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Ruined Holiday


Ruined Holiday (MF, MFF, FF, Oral, Mat, 1st)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
Ruined Holiday (MF, MFF, FF, Oral, Mat, 1st)

By Davidb234

"Not Now!" I said firmly, "I've got plans I can't change. You know
I'd love to help you out Dave, but not just at this minute." I knew I
was losing this argument as I did most of them where my older brother
was concerned. Right now he was palming me off with his daughter
while he took his wife to Europe for a few weeks. It's not that I was
averse to his kids, his son Mike was great fun for a fourteen year
old. Right now he was getting ready to go to summer camp, something
he looked forward to every year. His daughter Jenny was also great
fun, at least she was the last time I'd seen her, it must have been
five years ago. She like to come and sit on my lap and cuddle up
close, flashing her braces and pigtails at me as I helped her do her
homework. I remember she was always so awkward, all arms and legs,
freckles and spots that never seemed to clear up no matter how much
cream she rubbed into her skin. I loved Jenny dearly, but didn't want
her in my house during the coming couple of weeks. What I couldn't
tell Dave was that I'd already made arrangements for my current
girlfriend to sleep over on a number of nights while her parents were
away. Now, given that I'm twenty five, and my girlfriend is twenty
two this might seem a peculiar arrangement, but it's simply explained
by the fact that her Dad is the local Methodist preacher, and is VERY
hot on pre-marital sex, or rather NO pre-marital sex. As he and his
wife were going away on a religious conference for a week Lisa and I
felt we could sneak a night or two of pre-marital bliss during their
absence. Now it looked as if even that was in peril, and that my
holiday was about to be ruined.

In the end I submitted, as I always had when we were kids, especially
as I was the youngest by many years. I got the bus details from Dave
and promised I would meet Jenny when she arrived, "Just how long will
you be away Dave?" I asked, "Oh, I don't know Jack, four, maybe even
six weeks. It all depends on how well things go for me. You see Jack,
I'm making it a semi business trip, and hope to get some very large
orders while I'm over there." Dave owned a moderately successful
computer software company that specialised in Industrial process
control programming, and was at the point where he either expanded or
sold out to a multi national conglomerate that had been looking to
swallow him up. I wished him well and hoped he had a good holiday as
well as a profitable one, put down the phone and sat back trying to
work out some sort of plan that would allow me to house a teenager
and my girlfriend, sheltering the one from what I hoped to be doing
with the other. I still wasn't any closer a couple of days later when
I sat with Lisa on my lap, my hands in her blouse and her lips locked
tight to mine. "Never mind Jack darling, we can always have some fun
when she goes to bed, after all if she's that young she won't be
allowed to stay up late will she?" I agreed and shifted my hand to
the hem of her skirt and lifted it so I could begin to remove her
sopping wet panties. Ten minutes later I brought her to a crashing,
screaming orgasm with my tongue and fingers I'd pressed into her cunt
and ass, grinning as I told her she'd have to be quieter than that
when Jenny was in the house or the poor girl would be having

Friday came and I sat in the bus depot arrivals hall waiting for
Jenny's bus to get in. The one I was expecting came, discharged it's
passengers, loaded then left. I was suddenly concerned that Jenny had
missed the bus so went to the counter to ask when the next one would
get in. As I waited for the information I was looking round the hall
to see if Jenny had gone to the ladies room or something, but seeing
only a gorgeous blonde sitting with her luggage looking somewhat
lost. Having been told I'd have to wait about two hours I was about
to leave when the blonde I'd seen came up to me and said in a soft
sexy voice "Could you tell me where I can get a cab please?" "Sure,
out the main door, turn left and a couple of hundred yards down the
street" I was about to turn away when a thought struck me, "If you're
going into town, I could offer you a lift. I don't want to wait round
here for two hours until my niece gets in, so I'm going home for a
while. Where would you like dropping off?" the woman opened up her
purse, pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to me, "Here's my
uncles address, if you could drop me somewhere close, I'd be very
grateful." I took the paper, laughed out loud and said "I can do
better than that Jenny my dear, I'll take you all the way home."

"Uncle Jack?" she yelled, I nodded, and she threw her arms round my
neck and fastened her lips to mine in a very un niece like kiss that
I responded to almost instinctively. When we were in the car on the
way home I said "I'm sorry Jenny darling, I didn't mean to keep you
sitting there waiting, I just didn't recognise you. The last time I
saw you, you had pigtails and braces, as well as hiding your face
behind freckles and spots." Jenny laughed, "Oh, don't remind me Uncle
Jack, I thought they'd never go. I was the last girl in school to
lose my braces, and I still had spots when I graduated last year." I
garaged the car, took Jenny's bags from the trunk and led her into
the house. We decided to have some lunch before doing anything else
and while we sat and ate Jenny brought me up to date on all that had
happened at home since I was last there. When I asked about
boyfriends she grimaced and said "Oh, I'm not bothering with them
just yet Uncle Jack, none of them wanted to know me while I still had
spots, so now I've got nice skin I don't want to know them. To be
honest Uncle Jack, I get fed up with being chased all the time.
That's why I asked Daddy if he would ask you to have me while he and
Mom were in Europe. You don't mind me being here do you?" "Of course
not Jenny darling" I lied, and it seemed she was a lot smarter than I
thought. "Oh," she said softly, "Am I going to be messing things up
for you by being here. I'm sorry Uncle Jack, but Daddy didn't say
anything, otherwise I could have gone to Aunt Julia instead."

I shook my head and said "No Jenny darling, it's not that. To be
honest I forgot you would be so grown up. It's just that I was going
to be having a friend staying over sometimes, now I don't know if it
would be fair to any of us." Jenny blushed prettily then said with a
big grin on her face "Oh, don't worry about me Uncle Jack, if the two
of you want to have some fun, I can always go out to a movie or even
go to bed early, so I'm not in the way. I won't even listen if anyone
starts screaming, I promise." I shook my head "Oh, I don't know
Jenny, it seems the wrong sort of thing to be doing with you in the
house, that's all" I said as she smiled at me. "Don't be so silly
Uncle Jack, I may still be a virgin, but I know all about sex, I'm
almost nineteen, so it's not as if you'll be accused of corrupting me
or anything." That sat me back on my heels, nineteen and still a
virgin, why? Almost as if she read my mind Jenny grinned and said
"Wondering why I'm still a virgin at my age Uncle Jack?" I blushed
and nodded "Well, it's because I haven't been able to get the one I
want, to bust my cherry. That's all. I swore I'd wait until he would
do it, and never to let anyone else do it, even if I was forty when
it happened. I'm just hoping I'll be able to get him to do it before
I go to college, otherwise it's going to be more difficult to hold
out and wait for him." "That's what I call a very lucky guy" I said
with a smile, "Care to tell me who it is?" Jenny shook her head, "Not
today Uncle Jack, maybe later on, well have to see what happens."

I took Jenny up to the room she would be using, and left her to
unpack her things while I went down to clear up the kitchen and get
things ready for dinner. Lisa was going to be joining us tonight,
even though she wasn't going to sleep over, I thought it would be a
good idea for the girls to meet. Now I wasn't quite so sure. I began
to think Lisa might see Jenny as a threat, their being so close in
age, and also having very little to chose between them in respects to
their beauty. I had to admit Jenny had turned into a very desirable
young woman, and if she hadn't been my niece I'd have been only too
happy to make a play for her. As it was she was my niece, and
therefore out of bounds, no matter how good looking and desirable she
may be. I found out things were going to be more difficult than I
thought when I went up to my room to change into my sweats and T-
shirt. I also decided to go to the bathroom and have a pee while I
was there. That's when I got my first shock and a good look at
Jenny's body. With her bedroom door being closed I thought Jenny was
still in there, so I just walked right into the bathroom, to find
Jenny standing there with just her panties on drying her hair with a
towel. It wasn't that she was half naked that got me hard, it was the
way her breasts were jiggling about as she rubbed hard at her hair
with the towel. The instant she heard the door open Jenny stopped
moving, and her breasts did too. They just stood there, firm, still
and topped with hard pointed nipples that stood out like pencil
erasers. "OH, damn. I'm so sorry Jenny" I gasped as I stood there
transfixed for some seconds, before blushing bright red and stepping
back, closing the door behind me.

I went downstairs, and sat at the kitchen table wondering what I was
going to say to her when she came down. I almost picked up the phone
and called my sister Julia to see if she could take Jenny in when she
stormed out of the house in protest at my actions. A few minutes
later Jenny came down, saw me blush again the instant she looked at
me then smiled and came and sat on my lap, put her arms round my neck
and kissed me warmly. "Well Uncle Jack, how did I look, better than
the last time you saw me topless I hope?" Seeing as that was over
five years ago when she was just like a beanpole, I had to agree with
her, but no way was I going to admit it to her. "Er.. well I don't
know Jenny. Look darling, I'm sorry I barged in like that, I thought
you were still in your bedroom, and the bathroom door wasn't locked,
and.." Jenny silenced me with a soft warm kiss on the lips. "Don't be
silly Uncle Jack, I'm not upset, to be honest I was quite excited,
that's the first time a man has seen my breasts since I started to
grow. I just wondered what you thought they looked like, that's all."
Just then the phone went, and I gently pushed Jenny from my lap and
went to answer it. It was Lisa, telling me she wasn't able to come
over this evening. It seems her Aunt had dropped in to make sure she
was coping OK while her parents we away. I could tell she was unhappy
about being spied on like this, and said for her to call me as soon
as she was free so we could make new arrangements. I went back to the
kitchen and told Jenny we would be alone for dinner, and got on with
preparing it.

While dinner was cooking I sat with Jenny in the living room chatting
about school and college and what she wanted to do when she had her
degree. Like so many students she had no clear ambition so early in
her life, just wanting to get the best education she could while she
was young. We had dinner in almost total silence, seemingly all
talked out in the few hours she had been with me. This didn't bode
very well for the next few weeks, and I was suddenly beginning to
regret not being firmer with Dave when he first asked me. I was also
sure that if it happened again I would be going on a cruise or
something, even if it was in the middle of winter and blowing a
blizzard. Jenny helped with the dishes and after the kitchen was
cleared up we took coffee into the living room again and sat on the
sofa to watch a movie on cable. As it was still light when we sat
down I didn't bother to put a light on, so as the evening passed it
got steadily darker and we were soon sitting in the dim glow of the
TV screens light. This was fine by me, as it effectively hid my
erection, that had appeared when Jenny suddenly placed a cushion on
my lap and spun round to lay full length on the sofa, her head
resting on my lap. The only thing separating her cheek from my hard
throbbing cock was the said cushion, and even that wasn't as thick as
I would have liked.

As it was I began to relax when it seemed Jenny wasn't going to be
doing anything untoward. I relaxed so much I allowed my hand to slip
along her shoulder and down her arm to lay against her waist. This
wasn't very comfortable for her it seemed because she soon took hold
of my hand and brought it down in front of her, and held it in hers.
My forearm laying against her ribs and tight under her uppermost arm.
After a few minutes Jenny shifted about and half turned on to her
back. This was all right because it took her face away from my
throbbing cock hidden beneath the cushion. The trouble was it also
brought the palm of my hand in direct contact with her firm, round
and very warm breast, as she pressed it close to her with both her
own hands. It suddenly dawned on me that Jenny was looking for
something more that a gentle cuddle. I still wasn't too happy about
doing anything more than I already had, but decided to see just how
far she would let me go without feeling uncomfortable. To that end I
gently squeezed the breast I was cupping, then moved my hand slightly
and rubbed the side of my thumb across the tip of her hard throbbing
nipple. This brought a gasp of pleasure from Jenny's lips and I
looked down to see a strange look on her sweet face. I bent down and
kissed her tenderly on the lips then whispered "Are you OK Jenny?"
she opened her eyes, looked into mine and said "Oh, yes Uncle Jack,
please do that again, it felt so good."

I grinned, "Do what again?" I asked "This" and I flicked her nipple
again, "Or this?" and I kissed her once more, this time a little more
firmly and a little longer. Jenny opened her eyes again, smiled up at
me and said in a quiet voice filled with passion, "Both Uncle Jack,
please do both things again and again, and don't stop, I love it when
you touch me, please do it some more." I placed my lips on hers once
more, and moved my hand more positively over both her breasts, before
starting to undo her shirt and search for the clasp of her bra. Jenny
lifted her body a fraction, slipped her hands behind her and I saw
her bra suddenly loosen against her chest. With a strange wriggle
Jenny then pulled it down one arm of her shirt, and smiled at me as
she dropped it on to the floor beside the sofa. As she discarded her
bra Jenny lay her arms wide open, allowing me to tenderly push the
sides of her shirt apart and bare her breasts to my gaze. She was
right you know, she did look a lot better than the last time I'd seen
her topless. Now she had breasts that were perfect. Not large and
soft, but firm to the touch and standing up as she lay on her back.
They were capped by wonderful aureoles that were dark pink and
slightly crinkled until I kissed them and gave them an exploratory
suck. Then they swelled quickly pushing her hard nipples further into
my mouth and pressed them against my palate in just the right place
for me to rub my tongue against them. This brought another gasp of
pleasure from Jenny as she lay beneath my arm and head.

I spent a few minutes playing with Jenny's breasts, and she didn't
look as if she was going to get tired of what I was doing either.
That's when I chickened out, and decided I couldn't go any further
like this. "Jenny darling" I whispered "We have to stop this my dear,
it's not right you know. I'm your uncle, not your boyfriend, or your
lover." Jenny opened her eyes and looked up at me for a moment or two
then she smiled at me, rolled off the sofa and stood in front of me,
her naked breasts suffused with blood and glowing bright red with
passion. She then bent down, threw the cushion she had been laying
on, to one side and sat down firmly, straddling my thighs. That I
still had an erection she found out, and told me she had when she
grinned before wriggling her butt on it. She then threw off her
shirt, leaving herself naked to the waist before pressing her chest
to mine and kissing me firmly and passionately. "You're not very good
at taking a hint are you Uncle Jack?" she said softly. "What do you
mean Jenny darling?" I replied, suddenly feeling uncomfortable as she
rubbed her groin against my erection. "I mean, that I want you to get
your hands on me while I'm naked. I want you to take my clothes off
so I'm like I was when you came into the bathroom earlier. To be
honest if I'd thought there was a chance of you doing that, I
wouldn't have had my panties on."

I pressed her back to sit on my thighs, looked her in the eye and
said "But Jenny, you told me you were waiting for someone special to
be your first lover, what's suddenly changed your mind, surely not me
seeing you half naked?" Jenny laughed softly, "Of course not silly.
I haven't changed my mind. It's always been you I wanted, right from
being eleven and finding out what a virgin was from a friend at
school. Then when all my girlfriends began to lose their cherries I
got scared because they all said how much it hurt the first time. I
decided to wait until I was old enough for you to do it for me,
knowing you would never do anything to hurt me. Of course I know now
it's bound to hurt even with the most gentle lover, I still wanted it
to be you. That's why I've waited until I'm old enough for it to be
legal." Jenny paused, still smiling shyly, then she said "Of course,
if you don't want to do it for me Uncle Jack, I'll understand. I
didn't know you had a special girl, I suppose I was being just a
little bit naïve about it all, wasn't I?"

I saw the beginning of a tear forming in the corner of her eye, so
leaned forward and kissed it away. I then kissed Jenny with as much
love as I could muster and said "Jenny darling, if you really want me
to be the one to be your first lover, I don't see how I can refuse.
I'm just so surprised you waited all this time when you must have had
so many younger guys wanting to do this. It must have been very
difficult to keep on having to refuse them?" Jenny shook her head,
"Oh, no Uncle Jack, to be honest it was easy. All I had to do was
remember what my friends had said about each one, think about the
bruises some of them had received on dates, and then remember what it
felt like to cuddle up to you when I was a little girl. No contest
believe me Uncle Jack, no contest." I once more moved Jenny off my
lap, this time I stood up as well, took her hand and led the way
upstairs to my bedroom. Once inside I threw back the covers and
turned to see Jenny standing there with just her panties on, her
skirt laying in a pool at her feet. I quickly stripped off, and when
I was down to my shorts Jenny stepped up to me and whispered "Can I
do that Uncle Jack, I've dreamed of uncovering your penis for so
long?" I grinned "Of course Jenny darling, just so long as I can do
the same for you" I replied. "Why do you think I left them on Uncle
Jack, I want you to take them off for me, that's another of my
fantasies" and she giggled as she knelt before me and hooked her
fingers in the waistband of my shorts.

Very slowly Jenny pulled down on my underwear, uncovering my hard
throbbing cock inch by inch, until it suddenly sprang free and almost
slapped her under the chin, her face was so close by it. As quick as
she could Jenny pulled my shorts off my feet, then returned her
attention to my cock as it stood out lewdly in front of her face. She
placed one hand tenderly round the shaft and held it still while she
brought her open mouth to the tip and slowly engulfed it with her
moist lips, lapping at the underside as it went deeper and deeper
over her tongue, until she suddenly stopped and pulled back
quickly, coughing. Tenderly I stroked her cheek and said softly, "Not
so fast next time darling, it takes practice to do that properly."
She looked up at me and smiled, then stood as I placed my hands
beneath her arms and gently lifted her to stand in front of me. I
then dropped to my knees, pulled down her panties, and whipped them
off her feet and out of the way as I gently pressed at the inside of
the soft smooth thighs to get her to spread her legs further apart.
As soon as I could get access to her pussy I covered it with my
mouth, flicking the tip of my tongue out to press between her lips
and into her virginal passage, then up to find her clitoris, and
flick against it as it began to swell and throb in time with her
heartbeat. As soon as it was free of it's protective hood I sucked it
between my lips and very gently nibbled at it with my front teeth
until Jenny began to cry out in ecstasy as she started to climax with
my assault on her sex.

As she began to hump her hips against my mouth I moved back and stood
up, holding her close to me before scooping her up in my arms and
turning to lay her in the middle of the bed and climbing in beside
her. As I lay there Jenny turned to me, put her arms round me and
kissed me, hugging me tight to her, pressing her firm young breasts
against my now naked chest, "Oh, god, this feels wonderful Uncle
Jack, having you naked in bed with me had been my greatest fantasy
for years. I never thought I'd ever feel you kiss me even, but to
have you sucking on my pussy like that made me cum before I knew what
was happening. Can you do it again please, I like it so much" I just
smiled, then kissed her tenderly on the lips, before starting to work
my way down her face, her neck and then on to her chest. When I
reached her breasts Jenny gave a loud gasp, and another when I began
to kiss my way round and round each mound working my way from bottom
to top, sucking each crowning nipple in turn, before returning to the
base of each breast and starting to work my way down the centre of
her abdomen.

When I reached her navel Jenny was trembling with desire, and gave a
loud cry of "OH, YES, YES, YES" as I placed my mouth once more over
her swollen and very wet lower lips. The aroma was enough to bring me
off, but I held back as much as I could, not wanting to disappoint
her, I just lay there for a moment savouring it, before dipping my
head and running my tongue from her clit down to her love hole, where
I pressed it inside her and slowly wriggled it round and round. This
was almost too much for Jenny, and she was soon pulling at my head to
stop me. I did as she wanted, but only came away as far as her clit,
which I started to treat the same, flicking with my tongue and
sucking with my lips. This time she didn't have a small climax, she
had a screaming, crashing orgasm, "Oooohhhh.. Ahhhhhh.. I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." she screamed as she began to jerk and thrash
about under me, her hips humping against my mouth as I tried to hold
her down with my hands on her thighs, and my chest on her abdomen.
All of a sudden she went deathly quiet, and I pushed myself up, and
spun round to see what was wrong. I found her laying there, eyes
closed and breath coming in short bursts, then suddenly one long
shuddering breath and she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.

I leaned over her, kissed her tenderly on the lips and said softly
"Are you OK Jenny darling?" she focused on my face, smiled sweetly
and said in a soft voice "Oh, yes Uncle Jack, I'm just fine, I don't
know if I'll be able to move ever again, but I feel wonderful. That
was the best orgasm I ever had in my life. It was so good I wish I'd
done this a long time ago. Can we do the next bit soon please Uncle
Jack, I don't think I want to wait any longer, no matter how much it
hurts." I lay down beside her, slipped an arm under her head and laid
that hand on her breast, gently caressing it with my fingertips. I
used my other hand to do the same with her right breast, and turned
my head so I could kiss her cheek as she lay with her eyes closed,
and mouth slightly open as she sucked in deep breath after deep
breath. "Oh, this feels wonderful Uncle Jack, it's everything I ever
dreamed it would be. Your hands are so gentle yet strong, your lips
are so warm and soft against mine each time you kiss me. I don't ever
want to stop doing this, not ever." Suddenly Jenny rolled over on to
her side, pressed her lips to mine and said, "Now please Uncle Jack,
I want to do it now. Can I be on top please. I want to look at you
every second I'm making love to you, and you to me, even when I'm in
pain as you bust my cherry. Please Uncle Jack let's do it now."

By now Jenny was straddling my thighs and rubbing her sopping wet
pussy lips against my hard throbbing erection, pressing it between
her lips and running it's length against her hard erect clit, moaning
each time my cockhead pressed it's spongy mass against her sensitive
bud. "Lift up darling" I said softly, taking the shaft of my prick in
my hand. As Jenny lifted her body I pressed the head of my cock
forward until it touched her vaginal opening, then said softly "OK
darling, you can lower yourself slowly until you feel me touching
your cherry." With a self satisfied smile on her lips Jenny began to
accept the head of my cock as it slipped through her tight lips. "Oh
god, Uncle Jack it feels so BIG." She gasped as she felt me enter her
body for the first time. Jenny was so tight I don't think she had
even used a dildo on herself, nothing thicker than a finger by the
feel of it. Suddenly she stopped as we both felt the tip of my cock
press against her maiden barrier. "You OK darling?" I asked softly,
Jenny nodded and gasped breathlessly "Yes Uncle Jack, just terrified
about the next bit, that's all", I smiled reassuringly at her, then
said gently "Want a little help from a friend?" she nodded, closed
her eyes and took a deep breath.

I placed my hands on her hips and held then tight as I could,
pressing down firmly, and dipping my hips slightly, making hers
follow mine closely. "Jenny darling" I said softly, she opened her
eyes and looked at me. At that instant I gave a mighty jerk upwards
spearing my cockhead through her maidenhead, making her scream out
with the pain, and fall forwards on to my chest as she sobbed
heartbreakingly while I held her tightly in my comforting arms. "I'm
so sorry Jenny darling, but it was the only way to do it. Even I
couldn't be any less painful than that my darling. Please say you
forgive me for hurting you so deeply." After a few moments Jenny
lifted her head, looked at me through tear filled eyes and then
kissed me tenderly. "It's not your fault darling Uncle Jack. It's
really mine. You see, my doctor told me that the older a girl is when
she loses her virginity, the stronger her maidenhead becomes" she
giggled, despite her tears, "Actually he offered to break it for me
with an anaesthetic and a scalpel, as I lay on his examining couch. I
refused, because I wanted it to be you that did it, and I wanted you
to do it just like this." She smiled, this time a little less
painfully, then said softly "It's done now darling, and it won't ever
hurt again, not while you're making love to me, and I don't want
anyone else to ever do that, even if you get married and can't love
me after this holiday."

As I held her close to me I whispered "No darling, don't think like
that, for your sake, think about getting some young man interested in
you. You're so beautiful and such a wonderful person it would be a
terrible tragedy if you wasted yourself on someone you could never
marry, no matter how much we both might want it. Do you understand
Jenny darling?" Jenny nodded slowly against my chest, sighing over
and over again before saying in a whisper "I guess you're right Uncle
Jack, but I do love you so much. It's such a pity we can never marry,
I'd make you a wonderful wife you know. I'm a good housekeeper, and a
really wonderful cook, and if you teach me right I'll be really great
in bed. Can we start my lessons now please. I'm feeling so much
better, and the pain has gone away already." Gently I pushed on her
shoulders until she was sitting up once more and said with a smile
"OK Jenny darling, your first lesson is to do what your body tells
you feels good. Try moving about while you sit there with my penis
filling you up inside." With a broad smile on her lips Jenny began to
move her hips back and forth, working her clit against the base of my
shaft. After a few moments of this she lifted herself up a few inches
then dropped down on to my thighs gasping as she felt my cock forced
deep into her vaginal passage. "Oh, jeez, that feels great Uncle
Jack" she gasped, and did it again, this time lifting a little
higher, and coming down a little slower, giving a wiggle of her hips
as she sat down and felt her clitty pressing against my cockshaft,
and my coarse pubic hair pressing against her down covered pussy

It wasn't long before Jenny got a rhythm going, and I lifted my hands
up to her breasts and allowed my fingertips to brush against her
nipples each time she moved past them in either direction. It wasn't
long before Jenny was throwing her head back and gasping fro breath
as she got closer and closer to her climax, gasping and crying softly
"Oh, YES, YES, YES" each time she felt something increase her
arousal, then suddenly beginning to jerk and thrash about as she
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG AGGGGHHHHHH..." with a final shuddering scream Jenny
collapsed forward on to my chest, falling into my waiting hands as I
slowly lowered her done to lay against me as she once more sobbed,
this time with overwhelming passion rather than excruciating pain,
her tears running down my chest and over my shoulder as I tried to
comfort her by tenderly caressing her back and sides. We lay like
this for a long time, so long my hard throbbing erection softened and
slowly slipped out of her warm, wet relaxed vagina, and lay forlornly
against my thigh as we both slowly drifted off into a fitful shallow

It was Jenny rolling off me that woke me up. I clutched at her body,
and she whispered urgently "I've got to go pee Uncle Jack, let me go
please, I'm desperate." I chuckled and said sleepily "No, I've got to
go first, race you to the bathroom" Jenny gave a playful scream and
pulled herself from my grip as I rolled off the bed and swiftly
followed her, getting there just as she sat on the toilet and started
to empty her bladder. "Beat you" she gasped, laughing softly as she
looked up at me standing with my morning hardon waving lewdly in
front of her face. After a moment or two she reached for a wad of
tissue, then I surprised her by taking it from her, kneeling in front
of her and slipping my hand between her thighs. "What are you going
to do Uncle Jack?" she gasped, then shuddered as she felt my tissue
covered hand touch her pussy and tenderly move up the full length of
her soft wet lips, drying her with a stroke, and making her give a
soft cry as a tiny flicker of pleasure rippled across the nerve
endings from her knees to her navel. "Oh jeez Uncle Jack, what
happened there?" she gasped "It almost felt like an orgasm, just not
quite there. It's the strangest thing I ever felt." I kissed her
tenderly as I stood up "Just goes to show you don't have to do much
to feel good, now, how about moving so I can do the same as you just

Jenny stood up and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I then saw her
blush prettily as she slipped her arms round me and looked up into my
eyes. "Uncle Jack, can I ask you something personal please?" I nodded
and before I could say anything she said in a rush, "Can I hold you
penis while you have a pee please I never saw a boy peeing before,
will you let me see you please." I put am arm round her waist and
held her close as she took my still half hard cock in her soft warm
hand, held it firmly and waited. "Does it always take this long Uncle
Jack?" she asked with a giggle. "No Jenny darling, only when I'm
being helped by a beautiful young woman, don't worry it's about to
begin" and at that moment I began to pass an stream of urine into the
bowl as Jenny pointed me in the right direction. "Oh god" she gasped
as she felt my cock get suddenly hotter, and she stood fascinated,
hanging on for dear life until the final drop had dripped from the
tip. She then reached for a small wad of tissue and patted my
cockhead dry, ditched the paper and flushed the toilet, pulling me
into the shower where we got cleaned up. As soon as we were dried off
Jenny took hold of my hands and dragged me into the bedroom and back
to bed, wrapping herself in my arms once more.

After a few minutes Jenny moved, pushed me on to my back and shuffled
up so she was laying on my chest and looking directly into my eyes.
"What's next Uncle Jack, I don't know if I was imagining things but I
don't remember what it felt like to have you cum inside me. Did I
miss it when I passed out?" I shook my head "No darling, you didn't
miss it, because I didn't have an orgasm when you did." "Oh, why not,
what happened Uncle Jack, wasn't I good enough to make you cum?" I
chuckled, then lifted my lips to hers and kissed her tenderly,
"Nothing like that Jenny my love. It was just that I was
concentrating on giving you as much pleasure as I could, I had to
hold mine back. You see darling, when most men have an orgasm,
especially if it's while they're making love to a beautiful girl like
you, well, we usually cum so hard that we're no good for ages
afterwards. I just didn't want to disappoint you on your first time,
so I held my own orgasm back for later." Jenny gave me a pixie grin,
"Is now later enough darling?" she said, I nodded "Yes darling, only
one problem, I need arousing so I can get an erection, do you have
any ideas about how you might do that?" Jenny nodded "Oh, yes Uncle
Jack, that's something I've dreamed of doing for years" and she
shifted round, threw the covers off us both and lowered her hand to
my penis, held it firmly then engulfed it with her mouth and sucked
it hard.

While she was doing this I was looking in wonderment at her bottom
and at the way her pussy lips seemed to be pouting at me as they
peeped out from between her thighs as she knelt beside me. Very
gently I moved round so I was closer to her legs then lifted my head
up and placed my lips on hers, and pressed my tongue between them.
This brought a muffled cry of pleasure from Jenny and from then I had
little trouble getting her to move her knees each side of my head and
allow me to kiss her pussy as she was sucking on my suddenly
stiffening penis. The wonderful taste of her almost virgin pussy
brought me to full erection in seconds, so quickly that Jenny was
gagging once more, but not moving far from the centre of her
pleasure, my sucking mouth and flicking tongue. Despite her protests
I refused to stop what I was doing, knowing full well she was once
more close to orgasm, and I held her in place with my arms round her
hips, my elbows pressing down on her legs and my tongue pressed as
deep as it would go inside her love tunnel. It was when I pressed a
fingertip on to her tight puckered rosehole that Jenny finally
screamed out, her orgasm hitting her like an express train, taking
her by surprise, and suddenly filling my mouth with her orgasmic
effusion as she lay trembling against my abdomen as her climax
rippled up and down her frame, tingling her nerve ends over and over

While Jenny was laying on my body I slipped from under her, wiped my
mouth with the back of my hand and shuffled round to kneel between
her thighs. As she was still almost in a state of collapse I lifted
her hips up until I could feel the tip of my penis press against her
pussy. I lifted a little further and as I felt the tip slide along
her sopping wet gash I began to press gently until I felt it slip
into her vaginal passage. The instant the tip entered I pressed more
firmly and as I felt my cock slide into her I heard Jenny cry out
"Oh, god Uncle Jack yeessss.. fuck me darling please fuck me fill me
with your hot sticky cum darling, fuck me fuckmefuckmefuckme fuck me
pleeeaaassseee darling Uncle Jack pleeeaaassseee." As she pleaded
with me I was pounding my hips against her firm rounded bottom, my
pendulous balls slapping against her clit each time I thrust forward
at her firm young body. Jenny cried out in ecstasy each time she felt
my cockhead press against the mouth of her cervix, astounded that I
should invade her so deeply. It couldn't last for ever of course, and
in just a few minutes I was starting to cry out softly that I was
close to orgasm, not knowing that Jenny was just as close, so that as
I cried out "I'mmmm cuummiinngg Jenny, I'mmmm cuummiinngg.. NOOWW.."
and began to spew a massive load of sperm laden semen deep into
Jenny's virgin body, Jenny also screamed out the same thing, her body
jerking with pleasure as she felt my cum splattering against her
cervix, increasing her orgasmic ecstasy each time she felt it hit.

As Jenny came to orgasm my penis was spasming over and over again. As
each spurt burst from the end of my hard cock that invaded her body,
I felt it forcing it's way back round my shaft, her small body unable
to take so large an amount of semen. In the end I had to release my
grip on Jenny's hips, and she collapsed on to the bed, as I sat back
on my heels, completely spent, and unable even to do anything about
the flow of our combined cum that gushed from Jenny's still spasming
pussy lips. In the end I simply fell forward to lay beside Jenny, not
even having the strength to pull the covers up over us to keep us
from getting chilled after so much exercise. I don't know how long we
lay there, but eventually I woke up, gave a shiver and looked at
Jenny as she lay beside me, still with her eyes closed and still
breathing deeply as if asleep. "Jenny darling, are you awake?" I
whispered. "Yes darling Uncle Jack, why, you don't want me to move do
you?" I chuckled as I bent over to kiss her on the cheek "Yes
darling, we must go and have a shower, then get some food inside us.
Then we have to change the bed, it got a bit wet."

Jenny rolled on to her back, looked up at me and smiled as she forced
herself up into a sitting position, her knees apart and her sex
displayed to my loving gaze. Jenny looked own between her thighs and
gave a cry of disgust "Ooerr, it looks like I wet myself in my sleep,
doesn't it Uncle Jack?" she said. I nodded "Yes darling, that's why
we have to have a shower, so we can get you cleaned up and
respectable. Come on darling, let's shower together" I said all happy
and enthusiastic. Jenny jumped up and took my hand, pulling me to the
bathroom and saying "Oh, yes Uncle Jack, that's another of my
fantasies, to be in the shower with you and scrub your front while
you do mine." Half an hour later, the water was running cold and I
was lifting Jenny out of the shower and almost forcibly drying her.
"Spoilsport" she said petulantly "I wanted to stay there all day,
it's so sexy to feel the water running between our bodies." "I know
darling, but I have to pay the water bill, as well as the heating of
it, so I think half an hour is long enough for anyone, don't you?" in
the end we got dried off, and went back to our respective bedrooms to
dress before making our way, hand in hand down the stairs to the
kitchen where I allowed Jenny to make us some lunch.

It was while we were sitting eating that something struck me, and I
got a sudden flash of guilt. "Jenny darling" I said quietly "I just
realised that I may have done you some harm, my love" she looked up
at me and frowned, "What do you mean darling?" she asked gently. "I
mean that when I was making love to you I wasn't using any
protection, I guess it went out of my mind when I saw you laying
naked on the bed. I'm sorry about that darling, but do you know where
you are in your cycle, and if there's any chance you might catch?"
Jenny got up, came and sat on my lap and kissed me lovingly "Thanks
for being concerned darling, but it's not necessary, I've been on the
pill for almost a year now, always in the hope of getting you into
bed. Mind you, even if I had got pregnant, I wouldn't have worried,
I'd love to have your baby. Then I'd always have part of you with
me." I patted her smartly on the thigh and said firmly "Stop talking
like that please Jenny, it's not something to joke about, even if it
is something that lots of women do these days, there's till a good
deal of stigma attached to being an unmarried mother. I'm sure your
parents wouldn't like it, would they?" Jenny giggled, kissed me and
said "They wouldn't be getting it, would they Uncle Jack?" and
snuggled up close to me again, something I was beginning to get very
used to, and happy with. After we had finished lunch we went up to my
bedroom and between us stripped the bed, and making it up with clean
sheets so it was usable once more.

When the washer was going I offered to take Jenny for a walk around
town, not a long job, because of the small size of the place I lived
in, but a useful walk as it turned out. As we got to our equivalent
of a shopping mall we bumped into Lisa and her Aunt. I introduced
Jenny to them both and invited Lisa to come and join us for dinner
that evening. I was hoping that Lisa's Aunt would consider Jenny's
presence some sort of protection for Lisa, and not raise any
objections. I was right, all she did was to put a time limit of
eleven o'clock on Lisa's visit, thinking that was too short a time
for anything untoward to be happening. As it was, nothing happened,
at least nothing untoward. What did happen was that Lisa soon
realised that something was going on between Jenny and I. It was
during dinner that Jenny said something that made Lisa suspicious,
and after the dishes had been done, between all three of us, and we
had taken our coffee into the living room to sit and relax for a
while Lisa asked Jenny right out if she had been to bed with me.
Jenny blushed and said "Yes Lisa but it wasn't what you think,
honest." Lisa placed her cup on the side table next to her, looked
Jenny in the eye and said "OK, then I think you better tell me just
what it was like then."

Now, I have to admit this surprised me. I expected Lisa to go
ballistic, not offer to discuss things calmly. Anyway, Jenny shoved
me over a bit, patted the sofa next to her, and smiled as Lisa came
and joined us. Jenny then went through the whole 'I love my uncle and
want him to pop my cherry' routine. Lisa was looking more and more
uncomfortable the more that Jenny told her, and I could see that she
was wanting to get up and leave, just as Jenny told her about me
cumming so much in her this morning that we had to change the sheets.
All I heard from Lisa was a soft cry of "Oh god I wish it had been
me". Jenny was holding Lisa's hand by now and she leaned over and
whispered something into Lisa ear. Lisa blushed and shook her head,
Jenny repeated what she had said and shook Lisa hand to emphasise
what she was telling Lisa to do. In the end Lisa gave a nod of her
head as she agreed to whatever it was. That's when I got my surprise
for the day. Jenny calmly lifted Lisa's skirt and pulled down her
panties, showing me her wonderful down covered mons, and her
obviously shaven pussy lips. "Come on Uncle Jack, Lisa is in real
need, and we don't have time for you to do her justice in bed, so it
has to be second best for now. Do for your girlfriend what you did
for me last night and this morning." I looked at Lisa and saw she was
blushing bright red as she lay there exposing herself to me for the
first time. Would you like me to eat you out Lisa darling?" I asked
Lisa nodded "Yes please Jack darling, of all thing I'd like that."

Without another word I dropped to my knees between her open thighs,
gently pressed her knees a little further apart and lowered my face
down to her wonderful soft warm wet and very aromatic pussy for the
first time. The instant my lips touched hers Lisa was crying out with
pleasure. She never stopped moaning, or screaming all the time I was
kissing, sucking or licking at her pussy and her clit. Even when I
lifted her legs and hooked them over my shoulders, lifting her butt
off the sofa, she still cried out. With all this new stimulation Lisa
was soon beyond the point of no return, and suddenly arched her back,
clamped her knees together round my neck and screamed "I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." then she promptly collapsed in silence and fell
into a dead faint. By the time she came round three or four minutes
later Jenny had fetched a washcloth and towel and cleaned Lisa up, as
well as replaced her panties. As she lay there Lisa looked up at me
sitting beside her and said "Oh, Jack darling, that was wonderful, I
knew Daddy was wrong to tell me sex was disgusting unless you were
married. I want to do more of this if we can darling, and I want you
to do for me what you did for Jenny please. Will you do that my first
love?" I slipped an arm round her and hugged her close to me, "Of
course I will darling, if that what you want, but what about your
parents, what happens if they find out. I don't want to be that cause
of a rift between you."

Lisa sat up, suddenly looking very annoyed, "Are you telling me I'm
not worth getting into bed with?" she said firmly "Is your niece
better looking or better built that me, that she's worth screwing,
but I'm not. Don't you want to fuck me Jack, is that it. I'm not good
enough for you now you have a piece of teenage pussy at your beck and
call, is that what you're telling me, you...." I shut her up by
kissing her hard, forcing her back against the sofa and holding her
down by pressing on her shoulders. "SHUT UP WOMAN" I shouted, then I
kissed her a lot more tenderly before saying "All right, you win, I
just wanted to know you really wanted this to happen, when does you
Aunt go home?" "Tomorrow" Lisa said in a soft voice. "Right then,
when you're sure she has gone, call me and I'll come and fetch you,
OK?" Lisa shook her head, "No, someone is bound to see us. Why don't
you have Jenny come and collect me. It won't look so bad if the
neighbours are on the watch. Besides, I want Jenny there to give me
some moral support." "Don't you mean, immoral support" said Jenny
with a giggle that Lisa joined in with. That's how we left it for the
night. I ran Jenny home, getting her there a few minutes before
eleven, much to the surprise of her Aunt it turned out. She was
expecting me to be taking advantage of Lisa's parents absence. Not a
chance, I knew which side my bread was buttered on matey.

The following afternoon Lisa called to say her Aunt had left in a
cab half an hour before, to go to the bus depot. Jenny got my car
out, drove to Lisa's and then drove in the opposite direction to my
place, returning by a more circuitous rout in an effort to put her
neighbours off the scent. It also made Lisa feel a little safer and
more relaxed. Twenty minutes later Jenny and Lisa arrived and Jenny
drove straight into the garage and closed the doors behind her before
Lisa got out and came into the house through the connecting door in
the kitchen. As I was already there waiting Lisa launched herself
into my arms and we kissed passionately for some time before Jenny
said "Anyone for coffee?" that brought us down to earth and Jenny
handed us a cup each and we all took them into the living room and
sat together on the sofa. "Can we get on and do this thing please
Jack, I'm a bit nervous and I don’t want to wait too long in case I
chicken out at the last minute." Jenny collected the cups and said
she would take them into the kitchen, Lisa said softly "Don’t be too
long Jenny darling, I'm going to need your help." Giving Lisa a
tender sweet kiss Jenny said softly "I'm sure you can get Uncle Jack
started without me can't you Lisa, don’t worry darling, I'll soon be
there. I wouldn’t miss it for the world." Lisa still looked reluctant
to start for my bedroom so I took matters into my own hands and
scooped her up into my arms and carried her there, placing her gently
on the edge in a sitting position saying "Me first Lisa darling, then
you, OK?" Lisa nodded despite still looking nervous, and sat with her
hands clasped in her lap as I slowly stripped down to my shorts, then
went and sat beside her. Lisa stood up slowly and was about to start
undoing the buttons of her shirt when Jenny walked in looked around
and said brightly "What still dressed Lisa, we can't have that or
this will take for ever. Come on, let me help you" and she
immediately stepped in front of Lisa and quickly removed her shirt,
then her bra, showing me her wonderful firm breasts.

Jenny knelt in front of Lisa and removed her skirt and stockings,
leaving her wearing only her pale blue skimpy silk panties. I could
see that Lisa wasn’t all that reluctant by the dark stain on the
crotch of her underwear. Standing beside Lisa Jenny quickly stripped
to the same state we were in and pulled Lisa over to the bed again
and pressed her back until she fell on to the mattress. I quickly
followed and before Lisa could move I was laying on her chest kissing
her warmly on the lips as I cupped my hand over her silk covered
mons. This brought a gasp from Lisa that turned into a cry of
pleasure as I pressed my finger between her lips, forcing a strip of
silk on to her clit that I was quickly rubbing with my fingertip.
"Ohhhh, yes Jack darling, please darling more do that some more it
feels sooooo good, make me cun darling please make me cum, I want to
feel you make me explode inside fuck me with your finger darling
Aggghhhh…I'm cuummiinngg NOOOOWWWW…" and she screamed out in ecstasy
as her orgasm exploded in her pussy and rippled outwards covering all
of her soft young body. Lisa was so aroused and stimulated by my
touch that she began to tremble and jerk as her climax receded, and I
lay my upper body on hers as I tried to make her calm down and relax.
When Lisa was at last quiet Jenny assisted me in laying her on the
bed properly and then got in herself, sandwiching me between them,
before snuggling up close to me and starting to caress my hard
throbbing penis through my shorts. "You can't say Lisa doesn’t enjoy
herself, can you Uncle Jack" said Jenny with a grin, and before I
could answer Lisa said weakly "And I'm going to enjoy myself some
more too Jenny my dear. Just as soon as I can get someone to put the
bones back into my arms and legs. They seem to be all rubbery right
now." It only took Lisa a few minutes to recover and then she and
Jenny started on me. Jenny pulled me on to my back and Lisa began to
kiss me all over. Starting at my lips she worked her way down my
chest and abdomen until she reached the barrier of my shorts. They
didn’t remain too long because I felt Jenny tugging them down over my
hips and off my legs quicker than I could have put them on. At the
same time Jenny threw off the covers leaving me laying naked in the
middle of the bed with Lisa holding my hard throbbing cock in her
hand, staring at the stream of pre-cum that was oozing out of the

Jenny saw that Lisa was reluctant to do anything so she lowered her
own head and pushed out her tongue, pressing on the tip of my cock
and lapping up as much as she could, before taking it into her mouth
and wiping it on her lips, and sucking noisily. Lisa blushed
prettily, looked at Jenny, smiled and did the same, but taking more
into her mouth than Jenny had, and making more noise as she sucked
her tongue clean. Jenny then whispered something into Lisa ear, and
Lisa opened her mouth and engulfed my cock I a single motion. She
went a little too far though, and was soon gagging as my cockhead
touched the back of her throat. "Not so fast Lisa" said Jenny softly,
"Just lick it all over for now, get him as wet as you can, it'll make
it easier when you sit on it." Lisa did as she was told, and, when
Jenny could see I was well and truly soaked with Lisa's saliva she
pulled Lisa up and told her to straddle my thighs. Despite me not
having touched Lisa yet, I could see that her pussy lips were
glistening with moisture, and when she was hovering above my
cockhead, with Jenny holding my shaft steady I felt how slippery she
was, as she pressed down on me. "Ohhhh…" Lisa gasped as she felt the
head of my prick slip between her pussy lips and just inside her
vaginal passage. Eyes still closed Jenny moved down a little more,
stopping once more as we both felt the tip of my cock press against
her maiden barrier. "Nnngg.." moaned Lisa as she pressed slowly
against her hymen, only to retreat slightly. Jenny placed her lips
close to Lisa's ear and whispered "Do it fast and hard Lisa darling,
or ask Uncle Jack to help, I did and it was over in a flash." Lisa
looked at me, smiled and said softly "Will you help me here Jack,
before I chicken out." I placed my hands on her hips, held tight and
pressed her down again, until I felt myself pressing against her
hymen. "Are you ready Lisa dar….." and before I could finish speaking
I gave a hard upward thrust of my hips and smashed through Lisa's
cherry in a single stroke. "Ooowwwcchhh.." cried Lisa and I saw tears
start running freely down her cheek, just as I pulled her down to lay
on my chest so I could comfort her. After a few minutes Lisa forced
her self to sit up, looked at me, grimaced and said "Damn it Jack,
that smarts. It's a good job it only happens once, otherwise I'd go
off the idea all together."

As Lisa sat there recovering her self control Jenny shifted round to
straddle my legs behind her, slipped her arms round the front of
Lisa's body and cupped her hands over Lisa's firm breasts. Lisa was
about to reject Jenny's caress when Jenny whispered something in her
ear that made Lisa smile. Whatever it was Jenny said I never found
out, but it made Lisa begin to make short jerky movements of her
hips, rubbing her clit against my pubic mound, and through my coarse
curly pubic hair. All the time Jenny was tenderly caressing Lisa's
breasts from behind, and occasionally slipping a hand between her
thighs to rub her fingers against Lisa's swollen and pulsating
nubbin. All the time this was happening I was stroking Lisa's sides
and her thighs with my fingertips, increasing her arousal, and
stimulating her to where she suddenly gave a loud scream of ecstasy
as she once more exploded in orgasm just as I gave a cry of "YES,
YES, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG NOOOOWWWW…" and started to pump a stream
of hot sticky semen deep into Lisa's virgin pussy. I shot so much I
could feel it forcing back against the seal of Lisa's pussy lips
round my cockshaft, and leak on to the bed after running over my
balls. Lisa collapsed forward on to my chest, and I immediately
rolled her on to her back beside me to lay gasping and trembling as
her orgasmic high slowly dissipated and bit by bit she regained her

It took some time for Lisa to get her breath back, that’s when Jenny
went and got a towel from the bathroom and dried us both off. She was
about to use it as a pad to stop Lisa leaking when she walked to the
bathroom for a shower when I told her not to bother. I rolled off the
bed and scooped Lisa up in my arms, keeping her buttocks as high as I
could, and carried her to the bathroom where I placed her on her feet
in the shower. Jenny joined us as I turned on the water and we spent
almost twenty minutes washing each other and touching and caressing
with the aim of getting each other aroused in the hope of another
session of lovemaking. Despite having such a strong orgasm it wasn’t
long before the girls managed between them, to get me hard enough to
be of some use to them. That’s when Jenny's inventiveness and Lisa's
curiosity as well as both their horniness got me working hard to
please them over and over again. "Can we try it with all three of us
please Jack?" asked Lisa as we lay in each others arms after our
shower. "Ooh, I like the sound of that Uncle Jack" responded Jenny
suddenly sitting up and taking notice. I smiled at the thought, and
wondered just which way they wanted to try. "OK girls, which way
shall we do it, Sixty-nine and doggie, or two Cowgirls. We can do
both if you like, and each one will have to be done twice so you both
get the full benefit of my erection." Lisa looked up at me, smiled
shyly and said softly "Will that mean Jenny be kissing my pussy and I
do it to her?" I nodded "Yes Lisa darling, but if you don’t like the
sound of that you don’t have to do it. You know we agreed no
pressure." Lisa shook her head "Oh, no Jack darling, I suppose I
ought to at least try it. If I don’t like it I don’t have to do it
again, do I?"

Jenny leaned over my body, kissed Lisa and said "If you like Lisa
I'll be on top first, that way you get to relax a bit before we
switch, how does that sound?" Lisa nodded, then switched round as I
explained to her how to get ready. As Lisa lay there, her legs open
and knees bent, Jenny straddled her head and slowly lowered her face
between Lisa's thighs until she could place her lips in contact with
Lisa's pussy. I knew when she had made contact from the cry of
pleasure that came from Lisa's soft sweet lips. "Oh, god Jenny that's
sooooo good" she gasped, and opened her thighs a little more so she
didn’t impede Jenny in her ministrations. Meanwhile I was kneeling
behind Lisa's head and between Jenny's legs, shuffling closer to her
buttocks. When I felt my erection touch flesh I paused to see what
Lisa would do. Just as I hoped Lisa placed her hand on the shaft of
my cock and gently guided the head to Jenny's hot, wet and very
swollen vaginal lips and pulled me forward so she could watch it
slide into my niece. I then began to slowly move in and out of Jenny,
bringing a grunt from her each time I bottomed out, pressing against
the mouth of her cervix. As I leaned over Jenny's back I saw Lisa
reach forward and cup her hands over Jenny's breasts and begin to
gently squeeze them in time with my thrusts against her buttocks.
There was no chance of me having another orgasm just yet so I could
concentrate on getting Jenny off, something that didn’t take long,
especially with what Lisa was doing as well. In the end they came
almost at the same time, Lisa being a few seconds behind Jenny in
crying out in ecstasy "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. NOWWWW." For Lisa things weren't too bad, she just
came, clamped her thighs together and jerked her hips up against
Jenny's sucking mouth. Jenny was different, her head was trapped
between Lisa's thighs and I was pounding my hips at her buttocks,
making it impossible for her to collapse after her climax exploded
inside her.

In the end I pulled out of Jenny, flopped down beside Lisa and gently
pulled her thighs apart so Jenny could collapse on the other side of
Lisa and lay there gasping for breath as she recovered from her
orgasmic high. After a few minutes I helped Lisa to switch ends and
lay in my arms. "Well Lisa darling, how did you enjoy being eaten out
by another woman?" I asked. Lisa opened her eyes, looked at me and
grinned "Better than I thought I would darling, and to be honest I'd
do it again it was so nice." I felt Jenny snuggle up close to me and
she said "Can we leave doing it the other way until the morning
please Uncle Jack, I'm totally spent. I don’t think I could do
justice to you, or to Lisa for that matter?" "Me too, Jack darling"
said Lisa, so I simply pulled the comforter up to my chin, opened my
arms for them to snuggle in to and drifted off to sleep as they
wriggled their soft warm bodies against mine after kissing me
goodnight from both sides. I awoke next morning alone, but to the
smell of coffee coming from a pot sitting on my nightstand. I sat up
and poured myself one, sat there sipping it until the girls came into
the bedroom, naked and glowing, fresh from that shower. They both sat
on the bed cross legged, and leaning back on their hands, showing me
their naked pussies. Very slowly it dawned on me, they'd both shaved
all their pussy fur off, despite the fact neither of them had a lot
in the first place. I actually thought it a pity they'd done this,
but didn’t want them to feel upset so said "Oh, WOW! What a sight, I
wish I'd been able to watch that little operation, or even try it
myself. Can I do it next time please girls, I know a wonderful way to
enjoy something like that." They both grinned, and Lisa said "Of
course you can Jack darling, but not until you've earned the right,
and you can start right now by finishing what we started last night,

Before I could answer Jenny was on her back, knees bent and thighs
spread wide. Lisa was soon straddling her head, and pressing her lips
to Jenny's pussy, bringing screams of delight from Jenny's lips as
she looked up at Lisa's sopping wet and swollen vagina. As soon as I
was kneeling with the tip of my cock touching Lisa's pussy, Jenny
took hold of it and guided me to my target. With a single firm stroke
I pressed my cockhead deep into Lisa's vaginal passage, feeling every
contour as it passed through the tight warm and very moist sheath,
until I heard her muted gasp of pleasure as I felt my cock touch her
cervix. This time was a little different to last night, I was fully
aroused and very stimulated by sight and sound as I pumped away at
Lisa's soft warm and very responsive body. Too much so as it turned
out, because after just a few minutes I was moaning "I'm going to cum
Lisa darling, I can't hold off much longer, I'm cumming any second,
I'm cumming NOOOOWWWWWW…" and I began to shoot a massive stream of
hot sticky cum deep into her, crying "YES, YES, YES" as I rammed my
hips at her buttocks. After a hard juddering climax I collapsed back
to sit on my heels, my slick cum soaked cock slipping out of Lisa's
cunt and flopping down on to Jenny's face, leaving a moist streak on
her cheek and forehead. Despite her also being close to orgasm Jenny
suddenly realised that Lisa was leaking my cum from her pussy. In a
flash she had her arms round Lisa's hips and was pulling her down to
her own face, to press her open mouth against Lisa's cum oozing pussy
lips and starting to suck hard. As Jenny sucked she took time to
flick her tongue against Lisa's swollen nubbin, until both girls
screamed as loud as their pussy covered mouths could manage, as they
climaxed in unison.

The sight of them bringing each other to orgasm was almost enough to
get me hard again, almost. As it was I felt a familiar stirring in my
loins as blood began to be pumped into my prick, but it soon stopped
as fatigue took over and softened my resolve. Luckily the girls
managed to lay themselves down on the bed, as I was too spent to help
them. What I did do was to help Jenny to turn round, before wriggling
between them and covering us all up once more then dropping of to
sleep for a couple of hours. After a nap, a shower and getting
dressed we sat round the kitchen table eating a slightly early lunch,
silent, and deep in our own thoughts. "What shall we do for the rest
of the day girls?" I asked suddenly. "BED" they both said together,
and broke into a fit of the giggles. "Yes, well I'm sorry my dears,
but I have to get some fresh air, and a little vertical exercise.
Besides I need some respite for a few hours to build up my reserves
otherwise I won't be any good for one of you, let alone two." In the
end we decided an a walk in the country, Lisa asking to be hidden as
we drove out of the garage, as she was still worried about what her
parents might be told of her activities in their absence. After a
short drive I pulled into a parking area in our local wildlife park
and we spent a few hours walking slowly along forest paths,
luxuriating in the fresh warm still air, and the warmth of the sun on
our faces. It was while we were walking back to the parking area that
I said "Lisa darling, would my relationship with Jenny make any
difference to our getting married?" "Of course not Jack darling……
JACK!!! Is that a proposal?" she yelled as she realised what I'd
said. "Er.. well yes I suppose it was" I replied with a grin. By now
we were stopped in the middle of the main track while Lisa was
hugging me tight and Jenny was standing smiling at me from behind
her. Suddenly Lisa stepped back a little, looked me in the eyes and
said softly "Would it make a difference if I said it would, Jack
darling?" I shook my head "Not really my love. I'd be disappointed,
and I'm sure that Jenny would be too, but we both know we can't get
married because we're related, and we also realise things can't last
forever. After all Jenny's bound to find some young stud to keep her
satisfied when she gets back to college, isn't that right Jenny
darling?" "Yes Uncle Jack" she said softly, and gave Lisa a sweet
smile as she said "Don’t worry about me Lisa darling, I've just about
used up all my fantasies about Uncle Jack, and he was yours before I
came to stay for the summer, wasn’t he?" Lisa nodded slowly and I
could see Jenny wasn’t too happy about what was going on, until Lisa
said "It's not you I'm worried about Jenny darling. It's what my
parents will say when they find out that you're going on honeymoon
with us. Let's face it I don’t think I could manage to keep Jack
satisfied alone. I don’t even know how to keep him satisfied on my
own, I've always had you to help me whenever we've been having sex."

Once I managed to part Jenny and Lisa we made our way back to the car
and I drove Lisa home, allowing Jenny to go to the door with her as
if she was the one Lisa had spent the day with, and me just being a
chauffeur. Over the next few days the three of us managed to get some
time together every day, or rather every evening. This lasted until
Friday when Lisa's parents returned home, and I spent that night with
Jenny, making love for most of the night, and sleeping in late next
day. About lunch time I was up and dressed and just about to go round
to Lisa's home, when the phone rang. It was Lisa, wanting to know
when I was going to see her father. I told her I was on my way, and
would see her in a few minutes. Now, Lisa father was, in my opinion
the worst kind of bigot you could find amongst the clergy. I knew for
a fact that he regularly visited a local prostitute, always on nights
when he was out visiting sick and elderly members of his
congregation. This didn’t stop him from openly condemning my
lifestyle, especially harping on about the girls I've been out with
since I came to live in this town. When I got to their home it was
obvious that Lisa had said something about my proposal, because her
father was looking very unhappy, and gave me a black look as soon as
I arrived. Lisa held me back for a moment as we went to follow her
parents into the house and whispered "Daddy already said no Jack
darling. I thought it might help if I told Mom, and Daddy overheard
me. He said there's no way he'll let me marry you." I gave her a
quick kiss on the cheek and said softly "Let me have a word with him
Lisa darling, I might be able to talk him into it." After we had all
been sitting in the living room for a while Lisa's mother told her to
help out in the kitchen making a pot of tea. That’s when her father
spoke to me for the first time. "You know I told Lisa that I won't
let her marry you, don’t you?" I nodded "Yes I do, but I don’t
understand why. Are you prepared to tell me to my face?" He gave me a
nasty grin and said "Yes. It's because of the way that go about with
so many different girls and women. I'm not prepared for my daughter
to be cheated on by someone like you. She needs a stable and reliable
man to be married to, not a whore chasing animal like you." I smiled
sweetly at him and nodded as I searched in my pockets for a piece of
paper and a pen. I then wrote a name and address on the paper, put my
pen away and said, as I handed it to him "I don’t think it's really
fair for you to be calling me a whore chasing animal, do you. If I
have been out with other women, and it's something Lisa knows about,
at least I did it openly and before I asked Lisa to marry me. Don’t
you think it might be worth your while thinking again about letting
me marry Lisa, in fact I think it would be especially nice if I asked
you to perform the ceremony, rather than doing it at city hall, don’t

All the time I was speaking he sat there, white as a sheet and with
his mouth open. For a moment I thought he was going to have a heart
attack or something, then the colour started to return to his cheeks
and he was able to gasp "How did you know about this?" I smiled "Mr.
Brown, you'd be surprised just how many people DO know about your
visits to that address. At least three of my friends have told me
about it, and I'm sure many more people have seen you entering or
leaving. Let's face it you're quite well know for your views on the
subject of extra marital sex, aren't you?" He just sat there and
nodded in silence, suddenly looking up as his wife and daughter came
back into the room with trays of tea and cake. As they sat down, Lisa
beside me and her mother beside her husband, Lisa said "Daddy.." and
before she could get any further her father said "It's all right Lisa
darling. Jack has convinced me that he's the right man for you, and
everything I thought about him has been wrong. In fact he's asked me
to marry the pair of you, and I've agreed." With a shriek of ecstasy
Lisa threw herself at her father and kissed him over and over again.
Lisa's mother came and sat beside me, took my hands in hers, leaned
forward, kissing me tenderly on the lips and whispering "I don’t know
how you did it Jack, but I'm glad you did, congratulations." Three
weeks later we were married, and despite Lisa's fears her parents
said nothing about Jenny going on our honeymoon with us, especially
as I explained that there was nowhere else for me to send her, and
while she was my responsibility I was obliged to keep a close eye on
her. Lisa's father murmured something about my responsible attitude,
and her mother just raised her eyebrows at her husbands seeming
acceptance of such an unusual arrangement. The honeymoon was great!
The three of us hardly got out of bed, apart from at least one meal a
day. I spent more time sleeping than did the girls, mainly because I
needed to rest so much more than they did. By the time we were on our
way home I was so tired I almost couldn’t drive, and the girls had to
take it in turns driving for short spells so I could sleep on the
back seat.

Once back home Lisa and I settled down into a routine of work and
play. Jenny stayed with us for the rest of the summer, reluctantly
returning home after a phone call from her mother to say they were
back from Europe. Our last night together was subdued to say the
least. Lisa and I made love to Jenny twice each, then the three of us
settled down to sleep in each others arms, waking to the scream of
the alarm, telling us it was time for Jenny to be getting ready to go
back home. I ran Jenny to the bus depot, Lisa saying she hated
goodbyes, especially in public places, so hugged and kissed Jenny
just before she got into my car. I did the same as Jenny was about to
board the bus, telling her to call me when she got home safe and
sound. I drove home, and Lisa and I spent the rest of the day sitting
around the house waiting for the phone to ring. It wasn’t until
almost midnight that Jenny called, apologising for it being so late,
but the bus was delayed by a massive pile up on the freeway just a
few miles from home. "Can I come and stay during the next vacation
please Jack?" she asked softly. "Of course you can Jenny my love" I
replied "You know Jenny and I will always love to have you stay with
us, in fact we both miss you right now, especially Lisa, she's almost
lost sleeping with me on her own." This got Jenny laughing, and we
chose that moment to end the call. I went to bed and lay beside Lisa,
suddenly feeling more empty than I ever had before. I told Lisa about
how I felt and she kissed me tenderly as she said "That’s just how I
feel Jack darling, and I can't wait until Christmas, when Jenny can
come to us once more."
By Christmas, when Jenny came to spend the holiday with us, Lisa was
three months pregnant. This restricted, but didn’t stop, sexual
activity between us, and when Jenny arrived Lisa welcomed her with
open arms saying "At last, someone to give me a break from this sex
maniac. Jenny darling, you just wouldn’t believe how many different
positions he's had me try, just so he can keep on screwing me every
night. I hope you're feeling nice and fit my dear, because you might
just be getting it twice a night." Jenny laughed, thinking Lisa was
joking, but soon found out she wasn’t. When the holidays were over
Jenny went back home, and to college, but she did come back for the
spring break, just in time for her cousin Jennifer's christening,
where she stood as godmother. For the next three years of college
Jenny spent almost all her vacation time with us, and after
graduation moved down to live with Lisa and I, as part of the family.
It wasn’t long however before Jenny found a man of her own, a guy she
worked with, and who spent two years trying to get Jenny to agree to
marry him. My brother came to stay with us for the wedding, the first
time I'd seen him for many years. After just one year of marriage
Jenny found herself alone, having been dumped for a younger woman.
After the divorce Jenny came and Lisa and lived with Lisa and I, and
we soon got back into our old routine of nightly three way sex,
although slightly less frenetically as we were all getting older. We
lived as a family for a number of years during which time Lisa and I
had another child, our last as something went wrong and Lisa was told
that having another would be dangerous. That's when Jenny started to
get broody, and after spending almost all of one night sitting up
talking to Lisa came off the pill. The thing was they didn’t tell me
about this decision, and a few months later, as we lay in bed
together Lisa said softly "Congratulations Jack darling, you're going
to be a Daddy again."

Jenny had one more baby after this, then I went and had a Vasectomy,
making quite sure I was shooting blanks before I had sex with either
Lisa or Jenny. As a punishment I refused to use a condom, making them
go without instead. Mind you they were so horny when I was given the
all clear that I ended up staying in bed all one Saturday making love
to them and sleeping between bouts. I now sit her in the sun, my
children playing at my side, growing up faster than I really like,
but ever dear to me as they mature. Life is good with a loving
family, and I'm just so glad that Jenny came and acted out all her
fantasies all those years ago, how different it might have been

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