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Rochelle04 Hoedown


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Copyright 2000 by Sara H



by Sara H

Categories: FF, FD, MC, Humor


I've never been much on modern square dancing. It's all slick
and commercial, the caller ends up sounding like some silly kid
who writes bad lyrics. In fact, other than a few basic
instructions, it's choreographed, and everyone just learns the
steps. Once you learn it, it's just the same thing over and over.

That's why our club decided to go traditional. In a traditional
square dance, the caller is the final authority. You have to
learn the way the caller thinks, learn to communicate... because
the caller can tell you to do anything, and it's what you have
to do. That's where a square dancing club really takes on a
challenge. And since we wanted to compete at a national level,
we decided we should really go for it. Our only change from the
old days is that we allowed women to call dances, too.

We were doing pretty well. We had taken the local and regional
titles, and it was time to move to the State. Now, Texas is a
big place, and there are lots of great clubs, so we started
revamping everything. We even started auditioning callers.

Three times a week we met, and we were finally down to the last
callers, and the last night of auditions. There was some guy
from Oklahoma, and he did okay, but he screwed up the end... and
then there was a caller from Florida, but he had a lisp.

Finally we got down to the last caller, a woman. She was
someone recommended by Cheryl, a friend of mine up east.

"She's really commanding, Opal," she had said. "She is newer
than some, but she has a natural talent for it."

I wasn't overly enthusiastic, but heck, everyone deserves a

She seemed nice enough, at least from the short conversation I
had with her before the night's activities began. I could see
what Cheryl had meant. She wasn't stuck up, but Rochelle didn't
have any problem looking me right in the eye.

In fact, it was a little intimidating, and I found myself
shaking my head slightly as I walked away after talking with her
only for a moment. I only got to talk with her *briefly* before
she moved on, meeting first all the girls and then all the...
well, men, such as they were. For some reason, they seemed kind
of silly that night in their little western outfits.

Anyway, as I was saying...

I asked Bobbi Sue what she thought about Rochelle, since I saw
them talk for a little while. She looked at me like I was crazy.
"Well lands sakes, Opal, I *only* talked with her for a second!"

It wasn't important, anyway.

Well, that was all I knew about Rochelle, so I had no idea if
she would be any good, but when it was her turn, she immediately
showed her ability. She got up there and pulled off something
that was unheard of in a traditional club. She got on the podium
and called out, "This is going to be a ladies only dance!"

Well, we all sort of looked around, but she was the Caller, and
the Caller is always Queen. You have to obey the Caller. And she
just seemed like a natural Caller, even without the music
playing. Damn, even I had to admit that she was *good*.

The men lined the walls, looking on, and the band started up
with Arkansas Traveler as the background to Rochelle's Call.

She began in the traditional way:

"Bow to your corner...
Bow to your partner...

"Let's go!

"Walk up close and then walk back,
Blow a little kiss and just relax!
Hold your arm out to the side;
Swing around left and don't be shy!"

Well, it wasn't what I'd call a usual start, but it was fun
anyway. She knew how to give the commands, and that was what was

"Blue sky, blue sky up above,
Look at your partner, fall in love!
Only one thing else to do:
Watch her fall in love with you!

"Take a side step cute and coy;
Just be glad she's not a boy!
Round and round your thoughts will go;
Wink at her and do-si-do!"

The room erupted in smiles and giggles. Funny thing was,
Delores, my partner, *did* look exceptionally alluring that
night... and the way her eyes were sparkling at me made my tummy
tingle. Funny how you let go when you're dancing.

"Turn and look to the front of the room,
Feel your new life in full bloom!
Mistress Rochelle is so wise!
Lose yourself in Her deep, green eyes!

"She is the Caller of your soul;
You must give her all control!
Your submission is Her due;
Her control is bliss to you!

"Feel it in your deepest core!
This is what you're living for!
Every night and every day,
Mistress is who you obey!"

This is where the Caller really takes over the dance, and
Mistress Rochelle was doing it like no one I'd ever seen before.
The words were flying through my head so fast I almost couldn't
catch them, but I knew it didn't matter. I just needed to do
what the Caller commanded, or I wouldn't be able to dance
anymore. I found myself in that wonderful place of letting go
and letting the dance happen the way the Caller wanted. Nothing
else made any difference.

"Now lets talk about the men;
Who needs them? You're lesbian!
They are nothing but a bore!
Send them out to guard the door!

"Men, it's women you obey;
Nothing will stand in your way!
You now live by women's words!
Anything else would be absurd!

"Minds of putty, no more will!
Do the work and pay the bills!
Procreation's no concern;
Just jack off when we need sperm!"

I'd never been so grateful as I was at that moment, as Mistress
Rochelle put all the men in their proper place. They looked so
dejected as they went outside to make sure no strangers came in.
It was a beautiful sight.

"Now we have the room alone!
Lick your lips and start to moan...
Feel the fire of lust begin,
So much better when you give in!"


"Stroll in a circle hand in hand;
This is the way to the Promised Land!
Sweet as candy, yum, yum, yum!
All you want to do is cum!

"Off with blouses, off with bras!
Fast as you can and do not pause!
Shoes and skirts and pantyhose!
Every single stitch of clothes!"

Wonderful... we were being Called like no one had ever been
Called before... it was like a whole new kind of dance; not of
hand claps and foot stomps, but of licks and touches... I
noticed the band had stopped; I guess they left with the other
men except for Caroline, the piano player, who was busy licking
Mistress Rochelle's calves. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but I
had to dance, and the next Call was coming...

"Put your finger on your clit,
Circle around and play with it!
Twist your nipples, pinch and pull!
Stare at your partner, start to drool!

"Make your pussy come alive,
Make it buzz like an old bee-hive!
There is no more time to waste;
Wet your finger and get a taste!"

Delicious... all of us in unison reaching deep into our...
*cunts*!... glorious cunts of damp delight... I could smell them
through the room... the sweetest perfume I'd ever known... I
hoped the dance would go on forever...

"Go to your partner, kiss her breast!
Suckle the nipples on her chest!
Let her know she's not alone!
Make her squirm and buck and moan!

"Down her belly, kiss and lick!
Make her pussy silky slick!
Find her clitty with your tongue!
Stroke her asshole with your thumb!"

This was a dance of delight... better than any dance before...
Mistress Rochelle was... perfection... Queen...

"Now get in a sixty-nine!
Feel the heat that's so divine!
Apple, pear, peach and plum!
Bear your fruit and start to cum!

"One on top, and one on the floor;
Spread your legs like a bar room whore!
Lick, lick, nibble and flick,
She's the candle, light her wick!

"Wiggle and squirm and shake and buck!
Mistress says to fuck and fuck!
Pussies, assholes, tits and butt!
Show the world that you're a slut!

"Lose all sense of time and place!
Grind her pussy against your face!
If your climax starts to end,
Do it all over and cum again!"

I don't know how long we danced, but I remember changing
partners at least ten times... and dancing again, following the
Caller, Mistress Rochelle, the Queen of the Square Dance...


You know, the men have all quit. They aren't really very
interested anymore. They just want to make us happy. And we're
happiest when even a few of us can get together to practice our
square dancing. We don't miss them at all.

Besides, we're getting new members all the time.

And me, I've even gotten to call a few dances, myself. Mistress
Rochelle gave me some private lessons so I could make sure
everyone followed her Call while she was gone. Not to worry,
though. We'll see her again... she's promised to be with us when
we go to our contests.

And next month, we go to the Nationals.

The winning square dance club gets to lead everyone in a big
jubilee dance with everyone from all fifty states... and I can
hardly wait!


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