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RoughBreak Up


ShadowKing's stories

***Best viewed in 800x600 screen setting.***

DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Rough Break-Up [Part 1] - (Home Improvement > ff / mff)
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"Well fine, I don't want to see you anymore either!" yelled Heidi at her
ex-boyfriend Jack over the phone.

She slammed the phone down and started crying. This always
seemed to happen to her. guys just wanted her body, not a serious
relationship. She got off her couch and left her apartment. She went to Al's
apartment first, but finding no one home, decided to go to the Taylor's.

# # # #
# # # #

Ding-dong went the door bell of the Taylor home. Jill put down
her book and went to the door. When she opened it she found a crying

"What happened?" asked Jill sympathetically. She closed the door
behind Heidi and led her to the living room.

"I just got dumped," Heidi managed out between the tears.

"What happened?" asked Tim as he came into the kitchen from the

"Heidi got dumped," Jill said filling Tim in.

"Want me to beat him up?" Tim asked while getting a soda. Both
the women started laughing in response to his question. "I'll take that as a
no," he said as he walked back into the garage.

Heidi rested her head on Jill's shoulder telling her all about the
break-up. Jill listened intently, but her attention soon shifted. Heidi wore a
white shirt with no bra, and Jill could practically make out her tits. She
gazed further down, noticing Heidi's thin, luscious legs. Jill couldn't help
herself. She was immensely horny and wanted this little 25 year old. Tim
hadn't screwed her in nearly two weeks.

Heidi, noticing something was up, looked up at Jill. Jill leaned in
and kissed Heidi. Shocked, Heidi did nothing for a moment, then for no
reason at all returned Jill's kiss.

"Follow me," said Jill, taking Heidi by the hand and leading her

"What about Tim? And the boys?" asked Heidi.

"Tim will be busy for hours, and the boys are all staying the night
somewhere else," stated Jill.

They reached the master bedroom and Jill shut the doors. Turning
out most of the lights Jill embraced Heidi again and kissed her deeply. She
slid her hand under the young women's shirt, feeling her hard, firm tits. Jill
began to massage them with a gentle rhythm. She felt Heidi's tits become
hard and erect while she buried her tongue in Heidi's mouth.

Heidi unzipped Jill's skirt and let it hit the floor. Heidi let her
hands embrace Jill's firm ass, exploring its smooth surface. Jill got Heidi's
shirt off and gawked a moment at the young woman's gorgeous breasts.
Jill began to slowly kiss Heidi's neck. Her soft lips worked their way down
Heidi's neck and chest. Jill gave a little nibble upon reaching Heidi's

Unbuttoning Heidi's pants, Jill continued planting kisses down her
lucious body. As Jill reached Heidi's thighs, she rose and deeply kissed the
younger woman again. Heidi took off Jill's white blouse and tossed it onto
the floor. Reaching around, Heidi gently unhooked Jill's red bra. Jill
lowered her arms and let the bra tumble off her body.

Jill slowly led Heidi towards the bed and delicately lowered her
onto her back. Again the two women exchanged a deep and passionate
kiss. Heidi rolled Jill over so Jill was underneath Heidi while their lips
remained locked. Breaking the kiss, Heidi slid her body down Jill's,
kissing and licking her bare skin. Heidi's tongue flicked at Jill's nipple
while she passed by.

Finally Heidi stopped at Jill's red lace panties. She could smell
Jill's juices and see a little wet mark on the panties. Hooking her thumbs
under the sides, Heidi slowly pulled the panties off. Underneath was a
neatly shaved mound of pubic hair and a pink cunt. Heidi let her warm
breath fall onto Jill's awakening pussy, watching Jill shudder with
pleasure. Spreading Jill's cunt lips, Heidi dove into her snatch, her tongue
on overdrive.

# # # #
# # # #

"Wait until you see what I made," said Tim as he entered the
Kitchen again. 'That's odd', he thought. 'Where did they go?'

Wandering up the stairs with a dumbfounded look on his face, he
approached his bedroom. He thought he could hear moaning coming from
the other side of the closed door but wasn't too sure. Curious, he opened
the door and discovered Jill laying on the bed with Heidi buried in her
crotch. Speechless, he stood there, his cock almost exploding out of his

Jill opened her eyes and saw Tim looking on by the door. She
motioned him over before letting her hand rest on Heidi's head, forcing
her deeper into Jill's pussy. Jill had never experienced so much pleasure in
her life. Heidi's tongue bounced around her pussy, occasionally striking
her clitoris and extracting a moan from Jill.

Tim saw Jill wave him over and was unsure of what to do. He
stopped thinking and began to undress. Dropping his clothes on the floor,
he wandered over to the bed, his hard cock swaying as he walked. He
stopped by the edge and again watched the two women, precum dribbling
out with excitement.

Heidi finally noticed Tim and removed her head from Jill's pussy just long enough to mutter, "fuck me."

Tim looked at his wife to see her response to Heidi's comment but
was unsuccessful. Jill's eyes were closed and she was letting out little
moans. Tim needed no further encouragement on the subject. Taking up a
position behind Heidi, Tim admired the young woman's nicely shaped ass.
Tim had always been an ass fucker, he couldn't wait to take Heidi for a
test drive.

Jill could feel Heidi's tongue bringing her closer to an orgasm.
There was something in the way Heidi expertly manoeuvred her tongue in
Jill's wet cunt that told Jill this wasn't Heidi's first lesbian experience. All
these thoughts were quickly lost when Heidi again made contact with Jill's
clitoris and sent a wave of pleasure rushing through Jill's body.

Tim pulled Heidi's white cotton panties down and off her body. He
lifted them to his nose and smelled the deep fragrance the crotch held.
Dropping them to the floor, he took hold of Heidi's ass with one hand and
his raging cock with the other. He gently nestled the head in between her
cheeks and began to push. He thrust deeper inside her, burying a quarter of
his dick. Pulling back, he thrust up again, extracting a loud muffled moan
from Heidi. Once again he reversed his cock before plunging it fully down
Heidi's tight ass. Tim released a loud grunt just as Heidi moaned a second

Tim's pounding on Heidi's ass had forced her deeper into Jill's
pussy. The extra sensation sent Jill over the edge. She orgasmed and
spewed her juices onto Heidi's face. Jill kept hold of Heidi's head while
she came. Heidi continued to lick Jill's soft and now very wet cunt bringing Jill into another orgasm. The second orgasm sapped Jill's strength
as she let go of Heidi's head and fell limp onto the bed. Heidi continued
though, her wicked tongue once again brought Jill to her third and final

Jill lay panting on the bed, too weak to move. She thought about
how great it was to be a women, able to experience multiple orgasms. Her
thoughts became interrupted by the sounds of Tim ramming Heidi from

Tim thrust his cock deep into Heidi's ass again. Jerking back his
pelvis, he landed another powerful jab. Heidi bit her lower lip, feeling the
brief pain then massive pleasure delivered with each plunder of Tim's
cock. He stretched her colan to limits new to Heidi. The way he moved his
pelvis while fucking her added to the sensation. The tiny wall separating
Heidi's ass and vagina transferred the pleasure on to Heidi's clitoris.

Jill got her breath back and raised herself on her elbows to watch
Tim and Heidi. She could see the strain on Tim's face as he tried not to
cum. Heidi had a somewhat similar look but seemed more in control of
herself. Jill became hot again watching the two fuck right in front of her.

Tim's mind raced through image after image of sports and cars as
he tried desperately to hold out. But the pleasure of Heidi's tight ass was
too much for him. He pushed his cock all the way into her one final time
and with a loud grunt let fly his sticky load. He shot stream after sticky
stream of his warm cum deep into Heidi. She moaned feeling the warm
goo slither its way down her insides. Tim pulled his sticky cock from
Heidi's ass, letting it fall limp in the open air.

Heidi got up on her hands and knees and crawled more into the
middle of the bed next to Jill. She looked back at Tim and said, "You got
me this hot, you finish the job."

Tim shrugged and lay down on the bed. He put his head between
Heidi's soft thighs and gently parted her cunt lips. He began to gently lick
her pussy. The sweet smell of her exposed cunt filled his nostrils while his
tongue teased Heidi's clitoris.

Jill, watching the current activities, wanted in on the action. She
got off the bed and kneeled down between Tim's legs which hung off the
side of the bed. She began to nurse Tim's cock until it was fully erect
again. Lightly licking the head of Tim's cock, a drop of precum oozed out.
Jill took Tim's head into her warm mouth and began running her tongue
around its base. Tim's moans could faintly be heard coming from Heidi's

Heidi was so close to climaxing after having Tim fuck her that she
didn't need much to send her over the edge. A few minutes of Tim's
masterful tongue on her clit brought her to new heights of pleasure. She
orgasmed, squeezing Tim's head between her legs. After she stopped
shuddering she rolled over and lay on her back.

Tim loved it when Jill sucked his cock, which wasn't often. Her
lucious lips ran up and down his shaft while her fingers kneaded his balls.
Jill's tongue ran around the tip of Tim's cock before once more she took
his entire length in. Her lips locked around the base of his dick just as he
came. Tim's warm cum shot down Jill's throat, almost causing her to gag.
She drank it all down and ran her lips over his cock one final time to get
any excess cum.

Jill and Tim joined Heidi under the covers as the three huddled
together. They drifted slowly off to sleep, each with a smirk on their face.


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