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Romance is Dead


This is my entry for the 2002 Rom Fest on ASSM. I almost wasn't going to
write something for this, but I figured I'd give it a shot. This story makes more sense if you have read the previous Adventure (Separate

As always, email me with what you think of this or any other stories.

E: w.

copyright 2002, by Mistress Diana

If you are offended by stories with a strong sexual content or underage,
it's time to leave.

Adventures of Diana and Mike: Romance is Dead...Or is It?

I sat alone. My table was on the patio where I could see the cars as
they pulled into the restaurant parking lot. I waited for him and wondered
what to expect. Mike had called from work and asked me to meet him at a
little Bistro downtown. It was a warm night and I had no patience for
this. I really didn't know why he was being so secretive, but I did notice
a subtle change in him the last few days and it left me feeling unsettled.

A few months had passed since my trip west and my tryst with a 'cowboy'
named Six. I never got up the courage to tell Mike about it. That little
romp was not a case of submission with one of my subs. It was out and out
cheating. I loved Mike dearly, but that weekend in Arizona unlocked a
different side to me. A side that I desperately wanted to go away. I told
myself to be happy with what I had. Mike was so completely devoted to me
and I should be the happiest person in the world to be with someone who was
so open to my different lifestyle.

I uncrossed my legs and reached for my rapidly warming martini. I
looked at my watch for the hundredth time and got a little restless.

Yes, Mike was a willing participant in my adventures of dominance.
Together we seduced and fucked many female subs. I never got jealous when
he fucked one of the lovely women that submitted to our will. In fact, it
turned me on immensely. There was nothing better than seeing one of them
tied up and getting some orifice filled with his cock. I shivered a little
thinking about it, despite the heat.

As I swirled my drink around in my glass, I wondered vaguely if he found
out about Six and I and was on his way to confront me. The thought of that
made my stomach clench. I had never 'cheated' on him before. Sure, there
was that night with Alex, another Dom, but Mike had consented and after
that night nothing happened.

Yes, I was very lucky indeed, but a part of me was worried I had gone
too far.

I heard a truck door close and I looked up to see him walking across the
parking lot. He looked a little tense, but I saw it go away when he
spotted me. He smiled and waved casually. I waved back and waited for him
to join me.

In a few moments he entered the patio and gave me a warm kiss on the
mouth before taking a seat. After we ordered drinks, he relaxed a little
and sat back in his chair.

"So what's the big secret?" I asked, not being able to wait any longer.

"Secret? Can't I have drinks with my lady when I feel like it?"

He laughed and my heart melted a little. When he laughed he looked so

"Well, you just seem so secretive tonight," I said. He laughed again but
didn't say anything right away. Then the smile faded from his face and I
noticed his gaze had shifted. He was focusing on something behind me.

"What's wrong?" I asked, turning around.

I saw my neighbor Dawn and a stunning blond woman walking towards us on
the patio. I waved to them and turned back to face Mike. His face was
pale and he looked very nervous. I frowned at him, but wasn't able to ask
him what was wrong. Dawn and her friend had arrived.

"Hello Mistress," Dawn said in a soft voice.

"You can call me Diana," I said, laughing. "We're in public."

She giggled and her friend blushed. Then they both looked at Mike.

"Hi Mike," she said in a louder voice that was very flirtatious.

I raised an eyebrow at Mike and he looked away, slightly embarrassed. I
became very curious of the scenario that was playing out here.

"I haven't seen you lately, Mike," she continued. "Working hard?"

"Um, yeah...been busy...", he stammered.

I couldn't believe how flustered he was getting. I knew he had fucked
her that weekend we had her, but he never lost his composure with my subs
if we saw them another time.

"You'll be glad to know I finally got my air conditioning fixed," she
said. Then she turned to me: "Mike fixed my a/c while you were away. He's
so talented."

Dawn and the blond giggled and I narrowed my gaze at Mike. He fidgeted
with his drink and said nothing.

"Well, we're gonna go and have some drinks...see you later!"

And with that they sauntered off to their table on the other side of the
patio. An idea about the whole thing started to form in my head.

"So what was that all about?" I asked.

"Um, nothing, I just fixed her a/c."

I laughed suddenly and he gave me a look.

"I bet that's not all you fixed," I said.

"Hey now wait a minute," he blurted out. "What are you implying?"

I was suddenly intrigued by the thoughts of Mike and Dawn getting
together. I knew she had become very slutty since her weekend with us.
And I'm sure the blond was in on it too. It also lessened my guilty
feelings about Six. If he can play, well so can I.

"Hey, don't worry about it, love," I said.

But he was very indignant. I personally thought he was getting wound up
over nothing, but I kept quiet.

"I don't say anything when you have all your sub-girls over for play,"
he said quietly, but his voice was full of passion.

"That's because you participate, my dear."

My voice was calm with a tinge of amusement.

"Yeah, but what about your night with Alex?" he said accusingly.

"You approved," I said, suddenly getting edgy. I didn't like where this
was leading.

"I'm wondering if I should have. Plus I have no idea what else you've

That stung a little and I began to get angry.

"Are we going to have this discussion here?" I said through gritted

He stood up almost violently.

"You're right - I'm leaving."

He threw some money on the table and I heard him say something to the
effect that this evening wasn't turning out the way he wanted. He
certainly was right. And without another word, he stomped out to his truck
and took off in a cloud of dust.


I lay in bed and kept looking at my phone. I had been home two hours
and he hadn't showed up yet. I wanted to call his cell phone, but I was
afraid to. We had never had a big fight before, and I didn't even consider
this big, but the way he stalked off, I knew I had touched a nerve. Never
had our infidelities come up like that. I thought about the irony of the
situation where I had been contemplating my own unfaithfulness when it was
possible he was confronting his own.

I finally drifted off to sleep as the alcohol had made me tired.

I awoke to the front door closing. It was dark and an hour had passed.
Although I had no idea what kind of mood he was in, I was glad he was home.
I sat in bed and listened to him moving about downstairs and wondered if I
should go down to him. Finally he called to me and asked me to come down.

I got out of bed and descended the stairs. He had the basement door
open and was walking down those stairs. Curious, I followed him. When we
both got downstairs, he suddenly got down on his knees.

"Diana, you were right - I did fuck Dawn and her friend when you were
away. I'm sorry...they were just so..."

His voice trailed off and he looked down. I had never, ever seen him
like this.

"Sweetie, it's ok, really..." I said, my voice breaking.

My love for him welled up inside me and I felt tears coming to my eyes.
This really had preyed on his mind for a long time, I thought. And it only
confirmed his dedication to our relationship. Guilt washed over me again
as I thought of Six. I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't. It wasn't the
right time.

He looked up at me and a desire burned in his eyes.

"Punish me," he said.


"Punish me," he said again.


I was at a loss. Never had he played the submissive with me. We were
equals. But looking down at him, I saw a new side to him. His desire was
so clear and I knew what he wanted without asking.

"Are you sure, my love?" I asked.

He nodded and I took a deep sigh and told him to undress. The whole
thing was weird, but his conviction was turning me on. I wondered if I had
the courage to do it. And there was something strangely romantic about the
whole thing.

When he was naked, I had him get on his hands and knees. I pushed his
head down to the floor so his ass was raised to me and, using a 'gentler'
whip, I proceeded to lash him.

He cried out with each stripe, but he didn't want me to stop each time I
asked him. I began to feel very turned on at the sight of him submitting
to me like that. My pussy was getting wet and my whole body was sweating.
I finished lashing him and removed my own clothes. He continued to kneel
there and I saw that his cock was rock hard. On his tight butt were many
red marks.

"Do you feel punished enough?" I asked.


"Then what shall I do to you?"

"Fuck me," he breathed in a voice so full of desperation, but so sexy it
sent tremors through my body.

"Fuck you? How?"

"Fuck me with your strap-on...please..."

I absolutely shivered when he said that. I had always wanted to take a
man like that - it was a complete power trip and we both knew it. But he
wanted it and I was more than willing. I got my strap-on and fastened it
around my waist. Next I coated it with lube and began to push it against
his clenched asshole. Again I was amazed at this new side of him, but he
wanted it.

"Ugggghhhhh," he groaned as the dildo began to invade his ass.

I wondered if he had ever had anything that big inside of him. In our
lovemaking, I had never inserted more than my finger in his ass.

I pushed it deeper and he groaned but it was a groan of pleasure, not
pain. And as I pushed, my finger began to massage my clit. I was so
aroused by this that my pussy was throbbing. I knew I wouldn't be able to
wait for him satisfy me.

"Stroke yourself," I breathed.

His hand reached underneath him where he grabbed his cock and began to
tug it. By now the dildo was all the way in and I was leaning over him
slightly. I slowly withdrew but when I got to the tip, I slammed back in.
He cried out but begged for more.

Smiling, I began to plunge in and out of his tight asshole. My finger
was working my clit and his hand was pulling on his cock. All the tension
of the evening had turned into a crazed sexual energy. It was amazing how
we could go from being mad at each other to boiling over with passion.

I began to fuck him in earnest and for the first time ever, I felt a
huge feeling of love building inside of me while dominating someone. But
this was Mike - not just a 'someone'. I was fucking him and he wanted me
to. It was kinky and romantic at the same time.

"Oh...Diana...yessssss," he moaned. "Fuck me hard, baby."

This was no longer a scene of was pure sexual energy and
passion that only two people in love could share. So he likes it in the
ass, I thought, almost laughing. Well maybe this won't be the last time.

We continued our sweating, moaning and masturbation. He began to cry
out that he was getting close. It only inflamed me more and I increased my
pounding of his ass and my clit-rubbing at the same time. The sweat was
coming off me in rivers as we didn't turn on the a/c in the basement unless
we were planning on spending some time down there.

"Oh yessss!!!!" he screamed and I was brought back to the present.

"Cum...oh yes, cum for me," I hissed as I got closer to my own orgasm.

I stopped fucking his ass and held the dildo there while he raised his
body up and shot load after load of cum into the air. It was all too much
for me and plunging my fingers in my pussy at last, I came in a loud
screech as my body shook all over.

Still later:

I stepped out of the shower and back into the bedroom. Mike was lying
naked in the middle of the bed with a big smile on his face.

"That was great, you know," he said almost sheepishly.

I laughed and joined him on the bed.

"You loved every minute of it," I said.

After we had calmed down, he told me the details of his session with
Dawn. My eyes went wide as he told me about them fucking him. Clearly he
enjoyed this new scenario of being dominated by a woman. I wasn't so sure
I could do it very often with him. I still enjoyed being his equal and I
told him that.

He smiled hugely and said: "Then how about being my wife?"

"What? Your..." I trailed off, speechless.

"Yes, well that was why I wanted to meet you earlier. I was going to do
this at the restaurant, but..."

He voice trailed off and he reached underneath him and pulled out a
small velvet box and handed it to me. My hands shook as I opened it and
saw the shimmering diamond ring inside. I looked deeply into his eyes and
heard those words:

"Diana, will you marry me?


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