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SAMMY01 enormous breasts And shed clearly been


The following is probably a work of FICTION. It was sent back in time in a
quantum bottle. So who really knows for sure? ...

Feel free to reprint or take credit for it (as if I could stop you), but
please don't make any changes, or I won't write the next chapter!

SAMMY'S HOT SUMMER Chapter 1: The New Neighbor (m F cons busty solo)

by TooMuchTime (

Copyright(c) 2002, TooMuchTime. All rights reserved.

When I first saw that big yellow moving van backing into the driveway, I
was angry, I'll admit it. Up till three months before, and from the day I
was born, my best friend Kevin had lived next door to us. Then his father got some great new promotion at work. Next thing I knew they were moving
to Florida, right in the middle of the school year. When you're 13, and
you lose your best friend, it's kind of like losing an arm or a leg.
Especially when summer vacation rolls around, and your best friend was the
one who had the pool. So the last thing I wanted to see on that sunny
Sunday in June was somebody new moving into Kevin's house. It just felt
wrong somehow.

"Sammy, get away from that window." This was my mom, in the kitchen
making lunch. "Somebody might see you."

"So what," I said. "It's not against the law to look out a window."

She didn't have an argument for this. "Do you see anybody yet?"
Apparently, she was just as curious as I was.

"No, only the moving men. No, wait --" As the moving men began to
unload the truck, an expensive dark blue car pulled up to the curb -- a BMW
or some such thing, but certainly not the usual four-door sedan or fancy
SUV that passed for a "nice car" in our middle class suburban neighborhood.
"There's somebody else."

The car door opened, and as the driver walked around and into the front
yard, my jaw nearly dropped. Wow, I thought, if Kevin had to move, what a
replacement! I couldn't see much from 50 feet away, but I could see
enough. She was tall, about 5'10" and slim, with a wild head of firey red hair that shot off in large curls in every direction and fell halfway down
her back. The skin on her arms was somewhat pale, and the sun practically
gleamed off it. Her legs, which just kept on going and going, were wrapped
in a tight pair of jeans that swelled healthily at the hips, and were
capped off by what looked to be a pair of red heels. But it was the top
part of her body that truly got my attention -- that would get the
attention of any guy, much less a teenager still going through puberty.
She wore a form-fitting sleeveless white tanktop ... and what a form to
fit. I didn't know a whole lot about bra sizes at the time, but her tits looked to be somewhere between the size of grapefruits and canteloupes --
certainly bigger than anything I'd seen to date, at least on such a slim
body. As she walked, her long legs ate up the distance to the house
quickly, and her tits seemed to jiggle playfully with each step.

"Well," my mom said behind me, jarring me out of some lurid thoughts.
"I wonder where the rest of the family is." There was a somewhat hostile
tone to my mother's voice that I wouldn't understand till years later.
Clearly, for the very same reasons that I was drooling over this woman, my
mother was threatened by her. After all, what right did such an Amazon
goddess have moving into a neighborhood filled with average looking
housewives? Not that I didn't think some of the mothers on my block were
cute. Some were. And some even had okay bodies. But certainly none of
them held a candle to this lady. And my mom knew it. "Get away from the
window now, Sammy. Lunch is almost ready."

Reluctantly, I did as I was told. For the rest of the afternoon,
though, I kept peeking out the window, hoping for another glance, but as
far as I could tell, the woman kept inside. Probably telling the moving
men where to put things. And for the rest of the afternoon, my mother kept
looking for another car to arrive with the rest of the family ... but none
showed. When my father arrived home again that evening after a day of
golf, mom asked him if he knew anything about the new neighbor. He said
he'd heard rumors from the Andersons down the street that it was a single
divorced woman from New York City -- an artist or photographer or something
-- with a daughter. He wasn't sure about the age of either the mother or
the daughter. "Why?" he asked. "Did you see them?"

"Just the mother," I said. "Unless she was the daughter. She didn't
look that old. But she was driving."

"I see," my father said. "Well, I'm sure we'll know more before long."

From the kitchen sink, my mother made kind of a grunting noise.

"What was that, Honey?" my dad asked.

"Nothing. She just seemed kind of ... flamboyant. But I guess that
figures, if she's from New York City and divorced. Not sure why she'd want
to move to a little neighborhood like this, though." It was no secret to me
or to anybody else that my mother had a kind of love-hate relationship
going with her own home turf. In this instance, I wasn't sure if she was
being protective of it -- wanting the busty redhead to leave -- or if she
was voicing some kind of genuine concern that anybody who wasn't boring
could never possibly fit in here.

Meanwhile, my dad, who was a psychologist, just nodded his head. "Well,
I'm sure she has her reasons." With him, all opinions were valid, and
nobody was ever wrong as long as they were speaking their mind. It got
kind of annoying after a while, truth to tell. Sometimes, I just wanted
him to tell me when I was being stupid. I could see him visibly thinking
for a few seconds, then he turned to me. "Hey Sammy, I have a great idea.
While your mother and I are at work tomorrow, if you're not doing anything
else, maybe you could go knock on the door and say hi to our new neighbor."

I just about choked on the cupcake I was eating. "Me? Why me?"

"Well, whoever they are, you're going to be living next door to them at
least until you graduate high school. You should probably know who they
are, shouldn't you? Besides, maybe you could make a summer job out of it.
Didn't Kevin's parents used to pay you two to clean that pool every week?"

"Yeah, but ... I don't know ..." My voice trailed off.

"Sammy, I've told you before not to mumble. And I thought we had a
discussion about not being too shy to meet new people. Didn't we?" Boy,
did we. That was an hour of my life I would never get back again. It
seemed that to my father, the worst sin on earth was being shy. And
unfortunately for me, I was one of the shyest people I knew -- a condition
probably not helped much by the fact that I was the shortest kid in my
class, and that I actually enjoyed school. Yet another reason why losing
Kevin from my life was kind of hard on me that year.

"I know," I said.

"All right then, it's settled. Your mother and I will be expecting a
full progress report when we get home tomorrow." Jeez, I thought. Even
during summer vacation, I had homework to do. "And remember. Just say hi.
Maybe ask a few questions if it seems appropriate. But don't get in the
way. I'm sure they have plenty to do getting themselves moved in, so you
don't want to take all day about it."

"I know."

"Okay then."

I finished my cupcake, then went up to my room, mumbling the whole way.

* * *

The next day, after my parents left for work, I dragged my feet most of
the morning. As much as there was a part of me that was intrigued at the
prospect of seeing that woman up close, most of me was already feeling
embarassed in advance at the idea of knocking on a stranger's door just to
say hello. I mean, did people really DO that except on old fifties tv shows? Sometimes, I really thought my father was a big flake. I puttered
around, played some games on my computer, watched half of a movie, and
actually started cleaning my room at one point -- something I never do --
until finally, around 11 in the morning, I just decided to bite the bullet
and get it over with.

I examined myself in the mirror. I was wearing a pair of baggy
all-purpose swim trunks and a Phillies t-shirt. Good enough, I thought. I
wasn't really old enough yet to care much how I looked., and after all,
these people weren't royalty or anything. I threw on a pair of sneakers,
took a deep breath, and left the house. The day was a hot one for
Pennsylvania -- at least 85, and a little humid. Days like this, I didn't
usually leave the air conditioned house unless I had to. In the old days,
I'd be swimming with Kevin ... but those days were gone. I crossed both
our front yard and the neighbor's front yard in less than thirty seconds,
and immediately welcomed the shade of the porch.

At first, I just stood there staring at the door. My heart was racing.
This was stupid. Why did I have to do this? I quickly glanced over my
shoulder, to see if anybody was outside of their house, watching me look
like such an idiot just standing there. Nobody. Finally, after another a
deep breath, I thumbed the doorbell. I could hear it faintly through the
door, a familiar sound. Ding-dong. And I waited.

But nobody answered. I glanced over my shoulder again, this time at the
curbside, where the fancy blue car was definitely parked. Somebody should
be home. I hit the doorbell again, this time holding it down longer.

But still no answer. Maybe they were still sleeping? Dammit, now what
should I do? If I kept ringing, and they were home sleeping, and I woke
them up, they would be pissed off at me. But if I walked away, and I still
woke them up, and they saw me walking away, they'd think I was playing a
prank, and still get pissed. I was really hating this.

Suddenly, just about at the point when my brain was going to explode,
the door opened. It was the red-haired woman I'd seen the day before,
dressed in small blue robe, her hair soaking wet, with a cellphone pressed
against her ear, clearly in the middle of a heated conversation with
somebody. From up close, I could see her face now, and guessed that she
was in her mid-thirties. She gave me a quick apologetic smile, flashing
bright green eyes at me, and mouthed the word "sorry", then waved me into
the house. I made a gesture away from the door, as if to say, "It's okay,
I can come back later." But she frowned, shook her head, and waved me in
again, stepping away from the door a bit so that I could get past her.
Reluctantly, afraid to seem rude, I did what she wanted me to and stepped

The woman closed the door behind me, then while still talking on the
phone -- something about getting a satellite dish installed -- she directed
me into the living room. It was a jungle of boxes and misplaced furniture.
She sized things up quickly, then pushed some boxes aside and made room for
me to sit on the couch. She gave me another apologetic smile as I sat
down, then went right on yelling at whoever it was on the other end that
wasn't doing their job. From what I could gather, hearing only one side of
the conversation, the dish people had called to tell her that they were
backlogged, and wouldn't be able to install her dish for another week.

But to be honest, I was so distracted just watching her that I wasn't
paying all that much attention to what she said. After finding me a seat,
she'd begun pacing back and forth in front of the sliding glass doors of
the living room whiel she spoke. As I mentioned before, she was dressed in
a small blue robe, kind of shiny, like satin or silk ... and when I say
small, I mean small. It only went about halfway down her thighs, and for
as long as her legs were, that left a LOT of leg showing. It curved
lovingly over the swell of her large breasts, and I could clearly see the
outline of her nipples showing through the thin material. She was
barefoot, and judging from that and the wet hair, I guessed she had just
been coming out of the shower when she answered the phone.

As she paced, her feet stomped a bit on the carpeted floor, and she kept
running one or the other of her hands back through her hair, shaking at it,
as if to get it dry. Each time she did, that and the pacing made her large
tits jiggle -- up and down, side to side -- and I thought I would die from
the sight. What's more, from all the moving around, her robe -- which
didn't seem to be cinched all that tightly to begin with -- gradually
started to slip open. At first, I thought it was just my eyes playing
tricks, but no, it was definitely happening. When she'd first answered the
door, there had been only the smallest "V" of skin showing below her neck.
But as I watched, that "V" grew larger and larger, and the sash at her
waist dipped lower and lower. I could see the freckles on her pale skin,
just above her chest bone. Before long, depending on how she was moving at
the moment, the two overlapping layers of the robe were barely overlapping
at all, and the gap grew, until at one point, as she lowered her arm, for
the barest instant I could see the entire side of her swelling left breast.

It was right around this point that I suddenly noticed I had a raging
hard-on. Shit. While her back was turned, I made a quick adjustment.
Thankfully, my erections at that time -- as always -- have tended to point
straight up rather than straight out, which although as an adult has made
certain sexual positions tricky for me, has at least always made erections
relatively easy to hide when clothed. Just to make sure I wouldn't be
found out, though, I bent forward, with my knees on my elbows, as if I were
a baseball player sitting in the dugout, waiting for my turn at bat. And
just in time too. When I lifted my head, I saw that she was looking
directly at me. Piercing me with those green eyes.

"Just one more minute," she said. "They have me on hold now. I'm
really sorry to keep you waiting." Her voice was almost as tremendous as
the rest of her. Slightly deep, very seductive, with a subtle southern
twang. I started to say it was okay, but her attention switched to the
person on the other line again. "Yes. Tomorrow at one? That's fine.
I'll be expecting them. Thank you." And with a final beep, the call was

She stood motionless for a moment, inhaled deeply, her breasts jutting
out and pushing against the robe more than ever, then let it all out in one
big burst. "God!" she said. "I hate dealing with people like that." She
placed the cellphone on top of a tall pile of boxes, then turned to me
again and smiled. "I am reeeally sorry, darlin'. I no sooner got out of
the shower than the phone rang, then the doorbell ... it serves me right
for sleeping in when there's so much to do." As she crossed the room and
stood in front of me, offering her hand to shake, it was as if I was
watching her in slow motion. Apparently, the deep breath she had taken at
the end of the phone call did more than vent her frustrations. The sash of
her robe was now officially holding almost nothing together from the waist
up. A huge valley of cleavage stared out at me from between the folds of
the blue material, and although a voice inside my head told me not to look,
I couldn't resist. I let my eyes take in the sight for a second, then two,
then lifted them up to her face where they should be.

But it was too late. She'd caught the glance, and looked down at

"Oh ... yikes," she said, and lowered her hand before I could shake it,
then pulled the robe closed and tightened the sash. My face turned an
instant boiling shade of red, and I thought for sure that I was in deep
trouble. "This damn thing," she said. "It's not one I normally wear. The
material's all slippery and the sash never holds. It was all I could find
at the top of a box when the doorbell rang." Again, she raised her hand in
my direction, smiling. I noticed that her long, well-manicured nails were
painted a bright red.

Wow. That was it? She was blaming it all on the robe? Well, I
certainly wasn't going to argue with her. "It's okay," I said, standing,
hoping my bulge didn't show, and shook her hand. Her grip was firm, and
her nails brushed gently against my palm as she pulled it away. "Nice to
meet you," I told her, my voice a bit weak.

She laughed. "Likewise," she said. "But I'm not really sure we've met

I was confused at first, no doubt because most of the blood that used to
be in my brain was now in my groin. "Oh," I said. "Right. My name is
Sam. Sammy. I live next door."

"Ohhh. The welcome wagon. Well, Sammy, my name is Bethany. Nice to
meet you. Why don't you have a seat again, and let me go upstairs and put
something less comfortable on."

"That's okay," I said. "I can just go. You're busy."

"No, no. Sit. You're my first guest, and here I've been a lousy host
so far." She started toward the stairs. "I'll just be five minutes.
There's a few sodas in the fridge. Help yourself if you're thirsty."

"Okay." Of course, I knew where the kitchen was, having been in the
house a million times before. And as I grabbed a soda from the
refrigerator, I could hear her heavy footsteps above me, and could easily
picture the rooms she was walking in and out of. Bathroom. Hallway.
Bedroom. Hallway again. Bathroom again. At some point, I knew she must
have taken the robe off, if she was changing into something else. Which
meant she was naked.

My hard-on had flagged a bit in the past few minutes, but at this
thought, it leapt up again. Standing in the kitchen, where I knew I'd hear
her coming long before she got there, I put my soda down, reached into my
shorts, and slowly touched myself. It felt good, but I wished there were a
bottle of hand lotion nearby. If there was, I knew I probably could have
cum in thirty seconds or less, and been almost soft by the time she got
downstairs. As it was, all I think I succeeded in doing was teasing myself
even more.

Twenty minutes later, sitting on the couch again, I realized that I
could have easily run over to my house, jerked off in my room, and still
been back in time. Many years later, I would learn from dealing with
various girlfriends that "five minutes" to a woman getting changed is half
an hour to the rest of the world. During ten minutes of that time, I heard
the hair dryer, and judging from the length of her hair, thought I might be
sitting there all day. Not long afterwards, though, her footsteps grew
much louder, as if she'd put shoes on, and I could hear her on the stairs.

Then she appeared. The extra time spent, I decided, had been well worth

She emerged around the corner into the living room like a force of
nature. Her hair, while not completely dry, had much more body to it now,
much closer to what it had looked like the day before. She'd also found
time to put on a bit of dark eye liner, as well as some bright red lipstick
that perfectly matched the color of her nails. Her top ... well, it was
almost unfair to even call it that -- it was a pink stretchy tube top that
started just below her armpits and stopped a few inches above her belly
button. Basically, it was the minimum amount of material required to cover
her enormous breasts. And she'd clearly been doing her situps or crunches
or something, because what a tight little belly! I could have looked at
that pink top all day, but didn't want to press my luck, so my eyes
continued downward to a pair of relatively modest jeans shorts, which
hugged her wide (but not too wide) hips nicely, and extended almost to her
knees, where the cuffs had been rolled. These shorts looked very casual,
like something worn for gardening, but the three-inch pink heels she wore
-- which I only saw after trailing my eyes down her long, long, shapely
legs -- looked a different kind of casual altogether. Certainly NOT
gardening footwear. Maybe "sipping margueritas on a yacht" footwear. They
must have pushed her height to over six feet, over a foot taller than me.
But I wasn't complaining.

"Ta-daaa!" she said, smiling and stretching her arms in a wide flourish.
"Is this better?" Obviously, she was the theatrical type. Eager to play
along, I did the first thing that came to mind. I started clapping. She
laughed, then took a bow, and started blowing kisses. "Thank you. Thank
you. You're much too kind. Really."

Still giggling, she crossed the room, and seemed to be trying to figure
out where to sit. There was a chair, but it currently had some stereo
components stacked on it. In the end, the only real workable solution was
to push some more boxes aside and sit next to me on the couch, although the
fit was a bit tight. When she sat down, her leg was pushed right against
mine, and all I could think was that she was now dangerously close to
realizing that I had a boner. "Um," I said, thinking fast. "I could put
some of those boxes on the floor if you want. Make more space."

"Oh, don't bother," she said. "We're getting to know each other,
right?" With this, she patted my knee, and must have seen the instant blush
it brought to my face. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said. "You have to excuse me.
I'm kind of a touchy feely person. It's just the way I was raised. My
parents were very affectionate." This close now, I could smell her very
strong and very sweet perfume.

"It's okay," I said, wishing I could lean forward on my knees again to
hide my lap, but knowing it wouldn't make any sense if she was sitting next
to me."

"You looked uncomfortable." Her expression was one of concern.

"No, it's just ... my dad says I can be too shy sometimes. He's a

"Ohhh, I see. Well. You just let me know if I'm invading your
'personal space'." She smiled, to show that it was meant to be funny.
Having a father who was a shrink, I got the joke.

"It's okay," I said. "Really."

"Good." She patted my knee again, letting it linger a few seconds this
time before pulling it away. "So tell me, Sammy. What would you normally
be doing if you weren't here playing welcome wagon?" Immediately, the words
"jerking off" jumped into my head, but I didn't speak them. It was true,
though. So far this summer, my primary pasttime when my parents were off
at work had been masturbating. I'd recently figured out the password that
my father had put in place to keep me away from porn on the Web, and I'd
been having a grand old time seeking out photos of women with big tits, and
jerking off over and over, sometimes three or four times a day. I assumed
I would eventually get bored of it, but so far, not yet. Certainly,
though, I couldn't tell my neighbor Bethany that.

"I, um ... stuff. Play on my computer. Read books."

"Do you know a lot about computers?" she asked.

"I guess so. I hooked up ours at home."

"Really? You're just the person I need then. Do you think you could
help me with mine?"

"Sure," I said.

"I managed to get almost everything set up right, I think, but I can't
get the printer to print. And I can't seem to get my internet connection
working right either. Normally, my daughter would take care of it, but
she's staying with her grandmother in Montana for a few more weeks."

"Wow, you have a daughter?" I asked. "You don't look old enough."

"Well aren't you sweet!" This time her hand landed on my forearm, and
squeezed it tightly, her nails digging ever so slightly into my skin.
"Trust me, though, I'm plenty old enough. She just turned 18, and she
starts college near here in the fall. You should get to meet her next

"Cool," I said. "So do you want to go do the computer thing now?" I was
anxious to keep her from discovering how hard I was, and flailed for any

"Right now? Sure. That would be great." She stood quickly, and I
watched her tits bounce, then settle, just inches from my face. "It's
right upstairs here. Follow me." I followed, enjoying immensely the view
of the back of her legs, which were pulled tight by the heels, and the way
her hips swayed from side to side as she walked. There was something
almost deliberate about it, as if somebody had given her special lessons on
how best to walk to drive men crazy. And this view only improved while
climbing the stairs behind her. "Please excuse the mess," she said. The
robe she'd been wearing earlier was sitting in a ball at the top of the
stairs, where she'd dropped it. Likewise, as we passed the master bedroom,
I could see on the floor the tanktop and jeans and red heels she'd been
wearing yesterday, and atop them, a very skimpy pair of red panties and a
white bra. The bed had not been made yet.

We continued on, past the bathroom, to what used to be Kevin's room,
which was now mostly empty except for a filing cabinet and the desk, which
had the computer on it, already set up and already turned on. "See," she
said. "I'm not a complete ditz. I at least managed to get Windows

I laughed nervously. "That's farther than my mom could have gotten."
After saying this, it occurred to me that I had emphasized the word "my".
Now that Bethany had told me she had an 18 year old daughter, I guess I
realized that she was easily old enough to be mother too, which suddenly
made the fact that I had an erection very strange indeed. But I didn't
linger on it. I sat down at the computer and starting poking around.
There wasn't a second chair in the room, so Bethany had to lean over me to
point out the things she'd tried unsuccessfully to do so far. She had one
hand on my shoulder to brace herself, then reached around with the other,
which put the side of her breast right against my ear. Needlees to say,
this made it a little difficult to concentrate! But I muddled through.
The printer problem turned out to be an easy one -- just a matter of
reinstalling the drivers. And after some fiddling, I realized that the
problem with the internet connection was that there was no dial tone.
After that, I knew what was wrong. I reached around behind the computer,
and had it fixed in seconds. Soon after, we were on the Web.

"Wow, that was fast," she said. "What was it?"

"There are two ports on the modem card. One goes in and the other goes
out. In case you need to have your phone running through the loop. I made
the same mistake on our computer, and it took me an hour to figure it out."

"Well, bravo. I guess your loss of an hour was my gain, eh?"

"Heh. Something like that."

She rapidly patted both my shoulders, then kissed me on the cheek. "I'm
so excited! I haven't been able to check my e-mail or surf the Web for a
week now. I was starting to go through withdrawal."

"You're on the Web a lot?" I asked. Funny, I never thought beautiful
women would have any use for the internet.

"Are you kidding? I'm not only on the Web, I'm actually ON the Web."
She giggled.

"What do you mean?"

"Here, go to my bookmarks." She put her hand over mine on the mouse, and
directed it up to her bookmarks. I wasn't sure if she meant for me to move
my hand or not, but I was enjoying the sensation, so I kept it there. As
the cursor ran over her bookmarks, I saw a long list of links that had the
name Bethany in them -- two of which actually had the longer name of
"BustyBethany", another of which had the phrase "Bethany's Bikini Show",
and one more that was titled simply "Bethany - 34DDD" -- but I was only
able to read a few before she'd found the one she was looking for and
opened the site. It looked to be a modeling directory of some kind. I'd
run across a lot of these during my time online, when searching for hot
pictures. And there she was, posing in a long green strapless gown,
hamming it up for the camera. The profile had only her first name, and
listed her as living in New York City.

"That's you?" I asked. "You're a model?"

"Well, not a supermodel or anything. Mostly just stuff that shows up on
the Web." She clicked on a thumbnail, and another photo of her popped up,
this time looking like a country farm girl, a red and white shirt tied
below her bustline to expose her midriff, her hair done up in pigtails, and
a piece of hay sticking out of her smiling teeth. "I used to model a
little when I was younger. But I stopped when I had my daughter. I'm
making kind of a comeback now." The last photo on the page was her in a
white one-piece bathing suit, splashing and laughing in the waves at some

"Cool," I said, and suddenly felt bold. "It looked like there were
other sites too?"

"Well, yeah," she said. "I'm on a few now. I feel like I'm boring you,

"No," I said, perhaps too forcefully. "Really. I think it's cool."

There was a long pause before she spoke again. Apparently she was
making a decsion. "Well. Since you'll probably just go home and look for
yourself anyway now, I guess it couldn't hurt." Instead of returning to the
bookmark list this time, she starting typing in a URL. "The fact is, I
have my own site."

"Really? Is it a pay site?" I asked.

She laughed, and paused before hitting the Enter key. "You know what a
pay site is?"

I blushed. "Yes."

"And how old are you?"

"Thirteen." There was no sense lying, since I looked even younger.

"I'm guessing your parents don't know that you know these things?"

I shook my head, suddenly feeling self-conscious, my momentary boldness
seeping out of me.

"Well, I tell you what, Sammy. Since you were nice enough to fix my
computer for me." She leaned in suddenly, whispering, her hot breath
blowing into my ear, "We'll just keep that our little secret." Then she
pulled back again, squeezed my shoulder, giggled, and finally hit the Enter
key. What popped up on the screen next was a dark black background, the
words BUSTY BETHANY in bright red at the top of the page, and below that,
an image of Bethany from the waist up, topless, smiling devilishly, her
hands cupping her ample breasts and discreetly covering the nipples. Below
that was the usual adult warning, with an option to Leave Now or Enter Now.
I was still drooling over the photo when she clicked the Enter Now link and
moved us to the main greeting page. Her hand, which had been on top of
mine all this time, pulled away and came to rest on my shoulder. "Go ahead
and surf it yourself," she said. "I've seen it already."

There were a variety of small photos on that page, each of which could
be clicked for a larger version, as well as links to a Biography, to a
Bulletin Board, and to an Erotic stories section. I clicked on a few of
the thumbnails, trying to pick ones that were more "fashion" oriented,
although what I really wanted to do was devour all of the bikini and
lingerie photos. It was hard to tell what was what from the thumbnails,
though, so my fourth choice -- which I thought would be her in a short
dress -- turned out to be her in a baby-doll nightie that was so sheer, you
could clearly see the outline of her wide dark nipples through it. I gave
it just as much viewing time as I had the first three, no more or less,
then moved on to another one. All the while, she stood behind me, her
hands resting on my shoulders, the smell of her perfume driving me insane.
And each time I returned to the greeting page, I kept looking at the bright
red MEMBERS icon in the upper right corner. Finally, I decided to ask.
"So what's in the pay section?"

She laughed, somewhat nervously, squeezing my shoulders, again digging
her nails in. "Oh, I think you know."

"Not really," I said, although I suspected. "I've never been in one."
Which was true.

"I guess not, if you don't have a credit card."

I played a gambit. I turned around and looked her in the eyes, trying
to put on my most innocent face, which wasn't hard to do, because I just
had one of those faces that always looked innocent anyway. "Can I see?"

My gambit paid off. Her own expression grew suddenly soft. "Oh, you."
She reached up and tousled my hair, which normally would have annoyed me to
no end ... but somehow coming from her, I didn't mind it so much.
"Mooning up at me with those sweet little boy eyes. You're terrible." I
kept looking into her eyes. "Okay, okay, stop. You have no idea how
unfair you're fighting. Turn around." I did, and she reached both arms
around me to type in a username and password -- too quickly to see what
they were -- her soft tits pressing warmly against the back of my neck. "I
really shouldn't be doing this." And then there it was. Heaven on a
seventeen inch monitor. The same photo that had been on the homepage, only
this time, she was puckering her red lips at the camera, and her hands were
cupping her tits from beneath, pushing them together, her large nipples
clearly exposed. Surrounding this image were links to a variety of photo
galleries. "Ta-daaa," she said again behind me, mimicking herself from

"Wow," I said, not realizing until it was out of my mouth how stupid it
must have sounded.

She giggled. "Well, that's about as good a reaction as a woman can ask

I blushed. "Sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"Ohhh, don't be sorry, Sweetie." She reached around, and gave me a quick
affectionate hug from behind, pecking me on the cheek again. "I meant it.
If boys your age are still saying wow, I must be doing something right."

"You are," I said. "Definitely. At least I think so." I continued to
stare at the opening image.

"Well, to be honest, I kind of already guessed that I had you

"What? How?" I asked.

"I'll give you a hint," she said, and leaned in to whisper in my ear
again. "It's not as well-hidden as you seem to think it is." At this, I
glanced down quickly into my lap, and saw that at some point, probably when
I reached around to fix the phone line, my dick had shifted in my shorts,
and there was a noticeable bulge there now. Easy to miss if somebody
wasn't looking directly at it, but from her vantage point over my shoulder
for the past half-hour, Bethany had the best view possible, and apparently
hadn't failed to notice. I immediately reached down and readjusted myself.

"Jeez, I'm sorry."

"Again with the sorries. Don't be. It's okay."

"But ..."

"But what? It's kind of the point of the website, isn't it? I mean, I
figured out thousands of dollars ago that men weren't joining my site to
see artistic photography. You know?"

I laughed, in spite of myself. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Trust me, Sammy. I'm know I'm right. It's all about these." Her hands
left my shoulders, and I turned just in time to see her cupping her tits through the tube top, in an imitation of the photo on the computer screen.
"And let me tell you, I thank God every day for them." She smiled.

Since she wasn't behind me any more, I was able to turn the chair around
to face her. "Are they ..."

"Go ahead," she said, daring me. "Ask the question."

"Are they real?"

"Et tu, Sammy? You have no idea how often I get asked that. The answer
is yes ... and no."

I didn't hide my confusion. "Huh?"

She laughed openly. "Well, the content is all mine, but last year I had
a nip and tuck. Not much. Just enough to counteract the worst of the
damage of child-bearing and gravity."

I nodded. "Oh, okay."

"Did you want to see?" she asked.

I didn't get what she meant at first. "What? Another site?"

"No. These." She squeezed her tits. "In 3-D, I mean."

For a few seconds, I forgot to breathe. "You mean ..."

"I mean in the flesh, yes." She smiled, clearly enjoying my reaction.
"It's your choice."

"I ... um ... sure." Who would possibly say no that? Not me.

She reached up, crossed her arms, and took hold of the bottom edge of
the top, then stopped. "I don't know," she said. "Maybe I should let you
surf the website instead --"

"No!" I said, again too urgently. "I mean, no. Please."

"You sure?"

"Very," I said. "I've never ..."

"You've never what?"

"Seen ..." I gestured at her chest. "... you know, in person."

"Really? Good lord, you mean I'm breaking new ground here?" From the
tone of her voice, I could tell she was teasing me a bit, toying with me.
And I was loving it. I nodded. "Well, I hope I can live up to your
expectations then." And with no further ado, her hands began moving again,
peeling the pink tubetop quickly up over her breasts, over her shoulders,
over her head, and off. The whole movement pulled her tits up at first,
and they bounced and shimmied as they fell back down again to their normal
position, and gradually came to rest. Her nipples were dark pink, several
inches wide, and the erect tips were about the size of marbles. I wasn't
sure how much damage gravity had done to them before, but they looked fine
to me now -- hanging down just enough to let you know they were real, but
not so much that she looked like somebody's saggy old granny. As if to
prove their buoyancy, after she dropped the top to the floor, Bethany
reached up and took a breast in each hand, digging her bright red nails
into them, and bounced them up and down -- first as a pair, and then
alternating them -- left one up, right one down, left one down, right one
up. The sight was truly mesmerizing to me, and I easily believed that I
could sit and watch it all day.

She must have been paying attention to my slackjaw reaction, because she
started to laugh. "Wow, talk about your captive audience. I think I know
what to get YOU for Christmas!"

I just nodded, smiling. "Yes, please."

More laughing. "Am I ... I'm not torturing you or anything, am I?"

I shrugged. "A little. It's okay, though. It's the good kind."

"Oh, I see. Well, if you need to ... whatever. You can."

My eyes quickly went from her amazing tits to her eyes. "Really?"

"It's your choice. I know you're shy, so it's up to you. I'm just
giving you the option if you need it."

Boy, did I need it. More than I ever had in my life! "Well, I guess.
If you don't mind."

"I don't mind," she said. "I figure you've been ... in that state ...
for about a half-hour now."

"Longer," I said.

"Oh? Since when?"

"Well, almost since ... when you first got the door."

A smile beamed on her face. "Wow, you must have really liked that
robe." Then her face turned sympathetic. "Oh, you poor boy. You mean
you've been that way for over an hour?" I nodded. "Well then, I'm afraid I
have to insist. Talk about being a bad host." She smiled, a bit naughtily,
her hands still on her tits. "Either you take it out right now, and
relieve some of that pressure, or I may have to resort to drastic

"Here?" I said. "I thought ... I thought you meant I could go into the
bathroom or something."

"Well." She looked disappointed. "If you want, that's okay too."

"No, I mean ... I can. Here. If you want."

Her face lit up. "Good. I was hoping you would."

"Really?" Part of me wanted to ask about the "drastic measures", but
most of me was just eager to do what she was asking, and quickly, before
she changed her mind. "Okay, I'll do it." And with that, I took a deep
breath and, lifting my ass up off the chair, slid my shorts and underwear
down in one big motion, letting them fall to my ankles. The first thing I
did after that was glance up at her face, to see if she was looking at my
cock. She was, and so I looked down at it myself, to see how it was
representing. Same as always. Here's the part where I could embellish
history, and say that even though I was a short kid, I had an abnormally
large johnson ... but the truth is, I didn't. I guess it wasn't tiny or
anything, but certainly not huge. Maybe even slightly smaller than
average. I never bothered to measure back then, but I'll take a guess and
say 4 inches. And still hairless except for a minor bit of fuzz.

"Oh my," Bethany said, smiling. "Somebody's happy." If she was at all
disappointed, it didn't show.

"Is it okay?" I asked.

"Oh, it's very okay, Sweetie. And don't ever let anybody tell you

I blushed brightly, and couldn't help but grin.

"So, I did all that, eh?" she asked. "What a naughty mommy I must be!"

With this, my heart skipped a beat, and my cock twitched. "You are," I
said, playing along.

"I am what?" As she asked the question, she started to pinch and knead
her breasts.

"Naughty," I said.

"A naughty what?"

"Mommy." Without realizing it, I reached down and started to touch
myself. Meanwhile, the word seemed to have an electric effect on her. Her
green eyes practically glowed.

"MY naughty mommy," I said, pushing it. I was nothing if not a fast

Bethany's eyes glazed over a bit, as if something was happening beneath
the surface, and she began to fondle her tits almost frantically, lost in
the activity, still keeping an eye on my erection. "Yes," was all she had
to say.

"Bethany?" This jarred her back to reality a bit.

"Yes, Sammy?"

"I ... ummm ... need lotion or something."

She smiled. "I have just the thing. Don't move."

As if I was going anywhere! In the minute or so that she was gone, I
was tempted to turn around and surf her website, but resisted the urge.
When she returned, it was with a long white tube of KY-Jelly. "This should
do the trick." Without warning, she knelt down in front of me, between my
legs, her head at my chest level, and her chest at my groin level. "I want
a good view," she said, as if to explain, and handed me the tube.

As she gazed up at me longingly with her large green eyes, I squeezed a
long glob of the clear jelly into my hand, then closed the cap, and gave
the tube back to her. Oh my God, I thought. Is this really happening? Is
this gorgeous redhead with huge tits really so excited to see me jerk off?
As Bethany watched intently, I lowered my hand onto my throbbing cock. The
jelly was cold at first, but warmed quickly, and felt amazing. I stroked
my young shaft down, then up, then down, slowly at first, as smiling
Bethany put on a show for me of teasing and fondling her tits.

"Does that feel good?" she asked, her voice quiet and nurturing.

"Y-yes," I said, knowing I should take it slow, but starting
uncontrollably to stroke myself faster. As if encouraged by my faster pace
to be more creative, she lifted one breast up high, bent her head down, and
began licking and sucking on one of her own nipples, moaning as she did.

This was pretty much what did it. I couldn't possibly hold out any
longer after that.

She must have been able to tell I was on the edge. "It's okay, Sammy.
You can cum."

I responded by pumping my slippery cock ever faster.

"That's it, Baby. Show mommy how you cum for her."

"Ohhhhhhhhh." And with that, I exploded. I threw my head back,
breathing heavily, as gobs of cum began to spurt out of my cock, hot and
wet, such a thorough release, emptying everything, over and over again.
Like nothing I'd ever experienced before. My legs went numb. As I passed
the most intense part of it, I thought to look up, and what I saw then I
think made me spurt twice as much. Bethany had leaned back, unsnapped her
shorts, and had slipped one hand down inside them, where she bucked her
hips up and down against it. The other hand remained on one of her tits,
tugging and pinching her nipple, and her eyes were still fixated on my
cock. As the waves of my orgasm gradually subsided, and the well ran dry,
hers just began. Her moaning grew louder, she tossed her head back, and
with a final high-pitched squeak, she raised her ass up off the floor, then
froze for several seconds, before letting out a long slow breath.

"Wow," I said, my throat dry, my cock still twitching in my lap.

"My oh my," Bethany said, grinning, rising to her feet, looking as shaky
as I felt. She reached her arms straight up into the air, criss-crossing
the wrists, and stretched her entire body in an almost feline manner,
swaying her hips from side to side. Then she leaned forward -- her tits hanging deliciously in front of me -- and after brushing her lips against
my cheek, whispered hotly into my ear. "Now that," she said, "is what I
call a welcome wagon."

* * *

Needless to say, when my parents got home that night, I did give them a
progress report, but hardly a full one. Per Bethany's request, I told them
she was a web designer and occasional photographer. Which was partially
true anyway. I asked her for the login information for the member side of
her website, but she refused to give it to me. She said if she did that,
then I might not want to come over and see the real thing again. Fat
chance of that! Still, I liked the idea that I had a standing invitation,
and I certainly intended to take advantage of it as often as I could. I
masturbated twice more that day, recalling what had happened in what used
to be Kevin's room. And when I fell asleep that night, I decided that
maybe it wouldn't be such a bad summer after all.



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