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SAHIB thick knot low the nape



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1999,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
The Sahib

Kamala is the young woman who sweeps the compound. She is short and
pretty, in her early twenties, with a trim, curved body and a sweetly
rounded face. She has long dark hair she wears in a tidy bun on the
nape of her neck. Her nose is straight, her lips full and sensual and
she has dark eyes lined with *kajal*. Her teeth are white and even. She
wears small ear-rings, a nose-stud, a black *mangalsutra*, bangles,
anklets, toe-rings. A small *bindi* dots her forehead. Her breasts are
full and ripe, succulent mounds tipped with dark stubby nipples set in
large aureoles. Her belly is firm, slightly rounded and her hips are
softly flared. Her limbs are smooth and shapely with slender wrists and
ankles. She is an attractive creature, and a wonderful fuck. She has a
voracious sexual appetite and fornicates incessantly. Her husband has
long given up trying to sate her and frequently yields his place in her
bed to his friends and relatives, or Dilip's.

The young woman is on the bed, her legs spread apart and stretched out.
Dilip lies over her on his forearms and knees, his legs also splayed
wide. He is fucking her furiously. His buttocks flex and unflex
rapidly, rising and falling, his hips swinging madly up and down like a
mechanised trip-hammer at full blast.

Anil can see the muscles ripple in his strong back, his balls pressing
to her cunt-lips as he thrusts into her, his thick shaft plunging and
pistoning and ramming and reaming up and down, glistening and gleaming
as it goes in and out of her cunt. Her hips buck and heave powerfully
under his, rising and falling in unison with his, in an erotic cadence.
Her hands are around his back, her fingers clenching his muscular
shoulders. Her cries are sharp and erotic.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh uhh *hanh* *sahib* *hanh* ... *chodho* *mhane*
... *jorma* *chodho* ... *hanh* ... uhh *hanh* ... uhh *hanh* uh oh
uhhh *hanh* uh oh uh oh uh ohhhhh!"

Kamala's head is arched and her face rolls from side to side, a vision
of lust. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open and her body rocks and
heaves and writhes under his. Her breasts are hot and swollen. Dilip
bends his head and sucks sharply on one of her upthrust breasts, making
her gasp and arch. His hips hammer furiously up and down, bucking in a
frenzy over her.

"Yeh! Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh fuck yes take it ... take it whore take
it! Oh fuck oh fuck *chul* ... *chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *le* ... *le*
*rahnd* *le*! *Le* *mharo* *lavdo* le!" he gasps.

Their bodies, streaming with sweat, buck and toss frenetically on the
bed, slapping wetly together. Anil has an unobstructed view of his
master's thick, long swollen penis plunging and pistoning up and down,
appearing and disappearing between her distended cunt-lips. Her hips
buck and heave under his, her cunt rising and falling to match his
thrusts. Her breasts bounce and wobble with his thrusts.

Anil waits, not wanting to disturb them. They are close to finishing
anyway. As he watches, Dilip gasps, arching his head, his buttocks
bouncing madly up and down, his penis ramming and reaming into the
woman's slit. Her breath comes in shuddering, heaving moans. Even from
where he is standing, Anil can feel the heat of their bodies, smell
their sweat and sex, can almost sense the turbulence in their loins.

Kamala's cries became sharper, staccato gasps that rise in pitch and
volume as her orgasm looms.

"Oh ... oh ... ohhh ... ohhh .... OHHHHHHH!"

She arches suddenly, stiffly, her mouth tearing open, her head jerked
back, her cunt thrust up, her body quivering in tension. Above her,
Dilip winces and gasps and rams into her hard with a snap of his hips,
his buttocks squeezing taut, twitching as he buries himself in her
flesh. Again he pulls out, rams in, pauses, pulls out, rams in, pauses
... Once, twice ... half a dozen times he thrusts into her. Beneath
him, Kamala gasps, each thrust drawing a choking gasp, making her lurch
and jerk, her breasts jiggling. Then he tilts his head back and moans
in relief, emptying himself inside her.

Slowly, their bodies subside. Dilip groans and rolls off her and
sprawls on his back. Both of them lie on the bed, panting and gasping,
dripping sweat.

Dilip opens his eyes and sees Anil.

He grins. "Want to take over?"

The servant chuckles. "Sure. You done, boss?"

"For the moment."

Dilip rolls away and, getting off the bed, strolls across the room.
Flinging himself into an armchair, he lights a cigarette. Exhaling
luxuriously, he watches the two servants copulating on his bed. Of
course, nobody has thought of asking Kamala if she wants another lover
so soon after the first. She doesn't expect to be asked on a night like
this. She knows that she is there to be used and enjoyed, and she
actually welcomes the treatment. The sex will be very good.

Anil saunters across to the bed where Kamala is still panting, naked on
her back, her dusky body glistening with sweat. The servant grins down
at her.

"So, whore, ready for another cock?"

Kamala sighs and, rolling over, sits up. She pauses for a moment to
coil her long hair in a thick knot low on the nape of her neck. The
movement is very feminine, very sexy, and it makes her breasts move
erotically. Gently, Anil cups her face and pulls it to his groin. His
hands slide down her neck to her breasts. They are full and heavy and
her nipples are already stiffen. He chuckles softly. The woman never
tires of sex.

Kamala flips open the clasp of his trousers and pulls down his fly. His
cock is big and long and thick and it bounces into view. She groans
softly and cups his balls and cock and begins masturbating him deftly
and gently. His cock thickens and lengthens. He bends his head and
watches her with a grin. She flips back the thick foreskin and her
pointed tongue snakes out and swirls lasciviously over the bulging
cock-head. Anil grunts, his belly rippling inward with pleasure. It
feels very good. Kamala's face comes closer as his cock thickens and
hardens. She presses her lips to his cock-head and then, suddenly, her
lips open and slip around his cock-head and part of his shaft even as
her tongue works his cock-head eagerly. Anil gasps, gripping her head
and pushing his hips forward, his face tilting back.

"OHHHHH uhhh Oh fuck yes! Do it, baby! Suck my dick! Mm ... yeh ...
that's good, whore ... ohhh yes ... that's it ... c'mon ... suck it!
Suck it harder!"

He fucks her mouth with deep relish, moving her head back and forth in
his hands, pumping his hips to and fro. His cock glistens and gleams as
it slides in and out of her face, which is distended by the size of his
erection. He caresses her face and slides his hands to her breasts again, squeezing them fleshy mounds in his excitement. Kamala moans
deep in her cock-filled throat. She loves the taste and odour of a
thick cock, and enjoys sucking a man's penis. She is very good at it.
Her tongue ripples lovingly around the bulging cock-head which is now
slippery with pre-cum gunk; she laps at the slightly salty coating and,
pressing the tip of her tongue to the long slit in the cock-head, tries
to prise it open for more nectar. For Anil, the feeling is exquisite.

Gasping, he pushes her down on her back on the bed. Turning around, he
kneels astride her face and pushes his cock into her mouth. Kamala
takes his cock gratefully. Her legs fork open. Anil pauses for a
minute, taking in the beauty of her curved body spread for his
delectation. Her cunt is visibly wet. He knows that it will be filled
with Dilip's gunk, but he doesn't mind. Indeed, it arouses him further
to find another man's seed in the slits he so loves licking. Slowly, he
bends forward and pushes his face into her crotch. Carefully parting
her cunt-lips with his strong fingers, he jabs his tongue into her
cunt. Beneath him, Kamala gasps and arches and writhes, and takes his
cock even deeper into her mouth, sucking hungrily. Her hips buck and
jerk under his face. Anil tastes Dilip's jizz in her slit and laps it
hungrily. The taste excites him. Her cunt is filled with it. He probes
for her clitoris and finds it gorged and stiff, quivering in
anticipation. Gently, he flicks it with his tongue and, drawing its tip
between his lips, sucks it tenderly. Kamala goes wild beneath him, her
face rocking and jerking up and down under his bucking hips, her groin
lurching under his face. Anil pushes two fingers into her cunt and
starts finger-fucking her while his tongue continues its explorations.
Kamala gasps and moans thickly, her body twisting and writhing in an
agony of joy under him. He keeps masturbating her relentlessly till she
is on the brink of a violent orgasm. Abruptly, he rolls away. Kamala
groans in frustration and despair. Anil grins. He hears Dilip's soft
chuckle and, looking across the room to his master, winks broadly. He
sees that Dilip is masturbating slowly as he watches them.

Anil flips over to sit on the bed, propped against the headboard and
spreads his legs. Kamala turns on her front before him and buries her
face in his crotch. He grins and moves her head up and down with one
hand, fondling her face and breasts with the other. Her breasts are
heavy and swollen with excitement. Whimpering and moaning in lust, she
pushes her tongue out and licks his balls and cock-shaft wantonly,
moves her breasts over his thick penis, rubbing her nipples over his
throbbing shaft, presses her lips to his hard, flat belly. Her long
*mangalsutra* is cool against his hot skin and he grunts as it rasps
across his scrotum and penis. Kamala loops the *mangalsutra* over his
penis and resumes sucking it. Anil moans in pleasure. She drags the
rough beads over his thick shaft and across the tender flesh of his
cock-head. The feeling is sharp, yet delicate, and deeply erotic. Bent
over him, Kamala fondles her pendulous breasts and, pushing her hand
into her crotch, starts masturbating.

"Mm ... yeh ... that's nice ... keep going, whore ... just keep
sucking!" Anil says. "Yeh ... that's good ... c'mon ... suck it

He looks across the room at his employer. "Want to fuck her again,
boss, while she's eating my meat?" He indicates her buttocks, lifted
slightly and writhing in evident arousal under her fingers, one of
which is arched and buried deep in her wet slit.

Dilip grins. "Later. You enjoy her first."

"Thanks, boss. You're an ace."

Dilip treats Anil with a great deal of respect. He knows that the
servant is one of his wife's favourite lovers. Frequently, he watches
Anil fucking Falu, and they are terrific together. Anil fucks her
masterfully, with deliberation and care. Falu can't get enough of it
and always begs for more like a gutter-whore. Dilip enjoys watching.
With Kamala, he knows, Anil will be different. He will fuck her
mercilessly hard, taking her for his own pleasure, pushing her to the
limits without asking for her preference, confident in the knowledge
that she will enjoy whatever he gives. That is her nature.

The maid gets hotter and hornier by the minute. Dilip watches as she
hisses in pleasure and nuzzles the servant's hard belly, squeezing her
breasts over his penis, brushing the fleshy mounds over the hard stem
of the long cock-shaft. Anil smiles in pleasure, his head tilted to one
side, watching her suck his cock. It spurts pre-cum gunk and Kamala
whimpers, opening her mouth wide and jerking his cock, spattering her
face and lips and breasts with his seed. She swallows what goes into
her mouth and, bending her head, sucks his cock again, now freeing his
cock of her *mangalsutra*. After several minutes, Anil seems satisfied
and pulls her head up.

Kamala groans and rises. She straddles his hips in a low squat and,
with one hand, manoeuvres his rampant penis between her legs. Her heels
are on either side of his thighs. With the cock held firmly, she sinks
her hips, squatting lower and lower and, watching them, Dilip sees her
cunt-lips unfurl and open to encase the servant's penis. Her cunt scrunches down in one long rushing thrust to engulf the servant's
erection. Kamala gasps and cries out, her neck arching, her face
tilting upward, her breasts thrust out, her belly sucked in. She digs
her fingers into Anil's thickly muscled shoulders. He gasps and his
magnificently muscled body tenses. He squeezes her breasts hard and
then grips her buttocks, pulling her lower and lower. Bending his
knees, he jerks his hips upward, pushing his cock deeper still into her

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OH ma uhhhh OHHHHHHH!" Kamala cries.

"C'mon whore! Take it!" Anil grunts.

She is wild with lust and, instantly, begins bucking and rocking
feverishly on his penis. Up and down she goes, her hips rising and
falling, her buttocks flexing and unflexing, and her cunt travels
rapidly up and down the length of his huge cock, moving at least six
inches in each direction. Her buttocks bounce off his thighs and balls.
Her breasts bounce and jiggle wildly and her *mangalsutra* tosses and
dances on her skin. Anil twines his fingers in her necklace and scrapes
the rough beads over her elongated, quivering nipples. Her face
contorts in lust and she jams her mouth to his, kissing him hungrily,
pushing her tongue in and out of his mouth. Flopping back on her arms
outstretched behind her, her shoulders hunched, her face screwed up
with lust, she cries out loudly and lewdly, grinding her hips in
churning circles, bucking them up and down. They move faster still.

"Ohhhhh uhhhh oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhhh OHHHHHH uhhh Ohh Anil uhhhhh
*hanh* uhhhh OHHHH!" she cries, her head flopping back, her hips
grinding round and round.

The servant chuckles. Leaning forward, he pushes a hand between their
bodies and fingers her slit and simultaneously sucks sharply on her
outthrust breasts. Kamala hisses in pleasure, her body twisting and
writhing, one hand clenching his head. Slowly, Anil pulls her back into
an upright position in a deep squat on his lap, her cunt impaled on his
penis. He grips her buttocks.

"Now c'mon, bitch! Take it!"

He bucks his hips sharply under her and she gasps as his huge cock
bursts into her cunt. She arches, her fingers digging into his
shoulders. He grips her buttocks, squeezing hard and begins to rock her
body furiously up and down on his lap, heaving and pumping his hips as
he does so. He is a powerful man, and his biceps and muscles ripples
and cord with the strain and the excitement. Faster and faster they go,
the woman bouncing in a frenzy on the mammoth erection, jerking her
cunt up and down its massive length and thickness. Dilip can see it
glisten and shine with their comingled juices as her daintily
hair-rimmed, sodden slit rocks along its length. Her breasts bounce and
her *mangalsutra* dances on her skin. Her head is arched and her face
is suffused with lust, the nostrils flared, the mouth open, the eyes
closed. She moans and pants obscenely like a bitch in heat.

"Yes! OHHHHHHH yes, Anil, yes! *Hanh* uhh *hanh* uhhh *hanh* uhhh OHH!
Fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby! Yes! *Chodh* *mhane* ... *jorma* *chodh*!
*Hanh* uhhh OH uhh ohma uhh ohma uhh OHHHHHHHH!"

"*Chul* *rundi* *chul*! *Le*! *Le* *mere* *lund* *ko*! C'mon whore!
Take it! Take my dick! Take it, you fucking bitch!" Anil gasps.

"Here, Anil, use this! Fuck her ass with it ... she loves that!"

From the chair, Dilip tosses a dildo across the room. Anil catches it
deftly and grins as he sees its dimensions. It is at least seven inches
long, about an inch thick and shaped like a smooth-surfaced penis, with
a small aperture at one end that can be forced wider open. Made of
thick, rigid latex, it is in effect a hollow tube. The device functions
as both dildo and sheath. Anil shows it to her. Kamala turns her face
and licks it sexily, laving it with her tongue as though it is a real
penis. When it glistens with her ministrations, he slips it between her
buttocks and presses the cock-shaped end into her anus. Kamala tenses,
clawing at his shoulders, her body rigid. Anil chortles and quickly
forces the dildo into her taut anus. Kamala shrieks softly and thinly,
her face contorting with lust. Simultaneously, Anil jerks up into her
and begins bucking his hips powerfully under her. The woman's body
dances on his crotch. Up and down she goes, her cunt and ass rising and
falling on the penis and the dildo respectively. Anil moves the dildo
rhythmically in and out of her anus in unison with their motions.

"OHHhhHHHHH uhhh OH uhhh OHHH uhh OH Anil uhh!" she cries. "Oh ma oh ma
oh ma ohhhhhhhh uhhhhh OHHHHHHH!"

Dilip watches them in fascination. He can see the huge cock between her
legs, going in and out of her cunt; behind, Anil's hand is moving the
dildo-sheath rhythmically, running it in and out of her anus. Her
buttocks are split wide open. Her hips jerk and heave and writhe round
and round in churning circles on his lap.

Abruptly, the servant heaves her off his lap. Kamala whimpers, once
again on the brink of a violent orgasm. He turns her on her front on
the bed. The dildo protrudes from her anus. He jerks her hips upward
and squeezes her buttocks open.

"Now, bitch," he rasps. "Take it in your ass!"

Kamala gasps, but doesn't resist. She spreads her legs and arches her
back, thrusting her buttocks back at him. The sheath sticks out like a
prong. She twists her body and reaches back to hold it in place,
half-in and half-out of her taut rear channel.

"C'mon Anil ... shove it in! Fuck my ass, lover! Fuck me!" she moans.

Her face is on its side on the bed. Her breasts hang succulent and
luscious and the long *mangalsutra* is crinkled on the pane. Her face
is a vision of lust. Her little nose-stud winks in the low light. Anil
chuckles, panting, his tall, broad-shouldered, muscular body glistening
with sex-sweat. He is a handsome, sexy man. His penis is enormous. He
drops in a squat over her flared hips. He holds his cock firmly and
slowly, carefully, squeezes it into the sheath embedded in her anus and
held firmly in her slender fingers. At first, it slips in easily
enough; then it meets the resistance of her anus and he has to flex his
buttocks tighter and push harder. His cock-head bursts into her anus.
The sheath stretches, filling her anus even more.


Kamala's cry splits the air. Her face contorts and twists with lust and
her body tenses and arches and writhes. Yet she never releases her
hand-hold on the cock-filled sheath. Instead, she squeezes it eagerly.
Anil arches his head, groaning, his mouth opening in an 'O' of joy, his
eyes fluttering. His muscles ripple smoothly. Deeper and deeper he goes
till his cock-head pops out of the open end and buries itself in her
asshole. Now his sheathed cock is in her anus.

Kamala's body is racked with heaving sobs of joy. The servant squats
astride her slender waist and flared hips and sodomizes her slowly and
heavily, running his armoured cock in and out of her rear channel.
Beneath him, the woman gasps and writhes, her body jerking and lurching
uncontrollably, her breasts wobbling and shaking with his thrusts.

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... take it! Oh fuck yes baby ... c'mon ... c'mon
you fucking whore bitch! Take my cock! OHHHHH uhhh yes! *Chul* ...
*rundi* *chul* ... *le* ... *le* *mere* *lund* *ko* ... *hanh* ... uhhh
*hanh* ... uhhh *hanh*!"

Kamala sobs with pleasure, rocking and lurching under him. She has
released his cock and now her fingers claw at the sheets in agony. The
cock in her anus is huge and hot and hard and the sheath fills her rear
channel to bursting. The servant digs his fingers into her buttocks and
moves her body back and forth under his. She groans, cupping and
squeezing her swollen breasts erotically. Her tongue arches sexily over
her upper lip.

"Anil! Fuck her cunt!" Dilip calls.

Anil obeys immediately. He slides out of her anus and pulls off the
sheath. His face is flushed with lust. Beneath him, Kamala waits,
whimpering and moaning, her buttocks writhing and twitching
expectantly. Anil pushes his slippery cock between her buttocks to her
cunt-hole. Finding it, he pauses, takes a deep breath and then plunges
his cock into her cunt in a single, rushing thrust that forces the air
from her lungs in a rattling, choking moan. Kamala cries out, jerking
forward under his deep thrust. Her face arches and her mouth opens in a
wide O. Her breasts are hot and swollen and pendulous. The servant
grips her shoulders and starts ram-fucking her furiously, jerking her
body savagely back and forth, jamming her cunt down furiously onto his
rampant penis. His hips snap sharply as he thrusts and thrusts and
thrusts in and out of her flesh. His thighs hammer her buttocks with
loud, stinging slaps. Her breasts jiggle. Her necklace dances. Her face
rises, her eyes closed, her mouth open as she mouths a litany of

It is too much for Dilip to resist. He springs out of the chair and
mounts the bed. Kneeling before her, he pulls her face up and pushes
his erect, throbbing cock into her mouth. With a shuddering moan,
Kamala starts sucking her master's penis. Anil slows down and grins at
his employer and companion in lust.

"Welcome back, boss," he says. "Welcome back!"

Between them, Kamala whimpers and groans, her cunt and mouth filled
with their magnificent cocks. She knows that it will be a long time
before they are satisfied with her body, and she is glad. She would not
have it any other way.

= o =

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