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It was quickly becoming one of those friday nights. luckily for me it
was almost closing time at S&S custom Body Art. I had my normal crowd of
looky looes and one nice looking young lady. The sweet young thing got a
nice belly piercing. I tried my best to sell her on a Heart or Butterfly
for her breast just so I could see those tender young breasts, but it was a
no go. " DING DING DING" Ahh my last customers today I am sure. "May I
help you?" I ask as I survey the couple that enters the Salon. Hmmm , a
nice enough looking guy. medium build, slightly paunchy, dark hair and
glasses. not really the tattoo type but a pleasant smile. The lady, a
different story, Redhead clear blue eyes but she always keeps them
downcast, a sure sign of a submissive personality. Slightly pear shaped
but not Bad. Sporting a nice pair of tits under the thin tight tank he
made her wear. A skirt way to short to be of her own choosing. she looks
very uncomfortable and in the same tone her nipples are hard and prominent
showing me that she is not immune to the inherent sexual turn-on of being
forced to display one's self. "Yes possibly. My name is Ben and you are?"
Replied the gentleman, with a smile on his face.

" My name is Sunnie, Ben, and your lady friend does she have a name?" I
quipped not even trying to hide my blatant stares at the Redhead. " Her
name is Rita and we are here to find out if you can repair an old Tattoo."
answered Ben. His eyes starting to glisten as his woman blushed and turned
her head. "Well a good repair depends on many things such as time and skin
condition. To give you a good answer I will have to inspect the old work
Ben" I replied, never letting my eyes stray to far from Rita's sweet nips.
" Yeah sure I understand." he answered. "Rita show her your Tattoo." "
Here ! Now??" she stammered almost unable to speak and barely able to look
him in the eye.

I have seen this several times in my career as a tattoo artist. A man exerting Dominance over a woman by getting her Marked. Many in my trade
would refuse to play the game shaping up before me. For me it wasn't a
question of if I would play but how far I could push the couple and when
would Sweet Rita hit her limit. It was obvious that Ben here was willing
to let me play my hand out to the last trick if Rita didn't bolt. "No not
here over there by the window where we have decent light." I said pushing
the limit hard and fast.

She looked at ben and asked " Do I really have to dear?"

He replied to her by grasping her arm firmly and commanding her
attention and saying " Rita you know it needs to be fixed. It is very
amateurish. If you wont do it now when will you?" I could see her resign
herself to her task at that moment. Steeling up her courage she looked at
me for the first time as she walked to the window. Although it was
twilight the natural light really was best for inspections. I approached
her and patted her on the shoulder and asked "So where is this Tattoo that
needs to be cleaned up?" She looked up into my eyes and patted her right
hip pretty close to her pussy. I realized at that moment that she had
resigned herself to let me do to her what ever I desired.

I brushed her hair back from her face and said to her in a calm but
condescending voice, " You will have to remove your skirt sweetheart. "
Rita looked at me, then to Ben, who I had completely ignored and slowly
removed her tight jersey Skirt. When it hit the floor she picked it up and
handed it to me, folding it carefully. she stood there in the golden glow
of the lowering sun in nothing but a black lace thong and high heels with a
thin cotton tank top stretched taut over her breasts. Ben and she were
completely aware that she was on display in my store front window. Plainly
visible to anyone who happened by. I bent down into a crouch to get a
better look at her Tattoo it was as they had said somewhat amateurish but
it would be simple to repair. " Well Ben this will take some time can you
stay after closing?" I asked, as I reached inside her panty leg opening and
pushed it further out of my way. " Yyes" he stammered being caught by

I pulled her panties even tighter pulling the leg opening into the folds
of her pussy. she gasped ever so quietly and her knees Quacked just a
hint. I got up from where I had been kneeling, with my face inches from her
pussy and began closing down the shop. Over my shoulder I said" Ben take
her over to my table I will be there in a minute" I finished locking up and
setting the phone and walked to my table. Ben had found a comfortable
chair for himself. I could tell his intent was to watch and wait to see
what developed. I sat Rita down in my work chair and got my tools out of
the autoclave. I turned to look at her and put on my latex gloves. she
looked so meek sitting there with her hands folded in her lap. before I
approached her I decided to push the line again, so I removed the leather
halter top I had been wearing and turned to face Rita. Out of the corner
of my eye I could see Ben stiffen in his chair and slide his hand to his
crotch almost by reflex. He was seeing a nice profile of my breasts, with
my nipple jewelry that I almost always wore. Both Ben and Rita were
watching my breasts as they very gently swayed as I walked over to Rita.
The big difference was that at least Rita made an attempt not to openly
stare. as I got to her I came up very close so my left nipple was only
inches from her face. I put my arm around her shoulders and said " I think
I should do a test Tattoo on you to find your pain tolerance. what would
you like on her Ben? Butterfly? rose? serpent? Dragon?"

" Well where would you suggest you put it?" he replied after a moment of
thought." you are very pretty by the way" he added.

"Thank you" I returned." I seldom wear a top when I work after closing.
I find it to confining. I hope you don't think of me as too forward."

" Not at all if you wish to remove more I won't mind a bit." he replied
with a smirk on his face.

I looked him straight in the eye and answered." If I find any of my
other cloths to confining for what I have in mind for Rita I will be sure
to get them out of my way. Just remember to stay in your chair unless I
tell you different do you understand?"

Ben nodded his head and settled back to watch. "Well this one is in the
front right." I said running my hand over Rita's tattoo. " I think we
should Balance it with a dragon or serpent on her left shoulder blade."

Ben said " go for it what ever you feel is best." I knew that She would
be my toy for at least the short time she was here and I wanted to decorate
my toy as much as Ben wanted to prove his dominance. I looked at Rita as
she sat there passively absorbing the minor power play over her control and
ran My fingers lovingly through her hair. " Sweety I need you to remove
your top for me" I said to her with a smile. Rita lifted her top over her
head and placed it on the table near her neatly folded skirt. Her breasts were perfect. small and slightly plump with a wonderful color and smooth
complexion. I marveled at her perfect little nipples and found my hand
sliding down from her shoulder to cup her breast and flick her taut nipple
with my fingernail. I heard a soft gasp from Rita that brought me back to
what I was supposed to be doing. and I helped her turn to face Ben over
the side of my table. I had her lower her head and lay her cheek on the
work table and put her arms up and over her head but not high enough to
distort her shoulder blade. I slid my stool up behind her and worked
rubbing alcohol into her shoulder and back. I like the way she shivered as
I blew on the wet area. Using her back as a rest stand I leaned over her
and put my stencil on her shoulder. as I pulled it back off she flinched.
I knew she would. the pain of the tape release can be quite painful if
applied to an area freshly cleaned by Alcohol. " Hmmm this won't work at
all. " I said as I stood up. " I will have to restrain you or you will
ruin the tattoo." I took out my bag of leather restraints and walked around
her. I dropped them right in front of her face so she could see the
menacing black leather and silver buckles. I strapped her elbows down and
then her wrists without a single complaint. I glanced up at Ben, it was
very plain that he was turned on by his woman being touched and bound by
another woman. his hand was openly resting in his crotch. I rolled my
chair close behind her resting my upper body on her nude back. I reached
over and brushed aside her beautiful Auburn red hair. With the heel of my
hand on her shoulder blade I started my Tattoo pen and fell into my work.
As the Tattoo emerged from her virgin skin I slowly brushed my pierced
nipples over her cool smooth back and with out Ben's knowledge slowly
caressed her tummy with my free hand. Very carefully and lightly I brushed
her abdomen and lower rib cage until I felt her body shake ever so slightly
with Desire. Looking in the mirror I could see her half closed eyes fixed
on Ben's hand as it slowly rubbed the front of his slacks. My caresses got
Bolder as the tattoo progressed, my hand venturing down between her parted
legs. the crotch of her panties were soaked in pungent juices as I slowly
dipped my finger past her elastic panty top. I gently parted her nether
lips and slowly worked her clit between two fingers. The sight I was
presenting to Ben and the mirror was very erotic. His beautiful Redhead
bound to a table with nothing on but a tiny thong her knees splayed as far
as she could manage, with me holding her shoulder down as I ravaged her
pussy with my fingers. My own nipples were in flames from the touch of her
cool skin and I could feel my own panties begin to moisten. The Tattoo was
all but finished and Rita was approaching a thunderous orgasm, but I was
not yet ready for her to receive that much from me so I removed my hand
from her panties and reached for her hair. I snapped her head back and let
her see her man openly stroke his cock as he watched me use her. She
grunted in surprise and I knew she wished I would finish her, but that
would have to wait until later. I patted her fresh new Tattoo with gauze
and covered it with a bandage.

"OK Rita It is time to stand up. " I stated as I unbuckled her arms.

Her only reply was a half whispered " OK."

I stood her up helping her steady herself, I guided her to the top of my
table. after I settled her back I looked deep into her eyes and said to
her "Are you ready for what comes next?"

Knowing exactly what I was implying to took a second and then she looked
me in the eye and replied " I am ready for whatever you will do to me."

I re fastened her wrists and elbows and gently caressed her face. I
leaned over and kissed her deeply, probing her tender mouth with my
insistent tongue. as I pulled away I let my thumb brush over her lips. I
gently fondled her breasts cupping them then rolling her nipples between my
fingers. her nipples were bursting with color and heat. I reached in to
my wonderful bag of tricks and picked up a nipple leash of shiny silver. I
could see her strain to see me as I placed the little noose around her
nipple and gently tugged it tight. as I placed the other nipple in a noose
she arched her back and moaned. I tugged on my leash and watched as tiny
tears of pain/pleasure rolled out of the corner of her eyes. I slid my
hand down her abdomen and pushed her leg over the side of the table. I
fastened her ankle to the side and walked around the table, slowly trailing
my hand down one thigh and up the other. I fastened the other ankle to the
table as well. I turned and looked at Ben still sitting there in his
chair. I could tell by the look on his face that he was very aroused. I
reached for my buttons and flipped open my stylishly ripped 501 levis. I
let them drop to the floor never taking my eyes off of poor Ben. I slowly
sauntered up to him and shoved his knees apart, stepping between them.

"Ben?" I asked. " What do you think I should do with this horrible
tattoo on poor Rita's thigh?" I watched intently as he searched for words
while I slowly slid my hand to his fly.

" Well hmm mmm " he said trying to clear his throat. " Maybe you could
make it into a matching Dragon of the type you put on her shoulder."


I reached in the open fly to free Ben's pride and joy from its confining
prison of cotton, still not letting my eyes leave his. " Sure Ben I can do
that. " I replied. " If you can handle this for me until I need it." I
took Ben's hand and wrapped it around his hard cock and started to pull and
the push ever so slowly. I very carefully reached down and removed my thong
panties and with them in my left hand I put my arm around his neck and
kissed him. I stepped back and reached up and popped my panties into his
mouth. " Now don't waste anything Rita might need later you naughty boy" I
scolded him as I turned to walk to Rita. With my back to ben I bent over
Rita and got my Tattoo Needle ready. I watched him in the mirror study my
tight ass and shaved pussy lips as I leaned forward. " Not so fast." I
chided with a devilish smile as his hand picked up speed. I began my work
on Rita's thigh and as I did I slowly pulled her panties into a tight
bundle between her pussy lips. I allowed my forearm to rest on her breast bone between her tits and every time I moved it tugged on the delicious
little nipple leash. My wrist was applying pressure to her pubic bone just
at the top of her panties and with my free hand I looped a thumb through
her leg holes to keep her panties wedged tightly into her pussy. as the
Tattoo progressed I started to slowly caress her clit that stood out
prominently through her soaked panties. by the time I was putting the
finishing touches on her Tattoo her cute little tummy was starting to
flutter, and her breath was getting ragged. the sound of moans escaping
her lips was evident to not to just me but also to Ben as he slowly pumped
his cock. The Tattoo repair finished I pushed aside Rita's panties and
lowered my mouth to her sweet pussy. I lifted my leg over her head and
presented her my cleanly shaven mound. I pulled her lips back until her
clit and its cute little hood stood out like a tiny rock on a slippery
oyster. I began nibbling very carefully. as I lowered my pussy to her
face she was almost lost in passion but she still managed to stick her
tongue deep into my dripping sex. I looked over at Ben a he sat there so
obediently pumping his dick. His fist was almost a blur and his cock head
was bright purple from the strain of his approaching orgasm.

"Well Ben don't waste that nice piece of meat get over here and fuck
me." I said. He didn't reply. he didn't think about it. He just jumped
out of his chair and ran to me his Big Dick slapping from side to side. I
was still bumping my clit over Rita's nose when he impaled my pussy to the
hilt. "Ahhhh yes" escaped my lips as he started to ram me just inches from
Rita's face. I could feel the Volcano begin deep in my bowels and spread
through me with sudden jolts. With every stroke he pushed me closer to the
edge. His hands held me firmly by the hips and as his hips rocked in and
out. My pussy slid over Rita's ever probing tongue and sharp firm nose. I
was alternating between sucking Rita's clit and stuffing three fingers into
her clenching pussy. I knew that Rita was as close to the brink of total
pleasure as I was and Ben was picking up speed and grunting almost
unintelligible dirty words at us. The fire works started for me as I heard
hi pitched squeals escaping from Rita's mouth and my spasms of pleasure
triggered Ben who shot cum deep into my pussy and all over Rita's face. I
laid there a minute resting and soothing Rita's pussy as it still twitched
from one of the biggest Orgasms I have had the pleasure to share. Ben
dismounted first and I moved off of my little toy. I threw Ben a towel and
slipped on my pants leaving Rita firmly strapped to my table. I looked at
Ben and said " should we let her up or get you up."

" Hey if you get me up I will climb up there and fuck her myself." he
replied, reaching out and tweaking one of my pierced nipples.

" Whats in it for me Lover?" I asked fondling a full sack of balls.

" Rita and I will strap you down to this nice table next." he replied
with a deep lustful look on his face.

What did I do? I dropped to my knees of course and let him wrap his
hand in my hair. but hey

The end for now.


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