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This story is copyright by me, Shon Richards. It contains M/F sex and
questionable marriage practices. You are free to archive it as long as
this header remains intact and you don't make any money from it. All
comments are welcome at

"Rolling Over" By Shon Richards

Naomi's snoring woke me up. She laid to the right of me, my beautiful
wife with her bare chest pointing up at the ceiling. Her mouth was open
and creating a horrible noise like a stuttering saw. There was a strand of
her blonde hair in her face, so I gently moved it out of the way so it
wouldn't tickle her nose. I had to be careful; Joel's face was nuzzled in
her neck, and I didn't want to wake up her new lover. I was amazed that
her snoring didn't bother the small man at all.

Joel's wife Sheila was to my left, sleeping on her side facing away from
me. She stirred slightly, and I felt a warm shiver from where her bare ass
touched my hip. My cock, which had already exploded twice earlier that
night, stirred to life once again, pushing in vain against my briefs. I
tried to ignore it, as the red numbers on the clock told me that it was
4:12 in the morning, and it would be a long time till morning. It was also
impossible to slip out of the middle of four people and go to the bathroom
to manually tame myself. I smiled with late night euphoria, wondering how
many men in their lifetimes had to deal with an unwanted erection while
sleeping between two lovers.

Joel and Sheila were staying for the entire weekend, so I knew I would
have plenty of opportunities to sate my desires. That didn't stop me from
fantasizing. I remembered how heavy Sheila was compared to Naomi, from her
wonderful round ass, to her luscious heavy breasts. Even her hair was
larger, with dark curls that radiated from her head and even from between
her thighs. Abundant was the word that came to mind, and my mouth was
watering as I remembered how I feasted just a few short hours ago.

I rolled over easily. We weren't using any sheets because experience
had taught us how fast a bedroom heats up with four people sleeping. My
clothed erection pressed against Sheila's soft buttocks as I spooned the
sleeping lady. My arm reached around and slid gently between the mattress
and her bottom breast. It was perhaps a bit bold, but I wasn't acting
rationally. My face was lost in her bush of hair, but I didn't mind. As I
breathed in the essence of her shampoo, my cock pulsed happily against her

"Can't sleep either?" Sheila asked in a soft voice, and I jumped.

"Nope," I answered, not sure if I should move. "Naomi's snoring is hard
to ignore some nights."

"Joel will never notice. He swears I snore loud enough to kill a
hard-on," Sheila whispered back.

"Now that I think of it, snoring can be better than a cold shower
sometimes," I said, moving closer to her ear.

"Not tonight I notice," Sheila teased and she clenched her buttocks,
pinching my briefs and brushing my cock.

"Not tonight," I agreed and I caught the bottom of her earlobe in my
teeth. Like lips, lobes are something I could never resist putting in my

Sheila moaned, and I kissed the back of her ear as I moved my lips away.

"It doesn't seem to be stopping me either," Sheila whispered. She took
my hand from around her breast and guided it down to her southern fur.
With her hand over mine, my palm came down right on her sex. She curled
her finger over my finger and pushed me past her soft hair and into her wet
nether lips. We gasped in unison, for her heat was scalding to the touch,
like liquid summer.

"Let's roll out and go to the living room," I suggested as my palm
rotated gently on her emerging clit.

"No," she moaned, and my heart sank at her rejection. In an instant, I
realized it was wrong to expect a wife, even a swinger, to sleep with
another man while her husband wasn't aware. Open marriages are delicate
and conditional, not unlike treaties negotiated at war. Liberties are
given and taken, but almost always under supervision or with approval.

I was quickly preparing an apology in my head when she said, "I want to
do it right here."

My finger stopped moving, but my cock pulsed an answer. "Right here?" I
asked. Sheila's hand let go of mine and reached behind her, grabbing my
cock through my briefs with certainty in the dark.

"Right here, right now," she whispered. Her head turned to face me, and
my lips descended on hers. We kissed not like lovers, but like thieves,
taking with our lips quietly everything we desired and craved.

"Right here, then," I said with bruised lips.

Sheila rolled over, and put her pillow under her stomach. Her legs
spread out and her arms folded under her head as her long dark hair fell
beside her. She looked at me in the darkness, the white gleam of her teeth
letting me know she was smiling.

I rolled over on top of her arched body. I popped the button on my
briefs, leaving an opening that was more than wide enough for my cock. My
hands touched her back, sliding down with slow tension down to her
buttocks. I squeezed them again, relishing how plentiful they were by
sinking my fingers into flesh. With her buttocks in one hand, I was able
to guide my erection with confidence in the dark room. Sheila's legs
closed together, creating tightness that cemented out union.

While Sheila's legs were closing, her sex was parting before my cock and
welcomed me with her encompassing heat. Slowly my cock filled her
ever-contracting sex, trying with all my patience not to plunge in and wake
our spouses. My stomach pressed against her soft ass as all of me was
swallowed by all of her. My hands came down on either side of her head,
and I bit the back of her exposed neck. She shivered, and her shivers were
shared with me by our intimate link.

"Have you ever fucked a woman without your wife's knowledge?" Sheila
whispered, her hips gyrating ever so wonderfully.

"Never," I breathed. My mouth sought her ear again.

"Good," she moaned, and I'm not sure what she was praising.

Naomi continued to snore and Joel continued to sleep while we
clandestine lovers merged softly beside them. The pillow arched Sheila's
pussy perfectly, enabling me to sink as delightfully as I wanted into her
sex. It also lifted her body enough so that my hands could slip between
Sheila and the mattress enough to cup her breasts again. They were as
heavy as I remembered, and with my weight on top of hers pressing my hands
into the mattress, they sweated in a marvelous way that reminded me of her
sex's lubrication. Within a minute, her chest was as slick as her desire
and I couldn't have been more aroused.

Small bumping motions were all we allowed ourselves as we fucked
secretly. When the bed would creak, we would stop and start again slower.
When Sheila moaned, she would tilt her head back and bite her lips to stop
the pleasure. It was maddening. Our sexes were throbbing and our hearts
were racing much faster than our hips were allowed to move. The contrast
was frustrating yet exhilarating.

Sheila reached behind her and grabbed my hair. After pulling me down to
her mouth, she whispered "You are such a bad man for fucking me. My
husband could wake at any moment."

"I think that's what you like best," I responded.

Sheila moaned something inarticulate in response. Her moans were
getting louder as I continued to thrust, and it was easy to predict that
they weren't stopping. Perhaps I should have slowed down, but my own need
was overcoming my good sense. My hips continued their pace of slow
constant thrusts and I moved a hand reluctantly from under her sweaty
breast to cover her mouth. Sheila opened her lips and sucked in two of my
fingers. I was moaning now, as her tongue lapped at my fingers with the
sexual frenzy that our bodies weren't allowed to do.

With our reduced speeds and tempered motions, Sheila's orgasm was an
ordeal in itself. Even sucking my fingers, she couldn't help moan in a
long low growl as her body finally peaked in bliss. Her thighs clenched
together, trapping my cock as her sex spasmed in long sought ecstasy. She
spread her legs quickly, almost kicking Naomi beside us. I took the
opportunity to plunge deeper, sinking myself to the hilt inside of her. I
watched in satisfaction as her knees curled and lifting her feet around me.
I smiled as her toes curled in the sparse light.

Barely had I rested back down on her back; Sheila once again pulled me
by the hair down to her lips. After kissing me savagely and noisily, she
asked me "Still need to cum?"

"Yes," I growled.

"Say it then. Say you want me to suck you while you're wife sleeps on."

I hesitated. There was something almost adulterous about her request. I
couldn't resist the throbbing of my member, still pinging for release
inside Sheila's pussy.

"Suck me please, before my wife wakes up," I whispered.

"Roll over," she whispered.

I rolled back off of her, and back beside my snoring Naomi. Sheila
carefully lifted herself up and hovered over my erect cock. Without
preamble or teasing, she lowered her heavy breasts onto my thighs and took
my cock in hand while her hair fell to my stomach. Now it was me who had
to restrain my cries, for Sheila's mouth was every bit as wet and warm as
her sex.

She could barely get my length into her mouth, but she slid my tip
against the insides of her cheek and my eyes would roll back in
appreciation. Sheila's hand pumped my cock, already slippery from her sex.
There was an arousing insistence in her sucking, almost as if she wanted me
to climax more than I did. I couldn't believe how loud her mouth was,
licking and sucking me with a disregard for silence. I knew Naomi or Joel
would have to wake up as loud as she was, but I didn't care. My hands
reached out and grabbed those long tresses as my hips lifted up to meet her

One, two, three lifts of my hips and I finally ejaculated. The
frustration of our secrecy was released as I detonated into her mouth. The
hot stream I was pouring over her tongue and down her throat silenced
Sheila's noises. Only I was disturbing the silence now, as I groaned
blissfully beside our unconscious spouses.

"Damn that was hot," Sheila whispered as she crawled into my arms. "I
can see why couples cheat now."

It was hot, and I kissed her on the lips that gave me heaven just a few
seconds ago. I didn't say anything though. True, I was sated. True, it
was among the best sex I ever had. It's just that the guilty rot I felt in
my stomach explained to me why some couples didn't cheat at all.

The end.

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