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SCIENCE video camera shot the whole


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Synopsis: During spring break, the hottest college co-eds realize
their most fundamental, if un-discerned desire, to become moms.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all
works by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution,
inclusion in another work, or any other use of it is strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright
holder, except that it may be posted as part of a review or posted
to a free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead
is entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are
less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy,
characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In
reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work
should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of
the other activities depicted herein.


Chapter 1 - The boys
Graduate students tend to be an odd lot. Biochemistry majors are weirder
still. John and Jack were at the top of their class. This made them the
wackiest of the bunch.

They had learned their lessons well. Even a freshman biology student learns
that "success" is defined by reproduction. For females this means attracting
and holding a strong male to guard her offspring, the "fruit of her womb"
until they are mature enough to fend for themselves.

Biologically successful females will go to any extreme to make their
themselves attractive to males. Nubile human females know that males are
attracted to big tits, tight asses, flat stomachs, long hair, and tanned
skin. They will starve themselves to get a "sexy" figure, surgically enhance
what nature did not provide, and spend endless hours to "make-up" the

Weak males may be held in many different ways. Human females are well
indoctrinated in these techniques. However, there are only three things that
can be used to hold a strong male for any biologically significant period of
time: hot, nasty sex; the promise of imminent hot, nasty sex; and did I
mention hot, nasty sex?

The primal urge for males is to spread their seed among as many females as
possible. John and Jack both had this urge in spades. They wanted little
versions of themselves running around all over the place.

This was the ultimate form of "success" as they had been taught. The boys were a little weak in selected areas outside their chosen field of study.
This included things like morality, women's rights, and the legal definition
of "consenting adult".

The boys wanted to fuck sexy babes with big tits, tight asses, flat
stomachs, long hair, and tanned skin. They focused all their considerable
talents on this task.

They began with an honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. It
was clear that they had a few things going against them.

They could not stand any female who used constant whining or access to her
body to get her own way. This covered approximately 100% of the women they
knew or had ever heard about.

Next although they liked cute little babies, they had a deep aversion to
concepts like commitment, crying babies, changing diapers, or the
responsibility of raising an infant. They thought of these respectively as
"ball and chain", "wah-wah", "stinky poo-poo", and "no fuckin' way".

Worst of all, although they were brilliant post-graduate bioengineers with
lots of future income potential, they were not much to look at. Both were
overweight with features that could charitably be described as average.

OK. OK. Nerds would be a more accurate description. You'd think they didn't
have a chance in hell of getting a date with a hot, sexy babe, let alone
impregnating one. However, because they knew their duty to the human species
was to propagate their brilliant genes, they came up with a plan.

After all, wasn't a "Masters Thesis" was a requirement for graduation?
Hadn't a topic of great personal interest to them had presented itself?
Wouldn't it require extensive research in their chosen field of endeavor and
related interdisciplinary research? It was perfect.

To get the necessary approval from their thesis advisor, it was necessary to
"Tweak" the formal proposal a bit. It read something like "Determination of
endocrine response patterns in higher mammalian species governing their
reproductive cycles".

They thought of it as their "Science Project".


Chapter 2 - Jennifer

It was spring vacation week on the southeast coast of Florida. The location
of acres and acres of the greatest selection of young killer babes ever
assembled in one location on the planet.

The boys came down and rented a private house in a prime location right on
the beach. A telescope on the top floor gave them a perfect view.

They selected their targets using rigorous criteria developed over years of
intensive research: big tits, 18-25 years old, tight bod, perfect skin, good
teeth, string-bikini for proper observation, no guys hanging around, and did
I mention big tits?

After all, these babes were going to be the future mothers of their
children. It was important that they be able to properly feed the future
newborn babes. Unsurprisingly, the boys figured that bigger tits were better
tits. Somehow it had escaped their notice that small tits can provide the
same amount of breast milk as their larger sisters.

It was critical that the target be totally unaware of what was happening.
They boys knew enough about DNA testing to take the chance that an
accusation could be proven in a court of law.

To acquire a babe, John used the specially modified, high powered, hunting
rifle with the telescopic sight. Jack had spent months developing the
multi-function dart fired by the rifle. No bigger then a sliver, it felt
like a bee sting when entering the body. If fact, the small part remaining
outside the body looked like a dead bee.

The dart immediately began to break down into components that would cause
the subject to feel both sleepy and nauseous. The babe would want to go back
to her room and lay down where she'd quickly fall into a deep sleep. That's
when the boys would make their move.


Jennifer rolled lazily over in as the hot sun glistened off her young, hard
body. She loved the attention it got from every guy and a few girls that
passed by.

Spring vacation was everything she'd hoped it would be. Hot sun, blue water,
beautiful people, endless parties, and as much fucking as her hot little
pussy could desire. Best of all she could have her pick of just about any
hunk on the beach to give her the loving she wanted.

Her mini-string bikini left little to the imagination. It consisted of three
little triangles. Two barely cover her nipples. The last just hid her
shaved pussy, but left her entire back and ass exposed to the
warming sun's rays.

Every 20 or 30 minutes she'd have to shoot down some guy trying to pick her
up. In about 2 hours she'd make her own selection of the guy who'd have the
privilege of taking her clubbing for the night.

Once he'd shown his devotion by buying her enough Marguerites, Mai-Tais, and
shooters she'd respond appropriately by showed him some affection. Or in
other words, once she was blind-drunk, he'd push her onto the nearest empty
bar table and fuck her silly then leave her for any of his buddies who'd
settle for "sloppy seconds".

The blonde, 5'6" 24 year old babe with firm D-cup breasts and a 34-23-36
figure dreamed of becoming a professional model a few months after she
graduated. Offers had been coming in for the last 2 years, but she wanted
her Masters degree, even if it was in Ancient languages.

She had come down to Florida alone after her girlfriend got mono and bagged
out at the last minute. It was too bad, the dark beauty of her girlfriend's
hard body was a great contrast with her own fair skin.

She was daydreaming of her last lover Rick who's strong hands and 9" dick
never failed to make her cum many times a night. Her pussy started getting
wet just thinking about him. Unfortunately, she'd broken that off after 6
months when he started talking about a family.

She was a career woman with plans for the future. No way was she going to
let some jerk knock her up. It meant blowing up like a balloon.

She'd be left with broad hips, a fat ass, sagging tits, back problems, and
stretch marks. It would destroy her carefully maintained figure and ruin her
modeling career before it started. Besides being tied down catering to some
jerk's brat was her idea of hell on earth.

Ow! That stung. She rolled over and reached out. She pulled off the sharp
thing that was sticking to her ass cheek. Eewww! Yuch! She threw away the
dead bee and wiped the imaginary bee guts off her hand.

While she tried gently massaging the spot to make it feel better, a strange
unpleasant feeling came over her. It felt like she was getting sick.

Jennifer knew that some people got bad reactions from bee stings. She put on
her sandals and beach-wrap, gathered up her stuff and began walking back to
her room. If she got much worse then she'd call the local hospital.

Jack confirmed the target by walkie-talkie with John who was up on the roof.
He followed her discretely taking in the generous curves of this hot babe.
John sure knew how to pick 'em.

Jennifer had a hard time getting the key in her doorlock. Her head was
spinning. She had to lie down.

The lock turned. The door opened. Jennifer dropped her stuff and kicked
off her sandals. She felt hot as well as dizzy so the beach-wrap joined the
other stuff on the floor. She stumbled over to her bed and collapsed into

Jack gave John the room location and waited outside until his arrived.

A beautiful babe stopped to ask a question. She wrapped her arms under her
pert little tits to emphasize them. She thanked Jack by giving him a peck on
the cheek, a view of her swaying ass as she walked away, and a huge hard-on.

Ten minutes later John arrived with their equipment. By now the babe inside
should be unconscious.

Getting into the babe's room was a piece of cake for John, who knew how to
use a lock pick. 10 seconds later they we're in.

The half-naked babe sprawled on the bed wore only the skimpy bikini from the
beach. "She's even sexier up close," said Jack.

A few twists and slides and John had her stripped. He tied her arms and legs
to the bed. Then he put something that looked like a football helmet over
her head.

The helmet was a miracle of "virtual reality" technology. The goggles beamed
images into her eyes; the earplugs beamed sounds to her ears; nose filters
provided selected smells, the ball gag in her mouth would stimulate her
taste buds and prevent screaming. All were synchronized by computer control.

Meanwhile, Jack took a blood sample. He also gave her a shot using the same
entry point as the original "bee sting".

John began massaging her amazing tits waiting for her next reaction. The
counteracting drug to the original "bee sting" was working. Jennifer quickly
woke up quickly as it coursed through her hot, vulnerable, young body.

The first thing she realized was that someone was feeling her up. The second
thing she realized was that she naked, bound, and helpless. The last thing
she realized was that she was incredibly horny. She tried to fight the
inexplicable need to be fucked right now!

Then the helmet kicked in. Aided by a drug that made her infinitely more
susceptible to manipulation, Jennifer's training began. A commanding woman's
voice supplied questions and answers.

What am I? A pleasure slave. What do I want? To please men. How do I please
men? With my body. What does my cunt need? To be filled with a man's cock.
Why do you need his seed? To bear the fruit of his loins. How will I cum?
Stronger then ever before. Multi-orgasmic? Ceaselessly, until you feel his

Dozens of questions and hundreds of repetitions played at hyper-speed
combined erotic sights, sounds, smells, and tastes to burn new beliefs into
her defenseless brain.

In minutes her resistance dissolved under the relentless three-pronged
attack of the helmet, the drugs, and John's inciting hands on her
defenseless tits. All that remained was an all-pervasive need to be fucked.

The ball-gag transformed her impassioned pleas to be screwed into
inarticulate moans. It wasn't working. Jennifer switched to communicated
without words.

She thrust up her hips, spreading her knees as wide as possible to display
her pussy. Jennifer felt it getting wetter and hotter by the second courtesy
of the powerful aphrodisiac that Jack had slipped her.

The aphrodisiac irritated and stimulated the tissues of a woman's nipples
and pussy. It also affected the pleasure centers of the brain and reduced
natural inhibitions.

For years similar concoctions had been successfully added to a girls food or
drink. Administering it intravenously made it 50 times more powerful than
any of the popular orally administered ones.

John needed no further encouragement. He scrambled on top of her and rammed
his cock into her sopping cunt. Using her tits as handles, he thrust in and
out like a pile driver.

Jennifer was so hot, she got off on the abuse. The word "rape" never crossed
her mind. This treatment was exactly what she wanted.

She thrust up harder and harder. Her pussy was burning. Her nipples were
afire. She had to cum.

Jennifer stiffened like a board. She most powerful orgasm of her life
thundered through her body. Despite this, she was still horny and
unfulfilled. The burning had lessened a bit, but remained strong. She kept
thrusting to relieve her tortured body.

Her fourth climax in 15 minutes was the trigger that John's cock needed to
shoot its load into her writhing body. His shrinking tool slipped out and he
signaled Jack to switch places.

Jack gave John the thumbs down sign. Jennifer had failed the blood test.
Although she had no detectable diseases or genetic defects, her fertile
period, when she could be made pregnant was still two weeks away.

Since impregnation was no longer an issue, Jack felt no need to screw this
babe's cunt. He released the ropes that held her. Taping a few keys into his
hand held remote, Jack altered the helmet's program.

"I love being tied. I need to feel helpless. I want to be ass fucked. A cock
in my ass makes me so hot. I need to feel cocks impaling my fuck holes." The
new messages layered upon the old.

Flipping over her still twitching body, he lifted her ass and spreading her
legs. She was so pliant that her limbs moved into the desired position with
the slightest direction from his hands.

Jack ran his hard cock along Jennifer's dripping slit lubricating it with
the cum leaking out. He moved it up until it found the entrance to her shit
hole. Jack like fucking 'em in the ass. Now he could indulge himself.

Jennifer was in a sexual delirium impelled by the powerful aphrodisiac and
magnified by her multiple orgasms. She'd do anything for more cock.

Since the first cock had pull out, her mind was tortured by the empty
feeling in her burning pussy. Unable to speak because of the gag, Jennifer
again tried to communicate her need by spreading her legs and lifted her
hips to display her sex.

She knew that her distended clit, pouting labia, and the cum dripping from
her slit all proclaimed that she'd just been well fucked. She was a hot,
wanton, slut.

She felt the degradation of thrusting her cunt up for unknown men, but that
didn't matter. Jennifer needed to be fucked again. She didn't understand
what was happening to her, only that she couldn't seem to get enough hard

When released from the ropes, she made no move to escape. It was on this
bed, wet with her juices, that she must wait to be fucked again.

Signing with relief when she again felt hands on her skin, she tried her
best to move as they directed. Her head was against the bed, her ass high in
the air. Moaning around her gag when a cock rubbed against her fiery slit.
It wracking her body with powerful shudders of arousal.

Then the cock moved up the crack of her ass to rest on her butt hole. He was
going to fuck her in the ass! She'd never allowed anyone to do that, but she
needed a cock inside her.

Did she want to be ass fucked? Was it a filthy, disgusting, animalistic
debasement of her body? Was this the only way she could get a cock inside
her fuck holes?

Jennifer found the will to resist. No longer would she accept this debasing
treatment. The muscles of her sphincter tightened. If he couldn't get in
maybe he'd shift back to her cunt. Then she'd show him what a good fuck she
was until he shot his seed into her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned helplessly as a finger began a maddening massage
of her swollen clit. It made her sphincter relax, allowing the cock to
invade her bung hole.

It hurt as the cock pushed aside the inner muscles. He kept shoving until
his hips slapped into her ass. She'd taken it all! Her ass had never felt so

He stopped for a moment allowing her passage to adjust to the invader. The
virginity of her ass had been taken. Tears ran down her cheeks. Did he
realize that he was her first?

The pain lessened and merged with the pleasure radiating from his fingers on
her cunt. It inflamed Jennifer's desire once again. Tentatively at first,
she began thrusting her ass backwards.

Jack saw the babe respond. He pulled out leaving just the tip of his cock
inside her then pushed back in. Her ass was so tight. It felt like a hot,
satiny glove squeezing his cock. This might be her first ass fuck. He loved

Jack picked up the pace. She matched his rhythm. Soon they were ramming into
each other. Jennifer tried to take his cock deeper with every thrust, she
moaned at the hollow feeling each time he withdrew.

Unable to help herself, Jennifer moaned at her debasement. Only sluts
enjoyed getting fucked in the ass. It was so degrading, yet so erotic. She
loved it! What a slut she was.

Then she heard him growl and felt him shoot his wad deep into her ass.
Jennifer's own orgasm took her then, the first she'd ever had being taken
from behind.

The boys each fucked Jennifer three more times before they took her into the
shower. They wanted to clean her up. She was so scrumptious that they
stopped and began to fuck her together in the shower, John in the front,
Jack in the rear.

Two men had never taken Jennifer at once. She felt the two cocks penetrating
her separated only by a thin wall of tissue. They battered her back and
forth, the meat in a fuck sandwich. It was so hot! She climaxed half a dozen
times. Then they shot their loads into her cunt and ass.

After the boys finished, they gave her a douche to wash their cum out of her
fuck holes. John stripped the bed, put on new sheets, and cleaned up all
evidence of their presence. Jack toweled Jennifer dry, gave her a final
shot, re-tied her bikini, and left her on the bed.

Jennifer woke up disoriented. Both her vagina and asshole felt sore as if
she'd had a really wild night after clubbing. Examining it closely, her
labia looked a little puffy, but there was none of the usually evidence that
she'd had sex.

Jennifer tried to remember what happened. She had felt sick on the beach.
Then there were many erotic images swirling in her mind just beyond her
grasp. The harder she tried to capture them the further they receded.

It would do her no good. The powerful pentathol-based amnesiac she'd been
given had erased her memory of recent events.

Even if she went to a hospital or the cops there was no physical evidence,
no semen, no male hairs, nothing. All had been washed away by the shower and
douche. The drugs she'd been given would finish breaking down and be
untraceable in less then an hour.

The cheerful, but exhausted boys returned to their own place on the beach
for a well-deserved rest. In a few hours the beach would be filled again and
they'd select their next target.

What of Jennifer?

Certain things lingered. The intense erotic images entered her dreams and
never left them. Even though Jennifer's time under the influence of the
helmet was limited, the intensity of the sexual experience made permanent
impressions in her sub-conscious.

Jennifer developed a taste for being tied up during anal sex. Her body
seemed to remember incredibly powerful multiple orgasms that she was never
able to attain. Unconsciously, a woman's natural need for children was
magnified many times.

Her growing frustration with sex made Jennifer reevaluate her life. She
accepted the very next marriage proposal she received. He was an accountant
who could not believe his luck. Pregnant two weeks after they was married,
Jennifer came to give birth to two girls and three boys, the last two twins.

Money was tight. Jennifer spent long hours doing back office work in her
husband's home office. This allowed him to eliminate the cost of hiring
someone to do the work.

The got to spend more time together this way. Sometimes he'd help out with
the children, the laundry or the dishes if she were busy. If there was a
quiet moment, they might sneak off to the bedroom for some "afternoon

Jennifer didn't have much in the way of fancy clothes, but she spent most of
her time at home or at school functions so they were not needed.

Over the first eight years of marriage, Jennifer gained upwards of 100
pounds in the course of six pregnancies. stretch marks crisscrossed her
belly and her once firm baby chewed tits now sagged down to the bloated
belly holding her eighth child, another girl. A full time wife and mother,
buried in diapers and baby formula, Jennifer was never happier.

The life of a babe who got the full treatment would likely turn out somewhat
different then the life that Jennifer had.


Chapter 3 - Claire

"Eek!" exclaimed Claire. It felt like someone has shot her in the ass with a
BB-gun. She reached and pulled off something fuzzy. It felt like, it was a
bee. She took a look at it then tossed it away.

Claire was not squeamish. She'd been stung before without any allergic
reaction. However, it was probably best to go back to her room and apply
some antiseptic. She didn't want anything to mar her smooth tanned skin.

Walking back, she held herself regally, refusing to acknowledge the stares
she considered a personal homage to her beauty. Her statuesque 5'10" height
did not detract from the large firm breasts that danced on her 37D-24-36
figure with ever step she took.

She knew lots of girls younger then her 22 years that had gotten boob jobs.
And it was worth every penny that her father had paid.

Claire NEVER paid for anything. What her family did not provide was easily
obtained by dropping a hint to one of her many admirers. This trip was a
gift from an older man she'd been stringing along for months.

She didn't even need to screw him. Occasionally, allowing him to be seen in
public escorting a sexy beauty like her was all that he required. It
maintained his prestige and reputation as a "Casanova". That, he said, was a
big boost to his business.

Claire had more then three dozen "admirers". She was an expert at
manipulating the male ego. She could not conceive of being tied down to any
one man. Claire had a very active sex life, but it was limited to those that
she considered worthy enough to fuck her.

She had used birth control pills since she was 15. Only once had they
failed, but a quickie abortion had solved that problem. Claire loved the
life she led. A baby would ruin that.

Once she tired of a lover, they were not dumped, but demoted to a status of
"trying to get back into her pants". This entailed a lot of expensive gifts,
but no sex. She could string on a sap for years.

Claire liked the feeling of the warm breeze blowing through her shoulder
length brunet hair, but she started to feel a bit queasy. Fortunately, she
was back at her room.

Once inside, she stripped off her pink bikini, kicked off her sandals, and
walked naked into the bathroom. Everything looked OK. There was no sign of
an allergic reaction beyond the queasiness and that could be caused by
almost anything.

She felt sleepy. Maybe if she lay down for a little while she'd feel better.
Stretching out on top of the comforter, Claire closed her eyes. In 10
minutes she was fast asleep.


Jack had just shot his first load deep into Claire's volcanic cunt. That
brought her off for the sixth time. She was a real firecracker.

It had been Jack's turn to go first. Now he signaled John that he was ready
to switch. John gave him a thumbs up sign, saying one word, "pill".

While John road Claire, Jack prepared her next treatment. Claire had passed
all her blood tests, disease free, no genetic defects, and quite fertile,
thank you very much.

Her use of birth control was actually a big plus for the boys. It would take
48 hours to counteract the effects of the "pill", but the process would
leave her 4 times more likely to be impregnated.

The boys would fuck Claire regularly for two days after her protection was
removed. There'd be a 98% chance she'd conceive and a 33% chance of a
multiple birth.

There were many other critical things to do during the full four-day
process. Claire would undergo extensive conditioning to transform her into
what the boys considered the "perfect mom".

Jack heard John finish. Claire was still tied down, so giving her the next
shot was easy. They cleaned her up a little then untied her while the shot
took effect.

The "fuck-machine" in Claire shut down. Her brain felt like it was filled
with cotton. She cooperated in getting dressed in the most conservative
outfit she had brought.

Since arriving Claire had maintained the sexy vixen look. She now wore a
sports bra, white blouse, navy-blue suit, and matching pumps. The
businesswoman look was a total contrast.

A sanitary napkin had been slapped over her still leaking pussy. The boys had her wear a blond wig and dark glasses. No one would recognize her when
she was moved to the private house they had rented for the month.

John led a docile Claire. Jack followed with all their equipment after he
left a typewritten note on the bed. It indicated that Claire had gone away
on a side trip to Orlando, but would return in a few days.

Walking through the hotel lobby, their eyes were drawn to a babe wearing
only three leaves to cover her tits and pussy. Jack stopped to talk to her.
John would kill him! They weren't supposed to be noticed escorting Claire.

Jack apologized on his return saying, "I had to check out that babe. The
leaves are actually part of a bikini. Don't worry, I don't wanna 'plant one
into her' (groan) and she didn't even notice that we were together."

After entering their house, Jack unlocked a heavy inner door and they walked
downstairs to the furnished basement. Seven large-breasted babes lay on cots
wearing only headphones and fancy goggles.

The boys stripped Claire naked. She was placed on the eighth and final cot.
There was now a full house. New acquisitions would need to wait until some
of this lot was processed.

Claire was re-fitted with her hi-tech helmet. She was also attached to an IV
that would supply nutrition and an extensive variety of drugs. These were
required to maximize the speed and depth of her conditioning and to abolish
any barrier to conception.

Silently, the first series of drugs entered the body of the helpless girl.
They would greatly inhibit any natural mental resistance. There were
hypnotics designed to increase her suggestibility, making her fully
receptive to fundamental personality changes.

Muscle relaxants would make her physically helpless while leaving her mind
subject to manipulation. No restraints that might mar her lovely skin were
required. Claire's worldview was about to change radically.

Positive and negative feedback were important elements of the conditioning
process. Four-inch dildoes were inserted into both front and rear passages.
Nodes were attached to the nipples and under both armpits. All these were
connected to an electrical stimulator under the control of a sophisticated

Jack entered the computer codes to begin Claire's program. For the next 48
hours Claire would be subject to intensive visual, auditory, and physical
stimuli. The boys had spent months designing the program. It helped that
Jack had minored in Computer Science and John in Psychology.

What was a perfect mom? This had been the biggest debate the boys had during
the planning phase of their "Science Project". The directives being written
into Claire's mind demonstrated the boys had only the best interests of the
future little tykes at heart. What would you change on your own "perfect
mom" list?

First be a mom - - Being a mom is the most important job in the world.
- - Being a mom is more important then a career.
- - A woman is incomplete without children.
- - I see life through the eyes of my children. Everything is new and
- - I must be a good mom.
- - A good mom's children always come first.
- - A good mom wants as many children as possible.
- - A good mom breast-feeds her children.
- - A good mom is never too busy for her children.
- - A good mom loves and plays with his children.
- - A good mom feeds her children healthy food not junk.
- - A good mom gives her kids regular medical and dental checkups.
- - A good mom maintains high standards and expectations for her children.
- - A good mom supports her children no matter what the do.
- - A good mom teaches her children ever day.
- - A good mom teaches strong values by example.
- - A good mom never hits her children, but maintains strong discipline.
- - A good mom hugs instead of screaming.
- - A good mom is lavish with praise, sparing with criticism.
- - A good mom takes pride in her children.

Find a good father - - Find a man who can support and protect you.
- - Find a man that children like.
- - Find a man who wants to have many children.
- - Marry a man who will let you stay home to care for your children.
- - Teach your husband to be a good father.
- - A good father provides for his children.
- - A good father protects his children.
- - A good father loves and plays with his children.
- - Being a good father is more important then being a good husband.

A stable family - - I believe it traditional family values
- - My husband is my Lord and Master as long as he is a good father.
- - I will obey my husband in all things as long as he is a good father.
- - I'll please my husband in all things as long as he is a good father.
- - I'll keep my husband by giving him lots of hot, nasty sex.
- - Every morning my husband should awake feeling my lips on his cock.
- - I'll find out what turns my husband on and do it.
- - I am devoted to my husband.
- - I'll always dress to please my husband not myself.
- - I'll learn my husband's interests and study them.
- - I'll learn my husband's dreams and help realize them.
- - I'll always be honest, but diplomatic with my husband.
- - I'll get along with my husband's family.
- - I'll never cheat on my husband.
- - If my husband cheats on me then it is my failure not his.
- - I don't discuss my beliefs with "modern" women.
They hate traditional values.

Keep myself healthy
- - A good mom keeps herself healthy.
- - A good mom doesn't smoke or drink hard liquor.
- - A good mom keeps herself physically fit.
- - A good mom exercises 30 minutes ever day.
- - A good mom gets back in shape after giving birth.
- - A good mom has regular medical and dental checkups.
- - A good mom knows her kids want her to be pretty.

- - I feel hot and sexy whenever I think about being pregnant.
- - I want to be pregnant.
- - I love being pregnant.
- - I feel great when I'm pregnant.
- - I love feeling new life growing within me.
- - Everything is brighter when I'm pregnant.
- - Anything is possible when I'm pregnant.
- - A baby's life is sacred from the moment of conception.
- - Stay away from people who talk about abortion.
- - Abortion may be OK for other women, but never for me.
- - Never have an abortion. It is evil, an abomination unless.
- - If my life is in danger then abortion is OK.
- - If my baby has genetic defects then abortion is OK
- - Visit my OB regularly and follow his directions when pregnant.
- - Take prenatal vitamins when pregnant.

The missing days
- - After getting queasy on the beach I felt better after sleeping.
- - I went on a trip, driving to Orlando at night.
- - My car broke down and pulled to the side of the road.
- - A strange man appeared who fixed my car.
- - It was hot. I was thirsty. He took me to a shack off the road.
- - After a few sips, I became very horny.
- - He closed the door and it became pitch black.
- - Stripping off my clothes, I seduced the man.
- - We fucked like rabbits for days whenever we weren't asleep.
- - He fed and watered you, but you can't remember what or how often.
- - You're not sure how long it was before awaking to find him gone.
- - I dressed and continued my journey.
- - I never found out his name or anything about him.
- - It's very hard to remember his face or his features
because of the darkness.
- - I'm very embarrassed about what happened and will not talk about it.

These messages would repeat thousands of times burning themselves into
Claire's mind. They'd become articles of faith that she would never consider
questioning. Any current beliefs that conflicted would fade like a bad

At the end of her processing, Claire was dressed her original conservative
outfit and brought back to her hotel room. She was changed into one of her
nightshirts and left asleep on her bed. Everything appeared exactly as it
had been when the boys first entered the room, four days ago.

There were two important differences, both unseen, that would begin to
change Claire's life. The first was a small group of rapidly dividing cells
that had attached themselves to her uterine wall.

The second was her conditioning. That would not become apparent until Claire
was back at college and realized that she was pregnant. She'd never become
aware of the "enhancements". She'd been conditioned to accept them as
normal, natural, and right.

Claire had been vain and self-centered. Now she would live for her future
children. They would be the focus of her life.

Claire would never consider not having the child. Instead of finding an
abortion, she'd find a husband. She'd pick a man that didn't care if the kid
was not his and would allow her to be a full time mom.


Chapter 4 - janet and Barbara

Janet and Barbara had both been acquired three days ago. Both were
20-year-old juniors at UCLA.

Janet studied modern dance. To pay the bills she was a part time exotic
dancer at an off-campus strip-club. She'd shove her tits into the customer's
faces and do a lap dance or two for the tips, but refused to have sex with
any of those "degenerate creeps". To keep her job she let the club's owner
fuck her in the ass every Wednesday night. He still took half her tips for

Barbara was an English-major and an aspiring actress. She had done two porno
films, but hoped to break into the mainstream soon. She'd spread her legs
for any director, producer, or agent who claimed to be able to deliver her
big break. Any other guy couldn't get the time of day out of her.

The boys had been eating at the hotel's outdoor restaurant when these two
stunning babes sat down at the next table. It was impossible not to overhear
their loud, giggling conversation. The two babes were college roommates and
vacation roommates.

Barbara's goal for this year's spring break was to get "noticed" by the
"right" people to land a big movie role. She figured she had to do something
so outrageous that the national media would cover the story. Her friend
Janet had come down to support her and party, party, party.

Political correctness requires that one thing about janet be mentioned. It
shouldn't really be considered important, but some people do, go figure.
Janet's satiny skin was black like creamy milk chocolate. Many people had
told her that she was a dead ringer for the model Tissa Blanks. The color of
Barbara's deeply tanned skin was actually darker then her friend's.

Our boys did not have a prejudiced bone in their bodies. They'd already
processed two Hispanic babes, one Asian, and an Indian. They were under
"quota" for black babes. Didn't want the EEOC to come after them, heh heh.

Last night after getting pretty drunk, they had both entered a wet
tee-shirt contest at a local nightspot. Competing against 40 other hot babes
they knew something special was required.

It wasn't enough to bump and grind across the stage, nor strip off the
shirts, nor their bikini bottoms, nor pull open the lips of their hot, wet
slits and shake their bushes for all to see. 25 of the other babes did all
that in the first five minutes.

10 of them were so turned on they started rubbing themselves towards loud,
explosive orgasms. Our babes knew they needed something different that the
other girls wouldn't or couldn't do.

Working together, they started having hot, nasty, lesbian sex. They made
sure to be real loud, using all the nasty, dirty words they could think of.
The flow and pattern of black hands on white skin and white hands on black
skin fascinated the crowd.

Refusing to be outdone, 4 of the other girls paired off and started copying
them. Many orgasms later (both on and off stage) when the votes came in our
heroines had won. Their prize was to command all the guys present to do
anything they wanted.

Lining the guys up Barbara ordered the first two cocks to fill her cunt and
ass. The next two guys to rub her tits and pinch her nipples. One cock in
each of her hands to jerk off onto her body. The last cock, down her throat.
Wait after a cock cums, he should be replaced by the next cock in line until
ever cock has a turn.

This brought a cheer from the back of the line. janet loved this idea and
ordered the next seven guys to do the same things for her. Just before
taking a cock down her throat, Barbara yelled, "And I want a lot a

It was the most intense sexual experience either girl ever remembered. They
both lost count of how many cocks they serviced and how many times they

It turns out that one guy had a video camera. He shot the whole thing,
shifting back and forth between the two babes. At the end there were two
smiling, exhausted, thoroughly fucked babes covered in cum with more running
out of each of their well-fucked holes. The tape quickly became the hottest
selling item on the beach.

They were instant celebrities. How could they top last night? They decided
to use their new celebrity status. After dark, they'd go down to the beach
to auction themselves off, "for charity". They'd offer themselves as sex
slaves until dawn.

Janet was uncomfortable about the historic aspects of "black slavery".
Barbara convinced her it was so long ago that it shouldn't matter. Besides
wouldn't the fact that a white girl and a black girl were being sold on the
same auction block show that they were equal? Janet, who had been
intoxicated at the time of this conversation, could not find any errors in
this logic.

It was a great success and a wild time. They wore little more then their
skin. It didn't matter since it'd be coming off soon.

Making sure to sway their hips in their best "fuck me" walk, the babes
climbed up to the auction block. They poured half a bottle of tequila down
each other's throats to the cheers of the crowd.

Now properly fortified (drunk), they stripped and pranced around the auction
block. Doing a hot little dance to make sure that everyone appreciated their
generous tits, cunts, and asses. Their potential buyers saw exactly what
they would get. Somebody showed the now famous video on a large nearby rock
during the bidding.

Caught up in the enthusiasm, 23 other babes auctioned themselves afterwards,
but the celebrities got the highest bids. It was a real turn on to sell
themselves like slaves. The babes were well fucked by their buyers, but the
sex was not as intense as the night before.

There was also a nasty rumor that two of the auctioned slave babes hadn't
been released at dawn. They had disappeared with their Masters and were now
permanent sex slaves in a Mexican brothel. Maybe repeating the auction
wasn't a good idea.

Today, at the next table, the vodka martinis the babes had ordered came with
their breakfast salads. It was 10 A.M. the babes seemed determined to spend
the entire week screwing around drunk.

But who was the best lay? The argued back and forth about their techniques
and conquests for 20 minutes, but neither was will to concede the point. It
was fascinating to listen. Every guy within earshot was sporting a rock hard
boner. Most of the girls had allowed their hands to slide between their
legs. More than one had already brought herself off.

To definitely arrive at a decision, the babes make a bet. They'd go back to
the beach and relax on the hot sand taking up rays. Tonight they'd pick up
the two hottest guys. Whoever made her guy climax first (anything goes) was
the winner. The loser would be her personal sex slave for the rest of the
week, forced to fuck or suck whomever, however, wherever, and whenever
the winner chose.

Despite their many sexual escapades, neither girl was worried about getting
pregnant. They were both on the pill. Wow! These babes were perfect
candidates for the boys "Science Project".

After finishing their meal, the two babes returned to their room to get the
beach stuff. Jack followed them just to locate their room. John went back to
the house to get the equipment ready.

The babes came out and headed for the beach. They wanted to relax, not get
hit on every ten minutes. So they walked down the beach a bit. Amazingly,
they set up right in front of the boys' house.

Even though there were two instead of one, it was the easiest acquisition
they ever made. That was two days ago.

Janet's and Barbara's re-programming had been completed 3 hours ago. Now
that Claire's program was running, it was time to attend to the celebrities.

A few taps of the computer console and the next phase began for janet and
Barbara. 15 minutes later the boys had unhooked the nude babes and took them
to separate bedrooms.

The boys had to help them walk. They were a little unsteady after lying down
in the same position for two days. It was also disorienting because the
babes' sight and hearing had both been affected by the last treatment. Both
were very fuzzed to minimize the possibilities of escape or later

The blood work-up on both girls showed they had both ovulated a few hours
ago. Immediately after coming off the birth control pills, it was possible
that both ovaries had ovulated. Two microscopic eggs could be traveling down
the fallopian tubes, each hoping for the little sperm cell that would turn
it into a baby.

By the time they were spread out on their respective beds, both babes were
extremely horny, ready to be fucked. There was no thought of escape. Their
legs spread to open the way to their lush gardens, now ready to bear fruit.

Somehow their bodies knew it was the perfect time to plant a seed. Almost in
unison they begged, "Fuck my hot cunt. I want to feel you cum inside me."

John and Jack hopped into the saddle. Under them weren't little fillies,
they were wild mares. The boys held out as long as they could, wanting to
make the ride last. The babes really did know how to use their cunts. In
less then 10 minutes they felt the boys about to climax. Each locked her
ankles behind and pulled the hard cocks as deep as possible.

The boys heard each other's triumphal shouts as they simultaneously shot
their burning seed into a babe's womb. It seemed that for now the babe's
contest was a dead heat.

When each babe felt a softening cock about to slip out of her cunt, she
lifted her legs to her chest, holding them behind the knee. This let the
boys put a pillow behind each lovely ass, lifting it a bit further off the

Just as they had been conditioned, the babes held this position for 30
minutes. The boys' precious seed was thus held within their fertile bodies.
The babes were maximizing their own chances of getting knocked up.

After half an hour, the girls were allowed to clean up then led back to
their cots. The equipment was reattached. The "good mom" program resumed.

Every six hours of so for the next two days the process would be repeated
while the fecund babes were most fertile. The boys would switch off babes
each time for variety and to give each an equal chance of planting his seed.

The fruit of the boys' loins would grow in the garden of the girls' wombs.
In nine months, little Jack and John, would be suckling at their new mom's
large teats.


Chapter 5: Sally

Sally was naked from the waist down. Only semi-conscious from the powerful
drugs coursing through her bloodstream, her head rocked from side-to-side.

Her legs were spread wide in a brightly-lit room. A dozen people focused on
her hot, sweaty body.

A man sat between her milky-white thighs, inches from her pussy. He looked
at the delicate open petals, the folds of her distended labia.

She heard a distant commanding voice, "One more push honey." She bore down
screaming, Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!"

"That's it," said her doctor, as he caught the baby that squirted out of her
cunt, now dilated to almost 5 inches in diameter. The doctor gave the baby a
whack on the behind and it let out a wail. It was a welcome sound to
everyone in the room, except perhaps the baby.

"You have a beautiful baby girl," said the doctor. "May I hold her?" asked
Sally. In a moment," he said. Cutting and tying the cord, he gave the baby
to a nurse. She took the newborn to a nearby examining table.

"You did a wonderful job beautiful," encouraged her husband, Mel. She was
sweating, exhausted, without any makeup, and bloated from the pregnancy. It
didn't matter to him. He'd never felt greater pride or love for his
courageous wife.

"We're almost done," said the doctor, "Another big push for the placenta."
The afterbirth was disposed of and Sally was cleaned up. The nurse brought
back the now clean baby, placing the newborn on Sally's breast.

"Hello Abigail, welcome to the world, mommy loves you," she whispered to her
new daughter. After 9 months plus 36 hours of difficult labor, Sally finally
held her reward. Tears of happiness streamed down her face. It was the most
joyous moment of her life.

Sally was resting back in her hospital room. Baby Abigail, two feet away,
was peacefully asleep in her crib. Sally thought about the amazing changes
that had taken place in her life over the last nine months.

It had been spring break in Florida. She had wheedled the money needed out
of her parents. They had plenty to spare. She'd gone down with a girlfriend
who hoped to get fucked by her leftovers. They both knew how her big tits and hard body was an irresistible magnet for guys.

Sally had been a wild slut. Baking in the sun during the day prefering
bikinis that were thin strips hanging from her neck to her waist. From
either side she wanted everyone to be able to see her "mammoth

Her friend had a much smaller bust. She tried to compete by wearing
translucent fabric that clearly showed her nipples and pussy.

Every night they'd go out together partying. Neither slept in the same bed
for two nights in a row. She'd get so drunk that she'd screw anything with
pants. How many guys might have fucked her was a complete blur the next day.

Every morning she'd wake up nude in another guy's bed. Usually, Sally had no
idea who he was or where her clothes had gone. The taste of semen was always
in her mouth. Often, her cunt and ass were caked with dry sperm. Sometimes
there were lines of sticky cum matting her hair or crisscrossing her body.

She'd quietly go into the bathroom to wash off the stale sex smell. Then
she'd sneak back and "borrow" some of the guy's clothes to walk back to her
hotel. If he were a light sleeper, he'd want "payment". Sally would have to
suck him, fuck him or both before he'd let her leave dressed in his clothes.

She was giving one of these guys a blowjob. He'd caught her still naked,
going through his dresser, holding one of his shirts and pants in her hand.

She'd just gotten him nice and hard when he pulled out and demanded to fuck
her in the ass. She agreed when he threatened to toss her outside au

He stood her against the wall and reamed her. Fortunately, his cock was
still wet with her saliva. After about 10 minutes, she began really getting
into it. Her hips thrusting wildly back to drive his cock deeper.

He wrapped one hand around her billowy tits. Three fingers of his other hand
rammed up her cunt. She felt a tremendous orgasm begin to break.

It chopped off abruptly when Sally's balance suddenly shifted. Disoriented,
she felt like she was falling.

The guy had lifted Sally up so that her toes couldn't touch the floor. With
cock still buried up her ass, and three fingers up her pussy, he carried her
onto the open balcony.

Sally protested, "No, not outside! I don't want everyone to see." He pinched
her nipple painfully hard until she squealed. "Shut your hole bitch if you
don't want more." he commanded.

Leaning her over the low padded railing, he yelled down to his buddies by
the pool, "Look at this hot bitch, I'm fucking up the ass!"

Now tightly holding both of her hips his cock resumed its assault. Sally was
still keyed up from her thwarted climax. She was unable to resist the new
onslaught. Her body responded almost immediately matching the rhythm of his

Sally saw the eyes of everyone by the pool, watching her big tits bouncing
and swaying. Every thrust of the cock impaling her ass was pushing her
closer to orgasm. She felt exposed, degraded, and humiliated, but couldn't
stop. She needed to cum.

Her emotions kept jumping between lust, humiliation and fear. If she tried
to escape she was sure to tumble over the railing onto the concrete below.
The imminent danger only increased her arousal.

The cheering crowd below started chanting with every thrust, "Go! Go! Go!"
Then someone recognized her, "Hey that's Sally Kelly!" And another, "You're
right it is Sally!" The chanting changed to, "Fuck, Sally Fuck, Fuck, Sally

She'd been identified. Now everyone would know. It was degrading. She was
mortified. Everyone would be talking about the depraved bitch who'd been ass
fucked overlooking a crowded pool. She was nothing more then a dirty nasty

The humiliation was getting to her, making her hotter, turning her on.
Throwing her head back, Sally screamed with the power of the orgasm that
ripped through her. The crowd cheered wildly then took up the chant again.

When Sally's head cleared she looked down. There was someone videotaping
every moment of her being publicly fucked in the ass and loving it. Her ass
spasmed hotly around the invader within.

She was still so horny; still needed to feel the cock impaling her. The
unabated passions compelled her to again begin thrusting her ass back onto
the cock still pounding into her.

Sally's thoughts were filled with the eyes on her heaving tits, the chant of
the crowd below, the video recording her debasement. It seemed to stretch out forever, arousing her, inflaming her.

She felt the hot pole buried up her ass quiver and then shoot burning cum up
her ass. That trigged another powerful climax. Sally screamed again then
collapsed in exhaustion. If not for the hands gripping her hips she'd have
gone over the edge.

Bootleg copies of the videotape appeared on the beach the very next day. It
was the second hottest seller after the infamous "Wild Wet T-shirt Gang
Bang" tape.

The cameraman had zoomed in on her bouncing tits and impassioned face. The
identity of the slut shown could not be in doubt. The close-ups of her
orgasmic screams and dripping pussy would preclude any claim of rape.

A week after she'd returned to school she started having trouble getting
into her tight jeans. She ignored it, thinking to start a diet to take the
weight off her hips. Her breasts also felt a little bigger and her nipples
seemed to be changing.

It had only gotten worse a week later so she scheduled an appointment at the
campus Women's clinic the next day. That morning as soon as she got out of
bed her head started spinning. Suddenly feeling nauseous, she ran to the
bathroom, stuck her head in the toilet and barfed her guts out.

Unhelpfully, her roommate teased, "Oh my, it must be morning sickness.
You've been a baaaad girl." Sally was suddenly too tired to argue. She lay
in bed until it was time for her appointment.

The doctor came back with a strange look on her face. She sat, looked down
at the paper she held, and said, "Sally your lab results are in. I had them
double-checked to be sure. You're about three weeks pregnant."

A warm, wonderful feeling seemed to spread out from her belly to pervade her
entire being. Pregnant! She was going to be a mom!

Sally wondered how it was possible. She had been using birth control pills
every day religiously for years. That just didn't seem to matter any more. A
big grin filled Sally's face from ear-to-ear.

The doctor had not looked up to see Sally's reaction. She merely continued
with the standard speech that she had memorized long ago, "If you wish, we
can schedule an abortion for next Tuesday at 8 A.M. In this state you can
legally have an abortion anytime during the first trimester without being
required to show cause. We don't even need to notify your parents."

Abortion? No, not her baby! The very word made Sally sick to her stomach.
She ran into the doctor's bathroom and heaved out whatever was left from the

"I'm very sorry. Are you alright?" asked the doctor handing her a small
towel. Sally took the towel and wiped her mouth clean. She looked up at the
doctor and in a firm, determined voice declared, "I AM KEEPING THIS BABY."

The doctor had her sit back down and tried to point out the reasons to give
up the child, "This is an important decision. You're only 21 years old.
You're not married, are you? Do you know who the father is? How will you
support the child? Have you discussed this with your parents? Do you realize
how this will affect your education?"

Sally realized these were important questions. She did not have the answers
yet, but somehow knew instinctively that there was a way. If anything, what
the doctor said only made her more determined. She asked for a
recommendation for an obstetrician then left.

Her life now had a focus, a purpose. She was pregnant. She stumbled. That
thought sent a sexual thrill straight to her pussy. Pregnant. It was the
most wonderful feeling. What she always wanted. Why had she never realized
that before?

Sally remembered sitting under a large oak tree, trying to think things
through, and make a plan. She had put her hand gently against her womb and
thought of the new life growing there. No matter what, she had sworn to
herself, the child would come first.

Who was the father? Sally screwed so man guys over spring break it'd be
impossible to ever know. She remembered one guy in particular, a mystery man she met when her car broke down on the way to Orlando. They fucked like
rabbits for days until one morning he simply disappeared. She had nothing to
go on to find him either.

What about college? Sally had been drifting through college. Studying
nursing only because her mom was a nurse. Her dad wanted her to have a
career that would let her support herself.

Sally had a B- average. Now in her senior year, Sally realized she could
have been "Suma cum Laude" if she didn't spend more time getting drunk and
screwing then she did studying.

It would be possible to finish out this semester and graduate. That would
please her parents. At the graduation commencement, she'd be less then four
months pregnant (ooooooh that wonderful feeling).

Pregnant (ooooooooooh) Pregnant (oooooooooooooooooooooh)
Pregnant (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Sally climaxed without even touching herself. It built up slowly,
seemed to stretch on and on, then gradually subsided.

If this was part of it then she really did loving being preg.. (Woops! She
had to concentrate on other things now).

She'd tell her parents, but couldn't depend on them for support. What Sally
needed was a husband and fast. He had to be someone who could support and
protect her new baby and her.

Sally went through the list of candidates, starting with the sexiest hunks
and the ones that could give her multiple orgasms all night long. One by one
she rejected them. This one hated kids. That one would be poor all his life.
He would expect her to work too. The other would never accept a child he
knew was not his own.

She exhausted her "A" list then her "B" list and her "C", "D", and "E"
lists. Sally was beginning to feel more then a little desperate when she
thought of Mel.

Mel would be a third-year medical student now. Last year he had been a
teaching assistant in her Gross Anatomy class.

She was failing the course and in danger of being kick out of the nursing
program. She needed a paid tutor and he was assigned to her. He got her
through with a B- where she'd only needed a C.

Sally wanted to save her money to go partying instead of paying him. She
offered to sleep with him.

She expected a simple "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am." He insisted on taking
her out to lavish dinners at expensive local restaurants before bringing her
to his bed.

They were together three times. He considered himself more then well paid.
Girls like her would never normally date guys like Mel, let along fuck them.

Mel loved to talk during their dinners together. Since he was picking up the
substantial tab, Sally made the effort to listen.

He wanted to be a pediatrician because he loved to be around kids of all
ages. Pediatricians worked long hours and were almost always on call, but
were very well paid for their time. Even with the growing government
regulation, Mel expected a financially conformable life.

He gave her a chance to speak whenever she wished. As a nursing student she
already knew about the technical issues and terminology he often discussed.
She was comfortable speaking about her problems at school. Mel always
respected her feelings and opinions. In fact, she felt like a queen when in
his company.

She remembered Mel as a gentle lover, too gentle for her tastes. She
climaxed with him inside her by thinking about another guy forcing her to
her to have rough, nasty sex.

Their last time together, he confessed that she was the best he had ever
had. Sally was the most beautiful woman her could imagine. He would happily
spend the rest of his life with her. She had cut him off then, changing the
subject before he did something "stupid" like propose. After that they
stayed friendly, but she never let him get close.

Mel felt perfect. He met or exceeded all her new requirements for a husband.
But, she had already let him get away. What if he was seeing someone steady
or even engaged, or married?

Sally reigned in her wild fears and speculation. An evil smile crossed her
face. If there was another woman in Mel's life, she better watch out. Sally
had absolutely no doubt of her ability to steal away a man from any woman
who had set her sights on Mel.

Mel was surprised and pleased to hear from Sally. No, he wasn't seeing
anyone special. Yes, he'd love to get together with her.

Two weeks later they were engaged. The wedding was set for early July, two
months after she graduated. Mel didn't care that she was carrying another
man's child. He promised to love it and care for it as if it were his own.
Mel didn't care how much she'd be showing on their wedding day, being 4
months pregnant (ooooooh that wonderful feeling).

Sally and Mel moved into together. They fucked every day unless Mel was too
tired. Sally didn't always come, but she was determined to keep her man happy.

Her belly grew until it got too big for them to fuck. Sally began giving
Mel at least two blowjobs every day, one to wake him in the morning,
one to put him to sleep at night.

She found the best obstetrician in town, visited him often and began taking
the pre-natal vitamins he prescribed. Sally didn't drink a drop of alcohol
for the next nine months. She quit the occasional use of "recreational"
drugs permanently. The one exception was two glasses of wine her
obstetrician prescribed after the amniocentesis.

Sally's thoughts were interrupted by little Abigail's cries. She called the
nurse who helped show her the right way to breast-feed her baby. She undid
the maternity bra that held her large breasts that had ballooned to DD
during the pregnancy (ooooooh she still got that feeling)

It was hard at first, little Abigail was hungry, she latched on like a
vacuum cleaner. Her little toothless gums hurt Sally's nipples. The nurse
assured her that her nipples would toughen and the milk would flow more
easily in a day or two.

She was right. Two day's later Sally felt like a pro. Little Abigail was
sucking happily. Sally felt a pleasant sensation move from Abigail's nipple
to her pussy. She closed her eyes and laid back. As Abigail continued to
suck the feeling got stronger until, "Aaaaaaaaahhh". Sally had a fantastic

Little Abigail began crying. She'd been dislodged and was still hungry.
Sally moved her to the other breast and relaxed. The pleasant sensation
returned. Sally felt the growing wetness between her legs. She climaxed
twice more, but managed not to dislodge Abigail.

Sally wondered if it was somehow perverted to orgasm during breast-feeding.
She confided in her favorite nurse who congratulated her on being one of the
lucky 15% of nursing mothers. Breast-feeding became Sally's favorite time of
the day.

After Sally and Abigail came home, it turned out that Mel liked to suck her
breast milk almost as much as Abigail. The orgasms she received with Mel
were even stronger because he also played with her pussy.

Mel assured Sally that Abigail would not go hungry because of his attention
to her "bounteous breasts", as he liked to call them. Her production of milk
would increase gradually with the demand.

Sally liked to wait for Mel to return home at the end of the day. She'd met
him wearing only her open maternity bra. Mel would lick the milk that was
leaking from he nipples of her engorged breasts. He'd carry her to their bed
and empty both breasts while rubbing her pussy with his manhood, giving her
many intense orgasms. She returned the favor by sucking his cock until his
hot cum shot down her throat.

Anal sex became a regular staple during the first few months, at least until
Sally's vagina recovered from the stress of a natural birth. The doctor said
it would be 6 to 9 months after the birth. Anal was something the both
really enjoyed and kept doing long after it was no longer necessary.

The doctor recommended birth control. Although there was little chance of
conception while breast-feeding, it was possible. Mel always put on a rubber
before entering Sally's "fur-pie", as he liked to call it.

One rainy day, about six months after returning from the hospital, she
received a strange phone call. "Hello." answered Sally. What sounded like a
disguised voice asked, "Is this Sally-174 stroke b3x?"

Sally's eyes glazed over and she replied, "174 stroke b3x confirm 7q6 stroke
4p2" The other voice continued, "Verify 23rd next month Biltmore New York
City." Sally repeated the phrases and hung up.

Her eyes cleared immediately. She got back on the phone and called her
travel agent.


Chapter 6: Kayla & Maya (FF F-solo 1st preg lact FD MF MD)

Authors Note: Although the sexual awakening of under-age girls is part of
the story line of this chapter, I do NOT consider it "PEDO" because no
adults are involved. Also, don't expect to see any pictures of any under-age
girls on the web site.

Two elegantly dressed blond women entered the large hotel suite together
carrying two 6-month-old babies. Their designer original clothes and opulent
jewelry spoke of big money.

Opening the sealed envelope on the table, they read the note inside.
Following the directions, they stripped. Their clothes were neatly folded
and placed in the small dresser.

Unless you knew what to look for, it was almost impossible to tell the nude
35-year-old twins apart. Your first reaction might be, "Wow, they're hot!"
Both were 5'7" with identically styled long blond hair and large pendulous
breasts, filled with milk.

They were in amazing physical shape considering that each had given birth to
8 children over the last 17 years, the last a bare 6-months ago. The few
stretch marks were only visible if one looked closely. This was due to
several factors that were attended too religiously both during and after
their multiple pregnancies.

They included careful diet, rigorous exercise, skin care, and breast-feeding
(which took off an additional 1000 calories of weight each day). Most
important, the women both had the necessary money, time, and determination
in quantity.

Kayla entered the shower while her twin sister Maya cared for the two
infants. Kayla scrubbed her body thoroughly being careful of her sensitive,
milk-engorged breasts.

The warm pulsating water, like a lover's caress was making her hot. Fingers
crept down between the delicate folds of her pussy and began to gently
stroke. Her lips parted. Her eyes closed. Erotic images swirled around her.

Kayla's other hand slowly rose and gently began pulling on a nipple,
elongating the erectile flesh even further. The stimulation was causing a
small stream of milk to run down the underside of her breast.

Kayla felt helpless under the hot pulsing water that was beating down on her
defenseless body. She was rooted to the spot unable to protect herself from
the lewd caresses of a lover's hands. The fingers rubbing her most
intimately moved faster and faster. Her hips helplessly began thrusting.

She felt a marvelous orgasm just beyond her grasp. Her lover held her on the
edge, one minute was poignant torture. Two minutes, she couldn't breath.
Seconds ticked by, her lungs were bursting. Fear made her dizzy with
lust.Two fingers plunged into her cunt. She came like an exploding sun.
Spasmodically, her hand clamped down on her tormented breast. A stream of
milk shot from her nipple onto the opposite wall.

Released, Kayla gulped in air. Her legs gave out. She slowly collapsed to
the floor of the shower. The warm, pulsating water beat down on supine flesh
her as she savored the afterglow.

It took several minutes, for Kayla to recover. Then she rose to complete her
assigned tasks. Taking a fine tooth comb, she slowly ran it through her hair
to remove any possible electronic devices. She did not ignore the small tuft
of hair above her cleanly shaved pussy. Electrolysis had long ago removed
the hair under her arms.

Exiting the shower Kayla stopped to admire her voluptuous 36-26-38 figure in
the mirror. Water dripped from the undersides of her milk-filled breasts.
They showed little sag despite many years of being baby chewed. She was
still able to turn heads and stop traffic after all these years.

Entering the main room she saw Maya with both babies suckling on her DD
breasts. A shudder rippled through Maya's frame. It was her sixth orgasm
since Kayla had entered the shower. Kayla's nipples began leaking milk at
the sight.

The two women gently traded places so Maya could take her shower. Under the
prompting of the gently pulsing water, her memory drifted back years ago to
the portentous spring days that had changed her life forever.

She and her sister were both freshmen at Florida State University. It was
easy to get to the fabled hedonism of spring break without letting their
parents know.

That let them spend the little money they were able to scrape up on the
sexiest bathing suits they could find. Kayla favored black string-bikinis
that showed off most of her 35-22-36 assets.

She was the more aggressive of the two, never letting her twin forget that
she was the "elder", by seven minutes. Maya never took any crap from her
"older" sister. They competed for everything.

Maya was the exhibitionist. She favored translucent material that showed
her nipples and pussy. Their matching breasts were between C and D. Maya
wanted all eyes drawn to her tits, especially when she stood next to her

Kayla and Maya usually wore their hair the same. They had spent years
practicing how to move the same and talk the same. They had never tired of
the old twin's trick of changing places. If they dressed the same, people
found it impossible to tell them apart.

Maya bought B-cup tops to make her busts seem bigger. This added an
additional thrill, the chance exposure of popping out of her skimpy top when
she ran on the beach or down the boardwalk. Maya was likely to do it on
purpose then keep going until a cop made her cover up.

The only available room they could afford sported a single queen-sized bed.
That was fine with the girls. They had slept together since birth.

They worked on their tans every day, favoring a part of the beach with few
men. They generally ignored the hungry stares that men of all ages gave
their hot young bodies.

Finding the right spot the stretched out on their blankets and began to
lotion each other's skin against the brutality of the sun. Feeling soft
hands on their skin made nipples harden and pussies juice.

Maya had gone second. She stretched sinuously with thighs raised and spread
while her sister rubbed the hot lotion between them. Many passionate moans
poured from deep within her. It was hard to keep control when the fingers
reached the thin strip guarding her wet pussy.

Everyone nearby was enjoying the show they were putting on. After a few
minutes after it ended, two older women came over to introduce themselves.
They were a little overweight with small orange-sized breasts, but otherwise
attractive and in good shape.

The girls invited them onto their blankets. After a few minutes of
conversation and veiled innuendo they were asked to come to a "special
girls-only" nightclub.

Our girls exchanged expectant smiles. This was exactly what they'd hoped
for. They'd been invited to a Women's-only bar.

Kayla and Maya had been inseparable since birth. What happened a few months
after the onset of puberty seemed only natural to them. The girls had their
first period less then a month apart.

Harmones raged through their developing bodies. Maya had just started taking
a shower when she heard Kayla arguing again with her parents. Recently this
was a daily occurrence.

Maya felt the warm shower making her skin tingle. Her budding nipples
beginning to harden under the pulsating water. She was unlikely be disturbed

Maya's hands moved between her legs. Spreading her soft thighs she reached
for the tiny petals of her lower lips, spreading them apart. The rhythmic
beating of the warm water against them increased the pleasant tingle.

Maya let her middle finger slip into the narrow slit between her petals.
Ever so slowly she rubbed down, then up, and back again.

She thought about different boys touching her there. Nothing happened. What
would Kayla think about? "Mmmmmm," it felt good thinking about Kayla. Her
entire body started tingling. She kept the image of her beautiful sister in
her mind.

Maya decided to do something "dangerous" like Kayla would. She began
searching for her "special spot". The girls at school called it the "clit".
They said touching it would make you do weird things.

Once before she had touched it. The feelings seem wrong and nasty somehow.
She'd stopped immediately. Now she'd screwed up her courage to try again.

"Ooooohhhh, there it was." she thought. The "nasty" feeling returned, but it
also increased her tingling.

Maya decided to give it another, maybe two, no three little rubs then stop
before anything weird happened. "Oooooohhhh," the feeling was stronger.
"Aaaaaahhh," it was more nice now then nasty. "Eeeeeeeeee," it made her feel
weak. "Ooooohhhh", maybe just a few more.

Maya began to feel an unknown sensation between her legs. It felt wet like
her period, but it was tingling, hot and wonderful. "Aaaaaaahhhh," she
should probably stop now. "Eeeeeeeee," her finger kept moving with a mind of
its own. "Oooooohhhhh, why can't I stop?" Maya had thought to herself. Her
middle finger kept rubbing her distended little clit.

Maya's thighs parted wider and her finger began making little circles. The
sounds from her mouth became one continuous moan. What was happening to her?
Was this the weirdness?

She became frightened, but had past the point that she could stop - whatever
was happening to her. Maya threw her head back in sweet surrender feeling
the pulsating water beat down on her flesh. Her finger rubbed ever faster.

BANG! Kayla slammed the door to the downstairs "apartment" they shared in
the furnished basement. From the inside of the bedroom she screamed, "NO!

That was enough to make Maya's finger stop and pull away. The tingling
didn't stop. It had engulfed her whole body and it centered between her

One of her parents said something about "or else". Kayla screamed back
hysterically through the door at the top of her lungs, "LEAVE ME ALONE!

Hearing this, Maya got really scared. Teenage suicide was talked about a lot
on the news and at school. Kayla's fights with their parents had been
getting more and more intense over the last few months. She seemed to be on
edge and depressed all the time.

What if? No! Not her beautiful sister, the person she was closest to in the

Maya flew out of the adjoining shower naked and dripping wet. Her sister was
curled in a fetal ball on their bed wearing only a thin yellow nightshirt.
Deep wracking sobs shook her body.

Maya saw she had a second to grab a nearby towel and dried off a little.
Then she circled the towel around her wet hair and went to comfort her
distraught sister.

Maya wrapped her arms around Kayla and crooned to her beloved sister, "It
OK, I'm here. Everything will be alright." Kayla relaxed enough for Maya to
unroll her slight frame so they could lie next to each other, stretched out
on their bed.

"Nobody loves me! I want to die," sobbed Kayla piteously. "Please don't say
that. Never say that. I don't know what I'd do without you. I'll always love
you," promised Maya kissing Kayla's cheek. She showered Kayla's face with
feather-light kisses, each time whispering "Love you."

Suddenly, she was kissing Kayla on the mouth. That kiss did not end. All the
deep love she had to give seemed to pour through her soft, unsullied lips
into her anguished sister.

Kayla's mouth opened. Her hot tongue caressed Maya lips until they too
parted. Kayla's tongue found her's and they danced together.

The tingling from the shower came back stronger then ever. It compelled
Maya's hands to began moving over Kayla's chaste body. Maya's desire to
comfort her sister changed into the desire to touch her sister.

Kayla's fingers responded by caressing Maya's soft sensitive skin. The same
heat Maya had felt in the shower seems to glow wherever Kayla touched.

Each girl's hands kept moving, inflaming her sister's inexperienced flesh.
Neither maiden knew what she was doing. Both felt the uncontrollable urge to

Kayla's hands found Maya's budding breasts. "Yes," she whispered. "Oooohhh,"
moaned Maya when Kayla began caressing her aroused nipples.

Her own hand reached down below where Kayla's nightshirt had been pushed up
to her narrow waist. She cupped her sister's lightly-haired pussy. Rubbing
the downy soft fur felt like the touch of satin. "Yes," whispered Kayla,
spreading her legs apart to give Maya greater access.

Neither girl gave a thought to stopping. Each knew that what they had begin
was "wrong". Sisters were not supposed to touch each other this way. The
feeling it was forbidden somehow made it sweeter."

Her distress forgotten, Kayla wanted to make her sister feel as good as she
did. The feeling of her sister's deliciate hand on her unspoiled skin, the
fiery heat between her legs was better than anything she had ever felt the
few times she'd rubbed herself there.

Kayla began rubbing both of Maya's nipples with the palms of her hands. Maya
responded by rubbing faster between Kayla's legs.

Then Kayla had an idea. She shifted to bring herself close enough to kiss
Maya's nipple. The moan that escaped from Maya's lips increased when Kayla
tried using her tongue.

Maya had never imagined she could feel so good. Her sister's lips kept
shooting little electric bolts straight to her pussy. Her own middle finger
had slipped into her sister's slit, splitting the lips of her Kayla's slick

The sisters were always competing. Maya wanted to outdo her sister at their
newest game. She knew how to win. Maya searched for that special spot
between Karla lower lips. She had found where her own body was most
sensitive and was going to try it on Karla.

She found it. "Aaaaaaiiiiiiii," yelled Kayla thrusting her hips into the
air. "Is everything alright girls?" called their father.

The girls froze and thought furiously. Maya walk to the door and replied,
"Yes, dad. I'm just trying to help Kayla calm down. It may take a while."
Satisfied dad had replied, "OK honey. Tell Kayla that I love her."

Maya turned on the stereo and told Kayla to take off her nightshirt. Kayla
smiled, got on her knees facing Maya, and pulled the nightshirt over her
head revealing the soft swell of her untainted breasts.

The girls looked at each other's nipples, standing out like little eraser
heads. Without a stitch of clothing between them, both were ready to
continue their game.

Maya got back on the bed as before. Kayla pounced on her sister. She rolled
Maya onto her back, got on top of her, pinned her arms, and gave her another
deep tongue kiss.

Maya's first reaction was to struggle, but there was a sudden weakness in
her limbs. The heat from Maya's nipples and pussy seemed to be sapping her
strength. Maya didn't want to let her sister trap her so easily, but her
mounting desire quickly overwhelmed her will to resist. Maya's body
relaxed in surrender as her tongue danced with Kayla's.

Kayla used her knees to spread her sister's legs apart. She positioned her
pussy directly against her sister's. Their hard nipples were already

Kayla began gently rocking her heated pussy against her sister's. The sparse
pussy hairs soon became slick with their juices. Maya raised her thighs to
clasp Kayla's body.

Kayla pace increased. She pressed her slit harder against her sister's naked
cunt. Their small tits kept rubbing together, hardened nipples pushing into
soft flesh.

Kayla broke their kiss. Both sisters gasped for breath. Maya's hips began
gently thrusting in time with her sisters. The motions became jerkier. The
pace became frantic.

Both girls were moaning continuously as their untrained bodies moved towards
something. What was it that hovered so near? Ignorant, they knew only that
they could not stop. They inched towards the incandescent flame that was
searing their flesh.

Closer, closer, faster, closer, closer, harder, closer, closer, what, what
was, "Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" screamed Kayla, her mind dissolving
in her very first orgasm. Her hips slammed her pussy directly into her
sister's clit, setting her off.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddd!" yelled Maya smashing into
Kayla so hard that she was hurled off the bed. It was too intense for Maya's
young body. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out.

Kayla lay crumpled on the floor like a rag doll, too drained to move. So
that was sex. She had never, never, never, not even in her wildest
imagination conceived of anything so intense, so wonderful.

When Kayla recovered she cradled Maya in her arms until she awoke. In
whispered voices they compared experiences.

Their hands began moving, demonstrating each point. Without any verbal
agreement they moved to recapture the intensity of the most incredible
experience of their young lives. This time Maya was on top.

It was just as amazing the second time, and the third, and the fourth, and
the fifth. Six times before the fell asleep naked and exhausted in each
other's arms.

Over the next few weeks they went downstairs and locked the door whenever
they could. The fell asleep having sex and woke up having sex. They tried
every position they could think of. They snuck dirty books out of the
library and tried those positions too.

It was a joyous period of self-discover for both girls. Their parents noticed that Kayla's attitude dramatically improved. She was always happy
and smiling. She would do anything they asked quickly and cheerfully before
going downstairs to "study" with her sister.

In middle school their tits ballooned. They were both solid C-cups by the
middle of eighth grade. The boys watched them constantly, trying to rub up
against them, look down their tops or up their skirts (which they wore just
for the attention).

To avoid looking weird, they agreed to go on a few dates. They always went
in a group. Later in high school, they double-dated to protect each other
from the horny guys who'd do anything to feel them up and get in their
pants. There were plenty of stories about girls who let boys get them alone.

The beginning of her freshman year in college, Kayla's friend Tina had made
a tearful confession. After spending the day at the beach, she'd let one of
the handsome fullbacks on the football team drive her to a romantically
secluded spot.

They'd been doing some heavy kissing and Tina let him convince her that
they'd be more comfortable in the back seat. She enjoyed the feel of his
hands exploring more and more of her body. She'd let him take off her bra
and play with her tits.

It felt so good. It was even better when lying together on the back seat, he
began rubbing her wet pussy under her panties. She was willing to do the
same for his cock. He eagerly pulled off his pants (she giggled that he
wasn't wearing any underwear) and put it in her hand.

She was getting really hot after 10 or 15 minutes, but Tina knew they had to
stop to this before one of them lost control. She'd already let him go
farther then anyone before. She wanted to marry young and planned on being a
virgin when she did.

He agreed quickly saying, "I respect you too much to take advantage of you."
She was glad that he understood and wasn't angry. So, she relaxed when he
told her to lie there a moment.

He moved down towards her feet. The next thing she knew, he'd pulled off her
panties and was sucking her pussy. His hands under her ass made it
impossible to pull away. It was so hot, all she could do was lay there
panting and moaning for him to stop.

His bulging muscles forced her to spread her legs, making it easier to lick
up and down her naked slit. That made her weak and helpless with desire. Her
hips began pushing her hot cunt against his maddening tongue. He didn't need
to hold her down anymore.

Then he stopped. Her first thought was that she wanted his tongue back on
her slit. Maybe he finally listened to her pleas to stop. She tried to
recover, gasping for breath. The next thing she knew he was on top of her,
driving his hard cock between her open thighs into her defenseless cunt.

He didn't stop when she screamed in pain. He pinned her arms. She was
trapped below his bulk unable to move. He kept thrusting into her cunt until
her ripped through her maidenhood. He shoved the entire thing up her virgin
cunt then spewed his semen into her unprotected womb.

He blackmailed her to do it again by threatening to tell the entire school
what a slut she was. Ignoring her fears that she might get pregnant he said,
"We've already fucked once, fucking again won't make a difference." Her
vagina was so sore from the first attack that she got no pleasure from the
second. Fortunately, he came even faster.

She cried all the way home. Tina was afraid to tell her parents. What if she
got pregnant? Kayla didn't have any answers, but did her best to comfort her

Kayla told Maya everything. They swore never to let any boy do the same
thing to them. No sister would ever leave the other alone.

They still dated. Depending on how cute the boys were, they sometime got to
first, second, rarely third base, but never struck a home run. Neither girl ever really got hot kissing or petting with boys. Their sexual orientation
had been fixed years before. Date nights always ended with the sisters naked
in their bed relieving each other's sexual tension.

Entering college they were among the few virgins remaining in their peer
group. However, they found that their sex, although still satisfying, had
become stale and boring. So they had come to spring break for
"advanced sex education".

That night they after joining their new friends, they went to the Woman's
(OK, OK) lesbian bar. Both girls had a wild time. Kayla told Maya she was
leaving with the woman she'd been talking to for the last hour.

Maya felt uncomfortable with her companion. So she excused herself and went
back to their hotel room. The next morning Kayla had not shown up.

Maya decided to go to the beach alone. She put on a "less flashy" white
bikini and headed out.

Feeling the sensuous heat seep into her skin, Maya imagined what kind of new
sex tricks that Kayla would be able to demonstrate on her return. "Ow!"
exclaimed Maya.

She reached back and brushed something small and furry off her behind.
Checking the sand behind her, she spotted a dead bee. Maya got up and ground
it into the sand with he sandal.

Half an hour later, Maya was back in her room, tied naked on her back. Her
sopping pussy was straining to rub against the hard cock that was trying to
find the right angle of attack.

Maya couldn't understand her reaction. boys had never turned her on before,
let alone make her burn with need for a cock. That didn't matter to her slut
body. It was about to enthusiastically lose its virginity to the mystery man between her legs.

John lanced halfway into her hot, wet cunt in one motion. He was perplexed
to feel something blocking his cock. It came to him in a flash. She must be
a virgin! He turned to tell Jack who replied, "Go for it man."

John pulled back then speared forward, ripping through the delicate barrier.
He paused savoring the tightness of his first virgin pussy. Her cunt muscles
seemed to be rippling along the surface of his cock. He had never felt
anything like that before.

John decided to make her first fuck an extraordinary experience. While
giving her time to adjust to the first cock in her pussy, he occupied his
time with her firm, soft tits. While massaging the great globes, John kissed
and licked the deep valley between. Knowing the effect this would have on
her yielding pussy, he waited for the inevetable response.

John felt the first tentative thrust of her hips. Another, then another,
gently impaling herself on his cock. It was time to begin breaking in this
large breasted filly. John began thrusting, varying his pace and his motion
in a way guaranteed to incite her passion. Soon she began bucking against
him with wild abandon. She came hard with total surrender.

Both of them kept up the pace. A stray thought darted about Maya's head,
"This was all Kayla fault. She'd broken her oath never to leave Maya alone.
Now Maya had been forever corrupted. Not only had this man taken her
virginity, but he shown her that a hard cock in her cunt was better then any
sex she'd ever had with Kayla."

Maya was a willing partner to her ravishment. This man had taken her
maidenhood, opening a whole new world of sensation for her. In return, she
offered him everything her body had to give.

It was happening to her again. "Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhh," she cried,
cuming stronger then before. Driven by the powerful aphrodisiac, Maya wanted
more. She was able to rub her clit against his hard cock each time he thrust
into her virgin cunt. Now every four or five strokes she had another
shuddering climax.

The muscles of her tight pussy kept vibrating against his manhood, demanding
his seed. Her next climax pushed him over the edge. His hot semen shot into
her unsullied womb. He possessed her totally. John thought, "This must be
why men have always wanted to be the first to take a woman."

Before he mounted up, Jack said, "Right on the button. She's ripe now and
for the next three-to-four days." Searching through the room while Jack was
in the saddle, John saw that the babe roomed with her twin sister. It just
kept getting better. They'd definitely be returning here for another

Kayla returned late that day. The orgy of new erotic techniques she'd
experienced prancing in her head. She couldn't wait to share them with her

Maya wasn't there and Kayla desperately needed a shower to wash the sweat
and lingering sex smell off her body. She stripped and headed for the
bathroom without even noticing the "Orlando" note that she'd inadvertently
knocked to the floor.

The boys knew immediately of Kayla's return courtesy of the bug they'd
planted in the hotel room. When they picked up the sound of the shower they
knew it was time to move.

Arriving at the door of the girls' room Jack passed a small clear hose
through the crack under the door. John opened the valve on the cylinder of
knockout gas it attached to. The bug in the bathroom kept transmitting
Kayla's singing. Time dragged on. Why wasn't it working?

The boys kept trading places so no one would notice the same guy loitering
in the hallway. When Jack went outside he found a cute babe with waist
length red hair. He started up a conversation about hot nightspots. Rebecca
seemed to enjoy the fact that his eyes kept straying to the pert nipples
visible through her one-piece purple swim suit.

Jack excused himself to go relieve John. Rebecca was a little sad to see
him go. He looked like he might ask her out to one of the nightspots.
Certainly he liked looking at her chest. Rebecca had no idea how close she'd
come to a life-changing encounter. Rejected simply because she only had
B-cup tits.

John told Jack he'd just heard a thud like a body hitting the floor. It had
been 25 minutes since they released the gas.

After a full thirty minutes, they open the door using Maya's key. Kayla lay
naked on the carpet just outside the bathroom. Its door had protected her
from the gas, but when she'd opened it the gas had overcome her in seconds.

Kayla was just as beautiful as her twin was. It was now Jack's turn to take
Kayla's maidenhood as she lay writhing beneath him. He felt the same total
surrender from Kayla as John had experienced with Maya. Possessing her was a
dream come true.

Like many women who live in close proximity, Kayla's monthly cycle was
closely synchronized with her sister's. She was only about a day behind Maya
this month. With any luck both fecund babes would have a "bun in the oven"
in a few days.


The girls returned to campus, unaware of their violation; unaware that they
were now bi-sexual, unaware they were both "in a family way"; unaware even
that they were no longer virgins. Maya was the first to discover the truth.

As always, she ran to the comfort of her sister's loving arms. Together they
confronted their parents declaring that no matter what, Maya must keep the
baby. Having learned about their daughters' lesbian lifestyle some years
ago, they had never seriously considered this possibility. Now constrained
by time, they arranged the best situation possible.

Thomas Delecourt the fourth was a very wealthy man and their father's
business partner. His first marriage had lasted five years. It had broken up
when his wife found out that the reason for her many years of childlessness.
Thomas was sterile.

Thomas had been unsuccessfully looking for the right "Trophy wife" for the
last six months. Maya would be perfect for him. 14-years his junior, she was
just barely of "legal-age", just the way he like them.

The engagement was arranged quickly. The marriage would be a quiet "family
only" affair. Everything seemed to be working out as best could be expected.

Unfortunately, Maya would have to drop out of school. Worse still, the
girls' greatest fear, being separated, seemed about to become reality.

Then the other shoe dropped. Kayla was pregnant too.

Thomas provided the answer. After all, the only thing better then one
"Trophy wife" was two. Of course, since bigamy was not allowed in
this state some adjustments were required.

Maya would marry Thomas as planned. He would stand as the father to her
child. Kayla would move into their house as a permanent resident. Through a
complex legal procedure Thomas would adopt her child before it was born so
that it would not, technically, be a "bastard".

This arrangement worked out surprisingly well. Thomas allowed the girls to
buy extensive wardrobes. They had enough money to meet any reasonable needs,
servants to cater to their whims.

He did insist that the three of them sleep together. Thomas enjoyed waking
up feeling warm wet lips sucking his cock every morning. He enjoyed watching
their lesbian antics.

Thomas himself preferred the back door. He'd fuck one girl that way while
she sat on her sister's face. The girls were always eager to please their
lord's every sexual whim. He protected them and provided a home for their
unborn children.

Thomas used his "Trophy wives" interchangeably or together at many social
and business events. He dressed them elegantly in a way that maximized the
impact of their beauty. He said it helped both his business and political
status. Only half jokingly he said, "People think I'm 'taller' whenever I'm
with one or both of you."

Six months after their babies were born the girls took them on a two-week
trip to New York City to go "shopping". A month after their return they told
Thomas that they were both pregnant again.

During their later "trips" there were older children to consider. All but
the youngest babies were cared for by the teenage live-in Au Pair and an
assistant hired just for the week.

Maya looked out by the pool where they were flirting with Thomas wearing the
type of bikinis that Kayla once favored. They were giving him big smiles and
a great view of their young bodies

Thomas had questioned Kayla and Maya closely on their return, but they were
unwilling or unable to tell him how they'd been impregnated. Whenever they
went on "trips" in the future, he hired private detective to determine the
truth. However, they were never able to discover the biological fathers of
"his" children.

Thomas agreed to become father to the unborn children they now carried and
any future children they bore. He understood that refusing this most
important request would forever alienate his "trophy wives". However, Some
things changed after that.

Thomas developed a taste for light bondage. He never physically hurt either
girl, but he devised some exquisite sexual tortures.

In one case, he'd tie both girls down so they were completely immobile. One
drop a second, a 2-hour reservoir of warm oil would be emptied directly on
the clitoris of the girl beneath it.

Every time a girl climaxed a monitor recorded the event and unemotionally
added an additional 15 minutes of oil to that girl's reservoir. In this
insidious torture the very effort of trying to forestall an orgasm,
guaranteed it. The passionate cries of a nearby sister only intensified the
other's susceptibility. It often went on for as much as 10-12 hours.

Whenever Thomas was feeling playful or wished to punish, he'd wait until a
girl was talking to an important matron or distinguished man at a society
event. He merely needed to whisper in her ear, "drip .. drip".

She'd stiffen and gasp from the power of the orgasm that assaulted her
senses. Then collapse to the floor twitching once each second until he
lifted her from the floor. It was a total humiliation. Thomas' explanation
of "fainting spell - under our doctor's care" was always accepted.

After seven years, both women were in the middle of their fourth pregnancy.
Thomas decided that at the ripe old age of 25, they were too old for his
taste. He went searching for younger, "barely-legal" flesh.

Because Thomas did not want a scandal, he was discrete. Neither Kayla nor
Maya were ever subject to public ridicule because of Thomas' numerous
affairs. He treated his young mistresses well, but they were too young and
naive to really interest him in more than a pure animal-sex way.

He kept only one at a time. His busy schedule and family commitments did not
allow for more. Tiring of them quickly, he changed every few months. No
mistress had ever lasted more then 2 years.

The girls did not fault Thomas. They believed it was "their fault". His
ongoing infidelity would be accepted as long as he was a good father to
their children. While they had each other and their children, they were more
then content. Their sex together was more conformable now, but never boring
or stale.

The nights that Thomas spent at home, he always slept with Kayla and Maya.
He enjoyed waking up feeling warm wet lips sucking his cock every morning.
Occasionally, he would fuck one or both of them in the ass. They all enjoyed
this time together.

Both Kayla and Maya missed the days when Thomas would fuck each of them at
least once a day. In their disappointment they still took solace in each
other's arms and bodies. As long as they had each other they could overcome

Thomas had no desire to disturb his status in the community by a messy
divorce. More important he had come to love having young children surround
him, calling him daddy, and looking up to him. He knew the children needed
their natural mothers and would be damaged if he forced them to leave.

It did not overly concern Thomas that he was not the biological father of a
single child under his roof. He knew that in every way that mattered, he was
their father, he provided, he protected, he played, and he loved them


Maya smiled remembering the girl she used to be, teasing men she had no
interest bedding with. One time just by leaning over in her yellow bikini,
she'd made five different rollerbladers crash into each other on the

Now that she loved a hard cock ramming into any of her fuck holes she rarely
got it. She and Kayla had each other. It was always sweet, beautiful,
loving, and fulfilling, but never the same as a good man. The best fucking
only happened every two years. Happily that time was fast approaching.

Maya's thoughts returned to the present day. When she emerged from the
bathroom, her sister and the two babies were asleep on the bed. Kayla's
pussy was still dripping from the intensity of her multiple orgasms.

Not wanting to disturb them, Maya removed a small electronic device from the
envelope on the table. She scanned both Kayla and herself. They were clean.
However, she detected small tracking devices behind the ears of both
sleeping babies. She was able to remove them without waking the infants.

She woke Kayla who cleaned herself up. They both dressed in a set of
innocuous clothes. Wigs, hats, and dark glasses completed their disguise.
They exited via the balcony entering the hall via the door to the adjacent
empty suite.

Travel now entailed much misdirection and doubling back to insure they were
not being followed. Entering their final destination they were greeted by
the boys, now grown men with their own highly successful enterprise.

It enabled them to vacation for one week a month in different cities around
the country. It was during these vacations that they re-united with the many
beautiful women they had encountered during the four "spring vacations" of
their "Science experiment".

Even after so many years, and so many pregnancies, most of the women had
tight asses, flat stomachs, long hair, tanned skin, and of course big tits flowing with milk. Uniformly, they had many material possessions, stable
homes, a respected place in their communities, and many children to love and

Unlike those bygone days, the boys no longer needed extensive equipment.
Whispering a code phrase into their ears, the women were transformed into
the horny virgins of yesteryear.

Removing their clothes they moved to the main bedroom where they were warmly
greeted by four of their "sisters" from long ago. John paired with Maya,
Jack with Kayla. With anticipation each pair entered their own conjugal
bedrooms. Together they recreated the magic. Passionate cries echoed from
the wall for more then two hours.

Kayla's baby and Maya's baby would be well attended while they were
occupied. There were four very experienced moms available. They'd be
overjoyed to provide anything any of the six little babies present might

There would be many joyous coupling over the next four days. At the end of
their time together, each of the six women would remember only a week of
shopping in one of the world's great cities. They would actually spend their
last two days scouring real stores.

All would return home with the babies they had brought, many presents,
gifts, and a brand new "bun in the oven".


Chapter 7: Thesis

In conclusion, it would seem to this researcher that everyone connected with
the "Science experiment" benefited immensely. It was a "Win-Win-Win"
situation. While there are certain moral questions outstanding, objectively
one cannot help but judge this "Science experiment" an outstanding success.



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