her friends. She remembered feeling
embarrassed... yet, very aroused.

Then the image of Jonathan appeared and she felt a rush of hot pleasure.
He seemed so powerful... so male... and she felt so weak... so female.
She reached down, touched herself, and nearly came! Never had she felt
like this before and she wondered if her heightened state had been due to
her dream or Jonathan? Then she wondered if Heather experienced similar
dreams and suddenly she felt jealous. Heather had already fucked him...
where she only fantasized. Slowly, she slipped three of her fingers inside
of herself and began to masturbate... She cried out his name when she
exploded to orgasm!

Later, after recovering, she blushed with the realization that she had
cried out his name. 'Oh my God, its happened.' She thought to herself.
She could feel the 'need' to be with him.

VI. (Laura)

"You fuck!" Laura screamed at the top of her lungs.

Jonathan merely shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

"Tara's my best friend! How could you!?!" She cried.

"Look Laura... it isn't my fault that she looks like Jessica Alba and
is too 'hot' to pass up. The only reason she wasn't my first selection was
because I knew it would upset you." Jonathan responded, calmly.

"This isn't right... How could you do this?"

Jonathan grinned.

"What are you doing to these girls!?! How did you become so evil?!?"
She asked.

"Evil? Do you really believe I'm evil?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes, you fuck!" She replied, angrily.

"I bet you'd feel differently if you were to become like them." Jonathan

"Don't even go there!" She cried back.

"Look... it's not like she won't be your friend anymore... its just
that she won't have as much free time to spend with you, that's all."
Jonathan smiled.

"You aren't going to get away with this... I'm going to find out how
you're doing this and when I do I'm going straight to the police." She

"Police? You know, I had made a vow that I'd leave you alone... given
you're my sister and all... but now I'm thinking that maybe I was too
hasty with that vow."

"What's this... Have I actually scared you?" Laura asked while glaring
at him.

"Scared? Not likely... concerned would be a more accurate description.
You see... I hadn't taken into consideration the risk you'd present and
I'm thinking now of changing my mind."

"Fuck you." She snapped.

"I'm serious, Laura. I'd hate to turn you into a sex crazed 'bimbette'
like your friends, but don't think for a moment I won't." Jonathan warned.

She glared at him with even greater hatred but then blushed when she saw
him drop his gaze and eye her breasts.

"You fucking sick pervert!" She shouted at him. "That would be incest and you wouldn't dare!" She responded before storming off.

VII. (Jonathan)

"Hey Jason... I really want to thank you for calling me on this."
Jonathan responded to the high school senior. They really didn't know each
other and the only time that they had talked before was when he called for
Jennifer last week. Jason had just told him about Laura was going around
school and telling everyone that he was using mind control to turn her
friends into slaves, but because the so-called victims denied her story they all thought she had lost it.

"You know... I was thinking how cool it would be to actually be able to
turn girls into love slaves..." Jason stated, then added "and... ah...
after seeing the changes in my own sister, I was thinking that maybe Laura
wasn't crazy after all."

"What are you getting at?" He asked, amused.

"I'm getting at how I caught my sister and Heather in bed together."
Jason replied.

"I bet that was quite a sight." He laughed.

"Yeah... It sure was but it was also a shock." Jason responded.

"Okay Jason. Let's say for the sake of argument that Laura was telling
the truth... What would it take for you to remain quiet?" He asked.

"Well... if it were true, I was thinking how cool it would be for me to
have a piece of the action... sort of speak." Jason replied.

"Oh?" He responded, further amused.

"I'd certainly be in your debt." Jason mumbled... nervously.

"Hmmm. Maybe we can both benefit here... like Laura for instance...
She's become a real pain in my ass. She really needs to occupy her time
with something else... or someone else. Haven't you always had a 'thing'
for her?" He asked... seeing a way to kill two birds with one stone.

"Hell yeah... who wouldn't!?! She's a 'hottie'... especially that
sweet ass of hers." Jason replied.

"Yes. She does at that." He chuckled.

"But she can be a bit bitchy at times." Jason added.

"True, but not if I give you temporary ownership." He replied.

"Are you serious? You'd let me fuck her?"

"Fuck her? Hell, Jason... not only will you be able to fuck her but
you'll be able to do anything you want to her... interested?" He

"Fuck yeah! But... ah..." Jason stammered.

"What is it?"

"I've kind of been fantasizing about Tracy Thorn, lately."

"I never heard of her." He replied.

"She's a new transfer student from Harris High School."

"You've never been shy... why don't you just ask her out?"

"I did... she shot me down." Jason replied.

"Oh... well I'll tell you what... why don't you have them both?"

"Fuck yeah! That would be incredible!"

"Tracy and Laura will be ready tomorrow morning... Do you have Tracy's

"Yeah... It's 69 Fantasy Way." Jason replied with excitement.

"Okay... wait until tomorrow morning and then give them a call when
you're ready for them." He instructed.

"Just like that?"

"Yep... just like that." He chuckled.


"And later on, if you'd like, I could give them both a dose of
bisexuality... that way they can entertain you in other ways... including
a little 'menage a trios'"

"Does life get any fucking better than this?!?" Jason asked with

"There's always room for improvement." He responded, then added "and
because I don't expect you to fuck the same two girls for the rest of your
life, feel free to trade them in as soon as you tire of them." He replied.

"How are you able to do this?" Jason asked.

"That, my new friend, is none of your business." Jonathan responded.

"Oh... Okay, that's cool." Jason replied.

Jonathan hung up the phone... beaming.

VIII. (Laura)

Laura was exhausted by the time she got home. Wasn't there anyone out
there that would believe her? As she turned the corner into the kitchen
she saw Tara's purse on the table. She figured that she was upstairs
getting laid.

She had done a little investigating today and discovered that Heather
was spending a lot of time with Jennifer while Debbie was spotted on the
back of Andrea's motorcycle. She figured Jonathan was responsible and
shuddered to think that he could turn heterosexual girls gay.

Just as she was heading towards the living room, she spotted Tara
prancing down the stairs... naked... and smiling.

"Don't you think you should have something on?" She asked, blushing at
seeing her friend like this.

"Jonathan wanted you to see me like this." Tara replied, blushing

"He's such an asshole." She started out saying but then noticed the new
size of Tara's tits. "You're huge!" She exclaimed.

"Your brother did this... He made them bigger... and rounder... and
firmer." She replied, proudly as she cupped them from underneath and
presenting them for inspection.

"How?" She asked... astonished at how huge they looked.

"I don't know... but maybe if you start being nice to your brother instead of being mean to him than maybe he'd make yours bigger, too... we
both know that you could stand to gain a cup size or two." Tara replied.

Laura stood there blushing while Tara headed back upstairs.

A little later on, Jonathan came downstairs... without wearing a shirt.
She could tell from looking at his neck and shoulders that he'd just gotten
done fucking Tara.

"What do you want, asshole?" She asked.

"I just wanted to give you a little sibling courtesy."


"I've decided to eliminate the risk factor you present." Jonathan

She just stared at him in disbelief.

"I have to make a change in you... sorry." Jonathan added.

"But what about your vow?!?" She cried.

"You've forced me to take back my vow." Jonathan shrugged.

"You mean... You're actually going to turn me into one of your sex
slaves? Bu... but don't you even care that it would be incest." She
responded, feeling petrified.

"Actually... no. I could care less. I'd love to fuck you." He smiled.

Her eyes lit up with even more alarm.

"Oh relax... Your obsession won't be with me but with someone else."
Jonathan replied, grinning.

"Wh... Who?" She asked, tearing up.

"You'll find out tomorrow morning."

"You fucker!" She screamed and then burst into tears. She turned around
and bolted out the front door.

How could he do this to her? She wondered... Would he turn her into a
lesbian? Or give her to one of his friends? Wait... what friends? She
couldn't believe this was actually going to happen. Maybe she could fight
it... but then she remembered Tara telling her how irresistibly drawn she
felt and started to cry again. How could her brother do this? Then she
suddenly got an idea... 'What if I don't go to sleep tonight?' Would this
make a difference? She had to try.

IX. (Jonathan)

"I couldn't believe it! She was all over me and let me tell you she was
fucking hot! Fuck man, did you know she was a virgin before I fucked her?
I have to tell you... there's nothing sweeter than having a hot, horny,
submissive, innocent, virgin." Jason proclaimed.

"I'm happy you're pleased with her... how about my sister?" Jonathan

"Laura? I thought you changed your mind... she has a do not disturb
block on her cell phone and I haven't been able to contact her." Jason

"Oh? No, I hadn't changed my mind... it looks like Laura is being
stubborn and didn't sleep last night." He responded. "I'll have to handle
her a different way."

"Sure man... okay." Jason replied.

"I'll tell you what... Come over after dinner and you can collect her
then... and bring Tracy along, too." He instructed.

"Sure... super!" Jason replied with excitement.

X. (Laura)

"Jonathan sent you... didn't he!" Laura accused her best friend.

"He just wanted to make sure you were all right... that's all." Tara
replied, smiling. "He told me to tell you that going without sleep isn't

"Well, tell him to go fuck himself." She snapped.

"Look... its not all that bad once you get used to it." Tara responded.

"How can you say that!?!" She asked in disbelief.

"I've never been happier." Tara beamed.

"Because he messed with your brain, bimbo! He gave you big boobs and
made you love him!" Laura replied.

"You'll see."

"Tell me Tara... who's toy am I going to be?" She asked.

"You're going to love your new life." Tara replied, smiling.

"Who's the lucky guy... or girl? Or is it you?" She asked.

"I can't tell you... Jonathan forbids it."

"We used to be best friends... doesn't that count for anything?"

"God, yes! It counts for everything, but once Jonathan gives me a
command I'm bound. You'll understand what I mean once you're under." Tara
replied, blushing.

"Then, Tara?" She softly responded.

"Yes?" Tara asked, expectantly.

"Fuck you and get the hell out of my room!" She snapped back with venom.


Laura knew it was a matter of time before she became immune to the
affects of 'no doze' and coffee... and feared that this might be her last
night of freedom.

It was nearing 6:30 at night and she was in the kitchen pacing up a
storm. It was then that she heard a commotion at her front door. When she
opened it up she was surprised to see Jason Bradley and Tracy Young.

"What do you two want?" She asked Jason. She thought it was strange
that Tracy was with him.

"Hi Laura." Jason replied with a sly smile.

"Well? What is it?" Laura asked in frustration.

"Is Jonathan here?"

"Yeah... but I think he's busy..." She replied.

"Could you tell him I'm here."

She remembered how angry Jason was a few days ago and wondered whether
he was here to beat him up. She could only hope. "Fine... wait here."
She replied, closing the door.

Just as she was about to knock on Jonathan's door she heard loud
slurping noises and blushed, realizing that Tara was giving him 'head'.
She knocked anyway.

"Yes?" Jonathan groaned.

"Jason's at the door for you." She replied and then without waiting for
a response she headed back downstairs.

This should be interesting, she thought to herself and figured that
Jason was simply going to sucker punch him as soon as he opened the door...
but that didn't happen and instead Jonathan invited them in.

"Laura... could you come in the living room for a minute?" Jonathan
called out to her.

She wondered what all this was about and then stopped cold when she saw
Tracy sitting down on the floor positioned between Jonathan's legs... the
back of her head leaning against Jonathan's crotch. "No." she whispered,
suddenly realizing what this meant.

"Jason's here to collect his property." Jonathan announced.

"No! No way!" She cried out... feeling a cold chill spread through
her. She looked back at her brother for an explanation.

"If you had gone to sleep last night and accepted the dream activation,
it would have been easier on you, but instead you've forced me to manually
activate the new you."

"Wait!" She cried, looking back to Jason. "Why do you want to do this?
You don't even like me... and besides, you already have Tracy." She
desperately pleaded. She could see Tracy blushing.

"I want to own you... that's why." Jason smiled.

She turned back to Jonathan... she could feel herself tearing up.

"Sorry 'sis', but like I said before... having you run around like a
loose cannon presented a risk factor that I no longer felt comfortable
with... especially after your little stunt in school the other day. If
you hadn't insisted on being a pain in the ass, I might have ignored you
but by you telling the whole school about me kind of sealed your fate."

"But why him!?!" She asked, looking at Jason with disgust.

"He's the one that called me to let me know what you were doing... I
thought it was the least I could do."

"But... how can you do this to your own sister?" She asked, choking up.

"Look... If I had the power to make you forget I would... but I can't,
so I had to do what I could to control you." Jonathan responded. "Nothing

"I never knew you could be so cruel... you're actually giving me away
to a pervert like Jason! This is rape! You're both rapists!" She

"The definition of rape is when a person physically forces sex on
another without their consent... trust me... in a few moments you'll not
only be consenting but in fact, begging."

"Fuck you!" She replied, hating him more than she thought possible.

"Not me, Jason." Jonathan chuckled and then added "and you might as well
know that I'm also going to alter you and Tracy to be more accommodating
with one another."

"Oh god... Please don't turn me into a lesbian." She replied, sounding

"The proper term is 'Bi'." Jonathan replied, smiling. Then he turned to
Jason who had been pretty much quiet the whole time. "I'm assuming you're
ready." He asked him.

"Have been." Jason replied, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Laura turned from Jason back to Jonathan and then flinched when he
suddenly raised his arms and pointed at her. Then it 'hit' and she felt a
sudden shifting inside of her... accompanied with a searing wet heat shoot
straight to her groin. She gasped and cupped herself, realizing that she
had just cum.

She knew that Jonathan had 'turned' her and tried shutting everyone out
of her mind but when Jason told her to turn around and look at him, she
found herself complying and when she did she gasped, nearly dropping to her
knees. Jason looked like a God. He'd become so incredibly handsome and
powerful and she felt so small and insignificant... She blushed when she
realized how 'wet' she'd become. Then she looked at Tracy and felt
different towards her... understanding now what it felt like to 'want'
another girl. These new desires and emotions quickly spread through her
and instead of being appalled, she welcomed them... and felt an
overwhelming urge to act on them.

"How do you feel?" Jason asked her, smiling.

"I... I need you." She whispered, nearly swooning at the sound of his
voice. She knew that her feelings were artificial but she also knew it
didn't matter. She just wanted to touch him... be with him... fuck him.

Jason got up and turned to Jonathan.

"Do you mind if I use her bed?" Jason asked, beaming.

"Not at all... but before you do there's one last thing I'd like to
offer you... Consider it my way of compensating for Laura's stubbornness."
Jonathan responded, smiling.

"You mean there's more?" Jason asked in surprise.

"Yes Jason... there's more. Why don't you ask Laura to strip off her
shirt and bra." Jonathan suggested.

"Well, go ahead Laura... get to it."

Laura remembered Tara's boob job and realized that Jonathan was about to
give her one, too. A part of her was still in shock but another part of
her welcomed bigger tits. Quickly, she did as Jason commanded and stripped
off her shirt, followed by her bra.

"As you can see, Laura's tits are small and wears a 32 'A' cup sized
bra. Let's take a look at Tracy's boobs."

Jason instructed Tracy to strip, also... and she was quicker given she
wasn't wearing a bra.

"Tracy looks like a plump 'B'... maybe even a 'C'." Jonathan remarked.
"They look nice." He added.

"What size bra did you wear before I had you toss them all out?" Jason
asked Tracy.

"34'C's." Tracy whispered.

This was the first time that Laura heard Tracy speak and she was 'taken'
with how sweet and sexy she sounded and then blushed when she realized it
was her new sexual orientation that made her feel this way.

"Maybe I'll have Laura get implants." Jason suggested with a chuckle.

"That won't be necessary... now, what would you prefer?" Jonathan

"Huh? You're kidding, right?" Jason asked with disbelieving excitement.

"B cups... C cups... Maybe even D cups?" Jonathan asked, smiling.

"Double D's!" Jason responded. "I love huge tits!"

"Figures." Jonathan responded with a grin.

"Can it be done?" Jason asked.

"Certainly... but I wonder how Laura's going to explain them." Jonathan

"Does it matter?" Jason asked.

"That's her problem." Jonathan responded with a smile.

Laura stood there in shock while Jonathan and Jason discussed her
breasts and then she started to feel a tingling inside of them... when she
looked down she saw them growing... and growing... and growing... and
she couldn't help herself as she reached down to cup them.

Jason looked on fascinated... Jonathan merely smiled.

Laura looked down at herself in utter shock. Sitting high on her chest
was a huge pair of shapely, ever so round, 'Double D's'!

"Go upstairs to your bedroom, Laura... and you can play with your new
tits while you wait... keep the door open so I know where your room is."
Jason commanded, visibly pleased with her new attributes. As strange as it
seemed she felt pleased that he was pleased... and sashayed her ass
upstairs, trying to look sexy.

XI. (Jonathan)

"I take it you approve?" Jonathan asked, smirking.

"I can never thank you enough." Jason replied, grinning.

"Now, would you like Tracy to have a matching set... or are you happy
with her 'C' cups?" He asked, smiling at the pretty brunette.

"Damn yeah! A matching pair would be awesome!" Jason replied with

Jonathan pointed his finger at Tracy's breasts and just like with her
sister, Tracy's began to grow... grow... and grow... and they didn't
stop growing until she, too, possessed 'Double D's'.

"They're huge!" She exclaimed while cupping them.

"Come on Tracy... We're going to go fuck Laura." Jason chuckled,
escorting his newly enhanced pet upstairs.

Eventually, Jonathan headed back upstairs himself... and when he walked
in he caught Tara masturbating up a storm.

"What's this... You couldn't wait?" He asked, grinning at the Jessica
Alba look-a-like.

"Not with Laura and Tracy screaming like banshees in the next room!" She
replied, giggling... while continuing to finger-fuck herself.

Jonathan smiled... completely satisfied.

XII. Epilogue (Over a year later) - Jonathan

Jonathan smiled at the young blonde, dismissing her... she was a new
trinket that he had selected from the Sociology Class. She had such an
eagerness to please... and man oh man did she ever please. He decided
that he would arrange a little rendezvous with her, later.

He had to admit... he never thought of himself as school counselor
material but given his way with the girls these days he found working at an
all-female college quite satisfying. Of course... he hadn't been
qualified and was forced to 'turn' half the administrators and the dean
into compliant administrators' and compliant dean... good thing they were
all female.

He turned to his lovely sister who sat in the chair in front of him...
She was restless and visibly uncomfortable due to her separation from Jason
and Tracy.

"Jason wanted me to tell you that he always considered you a great
lay... and that he's going to miss you and Tracy, both." He commented,

"Why did he leave us?" Laura asked, still fidgety.

"Well... I urged him to select some new girls given his move to Texas.
He's already lined up a few co-eds from the University of Houston." He

"But why?" Laura asked, visibly distraught.

"Because you'll be turning 18 in a couple of days and this means we need
to address a few things." He replied.

"What's going to happen to me?" She asked, blushing.

"Nothing but good things... but first, I have a question for you...
How did you like licking Tracy's pussy this past year?" He asked.

"You know I loved it... I love her... I love her so much it hurts not
to be with her." Laura replied, still blushing.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that I'm going to allow you to be
together for the rest of your life."

"Thank... Thank you." Laura replied... smiling... she couldn't help

"In fact, Tracy's outside in the waiting room and in a few moments I'll
have her join us. In addition, I'm also giving you your former best

"Tara?" Laura whispered, looking up at him.

"Yes dear... Tara." He replied, smiling.

"I... I don't really care about Tara." Laura responded... then added.
"I only care about Tracy... and Jason."

"I can change that." He replied... smiling.

XIII. (Epilogue II) - Laura

Laura was scared. Were these her birthday presents? He was up to
something but she wasn't sure what it was.

"You see, Laura, you're going to undergo a few changes when you turn 18
and before you do I'd like to discuss them."

She remained quiet, listening.

"Did you know that I had these powers ever since I turned 18?" Jonathan
asked with a smirk.

"I never thought about it." She replied.

"You were busy with Aunt Clara's death to notice... but I received a
package that day."

"From who?" She whispered.

"Someone from the future. You see... we aren't from this time period
and are much more advanced than humans are in this time period. Needless
to say our powers surface when we turn 18." Jonathan stated.

"Are you trying to tell me that we're from the future?" She asked in

"Yep... We were transported back in time when we were babies." Jonathan

"Why?" She asked.

"We were part of an experiment but it was abandoned when mom and Dad
were killed in the car accident." Jonathan responded.

"Am I... Am I going to be able to do what you can do?" She asked.

"Yes... You'll have the same powers I have." Jonathan replied, smiling.
"But you won't be able to activate them unless you wear this ring." He
added... holding it up for her to see.

Laura reached over and took it, inspecting it suspiciously.

"It was our Mom's." Jonathan added.

"If the powers come from the ring, then where's yours?" She asked.

"The powers don't come from the ring, it merely triggers activation.
Once your powers have been activated, you don't need to wear it anymore."
Jonathan replied, then reached into his desk drawer and showed her his
ring. "This was our Dad's."

"I don't believe you... It would be just like you to trick me into
wearing a ring that inhibits my powers instead of activating them." She
responded, not trusting her brother in the least.

"Look Laura... I can understand you being suspicious but you're going
to have to trust me on this." Jonathan replied.

"I'll never trust you." She whispered.

"I'll tell you what... to show my good faith, I'll transfer Tara's
obsession from me to you... and wipe out the obsession you have for
Jason." Jonathan stated.

"If what you're telling me is true, in a couple of days I'll be able to
do this myself."

"No, you couldn't. They've initially been imprinted by me and once that
is done I'm the only one that can transfer them." Jonathan replied.

"What about me? Am I still going to be subject to you even when I have
my powers?" She asked.

"Once your powers are activated, you're free from me... but if you
don't wear the ring and your powers aren't triggered and remain dormant,
you'll still be subject to me like you are now."

"Nice way to get me to wear the ring." She remarked.

"Look... if you don't wear the ring... you'll remain my slave... If
you wear the ring, then my powers will be null and void and I won't be able
to force you to love me or subjugate you ever again." Jonathan replied.

Laura just stared at him... trying to figure him out.

"I just wish you were more like mom and then our lives would be better."
He added.

"More like Mom, how?" She asked, suddenly confused.

"Compliant." Jonathan smirked.

"You mean mom was one of those weak females that did everything Dad
wanted her to do?"

"Yes, she was subservient."

"Fuck you!" Laura replied in anger. Oh how she'd love to get even with
both Jonathan and Jason and she'd make it her mission in life to do so.

"Let me explain what I mean." He added.

"Oh... this ought to be good." She responded, sarcastically.

"In the future society, man is dominant and female subservient."

"Our mom might have agreed to this life of subservience but there's no
way I'm going to." She replied.

"I can see this isn't going anywhere, so let me just proceed with my
good faith gesture." Jonathan stated.

Suddenly, the door opened up and in walked Tara. Laura hadn't seen her
former best friend in awhile and was amazed at how beautiful she looked...
and just like her and Tracy, Tara possessed a huge pair of tits... even
bigger than she possessed the last time she saw her. What was it about
guys and their obsession with huge tits? Tara walked over to Jonathan and
gave him a hot wet kiss, then walked back to sit down on the couch. A few
seconds later, Tracy came into the room... and rushed over to hug her.
She loved the feel of their huge tits crushing up against one another and
reluctantly released her only when Jonathan ordered her to sit next to Tara
on the couch.

"First, let me eliminate your obsession towards Jason." Jonathan
announced and then waved his hand... and just like that she no longer felt
the need to be with Jason.

"Tracy, too." She requested.

"Alright." Jonathan replied and then waved his hand at Tracy. Laura
could tell from Tracy's smile that she no longer obsessed about him.

"Now, lift our obsessions for one another." She whispered.

"No. I think I'll wait on that." Jonathan responded.

"Then put your ring on and prove that it isn't an inhibitor of some
sort... I want to see you wearing it." She demanded.

"Sure... but don't expect anything to happen... Like I told you
before, once my powers were activated the ring became jewelry... and you
know I was never one for wearing jewelry."

"And like I told you... I want to see it on you." She responded, still
not trusting him.

She watched as Jonathan slipped the ring on... Then he proved that he
still possessed his same powers by adding new feelings for Tara into her
and Tracy... then he transferred Tara's obsession to her and Tracy. Now,
the three of them felt love and lust for one another.

XIV. (Epilogue III - Morning of Laura's birthday) - Jonathan

Jonathan grunted with every thrust while his new 'piece of meat'
squealed out whimpering and groaning beneath him.

"I... I'm going to cum!" She cried out... it would be her fourth time.

"Me too!" He responded... it would be his first.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, GGGGGggoooooooooodddddddddddddddd." She screamed... and
they both came.

Moments later the door burst open, and Tara and Tracy rushed in. They
both looked scared and confused... both naked... and Jonathan smirked at
what he saw dripping from their chins.

"I'm sorry to scare you girls... but it looks like my new toy is the
loudest yet." He replied, smiling down at the girl.

"Laura... really!" Tara responded, then giggled.

"She was never this loud with me or Jason." Tracy added, smiling.

"Apparently, she's found her true calling." Jonathan replied, grinning.

"Again... please... again." Laura whispered, ignoring their comments
and sounding desperate.

"Damn Laura... aren't you ever satisfied?" He asked with a grin.

"She's such a pig." Tara responded, giggling.

"I... I need it." Laura begged, blushing.

"And you always will, 'sis'. You always will." Jonathan replied.

"I hate you for what you've done to me... but... but I love you so
much I can't help myself." Laura whispered, still blushing. "Please fuck
me." She pleaded.

"I know you don't hate me... its not possible... and given I kept my
promises you shouldn't be all that angry with me either... I promised you
Tracy and Tara and they're yours... it isn't my fault that they take
advantage of your new submissive nature. Plus with your new powers you can
have any girl you want... as long as you have my permission of course." He

"But you promised you wouldn't make me love you and I wouldn't be
subjugated to you!" Laura pouted while caressing his chest hairs.

"I didn't break my promise." He replied, grinning. "It isn't my fault
that Mom's old ring compels love and obedience to whomever's wearing Dad's
old ring. You see, way back when I was allowed to put the ring on to
activate my powers, I was also instructed to take it off... which I did.
If you hadn't been so paranoid about me tricking you then I would never
have been able to put the ring back on... and given I'm male, I'm the
dominant... and with you being female, you're the submissive. The ring
compels this given we're married."

"But if you allow me to take the ring off, I'd still have my powers and
be free from the rings spell." Laura whined.

"True... but why would I want to do that when having you under my
power... and under me literally, is much more to my liking. This is why I
forbade you to take off the ring for any reason." He grinned.

"But this is incest." Laura complained.

"Brother and sister sex isn't against the law in our own time period...
just having babies is... so, my dear sweet sister... You're now my dear
sweet wife and totally subservient to my every wish." He chuckled.

"I... I love you so much." Laura responded... and kissed him on the

"I know dear... the ring leaves you no choice." He replied before he
turned to the girls'. "How about a little help in getting us ready for
another fuck... Tracy, you tend to Laura's pussy while you, Tara, tend to
my cock."

Tara and Tracy giggled and quickly joined them on the bed.

The End



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