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Ruining Amanda


Ruining Amanda By - Tafod Arian (Mf, NC, fisting, piercing, impreg)
********************D I S C L A I M E R **************************
'Ruinning Amanda' contains graphic non-consensual sexual, and sometimes
violent, scenes.


This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between
actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who
are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you
are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE
to read. If material of this nature is illegal in your area and you
continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility. All rights reserved:
Permission is hereby given to distribute this story via electronic means
only, for non-profit use. This header must remain intact. All rights for
this story remain the property of the author.

This story is dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

I am six feet tall and 200 pounds, white and proud of it. Although I do
a manual job I am in constant contact with the public and I have plenty of
opportunity to keep my eye on the talent. Sometimes the girls are there
for the taking and sometimes it takes longer and more planning.

I had been watching this girl for some time so that I knew all her
movements. The more careful you are, the longer you can enjoy your fun.
She was a catholic schoolgirl. I knew because I had followed her and her
family to and from church on several occasions. She must have been about
fourteen or fifteen with long blonde hair reaching nearly to her waist that
she usually wore either in a ponytail or loose over her shoulders. She had
nice long legs and looked as though she was an athlete, runner or
something. Although not huge her tits were very reasonably sized for her
age. She wore a typical school uniform. maroon school blazer, white
blouse with a tie, plaid skirt just about knee length, and maroon knee-high
socks. As it was summer she wore a straw hat, boater-style. She had a
very young innocent-looking face, very pretty with big trusting blue eyes
and a neat turned-up nose.

This was a choice piece and I knew that I should have to arrange things
so that I could take my time with her or it would all be wasted. I watched
her and her family for some time. She had a younger sister, about eight,
and every Saturday morning her mother, not a bad-looking bitch herself,
took the kid out for about four hours leaving at about nine o'clock. As
the husband was often away for days at a time this seemed ideal. I
followed the mother and the kid on two Saturday mornings to the local
ice-rink where they stayed for about three hours. When I checked I found
that the kid was having skating lessons after which they went for a burger
and then shopping. I could count on the house being empty for at least
three hours with some margin for safety provided that the father was away.
Although the girl often went out on Saturday morning she usually stayed at
home, although sometimes her friends came to visit. That might not be so

After watching for a while I got the father taped. I knew that if he
went away on Thursday he would not be back until Tuesday. I now had
everything ready. I would wait for a weekend when the father was away and
hide in the garden. This was overgrown with plenty of good places. I had
checked the doors in the middle of the night and the locks on the French
windows opening into the garden were easy. Once the mother and the kid
left I would be straight in the French windows and I would have three hours
clear to enjoy myself and to alter that girl's life for good. It is not
enough to frighten these teenagers. You have to leave them something to
remember the occasion by!

I collected all my gear, a silk scarf and a couple of things that I
would need for the end of the entertainment in a small bag and the next
Saturday that the father was away I hid in the garden around six am. Sure
enough, at about nine fifteen I heard the front door close and I could see
the mother and the kid getting into the car. I knew that my girl was in
alone because I heard her calling "Good-bye" as they left and none of her
friends had called. Ideal!!!

Without waiting I broke the lock on the door of the French windows and
slipped into the lounge, closing the doors behind me. The curtains were
drawn so I was completely hidden. I waited for a moment listenening -
nothing. I peeped out and the room was empty. I quickly slid across the
room until I was behind the door and waited. I could hear her upstairs and
I could see through the crack in the door into the hall and kitchen.
Rather than chase her round the house I decided to wait. I heard her come
downstairs and go into the kitchen. From where I was I had a good view.
She clearly thought that she was going out!! She was wearing a yellow sun
dress just above knee-length with a rather low neckline which buttoned down
the front as far as the waist and then flared out loosely over the hips ,
dark stockings (I hoped, but I expected them to be tights), dark shoes with
quite a high heel. She had not picked up a coat. Her hair was tied in a
neat ponytail. She had clearly taken a lot of care with her make-up and
she looked two or three years older than I thought her to be. The only
jewellery she was wearing were small gold stud ear-rings, a gold cross on a
thin chain around her neck and a watch with a thin gold strap.

She got herself a drink from the fridge and wandered through into the
lounge. That was when her life changed for ever! In an instant I was on
her. I had taken the silk scarf from my pocket earlier and used it as a
gag so that all she could get out were frightened squeaks. From past
experience I knew how things go now. You either have to frighten them with
a weapon, like a knife, or you do something else. I don't like using a
knife because it occupies your hands and you have a physical domination
which always seems less satisfactory than purely mental control. For me,
sex with these teenagers is not enough. I want to get inside their heads
as well as their bodies and change them for ever. She was struggling and
squeaking in my arms. I could feel the firm contours of her young body
writhing against me. I had her with her back to me and she was, without
realising it pressing her round young arse into my prick. I had not
touched her tits, I was holding her around the waist. I let her struggle
for a moment longer and then, in one movement, I swung her round so that
she was facing me and I slapped her hard across the face and threw her down
so that she was sitting on the settee. She immediately tried to get up so
I slapped her again, this time on the other side, back down. I did not
want to damage the goods so although these were hard slaps they were with
my open hand, designed to hurt and frighten her, not to damage her. I knew
from past experience that this was the important time. If I could get the
upper hand now, I could do what I liked with no need for a weapon. She
looked up at me with her baby-blue eyes wide above the gag. She was
clearly terrified and continued making squeaky mewing noises but did not
try to get up again. She seemed too scared even to cry which was all right
by me, for now and it was time for the final move.

"I know that we are going to be alone for the next three hours" I said,
"so there is no use bull-shitting me. If you make the slightest noise, I
will kill you and I will wait until your mother and sister come back and I
will do them as well. I know that your father is away and if anyone calls,
we will not answer the door. Do you understand?" She nodded, tears in her
big blue eyes. This was the critical time

"I am going to take the gag out now, if you make the slightest noise, or
if you move then you know what will happen. Do you understand?" She did
not answer but looked with mute appeal in her terrified eyes. I slapped
her again, left and right. Not hard this time but just to frighten her and
to concentrate her mind. The work was already done. "Do you understand?".
She nodded. "OK, I'm taking the scarf off. Just you sit there quiet and
only speak if I ask you to. Do you understand?" She nodded again.

For the first time since I threw her down I became aware of her tits.
They were much bigger than I had thought. They were heaving with anxiety
as she gulped air and tried to calm herself. For a girl of her age she had
a decent cleavage and I could see the tops of both tits as I stood over
her. This was going to be good!! I took the scarf out of her mouth and put
it back in my bag and watched her, ready to quieten her if she made any
noise but everything had gone well. She looked up at me in mute terror and
I knew that I had her. I sat down beside her and she shrank away from me.
I let her go for the moment.

"Right, we are going to have a little chat". I still was not touching
her but I could feel her trembling. "What is your name and how old are
you?" She had several tries to get words out but eventually, in just above
a whisper, she said, "Amanda. I'm fifteen" "And are you called Mandy at
home?" I asked. "No, my mum doesn't like that, she always calls me
Amanda". "What about your sister and mother, what are their names?" This is
all a way of getting inside her head. "My sister is called Julie, she is
nine and my mum's name is Joanne" she said. She seemed to be calming down
a little, perhaps all she thought that I wanted to do was to talk!! I
began to put on the pressure a bit. She was sitting as far away from me as
she could and her hands were clenched into fists. I could still feel her
trembling. "Come over here by me" I snapped, " Put your hands by your
sides and relax."

Reluctantly she slid along the sofa until she was sitting close to me
but not touching me. She opened her hands and rested them on the cushions
beside her plump young thighs, quite a lot of which I could see as her
dress had ridden up. "Do you have a boy-friend, Amanda?" I asked. She
blushed and looked down into her lap - where I was also looking at her
thighs. "Well - do I have to show you again what happens if you don't
answer me politely?" "I do. He goes to the school next door to mine" she
whispered. "What is his name?" She blushed again and whispered "Tim".
"How old is he and how long have you been going out with him?" "He is
fifteen and we have been seeing one another for about six months".

She was getting used to the situation and becoming too relaxed. It was
time to step things up a bit. "And does Tim think that you have a nice
figure, Amanda?" She flushed the deepest red yet. I could see the colour
going from her cheeks to her shoulders and to the upper part of her chest.
This was excellent!!! She was clearly a very shy and demure girl, just the
kind I like and on whom I am prepared to take trouble. How different her
future was going to be! She didn't answer. "Amanda, I asked you a
question. This is your last warning" I said sharply. She did not look at
me. With her eyes fixed in her lap she whispered, "He has said he likes
me". "I didn't ask you that. Does he like your figure?" "He has never
said, but I think so" she murmured.

"I think that it's time that I saw your figure, don't you?" I asked.
She looked horrified. "What are you going to do? she whispered. "You
just do as I tell you and it will all be OK. You remember what happens if
you don't?" I felt her shudder.

"Stand up and face me" I ordered. This was a critical point. If she
was sufficiently cowed she would do as she was told. Otherwise I should
need to get rough. I watched her carefully. She reluctantly got to her
feet and turned to face me. She instinctively pulled her dress down and
clearly did not know then what to do with her hands. I leisurely looked
over her young form. She had a surprisingly mature shape for a fifteen
year old. Her upper chest swelled out to a pair of very nice tits and then
narrowed to a trim waist before broadening out to surprisingly wide hips.
She had neatly shaped calves and ankles, outlined by the rather high heels
she was wearing. From where I was sitting, looking up at her, I could
partly see up the loose skirt of her yellow dress to the start of rather
plump childish-looking thighs. I made her wait, enjoying her blushes and
her acute anxiety. I could see her trembling. I indicated for her to turn
round. I knew that by now she was too cowed to run. Her will was broken,
and I had hardly done anything! She slowly turned so that her back was to
me and I took my time looking at her. Her finely-spun blonde hair hung
nearly to her waist, down the middle of her very straight back. From her
narrow waist there was a distinct swell to her arse. She had very meaty
cheeks for a girl of her age! Time to move on ... "Pull up the skirt of
your dress to your waist and hold it there" She gave a loud sob but did not

"This is your last warning" I said, putting as much quiet menace into my
voice as I could. She gave a start and, putting her hands behind her
slowly ruffled up the back of her dress until she was holding the hem which
she lifted to her waist. She was not wearing a slip but I could see white
panties inside her dark sheer tights. I could see the contours of her
meaty young arse gloriously outlined by the dark material. Her thighs were
nice and plump still padded with puppy fat going down to nicely dimpled
creases behind her knees. I just sat and looked at her, watching her
trembling. "OK, let go of your dress and turn round". She dropped her
dress quickly and turned slowly. "Now, look me in the eyes and don't look
away. Lift your dress so that I can see the front of you". She sobbed
again and for the first time a tear rolled down her cheek. She pulled at
the front of her dress until she could reach the hem and slowly lifted it
to mid-thigh, keeping her eyes on mine all the time. "Right to your waist,
I said. Get it up there and hold it still". She lifted the hem and stood,
trembling, looking me in the eyes and blushing. Her legs looked just as
trim from the front but I was more interested in her cunt. I could not see
any evidence of pubic hair through her clothes but I could see the outline
of her cunt-lips and a very pronounced pubic mound. I made her stand while
I inspected her at my leisure.

"Now, drop your hem, step back and bend right forward with your hands on
your knees. I want to see your tits". She obeyed without delay and I
stood up, looking right down her dress. I could see where her dress fell
away from her body leaving a very nice pair of tits dangling encased in a
smooth white bra. Her gold cross swung gently in the deep cleft between
her firm young tits. I could see right down her cleavage to the
indentation of her belly button. Although still afraid, she was beginning
to relax again and her blushes were subsiding. Clearly it was time to move
on. I sat down on the settee and motioned for her to sit beside me.

"Now we are going to talk about you and Tim" I said. "I want you to
tell me the things that you do together". She gave a loud sob and looked
at the floor in front of her. "I can't" she whispered. "I think that you
will find that you can" I chuckled. "Let's start easily, has he ever
kissed you? And don't even begin to think about lying or I shall know" "We
kiss when people are not about" she said quietly "I feel shy if I think
that people can see us". Excellent, I thought - just the right type.
"When you kiss Tim do you French kiss - and don't pretend that you don't
now what I mean?" She began to blush profusely again. This was too easy.
"I have never French kissed anyone" she said quietly. "Has Tim ever
touched your breasts?" She looked shocked and took a long while to answer.
"Of course he hasn't, he respects me too much".

This was just over the top. A fifteen year old catholic virgin who had
never French kissed a boy and who had never been felt, even outside her
clothes. There was no point in my asking if she had even thought of
touching Tim's prick. The answers to a lot of questions were written in
her blushes. However I thought that I would ask her anyway just to
humiliate her. There was a long silence and she whispered "I have never
touched a boy's private part before". "Right", I thought, "time to put a
stop to this"

"You are going to be learning a lot of new things this morning Amanda
and the first lesson is that you call things by their right names. A boy's
private part is his prick - now what is it called?" "His prick", she
quavered quietly. "We might as well learn the names of the other important
places and get it over with" I said. I pointed at her tits. "What are
these?". "Mmmmyyy breasts" she stammered. "No" I shouted, frightening her
again, "they are your tits and you are sitting on your arse. Now you say
it, touching the places". This was good. She gently touched her left
nipple and said "These are my tits, and I am sitting on my arse". "And
what do you call the place between your legs?" She buried her head in her
hands and started sobbing. I wound her pony-tail in my hand and steadily
pulled until she was sitting upright again. "If you do that again", I
said, "I will slap you. Now, answer the question". For a moment it looked
as though she wasn't going to be able to get the words out but she gave a
loud sob and said "My vagina". I laughed. "We can't call it that", I
said, "what to the girls call it at school?". "Some girls call it their
pussy" she said with the deepest blush yet. "OK", I said, "You put your
hands between your legs and touch it" She gingerly put her right hand down
over her dress and rested it on her pubic mound. "That is your cunt" I
said, "let me hear you say it". "My cunt", she whispered.

She moved her hand as though her cunt was red hot and sat leaning back
on the sofa with her hands clasped at her waist. Although this outlined
her tits nicely it was not as submissive as I wanted. "Put your hands by
your sides like I told you before" I growled. She leapt to obey and I
could see that I clearly had her under control. Time to move on.

There was a nice big upholstered armchair beside the settee which was
just right for my purposes. It was also a chance to demonstrate my control
and to see if more was required. I got up and moved over and sat down in
the armchair and just looked at her. She looked down at the floor in front
of her. "Amanda, look me in the eyes". She raised terrified baby-blue
eyes to mine. "I want a drink. That looks like a cocktail cabinet. Why
don't you get me a whisky?". She jumped to her feet, ran to the cabinet
and poured me a generous drink. "Bring it over here, sweetheart, it is
time we got better acquainted" I said. She got the drink and brought it to
me with reluctant steps. I took it from her and left her standing in front
of me while I put the drink down on a small table beside me. I fixed my
eyes on hers and just looked at her. She began to tremble and to blush
again. I reached out and took her hand and gently drew her towards me. "I
think that it would be nice if you sat on my knee, don't you?" I asked.
She shuddered and shook her head violently. "Do it" I snapped, "that was
not a question". I drew her onto my knee and settled her firm young arse
against me with her legs to my left and my right arm around her. I told
her to put one arm round my neck and I took hold of her other hand. I had
still not touched her sexually and yet she was blushing from her hairline
to the neckline of her pretty summer frock and trembling violently. I
could feel my prick getting hard against her arse and she must have been
able to feel it too. This increased her trembling. I looked into her
baby-blue eyes and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"You are a very pretty girl, Amanda" I said "far too good to waste on a
fifteen year old schoolboy". This is where I got my surprise. I thought
that I had broken her spirit but she suddenly started to struggle. I let
go of her hand and took her bottom jaw in my left hand and slowly squeezed.
She began to sob. "If you struggle, or put up any kind of resistance at
all, I am going to slap you hard. Would you like to lose some teeth?" She
looked horrified and tried to shake her head but I was holding her jaw.
"Are you going to behave?" I asked. She desperately tried to nod. I let
go of her jaw and took her hand again. I could see the marks of my fingers
on her face imprinted on the blush. They slowly began to fade. "Now that
we understand one another, it is time to get to know one another better" I

"I want you to kiss me the way that you and Tim kiss" I said. She was
now beginning to look more resigned and her burst of spirit may have been a
good thing as it seemed to have finished off her resistance. She raised
her lips to mine and closed her eyes. I felt the featherlight touch of a
teenaged girl's soft lips caressing mine. My prick began to swell more.
This girl was something special. She kissed clumsily and was clearly
unpractised. I had no reason to doubt that her experience was as limited
as she had described. I let her kiss me and made no effort to force the
pace. She obviously was not going to proceed so I withdrew my lips and
looked at her. Her baby-blue eyes looked back at me and there was the
first faint sheen of perspiration on her forehead.

"That was a little girl's kiss" I mocked. "You are old enough to be
able to kiss better than that. Just relax, keep your eyes open and look
into mine". She was sitting slumped on my lap and I could feel the
fullness of her left breast against my chest. I put my right arm round her
and gently rested it on her side just above her waist. I lowered my lips
to hers and looked into her eyes. I began to kiss her more strongly,
moving my lips on hers. Her eyes widened as she felt my tongue touch her
lips. I slowly moved my tongue forward until her mouth slightly opened and
I then kissed her more firmly and put my tongue between her teeth until it
met her little tongue. I held her firmly and gradually began to explore
her mouth. Her eyes were wide as she moved uncertainly on my knee. I
persisted, taking charge, as this was the first in a long series of steps
to complete sexual domination. She was clearly uncomfortable with the
intimacy of the kiss, never having done anything like that before, but I
just carried on. The sooner she realised that she was there to serve my
requirements the better. I finally took my lips from hers and looked into
her eyes. She was breathing deeply and I could see her breasts heaving.

"Well, Amanda" I asked, "Did you enjoy that? Was it better than kissing
Tim?" She shuddered on my lap sending delicious waves into my prick and
balls. "I hated it" she said quietly "It was dirty and disgusting". I
laughed. "What a baby you are" I said. "Now I want you to kiss me like
that. That is the way a woman kisses a man." She shuddered, looked into my
face and knew that resistance was hopeless. She raised her lips to mine
and closed her eyes. I halted her. "Open your eyes Amanda, I want you
always to look into my eyes when you are kissing me". She opened her eyes
and fixing them on mine, raised her lips to mine. I waited for her tongue
and, sure enough I felt it tentatively brush my lips. I opened my lips and
sucked her tongue into my mouth. Again I explored her mouth and tongue
and, at my leisure looked into her very soul and saw the fear there. She
had good reason to be frightened. She began to pant into my mouth and I
broke the kiss to let her recover. She slowly began to calm down. I still
had hold of her right hand with my left and by right hand was on her side
just above her waist. I let her relax a little and then gave her the next

"Amanda, I want you to tell me what you are wearing under your dress" I
said quietly. She looked shocked. I could, of course, have just made her
undress or undressed her but I wanted to humiliate her as much as possible.
There was a long pause and she looked confused and miserable. "Amanda,
describe your undies to me. I won't ask you again". There was a pause and
she looked down at the floor. "I have told you before, and this is your
last warning. When you are kissing me or speaking to me, you look into my
eyes". She rapidly raised her eyes to mine and mumbled "I am wearing a
bra, tights and panties under my dress". I looked into her eyes. "That is
not a very good description. In future if I ask you something I don't want
to go over it twice. I want complete descriptions, do you understand? Now
I want you to tell me exactly what your underwear is like and I won't ask
you again". In an almost mechanical voice she said,

"My bra is white with a bit of lace on the edges. It is a 34C cup size.
My panties are white with little blue flowers around the legs and my tights
are dark and as sheer as I could afford". "There you are" I said, "That
wasn't so hard was it?" She shuddered. I took a drink of whisky and
considered my next move. Too quick would be too crude and this girl was
worth taking time over.

"Now, Amanda, you said that Tim has never felt your tits" I said. She
blushed violently "Yes" she whispered. "Has anyone ever touched your
tits?". There was a pause and then a very quiet "No". I had to consider
what to do next. It would be easy to tear off her clothes and fuck her
senseless but I had the feeling that this would mean missing out on an
awful lot with this girl. While I was thinking I lowered my lips to hers
and, looking deep into her eyes, began to kiss her. This was the most
thorough kiss yet. I explored her mouth and gums with my tongue, raping
her virgin mouth. I stopped both when her terrified panting began to
transmit itself to my prick and when I had decided what to do.

Holding her left hand tightly I moved my right hand slowly up her side
until it was just touching the lower border of her right tit. I looked
deeply into her eyes and moved my hand up on to her breast. She gave a
deep gasp and went rigid. I was delighted. If touching her tit over her
clothes had this effect I was in for one hell of a morning. Her tit was a
beautiful handful of springy girl flesh. There is nothing sweeter than a
teenaged girl's newly-developed tits. I could feel her little nipple in
the palm of my hand through what must have been a very thin bra. Holding
her hand firmly I began to gently knead her tit as I looked into her eyes.
The perspiration beaded her forehead and I could see a deep cloud of shame
in her baby-blue eyes. She was holding her breath. "Kiss me, Amanda" I
commanded. She raised her lips to mine and I began to deeply French kiss
her as I looked into her eyes and luxuriously felt her springy virginal
tit. This was the best yet. I broke the kiss and looked down at her. She
was a sea of red from the roots of her hair down into her dress. It was
time to see more of that.

"Sit still and do not move" I ordered. I took my arm from around her
and let her support herself with her right arm around my neck. This left
my hands free. Using both hands I reached for the top button of her dress
and unfastened it. She gave a loud gasp "Please don't" she whimpered. I
just smiled and slowly continued unfastening her dress until I reached the
end of the row of buttons at her waist. I drew her dress apart and looked
at her exposed flesh. She was not very brown and the whiteness of her bra
was outstanding. I could see the indentations of her small nipples through
the thin material. As she was sitting slumped the slight folds of puppy
fat of her belly were visible with the cute indentation of her belly-button
above her tights. I drew her to me again and, putting my arm round her,
kissed her deeply. She had clearly learnt her lesson as her eyes snapped
up and looked into mine. I moved my hand on to her right tit and began to
feel her through her bra. She gave a loud sob thorough the kiss. I just
ignored her and carried on exploring her mouth and feeling her luscious
breast. She gave another sob. I broke the kiss and let her recover,
keeping my hand on her tit. Her sobbing breathing slowly returned to

"OK, Amanda, I think we can lose the dress now, don't you?" She looked
miserably into my eyes as I pushed her to her feet. I had unfastened all
the buttons and as it was loose around the waist as she stood the dress
fell to the floor around her feet. I lay back in the armchair and smiled
at the fifteen year old virgin trembling in front of me. She looked
incredibly erotic in just her white bra and dark tights and high-heeled
shoes. I motioned to her and she reluctantly settled back on my lap in her
previous position. I put my right arm round her, under her armpit and
straight on to her breast. She gasped and moaned gently. As I sat feeling
the trembling young blonde I thought that it was time to humiliate her

"Tell me, Amanda, what do you wear when you go to bed?" She looked at me
uncertainly, unsure where this was going but clearly afraid. "I have a
nylon nightie in the summer and pyjamas for the winter" she said quietly.
"And when your daddy comes to kiss you goodnight, do you think that he sees
your tits?". She gave a loud gasp of shock and took her arm from round my
neck and covered her face with both hands. I said, quietly and with menace
"You know better than that. Put your arm back round my neck and take hold
of the hand that isn't feeling your pretty tit". She gasped and obeyed
without question. "I think that Daddy must get plenty of views of your
pretty tits when you are in your nightie before you go to bed. Does he
ever see you in your underwear?" She nodded bleakly. "Come to think of it,
even though you are fifteen, you are still your Daddy's girl. Do you sit
on his lap the way you are on mine now only in your little nightie?" She
looked crushed, clearly it had never occurred to her that I would ask her
that. "Yes" she whispered. "And can you feel your daddy's prick under
your arse the way you feel mine now?" "No" she whispered. "You little
liar", I thought, "but I'll let that one pass". "Perhaps his prick isn't
as big as mine" I laughed. "Does your Daddy brush your tits "accidentally
on purpose" when you are cuddling up in your nightie?" I asked cruelly.
"No" she gasped in horror. It was time to leave this alone and to move on.

I moved her on my knee so that she was sitting with her back to me and
her legs open astride mine as though she was sitting on a pony. This was
the best position for my next moves. I flicked her pony-tail aside and
began to kiss the back of her neck. She relaxed back against me, perhaps
finding this position less threatening as she did not have to look at me. I
moved my hands under her arms and put them straight on to her breasts. She
gave a loud gasp and stiffened. I just ignored her and continued to knead
the fullness of her delicious young flesh through her thin bra. This was
the first time I had been able to feel both tits and they were wonderful
handfuls. They were surprisingly big for a fifteen year old girl but as
firm as one would expect a teenager's breasts to be. Although I could feel
her little nipples in the palm of each hand I could not feel them becoming
erect. Her breathing was becoming easier and she was possibly becoming
more accustomed to being felt.

"Don't dare move" I whispered into her ear. She began to tremble, not
knowing what to expect next. I could feel perspiration from her armpits on
both my forearms as they stretched round her. She was clearly very
frightened and sweating with fear. She had good reason. Keeping my left
hand on her tit I moved my right hand slowly down across her stomach gently
feeling the puppy fat until I came to her belly-button. I inserted the tip
of my finger and she gave a loud gasp. I gently squeezed all over her
stomach above the line of her tights, just letting her know that her body
was mine to do as I pleased. I moved both hands down to her thighs and
began to slowly rub up and down the inner parts of her thighs from just
above her knee to just below her cunt, which I was careful not to touch. I
found the feel of the nylon tights very sensual on my hands and I grasped
the inner parts of both thighs gently. She was panting gently. "Turn
round and kiss me Amanda" I commanded quietly. With the suppleness of
youth she turned on my knees and reluctantly offered her lips. I gave her
another deep kiss while I was holding the inner part of her thighs just
below her cunt. I could feel her panty-line on my thumbs, I was that
close. I took my lips from hers and looked into her eyes.

"Time to lose the bra, I think" "Please, no" she whined although I
should have thought that she would have realised by now that begging and
pleading was hopeless. I just ignored her and, removing my hands from her
thighs unfastened the catch of her bra. It fell forward loosely on her
arms. "Take it off" I ordered. She dropped it from her arms to the floor.
I took hold of her pony-tail and pulled her back so that her back was
resting against my chest and put my hands under her arms again, straight on
to her bare tits. I could see the blush extending over her shoulders as I
thoroughly felt her breasts. I gently squeezed them with the palms of my
hands and then took the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Amanda
gave a loud gasp. I did not want to hurt her (yet) so I gently pulled on
her nipples but I could not get them to erect. I moved her round again on
my lap so that she was sitting sideways with her arm around my neck. I
lowered my mouth to her tit and took the nipple between my lips. Amanda
gave a great shudder "No" she gasped "you mustn't do that!". I gently
began to suck her nipple, teasing it with my teeth. As not much was
happening, I sucked harder and at last I began to feel the nipple erecting.
She began to breathe heavily and the flush extended over her tits. I moved
to the other tit and repeated the performance. By now Amanda's eyes were
staring wide open and she was taking great gulps of air. I moved from one
tit to the other until the nipples were erect. As I doubt if she had ever
played with herself this was probably the first time in her life that this
had happened to her. She had nice protruding nipples, once they had been
encouraged - just right for what I had in mind for later. I fastened my
mouth on hers again and looking deeply into her, now cloudy, blue eyes I
gave her a very thorough French kiss while I felt her tit with her
newly-erected nipple. I just sat for a moment looking into her defeated
eyes while I felt her and drank my whisky. "Time for a change of scene and
a little more humiliation" I thought". "Amanda, can't you see that I have
finished my drink? Don't you think that it would be polite to get me
another one?"

She climbed off my lap and walked slowly to the cocktail cabinet. I
admired the outline of her firm young thighs clearly delineated by the
sheer tights and her cute little arse, stuck out a little as a result of
the high heeled shoes. When she had poured my drink she turned and came
back towards me I watched her tits bobbing as she walked. To my surprise,
her nipples had remained erect. I let her stand in front of me holding my
drink while I lay back in the chair and leisurely looked over her body.
She looked like a young whore serving a drink in a topless club but I doubt
if the thought had occurred to her. "What would Tim and your Daddy think
if they could see their little Amanda now, I wonder" I said maliciously.
She gave a loud sob but did not otherwise move.

"I think that it is time that we moved upstairs" I said. Amanda looked
at me in horror. "Just keep quiet, carry my drink, bring the bottle, and
lead the way to your parent's bedroom. We need more space". She gave a
loud sob and turned for the door picking up the bottle on the way. I
picked up my bag and was right behind her and, as she went up the stairs
carrying my drink, for the first time I put my hand on her arse. She
jumped but did not spill any drink. Her arse felt full and lovely and I
looked forward to getting to know it better. She led the way straight to a
large airy room containing a king-sized double bed. Along the whole of one
wall parallel to the bed was a series of wardrobes with mirrored doors from
floor to ceiling. Excellent!!!

I moved over to the bed, kicked off my shoes, piled up the pillows and
just lay back watching her. She seemed now to lack all will, waiting to be
directed. "Put the glass and bottle on the bedside table near me and come
to the side of the bed" I ordered. "I think that it is time to lose the
rest of your clothes - just slowly strip". She looked at me helplessly and
slid off her shoes. There was a chair near the bed which would give me an
excellent view. "Sit on the chair when you have taken your tights off".
She began a quiet sobbing and peeled her tights down her legs. Now she was
only wearing a pair of small panties, white as she had said with small blue
flowers around the legs. She sat on the chair as I had told her and,
clasping her hands in her lap, looked at the floor in front of her. "OK,
Amanda, take off your panties". She raised her cute arse from the chair
and slid her panties down her legs, trying to keep her thighs pressed
together. When her panties hit the floor she sat quietly sobbing with her
hands in her lap, her thighs tightly closed and looking at the floor in
front of her.

"Amanda" I snapped, she raised her eyes fearfully to mine. "Put your
hands by your sides, keep your eyes on mine and open your legs". For the
first time she really began to cry. Her sobs changed to deep gulps and
tears ran down her cheeks. She did not move. I think we had finally got
to the point where she was incapable of obeying without my putting on more
pressure. I got up from the bed and walked over to her, fastening my left
hand in her pony-tail I pulled her upright making no real effort to be
gentle. I slapped her hard across the face with my right hand twice and
then again and I could see the imprint of my fingers on her soft cheek.
"Do you remember what I said about losing teeth. Do you really want your
Mummy and Julia to suffer?" I snarled, "It is all the same to me. Now stop
that awful crying". With a huge effort she brought herself under control
and stood, my hand still buried in her hair, rubbing her cheek. "If I have
to do that again then I will really hurt you - don't forget. Now sit down
and dry your eyes". I pushed her down into the chair and threw her a box
of tissues. She wiped her eyes and, although she had stopped crying she
was quietly sobbing.

I walked back and lay down on the bed looking at her "OK Amanda" I said,
she raised her eyes to mine. "Put your hands by your sides, keep your eyes
on mine and open your legs - I won't tell you again". She slowly parted
her thighs and for the first time I saw her virgin cunt. I smiled as I
looked from her cunt to her deeply blushing face. She had a very prominent
mound with two very fleshy outer lips which were completely closed, showing
just a groove and rather sparse blonde curly pubic hair covering her mound
but leaving her lower lips clear. She was clearly trying to keep her
thighs as close together as possible but I wasn't having any of it. The
chair in which she was sitting had very small upholstered arms about three
inches high. "Just right", I thought. "Amanda, spread your thighs and
hook them over the arms of the chair". She gave a loud sob and hesitated.
At first I thought that she wasn't going to do it. This would have been a
real shame as it was still too early to really hurt her. I wanted as much
reluctant co-operation as possible. I gave her a harsh look and she
gradually spread her thighs until they were hooked over the arms of the
chair, opening up her cunt to my inspection. Spreading her thighs had
caused her little groove to part and I could begin to see the pink of her
inner lips.

"Amanda, you have a lovely little cunt" I said. ""Have you ever touched
it while you have been in bed?" She looked so horrified that I thought that
what she would tell me would be the truth. "Never" she gasped. I laughed.
"I think that it is time to improve your education .Take your fingers and
open your cunt for me - just do it, or I'll come over there and you'll be
sorry". She quickly dropped her hands to her cunt and spread the outer
lips. She did it clumsily and with such lack of familiarity that I doubted
that, even in the darkness of her bed she had made any experiments. I
could see the pink slash of her cunt opening with the inner lips beginning
to protrude. "Amanda, what do you think that your Daddy and Tim would
think of you now, sitting with no clothes on and holding your cunt wide
open for a strange man to look at". She shuddered but did not otherwise
move. I reached in my bag which I had brought up with me and took out my
digital camera. I took a quick photo of the terrified teenager sitting
nude with her thighs parted and holding her cunt gaping open.

"That is a memento of the occasion" I chuckled, "If you don't behave
yourself I will send copies to your Daddy, to Tim and to your school. Now,
come over here and lie beside me". She let go of her cuntal lips as though
they were red hot and slowly climbed on to the bed, lying on her back on
the left side of the bed. I leaned over her and looked down into her
terrified eyes. I lowered my lips to hers and began to give her another
deep kiss. Her eyes automatically opened and fixed themselves on mine. I
pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and began to mash my lips against
hers, regardless of her discomfort and fear. I put my right hand on to her
left breast and began to feel it more roughly than before, pulling and
tweaking the nipple. She gave a little gasp into my mouth but I persisted.
I felt her nipple erect again. I took my lips from hers and looked down
the bed. Her thighs were tightly clenched together. I began to twist her
nipple. She gasped with pain.

"This is your last warning, Amanda, open your legs and keep them open or
it will be the worse for you". Her thighs reluctantly parted. I began to
kiss her again and slowly moved my hand down her belly on to her thigh.
She gave a deep sob. I took my mouth from hers and looked deep into her
eyes. "Unless you want me to really hurt you, keep your eyes on mine and
your legs wide apart". I began to kiss her again, more gently this time as
I now had complete control, and moved my hand slowly up her plump trembling
young thigh until it was just below her cunt. She was sobbing gently into
my mouth and seemed incapable of controlling the shaking that affected her
entire body. I moved my hand upwards on to her cunt and let it rest,
cupping her slit. She gave a loud gasp and with a reflex action, tightly
squeezed her thighs together, trapping my hand. "Amanda", I said - and
that was all I needed to say. With a loud sob her thighs relaxed open and
her legs parted. I looked into her wide blue eyes. "Well, Amanda, what do
you think that Daddy and Tim would think now? A well brought-up young virgin lying naked in a man's arms and having her cunt felt. Don't you
think that they would be ashamed of you?"

"I can't help it" she whimpered, "you made me do it". "Pretty easy
though wasn't it" I mocked. I lay propped up on my elbow, looking into her
eyes, with my hand cupping her cunt. I slowly began to explore her dry
outer lips, gently tugging on her pubic hair. She gave a great shudder and
closed her eyes. "Amanda, open your eyes and look at me" I commanded
harshly. Her eyes flicked open and fixed themselves on mine. "Open your
legs wider" I ordered. She parted her thighs relaxing her knees outwards
and giving me complete access to her girlish cunt. Her cunt was too dry. I
thought a moment and then brought my fingers to her lips. Suck my fingers"
I commanded. She looked horrified and disgusted but slowly opened her
mouth and took my three middle fingers between her red lips. She could
taste the unfamiliar tang of cunt on my fingers but was powerless to help
herself. "Come on Amanda, put plenty of spit on my fingers" I said. As
this was obviously humiliating her, I made her suck my fingers a little
longer and then took my moistened hand from her mouth. A small tendril of
spit joined her lips to my finger before it parted.

"Now, Amanda, keep your eyes on mine and your legs apart". I moved my
hand down to her cunt and this time I put one finger between her cuntal
lips and into her slit for about an inch. The moisture on my fingers made
it easier and I slowly began to move my finger in and out, not pressing too
deeply but giving her the first finger-fuck of her young life. Her blue
eyes were wide and staring and she was panting and trembling. To humiliate
her more, I sat up while I was fingering her and just left her looking
blankly at the ceiling. I began to inspect her cunt more closely. To my
delight it was beginning to give off the typical girlish smell of
cunt-juice. Things were beginning to happen down there whether she wanted
them to or not. While finger-fucking her I used my other hand to spread
her outer lips and display her soft inner lips and the small bud of her
clitoris which I had not yet touched. I explored the soft inner lips and
continued to finger her tight channel which gripped my finger deliciously.
I began to finger her deeper. She gave a loud gasp, probably of discomfort
because her cunt was really tight, and I was now in about two inches, far
enough in to feel her virginal barrier.

"Well, Amanda, you have been a good girl haven't you?" I mocked, "still
a virgin at fifteen. Your boy-friend is very slow, that's all I can say".
She moaned softly. I moved back up the bed, keeping my finger buried in
her cunt as far as her maidenhead. I began another slow finger-fuck this
time going as far as her hymen and now adding a second finger. She gasped
again and I was no longer so sure that it was purely from discomfort. I
looked deep into her eyes and began to kiss her again, gently this time,
and giving her a thorough finger-fuck with two fingers as far as her
maidenhead. I could feel her legs and cunt beginning to relax. "Aha!" I
thought, "I wonder if this little virgin is beginning to think that having
her cunt felt is not so bad after all".

I moved my lips from hers and lay, looking into her frightened wide eyes
with my two fingers deeply buried in her virginal cunt. "OK, Amanda, bend
your knees upwards and outwards with your feet flat on the bed". She
slowly pulled her feet up the bed and parted her knees widely. Her cunt,
impaled on my fingers, now gaped open. I removed my fingers from her cunt and brought them to her lips. "Now, Amanda, suck your cunt-slime off my
fingers" I ordered. Without waiting I pushed my three fingers between her
moist red lips and smiled down at her. "Get sucking". She began
submissively to clean my fingers although she could not prevent a look of
revulsion crossing her face. I didn't mind that. She could be as repelled
as she liked as long as she did as she was told.

I picked up my camera and moved down the bed so that I was looking up at
her between her widely gaping thighs. I could see the red slash of her
cunt after the finger-fucking she had received beginning to gape open. It
would be a lot wider open than that before I had finished. "Smile for the
camera" I said. She looked scared but managed a tight little smile. I got
her with her legs wide open, her cunt gaping and a terrified little
virginal smile topping the lot. I put my camera back on the bedside table.

"Now, keep your hands by your sides, your thighs open as they are and
lie still or I will really hurt you" I said. I moved up between her thighs
and closely inspected her slightly gaping cunt. I could smell the
frightened girl smell in spite of her fear. I moved my fingers to the
bottom of her slit, to the delicate area between her cunt and arse and
gently began to half stroke, half tickle her. She gave a shuddering gasp
but did not dare to close her thighs. I moved my finger to her arse hole and slowly brushed across it. "Please don't" she gasped "it's so dirty".
"You haven't seen 'dirty' yet" I laughed. She shuddered. I probed her
virgin arsehole with the tip of my middle finger and I could feel the
resistance of the outer ring of muscle. Although she was clenching her
arse cheeks and hoping that I would not notice she was undone by the spit
she had put on my fingers. Her arse hole muscle suddenly gave way and my
middle finger popped an inch deep in to her tight back channel. I left it
there and moved my thumb into her open cunt. There was already less
resistance. Keeping her impaled on my fingers I moved up the bed and
looked into her eyes. "Well, Amanda, aren't you a dirty little girl -
letting a man you don't know stick his finger up your arse. Do you like
the feeling?"

"No" she whispered, "I hate it". "Too bad" I smiled and began to slowly
and deliberately finger-fuck her virginal arsehole while looking into her
eyes and keeping my thumb buried in her moist cunt. I lowered my lips to
hers and began to deeply kiss her while my finger was in her arse. I began
to finger-fuck her arse more deeply until my finger was buried to the root
in her little bottom. She was squirming deliciously on my finger but did
not dare to close her thighs. I knew now that she was my creature to do
whatever I liked with. I removed my fingers from her arse and cunt and
brought them to her lips. "Suck my fingers clean" I ordered.

"I can't" she whispered, "it's too dirty, I'll be sick". I didn't
hesitate but slowly pushed my fingers into her mouth. A look of revulsion
crossed her young face as she tasted the sour forbidden taste of arsehole
but I kept her at it until my fingers were clean. "That wasn't so bad was
it?" A shudder racked her whole body. I moved down the bed again so that I
was lying between her upraised parted knees and looking directly at her
slightly gaping cunt. I moved a little higher and lowered my lips to her
cute little belly button, into which I pushed my tongue. I could hear her
gasp. Her knees, however , remained widely parted. I slowly drew my
tongue down her plump young belly until I reached her pubic hair which I
began to tug gently with my teeth. She gasped. I lifted my head and
looked into her eyes. She was looking fearfully down at me wondering what
I was going to do next. "Keep your knees wide apart, Amanda, and your feet
just as they are. I don't want to have to hurt you". I lowered my head
and very slowly and gently drew my tongue along the crack of her slightly
gaping cunt from the back to the front. She gave a loud gasp and a shudder
and I could see her little hands bunch into fists and tightly clutch the
bedclothes. Her heels pressed down hard against the bed. I began to lick
the outside of her cunt-lips and then put the tip of my tongue between
them. All the time I was watching her terrified eyes as they looked down at
me. I pushed my tongue deeper into her sweet young cunt and began to
French kiss it. I mashed her outer lips with mine and pushed my tongue as
far up her cunt as I could and sucked deeply. She gave a loud hollow moan.
I could smell the girl smell mixed with sweat deep in my nose. It was
wonderful. I slowly withdrew my tongue and began to gently lick her
delicate inner lips, all the time moving closer to the little bud at the
front, the existence of which she knew from biology at school, but the
power of which she was as yet unaware. I brought the tip of my tongue to
her little bud and gently began to tickle it. She gave a loud gasp "Please
don't" she whimpered "it hurts". I laughed. " I don't think that it does,
you know. You have just never felt like this before". I began to gently
suck her clitoris, pulling on it with my lips. I could feel it slightly
expanding between my lips and, probably for the first time ever coming out
from under it's little hood. She shuddered and groaned deeply, pressing
her heels deeply into the bed. I knew that she was too frightened and
tense to come. I felt that I had probably gone as far as I could like this
and it was time to take a big step forward. Her education was about to be
extended beyond anything that she could have imagined.

I moved back up the bed and lay back against the pillows and finished my
drink. "Amanda, pour me another drink, sweetie, and then get back here" I
ordered. She scooted off the bed round to my bedside table and refilled my
glass and came back to her place beside me. I looked at her, fixing my
eyes on her baby-blue wide open gaze. "I don't think that it is very fair.
I have had the chance to see and play with your body and you have not seen
mine at all". She gave another horrified gasp. I sat up and took off my
tee-shirt and lay back on the pillows with my arms behind my head.
"Unfasten my trousers, Amanda" I said quietly. She looked terrified out of
her wits. Although a lot had already happened to her this morning I really
believe that it had just dawned on her that she was going to be raped and
that there was no escape. She lay trembling but did not otherwise move.
"I don't want to have to ask you again" I said quietly. With trembling
fingers she reached down, unfastened the clip, and slowly drew my zip down.
When I am going on one of these expeditions I wear as little as possible so
I was not wearing underpants. My prick popped out of the opening to her
horrified surprise. I ignored it for the moment and just looked at her.
"Get to the bottom of the bed, Amanda and pull of my trousers and socks and
then get back here". She quickly did as she was told and I lifted up my
arse to make it easier for her. I was now as naked as she was.

It was just as well that she had never seen a prick before because mine
is so much larger than average that comparing it with a 'normal' one would
have terrified her out of her wits. It is just over eight inches long when
erect and, more to the point, is very thick. I am circumcised so there is
a large threatening head like a small orange. I have correspondingly heavy
balls and thick pubic hair extending back to my arsehole. Also, as she
would find out, I am multi-orgasmic. When I am excited, and I have seldom
been in a better situation, there seems no end to my powers. That is bad
news for Amanda!

"OK, Amanda" I said "you told me downstairs that you had never touched
Tim's prick. I think that it is time for your education to begin, don't
you?" She shuddered. "look into my eyes" I ordered. She looked dumbly at
me. " I want you to feel my prick and balls gently until I tell you to
stop". She looked fearfully down. My prick was semi-erect lying across my
thigh with a blob of pre-cum staining the bead-spread. She did not move.
"Do it" I said quietly "or you know that I will hurt you". She reached out
with her small hand and gingerly touched my prick about half way up the
shaft. I made her close her hand around the shaft and showed her how to
wank me. My prick rapidly became fully erect under this treatment. She
looked at the threatening sight with horror. "Do you know what you are
doing Amanda?" I asked maliciously. She shook her head. Little liar I
thought, no-one could be that innocent. "You are giving me a wank" I lay
with my hands behind my head and let her slowly wank me. "Are you enjoying
it?" I asked. She shook her head. "Just you keep on wanking me until I
tell you to stop" I ordered. "Get both hands on my prick". My prick was
big enough and her hands small enough for her to easily get both hands on.
She continued giving me a slow delicious wank. "Instead of the baby kisses
you gave Tim, just think, you could have given him a nice grown-up wank
like this. Don't you think that he would have liked it?" She shook her
head miserably. "Well I know that he would" I said. "He is a man. I bet
he wanks himself in bed. It would have been much nicer for him if you had
done it. In future, if he looks at you again when I have finished with
you, you make sure that you treat him like a man. Your only function in
life is to satisfy men's desires. If Tim wants a wank, you give him one -
understand". She sobbed and nodded. "I wonder what your Daddy would think
of his little girl now" I mocked. She paused. "Just keep wanking" I
growled "I didn't say that you could stop but keep wanking me with one hand
and gently feel around my balls with the other". The miserable girl kept
on slowly and rhythmically wanking my big prick with her right hand and
with her left hand she began to fondle my balls. More pre-cum oozed from
the end of my prick under her treatment and ran down over her hand. She
looked at it in horror. I stretched luxuriously. "Just you keep on
wanking me and feeling me" I said "I could stand quite a lot of this.
Considering that it is your first time you are a pretty good little
wanker". "Don't you think that I deserve a kiss for letting you wank and
feel me?" I asked her. "Just keep on wanking me and give me a nice kiss".
She looked into my eyes and brought her lips to mine. I immediately took
command and began a deep French kiss exploring all of her mouth and gums
and sucking gently on her tongue. She carried on mechanically wanking me
nice and slowly and fondling my balls. I could feel the pre-cum running
down over my prick and on to her hand. I carried on kissing her, enjoying
the wank. Itook my lips from hers. "Amanda" I said quietly "I think that
you should thank me for letting you wank me. Weren't you brought up to be
polite?" "Thank you" she whispered so that I could just about hear her.
"What for?" I asked. "For letting me wank you" she whispered miserably. I
looked into her eyes and smiled. "That wasn't so hard was it?" She
shuddered. All this time she had been gently wanking me with her right
hand and feeling my balls with her left. I just let her get on with it
while I had a drink. Her eyes were fixed with horrified fascination on the
big prick that she was wanking and feeling.

"Amanda" I said quietly "you seem very interested in my prick. Don't
you think that you should give it a little kiss?" She looked at me in
absolute horror and shook her head violently jerking her hand off my shaft.
I wound my hand in her hair again and pulled her face close to mine.
"Listen, this is your last warning. Do everything I tell you without
hesitation or you will get hurt. I will not tell you again." I threw her
head back and looked down at her. "I did not tell you to stop wanking me"
I growled "get back to it". She hurriedly seized my prick in her right
hand and began her slow wank again. She seemed to know instinctively how
hard to grip and how fast to go. "Now, kiss my prick". She lay looking at
me in horror but continuing to mechanically wank me with her left hand
under my balls. I raised my hand warningly. She shuffled down the bed so
that her head was level with my prick and looked hopelessly up at me.
"Kiss it, you little wanker" I snarled. She slowly brought her lips to my
shaft below her wanking hand and above my balls and put a timid little kiss
on my prick. She then withdrew her mouth and looked up at me. "That's not
nearly good enough" I said "do you know what a blowjob is?" She shook her
head dumbly - and I think that she was probably telling the truth. She
clearly had had a very sheltered upbringing. "What I want you to do is to
kiss the end of my prick" I said firmly. She shook her head. I raised my
hand warningly again and I felt her hand tighten on my prick. "Just keep
wanking" I said "and kiss the tip". I felt her breath on the end of my
prick and then I felt the slightest touch of her lips. She pulled away as
though it was red hot. I smiled down at her. "Now, open your mouth and
take the end of my prick into it" I said. She looked horrified and shook
her head, shrinking away from me across the bed. She was still
mechanically wanking my cock and she had worked up a nice rhythm. It was
funny that her mind and body could be so cut off from what her hand was
doing. I reached out and pulled her towards me by the hair so that her
head was resting on my thigh so that she was looking up at me with my prick
rearing up in front of her eyes. "Right you little wanker, this is your
last warning. Take the end of my prick into your mouth." I kept my hand
wound in her soft hair and moved her head to my prick. I don't think that
I would have been able to get her to do this without a bit of compulsion
initially. I felt the end of my prick brushing against her closed lips. I
moved her head around, smearing pre-cum all over her mouth. "Right,
Amanda, keep wanking me nicely and open your mouth wide". She gave a
convulsive sob. I twisted her hair a bit tighter and felt her mouth slowly
opening on the end of my prick. "Wider you little wanker" I snarled. She
opened her mouth as wide as she could and the tip of my prick was just
touching her lips. I slowly pushed the big end of my prick past her lips
and her teeth and into her mouth. I put about two inches in and just
rested there. "Now, Amanda, keep wanking me and close your lips around my
cock". She gave a great shudder but did as I commanded. "Open your eyes
and look at me" I snapped. Her blue eyes, now misted with the shadow of
defeat gazed up at me. Her mouth was stretched around my prick which she
was still slowly wanking. "OK, you little cocksucker, lets have a nice
picture for Daddy". I picked up my camera and took a picture of her
startled face with my prick resting two inches deep inside her mouth. I
began to move my prick around inside her mouth and I could see the head
bulging first one cheek and then the other. I slowly moved it in and out
about half an inch. She looked completely crushed with her sweet red lips
stretched around my big prick and her blue eyes fixed on mine. "Now,
Amanda, for your first cocksucking lesson. Run your tongue around the end
of my prick and gently suck". She automatically followed orders. It was a
really delicious sensation, just like being held in a velvet vice. "I
don't want to have to do any work. Move your head backwards and forwards
just keeping my prick inside your lips and taking it in as far as you can.
Run your tongue around the end and keep gently sucking and wanking".

It was amazing how quickly she picked up the idea. I looked down at
this little virgin giving me a very competent blowjob only five minutes
after I had started teaching her. "You are a natural cocksucker Amanda" I
said "now take my prick deeper into your mouth". It was too much to expect
her to deep-throat me but she was taking about four inches of my prick into
her mouth and sucking gently. I thought that that was pretty good for a
beginner. I was surprised that I had lasted so long with this little
blonde virgin fondling my balls, wanking me gently and sucking my prick. I
could feel the pressure beginning to build in my balls. Amanda knew that
something was happening because she felt my prick suddenly harden as it
spasmed. I grabbed her hair and held her mouth fixed on my prick. It
dawned on her what was about to happen and her eyes widened in horror. I
just smiled at her as I came in a rush of cum that filled her mouth, ran
down her throat and trickled out of her lips. She looked wide-eyed and
terrified with her mouth clamped to my prick and spunk running down her
chin. I reached for my camera with one hand and took a quick picture of
her raped face. I kept her mouth fixed on my prick but she had stopped
wanking me. I didn't mind that. I just looked down at her and smiled.
"If only your Daddy and Tim could see you now you dirty little cocksucker.
Lying with your face covered in cum and your mouth around the prick of a
guy whose name you don't even know who you have just sucked off. What do
you think they would feel about that?" I let go of her hair and she stayed
just as she was. I think that she was in a state of shock. I pulled her
off my prick and threw her some tissues. "Clean yourself up cocksucker" I
taunted. She wiped her face and dried her tears. "Now use that pretty
little tongue to clean up my prick and balls" I ordered brusquely. She
took one look at my face and knew that it was useless delaying. I picked
up my drink and lay back as I watched the little blonde virgin licking
around my semi-erect prick and, for the first time, licking my balls. I
just lay back relaxed and drinking while I got my strength back and I just
let her get on with it. With me, it doesn't take long and soon I started
to harden again.

I motioned up the bed and she quickly scooted up so that she was lying
beside me again. "Feet up and knees apart, Amanda, like before" I said
brusquely. She did not hesitate but drew her feet towards her arse and let
her knees fall apart. "Good girl" I said. I put my fingers to her mouth
and she mechanically sucked on them, transferring spit and cum to my
fingers. I put my hand straight on to her cunt with no messing about. She
gave a soft gasp and pressed her feet into the bed. I began to casually
finger-fuck her with two fingers going in as far as her maidenhead. She
blushed and shuddered. I included a third finger in the fuck and began to
deliberately stretch her cunt. She gasped. "Look into my eyes, Amanda" I
commanded. She opened her eyes and fixed them on mine. I put my lips to
hers and put my tongue deep into her mouth. I gave her a long kiss,
tasting my own spunk on her tongue. I just lay, relaxing, kissing the
frightened virgin deeply while I was giving her a vigorous finger-fuck with
three fingers as deep as I could without breaking anything. This was
definitely beginning to stretch her twat. I slipped my left arm round her
neck and moved it down on to her left breast which I began to knead. I
pulled on her nipple and watched it erect. I began to gently twist her
nipple as I was kissing and finger-fucking her. Her breath began to come
in pants as the various sensations flooded through her body. She was still
far too tense and frightened to come so I concentrated on giving her a
little pain. I twisted and squeezed her nipple and she gasped into my
mouth. I just ignored it, carried on deeply kissing her and giving her a
good three finger-fuck. I twisted her left nipple until she began to gasp
with pain and then I left it and began to roughly squeeze her tit. Her
gasps increased as I mauled her tit roughly and finger-fucked her moist and
quivering cunt. At last I took my mouth from hers and looked down
triumphantly at her. She was still being roughly finger-fucked and her tit
was being squeezed much harder than was comfortable. I didn't care, all I
knew was that all this was turning me on again. She lay panting with her
knees splayed outward and my fingers in her cunt. "Do you like that
Amanda?" I asked. She shuddered. "I am so scared" she whispered. I
slowed down the finger-fuck, still using three fingers and trying to
stretch her twat but going more gently. "I tell you what would be nice
Amanda" I whispered "how about another nice wank". Lying on her back she
reached over with her left hand, turning slightly towards me and began to
wank me off. "You are a natural my sweet. In a short time you have become
a pretty good little wanker". My fingers continued slicking in and out of
her open cunt. I just lay enjoying the feel of her hand on my prick again.

"Do you know what we are going to do now?" I asked calmly. She looked
at me with fear in her eyes. "Keep wanking me my sweet little cocksucking
Amanda and I'll keep feeling your pretty cunt while I tell you. Whatever
you do, keep your thighs apart as they are and don't stop wanking me or it
will be the worse for you. Do you understand?" She nodded dumbly. I gave
her a gentle kiss on the lips without using any tongue and lay looking at
her anxious pinched face. Her cunt was getting very wet and I could feel
the cunt-juice slurping around my fingers. That was good.

"It is time for you to be fucked, my sweet. I am going to turn you from
a girl into a fucked-out woman. I am not going to use any protection and I
am going to shoot all my cum deep into your womb. Believe me, you will get
a baby from this morning. My big prick will stretch your little cunt so
far open that it will never be the same again. Where other girls your age
have tight little cunts yours will be gaping so wide that you will never
feel a normal prick again. I am not only going to take your virginity and
give you a baby but I am going to spoil sex for you for ever." As I spoke
to her she looked more and more afraid, the fear slowly turning to horror.
Her eyes widened and she began to pant. Big tears formed in her eyes and
slowly ran down her cheeks. Her body was wracked with a convulsive
sobbing. "Remember what I told you" I snarled "keep your thighs well apart
and don't dare to stop wanking me". I got a fourth finger into her cunt and began to spread her outer lips as much as I could. She was going to
need it. "Stop crying Amanda" I said calmly, looking into her puffed-up
eyes "don't be such a baby just when you are on the verge of becoming a

She looked hopelessly into my eyes. "Please don't give me a baby" she
begged "what will I do? What will my parents say? I wanted to go to
University after school and I can't if I have a baby. I couldn't get rid
of it". "Splendid!" I thought. I just looked at her. "You don't get it
do you, Amanda" I said " I don't care in the least what you want. After
this morning you will just be one more of my bitches having my kid. How
you live your life is your affair - but it will include a baby". I pushed
my fingers deep into her cunt right up against her hymen. "Feel this, my
sweet?" I asked "you won't have it many minutes longer". Putting a time on
it like that terrified her. I could feel her whole body trembling.
Mechanically she continued gently wanking me off - she didn't dare stop. I
took my fingers from her sloppy cunt and put them to her mouth. "Lick my
fingers clean like before" She automatically opened her lips and accepted
my smelly fingers. I wiped them round the inside of her mouth. She

"Now listen, Amanda, you know what is going to happen so you might as
well accept it but I want you to ask me if you can please have my baby".
She looked at me in disbelief and shook her head violently, tears beginning
to run down her cheeks again. She slowed down her wanking action. I just
glanced down and she got the message loud and clear and carried on wanking
me off properly. "Ask me" I repeated. She shook her head. I put my right
hand across her body on to her left breast and I began to squeeze it. She
shook uncontrollably, adding to the sensations of the wank. I was really
hurting her tit now when I let it go and grasped the nipple between my
thumb and forefinger. I knew that she would not be able to stand this I
began to twist. She gasped and took her hand off my knob. I just looked
at her. She quickly took hold of my prick again and began to wank me. I
pulled and twisted her nipple and she gave a low moan. I could see how
much I was hurting her. "Well?" I asked. No answer. I just let go of her
nipple and slapped her hard across the face. She stared vacantly into
space and the imprint of my hand was clear on her cheek. "Well?" I
repeated. No answer. I slapped her again, harder. Her head rocked to the
side and she gave a little squeal. I could see her trying to say
something. "Right, you little wanker, I have really lost patience with you
now. Don't say I didn't warn you". I could see froth on her lips mixed
with a little blood. "Please... " she whimpered. "Please what, Amanda?"
I asked. There was a long silence while her body was convulsed with sobs.
She had stopped wanking me but her little hand was still clasping my prick.
I let it go because I knew that she needed all her concentration for what
was to come. She looked hopelessly up at me and whispered "Please may I
have your baby" and closed her eyes numbly. I smiled. "Open your eyes
Amanda and look at me". She did so automatically. "Are you sure that that
is what you really want?" She shuddered and nodded dumbly. "That wasn't so
hard was it, now get wanking". I lay back and had a drink as my reluctant
young victim recovered her composure while she continued to give me a nice
wank. I gave her a tissue to wipe the blood from her mouth and to clean
herself up. "If you behave yourself, I won't have to hurt you again - but
just remember that I can and I will if I have to".

My prick was as hard as an iron rod now. She was lying on her back
still with her feet drawn up and her thighs widely splayed apart. She
looked like a fucked-out little whore, and I hadn't even started! "You can
stop wanking me now" I said and I moved down the bed until I was kneeling
between her thighs. I looked at the pink gash of her cunt, already much
more stretched than it had been an hour ago. She looked at me between her
plump childish thighs in mute terror. "Remember, Amanda, you asked for
this so you can put my prick into your cunt. Open your cunt-lips with your
left hand and use your right hand to guide my prick in". "Please don't
make me do this" she begged as she reluctantly put her left hand down to
her cunt and spread the lips. I knew that she was completely cowed when
she took my prick in her right hand and clumsily pressed it against her
cunt. I took over and slowly pushed the head of my prick between her outer
lips. She gave a loud gasp and screwed her eyes up. "Open your eyes and
look at me Amanda, You know the rules" I snapped. She opened her blue eyes
and fixed them on mine. I slowly began to push my prick into her tight
cunt. She gasped and shuddered but kept her eyes on mine. It was hard
going. I don't think that a prick the size of mine would have gone into
her tight little channel without tearing her if I hadn't stretched and
moistened her with a decent finger-fuck so recently. I was now about an
inch up her and I stopped pushing and started to very gently fuck her fresh
young cunt with the end of my tool. It felt great and her channel was
slowly becoming more relaxed in spite of her terror. "Do you like that
Amanda?" I asked. She shook her head in mute fear. Her face was red with
shame and she was trembling with fear. I pressed a little harder and slid
a little further in. Suddenly I felt resistance. I was in about two
inches and was at her hymen. She flinched and I knew that she had felt it
too. I withdrew again and started gently fucking her so that the end of my
prick was touching and stretching her hymen with each stroke. I just
carried on as I knew that her cunt was becoming more stretched every moment
by my prick but the time had really arrived and Amanda knew it. She was so
tight and hot inside. I was already beginning to feel a tingle in my
balls. I knew that this might not last very long. I didn't care! However
long it lasted, was going to be pure bliss. I pushed forward once more
sliding in to meet resistance at around two inches deep. I rested the head
of my cock against her hymen while trying to decide the best way to do it.
I pushed a little harder against her tight virgin barrier. The feeling was
so intense for me that I couldn't think of anything but how great it would
feel to be all the way inside of her. I pushed Amanda's legs down flat
against the bed and climbed between her thighs in a traditional missionary
position. I thought that that position would give me the most control over
her and the best leverage for breaking through her cherry in one hard and
forceful stroke. I looked deep into her eyes and smiled cruelly. "You're
going to have a Spring baby", I said quietly. I began to push deeper into
her virgin childish cunt. "No . no", she whimpered. My face was now very
close to hers, our noses were touching and I was staring into her eyes.
Her young blue eyes gazed straight back into mine in mute terror. I kissed
her and pushed my tongue into her mouth to keep her quiet. She had already
had my prick in there, so she didn't fight now, her resistance appeared to
be over. My cock was still nibbling at her maidenhead, slowly forcing an
opening. Her whole body squirmed and trembled, as my invading organ kept
pushing and pushing. And then, with one hard shove I penetrated her more
deeply. She gave a sharp yelp against my lips, that special terrified
sound young girls always make as they are being deflowered. I had heard it
many times, but I never become tired of it. Her eyes widened and she
desperately tried to throw me off. I was having none of it. I just pushed
her back into the bed and thrust harder. I forced my way deeper inside her
squirming hips, pushing past her torn and ruined cherry. "Oh somebody
please help me!" she squealed, tearing her lips from mine as I drove my
shaft home. With my left hand I seized her by the hair tightly twisting
her ponytail, now wet with the sweat of fear, looked deep into her
terrified eyes and began another deep kiss, my weight pressing down on her.
With the other hand I began to firmly fondle her right tit. Her nipple was
erect. Inch by inch I forced my way into her virgin body, gradually
impaling her on my huge prick. She struggled and thrashed, as I slowly
entered her. In a couple seconds my cock had completely disappeared
between her plump childish thighs up to my balls. She was tight, but still
I was able to get the whole thing in. I could feel the taste of her blood
on my lips as she bit the inside of her lip. Here was this beautiful
teenager, lying flat on her back, her thighs splayed wide apart, impaled on
my large cock. Although she was so tight I could move in her. I began to
slowly fuck her, moving my prick out about four inches and pressing hard
into her until the end of my giant tool rubbed against her cervix. She was
sobbing against my kiss and her whole body was shaking.

I withdrew my lips from hers. She lay, looking at me dumbly, her
forehead beaded with perspiration and her lipstick smeared. I could smell
the terrified girl-smell of a deflowered virgin coming off her heated body.
The smell of the sweat from her armpits was strong in my nose and the whole
room seemed to be filled with the scent of cunt. I carried on fucking her,
slowly lengthening my stroke until she was getting six inches and at the
end of each push I could feel her cervix rubbing my knob-head. "Well,
little Amanda" I gloated "you are no longer a virgin. What do you think
that your Daddy and your boy-friend Tim will think of you now? Do you
think that Tim will want to go out with you now that you have been fucked?
Just think, he has been going out with you for six months and he never even
felt your tits. I have known you for less than two hours and here you are
lying under me with my prick deep in your belly waiting for me to give you
a baby". I began to fuck her a little harder, but still just giving her
six inches. She gasped and her hips began to move. I pulled my prick
right back so that the tip was just inside her outer lips. I looked down
and saw my prick and the bed-spread stained with her virgin blood. I
rammed my prick deep in her to her cervix and felt my balls nestle against
her soft arse. Her hips jerked spasmodically.

I looked down into her defeated eyes. "Ah, you like that do you" I
said. She shuddered but, despite herself, her hips continued to squirm. I
began to mess further with her mind. "Don't you wish that your Daddy could
see his precious little girl, his darling daughter, just as she is now,
like any other little whore, lying with her legs open and letting a man fuck her? When he knows what you have done he will never think the same
about you again. He will always wonder if you were willing to let me do
this. You are a strong healthy girl. He will always be tormented by doubt
and the feeling that you should have fought harder. In fact, don't be
surprised if the next time you are sitting on his knee in your little
nightie you feel her prick under your arse and his hands on your tits. He
may even think that as you are such a little whore and have given your
virginity to a man so willingly that you liked it. He may feel that since
you put out for me so easily you will for Tim if he can stand you after
this, so he may as well have a piece himself. You could become the school
and family whore if this all gets out" She groaned and her body began to be
wracked with convulsive sobs.

I began to fuck her harder. Pressing her arse deeper into the bed and
giving her a full eight inches. Her eyes were screwed up and she was
biting her lip. This was the hardest fucking yet and I knew that her cunt was being stretched and might even have torn a little. It was very moist
and, looking down I could see more blood. I kept pressing deeper and
deeper, my knobhead brushing her cervix with each stroke. She was sobbing
convulsively a fleck of blood at the corner of her smeared lips. "Open
your eyes" I commanded. She looked miserably up at me. I could feel the
pressure beginning to build up in my balls and my knob hardened even more
as the spasm began. "Here comes your baby, Amanda" I whispered into her
ear. I withdrew to the opening of her violated and torn cunt and, and with
the spurts of cum with beginning to flood her from my rigid tool I pushed
my prick deep into her open cunt and spewed my potent sperm against her
cervix and straight into her womb. I lay on her with my prick buried to
the balls in her raped cunt and I could feel her horrified gasping
breathing. Her damp hair was soft on my cheek and the smell of girl-sweat
from her armpits and forehead was stronger. "Your womb is full of my
sperm, Amanda, and you will get a nice little baby come Spring" She sobbed
and tried to move. "Just you lie there for a while" I said feeling my
prick becoming softer in her cunt. "Now", I whispered into her ear "give
me a nice kiss and thank me for giving you a baby" She lay dumb and
unresponsive seemingly in a state of shock. I was still fondling her right
tit so I began to squeeze it harder and moving to the nipple I gave it a
sudden vicious twist. She gasped with pain. I looked into her clouded
blue eyes. "Well?" I asked. She shuddered and her whole body began to
tremble. After one or two wordless noises she licked her smeared lips and
offered them to mine. I began a slow luxurious deep kiss lying on the
fucked teenager with one hand buried in her hair and the other squeezing
her plump tit, the nipple of which I could feel hard and erect against my
palm and my softening prick deeply buried in her violated cunt. I just let
her lie there and took my time exploring her mouth and fondling her springy
tit. I could feel her sweaty and bloodstained thighs splayed under me
sticking to mine as I moved slightly. She was totally at my mercy. I
withdrew my lips and looked into her defeated and fucked-out eyes. I knew
that she would never be the same again and so did she. She whispered
quietly "Thank you for giving me a baby". "That's better, I knew that you
were a polite well brought-up girl" I mocked. It was time to screw her
mind up some more while I recovered.

I took my hand from her right tit and put my fingers to her lips. "Just
get sucking" I ordered. "Pull your feet up and spread your knees like
before" I commanded. She seemed to have no will left and dumbly complied
immediately, her smeared sexy lips closing on my fingers and her knees
widely splayed. "You have very quickly become my little fuck-toy haven't
you Amanda? It certainly didn't take much effort. You are such an easy
lay. It is a pity for Tim that he didn't know that you were this easy" I
mocked. "Have you no pride? Don't you think that your family would be
ashamed of you if they could see you now?" Tears oozed from her eyes
further smearing the small amount of eye make-up she had applied that
morning. "Now just listen to me and keep sucking". She looked up at me
with a defeated hopelessness in her eyes, a feeling that I knew she would
never forget and that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

"I told you earlier that I would spoil sex for you for ever and now I'll
tell you why. When I leave you your cunt will be stretched so wide and out
of shape that it will be permanent. Instead of a nice tight little girl's
cunt you will have the hole of a fucked-out whore. It will be big enough
to get a fist in. You will never feel a normal boy's prick again because
it will hardly touch the sides. It is even better than that though.
Whenever a boy you like, or your husband if you ever find one after this
morning comes near you, you will remember this morning and how I fucked you
and you will not be able to stand it. They won't get near your cunt because you will be too frightened to even open your legs". My fingers
played around inside her mouth and she looked hopelessly up at me with
defeated eyes. "You told me that you have never touched your cunt while
you were in bed, so you have never had an orgasm?". She shook her head
against my fingers which I removed from her mouth. I moved my hand down
her body and rested it on her sweaty stomach.

"Did you have an orgasm when I fucked you?". "No", she whispered. "I
know you didn't" I smiled "because you were too tense and my prick was
hurting you. Well, Amanda, that was your last chance. You will never be
able to relax enough to let anyone fuck you gently enough so that you have
a compete orgasm even if your cunt wasn't stretched and ruined so you will
never, ever know what it is like to come with someone you love. You better
enjoy this morning because, my sweet, effectively this is the end of your
sex life". She sobbed quietly.

I could feel my prick hardening in her cunt and I began to move slowly
in her just an inch or so. She was moist and easy now as her stretched and
ruined cunt was lubricated by my cum. "No, please" she whimpered "not
again". "We haven't even nearly finished, my little fuck-toy" I smiled. I
took my right hand from her girlish belly and moved it under her thigh so
that I approached her arse. Looking into her shocked eyes I pushed the
middle finger of my right hand straight into her still virgin hole. She
gasped loudly. I pushed my finger deep up her hole and started to finger
fuck her arse deeply and slowly while my prick gently fucked deep into her
ruined cunt. She gave a loud sob of pain and caught her breath as I pushed
a second finger into her arse and began to stretch her hole. I pressed my
fingers as deeply as I could and began to twist my hand. She moaned and
her hips began to twitch. I began to fuck her cunt more deeply, giving her
all eight inches and pushing my prick into her to the balls, feeling her
cervix caressing the end of my knob. I put a third finger into her arse
and continued finger-fucking her back hole as deeply as I could, twisting
my fingers with each thrust. I could feel the sweat and mucus from her
fevered hole lubricating my invading hand and her girlish buttocks clenched
against my fingers.

The fingers of my left hand were still twisted in her hair. Her eyes
looked empty and unfocussed for the first time so I gave her hair a vicious
twist to concentrate her mind. She looked into my eyes and with my hand
buried in her arse I increased the depth and force of the movement of my
prick until I was hammering her cunt and having a very satisfactory ride. I
continued to give her the full eight inches deep into her cunt so that my
balls slammed against her arse as the end of my knob battered her cervix. I
could feel the slime and blood around my prick and her cunt felt looser as
her knees splayed helplessly. I looked down at her and her plump tits were
bouncing on her chest with each thrust. I carried on riding her roughly
and forced a fourth finger into her arse. She sobbed helplessly. I knew
that she would not be able to come and I wasn't bothered anyway. I kept on
fucking her hard with my hand up her arse until I began to feel the
familiar tingle in my balls and the increasing tension in my prick. I
leaned down and pressed my lips against her reluctant little mouth which I
immediately invaded with my tongue. I gave her a rough kiss as, with my
hand shoved deep into her arse, I began to flood her womb with another lot
of hot cum. She sobbed helplessly against my mouth and I lay on her with
my left hand deeply buried in her spreading arse while I sucked on her
tongue and let the remains of my ejaculation flow into her receptive womb.
I just lay there, sucking on her tongue, enjoying the smell of her sweat,
while I got my breath back and let the remainder of my cum leak into her
cunt. I could feel my prick becoming softer and I knew that I would need a

I removed my lips from hers, took my hand out of her arse and brought it
to her lips. "Get sucking" I ordered. She gasped and shook her head as
she smelt the tang of her own shit on my fingers. "I can't" she whimpered
"please don't make me". I just looked down at her and slowly pushed four
fingers into her mouth stretching her lips. A look of revulsion crossed
her face but she obediently sucked on my fingers. When she had cleaned
them I removed my left hand from her hair and slowly pulled my prick out of
her cunt. She just lay, fucked and defeated. I picked up my camera and
moved down the bed between her thighs. Her cunt was a sight. It gaped
open slackly four or five inches and blood-stained cum leaked down towards
her arsehole which was also beginning to gape. "Smile for me Amanda" I
ordered. She raised her head from the pillow and her lips twisted into the
semblance of a smile. I took a couple of photographs. I moved up the bed
and put my camera down. I picked up my drink and relaxed back against the
pillows. Amanda lay beside me quietly sobbing. My prick lay on my thigh
semi-erect and I knew that before I could do anything else I needed a rest.
No problem, I had plenty to occupy myself.

"OK, Amanda" I said quietly, "Get down there and clean me up with your
tongue". Her resistance was so broken now by my physical and mental
pressure that she didn't even argue or hesitate. She moved down the bed
until her head was level with my prick, leaned over and began to lick my
prick and balls. I just relaxed watching the dominated little schoolgirl
washing my prick and balls with her pink tongue. When she had been over my
prick and balls she hesitated but kept her head at the level of my thigh.
She knew what was next almost without my saying. "Suck me off, Amanda", I
ordered "and look at me while you do it so that we can carry on talking".
Without hesitation she took my semi-erect prick into her mouth, washed
round the knob end with her soft tongue and gently started to suck me off
while I looked into her eyes.

"You are such an easy lay" I taunted "It isn't difficult to get you to
suck me off is it? I think that you like the feel of a prick in you mouth.
Your cunt is really stretched and ruined just like I told you it would be
and it will stay stretched now. You are bleeding a bit and I may have torn
you inside slightly but you will be OK. Your arsehole is also much bigger
than it was and I can see the pink of the inside which I couldn't before.
You don't know yet how that is going to affect you but I will tell you.
She looked terrified but mechanically continued to suck me off. "You stink
something awful and I think that we are going to have to do something about
it. Come up and lie beside me". With a sigh of relief she took her mouth
from my prick and moved up to lie alongside me.

I didn't touch her but had a pull on my drink and looked round. There
was a second door in the room. "Where does that lead?" I asked. "It's my
Mummy and Daddy's bathroom" she whispered. "Good" I said "right, Amanda,
just you go into the bathroom and wash the sweat off yourself. Stand where
I can see you and don't close the door. Wash your legs and the outside of
your cunt but keep away from the inside and leave your arse hole alone. I
want you smelling nice when you come back. Do you understand?" She nodded
and tried once or twice to say something. I looked at her and waited. "I
want to go to the toilet" she whispered. "You can, but leave the door open
so that I can watch you" I replied, seeing another chance to humiliate her.
She looked shocked but had got beyond arguing with me.

She got off the bed and moved stiffly and rather bow-legged, towards the
door. "Is your cunt sore?" I asked maliciously. I heard her sob as she
went into the bathroom, leaving the door open. Good, I could see the
toilet from where I was lying. She sat on the toilet and hugged herself
with her arms looking at the floor. "Amanda!" I said sharply "you know
better than that. Sit back, hands by your sides, open your legs and look
into my eyes". She leaned back and looked into my eyes across the twenty
feet or so that separated us. I could see the open slash of her ruined
cunt and I admired her tip-tilted tits as they heaved with her embarrassed
breathing. I heard her fart and the plop as she shat. She blushed
furiously as she saw me watching her. I heard the loud buzz as she began
to piss. Tears ran down her cheeks as her bladder emptied. I picked up my
camera and took a picture of her humiliation. For a modest girl, in spite
of all that had happened to her, this might have been her greatest torment
yet. It is odd what people can stand and just what can break their spirit.
I watched her clean herself and gingerly stand. "Now wash yourself and
clean your teeth" I ordered. She filled the basin and began to follow my
instructions exactly. She dried herself and picked up a tin of talcum
powder. "Don't worry about that" I said "I like to smell you as you are.
Get back in here".

She shuddered and slowly moved back into the bedroom, walking very
carefully. I got off the bed and went to her. I took her in my arms with
my left hand dropping to squeeze and fondle her arse cheek and my right
hand caressing her left breast. I knew that she could smell my sweat but
it didn't bother me. I gave her a deep kiss enjoying her clean mouth while
I looked into her eyes and fondled her soft young body. Taking my lips
from hers I released her and went to sit on the chair that she had been on
earlier. "We have made a mess of the bed" I said looking at the
bloodstained bead-spread. "Find another cover and tidy it up". Without
saying anything, she did as I told her and stood dumbly waiting for further
orders. I had clearly driven all initiative out of her. "Pour me a drink
and lie down on the bed where you were, Amanda" I said. She hastened to
obey and I moved to the bed and lay down beside her. I picked up my drink
and lay resting, recovering my strength. Amanda lay beside me on the fresh
bed looking up at the ceiling, gently trembling and in spite of her wash,
smelling of girl-sweat. She was very crushed and frightened. I glanced at
my watch and knew that I still had plenty of time.

I glanced down at my semi-erect prick lying on my thigh. "What about a
nice wank, Amanda?" I asked. She sighed, sat up against the pillows, took
hold of my prick with her soft hand and began to gently wank my prick to
hardness again. She really was becoming an expert little wanker. It
seemed a pity that she would be so scared of sex after this morning that it
would be wasted experience. As my prick hardened I looked at her. "Come
on sweetie" I said "you can do better than that. Toss me off a bit
harder". She began to wank me with a delicious firm stroke. I grinned at
her. "You see, you can do it when you try. Now just keep on wanking me
like that until I tell you to stop and while I have a drink just suck me
off for a while". She did not even hesitate but moved down the bed and
took my prick into her mouth. She wanked me into her little rosebud lips,
washing the head of my prick with her soft little tongue and began to
gently suck me off. I took a quick picture of her rosebud lips stretched
around the prick that she was compliantly wanking into her mouth and lay
back, drinking my whisky, and smiling down at the blonde teenager lying
across my thigh sucking me off. I could feel the strength returning to my
loins. When my prick was hard I motioned to her. "Get back up here beside
me" I ordered. She took her mouth from my prick and moved up the bed.
Such was her programming that she carried on wanking me without a pause.
"Just carry on wanking me and feel my balls with your other hand while we
have a talk" I smiled. I had a drink while I enjoyed the wank and the
sensation of her soft hand as the scared and sweating young girl gently
caressed my balls.

I put my drink down and then turned to her. I took her chin in my hand
and brought her mouth to mine. I began a deep demanding kiss while I
looked into her eyes and I began to explore first one tit and then the
other, gently squeezing them alternately and pulling on her nipples until
they erected under my fingers. She began to pant into my mouth and her
hand tightened on my prick but she did not stop tossing me off. I broke
the kiss and looked into her eyes. She looked back at me, anxiety clouding
the clear blue of her baby eyes now a little puffed. She was very taut
about what was going to happen next. While I continued to recover my
strength I decided to let her know just what I had in mind and to complete
the ruin of her cunt. "Take your hands off", I said suddenly. She let go
of my prick and balls as though they had burnt her! "Stand up" I ordered.
She scrambled off the bed and stood dumbly looking at me. I moved across
to her side of the bed and motioned for her to lie where I had been. Just
as she was about to lie down I stpped her. I tossed her a pillow. "Right
Amanda" I said "just get on to the bed lying with your feet on the pillow
by me and your head down by my knees and start wanking me, open your legs
like before, feet up to your arse and knees spread and don't stop tossing
me off till I tell you. Keep looking into my eyes". She got onto the bed,
pulled her feet up as I had ordered and splayed her thighs. She reached
for my prick and started expertly tossing me off. I could now easily reach
her cunt with my right hand.

I looked down at the slack open pink hole of her ruined cunt. Even
though she had washed it I could still see cum around inside. Looking into
her eyes I casually reached down and put four fingers into her gaping pink
slit. She gasped audibly. I began a deep and rough finger-fuck noting
that I could get four fingers and half my hand into her open hole without
causing her too much pain. An hour ago, one finger had made her gasp. "OK
Amanda" I said "time for you to answer some more questions". She gasped as
I rammed my hand as far up her cunt as I could. I could feel her cervix
with three fingers and the walls of her stretched quim clutching my hand. I
just kept my hand rammed up her cunt feeling her cervix and slowly twisting
it back and forward further stretching the spoiled walls and noting the
involuntary squirming of her hips. I could see her wondering what was
next, perhaps she thought that I had got all her secrets. Little did she
know. She certainly looked shocked and surprised by the question I asked

"When you have your period, do you use sanitary towels?" Teenagers are
funny. After all she had been through, talking about her period to a
strange man brought a deep blush to her face which spread up to her ears
and down over her neck and upper chest towards her tits. There was a long
silence. I continued to torture her cunt going back to a hand-fuck with
four fingers and most of my hand. In her shock she had slowed down the
hand-job. I just looked at her and she hurriedly started to wank me at the
speed that she had learned that I like best. "Well?" I asked "I don't want
to have to repeat myself". In a breathy baby voice she whispered "I have
never used sanitary towels, I always use tampons". "You may find them less
convenient and effective in the future" I remarked casually. I could see
her mind anxiously wondering where this was leading and what this had to do
with the ordeal that she was undergoing. In the position that she was with
her feet drawn up and her knees splayed I had just as easy access to her
arsehole as I had to her cunt. I pulled my hand out of her wrecked cunt and was pleased to see it gape even wider.

From the previous fingering I had given it her arse was gaping slightly
and easily admitted two fingers. I forced three fingers in and as much of
my hand as I could and I began to hand-fuck her arsehole fairly hard,
twisting my hand so as to loosen the walls and the muscle guarding the
entrance. She gasped with pain and I knew that it must be uncomfortable
but I wasn't about to stop. I was amused to see that in spite of all that
I was doing to her she had not dared to let up on tossing me off. She had
worked up a nice rhythm and I could feel a warm tingle at the end of my
knob. What a way to spend a Saturday morning, I thought!!!

"I am going to fuck you up the arse, Amanda, like the little bitch that
you are" I said casually. She went pale and the motion of her hand slowed.
I rammed my hand hard up her virgin arse until she gasped with pain. "Just
keep on wanking" I snarled, "I have warned you." She looked horrified.
"You just can't" she pleaded, her plump knees trembling as they splayed out
and her hips twitching as I tortured her arsehole with a vigorous
hand-fuck. "That is why you will probably need sanitary towels" I said. "I
am going to stretch and ruin your arsehole so that it will never close
properly again. You will always feel as though you want to shit and you
will constantly soil your panties unless you take some protection".
"Please don't" she pleaded "I'll do anything". "I know you will" I said
"but I think that your arse needs stretching anyway. Now just get on and
wank me. In fact, suck me off as well while I have a drink and you can be
thinking about it". Like the experienced little cocksucker she had become
she slid up and took four inches of my prick into her hot little mouth and
began to deliciously suck me off. It was as if she hoped that by doing
what I told her as well as she could she would change my mind. I pulled my
hand from her now gaping arsehole, accompanied by a soft fart, and rammed
it straight up her cunt. She gasped with pain on my knob because this time
I put all my fingers and my thumb into her cunt and I began to slowly shove
as much of my hand into her as I could. I was determined to fist her
stretched and ruined cunt. She gasped. "Keep sucking" I snarled and
slowly pushed my whole hand into her cunt-hole until it was pressing
against her cervix and began to twist it from side to side, deliberately
trying to stretch her cunt further while admiring the gaping stretched
arsehole. Now that my whole hand was up her stretched and tortured cunt I
closed my fingers inside her into a fist and pushed it in until my fingers
met her cervix again. My hand was buried in the terrified teenager's cunt up to my wrist. I could see the tears in her eyes and I knew that it must
be hurting but she did not dare to stop wanking me and the soft blowjob I
was getting was the best yet. I began to slowly twist my fist from side to
side in her cunt and, reaching down I gripped her pony tail and pulled her
head towards me so that she had to take more of my prick into her mouth.
"You are being fisted you little whore" I said quietly, "now just suck me
off a bit harder and keep wanking". I lay back and watched her. She
looked back helplessly her pain-filled eyes fixed on mine. She gasped
again but I felt the suction on my knob suddenly increase and she carried
on with her exciting rhythmical wank. I knew that much more of this would
make me come and I decided to come in her mouth again. I just relaxed and
let her wanking hand coupled with the beautiful rhythmical sucking of my
knob do its work. I felt the pressure building up in my balls again and my
prick suddenly hardened. She had felt it before so she knew what was going
to happen. I saw her eyes widen but was too afraid to take her mouth away.
"Keep your lips closed and look at me. Don't take your mouth off my prick
till I tell you" I snarled and rammed my fist as hard up her cunt as I
could giving it a vicious twist as I filled her mouth and throat with jet
after jet of hot cum. She gagged a little but kept her mouth on my prick
while she swallowed my cum. A small trickle leaked out of the corner of
her mouth. I gave my fist a final twist in her cunt, accompanied by a gasp
of pain from her, and then pulled it out. I had never seen such a large
slack ruined cunt in my life even on a fucked-out old whore. It was an
open tube about four or five inches across and I could see right up inside
it where the walls were very stretched and loose. It was clearly wrecked
for ever. There was a small trail of blood running back towards her
arsehole where I must have cut her with my nail. She lay with her head on
my thigh and my semi-hard prick in my mouth. Although she still had her
hand around my shaft she had stopped wanking me. "OK, cocksucker, just
clean up my cock and balls with your tongue while I have a drink". I lay
back in contentment and had another pull on my whisky while the fucked-out
teenager cleaned up my cock and balls with her hot little pink tongue.

I casually reached down and pushed four fingers and half my hand into
her slack arse and began to work them round. I felt the gasp of her breath
on my balls. "Please don't" she pleaded. I just looked at her and she
hurriedly kept on cleaning me with her tongue. "What's the matter?" I
asked her as her arse wriggled on my fingers. "It makes me want to go to
the toilet again" she whispered shyly. "That's not a bad idea" I said, "I
could do with a piss myself. Come on." She looked horrified. "We can't go
together" she gasped. I laughed. "Just get in there" I said roughly,
pulling my fingers out of her slack arse and slapping her on the arse
cheek. She looked startled but shuffled off the bed and stumbled towards
the bathroom. I laughed when I saw how carefully she was walking and
thought how uncomfortable and sore she must be. I got off the bed and
followed her, giving her a sharp slap on the arse. She gasped and sobbed
loudly. I let her stand by the toilet while I washed my face. I then
walked over to her. "You can hold my prick while I piss" I said. She
looked horrified but didn't even bother arguing. When I had finished, I
gestured to the toilet. "Your turn" I said. She blushed again. "Please
wait outside" she whispered wretchedly. I just laughed. "Get on with it"
I said, and slapped her arse hard again. She burst into tears and sat down
on the toilet. I heard and smelt a soft fart and then a couple of loud
plops. She reached for the tissue and began to clean herself. A look of
sheer horror crossed her face and I knew that she had just realised what I
had done to her arse as she felt how loose and open it was. She cried as
she finished and stood up, shaking. I slapped her arse hard a couple of
times just to see her squirm and her whole body jerked. "Wash your face
and comb your hair and get back into the bedroom" I said. She washed her
face and reset her hair in it's pony tail after combing it. I have to say
that she looked much better.

I walked back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. She followed me
and stood uncertainly at the right hand side of the bed. I knew that her
resistance was completely broken and she was waiting to be told what to do.
I just let her stand while I looked over her quivering form. "I am getting
tired of looking at your slutty little whore's body" I said harshly "go to
your bedroom and bring back all your nighties and I'll tell you which one
you can wear, and be quick". She scuttled out and was back in about a
minute with three night-dresses. I chose a peach-coloured nylon one with a
deep scalloped neckline that clung to and outlined her tits and just
reached to her hips. It was normally worn with panties but she wouldn't be
needing those. "Right, slut", I said throwing it to her. "Put that on".
She did, and with her freshly brushed hair she looked like the virginal
teenager that both she and I knew that she would never be again. I knew
the ruin that I had caused under her nightie. I needed a rest after my
efforts and I had had enough whisky. On the dressing table was an
automatic tea-making set. "OK, Amanda, while I rest you can make me a nice
cup of tea". She rushed to do what I said while I enjoyed the sight if her
in her little nightie with her tits pressing out against the sheer nylon
fabric reflected in the mirrors. I was interested to see that her nipples
were still erect. She brought me my tea and stood waiting by the bed. I
pointed to the chair that she had used before. "Go and sit over there" I
said, "open your legs and hang your thighs over the sides of the chair.
Pull your nightie up so that I can see your cunt. I'll call you when I
want you. You can spend the time playing with your tits.". She
mechanically did as I said, fondling and squeezing her tits, and looking at
me through dead, hopeless, raped, fucked-out eyes. Her cunt and arse gaped
wide and I could see into both holes. The lips of her cunt were swollen
and hung slackly open and I could see some of her insides beginning to
droop out of her arse. I had really wrecked her. I took another picture.
I lay back looking into her eyes while I enjoyed my tea.

"We can do a couple of things when I leave you" I said conversationally.
"I can leave you to get on with your life and explain your baby to your
parents and to Tim or I could send the pictures I have taken to all your
friends. If they see them they would know that you are an available cunt who has been well fucked. boys would never treat you with respect again.
They would only ask you out because they know that they can fuck you - and
they would fuck you because they'd know that they could get away with it on
every date. Once they know that you have been fucked boys lose all respect
for you and can just do what they like to you and talk about it to their
friends. Until your pregnancy becomes obvious you would be the school slut
and there wouldn't be a thing that you could do about it". I could see the
horror dawning in her eyes as she thought about what I had just said.
"Please don't" she whispered desperately "please don't". "Don't you think
that I should even send some pictures to Tim?" I asked. "After all, he has
been going out with you and he hasn't even felt your tits. Don't you think
that he deserves a fuck now that you are available?" She sobbed loudly.
"Please, please don't" she repeated mechanically. I laughed. "I'll think
about it" I said looking at her still playing with her tits. I finished my
tea and I could feel my strength and interest returning.

"OK, Amanda, pour me some more tea and get your slutty little body back
over here" I said patting the bed beside me. She stiffly came and got my
cup and walked over to the dressing table and poured me another cup of tea.
With a shaking hand she brought it to my table and then lay down beside me.
I looked into her eyes. "You know what to do" I said with a smile and
lowered my mouth to hers and began another deep thorough kiss. I took my
time and began to feel her left tit through the clinging nylon of her
nightie. I felt her hand go to my prick and begin to wank me off.
Although my knob was only semi-hard yet I could be patient. I knew that
she would get it ready for me. I squeezed her breast harder and she got
the message. She tightened her grip on my prick and increased her stroke
beginning to give me a very thorough wank. I took my lips from hers.
"That's a good little girl" I said mockingly, "you just know what to do
automatically now don't you. I've got a good mind to keep you as a pet".
She looked into my eyes and sobbed. I just let her carry on wanking me
while I mauled her tits roughly through the nylon, moving from one to the
other and pulling on the nipples until they were completely erect. With
all this treatment she really had outstanding nipples for a fifteen year
old girl. By now, even I was finding it hard to become erect again and I
still had one hole to fill. "Suck me off, Amanda", I ordered again "and
look at me while you do it so that we can carry on talking". Without
hesitation she moved down the bed and took my semi-erect prick into her
mouth, washed round the knob end with her soft tongue and started to suck
me off while I looked into her eyes. She was getting more used to it and
was taking more of my prick into her mouth, washing my knobhead with her
tongue and sucking rhythmically in time with her wanking hand. I reached
down and started to move her head on my prick. She got the message and
started to fuck her own mouth with my cock. She was now totally compliant.
"I won't send my pictures to your friends" I said, "it will be our secret,
until you have to explain the baby. I know how grateful you are so just
keep on give me a nice wank and sucking me off while I relax". Little did
she guess what I had in store for her. If she had known, she would have
given the pictures out herself! I lay back and finished my tea while I
watched the fucked-out little teenager sucking me off.

Now my prick was hard again. "Get up here, Amanda" I said. She moved
up the bed. "Just stay on your hands and knees" I ordered, "and face the
mirror". With a sob she did as I commanded without question, as I knew she
would. I kneeled behind her and flicked up the hem of her little nightie,
all the time looking in her eyes in the mirror. "Don't dare move", I said,
"I am going to go up your arse now". She gave a loud sob and burst into
tears. "Please, please don't" she begged. "Put your arms on the bed in
front of you", I commanded and rest your head on them, keeping your arse
stuck up in the air". She gave a loud shuddering sob and complied. I gave
her arse a few hard slaps just for the hell of it making her whole body
jerk and causing a loud sob each time. "Are you ready?" I asked
maliciously. She just sobbed louder, shaking the bed. I parted her arse
cheeks and looked at her wrecked hole. I pressed my knobhead against the
entrance and it slipped past the outer ring of ruined and relaxed muscle
without any problem. I was now about two inches into her arse. She gave a
loud wailing noise. I slapped her arse hard. "Shut up, you little whore.
Don't make that noise again". She began to cry quietly. I began to fuck
her ruined arse going deeper with each stroke. She sobbed louder. I drew
my cock back to the entrance and with one shove buried it to the balls.
She gave a loud sob and continued weeping quietly and wretchedly. I
reached under her and grasped her dangling tits through the nylon of her
nightie. She was sweating with fear and the room stank of her again. I
squeezed her tits to get her attention and began to fondle them rather more
firmly than I knew would be comfortable. I whispered by her ear "I am
right up your arse now, Amanda, and I am going to fuck it until it is
completely ruined". She sobbed loudly "Please take it out" she whined,
"I'll do anything for you". "I'll take it out when I am ready and not
before" I said, and began to roughly shaft her. My cock was rock hard
again and her arse gripped it tightly but I knew that this would not last.
I continued to fuck her as hard as I could giving her the full eight inches
and slamming my balls against her cunt with each stroke. I knew that I
would not last very long so I shafted her as hard and as deep as I could
until I felt the walls of her arse becoming moister and looser. With a
groan, I squeezed her tits tightly and shot the last ejaculation I would
manage that morning deep into her moist arse. "There you are, Amanda", I
said, "I've had your arsehole as well now". I pulled my prick out of her
arse and lay back. She did not move. "Clean me" I ordered. "She looked
round at me in dumb horror. I gave her a sharp slap on her arse. "Don't
make me repeat myself" I snarled. With a look of revulsion on her face she
scooted down the bed and began to clean my smelly prick and balls with her
tongue. I just lay and relaxed while she licked around my balls. I looked
down at her and she jumped and took my prick into her mouth. I laughed.
"I don't need that now" I said, "just turn round, feet up to your arse,
knees spread and show me your cunt and arse". I looked down at the gaping
ruin of her arse and decided that I might as well finish the job properly.
"Look into my eyes, Amanda, I am going to ruin your arse for the rest of
your life" I said. "Please, don't", she whimpered helplessly.

I ignored her and put my right hand straight into her stretched and
sloppy hole. I got four fingers and most of my hand in with no trouble. I
pushed my thumb in as well and just kept pushing and twisting in the wet
hole until my hand was buried in her to the wrist. I closed my fingers
into a fist and began to rotate it in her ruined hole. She gave a loud sob
and involuntarily twitched her hips from side to side in time with my
twisting fist. She burst into an uncontrolled sobbing as she writhed on
the end of my fist. I slapped her to get her attention. She looked dumbly
up at me. "Now your arse has been fisted, Amanda", I said "It will never
close up again properly and you will be shitting in your panties every day.
People will probably be able to smell you". She went pale and continued to
sob helplessly as I twisted my fist and tried to loosen the walls of her
arse even more. I pushed my fist as hard up her arse as I could while
watching her terrified and defeated eyes. I gave a last twist and pulled
my hand out of her arse to the accompaniment of a loud fart and a bad
smell. "Dirty girl!" I smiled. I looked down between her spread thighs.
She had two large pink gashes now. Her cunt looked completely slack and
ruined and I could see even more of her insides hanging out of her arse. I
thought that I had done a good job. "Just you stay there and don't move" I
commanded. I got off the bed, went to the bathroom and washed my hands.
When I came back she was still lying in exactly the same position, as
though paralysed and quietly sobbing.

I had now come to the last act and I knew that I would not be able to
keep her still enough to do what I wanted. I left her lying where she was
and went to the dressing table. In the top drawer I found several pairs of
stockings. "Just right", I thought. On my way back to the bed I picked up
her panties which still lay where she had dropped them so long before. "OK
slut", I said brusquely, "nightie off and lie down on the middle of the bed
with your head on the pillow and your hands above your head. She hurried
to comply. I tied a loop in a stocking, slipped it round her wrist and
tied her hand to the head of the bed and then did the same with the other
hand. I squeezed her used panties into a ball and stuffed them into her
mouth, securing them with the silk scarf I had put back in my bag
downstairs. Her eyes bulged in terror and she made muted whimpering noises
through the gag. To concentrate her mind I said sharply "You know the
position, feet up to your arse and knees spread" She pulled up her feet and
splayed her thighs and I took a photograph of her ruined holes.

"Now I'm going to put the finishing touches to you Amanda darling" I
said "you'll never forget me after this. Don't move a muscle or it will be
the worse for you. I'll be back in a minute". I went downstairs to the
kitchen, checking the time as I went, and came back with a bowl of crushed
ice. I reached in my bag and took out a professional pair of piercing
pliers. She shook her head in horror. I sat beside her and put ice on
each of her nipples. She gave a loud gasp. I casually pierced a hole in
each nipple and threaded them with a gold ring to which was attached a thin
chain joining each nipple and running down her belly to her cunt. I was
going to pin her labia together but I had made such a mess of her cunt that
this was not possible. I didn't bother with ice this time, I just pierced
each of her cunt lips, threaded a gold ring through each and joined them to
her nipple chains. She gasped with horror and her splayed thighs were
trembling uncontrollably. "You look very nice, Amanda" I said mockingly
"now for your ears". She shook her head violently. I slapped her hard
across the face twice. "I told you, slut. Lie still" I snarled. She
looked up at me fearfully, her whole body shaking. As I had noted earlier,
she had a pair of modest small gold studs in her ears. That was not enough
for me. I pierced three holes in each of her ears and put large slutty
rings in each of them. She wept quietly. Now for the final touch. I knew
that I would have to do this quickly while she was still in shock. I
seized her bottom lip and pulling it forward I suddenly pierced it about
half an inch below her lip in the midline. Her eyes widened and she gasped
in pain and fear. I took a big gold stud with a barb on it and pushed it
into the hole. The barb stuck into her lip and I knew that plastic surgery
would now be the only way to remove it. Whatever she did with the others
she had that one permanently. I took a tissue and wiped off all the blood.
I took a photograph of her before her mouth began to bruise. She lay
quietly weeping.

"I am going to take the gag off now Amanda, I said "don't make a sound".
I put the scarf and all my equipment back in my bag while she lay there
crying. I went to the bathroom and had a quick shower and came back and
dressed. Amanda was still lying weeping with her heels drawn up and her
thighs widely splayed. Her spirit was completely broken and she would
never be the same again. I took a last look at her, picked up my bag, went
downstairs and slipped out through the garden the way I had come in.


I always like to see the effects of my adventures so about eight months
later I checked up on Amanda. I had to wait for a while in my car parked
along the road from her house and I had to make quite a few visits but
eventually my patience was rewarded. I saw her come out of her garden gate
and walk along the pavement towards me. She did not look like a teenager
any more but more like a woman in her middle twenties. She ware a tight
dress which showed that her tits were much bigger and had begun to sag.
Her belly was enormously distended and her legs were swollen up. It would
clearly not be long before my baby was born. She walked slowly along the
pavement with a hopeless air of dejection about her and to my pleasure I
saw the sun glint on the gold stud in her lower lip. I smiled with
satisfaction and drove home.


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