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SC5 old about new lover


Sexual Calendar
Chapter 5: Memorial Day
by Kelly Adams (

She is quite possibly the most beautiful woman either of us has ever
seen. As she stands up from the rock where she has been sunning
herself, we can see her naked body in all its splendor: her gentle,
flowing curves, perfectly shaped breasts, a small patch of dark
brown pubic hair which matches the dark brown curls which adorn the
top of her head. As she turns to step into the water, we enjoy her
long legs and shapely ass before they disappear, followed shortly by
the rest of her perfect body until only her head remains visible.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

It's Memorial Day weekend, and we have decided to spend it together
camping. "Communing with the outdoors and living and enjoying
ourselves as free as mother Nature intended," you told me; I laughed
and said that you just wanted more chances to have sex outdoors!

You located a campground for us, halfway between where we both live
so that we could both make the drive in a reasonable amount of time.
We arrived late yesterday afternoon; you made it in a couple of
hours before I did and nearly had the campsite all set up and
waiting for me. We cooked our dinner over an open flame, then
regaled each other with tales of our sexual adventures since our
last encounter (when we made love outdoors in the pouring April rain
while a thunderstorm raged nearer and nearer). I told you not only
of some of my times with my lover, Gretchen, but also with Kate and
Sandra, and of a fantastic four-way we had the weekend before. You
told me about a new lover of yours, a woman as beautiful on the
inside as out, who is free and open and loving in bed. We ended the
evening making love next to the crackling fire under the stars, my
back arcing as I cried out with pleasure as your manhood filled me

This morning you told me of a nearby swimming hole you knew of,
secluded so that we could enjoy ourselves. We followed the small
river (more of a large stream, actually) upstream for nearly an hour
before finding it. There in the rocks the stream had carved out a
pool, fed from above as the stream cascaded down from the rocks like
a small waterfall. It was beautiful and serene and, despite its
seclusion, occupied.

When we first got here, the woman was laying back on a towel,
sunning herself on the rocks next to the pool. We decided not to
show ourselves for a bit, instead hanging back and watching her for
a while until she stands and goes into the water for a swim.

As the woman swims away from the edge of the pool towards the
waterfall, we finally make our approach. We lay our towels and other
items down on the rocks near where the woman had been laying, then
quickly strip out of our clothes. As silently as possible, we slip
over the edge of the rocks and into the pool. Despite the warm
weather this weekend, the water is still a bit cool, making my
nipples stand immediately erect and causing you balls to retract
against your body for warmth.

By this time the woman has swam over to where the waterfall crashes
down into the pond. She hoists herself up onto a ledge behind it,
then stands beneath it as the water pours down from above over her
naked form. If she has seen us or knows of our presence, she makes
no indication, lost in her own world under the shower of the

The water where we are is a bit too deep, so we swim over to a area
on the far side of the pool where it is shallow enough for us to
stand. You begin to kiss me, and I respond in kind. Your hands roam
over my body under the water, and across my breasts which hang half
above and half below the surface. My hands feel your cock, growing
long and hard. I wrap my arms around your shoulders and lift myself
up, wrapping my legs around your waist and lowering myself onto your
manhood, filling me fully.

With the aid of the buoyancy of the water, you carry me over to the
edge of the pool. I let go of your shoulders and reach behind me,
grabbing ahold of the outcropping of rock behind my head. Slowly, so
that I don't bang my head, you begin to thrust inside of me. My eyes
close and my lips purse, emitting moans of pleasure, softly at first
but growing louder and louder with each long thrust of your cock.
Your hands are supporting me beneath the water along under my ass,
which you gently squeeze as I approach an orgasm. It feels so good
to have you inside of me under the water. As my orgasm approaches, I
open my eyes and look you straight into yours, piercing you with my
gaze of lust before closing them back again and surrendering to the
waves of passion that flow over me.

When I finally open my eyes again, I look over your shoulder to see
that we at last have an audience. Sometime during our lovemaking the
woman has left her perch from beneath the waterfall and come over to
this corner of the pool. She watches as I pull myself off of you and
back down onto my own legs. The look in her eyes is one of a bit of
bashfulness, combined with a great deal of interest and a smattering
of lust. We all just stand there for a few moments, looking at each
other, before finally your voice breaks the silence.

"Hello," you say to the woman, and after a brief pause to find her
voice she responds back in kind. "I'm David, and this lovely woman
is my friend, Kelly," you say, introducing us.

"Alex," the woman tells us.

"I hope you don't mind," I tell her. "But we decided that there was
no reason that we could not all share this lovely place, especially
on a day as wonderful as today."

"I did come here to be alone," Alex says, "but I really don't mind
your being here. I hope you don't mind me watching the two of you."

"Not at all," I tell her, and you nod in agreement. "Truth be told,
we watched you for a bit before we decided to come in."

"You are a very beautiful woman, Alex," you tell her. "We both think

Alex averts her eyes down towards the water, a bit embarrassed by
the complement. "Thank you," she says simply.

You move over in the water next to her and reach over to rub her
breasts. Her body stiffens at your touch, but she makes no motion to
move your hand away. She is about the same height as I am, with her
nipples lying just under the edge of the water. You look deep into
her eyes, a lovely shade of blue that sparkle in the light that
reflects off the water. You kiss her lips, warm and inviting. She
responds only slightly, so you continue, until slowly she begins to
melt into you, finally letting her passion take her over.

Then you pull back from Alex and I approach. Gently, I move a stray
strand of hair from her forehead and rub my palm along the side of
her face down to her cheek. Cradling her face, I lean in and kiss
her once, softly. We are standing so close that our breasts are
touching together beneath the surface. I continue to move my hand
down her neck and across her shoulder. Then I kiss her again,
tenderly at first but soon increasing in passion. My hand continues
its journey, under the water now, past the side of her breast and
over her waist, around her hip and down to the vee between her legs.
I coax her legs apart slightly and slide a finger inside of her,
eliciting a moan of pleasure. With our bodies now intwined I can
feel her sexual energy grow through her skin.

"Let's move up onto the rocks," I suggest as I remove my hand from
between Alex's thighs. "Yes," Alex agrees softly, filled with the
lust and passion we have instilled in her. You hop up onto the ledge
first, then offer your arm to help pull Alex and myself up as well.
The slight breeze blows softly over our wet bodies, adding to the
sexual excitement.

I take Alex by the hand and lead her over to where the towels are
spread out on the rocks, and you follow closely behind. I spread an
additional towel on top of Alex's and have her lay down on her back
while I kneel behind her head, laying her head up into my lap. You
move down to Alex's legs and spread them apart, causing the lips of
her labia to part slightly. As I rub my hands across Alex's breasts,
you slide your thumb and forefinger across the outside of her pussy.

You place the last towel under your knees, folded up to protect them
from the hard surface of the rock, then place your cock at the
entrance to Alex's inviting treasure. I hold each of her hands in
mine, and she squeezes them tightly as you slowly push inside of
her. Her pussy is warm and wet, molding around your cock as you move
in and out of her.

Alex becomes part of us, at once an extension and an intricate
component of our lovemaking. With her head propped up on my thighs,
we can both watch as your cock moves in and out of her. She whimpers
passionately, cooing and gasping, enjoying the fullness of you
inside of her. My hands remain intertwined with hers, and through
her grasp I can feel the excitement in her body. Her breasts lay
nearly flat against her chest, but still show a slight bulge that
moves and jiggles with every thrust.

Finally, we feel Alex's body tense with orgasm. It begins deep
inside of her, but I can feel it in her hands as her nails dig into
my skin, and in her head in my lap as a throaty moan of pleasure
escapes from her mouth. You can feel her tighten around you,
squeezing your cock with every spasm.

"Come, my love," I tell you. "Come inside of her. Fill her with your
passion." Your eyes close and your face contorts as you let loose
with your orgasm, spraying inside of Alex as her own orgasm in
beginning to subside.

Alex says nothing as you pull out of her, but her eyes tell you
everything you need to know: she has enjoyed this moment of passion
just as much as we have. In just a short time this lovely young woman has become a part of us, fully and intimately.

Slowly, Alex sits up, and we both give her a deep kiss. "You can
stay, I hope, for a while longer this afternoon," she says.

"I can't think of a better way to spend it," you tell her.

Alex smiles.


The Fine Print: Copyright 1999 Kelly Adams. Permission is granted
to distribute as long as my name and this notice are attached,
and no financial gains are made.

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