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Rochelle02 Wrysteria


*If you are younger than 18 years
If sex is taboo to your neighborhood peers
If offended by words full of sexual sleaze
Do us both a favor and skip this, please.

The government, we must appease!!!

Please ask permission before posting this story elsewhere.
Copyright 2000 by Sara H.



by Sara H

Categories: FF, FD, MC


"I can't believe you are dragging me away from 'Who Wants To Be
Obscenely Wealthy'. You *know* it's my favorite show!" whined
Barbara, sulking in the passenger seat beside me. She crossed
her arms, looking petulant and generally unhappy.

"I promise, this will be better," I tried to reason. Seeing
that it wasn't working, I finally said, "Look. I finally quit my
job, and after a week, I want to celebrate a little. I didn't
*have* to choose you to go out with, you know." Her face
softened a bit, and I pulled out our old private joke to get her
back in the mood, "Me Jane. You Barzan!"

She finally broke into the smile I most often knew her by, and
began to laugh. It was music to my ears. I didn't want her going
to the show in anything but a light, happy mood. It was
important. Mistress Rochelle had said so.

We pulled into the parking lot, and she began to sound worried
again. "I've never been to a lesbian bar, Jane. I didn't think
you had either."

"I haven't. It's never been *'me'*; you know that. I just
thought it would be something different. Quit worrying!" I
bubbled. "Just because it's called 'The Tunnel of Love' doesn't
mean a thing!" I winked.

"Yeah, but this is the kind of place where I would want to
*avoid* a hypnotist. She might change me, you know, into a perv
dyke or something!" She looked at me in mock fear, and smiled,
and I laughed at her, secretly hoping inside that her
reservations were justified. "You already *arrrrre*, my
dearrrrr," I said, poking her side.

With that, she laughed again, and we went inside.

My little tattletale pussy was already soaking my panties.


An hour and several rattlesnakes later, we took our seats in
the third row of the small auditorium in the back of the club.

Looking around, I saw that the space was ingenious. It was
tiny... clearly not meant to hold the entire club, and the
atmosphere was intimate and cozy. Completely packed, there were
maybe one hundred of us in five rows that surrounded an arched
stage. Once the doors to both the auditorium and its entryway
were closed, the bar was barely audible when everyone was
silent. With the light conversation going on, I couldn't hear it
at all.

Finally, the lights dimmed, and typically eerie music wafted
through the room. A woman's voice, low and dramatically
seductive, announced, "The Tunnel of Love proudly presents... in
a rare performance... Rochelle... Mistress of Mesmerism!"

Applause followed, and a spotlight shone up from the floor and
Rochelle stepped forward from behind the rising curtain, the
reversed shadows giving her a curious look of maniacal dignity.
She was wearing a dark green catsuit with black satin elbow
length gloves and thigh high boots that matched the leather
collar that lay loosely around her neck. The green of the
spandex highlighted her emerald eyes... they seemed to glow from
behind the shadows, and I even thought she might have looked
over at me. I shivered with the memory of serving her, my body
quickening its arousal.

The lights above her slowly came up, and her appearance
returned to its normal state, which was still incredibly
beautiful, and the packed audience clapped and hooted out to her.

Barbara, loosened up by the drinks, and resigned to watching
the performance, clapped right along, finally getting into the
spirit of it. I looked over at her in raw appreciation. She was
by no means a slender woman, but she was voluptuously
attractive, and my mind had been moving to her all evening. *I
hope Rochelle is pleased,* I thought, feeling my clit zing at
the possibility.

Rochelle went to the right edge of the stage and pulled a stool
over, sitting down, creating a surprisingly casual mood.
"Tonight, I'd like to try something a little different," she
said, looking out with a smile. "Those of you who know my show
know that I usually work in groups, but sometimes, I like to
really spend time with someone, and take them somewhere new and
wonderful. Do any of you mind? Any objections?"

The audience answered with enthusiastic applause; obviously
they were interested in whatever Rochelle wanted to show them. I
wondered how many had been shown "new and wonderful" places

"Rather than pick a volunteer, and just for the fun of it, I've
decided to randomly draw from the ticket stubs. The matching
number will be the center of my attention tonight!"

The woman who had taken our tickets walked up to the edge of
the stage, carrying a very unassuming cardboard box, presumably
full of the ticket stubs. Rochelle reached in, and pulling her
hand out, took a long, slow look over the audience.

"And the lucky lady tonight is... two six one one eight six

I didn't have to look, but I did, just for the show of it. It
was Barbara's stub, and lovely Rochelle had used the number I
had given her, just as she said she would. Obviously I had
pleased her, and my nipples sent a spark on the hotline wire
straight to my clit.

I helped Barbara stand despite her objections, and I don't know
if it was out of helplessness or embarrassment that she made her
way to the stage. Either way, she looked red-faced and unhappy.
She gave me one of her *'when we get out of here I'm going to
kill you'* looks, but I just smiled and waved and clapped with
the rest of the audience.

Standing up, Rochelle offered Barbara the stool, and Barbara
sat, since there was not much else she could do. She gave
Rochelle a wan, nervous smile and looked my direction, but I
knew that she could not see me over the brightness of the stage
lights. My fingers made their way to my beckoning clit, teasing
lightly through the silk of my panties. Looking around, I found
that I was *definitely* not alone.

"Relax, dear, you look terribly uncomfortable," soothed
Rochelle, locking eyes with Barbara. "Let me guess. You came for
the show, but you're not really 'at one' with the sexual
orientation around you. Don't worry, no one is going to bite
you. And we're just going to have a little fun. I promise you'll
enjoy it."

Barbara looked shocked at having been so obvious - or maybe it
was at Rochelle's intuitive perception. At this point, even I
wasn't sure that Rochelle had needed the information I had given

"What may I call you?" asked Rochelle gently.

"Bar - Barbara," stammered my friend.

"Oh! So nervous! Well, I have something that will help you,"
continued the Mistress of Mesmerism," and it's right here on my
wrist. See? It's my silver bracelet."

"I know it's just a bracelet, but it is a good place for you to
put your attention while you're so busy blushing. It helps the
audience disappear if you focus on something. It has peculiar
qualities... it bends the light at the edges and the effect is
quite... *soothing*... don't you think?"

"Sure it is," said Barbara, looking at the bracelet. "But the
audience is still there." She was determined to be a skeptic.

"Yes, it's still there, but it's not really important. But of
course, you already know that," cooed Rochelle.

"No, I guess it's not," agreed Barbara, still a bit hesitant.

"What *is* important is that you listen to what I'm saying very
carefully, because at the end, you will feel *so* much better
about it. You can think about it even now, knowing you did well
and that everyone is happy with you..."

Barbara nodded, looking a little dazed. The tip of my finger
was getting wrinkled from my juices.

"By now, you can see how this bracelet commands your attention,
can't you?" prompted Rochelle.

"Yes, it commands my... 'tention very much." slurred Barbara.

"But this is not my really powerful bracelet. The powerful one
is on my other wrist. Would you like to see it? You would,
wouldn't you..."

"'Kay," smiled Barbara.

"Now listen to my voice very carefully, Barbara. Listen to it
as if it is the only voice you can hear. Really, it's easy,
because it's the truth. It *is* the only voice you can hear.

"For me to show you my other bracelet, you have to promise me
something. It's not much, really. All you have to do is promise
to put on my plain silver bracelet. That's not so bad, is it."

"No..." Barbara responded.

"Then let me place it on your right wrist, dear. Hold out your
wrist, and let me put it on you."

My nipples got even harder as I watched Barbara listlessly hold
out her hand. Rochelle slipped it onto her wrist... and
something... *happened*. Barbara got a kind of thoughtless smile
on her face as if something had taken root deep within her.

"That's right, Barbara, it's better than sex, isn't it."

"Better than... sex..."

"And it's opening a portal to your inner mind, where we can get
to know each other much better. By the way, have you noticed
that the audience has gone?"


The room erupted in applause, but Barbara sat perfectly still.
We did not exist for her anymore... only Rochelle existed.

"Now, look at my other bracelet. Look at the large amber stone
in the center of it... glowing, intensifying the feeling that
your own bracelet is giving you. You can see the light radiating
out and into your pupils, opening the portal more and more,
can't you?"


"Opening it so much that we communicate beyond words, so that
you only need to hear, but not listen. The words flow into you
and mix with your own thoughts... making it harder and harder to
tell them apart."

A tiny bit of spittle was forming on Barbara's lower lip. I
wanted to taste it. I was burning as I watched Rochelle take my
best friend.

"The energy of the amber isn't light at all, Barbara dear. It's
not necessary to keep looking. All keeping your eyes open does
is distract you from the feelings of your own bracelet as they
cascade through you. We both know that the feeling is so
relentless and addicting that you have to feel more of it. All
you need to do is close your eyes for a moment, and reopen them.
They will no longer see anything but the energy of the amber. Go
ahead dear, it's alright."

Barbara's eyes closed, and I heard a slight whimper from her...
and from me as I noticed that her crotch had a large dark stain.

Barbara opened her eyes, and even from my seat in the third
row, they looked incredibly glassy and unfocused.

"That's right Barbara, it does feel easier to watch the amber
rays and let the words flow through your head. You don't have to
pay attention, because your inner mind hears me. It likes me. It
trusts me. Your outer mind is a string of 'no's' and underneath
all that, as we peel the negative layers away, we find a 'yes'.
Do you understand all of this, dear?"

"Yes," said Barbara, so softly that it was almost a whisper.

"Now, I want you to listen very closely again. While your outer
mind keeps you skeptical and cynical, your inner mind is alert
and interested in every word - is that correct?" crooned

"Yes," answered Barbara, and I swear, I could hear her
alertness change in the single word she spoke.

"And that 'yes' is your inner mind, your true self. It is what
allows you to trust, allows you to fall in love; it allows you
to surrender and be vulnerable. Your outer mind is mean and
heartless and only works to protect you. But it doesn't know how
to choose between good and bad. It protects you part of the
time, but it also keeps you from having a good time. It keeps
you from doing what is best for your inner mind, what is best
for the real you.

"Luckily, the inner mind is much more powerful than the outer
mind. In fact, the only power the outer mind has is the power
that the inner mind gives it. You feel how true this is. You
feel the power surging within you now as you let your inner mind
gain sway, don't you."

"Yes," came Barbara's response again, filled with energy and awe.

"In fact, you resent your outer mind ruining your fun, don't


"You can even *see* the barrier now, beginning to block the
amber rays of ecstasy. It's the grey wall directly in front of
you. That is the wall of your outer mind, the barrier that keeps
you isolated. There is a switch on it, marked 'OUTER MIND
POWER'. Right now, it is in the 'on' position. You want to turn
it off, don't you? No need to answer... I already know you do.

"Your outer mind is sending you messages, warning you not to do
it, that you will be defenseless, that you will lose control,
even that you might die - but it is only a machine. An automated
recording. It doesn't have a real clue, but is only afraid of
change. Do you hear the warnings coming in?"


"Of course you do. And they are *so* annoying. All you have to
do is turn off the switch, and shut down your outer mind, and
the wall will crumble, as the relentless, addictive pleasure of
the amber returns. I know your inner mind trusts me and knows
that no harm will come to you. There is no danger. I know it and
you know it. When you feel ready to completely trust me, just
reach out and turn off the switch. That's all, just turn it off.
Just let your outer mind shut down for awhile. When you have
turned off the switch, let me know by saying, 'power off, inner
mind ready for programming.' Do you understand? Just nod your
head, Barbara."

Barbara nodded her head up and down, and then sat unmoving, on
her stool, staring straight ahead, unblinking, unseeing.

I could see Rochelle was tense... and I knew this was the
moment of truth. I could feel the sweat on my own brow, and the
suspense in the audience was absolutely tangible. You could have
heard a mouse breathing.

The moments stretched on, but the lovely Hypnotist was
patient... just when I was about to give up on her, Barbara's
mouth opened, and she said in a clear, strong voice, *"Power
off, inner mind ready for programming."*

Without even having to think about it, I came. *Hard.*

As I came down from the fizzling stars of my own ecstasy, I
noticed Rochelle had turned to face the audience and acknowledge
our moans, greater than any applause - with a small smile, she
bowed gracefully. "Oh, but we are just getting started with
Barbara. Please pay close attention as she takes on any thought
I now desire for her. I have taken her to a place beyond
resistance, where even memories can be altered... and thus her
core beliefs. Would you like that?"

"YES!" cried the audience in unison. The scent of arousal was
definitely in the air, and as I gave a sideways glance, I
noticed that several couples were openly engaging in heat-
creation themselves.

I could have sworn that Rochelle got a twinkle of inspiration
in her eye at that moment. Turning back to Barbara, she resumed
her enthralling monologue. And Barbara wasn't the only woman
falling to Rochelle's sublime charms.

"Barbara, it seems that I forgot to mention one thing about the
inner mind, dear. It doesn't know how to work your mouth to let
you speak. So all you can say is, 'glubba,' because that is all
your inner mind knows how to form with your mouth. But every
time you say that word, you get more aroused, because, by the
oddest coincidence, that particular word is an ancient magical
word of seduction.

"So please, Barbara, tell me, in detail, about your day today."

"Glubba, glubba glubba glubba glubba; glubba glubba glubba.
Glubba? Glubba glubba glubba glubba glubba glubba glubba...
glubba glubba! Glubba glubba, glubba. Glubba glubba glubba..."

By the time she had finished her first few sentences, we were
all holding our sides from laughing so hard... she was so
*sincere* about it! It was also *very* hot... within a few words
her hands had begun openly playing with her nipples through her
clothes, and she was squirming obscenely on the stool, obviously
trying to get the right "rub".

"Stop, girl."

Barbara's hands quit playing with her body, and the words
ended. She still squirmed a little, though. So did I.

"There is only one way for you to communicate properly now, my
dear. You must let my thoughts guide you, and become your own
voice. Your own thoughts are simply so much gibberish. Isn't
that so?"

"Glubba!" sputtered Barbara.

"As you let my thoughts in more, you find that you are more
able to speak. My voice is your inner voice, your inner
conversation. Now it is us. One thought. One voice. Now, it is

"My first name is Barbara. My last name is..."

"Blanchford," offered Barbara.

The eyes of the audience began to follow the words moving back
and forth like a dance. I had never seen anything so
spellbinding and erotic.

*"Mmmmmm, I love thinking back to the first time I had an
orgasm. I can see it so clearly. My age was..."*

"eight, and I was all alone in my room..."

*"except for the TV, which was showing a girl being hypnotized
and owned by another woman. She looked just like me. I didn't
need my fingers at all, really, but I used them anyway until
they brought me to my first..."*


*"Then my first kiss... I was..."*

"fourteen and so in love with Richard, I couldn't believe the
feelings his kiss gave me..."

*"but I was still empty. It was then that I realized I had
always been more in tune with other girls..."*

"and I masturbated, thinking of him..."

*"but it kept changing into my best friend... her name was..."*

"Veronica. She and I shared everything..."

*"Except our bodies, the thing I wanted most of all..."*

"God yessssss...."

*"And even now I want to be with a woman... men have always
left me feeling empty and used..."*

"and unloved... "

*"They just don't understand, and not only that, they are
unattractive... only* women *really appeal to me...
understand... make me feel aroused..."*

"and I'm only now realizing it..."

*"but deep inside I've always known. men are totally

"and disgusting. I can't think of a good use for them."

*"And what I have to do... need to do... is find a woman to
teach me, to show me, to follow, to obey..."*

"to surrender to..."

*"and that woman should be Rochelle. She is so wise and so

"and so..."

*"easy to obey. Worthy of my complete obedience. In fact, it
already feels like love.... deeper than I have ever known... and
if it FEELS like love..."*

"it IS love..."

*"Sex with women is the only thing I crave. I don't care if it
makes me look like a slut. I have to have it... it will please

"and I *do* want to please her. I love her so, so much..."

*"and it's my only reason to draw my next breath.... obeying
Rochelle... MISTRESS Rochelle.... it makes me so fucking hot to
think of myself as a slave... funny... slavebarbara..."*

"sounds so sexy... so right... *slavebarbara*..."

*"I live to serve Mistress Rochelle. I obey her completely and
without hesitation. The only way to pleasure myself is to please
Mistress Rochelle. My bracelet is my link to her. It cannot be
removed. I do not want to remove it. I am slavebarbara. I am
Mistress Rochelle's lesbian slave. This is what I was born to
be. The sight of her nearly makes me cum. The thought of her
only makes me more obedient. I have no existence except through
Mistress Rochelle.*

*"I will repeat this endlessly in my mind, even when awake and
even when I am absent from her..."*

"I live to serve Mistress Rochelle. I obey her completely and
without hesitation. The only way to pleasure myself is to please
Mistress Rochelle. My bracelet is my link to her. It cannot be
removed. I do not want to remove it. I am slavebarbara. I am
Mistress Rochelle's lesbian slave. This is what I was born to
be. The sight of her nearly makes me cum. The thought of her
only makes me more obedient. I have no existence except through
Mistress Rochelle. I live to serve Mistress Rochelle. I obey her
completely and without hesitation. The only way to pleasure
myself is to please Mistress Rochelle. My bracelet is my link to
her. It cannot be removed. I do not want to remove it..."

*"Mistress Rochelle is before me and the next words she says
will be her own, and I will obey..."*

"Silently now, slavebarbara.... gooooood. Now, we need to come
back, to fulfill your commitment of the evening. From now on, I
have direct access to your inner mind, slavebarbara, whenever
you hear me say the words, 'power off.' And if I say,
'thoughtless is as thoughtless does,' my voice once again is
your thoughts. And when I say out loud, or as your thoughts,
'obedience is pleasure,' you return to your wakened state, with
every word rewriting the way you think and act and believe, with
no question, conflict or hesitation. Do you understand,


"Yes, what?"

"Yes... Mistress Rochelle..."

"Very, very *good*, slavebarbara. Your outer mind will remember
and totally accept all of your thoughts and revelations, and
everything you have learned, but will not recognize anything
different about tonight except that you were hypnotized and that
it pleased me. This is absolutely natural, and there is no need
to ever have a second thought about it. Obey."

"Yes, Mistress Rochelle."

"Now, slavebarbara, reach down with your hands... feel the
sides of your stool, and find the switch to your outer mind
again... and on the count of three, turn the power back on, and
let your outer mind wake up, bringing you comfortably back to
consciousness in your own time, totally at peace, totally alert,
totally obedient to Mistress Rochelle. One...... two.......

It was like watching a jazz pianist playing a familiar tune and
warping it into a new and amazingly seductive piece of music...
and Rochelle was so much more than a Virtuoso... I was well on
my way to yet another orgasm in a long, long line of heavenly


"Welcome back, little one," grinned Mistress Rochelle. Barbara
slowly opened her eyes and looked at her owner. As soon as
Barbara could focus, her face changed... but instead of shy,
scared Barbara Blanchford who went to sleep, it was humble, meek
and obviously aroused slavebarbara who now looked upon her
eternal Mistress. I began to play with my heated cunt all over
again, watching as the shadow of lust fell across the face of my
transformed friend.

Mistress Rochelle looked at her new property, and smiled,
saying, "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, it was wonderful... Mistress Rochelle!" answered
slavebarbara, bubbling over with enthusiasm. It was as if I
could see her new knowledge locking in, like pieces of a puzzle,
becoming more than just natural, but irreversibly correct. I
pinched my nipple... then pinched harder, not caring if anyone
saw or not... or heard my loud groan of pleasure.

"What was your name again?" asked Mistress Rochelle.

"Slavebarbara, Mistress..." came the puzzled reply. I knew what
she was wondering... how something so obvious could be forgotten
so easily.

"Good girl. Your obedience pleases me so much that it quite
nearly makes me...*cum*!" said the Mischievous Mistress of

I watched as slavebarbara nearly fell off the stool, her breath
rasping, her pleasure shouted out in loud whimpers as she sat on
the brink of the most powerful climax she could ever feel... at
least so far.

I was close again myself, my whimpers matching hers, my hands
greedily stimulating every orifice and errogenous zone I could
reach... I absently wondered if I was following one of Mistress'
commands... and then through the fog of my white-hot pleasure,
hoped so with all of my being.

Mistress was not done, however, and my mind reeled as she
continued... "Slavebarbara, listen closely. Thoughtless is... as
thoughtless does... *There is nothing that would please Mistress
Rochelle more than disrobing and masturbating as lewdly as
possible for the lovely women in the audience. Obedience is
pleasure!" *

I watched, nearly drooling as a look of inspiration came over
slavebarbara's face... as her hands found the buttons of her
blouse... the hooks of her bra... her eyes becoming heavy with
lust and wanton need, the beautiful orbs of her naked breasts pointing her nipples out to the world. Kicking off her sandals
and slowly shedding her jeans, she let her hands slide slowly
and seductively down her legs, and, stepping out of them, only
her deeply stained panties and silver bracelet were left to

She pulled her panties tight up into the crack of her ass and
against her swollen pussy... I could see it though the material
as she lewdly ground her hips into the flimsy, wet material.
Then she lowered them, the crotch of the panties still clutched
deeply by her delta, until they finally pulled free... and slid
darkly down her legs, as she reveled in her naked splendor
before her Mistress... and the world.

Mistress turned again to the audience and lowered her head, so
that her eyes were transformed into darkened and powerful
shadows, and opening her full, moist lips, she
intoned...*"Slaves... indulge..."*

The sound of ninety-nine bodies becoming naked and mewling
filled the air, and I found to my surprise that my own clothes
were suddenly gone, as if melted away. Hands began to cover me
as my own hands found other bodies to whom I could offer
seduction. My senses were swelling as every move mimicked the
slave onstage, teasing and pinching and licking clits and
nipples and lips and bellies and assholes. As slavebarbara
became more and more lost in her self-love, her gift to please
Mistress Rochelle, we followed as every thought became lost in a
sea of molten, reckless desire... and as all one hundred women
reached our will-shattering orgasm of unholy synergy, lost in
the pleasure, completely possessed by the rampaging bliss of
incomprehensible pleasure, a thought came to me... *obedience is

I screamed the scream of primal hunger and satiation... the
scream of complete abandon in the pleasure of pleasing Mistress

...and awakened in my living room, drenched in sweat, naked,
with my free hand holding the phone, barely able to breathe.
"You understand what must be done then, slavejane," came the
tinny voice of my Mistress. "You must bring Barbara to the show
tonight so that I may show her the true purpose of her
existence. It will please me."

"Yes, Mistress, I live to obey," I answered. "She has already
agreed to... come." I giggled a little at my pun, even as my
pussy shot me a delicious shiver at the thought of Mistress'
continuing pleasure.

"Then go, pet. Work my will."

"Yes, Mistress Rochelle," I said, hanging up the phone.

Luckily, I would just have time to take a shower.

I walked back to the bathroom, my lips silently following the
song that was endlessly lacing every thought...

*...I live to serve Mistress Rochelle. I obey her completely
and without hesitation. The only way to pleasure myself is to
please Mistress Rochelle. My bracelet is my link to her. It
cannot be removed. I do not want to remove it. I am slavejane...*



*Please send any feedback, comments or other thoughts to Please mention the name of the story in the
subject, although you can talk about anything you like.

- Sara*


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