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SARAH panties and started play with


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.
Another Night for Sarah in California

It was a typical Los Angeles winter night. Raining, Sara looked out at
the rain soaked streets, knowing that she would have to start rain or not. She
walked out, and caught the bus 10 minutes later, heading off for another night
of work.

She got to her normal area, and got off. She started her normal night
work, walking two blocks to the corner, and waited. She was wearing a long tan
overcoat, which was covering her from neck to ankles. Under it, she wore a knee
length black skirt with a button-up green blouse. She wore no bra, only panties
under her work clothes. She had $10 in her purse, a fake ID, and a box of
condoms. She rarely needed them, but carried then in case a john had not
brought one himself.

At 23, Sara was a nice looking girl. She started hooking after she lost
her apartment in the '94 earthquake. The store she worked at was destroyed, and
money from the Government only helped a little. 2 years later, she was barely
staying above water, and her welfare checks were about to stop. Faced with the
threat of eviction, she went out for the first time to sell herself.

In the 2 years since, she had been with countless men. However, she had
always had a high sex drive, so this did not bother her. A pretty brunette, she
never was lacking for dates. In fact, she now only had to work 3-4 nights a
week. She had regular customers, and was getting almost half of her business
through her pager. Soon, she would be able to work as a call girl, and leave
the streets behind.

But tonight, she was almost broke, and needed a little extra cash. So she
headed out to sell her gash. After only 10 minutes, a guy pulled up and she
walked up to the window. She climbed in the car, and they drove off. He said
his name was Mark, and they were soon pulling over into the alley behind a
closed trucking company.

After a short negotiation, she collected $20 and he unzipped his pants.
Mark laid the seat back and Sara proceeded to roll on a rubber and give him a
blowjob. Sara had already removed her coat, and she opened her blouse to let
him play with her breasts as she sucked him off.

At 5'4", she had a spectacular figure. Her 35" hips slimmed down to a 22"
waist. Past boyfriends were always amazed at that, and her full 36C breast
size. She discovered that most men came quicker when she allowed them to play
with her titties. Since she hoped to make at least $100 tonight, she had to do
at least 4 other guys like this.

Mark was moaning loudly, and said that he was about to cum. She moved her
head faster as she pressed his hand against her tit. He groaned, and she felt
his cock twitch in her mouth, the rubber swelling with his cum. He thanked her,
and gave her a $10 tip before dropping her back off a short distance from where
he picked her up at.

Sara walked to a bank, and used the ATM to deposit the $30 into her
account. She had only been robbed once by a john, and did not want that to
happen again. The deposits were a minor pain, but they kept her from loosing
all of her money. The most she could loose this way was $10 at the moment.

She walked back to her normal corner, and talked a short time with another
girl that worked there, then one of her regular guys came by. Pete drove a
camper van, and was always good for $50. He picked her up one or two times a

She took off her coat and laid on the bed in the back as Pete drove
around. Sara removed her panties and started to play with herself while he
drove, making sure that he could see her in the rear-view mirror. They drove
for about 15 minutes, enough time for Sara to have a decent orgasm. She almost
always got herself off this way with Pete, knowing that he would fuck her before
he was done, and the lubrication would help.

He pulled over into a dark street, and walked to the back of the van.
Sara rolled a rubber onto his cock, and he sank himself into her wetness. Pete
had a thin cock, but it was wonderfully long. Feeling it sliding in and out of
her, she normally got off again. She clamped her legs together, holding him
tightly as he thrust into her.

Pete put his legs on the outside of hers, and thrust himself all the way
in. The way she had her legs made Sara even tighter, and in less than 5
minutes, he warned her that he was close to cumming. Sara was also, as he was
hitting her clit on every thrust in. She thrust her hips at him, and was soon
having a strong orgasm. Pete yelled, and held himself all the way in as he came
in her pussy. The rubber swelled, and stayed inside when he pulled out. Sara
reached down, and removed it from her.

Pete gave her $75 that night, and dropped her off at the bank. He watched
as she made the deposit, then took her back to her corner. He was one of the
few customers she kissed, and she did so before they parted.

The next car that stopped had 2 Mexicans in it, and they wanted her to do
both of them for $25. She refused, and continued to wait. Her coat was soaked
now, the rain still coming down in a fine mist. She was about to leave for the
night, when a mini-van pulled up. The driver was a nice looking guy, and she
directed him to her side street hideaway.

He said that he had $20, so she offered a blowjob. They climbed into the
back of the van, and he lowered his pants and rolled on a condom. She was
surprised when he pulled out a second condom, and rolled it on also. He saw her
look, and grinned. "Taste it" was all he said.

She bent her head down, and smelled the mint flavoring on the condom. She
knew that those were not good protection, so that explained the second rubber.
She hated the taste of the things, but accepted them because they prevented
disease. This guy spent a little extra, to make it better for her.

She smiled as she took his cock into her mouth. It was not often that a
whore got consideration like this. She did her best to make it good for him,
having him lay flat on the seat as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse. He
moaned as he started playing with her tits.

His hands were gentle, teasing and playing with her nipples as she sucked.
Sara reached a hand down, caressing his testicles as she sucked. Soon, he was
moaning, telling her that he was about to cum. She decided that he would be the
last one for the night, and decided to make it a little more fun.

She reached down, and removed her panties. She swung her leg over his
hips, and slid his hardness into her vagina. Sara moaned, enjoying his
entrance. The guy moaned, and said that he only had $20.

Sara told him not to worry, that she was not charging him any extra. She
rose and fell above him, telling him to remember this, and to look for her next
time he was in the mood. He was playing with both of her breasts, and she was
on the verge of an orgasm when he moaned that he was about to cum.

She bounced harder, bringing herself off as he filled the two rubbers that
were in her pussy. She held him inside until she felt him softening, and pulled
herself off. She got herself dressed as he removed the rubbers and got himself
back together.

He dropped her off around the corner from her place. He promised to look
for her next time, and waved as he drove off. Another night finished, Sara
walked home, took a shower, and slipped into bed.


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