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Room for Rent Part 1

(c) March 2002 Aphrodite The Author forbids reproduction of any kind
unless written permission is granted. This includes but is not limited to
(ARCHIVING, re-posting, etc...). Printing, saving to ones hard drive for
personal use, emailing to a friend is allowed provided the document remain
unmodified in any way. Any transaction involving this work where money
changes hands, including banner farms and Adult-Check sites is prohibited.
This document contains Adult Material. If it is illegal where you live to
view adult material, leave now! If you find Adult material offensive, you
may also leave now. If you have not left, then it is assumed you are
either not illegal And/or not offended. So sit back and hopefully enjoy.

Room for Rent By Aphrodite

Feedback is cheerfully encouraged!

It all started 2 years ago. I was out, working in my garden, minding my
own business, when up walked this absolutely gorgeous specimen of a man. I
get goose bumps just thinking about him now. He stood about 5'8" and had
broad shoulders. The tightness of his T-shirt perfectly outlined his
bulging biceps and the urge to run my hands across them was almost
unbearable. "Pardon me miss," he said, with a smile that shot shivers down
my spine. "I got into town and was hoping you could give me some
directions." His voice radiated through my body and I could feel myself
getting wet just having him stand there. 'Oh, if only I wasn't married,' I
said to myself. Realizing I was covered in dirt and most likely my hair
was a mess, I quickly attempted standing, to brush myself off, but my legs
were shaky and gave way beneath me. Purely out of instinct, I had reached
out to break my fall only to find myself in his arms. 'So this is what
heaven is like,' were my thoughts. It had been far to long since a man held me, including my husband, who was never around long enough for
anything more than a kiss on the forehead. I decided to work with what
fate had handed me and enjoy the moment. Holding him tightly, I pretended
to be catching my breath as if scared from the experience. I remember the
feeling of his chest against mine, and the strong embrace of his arms.
"Thank you for catching me," I panted into his ear, savoring the scent of
his cologne and the feel of his body pressed to mine. His maleness bulging
into me. "Are you ok?" he sounded so inviting. I was about to answer when
I heard the car horn, and there sat Cheryl with a grin on her face. "I..I,
am sorry. I don't know what came over me there. I am so embarrassed," I
said as I moved away from him and took a few moments to collect myself.
"Now where was it that you needed directions to?" "Don't worry about it, I
am sure it happens to a lot of people from time to time." He was such a
gentleman in every way. Made it very difficult to concentrate, but somehow
I managed and gave him the directions to the motel in town. As he walked
away I realized I never got his name, but what did that matter, I would
probably never see him again. Cheryl had emerged from her car and was
walking towards me at this point. She is my best friend and I was so happy
to see her. We talk about everything in our lives and if she hadn't just
arrived, I most likely would have been on the phone to her to fill her in
on all the details anyway. "What was that all about," she asked, walking
up to me. "Oh just some guy looking for directions. But I have to tell
you it felt like so much more" I said, as I gathered up the gardening
tools, purposely avoiding her gaze. She just looked at me with amusement
as we walked into the house. "So tell me about this guy". Cheryl was not
one to scoot around an issue, always blunt and straight to the point.
Despite knowing she would ask, I couldn't help but blush as I recounted the
events of the moments before she arrived. "I tell you Cheryl, I just don't
know what came over me. You would think I had never been in the presence
of a man before." I poured the coffee into a carafe, set it on the kitchen
table, and sat down. "It was like I had lost control of all reality, and I
honestly can't tell you that I would have fought off any advances, if he
had made them. Oh My God if Brian ever finds out about this; then again he
is never here to even care". Tears started filling my eyes and I felt
Cheryl's hands on my shoulders. "Oh sweetie, you have nothing to be
ashamed of. You slipped and he caught you, that is the truth and that is
all Brian needs to know". Her hands felt so good as they massaged my
shoulders. Reaching up I clasped one of them and lowered it to my heart
and kissed it. "Thank you hon, you always know what I need to make me feel
better". I glanced up at her, and saw her eyes were closed and her head
tilted back slightly. "What are you thinking?" I couldn't help but ask.
"Oh nothing really". She smiled and continued my massage. "You are so
tense, he really did get you worked up. Are you sure there isn't more to
it than you are telling me". She let out a little giggle. She must have
leaned down to kiss my head as she had done a thousand times before, when
consoling me, because when I raised by face to look at her a second time,
our lips met. I don't know if I was in shock, or wanted it, but I did not
pull away, and neither did she. Slowly moving her hand from under mine,
she then lowered it to my breast, sending shivers down my spine like I had
never felt before. Instantly I was aroused, scared, and shocked all at the
same time. My heart was beating overtime as she massaged my breast. It
was wrong, but that only made me more excited, and I could feel myself
getting wet all over again. "Cheryl!" I said as I pulled away abruptly.
Again she just smiled at me, but this time the smile was different: naughty
yet soft and wanting. "Cheryl, ah... What are we doing?" I turned to face
her. "I have wanted to do that to you for a long time" she said, "I know
you are straight though. I'm sorry". She lowered her eyes to the floor as
they filled with tears. I had often wondered why she never had boyfriends,
and when I would point out guys for her, she would make up excuses not to
go talk with them. Now it all made sense to me. I thought I knew
everything about Cheryl, but obviously I didn't. "Why didn't you tell me?"
I asked, taking her hand into mine and holding it tightly. "I don't know.
I guess I was afraid you would react like everyone else. That you would...
well, try to change me. You know, try to convince me that I am wrong to
want girls". She moved to pull up a chair and sat down, maintaining the
tight hold on my hand. "Truth is, I am in love with you, and always have
been. When you got married I knew I could never have you. It breaks my
heart to see you so lonely all the time. You deserve so much more and I
know I could give that to you. I have just been unable to get it into
words. And I honestly didn't know how you would react until now". "What
do you mean react? Did you think I wouldn't be your friend because you are
a lesbian, oh I admit, it is a shock. But did you honestly think I would
throw what we have together away because of it?" "No, I guess not... but I
couldn't stand you knowing and still not wanting me. I sense that you do
want me though, don't you!" She looked into my eyes with such love. I felt
the butterflies rise up into my stomach, the tiny hairs on the back of my
neck tingle, and the subtle pulsating feeling between my legs as she asked.

"This is all so sudden. I am not sure that is something that I can
answer right now. I don't want to hurt you sweetie, you are the best
friend a person could ever ask for. And I do have feelings for you. I
have just never looked at any woman in that way." I could see tears filling
in her eyes and it hurt me deeply. "Why don't you let me think on this for
a bit." She threw her head up and looked at the ceiling. The tears were
running down her cheeks as she wiped them away with her hand. "Ok, yeah!
You think about it and let me know what you decide." She turned abruptly,
grabbed her keys from the table and headed for the door. "Cheryl" I said
in a pleading voice. She stopped shy of turning the knob, but kept her
back to me. "Yeah." "Please don't leave upset, no matter what, we will
always be friends. " Without another word she opened the door and left.

That night I had trouble sleeping thinking about Cheryl. Just
remembering her hand on my breast made my heart race. How right it felt
when our lips met. I had never thought about being with a woman before,
yet the thought of being with her made me tingle all over. There was a
gentle yet pleasurable throbbing between my legs so I lowered my hand to
sooth it. My clit was swollen and pulsating beneath my fingers. I let my
mind drift into it's usual fantasy mode but found that the man of my dreams
was replaced by Cheryl. I could almost feel the softness of her face
against my thighs as her tongue foraged in and out. My juices covered her
face making it gleam in the light from the window. As her tongue reached
the epitome of my desire, a scream escaped my mouth. Waves of ecstasy
overcame my body. "Are you ok?" the voice was not Cheryls. I opened my
eyes to find my husband hovering over me. "Ah.... Yeah.... Sorry I woke
you, was just a bad dream." I turned away from him and fell asleep The next
morning I awoke drenched and quickly headed for the shower. After drying
off, I phoned Cheryl. "Cheryl, I need you to come over." I said when she
answered the phone. "Are you sure." "Yes, I need to talk to you about
yesterday. I feel so bad about how we left things. Please, come over." I
could feel the anxiety building once again. Hanging up the phone, I rushed
to the bedroom and tidied up. Cheryl lived just a few streets down so it
was no surprise to me that the doorbell rang just moments later. "Thanks
for coming Cheryl." I said when I opened the door. "Before you say
anything Patricia," she pressed her index finger to my lips as I started to
talk. "I am glad you asked me here today. I did a lot of thinking on my
own last night. I am very sorry for yesterday. I honestly don't know what
came over me. You were never to know about that and now I have probably
lost you even as a friend." The tears filled her eyes as she spoke and I
couldn't stand to see her make herself suffer any longer.

"Come with me," I interjected, and led her to the bedroom where I sat
her at the foot of the bed. "What are we doing in here?" she asked. I
could see the tension in her body as she sat there trying to hold back a
smile. I did not speak and stepped back about four feet. I slowly raised
my shirt up over my head. I could see the look of anticipation and shock
in her eyes, and decided torturing her was fun. With even slower motions,
I unzipped my pants and at a snails pace lowered them past my hips. "Oh,
how many times I have seen you looking like this, and wanted to touch you."
Her breathing was heavy and she squeezed her legs together tightly. I
couldn't believe what I was about to do. What I was about to do with her.
The feeling of anticipation now building within me as well, as I moved
closer yet, still apprehensive and taking my time. I moved my hand up over
my black satin bra, pausing momentarily to caress my already erect nipples
through the material. I could see her excitement clearly as a wet patch
had formed at the crotch of her skintight stirrups. Overcome by an urge, I
reached down and lightly brushed my hand across the warm wet area, making
her jerk at my touch. I raised my hand to my face and smelled at her
scent, oh how sweet it was. "Oh you are such a tease," she retorted. "I
am sorry," I said. "I do want you more than anything at this moment. This
is new to me however, and I am really not sure what to do at this point".
Out of embarrassment I giggled. "Well we are in the same boat then,
because this is new to me too". I looked at her in shock. "You mean you
have never.....?" I motioned with my hands something that was suppose to
mean, had sex. "I have never wanted anyone but you". She reached up and
pulled me down on the bed next to her. Moving the hair from my face and
grasping firmly on the back of my head she pulled me closer until we were
engulfed in each other's oral juices. Getting a hold on her shirt I
furiously ripped it off, over her head, and threw it to the floor. Her
breasts were perfect mounds that fit nicely into my hands. My thumbs
fumbled at her nipples beneath her bra, the satiny material making it easy
for them to slide back and forth over the enticing nodules. Lowering her
to the bed, I managed to undo her bra on the way down and removed it. With
a breast in one hand, I lowered my mouth to the other, striking at her
nipple with my tongue. She squirmed beneath me with each strike of my
tongue. The anticipation of it all had her almost peaking already, and I
so wanted to make her cum. With my one free hand and her help, we somehow
managed to get her pants off, without me having to stop my feast. I found
my way to her vaginal lips and gently raked my nails across them. Her hips
began to rotate in anticipation of my touch, as I continued my tease
downward to the crack of her butt. I ran my fingernails along the slit and
then back to her already dripping lips. As her moans grew louder and her
hips swayed faster I knew she was on the edge. "Fuck Me!!!" she screamed
out in a breathless voice. "I need to feel you in me." "Are you prepared
to beg for it." I said in as much of a seductive voice as I could muster
beneath my own panted breathing. "Please.... OH!... Please.... This is
torture," was her reply. "Well, when you put it that way, how can I say
no." With two fingers I parted her lips and slid them down till they rested
on either side of her clit. She raised her ass pushing my fingers harder
against the sides of her love button. I slowly slid them down, until they
hovered outside her cave of passion. I had no time to react when she
thrust herself upon them, and began rocking back and forth. "Harder." She
screamed. I moved down between her legs and trust into her deeper. Her
warm juices flowing over my hand. The smell of her arousal was exciting me
more. My free hand was now manipulating my own throbbing love nest as I
lowered my lips to hers. She tasted so good to me as I feasted. I could
feel the warmth building between my legs as my climax grew. Then
simultaneously our spasms met with an explosion. Resting my head on her
thigh I tried to catch my breath. "I think I love you too." I said. Her
hand reached down and stroked my hair and I knew at that moment what I had
been missing all my life. I never felt as complete as I did that day. And
I knew I didn't want it to end. End Part 1


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