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Role Reversal

Role Reversal

Jesus, what tits. They entered the room before she did. Every head in
the place turned and watched her walk to the bar. She was slim and her
hips rolled as she walked. She reached the bar and deposited her shapely
ass on the stool next to me. I hate these kinds of women. No man to good
enough for them except ďbad boysĒ. I was a bad boy but she didnít know it

After she ordered a drink I turned to her and said hello. She just gave
me one of those looks that every woman has; donít even think about it, you
havenít got a chance. Right then and there I knew she was the one. I
guessed that she in her thirties and just over 5 ft tall. Her hair was a
wavy dirty blond color that fell over her shoulders. Her face was
attractive but she wore too much makeup. But it was her tits that caught
menís eyes. She was wearing a halter top that showed off her tight stomach
and pierced navel. Skin tight jeans completed her ensemble.

men were starting to hit on her so I had to act fast. From my pocket, I
removed a syringe filled with a fast acting knock out drug. Turning
towards her, I pretended to sneeze. With one hand covering my face, I
jabbed her in her arm with the other. Before I even had a chance to stash
the syringe, she slumped, her head hitting the bar.

ďMonica, you know you canít hold your liquorĒ I said loudly, laying
claim to the drugged woman. ďI better get you home.Ē Wrapping an arm
around her, I half carried, half dragged from the bar. A few men made
jealous comments but I just smiled and continued out of the bar.

Hailing a cab and giving the driver the address, we were off. Within a
few minutes we had reached our destination. I paid the driver and carried
my prize into the house and down to my playroom. She was not the first to
visit. Dumping her in a chair, I pushed a button on a hanging switch which
lowered a devise that I created. In essences, it was a padded board with
two prongs extending outward. The purpose of the devise was to hold her
upright by the arm pits. A padded head rest angled slightly backward to
hold her head. I positioned her so that she was on her knees and her mouth
was at cock level. The chase had made me horny that I was going to use her
mouth first then her body.

I stripped off my clothes and stroked my cock. Iím proud of my body. I
work out and donít have a once of fat on me. Iím even prouder of the fact
that I can come and not lose my hard-on. Be skeptical if you want, I donít

Opening her mouth, I fed her a few inches of my cock. Her mouth was
warm and I felt a tingling in my balls. I always loved the feeling of
power having someone on their knees and a mouthful of cock. Closing her
mouth around me, I slid deeper. When I hit her throat, I was surprised
that it opened and my cock continued down her gullet. I sawed back and
forth, pulling my cock back to her lips then plunging it back down her
throat. She didnít gagged and in her drugged state, her lips wrapped
around me. That made me so hot that I fucked her face in earnest. Within
a few minutes, my balls tightened and I was ready to cum. Grabbing her
head, I thrust as deeply as I could and deposited my load directly into her
belly. My hips bucked as I shot spurt after spurt down her throat. My
orgasm was so intense that my knees buckled. I fell slightly backwards and
my cock left her mouth. Her mouth stayed open and Iíd wished I had a
camera. She looked so gorgeous.

My orgasm was so intense that I had to sit down before I fell down.
This chick had gotten to me and I hadnít said more than two words to her.
Angered, I raised her up until only her feet touched the floor. Tearing
off the halter, I slapped her tits. She moaned but didnít wake up. I took
her hard nipples in my fingers and squeezed them as hard as I could. Her
head tossed but her eyes stayed closed. I pinched and pulled them until
they stuck out like erasers.

Getting bored, I stripped of her pants leaving her in white lacy
panties. My anger subsided to be replaced with lust. Her body was
gorgeous. I tore my gaze from her heaving tits down to her tiny waist, past
her panty covered crotch to her athletic thighs. I could fall in love with
this woman given the right circumstances but at the moment she was my

I was breathing heavily and wanted to see her pussy. Kneeling, my face
was now at her crotch level. I peeled the silk underwear slowly down
exposing her silky smooth skin. I couldnít wait any longer and ripped them

What I saw made me lose my hard on for the first time in my life. A
semi hard cock stared at me from two inches away. My initial reaction was
to bite the rod in half and stuff down her throat but sanity returned.
Looking again at her cock, a drop of liquid appeared at her piss hole.
Without thinking, I licked it. It tasted salty. For some reason, I had a
burning desire to suck this cock I laughed at the image in my head. Me, a
macho dude, sucking cock. It turned me on. My cock got as hard as a rock.
I licked the head, then, bathed it with my tongue. The desire to take
in my mouth got stronger. I couldnít resist. I sucked down as much as
possible. The cock head hit the back of my mouth and entered my throat. I
gagged a little but didnít spit it out. I was so turned on that I felt
myself leak. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on sucking cock. I pulled my
head back until the head was just on my lips and them thrusting forward
until it was embedded in my throat. The cock felt so good and right in my
mouth. I held in my mouth and let the feeling flow through me.

Then I was knocked on my ass. She had awoken and was on top of me,
grinning like a cheshire cat. Raising my legs she exposed my asshole. She
was going to fuck me. I struggled but she had the advantage and leverage.
I stopped my struggling and fell back, resigned to my fate but still full
of lust. I was so turned on by this woman that I wanted her to take my ass
cherry. Her smile turned evil and she thrust forward, ramming her cock as
deep as possible up my ass. I screamed; the pain was intense.

She still hadnít said a word; her eyes burning with anger and lust. She
fucked me mercilessly, pulling her cock almost out of me then ramming it
back in. The pain had subsided and I found myself panting. I couldnít
believe that I liked being fucked. As if to emphasis the fact, my hips
rose with each of her thrusts trying to get more of her in me.

Her eyes were closed again and fucked me as hard as she could. I was so
full of lust that I grabbed my cock and jerked myself off to her fucking.
She kept pounding away and I was so turned on that my balls tightened. I
was going to cum. I groaned and stroked myself as fast as I could. She
continued to pound me and I shot my load, hitting myself in the face. My
orgasm beat any blow job I ever got and thatís saying a lot.

Opening her eyes, she saw the cum on my face. Letting go of my legs,
she leaned down and licked my jism. It made me horny all over again. She
was fucking me so hard I knew that my tailbone would be sore.

After she cleaned my face, she stuck her tongue down my throat and I
came again; this time all over her tits which triggered her orgasm. She
reared up and rammed me with all her might. I felt her seed deep in my
bowels. It felt so good that I squeezed my asshole trying to milk every
last drop out of her.

She fucked me for a few more minutes and collapsed onto my chest. I
wrapped my arms and legs around her and held her tight. We stayed there
until she went limp.

ďI love youĒ I said as I lead her to my bed. We havenít been apart
since and I have given up women; Its cock for me from now on.

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