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Archived Sex Stories

Romantic Tentacle


Romance and the Tender Tentacle
(f/Alien, nc, rape, rom, ScFi, oral, anal, vag, cum, fac)
by DemonBound

Intro: I started this story with the idea that I would
enter it in one of the writer's festivals on ASSM, but I
didn't finish it in time. The festival was for erotic
stories of romance. I thought the idea of a tentacle
rape romance story told from the monster's point of view
would be amusing, and this is the result.

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound mind and
interested in sex stories. If you aren't, don't read
them. I'm not advocating or promoting anything and no
real people are represented. My stories may contain
sexual situations you will find offensive, I try to
include content information in the parenthesis after the
titles, check those codes before reading, they are pretty
self explanatory. You've been warned about the content,
so if you read my stories the consequences are chosen and
borne by you. With that in mind, please take a walk on
my Darkside and cum.

Begin story Segment

She is not at all like one of my kind, but I am
perversely drawn to her. So solid and immutable of form,
so warm of mind and emotion. Ugly by our standards. She
is also weak minded, she can barely perceive my thoughts
even when I beam at a level considered rudely loud in my
continuum. But I am alone, an outcast to this strange
world, and what she lacks in beauty and power, she makes
up for in a high energy emotive field that I find I am
starving for.

I am concealed by a mental camouflage outside her
'house', a place she 'lives' in with her parents. I am
confused by the reference to two parents instead of only
one, but apparently that is the norm here. She considers
herself young, a 'teenager', apparently, by her thoughts
a much put upon slave to her parents. That at least is
the same as my continuum. She thinks of herself as
pretty, though her fragmented personality, also
apparently the norm, has a part that feels anxiety about
her looks.

Since I followed her mental odor to this building she
calls a 'house' (I'm not sure I understand the need for
this building, since it appears that she would and does
continue to exist outside this structure), she has spent
considerable time examining herself in an optically
reflective surface. I am attuning my perceptions to
match her own ideas of beauty, trying to understand this
obsession with appearance. She seems more than
acceptable by the strange codes of her own people. The
ugly strands of fiber growing from the top appendage of
her body are exceptionally long, and a glossy black, her
repulsive motile organs are long and appealingly curvy.
She spent considerable time examining the large sacks of
flesh on her chest for form and consistency, and seems
pleased by their contour and something called 'nipples'
which she thinks look cute as they are 'perky' and

Her species sleeps as does my own, but apparently even
during sleep, mental energies are generated and images
broadcast. Though of no great strength, her imaginings
are strangely tasty, an energy I find most agreeable to
the palate. Especially those she considers 'naughty'.
She has vague imaginings of a 'boy' kissing her and
'feeling her up'. She has even more 'naughty' dreams of
doing the same with a 'girl' she is friendly with. Then
in her sleep, a very powerful image comes to what passes
for a mind among these people. It is an entertainment
among her kind called 'Anime' and she has watched one of
these that was 'naughty' with the 'girl' friend she
fantasizes about. She imagines herself as one of the
characters of the 'Anime' who is forced to do extremely
naughty things with an alien 'monster'. I am amused,
since I bear more than a passing resemblance to that
imaginary monster. I like this small, confused, young
being with strong desires. I shall give her what she
secretly wants but cannot admit.


I have waited until she sleeps, and is doing what she
calls 'dreaming'. This time she dreams that she is being
kissed by one of her school instructors. This being is
'male' and teaches history, and she considers this entity
as 'dreamy'. She broadcasts images of him holding her
tightly in his arms, even when she tries to escape. The
teacher then forces more kissing on her, which she

It is a simple thing for me to take control of her rather
feeble imaginings, and turn them to something slightly
more nourishing to me. Her teacher's eyes suddenly glow
orange, his smile grows cruel, and his hands which have
been caressing her back and posterior now press down on
her shoulders, urging her to her knees. Her dreams
become much more energetic as her dream self realizes
what her teacher is about to force her to do. She has
never done what she now imagines that she is required to
do. Left to herself, even had she dreamed of this, it
would have been unfocused and vague, she had never even
seen a male generative organ let alone orally stimulated
one. But I was able to supply the missing detail, for I
had read in his mind what her father fantasized about
making her do, and in her mother's mind, the details of
the doing..

While the girl, who thought of herself as Eiku, dreamed
about doing to her teacher what her father fantasized
about her doing to him, I was slowly moving up out of my
hiding place in the basement. I could have simple phase
shifted through the intervening floors and walls, but
there was no need, I could easily flow through the
heating duct up and into the girl's room without even
disturbing the grate over the end of the shaft. My
pseudopods oozed through the small openings to rejoin on
the other side. When most of me was physically in the
room, I flowed over to and under the girl's bed. I sent
several eye stalks up over the side of the bed to gett my
first real physical look at the being who's pychic
eminations had so arroused my appetite.

To my eyes, she was ugly to the point of repulsiveness,
only 5 fixed limbs, two eyes not even on stalks, small
and weak, and not too bright either, but her sexual
energy called to me. I suppose to a human she would have
been attractive. In her agitation at her dream struggle
with her teacher she had kicked aside the coverings her
weak kind needed against variations in temperature. She
lay moaning, occasionally shifting around as random
impulses in the dream snuck through the normal barriers
her kind used during sleep to prevent movement. Her
'hair' was carelessly left unbound and lay in a dark fan
against her white sheets, her limbs were slender and
graceful. She wore a covering that humans call clothing,
a white tunic with a picture of something called a kitten
on it (repulsive small predators kept as servitors called
pets, considered 'cute' by human). At the joining of her
lower limbs, her thrashing about had exposed the
undergarment called panties, a pink, lacey material that
covered her adolescent female primary sex organs. The
rest of her relatively long lower limbs were bare of
clothing, but one was partially coverd by a 'blanket'.

I had gathered that the exposure of the 'hair' that grew
in this 'panty' region was a social taboo of some kind,
though this girl, Eiku, was young enough that very little
hair grew there yet. I had learned that hair was
considered a sign of maturity, but she was just reaching
the age that such a transformation took place. It was
her awakening sexual energies that had called me to her,
and it was to arouse those energies upon with I could
feed, that I now took the part she so desperately wanted
someone to fill.

I send forth several limbs in the form of tentacles
conforming to her 'hentai' fantasies. (did I mention that
humans had several systems of vocal communication called
languages? Eiku was fluent in both something called
'Japanese' and something called 'English', but because
the fictional visual art called anime came primarily from
the Japanese area, she always though of certain 'naughty'
ideas as 'hentai') These tentacles hover over her
sleeping form waiting for the right moment to strike. I
continue to manipulate the girl's dreams to bring about
that right moment.

In her dream, Eiku protests, "No, please, Mr.
Johnson...I've never done this!"

Mr. Johnson only laughs, and pushed the head of his penis
into her mouth, "Take it Eiku, suck it! I am your
teacher and you have to do what I say!" She doesn't
really know what to do, but she tries, though she feels
shamed by the degradation of this act. She also secretly
feels excited and aroused by both the act and by being
forced to do it. She sobs quietly around the hard organ
in her mouth, licking at it, hollowing her cheeks to
suck at it.

As she dreams, I actually slip one of my tentacle tips
into her mouth in her sleep, I match my pumping strokes
to those of her dream ravager. Two more of my tentacles
hold her shoulders as her teacher does in her dream.

Mr. Johnson fucks Eiku's sweet mouth with a penis that
strangely grows larger and becomes oddly deformed.
Strange knobs and ridges push between her full lips and
pull back for another cruel assault. Eiku grows slowly
aware that something isn't right. She notices for the
first time her teacher's glowing eyes, and views with
horror the demonic member pulsing betwen her lips. She
tries to pull away from that inhumanly gnarled organ, but
now her teacher's answering laugh grows deeper.
Tentacles spout from his shoulders and his body grows
larger, horns grow from his temples as the new tentacles
grab her wrists, and now her teacher's hands hold her
head as she is forced to continue her task of oral

"Foolish girl, know that I am not your prescious Mr.
Johnson, I am Dorgon, Dark Overlord of the Sex
Underworld! And now I will ravish your weak mortal body
and soul and make you my slave forever!" Dorgon laughs
demonically, and his monsterous cock suddenly spurts
copious amounts of foul slime, which Eiku tries to
swallow so that she doesn't drown.

Even to me, an alien entity to this dimension, this
seemed a bit meladramatic, and at this time I am new to
the concept of fiction as entertainment. But I took
Dorgon's words almost exactly from Eiku's memories of the
secretly watched hentai anime. The taste of demonic
sperm I took from Eiku's mother's memory of the taste of
Eiku's father's sperm. And I took the whole concept from
Eiku's own subconscious fantasies. If it was a bit
unbelievable, well, Eiku is not the most analytical of
beings, and her psychy is absorbing my little directed
dream and positively glowing with sexual energy, which I
am finding remarkably nurishing and tasty as well.


I had met the Overlord of my own dimension once, it never
laughed and had no concept equivalent to human enjoyment.
It fed off the energies of its servitors and would have
dispised the paltry energy I drained off from Eiku. Far
from having any desire for a human female, it would have
destroyed her out of hand if she had somehow gotten close
enough to it to annoy it, but otherwise it would have
ignored her as a wolf normally ignores grass.

But here in this dimension, Eiku was the best food I had
found to eat, both up to then and still up to now.
Although Eiku's fantasies were of being sexually
dominated and degraded, it was actually she who was in
control, for I had to use every bit of my pychic and
physical prowess to arouse her as fully as possible, if I
was to survive. Her wishes literally became my commands.
So it was that when her dream rapist ejaculated his
demonic sperm, I echoed that dream reality in physical


My tentacles hold her wrists tightly. More tentacles
hold her head, while the special tentacle I had made to
ravage her mouth pumps strongly into her mouth, which
oddly was one of her few features my eyes found
appealing, at least until I started adjusting my own
standards of beauty to match those of the humans I found
myself forced to live among. I found myself actually
enjoying the physical sensation of her sleeping suckling
of this new organ I had specially made just for her to
suck. But the next step was a problem.


My kind do not reproduce by casting off packets of
genetic material into other seritor beings who must bear
our young. Among my people, offspring are genetically
wholely based on the progenitors pattern, though of
course the progenitor often tailors that pattern to suit
a particular purpose that the offspring must fulfill as
the servitor of it's parent. The problem was that her
fantasy called for great quantities of demonic
reproductive fluid, that she would be forced to drink.
My kind doesn't have reproductive fluid. So I had to
create a substitute, and the attendant organs and nerves
to create and deliver it. I finally had decided to give
the fluid a double purpose, since I detested the waste of
simply spewing out bits of my own body just to give the
girl something to swallow. My own 'demonic love juice'
is actually carefully designed to have the taste of
Eiku's father's ejaculate, while having the appearance
and consistency of the demonic 'cum' she fantasized
about, but it also contains small servitors that actually
look rather like human sperm (which are surprisingly well
designed for their task) but instead are absorbed by
Eiku's tissues to become my own 'watchdogs' (a guardian
servitor) of her weak and vulnerable body. The more of
my cum that Eiku drinks, the more teeny servitors I have
inside her, making sure that she never gets sick,
regenerates from any physical damage, and never suffers
from cellular aging, though I have to be careful, as her
body is a surprisingly complex interlocking system of
tissues and servitor cells, and sometimes it is difficult
to tell what is an invader, what is simply an overgrowth
of necessary servitors, and what is a normal (if bizarre)
natural symbiosis doing exactly what it is supposed to.
And it all has to glow slighty green, hang in long ropy
strands as it drips down her chin, and taste like he
father's own cum. I do think that I more than earn the
sexual energy that I drain from her soul, since it is a
lot of work being a sex demon. On that night it was my
first deployment of my untried new organs.

So when Mr. Johnson-Dorgon came in Eiku's school girl
mouth, I also came in her mouth in the physical world.
It was actually very pleasant! I was suprised, but in
hindsight, I had created an organ that mimiced the
function of a human penis, even if it was prehensile as
no human penis could be, I shouldn't be surprised when
the neural flood produced similar responses in my own
system even. This was turning out to be more than simply
harvesting of emotional energy, this was what humans
called 'fun'.


In her dream world, the huge cock between Eiku's lips
pumps load after load of foul slime into her mouth, which
she swallows as quickly as possible to avoid drowning in
cum. She knew with dream certainty that the Overlord of
the Sex Underworld would not hesitate to let her choke to
death on his cock, so she swallows gulp after gulp (which
produced the most enjoyable sensation in the physical
world as she swallows the far smaller amount I allow
myself to pour down her throat, in the physical world she
could actually choke in her sleep, I was reserving the
really impressive amounts for when I finally decided to
allow her to awaken) but still she ciould not keep up and
cum oozed out of her sucking lips to drip in thick ropes
down onto her white school girl blouse.

Dorgon laughs, with a deep and maniacal voice, "Ah, my
dear, how good my seed looks dripping from your lips.
How beautiful to see it running down your chest." Eiku
blushes in shame, but feels her sex become wet at his
words, and a warm pleasure spreads against her will
through her virgin loins. The demon declares, "Now that
you are my slave, having taken my seed within you, I will
take that most precious commodity, that thing you value
most, your most cherished virginity. And when I have
done that, I will finish by raping that lovely ass as
well. Then maybe I will throw you to my many minions who
would fuck you until your lifeless body burst from the
pressure of the cum you will take!" Now tentacles
proceed to rip the white blouse from Eiku's body. She is
wearing no bra, as a good girl would have, so the demon
knew her secret slut nature. Dorgon laughed and played
with her tits (in the physical world, her breasts are
considerably smaller, and to my mind more finely formed,
but she wished them bigger, so they were bigger), mauling
her young flesh in his strong scale covered hands. Then
he pulls her into the air, his tentacles pull her legs
far apart, exposing her panty clad pussy and then, in an
explosive burst, curl around the white material and
ripping it to shreds.

This was the moment! I allow her to awaken, her body
hoisted above her bed by a multitude of tentacles. She
comes awake, and realizes that she is really being held
above the bed in her own room, and that there really is a
tentacle cock between her own lips, and that for the
first time, she could really taste the cum that still
filled her mouth. I pulled out to let ropes of cum drip
onto her surprised and frightened face.

Eiku screams and cries out, "Oh my god! What's happening
to me?"

I speek into her mind <I am the demon Dorgon, summoned by
your desires. But now you shall become my slave!>

"No No...this can't be really happening, it was just a

<Oh yes, my pretty little virgin slut, you called out to
me, summoning me from the hell of virgin school girls.
Now I will take you, and rape away your virginity, and
you shall become my love-slave>

Which was more or less what I really intended after all.
I borrowed the name of her dream lover. My kind have no
names or need for names, but my new pet needed for me to
have one.

Now she screams for real, as loudly as she can,
fortunately, I had put a compulsion on everyone else in
the house to remain asleep no matter what happened.

"Daddy! Help me! Momma! Oh get it off me...let me go!"
She struggled in my grasp, but I am far stronger than she
(in fact the hard part is restraining her without hurting

<Your parents cannot help you now! Your own wicked lusts
have summoned me from hell, and now you will be

Eiku screams and cries in terror. To her, I am indeed
the horror of her dreams, but the reality is not so
exciting, unfortunately for her, her fear is as nurishing
to me as her lust. Now I truely am the rapist she
feared. I had wanted her to feel it when I ripped the
cloths from her body, which was why I had awakened her.
My tentacles quest under her nightshirt to roughly fondle
her young breasts, and I find that I actually enjoy this.
My perceptions have already started to change, and I find
her pert young mounds of interesting texture and spend
several long seconds manipulating them. Her nipples had
been erect while she was dreaming, but her sleeping
arousal had turned to waking terror, and they were no
more than flat nubs, but I tweak and tickled them just
the same.

<What, not so much fun as your dreams, little slut?> I
moke her <It was you that called me here, don't you like
my attentions? Or are you only a cock teaser. But I am
no mortal you can entice then leave frustrated in one
your little slut games. I, Dorgon, will not take no for
an answer>

Now I burst her nightshirt from within, ripping its
tatters from her body. I send some of my eye stalks
questing down her smooth body, just beginning to show a
woman's curves, and my new perceptions find them
pleasing. I enjoy the play of her firm muscles as she
struggles in my grasp. One of my tentacles pushes
beneath her pink panties to stroke her sex, which while
still damp with her nightdream arousal, is now closed and
cool as only terror fills her. But I have my own
lubricant, made for just such an occasion, and my
tentacle leaves wet tracks as it brushes over her nearly
hairless mound to push along her tight furrow, parting
the labia and teasing at the entrance hidden there.

"No, please, not was just a dream! I'm a good
girl! Please don't I didn't mean to!"

I begin stimulating her clitoris by sliding a warm slick
tentacle along her sex, not penetrating, just a strong
hard, male presence. (though of course I'm not really
male or female, or maybe I'm both)

<Ah ha ha ha ha> (hey, you try to mentally project an
evil laugh telepathically) < Cease your useless protests.
Here, let me give your mouth something better to do.>

I push my new special cock tentacle into her mouth. I
can read in her mind that she is only just now beginning
to realize that this is really happening. I subtly
remind her of her secret fantasies, and bring to her
attention that I had said I would make her a love slave,
not that I would kill her. By now at least her
subconcious was starting to realize that this was exactly
what she wanted, and if I could get her survival
instincts to die down just a bit, I was sure that her
arousal would resurface. Terror and lust to me are like
meat and potatos to a human, and I wanted both.

Ah yes, now she begins to respond, her sex begins to be
wet with more than my own ooze, and her nipples are once
again erect. It is time to provide more stimulation to
my new slave. Another copy of my new penis tentacle
flow up from under the bed, but instead of threatening
her virgin vaginal orifice, I choose a different route.

Two of my general purpose tentacles pull apart the cheeks
of Eiku's posterior, exposing the opening of the exit
from her digestive track. I am getting into this role as
ravager, and the perversity of turning an exit into an
entrance is attractive to me. A third general purpose
tentacle licks at the tightly closed sphincter. Eiku
thrashes wildly as she realizes what I entend, but her
muffled screams only serve to further stimulate my cock
already in her mouth. I extrude ooze to lubricate the
tight opening, and push just the tip into her rectum. It
is tight and warm. My orininal plan had been to take her
virginity, then force myself into her digestive tract,
just as her dream fantasy suggested, but I decide to
improvise a bit, this opening seems almost to need a good
'fuck' as humans call this activity. I let the organ in
her mouth pull free so that I could splurt more of my cum
on her face. Somehow it did indeed look good there.
Perhaps I had rearranged my perceptions a little too
much, but I liked it.

"No no...oh, take it out of my, not there!"

<Oh yes, there! Such a tempting little rosebud. Let us
see just how far it will stretch>

The copy of my new cock tentacle that I positioned
between Eiku's wide spread bottom cheeks was about the
size of the one spurting cum on her face, and now down on
her pert tits, but I make her mind feel it as much larger
as I pull out the lubricating tentacle and position my
fucking tentacle.

"No, its too big! You'll kill please...."

"AAAUUUGH...Ouch...oh its too big, Too Big, nonono, TOO

<And that is just the tip, my little slut, soon you will
writh in extasy on my pole fucking deep into your little
slut asshole--just as you secretly want!!>

"Don't push, don't push...oooooh...oh my god, oh my god,

<So tight, and you squeeze me so well, like a good
servant should to welcome her Master>

I find her pain to be a tasty treat, but that is not all
I feed on, because for Eiku this type of pain triggers
some odd sexual response, and she does indeed feel
pleasure and arousal. Her nipples are hard under my
tentacles. My eye stocks let me see her hairless pussy
gaping open, her love channel pink and moist and
throbbing. I let her hands move to the fucking tentacle
near her mouth, and though she is screaming for me to
stop, her hands are stroking my tentacle as if she were
masturbating her dream teacher's cock instead of the
demonic monster raping her ass. And I enjoy the raping
too. Her ass is tight and warm, dry at first, but I have
already dumped a first load of my specially constructed
seed inside her to lubricate my anal penetration. I have
already pushed past the first ring of her colon, but
there is another before me. My internal servitors
already flooding her lower digestive tract gave me an
excellent view of the massive organ battering at the
inner sphincter at the second ring of her colon. I took
a firm grip on my tasty young victim's slim waist, and
with an inhuman ripple of muscle, viciously plunged in
and through.

<Ah! Take my seed, young slut, you know you want my
demon seed in your ass>

"AAAUUGH...not're killing me! Please! Please!
No more!"

<Hah! Foolish mortal, you cry out in pain, but I can feel
your muscles clenched in pleasure, feel the waves of
extacy in your brain!>

I push even deeper into her intestines, sawing back and
forth through both sphincters with my hard cock tentacle.
At the same time, I plung again into that sweet mouth,
and push past her tongue down into her esophagus, closing
off her breath. I feel her terror that she would die
choking on cock, and it was sweet. The muscles of her
throat, desperate to open her airway to breath, massaged
my tentacle cock in the most pleasant of manners. I
proceed to dump more of my cum down her helpless throat
and up into her bucking ass until I was fairly sure I was
about to meet myself inside her. Little Eiku really is a
slut, even if she never consciously knew it before (this
compartmentalized mental system is quite interesting),
because even as she becomes sure she is about to die, she
is in the midst of a series of tremendous orgasm, wave
after wave washing through her nervous system as she
starts to pass out. With a final spasm, I pull out of
her throat so she can breath, and so come back to full
consciousness for the final act of degradation.

After letting her rest, still impaled on my cock in her
ass, still dribbling cum on her pert tits, I bring forth
my final cock tentacle. It is bigger than the other two,
with a massive head and tremendous gnobby shaft. I raise
it slowly into her field of view (her vision is so
limited with only two eyes, but it does make it easier to
scare her.) letting her get a good look at it. Once
again I enhance her perception of it, making it look even
bigger than it is. There is really no need, it compairs
favorably in size to that of the large mammal called a
horse, but I don't care, for her fear is sweet. I am
somewhat concerned that I will tear more than her hymen
when I push into her, but the strange compulsion of her
need drives me to greater cruelty than I had believed I
possessed. Besides, I can repair her with my servitors
she will receive in my seed should she tear. I actually
enlarge the organ slightly.

<Now, little Eiku, it is time for the plucking of your
final flower, your oh-so-precious virginity!>

"No no...I mean it, that's just too big! It'll tear me
apart. Please...let me...let me lick it...or rub it.
But it's just to big."

No matter what her fantasies, there is real terror here.
Eiku is sure that she cannot take this largest of my cock
tentacles, but I know that able to or not, she will take
it. Madness has consumed me,
my normal rational mind has been eaten away by her dark
desires, and I find that I now enjoy the role I had
simply originally taken in order to gain sustenance. I
would take her, and in taking her destroy her will to be
anything but mine.

<I will split you apart, my little cock slave, and you
will scream for more as you die, impaled on my demonic

I debated leaving her mouth free so that I could enjoy
her screams, but she is actually crying out so loudly
that I am afraid that she will awaken the neigbors, who's
guardian servitors are already barking loudly. As I once
more push one of my cocks into her mouth to muffle her
cries, it crosses my mind to wonder how she would react
if I took over the mind of one of the servitor 'dogs',
even more weak minded than she is, and had it rape her
too. Perhaps next time. I think Eiku would secretly
relish it, and cry even more pitiously at the
degradation, but tonight I want her to myself. I rub my
largest of pricks up between her outer lips, running its
massive girth over her clitoris, until a length greater
than the length of her torso had run up between her pussy
lips and the head hovered before her cock filled mouth
and poised near her large black eyes wide in amazement
and wider in fear.

Of course I am not going to use all of that length, I
need her alive as much as she needed to be fucked, but if
she thought I would not stop until I had pushed into her
3 inches beyond the top of her head, so much the better.
I distract her for a moment by pulling out a couple of
inches of the cock tentacle in her ass, then ram it home
a few times, just to loosen her up, then I slide all that
long length of my biggest cock tentacle back down the
furrow of her unused slit. I pull her legs widely apart.
I push up on her waist and back on her shoulders, making
her slender young body a bow suspended in mid-air, her
beautiful breasts with their long nipple push up toward
the ceiling of her bedroom. I pull her head back by her
long dark hair so that my cock in her mouth can more
easily fuck deep into her throat, and at the same time
prevent her from seening what is happening. Two of my
general purpose tentacles play with her labia, spreading
open her inner folds, exposing the engorged flesh of her
cunt, dabbling in the moisture oozing out of her tight
pussy that almost begged an invader into their depth,
stroking her nearly untouch clit, bringing her to orgasm
before I have even started to push into her.

I pause for a moment, letting the tension build in her
mind. She feels the head of my cock tentacle nudging at
her opening, and at first is afraid, then as long seconds
pass, she begins to want it to begin just to end the
waiting, until at last she starts hunching her nearly
hairless mound upward trying to push herself onto my
hardness to force me to begin. I savor the moment. As a
last gesture, I position an eye stalk just above her
head, and when her lust dazed eyes finally take in the
sight I project into her mind.

<I want to watch it come out>

I send it smuggly, teasingly, and in my most sinister
inner voice. And as her eyes widen and she tries to
scream around the cock in her mouth and tries to shake
her head in denial, I begin to push.

I spread apart the folds of her young cunt as I
effortlessly push into the first length of her vagina. I
can feel her feeling me stretch her open. I feel her
pain as the opening that has never had anything larger
than the tip of her own finger inside it spreads to
accept my massive more-than-male organ.

I push forward, just a bit, until I feel the thin but so
important membrane of Eiku's hymen, I shift around,
tightening my grip of her waist, pulling her legs a
little farther open. She whimpers around my cock in her
mouth, and her anus clamps on my other cock as if trying
to brace herself for what she knows is coming. I hear in
her mind her attempts to plea for mercy, but I also hear
another part of her mind calling to be raped, ravished,
and ruined for any other cock but mine. I am happy to do

With a massive surge, I lunge into her. I pull her down
onto my impaling cock tentacle as much as I push it into
her. Eiku screams as never before, muffled only by my
cock in her throat. Her hymen rips into tatters and
dissapear as my massive presence plunges down her virgin
fuck hole, until I claim every bit of its hot wet depth.
Her blood mingles with my cum as I use it to lubricate my
mad thrust. Her muscles spasm as her tissues stretch to
the point of explosive ruptures, both because of my girth
and because I push more and more of that massive length
into her as well. Her elastic young vaginal tunnel first
straightened then lengthened to accomodate me, until at
last I felt that any more pressure would tear her
internal organs assunder, though I did stop short of
forcing open her cervix, since without special dialation
my girth would rip out her womb. My cock in her ass was
compressed and I could feel my other cock through Eiku's
thin tissues separating vagina and colon. Then when I had
her, in to the limit of her life, I stopped, simply
impaling her. I felt her body slowly stretch just a bit
more to accomodate me, as her initial screams faded to
dazed sobs for her loss.

Then I begin to move. First I pull my length from her
throat, giving it another good coating of cum, until the
head is in her mouth and she can breath easily. I let
her take a breath, then two, then a third, but after the
third, I pull her waist upward, forcing my cock down her
throat. As I fuck into her throat I pull myself out of
her torn and bleeding twat, while bright drops of blood
mingle with the glowing green of my cum on her bed. The
massive cock head that had split her hymen pulls back to
hover just outside the battered cunt lips while my third
cock stays buried in her ass, but only for a moment then
I plung in again roughly forcing her little vagina open
again around my larger than horse sized cock. As I thrust
into her cunt again, I pull out of her ass, rubbing
against myself as if Eiku were only a glove and I a hand
rubbing thumb and forefinger together. I then pull out
of her throat so she can breath and scream, but since I
had let her stretch and because she was so well
lubricated in all three holes, even on that second stroke
she felt pleasure amongst the pain, and the scream is
less intense than it might have been. Then I begin
another round of inward strokes, each matched by rhythmic
outdrawings, until a regular cycle is achieved. Cunt,
Mouth, Ass. Cunt, Mouth, Ass. And all the while, more of
my tentacles stroke and tweak her clitoris, rub and pinch
her nipples, carress and fondle skin and muscle and bone.
The screams of pain fade to moans of pleasure as I
stimulate her every nerve ending and turn to screams of
passion as I feel her mind burn toward consuming orgasm.
At last she overcomes pain and falls mindlessly into
pleasure as her first peaks take her to climax.

Finally she yealds fully to my will, her body glistens
with her sweat and my cum. Her pussy pulses around my
largest cock tentacle as she cums again and again, still
with her mouth and colon filled with my other cock
tentacles. More of my cum drips from her over filled
orifices, green glowing slime drips from mouth, pussy,
and ass, as I fill her again and again with my carefully
designed seed. Her long black hair trails into the pool
of glowing slime on her bed. Even more drips down her
thighs and legs, even her toes are dripping with my
essence. I continue to fuck her, raping her every
orifice and her mind as well, letting her see through my
eyes how her hands stroke my tentacles trying to milk out
more cum and how her form bucks and writhes, straining to
urge more of me into her body. At last her nervous
system overloads with a last string of orgasms, and I
allow her to become unconscious.


It has been six months since I ravashed Eiku, stealing
her virginity and her 'heart'.

I live in her families septic tank, taking over the role
of the cleansing microscopic life forms that no longer
exist there. I regularly come up through the toilets or
the shower drains for a quick surprise rape of little
Eiku, which she is forced to endure in silence lest we be
discovered. She nearly screamed out the first time I
pushed a cock into her while she was sitting on the
toilet peeing. And she loves for me to wash her in the
shower while fucking her in ass and cunt. I make her
take a part of me with her to school each day, and while
I listen to her teachers, learning more about her world,
I lay throbbing in her vagina as her eyes glaze over in
pleasure and she cums a dozen times a day in a class full
of other highschool juniors. She has gotten good at
having very quiet orgasms.

I also give her permission to do the things she has
always wanted to do. She now has a boyfriend that feels
her up regularly, and who she had given a blow job to in
a dark but crowded movie theater. She also has a
girlfriend who has gone down on her, and who had shared
what she thought was a double ended dildo plunging into
both young pussies as their mounds ground together. Of
course, that had been a bit of me temporarily grafted
into Eiku's vagina, and she and I had shared the
experience of fucking her friend's tight little twat.
And she'd liked being fucked by a dog so much that she'd
pleaded with her parents until they bought her a nice big
Rottweiler which I controlled for her.

For her, I have given up the moral and esthetic
principles of my people, which would prohibit my having
such intimate contact with such unevolved and homely
beings, let alone reconfiguring my perceptions and world
view to match her own so that we could communicate and
play our little games. For me, she lives a secret life
of lies and what she considers an often terrifying and
painful perversion. But what can two beings do? We are
in love.
End story Segment


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