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SAMMY03 stretch get the image


The following is probably a work of FICTION. It was sent back in time in a
quantum bottle. So who really knows for sure? ...

Feel free to reprint or take credit for it (as if I could stop you), but
please don't make any changes, or I won't write the next chapter!

If you haven't already, you really should read Chapters 1 & 2 first ...

SAMMY'S HOT SUMMER Chapter 3: A New Arrival (m F cons busty oral)

by TooMuchTime (

Copyright(c) 2002, TooMuchTime. All rights reserved.

The next morning, as I walked into the kitchen, I found myself faced
with the odd dilemma of being both relieved and terribly disappointed. The
first, because my mother hadn't decided to take another day off from work.
The second, because as I glanced out the window, I noticed that Bethany's
car wasn't parked in front of her house. Which meant she wasn't home.
Which meant I wouldn't be going over there for some new sexual thrill this
morning. Oh well.

After a moment of sadness, I realized I was being kind of silly. For
all I knew, she'd be back in five minutes. And even if she wasn't, who was
I to complain, really? Two mornings in a row, I'd gotten to see a
knock-out Web model in the nude, and yesterday, she'd given me my first
ever hand job. Still, to a 13 year old boy, it's pretty much impossible to
overdo a good thing -- especially when that good thing involves nudity and
mind-numbing orgasms. So as I sat at the dining room table, eating my
Cocoa Puffs and reading a comic book, I continued to keep the corner of my
eye fixed on the window, just in case Bethany's fancy car should pull up
and brighten my day.

When the phone rang, I wasn't going to answer it at first. It wasn't
like I had many friends who called me, and anybody else knew that my
parents worked during the day, so usually it just ended up being some
telemarketer who didn't know how to take no for an answer. Two rings in,
though, the thought crossed my mind that it might be my best friend (and
former next-door neighbor) Kevin, calling me from his new home in Florida.
So I picked it up, just in case. "Hello?"

"Hi, Sexy." It was Bethany's voice. I found myself blushing as my heart
skipped a beat.

"Hey, I was just thinking about you. Where are you?" I glanced out the
window. Still no car there.

"I'm out doing some shopping." From the fuzzy connection, I guessed she
was on a cell phone.


"Awww, don't sound so disappointed."

I chuckled. "Heh. I guess I am."

"I'll be home some time this afternoon." My heart -- as well as my dick
-- leapt a bit upon hearing this. "I'm just calling to ask a favor."

"Sure. Anything."

"Do you think this morning you could maybe clean my pool? Your parents already think you're going to do it, and the fact is, I'd kind of like to
have it cleaned before I swim in it for the first time. I'd pay you the
twenty dollars we agreed on, of course."

"Yeah, I can do that. No problem."

"Are you sure you don't mind? After all, I'm sure I could hire some big
muscle guy to do it for me," she teased.

"No." My face flushed a bit red, a jealous reaction. "I'll do it."

"Alrighty then. Do an extra-good job, and I might have a special treat
for you when I get home."

"Like what?" I asked, although I knew I should probably play it cool.

"You'll see. Ciao, Sweetie." And then she was gone, just like that.

I hung up the phone smiling. The day's prospects had greatly improved.

Within fifteen minutes, I was hard at work cleaning Bethany's pool,
daydreaming about what her 'special treat' might be.

* * *

An hour later, the job was almost done, when I heard someone entering
the same tall side gate I'd used to access the pool area. I'd glanced at
my watch a few minutes earlier, and knew it was only about eleven in the
morning, so I wondered who it could be. Maybe Bethany had finished up
shopping sooner than she expected?

Yet when I turned around, lowering the leaf net, I saw it wasn't Bethany
at all. It was a girl, though. Maybe 19 or 20 from the looks, about 5'5"
tall, petite and cute, with whitish-blonde hair cut in a short bob. She
wore a pair of dark sunglasses that hid her eyes, as well as an extremely
cropped white t-shirt and denim shorts, which showed off not only an ample
chest (D cup maybe?) but also an incredible tan. Clearly, this was
somebody who spent a lot of time in the sun. Having seen me standing
there, she walked casually across the stone patio toward the pool, her
expression almost annoyed, her slightly pursed lips the same bright pink as
her fingernails and toenails, her bare feet landing deliberately with each
step, creating a rhythmic sway to her hips and breasts. Which I wanted to
stare at, but tried to control myself.

Once she was a few feet away, the girl put one hand on her hip, and used
the other to remove her sunglasses, revealing a pair of wide, deep blue
eyes. Through gum-chewing teeth, she asked, "Who the hell are you?"

I was caught off-guard by the brusqueness of the question and stammered
my reply a bit. "Sam ... I am," I said, aware as it came out that I must
sound like a Dr. Seuss book.

The girl just rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Well, that's

All I could think to do was stand there with the leaf net in my hand,
saying nothing.

"Um. Are you retarded or something?"

"No! I just ..." Then it occurred to me. I wasn't the stranger here.
"Wait, who are you?"

"I'm Sasha."

"Sasha who?"

"Sasha, whose mother lives here." A momentary look of confusion passed
over her face, dulling the hard edge that had been there a moment before.
"At least I think she does." She glanced over her shoulder, as if hoping to
see her mother there. I took advantage of the moment to look down at her
boobs. Her nipples stood out in sharp relief against the thin white
material of the cropped tee -- clearly, she had no bra on beneath it.

"Wait," I said, making eye contact again as she turned back around,
"you're Bethany's daughter?"

"You know her?" She seemed relieved. "I guess I'm in the right place

"Yeah, she's here. I mean, she lives here. She's not here right now."

"Well, duh. Do you know where she is?"

I almost answered yes, then realized that maybe it wouldn't make sense
for me to have so much information. "No," I said. "I just live next door.
She hired me to clean the pool."

"Yeah, the net was a dead giveaway." She grinned, and I couldn't tell if
she was being nasty or funny, so I didn't laugh.

I remembered what Bethany had said to me the first time I met her, about
her daughter being in Montana with her grandmother for the next few weeks.
"Was she ... uh ... expecting you today?"

"Not exactly. Why, what did she say?"

"Nothing. I just ... it seems like she would be here if she was
expecting you."

"Well, aren't you just young Sherlock Holmes." Clearly, I wasn't winning
any points for brilliance here. "So do you happen to know if she leaves a
key outside anywhere? I kind of have to use the bathroom."

"Not that I know of."

"Great. Just my luck."

"But ... you can use the bathroom in my house if you want. It's right
next door."

She considered this. "You don't mind?"

"No. Why would I mind?"

"You know. Complete stranger and all."

"Yeah. But you're Bethany's daughter. And I know her."

She just shook her head. "Jeez. This must be like Mayberry or
something. No wonder my mom moved here." A slow smile crept onto her face,
which seemed more or less genuine. She slid her sunglasses back on.
"Okay, Opie ... lead the way."

* * *

As I stood in the foyer, waiting for Sasha to finish doing her business
in our downstairs bathroom, I wondered what she would look like naked. It
was something I did quite a bit when I was 13, with just about every girl I
met. The nice thing was, the outfit she was wearing left very little to
the imagination, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to get the image in my
head. I had to push it away quickly, though, because it started to give me
a hard-on. So I thought of comic books and baseball cards instead.

By the time Sasha sauntered around the corner, she seemed in much better
spirits than she'd been when she first approached me by the pool. "Thank
you," she said with a smirk. "I feel about ten pounds lighter now."

"You're welcome."

"So I guess your parents are at work?" she asked.


"You mind if I hung out here for a little while then? Just to wait and
see if my mom shows up?"

Did I mind? How could I mind? "No, I ... no. That's fine." I tried
to conceal my enthusiasm.

"Cool." She began to walk slowly through the downstairs, nodding her
head sometimes and shaking it others, depending on whether or not she
approved of my mother's design tastes. "This is a nice place," she said.

"You want to see the upstairs?" I asked, hopefully.

"Sure. Why not."

I lead the way up, and no sooner were we at the top step than she
spotted my bedroom. "This must be yours," she said, walking straight in
without asking, seemingly amused by my posters of comic book characters and
swimsuit models.

"Yeah. It's kind of messy. Sorry."

"Hey, you're young," she said, plopping herself down on my unmade bed.
"Don't apologize for being messy. There's time enough to be neat when you
get older."

"I'm not THAT young," I bristled, squatting down to sit in the beanbag
chair on the floor.

She leaned back on her elbows. "How old?" But I almost didn't hear the
question, because from my low angle on the floor, I had a excellent view of
the bottom of her full round breasts under her cropped shirt.

"Thirteen," I said, trying to make it seem as if I were making eye
contact with her.

"Like I said ... young. It seems like a million years ago that I was
your age."

"Why, how old are you?"


"Oh." At this point, I realized I was getting a fast erection, and
thought to grab a baseball cap and lay it casually across my lap, to hide
my condition. "I can't wait to be eighteen."

"Don't rush it," she said. "It comes soon enough."

"I guess."

"So ... how's the view from down there?" Sasha asked, grinning.

Dammit. "What?" I tried to play it cool, but my bright red face
betrayed me.

"The view up my shirt. You seem pretty interested in it."

Again, the best reply I could come up with was, "What? I just ... I'm
just sitting here."

"Yeah, sitting there staring at my boobs."

"I was not. I ..."

"Oh, don't get all embarrassed. It's not a big deal. It's not like
you're the first boy to notice them. And it's not really like I go out of
my way to hide them very much."

That much was certainly true. "I know. Still ... I guess it's rude."

"Only if I'm offended. And I'm not. So quit blushing about it."

"I can't help it."

She giggled, definitely amused now. "Would it help if I just took it

"Huh?" Was she saying what I thought she was saying?

"Here ..." Suddenly, she sat up straight, and yanked the tiny t-shirt
off over her head, exposing her firm, round D-cups, which bounced only once
before settling in place. The tan line of whatever skimpy bikini she wore
when tanning was stark, creating milky white triangles over the front of
her tits, with medium-sized pink nipples in the center, the tips perky and
erect. She tossed the shirt at me, and it fell across my face, smelling
strongly of perfume. I pulled it down to my chest to keep it from blocking
my sight of her. "There. Stare all you want. I'm not shy."

"Um ... clearly," I said, blushing and smiling, as my young cock jumped
to full erection in my shorts.

"And you're not fooling anybody with that hat, by the way." She pointed
to the baseball cap on my lap. "I'm pretty sure I know what you're hiding
under there."

"You are? I mean, you do?"

Again, she giggled. The sound was very similar to Bethany's. "Well, I
may be blonde, but I'm not stupid." She leaned forward toward me, her firm
young breasts hanging down only slightly as she did. "So ... are you
going to show me?"

Somehow, despite all that had happened over the past few days, I still
managed to be shocked by this idea. I had no delusions of being a great
Casanova or anything. "Am I ... what? Show you what?"

"Whatever it is you're hiding under that hat."

"I'm not hiding anything." Nothing except a steel rod, that is.

"Are you sure?" With this, Sasha began to sway back and forth, causing
her boobs to swing along with her, mesmerizing me. "Nothing at all?" She
leaned even closer, until her face and chest were only a couple of feet
from my face. "Why don't you take off that hat and let me see for myself?"

"Um ... okay." I lifted the cap, and placed it off to the side. My
erection had grown from the bottom up, and showed clearly through my
shorts. There was no denying anything now.

"Oh, not hiding anything, are you? That looks like something to me."

All I could think to do was shrug. "Sorry."

"Sorry for what?" she asked, slowly chewing the gum in her mouth.

"I don't know."

"Then don't be sorry, silly. So Sammy, tell me ..." With this, she
leaned her face in close to mine, making full eye contact. And as much as
I wanted to look down at her boobs, I couldn't resist falling into her
wide, deep blue eyes.

"W-what?" I stammered.

"Did I cause that 'nothing' in your shorts?"

"K-kind of."

"You wouldn't lie to me now, would you?"

I shook my head nervously. "No. Never."

"Well then. I have to say, it's refreshing to find a boy as honest and
nice as you are. Most guys my own age are just after my body. And they
tend to lie and cheat a lot to get it. And older men, well ... they're
just old. But you ... well, you're different. Makes me wonder if all
young boys are as nice as you are."

"I don't kn-know. Maybe."



"Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Um ... yeah. Sure." I had no idea what she meant, but there was no
way I was disagreeing with an offer like that.

She smiled. "I have to warn you, though. I have kind of a ... well, a

"A what?"

"A fixation. An oral fixation, to be more exact."

"So ... you mean you like to kiss?"

"Oh yes, very much. I love to kiss. And not just mouths."

"Um ... what then?"

With this, she placed her index finger lightly over my lips. "Ssshhhhh.
Hush now." She pulled the hand away again, and removed the piece of gum
from her mouth, sticking it to the bottom of my desk chair. Then without
another word, she leaned in all the way, and planted her mouth on mine.
And as sweetly as her mother had the day before, she began to kiss me. No,
actually sweeter. I wouldn't have thought that anybody could improve on
the kiss Bethany had given me, but her daughter proved that wrong. There
was a warm tongue ... wet lips ... gentle teeth, all of them combining in
ways I couldn't have imagined before. Her hands found my face and stroked
it, then her mouth trailed away from my mouth, over to my ear, nibbling,
blowing, trailing her tongue down my neck. Who knew that kissing could be
like THAT?

Then, suddenly, her face was gone. I opened my eyes, as if waking out
of a dream, and looked down to see the top of her head, descending toward
my ... "Wh-what are you doing?"

Sasha peered up at me, her eyes wide and innocent and almost child-like,
her hands on the elastic band of my shorts, her warm tits pressed against
my hard crotch. "Don't you want me to kiss it for you?"

"I ... yes ... sure. Please."

Smiling triumphantly, like a little girl who's just been told she can
have some ice cream, she proceeded to pull my shorts and underwear down to
my knees in one quick motion, exposing my rock-hard erection, which twanged
like a cartoon arrow as it was released. "Oh my," she said, maintaining
the little girl voice, "look what we have here." Sasha lowered her head,
planted a quick kiss on the head of my cock, then playfully licked away the
bit of pre-cum on the tip. "Yummy!" she said, looking up at me again, her
face and my erection in the same view. "Cummy flavored! My favorite!"

"I-it is ?"

"Oh yes. My very favorite. Can I have some more?"

"Um ... sure. Yeah. Help yourself."

And down she went again, this time kissing and licking the head with
more passion, as if she were frenching it. Her hand found my balls, and as
she cupped them, a sudden wet warmth and pressure enveloped the top half of
my cock. Oh my god, I thought, she's sucking me. I nearly came right
then. But I didn't want to seem like a complete amateur. Just because it
was my first blowjob didn't mean it had to be over in two seconds, right?

Still, Sasha seemed determined to make me explode. Her pink nails
teased my balls and the inside of my thighs. My below-average-sized
erection sank all the way into her mouth, and her lips pushed down to the
base. Keeping her lips pursed tight, she began to pump up and down on me,
fucking me with her mouth. There was no way I could hold out much longer.
And then she stopped, glancing up at me.

"Does that feel okay?" she asked, teasingly. "Should I stop?"

"No!" I said, too forcefully. "Please ... don't."

"If you say so." Smiling, she began to gently stroke my throbbing cock
with her hand, and lowered the head into her mouth again. This time,
instead of pumping up and down with her lips, she concentrated on the head
alone, sucking and licking at the most sensitive part. And it felt
incredible. I tried to think of comic books, baseball cards, anything to
keep myself from exploding. In the end, though, I only managed to hold out
for about thirty seconds. Then my legs and hands went numb, and my entire
body began to buzz with pleasure, my entire everything began to jet and
spurt out of my cock in warm jets, into Sasha's mouth, which continued to
suck and lick and milk it for whatever it was worth. My ass was six inches
off the floor and my hands were gripping at the carpet as I came and came
and came endlessly, as if there were no tomorrow.

I don't even know how long the orgasms lasted. I lost all track of
time. My body was humming. All I know is that when Sasha pulled her face
away from my lap, my waning dick was clean as a whistle. She'd swallowed
everything, and looked a bit like the cat that ate the canary. "Yummy,"
she said, playfully. "My favorite." She pulled my shorts back up again,
settled my t-shirt in place, then got up on all fours, rose to her feet,
and settled herself back onto the bed. Still topless, she sat there with
her legs crossed and her hands placed primly on her knees, grinning.

"Thank you," I said.

"You're quite welcome. It's not often I get to be a boy's first
blowjob. I was ... wasn't I?"

"Yes. Definitely." Which was the truth. Although I had a feeling it
was only a matter of time before Bethany would get around to it. And just
then, the awkwardness of the situation dawned on me. Sasha was Bethany's
daughter. And something told me she didn't know what her mother and I had
been doing. Or did she? It didn't seem like she could know, since if
Bethany hadn't even been expecting her visit, that meant they hadn't been
in contact lately. Right? Anyway, I certainly wasn't going to be the one
to bring it up. What bothered me more, though, was the idea that maybe
Bethany would be angry -- at me or Sasha or both -- if she ever found out
what just happened. All in all, there was too much to think about, to
consider ... and at the moment, I was in no condition to untangle it all.

As if reading my mind, Sasha said, "Sammy, you ... well, you know that
nobody can know what we just did here, right?" Actually, it seemed like she
did a whole lot more "doing" than I had. But her point was a good one, and
matched my own thoughts on the subject.

"Of course," I said. "Especially probably your mom, right?"

"Especially," she agreed, rolling her eyes. "Not that she's a paragon
of virtue anything. Not considering what she does for a living."

"Why?" I asked, playing dumb. "What does she do?"

Sasha checked herself. "Never mind. It's not important."

Following a hunch, I asked, "Do you and your mom get along?"

She shrugged. "Sometimes. Most of the time, I guess."

"Is that why you didn't tell her you were coming here?"

"More or less. I'm not even sure I should have now. Come here, I

"Why not?" I tried to keep looking at her eyes. I knew it was the
respectable thing to do when you were talking to somebody about a serious
topic. But they kept wandering down to her bare chest and those sexy tan

"Because she's going to be all pissed at me."

"For what?"

"For leaving my grandmother's early. It doesn't matter, though. If it
wasn't that, it would be something else. She's always pissed at me for
something." Sasha almost looked as if she wanted to cry, which not only
gave me a new insight into her personality, but also made me question my
first impressions of Bethany's personality. Was it possible that she was a
horrible mother? I wouldn't have guessed it. She seemed so sweet and ...
well, motherly to me. But then, she did have red hair, and I'd heard
before that redheads can have bad tempers. The fact was, I didn't know
either of them very well, so who knew what the truth was.

"Does your grandmother know you're here?"

"No. I told her I was going on a road trip to Seattle with some friends
for a week."

I just nodded.

"Then I borrowed a car and drove here instead."

"Wow. Long drive."

"Yeah. Now, I'm thinking maybe I should just go back. Before my mom gets home."

"Really?" Although I understood her reasoning, part of me screamed
inside. For my own obviously selfish reasons, I wanted her to stay close
by. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I think so. If I go back now, I can make it back to Montana by
the time my grams is expecting me."

"Another long drive," I said, stating the obvious.

Sasha shrugged. "Well. You know. The first one gave me a lot of time
to think about things."

Again, all I could think to do was nod.

"And on the way back, I can think about how I gave my 13 year old boyfriend his first hummer." She winked at me, and I blushed about twenty
shades of red, which just made her burst out laughing. "I'm sorry. I
don't mean to tease."

"It's okay. I embarrass easily."

"It felt good, though, didn't it?"

"Yeah. Definitely," I said, through an awkward smile.

"Well when I move back here in a few weeks, we can try it again. That
and some other things."

"Works for me."

"Cool. Something to look forward to." And with this, she stood. "But
for now, I have to get out of here. Be a sweetie and hand me my shirt,
will you?" I did, and after a quick peck on the cheek, she winked once
more. "Later, big boy," Sasha said, and left the room. I tried to follow,
but before I even had time to reach the top of the stairs, she was out the
front door. A minute later, I saw a red sedan zip past the house. She
honked twice and waved, then was gone around the corner.

* * *

Sasha's timing had been perfect. Because fifteen minutes after that,
Bethany's car pulled up in front of her house. I was already headed back
to her pool, to finish picking up all the pool cleaning tools I'd left
behind. She spotted me, and met me halfway, smiling, and we walked back
through the side gate together.

"Let's see what kind of a job you did," she said, smiling at me through
bright red lipstick.

She looked outstanding, as always, wearing a shoulder-less white dress
that hugged her body far too tightly to be legal and stopped at about
half-thigh. There was clearly no bra beneath it, because her nipples
pushed through like marbles ... and I suspected there might be no panties as well. I could see the facial resemblance now to Sasha, but was
temporarily overwhelmed at just how much taller she was than her daughter.
Not to mention how much bigger her tits were. They jiggled with each step,
as her high heels clacked against the stone patio.

Bethany carried several shopping bags in her hands. All of them were
from Victoria's Secret. Oh, I thought to myself. So that's what kind of
shopping she was doing! Silly me for thinking she was out buying groceries
or something.

We both stopped at the edge of the pool. "Very good," she said. "I
think you earned your special treat."

"I did?" My heart began to skip again, wondering what it could be.
"What is it?"

She leaned in close, almost whispering. "I tell you what. Be a good
boy, and help mommy carry these bags into the house. Then she's going to
model a few of the nice things she bought today. And after that ..."

I swallowed, hard, hanging on her next words. "Yes?"

"Well, after that, I was thinking I might give my baby ... his first
... blowjob."

I tried not to smile too much, and therefore give away my secret. "I
think I'd like that."

"Trust me," Bethany said. "You will." She nipped quickly at my earlobe,
then pulled back again, handing me the bags in her hands. "Now run on up
to the bedroom."

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I," she said, kicking off her heels, "am going for a quick swim in my
nice clean pool." And before I even had time to ask if her bikini was in
one of the bags, she pushed the skimpy white dress down, over her huge
tits, past her tummy, and down to her ankles. Just as I suspected -- no
panties. She took a moment to stand there, naked, her curly red hair flowing down her back, clearly for my benefit. "So ... do you like my
bathing suit?"

"V-very much I said," my stammer returning, along with the steel rod in
my shorts.

"Good." She smiled, as if pleased that I was pleased. "Now run along.
I'll be up in a minute."

"Yes, Mommy," I said, and did as I was told, smiling all the way.

Imagine my luck, I thought. Two first blowjobs in one day.

And to think, a few days ago, I thought this would be a crappy summer.



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