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SCOMBAT movie that one going


Sexual Combat

You know me. Well, at least you've heard of me. I'm that guy that the
preacher man condemns every Sunday. No, I'm not the devil, nor am I one of
his pawns. I'm just a working man who has a job that he loves. My name is
Wayne Carter, and for over 30 years I've been shooting pornography;
straight stuff, gay stuff, simple stuff, wild stuff, young, old, scripted,
un-scripted, BDSM, even one set where they pranced about like horses in
full tack. I've shot everything I could, and frankly I was getting bored.
Then two separate things came together at just the right time.

Manny was one of my friends. He was unquestionably the ugliest man on
the face of the earth. His beard was scraggly like a used brillo pad, his
nose was big and warty, and if he tucked in his arms and legs he could roll

He was also the horniest man I've ever known. Where others have a sex
drive, his accelerator was stuck down on the floor; he'd go after anything
that could stand him or that couldn't run away fast enough. He was also
brilliant; his project of choice was an auto-masturbator, and by that time
he had several models already in production. You may have seen some in the
stores; he makes good money there. You'll recognize the symbol in the
bottom right corner of the box; a big pink circle with tiny hands, feet, a
head, and a dangling penis down below.

Nonetheless, his newest project had been a sensor to tell if you were
going to come; the system would try to keep you on the edge for as long as
possible. One morning I met him at the doughnut shop. He was complaining
about the new detection system that he had come up with. It monitors the
endorphins in a person's system, and had the ability to tell if anyone
came, but the endorphins came on in a rush too late to do anything about

It was that same afternoon when I was approached by a girl. I'll never
forget her face. I was at my favorite deli, downing a thick sandwich and a
coke when a girl with a decent body and this absolutely beautiful face told
me she needed money. Her long, light brown hair and delicate eyebrows and
the sweet up-turned nose would be at home in any fashion show, but the
great thing was the way she moved and acted. If I could package up
innocence, it would have the same flavor that I saw in that seat facing
mine. She didn't plead for extra scenes like my actors do, and she wasn't
trying to dive into the industry like some dumb-ass kid. She wanted a job
in the office with a chance for a shot later. I offered her a shot in a
flick centering on "First Times," but she wasn't in for baring flesh
without a good price above the standard rate. I can't do that and still
make money, but then a flash of brilliance hit me. I told her to call me
in the afternoon; I may have a challenge for her.

As soon as I got back to my office, I called Manny. "Can that sensor of
yours tell if a woman has an orgasm?"

"It should. We both have the same internal release of endorphins, so
there should be no problem. Why?"

"How big is the sensor?"

"It fits in a bracelet, or you can tape it to anywhere on the skin.

"How does it show when the person came?"

"All right braniac. What you got planned?"

I have to control my excitement. "I think I may have a million dollar
idea here. I'm going to offer people from outside of the sex industry a
challenge with those in the industry. Marketing keeps telling me that
people are dying for a new face, so I'll offer them money above scale to
get naked in front of the camera and do a stunt. If they can do it before
the clock winds down, they get the money. Otherwise they get sub-scale.
Right now I've got a chance at a fresh face with nice tits who needs money.
I'll offer a stack of cash... IF she can take... say 15 minutes of
cunillingus without cumming."

"Nice. Yea, we can hook up anything to it. Right now it sends a value
through a wire, but we could put a micro-transmitter on it. Fit in a
bracelet. Then the receiver could display if she came or not. You can
plug it into the camera so the movie shows how she's doing"

"Excellent. Get it to me today if you can; we'll do a trial run with
Melissa. You want to do the honors?" I have to laugh to myself; he's been
going gaga over poor Melissa for a month or more, but can't get enough
money together to afford her... sideline business.

"Are you kidding??? How much will it cost me?"

"Think of it as the first installment on what I owe you for your

Melissa wasn't all that big on having Manny between her legs, but she
accepted the job like the trooper she is. Of course she wanted one of the
regular guys playing with her tits so she doesn't have to look at the big
slug, but if the sensor really works I'll be able to make much more money
than I waste on a trial run with extra staff.

We put Manny into a jungle man suit. His hairy back and protruding
brow-ridge made it look like he was a 300 lb Neanderthal brought back to

I gave her the bracelet; this one looks like a gold bangle bracelet and
she put it on. Then Melissa went onto the set, lying down on a pile of
furs and hides, looking up at the other pro, Steve, who began caressing her
breasts. I could see the level marker rise as his hands got rougher. I
called "Action" and watched the monitors.

Manny went at Melissa like a parched man at water, sticking his tongue
into her as far as it would go, opening her outer lips with his fingers and
stroking up and down. After a minute or so she started breathing hard,
then bucking, but the level didn't change much. It certainly wasn't high
enough to set off the "Cum Alarm." She called out like she was coming, but
only hovered about 1/3 of the way up the scale. I stopped the filming.

"Did you really cum there, Melissa?"

"Sure. Didn't you see it? That's how I always cum."

"Actually, it looked good, but what we're trying to do here is find out
if this sensor on your wrist works. You really have to cum to set it off."

"Are you serious?"


"Then we may have a problem. Steve, I think you will have to sit this
one out after all. Mister, uh, what's your name?"

"Manny," he calls out, wiping his flabby face.

"You need a few pointers. That thing they lick in the films is my clit.
Circle it with your tongue. Lap at it. Suck on it. Rub it with your
fingers. DON'T SCRATCH IT WITH YOUR NAILS AGAIN! And sticking your tongue
into me is great as added spice. It isn't the main thing. Licking my clit
IS. You use your tongue like a 12 year old's dick; always sticking in a
little bit, not sure where to put it, and not getting in far. Stick in
fingers; they're longer. And my G-spot is in there; look for it."

Poor Manny's ego deflated in front of us. But he was getting at his
dream girl (for the month)'s pussy, so he gave it a second try. I started
the cameras again as he pushed her legs apart. Manny then applied his
tongue, this time licking at her clit. When she moaned some encouragement,
he redoubled his efforts, going wild at her clit, slowly inserting his
finger, then two, and then three into her wet vagina. The tape was running
around 8 minutes when his fingers found her G-spot. I didn't have to watch
the monitor; her hips bucked and her juices flowed out a second later.

She started to call out in a high-pitched voice, grabbing her hard
nipples and pulling them, her mouth open, eyes closed. A moment later
Manny hit it again, this time staying at the point, rubbing little circles
with his fingers.

You know, I've used Melissa for 3 months and that was the first time I
think she actually came?! Blood rushed to her face, the blush racing down
as far as her breasts. She pulled at her nipples as she bucked her hips
into Manny's face. It went on for about 15 or 20 seconds before she fell
back into the chair. She bucked in aftershocks and pushed a stunned Manny
away. There is something beautiful about a woman when she has had a good
orgasm, and even a beauty like Melissa looks sexier.

"Not bad, Manny," she said, once her breath had returned. "Not bad at

I looked at the replay, and there, while her face was blushing and as
her body shook, the alarm went off. Perfect.

A few hours later I got the call from the deli girl. "Here's the deal.
I'll offer you $100 for an hour in front of the camera. One guy will strip
you and touch you, avoiding your pussy. Then you lay down on a bed. He
gets 15 minutes to get you off using his tongue and/or fingers, but not his
dick. If you cum in that time, he'll have sex with you in a few different
poses during the remainder of the hour and that's it. If you can keep from
coming, then he'll continue to suck you until you cum and our session is
done. And you get $2000 extra."

"$2100 for one hour? Are you nuts?"

"No. I need the new face, and I get to use the tape either way. And I
want an exclusive contract with you for one year, incase you want to join
the business."

"Yea," she says, "like that will happen."

"You never know, and I want an in on the action incase you become a
phenom. I want that part of the pie."

"And someone gets mine while I am in front of your cameras. But that's
it? $2100 and I don't have to see you again?"

"Unless you want to. And the two grand is only for if you don't come.
One other question; what's your name?"

"I wondered if you would ask. It's Christina. I'll be there tomorrow."


I can't believe I'm going to do this. Me. Christina. A good girl from
the age of 6. It's not like I haven't had a number of boyfriends, even had
sex a dozen times or so, but not all THAT much experience. And I'm kinda
body-shy, and I've got to be naked in front of a camera. And a bunch of
people. I mean I've only had cunnilingus done on me twice by one of the
guys, but it wasn't all that good so I don't think I'll have any problem...
and it didn't last long before he jumped up and plunged his dick into me
anyway. I mean, like, what's the deal?

Well, what's the worst that can happen? I get a couple of bucks and
have sex on a movie that no one is going to see. And if I make it I get a
month's paycheck.

They could have picked something better for a costume, though. I must
admit it's good to have a costume, even if Wayne tells me that it will be
ripped off early in the movie. But look at the red and gold halter-top.
It doesn't fit unless I strap it on really tight, and it barely covers my
breasts. Heck, they try to peek out under the bottom. And the blue
spandex biker shorts pull up into my crotch so hard you can see my privates
as easily as when I'm not wearing anything at all. Well, I guess they are
supposed to be slimy looking; it is a porno flick after all. And of
course, the bracelet with the sensor thingie. I don't know if I like a
computer telling me if I came.

This is just too weird. I shouldn't do it. And I have to be naked in
front of all those people. And I have to let someone I don't know touch me
down there. It's just wrong; I should go. But I do need the money. And I
do feel kinda turned on... somehow dirty. Sexy. Most certainly unusual.


"Yes, Christina?"

"I'm ready, I guess. What next?"

"Ok. I've got two timer-clocks; one for session time, one for your
contest time. I've got the set in a "Gladiator" style ring, with the bed
at the far side of the circle. You jump through that paper on that side,
and Steve will jump through the other side. We'll announce you first. If
you want to wrestle with him on the floor for a minute or two first, all
the better. Then play along with my directions until he pulls off your
clothes and tosses you onto the bed. As soon as he gets between your legs
and touches your cunt, I start the second clock. You can see it from the
bed. If you can keep from cumming, I'll announce your win, then relax and
let him finish. Otherwise he'll follow my instructions and you two will
have some hot sex for the remainder of the hour. Got it?"

"Yep. Let's get it over with."

"That's the spirit. Take your places... Action!"

I see him hit the first timer and the announcer's voice comes through
some speakers while cameras come at me from all sides.

"Welcome to Sexual Combat, where the challenge is met on the King Size
Field. Our first challenger is Tina Tiny, a beautiful native of Sunnydale

I jumped at the pseudonym; the Tina is close to my real name, the rest
was made up. I remember to smile and wave at the camera when Wayne yells
for me to do so. Then the lights on my camera go off as they do a bit on
the guy on the other side of the set. I feel the adrenaline rush as the
announcer says, "Now lets Haaaaave At It!" That's my cue; I jump through
the paper wall into the ring to see Steve strutting about, eyeing me up and
down. He's in a gladiator costume with a breastplate and gold lame biker
shorts. Steve is over six feet tall, and every visible inch is covered
with muscles; now that's a gorgeous hunk of a man! Not a bad one to have
between my legs! I wonder if he'll ask me for a date after, I mean he is
sooo cute. Wait... I don't want to be thinking this; I'll get all turned
on and I don't want to make it easy for him.

He holds out a hand while making a muscle and I decide to try for it; I
grab his wrist and try to do a Judo throw like they do in the movies.
Uggh. He really is strong. I pull, getting him off balance, but he re-sets
himself and grabs my wrist, lifting upwards and I can't help it as he moves
me closer to him. I look up into those brown eyes and he sneers down at
me, challenging me to do something to him. I punch at his stomach and hit
the plastic chest plate. I surprised him there; his hand relaxes and I
pull out of his grip. I dance to the side and pull off the plastic armor,
but he catches my right hand in his right as I pull it away from his body.
I toss away the armor, but he spins me around and I find myself with my
back to him, my arm trapped around my belly under his.

His other hand pushes my head to the side and I feel him bend down to
kiss my neck, his hand continuing down to stroke my belly below my arm,
then down to touch my crotch. His touch is surprisingly soft, and I wonder
at it, no longer struggling. Now his hand moves back up across my arm and
I remember where I am. I begin to flail my free arm, pounding it into his
leg and thigh as he grabs the halter and lifts. The strings in the back
give way quickly and my breasts burst forth from their constricted space.
The cool air feels good and I take a deep breath, letting them jut
outwards. His mouth returns to my neck, nuzzling, kissing, sucking. It's
so erotic, so relaxing. I stop pounding at him with my free arm, and pull
his head down for more. Mmmmm. I sigh softly as his lips move forward to
the sensitive spot under my neck. I can feel my knees weaken, my insides
betraying me, and the realization that I'm making it easier for him slaps
me like cold water across my face. I pull hard, breaking free and push him
back towards the cameras. He stumbles and I circle to the left.

We circle for a few moments like a lion and a gazelle. I remember my
course in karate from when I was a kid and watch his shoulders. They
flinch and he dives at me. I jump to the side, but not fast enough. His
big hands grab hold of my shorts and they come apart at the seams, leaving
me naked. I dance to the side as he lunges again... wait, I forgot to
look around; the bed hits me on the side of my leg and I fall backwards on

He is on me in no time flat, kneeling at the edge of the bed between my
legs, stroking my chest, fingers dancing on my nipples, sliding up and down
my stomach. This also feels really good, and I try to tell myself that I
don't like it; I need to be able to hold out for a good bit of time. I
look over at the clock; Wayne has his hand over the start button for the
2nd clock, but the first says that only about 5 minutes has gone by so far.
That's not fair; it feels more like 20. I guess it's my fault for not
watching closer.

Ahhhh. The warmth of a mouth on my right nipple. Tongue making circles
around the edges of the areola and flicking the sensitive tip. One hand
squeezing the breast around its base, elevating the nipple to the sucking mouth, the other rubbing in circles, now pinching the nipple, now touching
it with feather light strokes. My legs relax into the soft bed, enjoying
the sensation. After all, he hasn't gone towards my pussy yet.

He switches his mouth to the left nipple and I moan as his hand grasps
my hard right nipple and pulls upwards, lifting my C cup breast from its
resting place on my chest. The sensation is terribly strong, an electric
tingle that runs straight down to my clit.

Oh, no. I'm way too turned on. I've got to get my mind off of those
great lips on my nipple. I must keep in control! Got to think of
something else.

I look over at the clock; 10 minutes down, and he hasn't started the
second timer. This is going to be harder than I thought. The suction on
my left breast increases and I look down into those brown eyes, as he pulls
my breast upwards until the skin is taught, using only the suction of his
lips on my nipple. I squeal at the feeling, my insides doing summersaults
as his tongue flicks the sensitive nipple. With a slight "pop" my breast pulls free of that incredible mouth, and he begins a slow decent, kissing
and licking down to his new target. I'm not really ready; I need a moment
to get my composure. Hey; he's tickling my belly button with his tongue.
Oh. I had trimmed my pubic hair short for the session, and somehow the
whole area seems to be more sensitive now. That might have been a mistake.

I see the second timer start just as I feel his lips on my labia,
kissing up and down at that secret junction between my legs. He pulls the
lips apart, and his tongue teases the opening to my vagina as he moves
slowly up and down my entrance, going a bit higher with each stroke. My
stomach flexes of its own as he hits my clit on his way up. I feel his
hands on my ankles, pulling my legs up onto his shoulders; I don't resist.
What I'm worried about are the feelings that his tongue is making at the
core of my being.

He starts moving in another direction. Like an upside-down U, his
tongue is running above the little hood that covers my clitoris, pushing
the skin down onto the sensitive bulb. It warms me up without the harsh
pressures that always turned me off in the past. Oh that strong little
tongue of his, sliding left to right and back again. Come on! Stop
teasing me. Wait. Stop that. I'm not supposed to enjoy this??!?

I push my butt down into the bed, away from the soft, teasing tongue,
but he follows like a champion, not letting me free for an instant. Then
he changes his plan of attack again, flattening his tongue on my clit,
rolling it in circles. Oh god. That's sooo good. I'm not going to make
it. No. Don't say that. I'm... oooooohhhhh... No, really, I will. I
will. Oooohhh.

Wayne says something but I didn't catch it. I look over at the clock;
two minutes down. Suddenly a finger slides its way up into my moist slit,
rubbing, seeking, filling me and removing itself. I can't help bucking
into the finger, the pleasure pushing at my mind. In and out, with the
mouth at my clit. I think I've lost. I can't bear it; I need to come.

I groan as the fingers leave my vagina and I feel the strong hands on my
inner thighs. He has pulled his head back and starts blowing cold air onto
my clit, bringing me back from the edge. Too close, I thought. He could
have had me there; it's a good thing for me that he stopped. I look down
at the face of my lover as he places my feet on the edge of the bed about a
foot to either side of my waist, and my labia pull open on their own. He
looks up at me and says, "I could have had you, and I'm going to. Easily.
You ought to relax. Enjoy. You're going to have a great time." and drops
his head back down to my open cunt.

His tongue lashes quickly up and down, drawing a zigzag line first on
the left of my clit, then touching it on the left, directly on top, then on
the right edge, then all the way to the right, and comes back. I feel so
open, so exposed. The whole world is watching me. I can't let myself
submit. Oooooo. The pleasure is indescribable. His hand leaves my left
ankle and strokes the length of my slit, each stroke entering a little
farther, until his finger is in me to the hilt. He pulls out and repeats
with a second finger, then with both together. I'm floating at the edge;
the slow pumping in and out as he goes up and down the length of my slit,
the quick tongue tickling my clit...

"Oooooh Gaaaawwwwdddd," I moan as he pulls his fingers out of me again.
That's not fair. I was almost there. My legs flex and pump my butt up and
down of their own volition. Slowly I can feel myself pulling back from the
edge, still excited, looking at him. My ass rests on the edge of the bed
again as my eyes plead with him for release.

He dives back down, sliding his fingers into my wet hole, manipulating
me like a puppet. His lips and tongue dancing small circles about my clit.
I take to his tongue as gasoline takes to a match. I'm so close. If he
doesn't make me cum in the time limit, I'll fuck him anyway. On camera,
for free. I don't care. I want to cum. I need to cum. The warmth floods
over me and I feel my toes curl into a tight knot, grasping the edge of the
mattress. In and out go his fingers, twisting now in a circle.

"Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh.." I hear. It's my own voice, responding in
time with his magical fingers. My nipples are hard pebbles, and I can't
help pressing my hips into his mouth and fingers. My body is no longer my
own, responding to the stimulation that is pushing me over the edge.

He starts flicking my clit from side to side, and turns his hand,
seeking my G-spot. When he hits it, the flairs of passion make me shout
out, "Oh god! Shiiiiit! Oh, Shit, I'm cuuuuming! More! More! MORE!
Yes! Aaaaaah!" I'm screaming, my body tense as a live wire, that magical
tongue lashing me into oblivion. I buck into the tongue, my head shaking
back and forth, my hair flying out, whipping left and right, and the fire
keeps flying between my legs.

"Aaaaaugh!" I cry, trying to curl into a tight ball around his face.
Then the wave passes, leaving me in a buzz of afterglow. I relax back on
the bed, my arms spread wide, soaking in the feeling of his lips kissing my
inner thighs, his fingers slowly removing themselves from my battered cunt.
The warmth of the lights on my body, and the coolness of the blankets.

"I win," he says, "And now I claim my prize!"

I barely notice as he stands and removes his shorts. He lifts me up
like a rag-doll and tosses me to the middle of the bed as he clambers on
behind me. Flipping me onto my belly, his large hands lift my hips,
slapping my butt into his stomach, and I feel his large dick rub my belly
from beneath.

One hand holds my hip as he lets me fall forward, my head resting on the
blanket. He grabs hold of himself and puts the head at my well-lubricated
opening, rubbing up and down my slit to lubricate his cock. Then he slams
me back onto his penis, and I feel its wonderful girth, every inch, as it
makes its way in towards my womb. His first thrust only got about 2/3 of
it into me, so he pulls back and thrusts into me again and again, until he
is in all of the way.

It doesn't hurt; thanks to that orgasm I'm leaking lubrication all over
the bed, but it was uncomfortable at first. It's a sensation of
stretchy-fullness; thicker than I've had before, but a good feeling that
floods to my head and down to the pit of my stomach. I push up onto all
fours as I quickly warm up to the motion. Ahh, that IS a good rhythm he's
setting up, and I push back into him. The camera is in my face, looking
underneath at my swinging tits and I can't help grinning, but I want to
concentrate on the feelings, and so close my eyes and lean my head back.

I don't think I'm usually all that noisy, am I? I'm sure making sounds
now, though. Not that I care, I breathe in as he pulls out, and as he
slaps into my ass with his thighs I let go with a moan. I can't help it;
it isn't my fault. He took advantage of me. That must be it. I'm just a
good girl being forced into something perverted. I smile at the thought,
and his hand comes up to cup my right breast, pinching at the nipple.
Oh... Not again. I don't think I can come again... I... I... I...

Waiit. He let go of my breast. Oh. His arms pull me to the side and
we fall together like a pair of spoons, and I feel his hot cock slip away
from me, but I push down at him, greedily keeping him inside of me. He
pulls at my thigh, lifting my leg into the air on the outside of his knee.
Still behind me, he quickly pulls back and then thrusts deeply into me,
making me jump, then I grind myself into that wonderful dick. His left
hand, the arm trapped under me, reaches up to grab a handful of my breast,
pulling at the nipple. His right arm traces slowly down my belly as we
thrust at each other. This position puts the head of his penis right at my
G-spot. It makes my body tingle each time we thrust into each other. I
know we've been doing this for a good while, but lying here impaled on that
fantastic cock makes time immaterial. Then his hand touches my clit and I
start to vibrate.

I gulp in breaths as the sensations overwhelm me; making stunned
squeaking noises in my rapture. My muscles tense, my back arches, sucking him into me as deeply as possible. Then more shocks hit me. I can see my
leg flailing up and down, raised in the air over his knee. I feel my face
flush as my body begins bucking, the muscles in my vagina squeezing his
dick for all that I'm worth, trying to milk his come from him. All the
world is my orgasm, from my stiffly clenched toes, my hands grabbing the
blanket and his arm, to the pulsing I feel in my cunt as his dick prepares
to send forth its pent up load of sperm. I think I can feel the whole
length of him, from where the base of his shaft splits my sensitive opening
apart to the blunt pressure so near to my cervix. My vaginal wall feeling
the fullness of his invasion of my poor, out of control body. The muscles
squeezing and massaging that long shaft that fills me so completely. The
wet finger circles my clit again...

"Aaaaaaargh," I yell. Followed by the sounds my spasaming body forces
from my lungs. "Oh.. Ohh. Ohh. Ohhhhhhh." I fall forward onto my belly,
totally sated and exhausted from our efforts, and feel him pull his still
hard dick out of me.

The next thing I know it is looking me in the face. He pumps the length
with his right hand and as he thrusts forwards I feel the hot splat of cum on my cheek. I make a face and give out with a "Yuck." This was an unwise
choice; his second shot fills my mouth with the warm, salty stuff. I spit
it out as the third string draws a line across my forehead. I collapse
back onto the bed, defeated, covered in sperm.

"Aaaaand Cut!" I hear.

Well, it's over. I take the offered towel and wipe off my face.

"Not bad," he says. "You only lasted about 7 minutes, I'm sorry to say.
But you have a real knack for the sexual theater. You could make a killing
in this business. We could actually see your stomach muscles roll as you
came. I think we could work out a rather lucrative contract if you join us
full time."

I take the hundred bucks and leave. I'm no whore to do that kind of
thing, I tell myself in the shower at home. I don't like that kind of
thing. No. Not for me. It was fun the one time... I notice that my hand
has wandered to my cunt and is making little U's like his tongue did and I
lean against the cool shower wall...

Well, I guess I'll think about it. Later. First, I think I'll
masturbate myself into a small gelatinous ball.


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