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SANDIA02 camera strap fall from around


Rose Noire Copyright 1997

After their brief stop at the mini mart, Tanja and Matt continued on
through to Sandia. About 15 minutes from Karl’s Kitchen Tanja spotted an
old abandoned shack sitting about a quarter mile from the road.

“Stop!” She said loudly. “I want to take a few pictures for my
photography project.”

By the time Matt had pulled over and turned off the truck, they had
another half mile hike back to the point where she’d spotted the shack.

She grabbed a bottle of water from one of the packs and a jacket in case
she had to kneel to get her shots and headed towards the deserted building.
As she approached it became apparent it’d been unused for at least ten
years. With Matt close behind her, she circled around the shack slowly
hoping to find a way in. She walked about 100 feet back from the shack and
began to snap pictures. Matt stood around then eventually became
interested in a path that led further from the road and away from the

“Hey, Tanja, over here!”

Tanja stopped taking pictures at the sound of Matt’s voice and then
headed towards where the voice had come from. Up here, so much higher in
the mountains, the trees grew taller and the air was thinner. Quickly the
shack and the road were obscured by the trees. She came upon Matt sitting
on the remains of a wooden fence in front of what appeared to be a smoke
house of some sort.

“What did you find?” She said as she strode up to stand in front of him.

He put his hands over her shoulders and smiled his very beguiling smile
at her.

“Another building for you to photograph.” He slid his hands between her
thighs. The stickiness of her flesh only emphasized the contrast in
temperature from that in the truck and there in the woods. She dropped her
jacket to the ground and allowed the camera strap to fall from around her

“Hmm, I guess we do have some unfinished business, now don’t we? I
wondered how long you could wait until we resumed our earlier discussion.”
Her full moist lips sealed themselves to his mouth and her tongue started
an exploration of its own.

“Guess, what else? Theres a way into the smoke house.” Matt pulled her
by the hand towards a door in the rear. The boards had long since fallen
to the ground and the opening was clear of glass. He helped her through
the opening then squeezed through himself.

The dust inside was thickest around the window and further away into the
shadows there was little dust. Along the far wall there was low counter of
sorts which proved to be surprisingly sturdy when the walked over towards

He’d barely lifted her to sit atop the counter when his mouth sought
hers hungrily. Her nails clawed his shirt up and her thumb nails stroked
his nipples roughly. His hands worked independently of one another. One
stroked her breasts roughly through her top and the other rubbed between
her thights and the seam of the crotch of her pants. Gradually one of her
hands sought the stiffness in his pants and rubbed emphatically along the

Without skipping a beat he had her shorts undone and halfway down before
she scooted down from the counter top. She stepped out of them and he
placed them on the counter then lifter her back up. Gently he pushed her
legs wide and his tongue sought her snatch. The moist, musky scent spurred
him on in his quest. While his tongue played enthusiastically with her
clit his hands gripped her breasts. She raised her top so flesh could meet
flesh. She leaned back and allowed his activities to rouse the tides of
her passions. Her thighs clamped together as the waves crashed against the

After a moment he spread her legs wide again and announced his
intentions to enter her. He thrust gently and slid up to his balls into
her depths. Her cum was so warm and slick, it was like a piston sliding in
a well-oiled engine. The pressure which had been building since they’d
left the convenience store was heightened by her orgasm. He thrust and
slid in and out and it felt so good he didn’t want it to end, but he wanted
to reach that inevitable explosion. Her tongue was busy too, on his mouth,
down his neck, rimming his ears. The saltiness of his persperation was
enhanced by the manly scent which exuded from his body while he worked
himself to orgasm. Her hands toyed with his nipples and her legs spread
wider to gain every centimeter of his stanchion. He slammed home for the
final countdown to have her slide away from him and jump down from the
counter top. He groaned.

“No, I’m not up to my old tricks. Lean against the counter.” She
grabbed her shorts fromt her recent perch and laid them on the floor in
front of him. With a twinkle in her eye, she knelt before him. One hand
grabbed his dick and one reached in between her legs. She sucked him ‘til
her spurted a wad of hot, gooey cum into her thirsty mouth. With cream
dribbling down her mouth, she rocked back on her knees and fingered herself
to another orgasm while he watched her through half-closed eyes.


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